Stephen Tyler (Ford, Hybrid Police Car)


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This segment of the financial exchanges brought to you in part by leader bank if you're looking to diversify your portfolio precious metals are Smart investment. Gold and silver bullion coins are now available at all leader bank locations. Call them at 8776917900. Or log on to leader bank dot com for more information member FDIC. We're joined now by Steven Tyler from Ford for conversation about. New police vehicles that are being manufactured by Ford hybrids icy material. Gray area. Good good so tell us about this new vehicle that's being designed it it's by Ford but it's for government officials and police and firefighters. Yeah absolutely and this is the special service organ hybrid sedan is the first ever plug in hybrid vehicle or. Can burn. Battery looks a little small seven point six kilowatts it's only to go 120 miles. Yeah actually go about 21 miles per hour. And then once you know the 21 miles in the Boston. Seamlessly over treat gas and electric hybrids use reason. And we see this as being ideal or recent fire chief detective administrator for now and government agencies. They can use that at the range. You get detective for example go out there and make the rounds to go back in and start wasn't one of 1000. Piece Ural fuel in general missions during that occurred. OK so it did the thought is then lit a fire chief go under the fire it's not going to be more than ten miles one way. Right he goes to the fire comes back and plugs it in again and uses it for the next trip. Yeah pretty much just yet so that accounts yes exactly the. If he does go longer it has a gasoline engine that can take them a thousand miles if he bought more gas. It exactly right to drive across the country in just a yes or. And so is this the is this is a new vehicle for Ford. It is earlier this year we repeal. We responder hybrid sedan which is the first several options rated hybrid and that is a compliment to. No cut. So the how how many of these low William manufacture and where the going to be made. Will be made at our facility in Hermosillo Mexico where we'd make the sister vehicle the fusion and then it will go to Chicago from there to have. Special quote of what article please use at our Chicago modifications that are. So what are your expectations for this car how much will it impact sales. Well we think it definitely gonna contribute. You know as a base for this vehicle will pursue rated vehicle with a in outrage. Ya and I would think if they think the EU and you guys have a pretty good share of the law enforcement. Vehicles right. Yeah currently we have 63% law enforcement market and and of course we didn't always would always like to grow much easier to sell for. We haven't revealed pricing yet that'll about December and we opened a pure. Tech and will they be available is is this a vehicle that'll be available to other consumers can can I go into a Ford dealership and buy one of these for myself. This particular Warner's may occur police use its you know we purpose. And cheered the option so this is really just at least that bought or an older government. Look at what else is Ford doing in terms of either hybrid or electric car technology. Well we're spending one billion dollars to bring out thirteen different electrified vehicles over the next five years. And it fooled them our political that was announced so far which is the hoosiers are car accident and that the special servers organ so. Will rule making what investment. As the company. And we also think it's a really excellent application for the police. Complete that mission is well. Why who it would make you bullish on this for police. Wolf really the thing is if you look at 0% or greater Hartford you think about how that's going to be used a whole lot of time. When the vehicle darted motion. And you know sitting on the side of role whether they're monitoring traffic or or directing traffic what are the case may be. On the Internet to 100% of the time because of the what will open port security emergency lighting computer radio though. What the hybrid engine does. Barbara technology does is it a while all that equipment to be our I want all of the aisle with your iron hybrid better. And then I guess and it only comes on and off to Turkey batteries run by a third of the time. He picked 38 miles per gallon yup what. Idol fuel saving and we've got a stereo on our web site www. Where we are uttered and specials each agency could hear about 39 are boxing year boom vehicle that Lee. How do they perform in cold weather I drive one of these things and I've I've noticed my eighth. You know the battery does not perform well in forty degree weather like it does since a seventy degree weather. Yeah I'd replica hacker myself and what I've noticed is that in the winter. You know you're you're using. Vehicle little bit differently right you're running the heat and doing different things and so it is beautiful little bit less and that's what they want and mile range and still a mystery. What do the people have the fear buying these cars at the battery will die on them and they'll have to buy new battery and it's very expensive how long these batters typically last. We've actually found that you know if you look at these skate arbor as we put into service yen can't use your spitting yup. Well we're still going on the original better. Does that that's like 1012 years ago and. Yeah something like that exactly so you know there is no award candidate you're 80000 miles well it. We're not seeing problems of these matters so far. And yet his idea. Hey I used to drive one of the sport skates those are good cars you know in the simpler cars too busy don't have transmissions and lot less maintenance on these vehicles and there is another cars. Yeah absolutely you know you'd find things quicker breaks last longer because of the regenerative braking system that works what we're on the coach material. And also there's been injured running last. There estimated it will change the oil based on our rather than miles and to that get into drawing less painful. Now. It's. They did technologies improving very rapidly and I think people are starting to adapted more comfortably you're feeling better about it Stephen thank you very much for joining us we appreciate. Yeah thank you kicker Stephen Tyler from Ford talking to us about a hybrid police car.