A special counsel appointed to Russia investigation

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Thursday, May 18th

What do you make of the special counsel? Is this good or bad for President Trump? 


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Complete news liberal lies and insults to the working people we say no more. He's that could erupt for. I'm sure. There are no right they'd be all day. My friends we've got the call me smoking gun we've got it. 1235. You don't want to miss it won all five president romp fights back. But first. Big story. Robert Mueller former FBI director. NN absolutely. Stunning development that shocked the White House. And really shocked the entire political. Media landscape. Has now been appointed. Special counsel. Overtaking the FBI investigation. In two trumps campaign's alleged ties to the Russians during the election of 2016. It is something that Democrats have been pushing for for months. And finally. The media wanted it the Democrats won it'd. Establishment Republicans like John McCain were pushing for it well you know what they wanted it. And now they got it. Because. Attorney general Jeff Sessions. Had recused himself from the Russia probe. This meant that one it came to all things rush are related the deputy attorney general rod Rosen signed. Was the acting attorney general when he came to the Russia probe. And so he announced. Alaska yesterday afternoon in fact lately I yesterday afternoon. That because of the call me memo in the New York Times. That somebody read part of two where reporter on the phone. With no evidence whatsoever. Completely anonymously sourced but let that go. Because that it's so shaken up Washington. So shaken up the media. That as he put it the public interest the amended. That a special counsel a special prosecutor. Be appointed. And he said because you need full independence. Somebody that will be independent of the FBI chain of command independent of the Department of Justice chain of command. Independent completely from the White House itself. You need somebody who in theory. Is respected among Republicans and Democrats. Somebody who in theory. Embodies independents. And is a bipartisan straight shooter. And so rod Rosen Stein said the person we have now appointed and named. These former ex FBI director Robert Moeller. Muller served under bush. He served a full ten year term he also served under Obama. In fact Obama was so happy with smaller. He extended his stay at the FBI for another two years. And then call me became his successor his replacement. The media. We're doing. I mean there are practically dancing. The media out was celebrating. The Democrats were celebrating. The establishment Republicans. Were breathing a big sigh of relief. And the media spin is. Now we're gonna get to the bottom of the rusher pro. Now we're gonna have somebody who can you know stand up to the president not be influenced by the president. And we're gonna get to the bottom of what really happened. The Republicans. Are happy. Because they feel now it's gonna take the Russia issue at least for a while Ole. Off the front page it's not gonna be they think daily leaks. Frye to the New York Times the Washington Post and so they can put it on a certain on a different blame. Not to worry about it and focus what they say is legislating. So Republicans on the hill are happy. Democrats on the hill are happy the media as happy but I'll tell you this. The one person that is not happy. Is president trump. Now he issued a statement. First last night. Saying that of course he welcomes the special counsel he wants this thing done to be expeditiously quickly for early. Behind the scenes. Start trust me when I tell you this take this to the bank. The White House is enraged. The president is seething. They feel completely ambushed by rod Rosen Stein. They feel absolutely railroaded. And they now believe. That this special counsel. Is going to be used by the Democrats and the media. Two boy lead the president to believe him till the mid terms and bleed him and bleed them and lead them. And so president trump we needed this morning. That no matter what their crimes were committed under Hillary Clinton. No matter what crimes were committed under or Obama. There was never once a special counsel. But when it comes to him. Based on these absolutely bogus stories this is now a strong imported the greatest which time he has ever seen. Let me tell you right off the bat. Don't buy the media spin. Don't buy the Republican spin don't buy with the media are peddling that somehow Robert Moeller is a great pick. And the special counsels a great idea and we're gonna have you know mr. Smith goes to Washington. And add the truth is all gonna come out. Robert Moeller. He's a buddy Andy friend of James cone in fact they're they're close chumps. They're practically best friends. Call me was smaller wacky. They go fishing together they have barbecues together. They hang out together. Not only is smaller they call me confidant. Anybody. But more alert himself. Is an establishment. FBI happy. He is a creature of the deep states. And you don't you have all these conservatives now horse and all he's gonna go after the leak curse he's gonna go after Hillary she's gonna go after her ties to the Russians. How much are you what are you guys smoking. They're people within the F beyond. Who have been leaking against trump. Many of whom are Muller's friends and former colleagues you think he's gonna go after his former buddies and colleagues. He was there when dig deep stage I metastasized. Into a cancer. When we did broaden the Patriot Act under bush when they created