Steve Bannon leaves the White House

Steve Bannon became the latest West Wing casualty on Friday, but will he be of more use to the President back at Breitbart News


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Plus designed to work with Boston's morning show with Kevin BP. WRT. 705. Good morning everybody and welcome to get clips Monday. Is the big day everybody's been waiting for it is amazing how many people are camping out and get ready for big party. Too much to lose move over the sun and we're gonna talk more about that coming up. In the 8 o'clock hour we are right now however looking at whether we think the White House. Will change as a result of Steve vehement. And his exit NDB you're saying you think this is the first the only one you think they'll be more. I have them is telling you what the rumors that gore has gone moves minute video at times is the one reporting that Tom and he's been there was a there was a three months ago they said he was out bright or not it wasn't but. At seems to be the pattern here when you're rumored to your route you stick around for a little while and then you do goal. Hmmm so will see if that's true or not convinced days aid shockingly it is. And it was obviously the right hand man for retirement. How trump just so quickly. Moves on is is remarkable. How it all went down what what ultimately was the purpose of that interview that he gave the American prospect won't we won't know for some time I guess. And what happens going for a Texas says he's there to help. Yet massive winds in the twenty team election he's still on board I think I think a lot of that is true people that are like can't wait to see him to start ripping trump. You got to wait awhile and the headline this morning on our part isn't very pretty for the president which is one. Source McMaster fails to brief trump before that's too bad error. So the rumor is that McMaster Islamic on pan out and Banamex master bent on war I wouldn't I wouldn't be surprised if that happens a lot. That you know they respect mastering key trend feed the beast at McMaster is incompetent and whenever in what's tricky about it is that Ben knows how to play trump so. We'll see how all this though. Well we will see because in the end who's still in the White House and who's not mean. The talk you know there's two Friday of course all of you know all of Talking Heads had so many things to say about this. Many said you know this was already planned. And that he was actually gonna go hot in the very graceful way prior to Charlottesville. And in Charlottesville happening and they had to. Try to call mold that and then it was decided that. Bannon was reflecting badly. On the president then there were those who said that big and the president was angry because abandoned. Did grant that interview and that that's not his place and that he doesn't want the people around him out making headlines in such a way. Mean is our package will we ever know really the truth I mean it's it's. I don't think we'll know the truth as much as like we did with smooch because I don't think BM and will go out and say bad things at least not. For now the second headline on our part all right White House Daily Mail story about a bunker trumpet Steve Bannon totally false. Yes of that story is that. Of market in Kushner where the impetus behind this because. They and I believe that story dissect ice are needed because it's too quick. They didn't like the way you did this story is that they didn't like the way their father was being portrayed post Charlottesville. That would be really quick where. You know. After the third speech. You don't trump does is little press conference or whatever and by a lot of accounts doesn't do himself any favors. A clock and then Jared go in and say you gotta get Greta van. That that would be pretty quick that would happen that quick. Well again and I'm not sure that I believe bright part this morning and I'm not so sure that I don't think that is behind. Part of what happened here if you are to believe that there was an exit strategy plan. So. This story over the weekend was that there's an there was a graceful exit strategy planned and then this whole thing in Charlottesville happened and is he he said you got to go out. If you believe their first then I believe the second that they wouldn't shed no. He's got to go now this isn't working. It Jarrett and vodka like. I think they have us on wanna have it but then Erin from not so but. Which is it with them. Either they are the master puppeteers or they're not. They don't make calls on everything again the rumor was the Jared is just. His whole thing is Middle East peace and that's all he's working on and that's that. We periodically want them to be these. Scheming. Control laying there really in charge but then. Also when Charl Israel happens in the air in Vermont everybody goes we're worried that so well I don't know what a Kennedy bolster an all or can it be none of them. I think it is I think it can be both and I don't I think that what happened there I mean. I think gives Monaco once her father or spoken about the way he was last week who can blame arm. That she doesn't want that. And I wish she'd know the band and had anything to do that if they were in Vermont which saw war DB I think your I think that's very naive I think. We just like the president who's in New Jersey who you know if you're on vacation you're still the president and that's still happening. I would argue that they are involved in every daily briefing. That they are involved in everything every day regardless of whether there and Vermont Washington DCU or Hawaii. And I would say that they knew exactly how all this was transpiring I mean do you think it would