the national surveillance state. What many of these crimes were also committed under Obama when they brought in the fight is a court. When they were spying on Americans. All of this took place under Muller's watch. Do you think keep you think he's gonna stand there and indict the deep state. You think he's gonna stand there and expose the league curse you think he's gonna stand there and go after Hillary Clinton because in theory. The special counsel can go anywhere he wants no. He has been brought in. To come up there and defend the FBI and defend the deep state. That's why he's been appointed. That's why the media is cheering that's why the Democrats are cheering. Now. Furthermore. And I am telling you this is why the White House is rightly concerned. This special counsel by its very nature has almost unlimited authority. And practically limitless budget. So that means he can go on a fishing expedition. And he can go on for a year you can go on for two years he can go on for three years. Just to show you how out of control menu these special counsels have been. When you look at Iran Contra it lasted seven years. What to water with Ken Starr it lasted for yours. Remember Whitewater it started about a land deal a corrupt land deal it ended up with sex in the white helps. Once you have a special counsel Dave go anywhere did go everywhere. When they wanna get somebody they're gonna try to get somebody. Valerie Plame with FitzGerald that went to a years. It's sold this idea that somehow this thing's gonna be wrapped up in three to six months. And Robert Moeller just on top there's no evidence here and we're gonna completely clear president trump and this is altered much ado about nothing and he's the straight shooter and he's gonna he's gonna stand there. And essentially defied his FBI former colleagues. He's gonna defy the deep state he's gonna defy the CIA DM SH the Democrats the media. If you believe that. Per I've got swampland in Florida you maybe interest in him. Because this special counsel by its very nature. Because there is so much money that goes into a special council's budget. There's almost a perverse incentive he hos to get a scalp. You can't spend all of this time money energy resource is for not saying. That's why FitzGerald eventually got Scooter Libby. So if I'm one of trumps of whatever. Advisors or somebody close that trop I'd be looking and saying. Who's he gonna try to nail you meet him. He's got to come up with something or somebody. He's going to be under tremendous pressure to do so furthermore. They're very same FBI agents that are on the witch hunt now against trump. Many of whom are leaking to the media dirt is gonna be now working for Moeller. So he'll have the same investigative team that call me hat. Meet the new boss same as the old boss. As the saying goes. But it's not even backed. It gets even worse the more you look at this. If it's nothing to me this has nothing but trouble for president trump written all over it. You think the leaks are gonna stop. Because suddenly Mal Moore is running an independent investigation. Fitzgerald's office was leaking like crazy during Valerie Plame. Ken Starr's office was leaking like crazy over the Clinton Monica Lewinsky scandal. The Iran Contra there were leaks all the time so all the leaks are gonna continue. They drumbeat of the leaks are just gonna continue except now there are not coming from Komi or the FBI. They're gonna be coming from people around smaller. Which are gonna be on the front page of the New York Times or the Washington Post but in this case the president is paralyzed he can't do anything. And so it's gonna be leak leak leak drip drip drip. Death of a thousand cuts bleed this president. With one speculative story after another after another after another. The reason why did Democrats want to an independent counsel a special prosecutor. From the beginning Adam Schiff was calling for it. The New York Times was calling for a Chuck Schumer was calling for it John McCain was calling for it they were all calling for it. Is because they know now that the democratic talking point is going to be this. There is now a cloud over the trump administration. She's under investigation. By a special counsel for God's sake. And they're gonna use that to demoralize strong supporters. To use it as a is that as a college shall as a club. To just beat him again and again and again. And ride this thing all the way to the mid terms. And then after they have bloodied him in the media. And used this talking point chaos in the trump administration. He's under an ethical cloud. There's a special counsel washed our special council because he's got something target. They're gonna chip they're gonna sweep that dirt their goal is to use it to win back control of congress. And not for them will then set up impeachment. And no matter what Muller comes back with by then they damage will have been done. And that's been the point of this special counsel all along is part of a larger witch hunt against the president. In fact don't even take my word for it. Maxine Waters aren't as the god I thought up. She was delirious. She was so happy last night. I thought she went out partying and drinking because she got a smile I mean it was year two year. They were partying it up on the media last night I've never seen him this happy since Barack Obama won in 2012. We rolled Maxine Waters. Just because we haven't there be no actual evidence yet nobody has not yet and so really that's not a fan and an I want you to know every time I've talked about. Impeachment I said we've got to connect the dots we've got to get the facts we've got to