all started going down her debt and that press conference. That if rocket didn't speak to her they had about that at all. I don't know if he knew he was gonna have that press conference my guess is she didn't now and so then why would she immediately say that's been his fault I don't even know they didn't you don't think that she picked up the phone and called him to meet her I said. What he I don't know what world you think she knows what the president's Afghanistan policy is and move. Why would she be in and I do. Because I think he talks to her about everything I think. If anybody thinks that if Balkan trumps relationship. And fit and aunts. Her husband's relationship. With the president are the same ads. Any other advisor. I just think you guys had this again. I think that's what we thought it was going to be but I don't think that is what it is now I don't think she does not tonight because there for a while there would be some. Legal issues there forever came under some instant info that she can't be privy to based on what clearance she doesn't doesn't have. And I would assume that is the highest level when your formulating what we're gonna do and Afghanistan going forward. Sam I don't I think is discos on their sings it she's like it's better for me not to know so I can you want plausible denial ability. I don't know I don't mean none of us really do and always herb I don't know that she was in any way involved who have been and gone. I think it made clear a long time ago when we first heard about this being an occasional war and that ban and said why are you listening to him. And pointed it Kushner and that was his first half a mistake I believe that happened. But that was it. I mean I don't think Dalton needs to go to Jerryd cushion or marketers and what do you think on band and I think he knew right then what they fought a bomb. That was probably made clear and that was it and you know where every day in these meetings and these guys aren't talking much and you can sense when one walks in the other gets quiet at center and satirist so. I don't know that it's that obvious that form modeling they need to leave Vermont told that haven't been known. I think here I think that's very naive I think they talk on a regular basis. And I think that she said or Jerryd sender that dad he's got to go. This got in the wake up with Kim and DP yeah Boston's morning show. WR KEL. We check in with Jimmy here in Dorchester Jimmie good morning you're WRK ago. Good morning and Kim. A K a modest bout with this. Everybody's saying that he looked because he had differences with the punt would his daughter and with a son in law but I'm gonna hit you wouldn't know the one. What mask on him did he get along well matched the what soft on Martin Holmes. In the administration he brought in somebody else an assistant da U on the side with Obama but trumps at first didn't want him. And then he decided to take on this front before you became a Republican was a Democrat. My master servant. With Obama he was his side general. If I'm right in my right Kim. Yeah last year yeah mass and then when they bought this all right let me ask docs. That this lady pol. Which he didn't agree would also that she's Egyptian she's look he's Christian life. But they add that close with Aberdeen. And wit. Some general rice Wear a mask that has been shown classified information to Susan Rice. Can you got a CIA operative on your program. With Michael Siegel what she was talking about that. He should so if you side they come up with a what's gonna be disagreements and people even if she was right on target. Now I don't agree at all I guy agreed at McMaster and Manning never longer essentially one of them was gonna have to go. What what. The reasoning behind all of it is who's Elmo is again would do as a text your points are banned in claims he's going to the states ten months and I did so maybe it was hall. Drawn up that way. The implication of that conspiracy theories have been and as the ultimate racist and you can't even deal with some and it's Egyptian and how can have at a the second McMaster got in there he tried to remove and did ultimately remove ban and allies. From the Security Council. Dan and always thought or hoped that he was gonna get either control or an affable watched there that he was gonna have influence in from the moment I got there. He found out otherwise and that sock in his craw. So Ben and any NSA who. Unionists the excuse me were always like this and button heads. But I don't know that there was greeted. Just ask yourself Lyman of the time when this happened so wall was it was it the Security Council or was it Charlottesville which one do you think played more of a role war. Was it just always. Could be liked well I think I'm telling you here's what I think I think his intention I think they were always going to have him bio bile out his intention was to leave. And I think that after what happened in Charlottesville. I think that a lot of people around the president saw Steve Bannon is a fall guy. If you get rid of him it appears that he is the one who. Consulted with the president and suggested did that the president take the stand that he did. So when he came off as not being popular. Steve band was told penny you know what there's going to be a fun guy you're the you're at it. Yeah it has zero point though if you're in the White House there's been an awful lot of fall guy since this administration started to ought to start wondering how many people need to fall. Well yeah they will I forever it was well is strongest there isn't what it does it running it's going to be constant turnover as a drill they are in Iraq. One on one thing is guilty that's why the gore or rumors interest in