do the investigation. That is what leads to impeachment and I also said that trop will lead us right there. And mortars the guy they say that will throw one daughter out and then another daughter out and then another daughter out. And ball for there done it doesn't matter what Muller's final report says. They'll be ready. To finish the president off. The corner country poll question of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services business. I wanna hear from you corner country. Is this special counsel. A good thing or a bad thing for trump. If you believe it's good decks the letter today to 68680. If you believe it's bad I'm a big deal on this one text a letter beat the 68680. You can vote online at wrko.com. Robert smaller special counsel now over the U Russia probe. Is this the beginning of the end. Or can trump weather this storm. Your calls the conservatives that I truly respect like Tucker Carlson. He actually thinks the appointment of Mueller has a special counsel is a good thing why. He trusts smaller to get to the bottom of it and to be objective and fair. And because there's nothing to the Russia allegations. He believes in the end. This could turn back and bite the media and the Democrats. Right in the rear end roll it. Jarrett smaller. Is an adult not just because he's a 72 year old former marine who earned a bronze star leading a rifle platoon in Vietnam. Mueller has nothing to prove and that may be the most important quality in someone with a nearly unchecked power of a special counsel. More resorting overseeing complex criminal prosecutions he's run the FBI he served under both Republicans and Democrats he's earned a reputation for rectitude. He doesn't in other words need to make a name for himself. He's got one already. If there isn't a crime at the bottom of all of this is unlikely to manufacture one in order to save face as so many other prosecutors. Are tempted to do trump can't really be impeached at this stage how could the president go on trial in congress before the independent investigation is even complete. So when I better tell Maxine Waters that her dream has just died. I think that's wishful thinking. I mean we'll see but I think it's wishful thinking. And Tim neither bigger danger now is this. What's happened is trumps presidency. Is now essentially hinges. Upon the decisions of one man. And that's gonna be Robert Moore. He has now lost control. Over his own destiny. In many wastes. And that's why I think this special council decision be so bad and sold damaging. And that's why the Democrats in the media and McCain. Deep down are cheering. Russ and Rochester are going head rust. I just I don't I'm are you good I don't know I'm just wondering a little side note if tech topic I also know that build more and not calling him best buddies. That make changes to this point of view a little bit. I mean there are in the they fished together they barbecue together they go Ameen glittery they they vacationed together. Question I was gonna ask though is ask you is if if the legal keep coming isn't that a reason they keep leaking well is there a reason for Tom to say look this is not working you know I'd stop by you know. Putting a special prosecutor in the outcome of council that was gonna stop all listened and things just so the same so you know kind of lead to you know back off of it is say look you know he's gotten the job maybe we should get someone else so. Just get rid of them completely. I arrests look in fury he can fire the special prosecutor in theory like that for example Nixon did that Archibald Cox during Watergate. But if he does that. Then it's gonna be seen is obstruction of justice. Interfering in an investigation and you see that's why the White House when I called up my highlight the CIA term is cleaning ladies you know people talk. When I called my cleaning ladies at the White House. Terra like boy we just got screwed big. We got ambushed and we got blind sighted. So look now the president is gonna have to go on offense. Because the leaks could you think there were coming in fast and furious. Watch. They're going to be coming faster. And harder. Because they deep state is out to get the president. 61720666868. Okay. It was their call me ma'am mall. That triggered the hysteria in the media and in Washington. That led to the appointment of Moeller special counsel. I've got their smoking gun. That exposes call me as an absolute wire. Dot stories of America. For obstruction of justice. 1237. Here on the great WRKO. OK. That was one of many democratic members of congress yesterday. Demanding the impeachment of trauma. Base this was congressman green. From Texas based upon the Komi memo. Whereby as you are re know the story whereby. One of his associates one of his buddies. Apparently had the memo that called me wrote of his recollections of his conversation with trump in the Oval Office. On February 14 the day after he essentially fired national security advisor Mike Flynn. Call me in the mammal and the way it was ran only parts of it were read on the phone. The memo was never given to the New York Times reporter. He has never seen the New York Times for being the memo to New York Times reporter never saw the memo. And only a part of the memo was red which meaning dole context was even taken into account OK but let all of that go. This span from the memo why's. That trump allegedly. Demanded that the investigation. Of Michael Flynn be shut down. This is when the Democrats went hysterical apoplectic they might lurid lost there marbles they went berserk. This is obstruction this is impeachment the media this is obstruction this is impeachment. The FBI dig deep stake this is obstruction this is impeachment John McCain. We played the clip yesterday this is now Watergate silence. Other Republicans were now Russia and saying this is now applying for impeachment. So many Republicans were starting to break ranks. Rule alone. I've got to smoking gun. I wanna give a major major hat tip to the gateway pundit who found this clip off of seaspan. Two weeks ago. Tool weeks ago. James coney testified in front of a senate panel. Under all. Remember when this what's gonna come out of his mouth which are gonna a year now he said this under oath. Then upon the pain of perjury. He is being asked. By the V says the democratic senator. From a hole why. She. Asks combing point blank. Point blank. In this back and forth. Seven democratic senator Mazie Hirono. Davis is from may third. Where she asked call mean. How is the white helps. How's the Justice Department. Has anybody else interfered. In the investigation. In Russia. For any kind of political reasons. Listen now to call mis response. Roll it Jarrett. The way you would want it but yet we work with the department justice and all of our investigation. So if that change in our senior officials of the Department of Justice opposes a specific investigation. Kennedy called that FBI investigation. In theory yes. Has it happened. Not in my experience because it would be a big deal. Tell the FBI to stop doing something that the without appropriate purpose and you were oftentimes. They give us opinions that we don't see a case there NC ought to stop investing resources in it. But I'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for political reason there'll be a very big deal. It's not happened in my experience. Playing that last line again Jared please. That would be a very big deal I'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for political reason that would be a very big deal it's not happened in my experience. He said this under oath. Now. I am openly challenging. The Boston Globe. The New York Times. CNN. The Washington Post. MSNBC. The Associated Press all of you liars in the media. With your bogus they can you stories. Why are you not citing this under all congressional testimony. Because now we've got Cole Meehan a lot. We've gone I'm now in a lot. Either the memos alive in. Or he'll fight under oath take your pick Jimmy boy. Pick your poison. What you want did you lie under oral then or were you lying in your mammal take your pick. Because by his own words he's openly saying. We were never interfered with for political reasons never happened in my experience. Never happened. It didn't happen. So if that's the case how the hell could trumpet told you to shut down the investigation. Into general Mike Flynn. So either you or memo is a lie eight. Or your testimony under oath is a lot or let me tell you what I really think is the truth. Your surrogate. Your body that you sent out to read the memo all over the phone just partially. Put a spin and to make its bloom. Like trump I told Flint they shot it down knowing the New York Times would go why build on it. And then the media would go why old and then Washington would goal why don't. That's what I think really happened. That's why did New York Times don't show me the mammal I don't wanna read the memo what should read the mammal to mammal because if I read the memo all. Who. Well now he obviously didn't mean shut down the investigation when he really meant his command man. Stop drug in the guy through the mud I just fired him stop the leaks in the FBI eight. You guys are weakened against this guy's got a white he's got to finally come around slop it would you smear job. That's clearly what he meant the mine man to man you got your scalp I'm goal. That's an obvious that's what he meant let it goal. He's gone come I let a goal. That's what really happened here. Now I want you to think about this my friends okay because you're not gonna hear it. Not going you're on channel four not here on channel five nugget here on channel seven you're not gonna hear from those rhinos of the Boston Herald. You're not gonna hear from those lives of the Boston Globe. And you're certainly and I can hear from those lines but the new York times of the Washington Post. This was another bogus fake news story another lies. But this time this slide she served its purpose. And what was the purpose. The whole time what was the job what was the mission. To get a special prosecutor. It's what Adam Schiff wanted all along. It's what Schumer wanted all along it's what the New York Times the Washington Post CNN. It's what they wanted against this president. All along just objectively c'mon just. Not liberal not conservative not Republican not Democrat just common sense as a rational open minded human being. Four people slaughtered in Ben Ghazi nor special prosecutor. They exchanged. Six of the most senior Taliban leaders terrorists mass murdering terrorists for a free can trader bull bird doll. Most special prosecutor. They were rhyming. Illegally guns to the Mexican drug cartels that ended up killing Americans including Border Patrol agents. Special prosecutor. Hillary port sensitive classified information. On her private computer on a bright its server that was how o.'s six feet from a freak and toilet. Have to buy the Russians the Chinese the north Koreans the Iranians they have all of our free can state secrets. Most special prosecutor. Call me wouldn't prosecute. You wanna know why can't we should have been fired I'll tell you why it's it's so obvious there's no obstruction of justice. How the hell did this guy not prosecute the Clinton