museum worker goes. Then obviously it Charlottesville. Because. He she trump is tired of hearing me as racist is administration's who's getting rid of them you know. My guess is orca I've while Woolsey will see LA times as he's already gone we'll see. But. I don't I don't buy that McMaster storyline especially to the line that Jimmy brought out again it's just wait two to inform all I'm from Maine right. Right. I think that. I think that India and Steve Bannon probably left a pretty good terms with the president you know he said. I'm gonna go out there in the war is just begun and I'm gonna fight and I believe that's probably true. I I think that I think that CB and gets it I think he knows exactly what happened and I think. It probably went down just as we just chatted about. You know listen you're gonna have to go this makes me a better year after work from the outside. She could go out there and again you know we're back to bright part in begin to put together. Media strategy from the outside that's better for the president. That's in the end bands which is kind of weird because now's the time it's gonna happen but. In its main thing is China. And at some point like. The bear and have any influence at all on what the speech was tonight. In this policy going forward whatever it is either were all in on Afghanistan again or we're getting out of Afghanistan or whatever this new strategy is. I gotta get the sense that band and that thing to do it in it appears that you know obviously the bridge back to Madison we get back to Kelly in McMaster and we're talking about generals there. Then it's seeming influence seemed to be much smaller than we might have thought right. And part of that was that power play that he started that's why keep referencing that at the beginning when he was stopped and that was always the beginning of the end for band and he's he's a wildly unique phenomenon I don't know what actually came to winning any other presidents. I don't know that we've ever seen the likes of banner and in what he was in the role that he played with a guy. If you reminds me of that that summer fling you have more. It is so hot now and we're such a period that I really in our line out nice to know you will always have this summer yeah 75 or whatever happens right. Well that's. Affect I don't think he has any influence on what hap is happening tonight I think most all of that came from Dave Camp David summit that they had two or two days ago. And I think that's where they sat down and made the decisions that they're gonna make and are you fascinated with this thing tonight because. Who wants to take that on. Argue me a new policy new strategy for Afghan Islam one what does that going to be and why now. Well we have we do need to read why not out. Why not yesterday why not two weeks ago we need it that's why apple what is it going to be I don't know do we need it right now win we have. But we have these military things happening. In South Korea and we of this whole South Korean issue is right now the exact right time to be talking about Afghanistan. I mean I'm sure I don't know I did I ate there is no wrong time to try and fix something that's broken and that is. There's also no right time to fix something that's not broken which is why get back to Boston and always at all about. But. Afghanistan anytime is the right time there if it makes it better the question is how do you make that there so we'll see what they've come up with tonight or they just cut me. And I I hope not because that would be crazy to. So we'll see ya what more troops going in. In an effort to get this thing wrapped up. I don't know what else accusing president who was against that idea though Paul what else could it could it be. I don't know. 17266686868680. Isn't excellent Kelly financial pulls up this morning you put up a second Paul could this morning right. Yeah at a he's used for a disorder autism retirement before the show but the USS John McCain now runs a newer car in oil cargo shippers some version meraz and it's got a huge hole on its own is probably ten sailors dead. If not more to this five that they still can account for. The poll question is pretty simple why it is. Disk you white and navy ships keep colliding with currently ships or passenger ships. Is an AB is accidents happen. Be because this is terrorism and they're just not telling us that it's terrorism or CB is the navy. You however you wanna put the navy's fault the navy sloppy the navy is lazy than navy's not fishing whatever it is that it all let me. And currently that is winning basically. All right in big. Hot and there's a second pulled up as well at As well as that tab Bibi to wise and in that when we're asking about the weekend protest in Boston so be sure you check it out. Let's talk about what's occurred. Hitting a merchant ship from Singapore. And as you said gaping hole that did the McCain did get back to port. It's from the scene fleet that this happened just a short time ago and Jimmy this is so. I can't even fat of them I want our listeners to call me and tell me. How do you think this could happen how old is it that we haven't got a share up. In our. In more than one in our fleet that doesn't have such incredible technology. That you could never hit. Something out there in this week. I mean they're just is no excuse. That as far as I figured out what these collisions annoy accidents as mine tonight I've DeLong told ya gotta boss it's and I can forgive anything once. I can't forget it at ten deuces and even the second time by the way but just in the short term for adapt to the FitzGerald the second happens everybody's on notice. Is in happening again you got it. Well really it happens to the McCain I mean what is.