foundation. Here I will bet chew I'll bet you their biggest steak dinner in that Hanover street chop house okay. Oh by the old freak an audience stakes on me this a certain I am. More alert in theory motoring theory. Looks into the collusion of the Russians into our election campaign fueled the Russians only colluded with one candidate. There was Hillary Clinton. I mean I I I can Ferrer probably prove it to you millions of dollars from the Russians went to the Clinton foundation. They paid Bill Clinton half a million dollars to give a speech in duck Kremlin. And what did they get for all of this. 20%. Of our uranium production capacity signed sealed delivered on the bottom line. Now if Moeller is strongly independent. He's gonna say yeah I'm looking at the Russians interfering but. The didn't interfere which romp. They bought the clintons walked stalk and barrel. They bottom like ten dollars street walkers. They own them. You think more is gonna reach that conclusion you think he's genuinely gonna lead with the troops and the evidence leads him. And what gave his guy call me in big trouble his buddies fishing buddy. Burn all of his Likud friends in the FBI and the CIA and the NSA. No way I'll tell you what the reports gonna say OK they're gonna spend a hundred million dollars of your money. Give me the report right now 1247. He heard it here. I will put my career and my job on the line is so confident I am. Because I know the game in Washington is played. While we couldn't find definitive. Role. Over any cold trim between virtual town Anderson definitive proof so there's proof. But it's a definitive cease of while its me peace. Couldn't find any definitive pearl flip collusion between the trump campaign. Oh. 00 by the way Satan 7070800. Pages. Make it seem really really important you know it's a big report home it's so heavy on my thoughts of so many pictures and and additions and all my god it's got foot mall it's got everything. Call ball we don't come clone but per hour should lose. Medal and hacked into the elections. And there was a concerted attempt to interfere in the elections. And we need better cyber security a much getting. And we need a more concerted effort to realize that our shot is our mortal adversaries. And now they're just too many in Washington who just don't understand the threat posed by Portman Russia. Blank you know hundred million dollars. Right down the freaking toilet Robert Moore Mo so well respected. Not good for trump you catch a content item poll which he said there's no definitive proof but if stitch. It's fish. His body gets off looking good. The FBI gets off looking good too deep state gets off looking good at the leaker is get off looking good and Shonn. We couldn't prove anything we're not gonna window item we can impeach him but the damage has been done. By then after what who three years down the road. Democrats will have the house may be the senate they wanna impeach him go get them. If you can't impeach him you'll break them you norm. Make it impossible for him to enact his agenda in any way shape perform that was the ultimate goal doubts what they've just done. They're not gonna play combing now even gonna play this cut no way in hell. No way in hell. When you expose all of their fake stories they just sweep it under the rug just like they put a bullet in Seth rich. You guys you think Moore is gonna go after you don't. There Russians didn't hack we will look there's no hacking we tried to find out the source of the hacking of the DNC. And guess what is this this is disaffected DNC stuff. Set to graduate a birdie guy and he was killed he was murdered and you know what we've come on his computer 40000 adults. And it was those 40000 emails were published in the WikiLeaks. From the FBI and I was hiding there that there is hiding the computer. You think more is gonna reach a conclusion. No way. There was no rushing collusion. There was no Russian interference. Set to rich was clearly without question the man who leaked those emails. This whole thing was can caulk it from the far left fever swamps. To reverse the results of the election in 2016. When they saw that maverick billionaire win data outsider. They said to themselves we've got to take that mother you know what down. And this is what they've been itching for now for I don't know how many months. It is time to stand behind this president and tell him we have here is back. Donald. I'm telling you don't get discouraged. You now give as good as you get. Wheeler is he the man to be a special counsel or is this the biggest BS story you've ever seen. It gives opinions that we don't see a case there actually ought to stop investing resource and it. But I'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for political reason that would be a very big bill. Not happen in my extra. 1256. Here on the great WR KR OOK my friends smoking gun. This was under oath testimony combing gave when he was still FBI director. If I may third it's on C span. We are Q do we have an up on WRKO Brittany. We're gonna get that up let's get that up by the end of the show. So we're gonna get this up on wrko.com. So you can go share all of your friends. Under oath call me admits there was never any political interference. Ever. When he came to an FBI investigation. That he was involved in in other words he either lied under oath or he lied in his mammal. Take your pick nick in Weymouth coed neck. AGF I'm with you 100%. You gotta look if you are now. When they hear me call me having Carmen notorious. Put dragons just follow Colin Powell laid back to Marc Rich Wiki way forward. And we dead is he goes with the political wins week finally it's pressed for a decision. Knew where people forget that the Iranian conspiracy and it did well was one. In that people won't believe data understand that you make in their DN pools would do him liars and stat they started around 2005. It around 2013. Trieste freeway into the Canadians to the rations in my god we care about. People like when whatever it can't serve bailed by the FBI told the that type into the Russians did any place that nobody was talking to the Russia's best seat. He hit it Clinton camp lady just said cook what was go and why is it without being alone you know you know with the with uranium thing. So he went there. What people need to understand you're using it until 2005 to 2000 and that it. Being go to nick thank you for that call he's compromise east. He was part of this swamp and the corruption and first under bush and then under Obama. He's not impartial and independent. He's in on the old system is part of the system. How we in the South Shore go ahead how we. Hello we don't have time for how we okay we don't how we hang on what I'm gonna do is this I usually lead with a monologue at 105. I'm not gonna do that. How many take all of your calls and then I wanna give it. Trump fights back all boy does she go after the media and I mean he goes after from hard. This is the president Ron we've been waiting for trump fights back. Your calls 105. Don't touch that dial. 105 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Don't wanna keep all of you updated this is breaking right now. We according now to multiple media reports and what law enforcement authorities are now saying. Gave some kind of a crazy person driving a car for a long way. Any pedestrian mall in New York City. Allowed into pedestrians. In Times Square. Mowing them down so far one dead nineteen people injured. The person driving the car has now been rushed to the hospital. We yet do not know what the motive is. So I can't say it's terrorism or not terrorism. But obviously the Governor Cuomo all is now going down to the scene. Mayor double laws he always heading to the scene. The driver is in New York police department custody. He's being tested for alcohol so they're looking at media potential deal DW YE. But will see the moment we have them more F information. I promise we will let you know 6172666868. OK we've got how we in the South Shore on and on. I just want to play this bombshell caught one more time. This is the smoking gun. That combing lied in his memo or you lied under oath. Either way he's now in big trouble. Listened to him many third. Had testifying. Under all through Emery is underwrote. He is asked by Hawaii's democratic senator. She asks him point blank. Have you ever been interfered with in the Russia investigation. So senator man Zeke hero Ono says. He administration. The president the Department of Justice as any believe. Try to impede or influence or interfere. In your election. Coleman's answer no. Need yet. Roll it jarred. So if they attorney Jim Norris senior officials of the Department of Justice opposes a specific investigation. Kennedy called that FBI investigation. In theory yes. As it happened. Not in my experience because it would be a big deal. Tell the FBI to stop doing something that the without appropriate purpose you were oftentimes. They give us opinions that we don't see a case there NC ought to stop investing resources in it. But I'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for political reason that would be a very big deal. It's not happened in my experience. He's in New York Times in Iran with this. Is the Washington Post gonna run with us this CNN gonna run what this. Is the Boston Globe and run with this know why. Because it destroys their entire narrative. And even the basis for the special counsel to special counsel was based off of the call me memo. So either he was a line in the mammal or he was lying under oath. My friends what you are seeing is a concerted campaign. To bring down. The president. And implement a slow motion who threw literally. Lies. So Landers. Manipulation. And half truths and and the media is completely complicit. 61720666868. How we on the South Shore thanks for holding and welcome how. I guess it's been awhile and you add something aren't so what disturbed we all should be. I have an American weapons and a former Soviet Union that we talked. It appears that this special edition that appears that the Democratic Party. It has morphed into the post Olympics. A post but revolution would realize what's happening. Our very freedom and democracy at risk. It should be state funeral will be state they gave us and guys seem. Gave it meant. Very that's true weapon of mass destruction have been slowly but none exist. Keep it that we ask the interior. The PS look around you they would be the grand deal. He's been nuclear plutonium view of what the Soviet Union auditorium on this page state is so deep. That's what's going on there and their livelihoods and their millions are at risk. And we've been profiting from war all the way back to Vietnam as private beach state pats are looking at. How we actually call I really are look I think the deep state is grown what they called welfare warfare state. It has grown and were only grew throughout the Cold War and then I think what really happened. If you look at what the attacks on 9/11. He deep state the federal government to bureaucracy. The establishment. Hijacked. The 9/11 attacks. And they then turned it into an opportunity. Not to go after gonna real terrorists that wanna kill us look look under Muller's leadership. Look under home these leadership. How many terrorists have slipped through the cracks. You deterring many of Brothers. Just as an example here the boss they had him. The FBI had them and they let him go. The Orlando shooter this and Bernadine all killers because of political correctness they're not going after the bad guys. But they hijacked the 9/11 attacks to pass the Patriot Act. To create the Homeland Security Department. To create Fides out a special hidden courts. To creating massive surveillance system. So here you now have the issue to mother meg a bureaucracy. Operating in secret in the shadows. Accountable to no one and they're spying on everybody. And it happened under bush and made accelerated under Obama. And then trump comes in and I'll tell you what they fear. He can't control him. In fact that's exactly what one of the sources in the White House told me yes there was thought I said look why is that deep stage so frightened by trump. The eagle Jeff let me tell you. They don't know him. They can't control him he's a multibillionaire. She's not owned by the lobbyists he's not owned by anybody. So he's genuinely independent. If he starts to truly find out what's going on behind the scenes people and Nash are going to jail. Shall there and criminal conspiracy. This is Graham pulled to make at this point nobody wants the listener Rand Paul is like I was. I drawn. I mean I'm talking to my campaign manager and there's what are they doing spying on me talking to my campaign manager. Other members of the senate and congress are being spied on. You we even have Chuck Schumer. Openly admitting in an interview with Rachel Matt up a you don't mess with these guys they were all. Can you get me back cut Jarrett you know where a funeral mass what these dice these guys. Which trump doing. He's Colin amount. He's talking about the leak her. It's hairy you won't do god its stake in Raleigh new. It can destroy you and that's what they're doing to trump. But it's light east. He never shut down the Mike Flynn investigation. But they make it up and then they peddle it in the press and then everybody's on the same talking point notice OK notice. How many times they set obstruction of justice. How many times they said impeachment is just like boom is like OK guys were on the same page now go. Listen now to Chuck Schumer roll it. Jar you take on the intelligence community they have six ways from Sunday it getting back catcher. So even for practical supposedly hard nosed businessman he's being really dumb to do this and. Just telling us now I ask you. You live in a democracy you live in a republic. Are supposed to work for months. I don't mean to politicians I mean the bureaucrats. Did did did the national security people is more. You can just supposed to work for us. We don't work for you why should you should be in fear of costs why are we in fear of you. That's the mortal danger that Donald Trump poses its. And what you seem now are that chickens among the conservatives and the Republicans. Who do not have the guts who do not have the courage we do not have the bravery we do not have the patriotism. To stand with this man on when I tell you right now. On this I'm drawing my red wine. Cooler country we stand with president trump shoulder to shoulder skippy and self legal landscape. I chipped in for a pitch directly about IP. Belushi did which we a institute crisis to a hundred but. This shouldn't what you should arguably correct. Eight Asian purchasing average FBI agent it would let it. The other top Echelon. It yeah I just say it was topic shall have in shape CIA and that phobia. Tiger's age and it doesn't have an acronym that they call the shots. It didn't actually get beat up lamentable that particular block the other we took action stick you wanna beat you know insults are out. Olympic folks and we'll go right to highlight tape it goes back very clear but it can just take it turned black and take totality assert its eject. That would slow it got out each in the it category ambiguous any trouble not what extra pleasure who really require and who pushed. Catch. Boost other establishment. He could see it and get it or not it's still you didn't weren't actually went ahead. But I'm fired what the actual tech took a deep cracked under the beat. The validity of trot out the Democrats it's the bucket shop around you look at they edit your record I am expecting that fuel. An electric actually it's two recessions it's called me that. The actually general. She checked YouTube but it's where they get electorate changes so should think about Hillary that. You should be. It's starting to check cute shot. Go to hell I'd I did not get or he rolled right over. Powell objected to it applies or disarm Iran enriching himself in April the second trigger and put an Obama guy. Corporate ritual which HD. Much eat eat out at this point app does a lot of hullabaloo. Nature recommendation. Which I think is an inopportune time. Who would match check sheet we get a fire call me which we brought back ground swell and how will go to it you who interviewed an established we. Braly and rarely and Scott be skippy you laid it all outlook. What are they say at the time. I say was a big mistake to firefly and why. Because that opens the door. Once they got rid of Flynn what can happen so Flynn is now gone that puts blood in the water. And remember sessions he just had a regular meeting with the Russian ambassador. Okay by the way Flynn met with the Russian ambassador. Of course that's just drop. But decriminalizing dot so they get rid of land. Then Jeff Sessions had one meeting with Iraq among you were met thirty ambassadors but he met the Russian as well home. You have to recuse yourself now you got BAG out of the way. You see how it works so now you've got flat out you've neutral ice sessions. And then you should start leaking leaking leaking leaking leaking leaking leaking. And now you lost control over this. Then you bring in the deputy AG rose and signed and guess what we need a special counsel. 123. That's how you saw on me now I've got to say this I've got to say that's. Mike Pence. Very close with Paul Ryan. Mike Pence very close with the establishment. In fact he has created his own political action committee. Now you've got establishment Republicans saying Mike Pence is waiting in the wings. If trauma golds maybe it's better trump leaves because Mike Pence he's. He's more saw live there's no drama with him he's more predictable. He's like dump on Capitol Hill. Let's get rid trumpet and replace them with parents. And so I'm looking at all of this and I'm saying man. Pants wanna Flynn out. Pence was surging red attorney general sessions recuse himself. Chances though one that's always around trauma but he never says very much. And who benefits if trumpets forced to resign or driven out of office or impeached it's tense. Trump always has penciled in on every meaning. Get every meeting is being leaked. And people are sick who still weaker. And I'm asking myself cable on all or benefits. If trump falters driven from office or benefits. I know we got three base you have other people that are potentially occurs but I'm starting a look at Mike Pence. And I'm start mass myself you know let's. Donald. I think it could be your VP. I think they guy that could be sabotaging you and stick in that Mike Finn. To take your job. It could be the born again Christian. I'm just saying and 61720666868. More worth your calls next spontaneous. Trauma on the war pa OK my friends. He now takes the gloves off and starts the fight back. Weeding out this morning that this. Is one of the greatest witch hunts in history. Coming out and saying where is the special counsel for Hillary where was a special counsel for all of Obama's crimes and scandals. And yesterday. At a commencement speech to graduating. Coast Guard cadets. In New London, Connecticut. Trump Johnson gave it to the media with both barrels. Here are Strom. Saying never before in American history. 'cause a president. Then as unfairly attacked and vilified by the media as I have roll it jar. Look at the way I've been treated lightly. Especially by the media. No politician in history. And I say this with. Great surety. Has been treated worse. Or more unfairly. You can't let them get you down. You can't let the critics and the naysayers. Get in the way dreams. I guess that's why I went thank you I guess that's why we want. So basically saying look no matter how many attacks I take. No matter how much they keep coming after me. I will not back down I'm a fighter and I'm urging all of you if I it was a very inspiring frankly almost church Chilean speech. Saying never give up the fight fight fight. Listen try to trump now saying I was elected. Not to serve the Washington media or the special interest. But to serve you. The forgotten men and women of America. Roll it. Jar I think get elected to serve the Washington media. Or special interests I got elected to serve. The forgotten men and women of our country and that's what I'm doing. Haven't stopped fighting for you and I will never stop fighting. For the American people. I gotta tell you it was defiant. They loved him. The cadets afterwards are basically swarming all over him they were shaking his hand they were taking pictures. You can see that when he gets out among the people. He still has an immense reservoir. And base of support. And what they've been one of the things they love about him the most. He's a fighter. And he's letting everybody know. I've only begun. To start my war on the media and the corrupt Washington swamp. Roll it Jarrett. Now I wanna take this opportunity. To give you some advice. Over the course of your life. You will find that things are not always fair you'll find that things happen to you that you do not deserve. And that are not always warranted. But you have to put your head down and fight fight fight. Never ever ever give up. Things will work out just fine. What he's telling it wasn't obvious he's it's it's a life message to the cadets. But it was a bigger message to the media. To the establishment. To the Republicans. And really to the country. You're gonna have to assure me all the White House. You're gonna have to you're literally gonna have to comment there and grabbed me and dragged me out of the White House. Because I'm not gonna back down. The president is now saying. Let the media come after me let Moeller come after me let the establishment come after remained. I'm gonna stand my ground and were gonna fight for three and a half years and I got to tell you my friends. If trump remains this courageous. This defiant this determined. The way Churchill was during World War II he's going or emerge victorious. Because when you have the truth on your side when you have the people on your side when you have morality on your site. No force on earth can stop you. Donald. Your fight is our fight. And I'm telling you you stand your ground. We're gonna see this fight through and we're gonna win. 61720666868. Is the number OK coming up next. Strong now remains defiant and digs in for a long war. Where Republicans are looking to us album in the back. You are not gonna believe what Mitch McConnell. And some other Republicans are already doing. To try to take the president and his agenda down home dot story more worth your calls next.