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Monday, March 27th

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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. Rick Betancourt the VA guy at the mortgage network visit Rick mortgaged dot com. It was less than point 5% of the US population actively serving in the military. I'll give some veteran perspective on what's happening in Massachusetts. The sound off. Because bush John you can OK my experience for the next hour is pretty packed show. That a few things more possible. Has always felt better and issues. Today's episode. We're gonna move bill Pennington from Iran for notre slash K so are pretty exposed through a tough football that. Laws sporting news going on John. We don't want to introduce you to the audience and don't you know. Home above all your brackets pro broken homes and with. First off funds and them go moon. Avoid your question right off the baht from them Torrealba who spouse weakens our great weeks of our son Patrick stood influence mumble one does that actually is you know sonic. You know I went you know. When Obama happy you are being made it. Was on that Florida and pushed out Google fooled Branko to have three Moroccan we engine pulls the movie pulls fool for you. So moved over flawed people slow and got the news good mood and nothing could grow into Morgan and how brutal on the include Florida and over and months old. So we pretty well put couldn't I want to do with when I was trying to do was married yup sports who mode politics. Knew more of our favorite subjects don't and you know the FB RU apparently far home. Tom Brady's. I'm sure. Out of all of that and find post for forty. Friend while quite Austria I owe you one of the top suspects LLC also is that is it will be the I'm not counsel but you and you are uncle still their guards and it could happen and I don't spend. Good feeling couldn't really hear you don't just dismiss it out of hander already here. Martz and the debut someone from fort flooded did not have access to a one point moos chain of custody you do William home. Button and the events. I'm thank them they haven't so much trouble doing the investigation. With the Russians. And you don't treat for you knew him a large shouldn't stuff like that what could take the FBI guys that found that sure written put them in charge of they phone but you've got them. Bridge you know ensure prudent quickly Wendell potentials put them in charge of laugh well Tony you know like. I don't trust him a phone investigating a thing as though we saw leftist by gates saw. You know. More concerned about that but we're willing to put the salute to completely preclude a move opponents who would put you went on the far chrome Barbara surely. I think it's definitely different foods follow what our stick was great and I don't know if you guards to watch. Do you own since doctor exclude Clark what's the insult. But on Elizabeth Warren can blunt this part of proved little shtick she pulled old phone to umbrage shoot that she's panel wouldn't. Was sued people recover. So hole. And he went into votes. Because I think it did I think was U today get about as many laps as you discovered by our noble what I thought was funny ones we government but it could go up releases by the way. The war one month. Yeah that stood solo spotlight is already gotten it didn't you do for a little dude you know for broom roared code sure it's the international symbols so doesn't trouble yes I don't know Harvard professor does generally strikes me as they have to come off after but I want to. John and introduce Mike can or heard his voice and a once in your best and a bracket but in New Orleans and he won't be out. Not so it was interesting to had a good and I'm try to so small friends. From the day ended up and this weekend with a seemingly ended on Sunday we ran in and win. They have those elites fear each order hibernian division they have a race at least every year a year after seeing parishes to the Obama their recovery ritual goes to the bars resonance. We ended runner with a family have always Sarah and send Matty. Did the you know walked it for the five K and then her children first aren't a factor in my sense it was fun stuff to yourself. Some great guard them socially awkward one word on the new new model palm life Som fantastic and so news bears I think about it about 600 people show up to lose a great race and losing is a lot of fun I think it's one of those things than the run walks I think that's kind of we'll hear more later spoke via. But different charities of that in this veneer goes to scholarships and then I think you via a series as a great job it was a great way to end this say about sixty weekend. We don't what them before we move well for charities and good solid that I wanna throw Sloan put him. Over Carolina from becoming Pope this veterans will grow our boots. Good dormitory original water off them a little Florida job was certainly just stand there and you know correct that's being on the tonight in addition to our couple throughout our third it's an important thing. We don't know it's. Nelson demanded more economic you know outside the outside of the shown outside of my pure love birds Tom Brady and everything patriots. That's veterans rove Morris and then I realized some deals. We would go to Third World countries and in and bring these little there's things from this company Sawyer. Water filters that you put a bucket. And they can do it. They can provide clean water fur on ten years three families. And all of the duel because there's no maintenance you do soak up the hope of that the Sawyer product right to the bucket and all that machinery to clean water so. We do that and gone. Part of it is is it's a veteran but organizations so it's up mostly all veterans doing it so the idea they can continue to serve after all of the military and and you know hope. Hopeful we'll sport less fortunate enough not. Every single mission now we've done what we've done a handful so far. It's it's dedicated to law. Soldier marine experiments sailing won't all lost their life in Afghanistan and Iraq so what's been. It is Carol Owens-Illinois tomorrow what do like him who sees a very important there no matter dude you won. All the veterans and veterans with a lot of Sloan who won a crook for going coast to coast. You're going to hold you wouldn't say even a lot of people do it's you'll you'll what is going off don't talk revolved. You know the water Chrysler's affecting millions and millions of people and you know always you know we price in military. You don't people fight over national resources and unresolved. And I believe. What the butcher put spoon polls are government who's Smart going to be contributing them marched from. Environmental. Institute for national environmental and consumer of consume further cutting barracks will be split comes with you're going becomes even more important so bright and I figured I saw some sort of non profits to be in and that's roared in that area so what can people toward the dues are going solutions will come forward of sorts and so when ball would go immigration. Yes we are so large do 66030. Cents at it correlates. To the the strategic goals of all the whining and and if you donate data. No hope law are up by one of these all filters and and not hopeless sons do some more missions and you can just go on veterans subtle. Veterans we know or orders dot org and find out more about that are checking out of FaceBook Twitter is launched. The Twitter page on this week's on 201 global solutions whom we words. Thoughts on a couple days on average about three or four days obviously the planning and all that stuff and the other fundraising for Puerto. Takes quite some time vote on that to one month talking right now so. Impaired him. Everyone moves slow slow include Goldman so we can get Carlyle to issue for a few days dude get a model that's. I I know you earliest you don't know I don't know there are a lot of good I always look upon opened funerals some bird needy people you'll be open you know so please contribute to veterans were well books and associate producers seem scalable it seems it's a leading candidate and it into it people will not see guys who did well recently are closely these grand ideas you'll know and what when I was on me you know Afghanistan we. We were building wells I had motors and number you know people are. These Third World afghanis don't understand though the purpose oil and then the only break vote machines within a month and there goes a while so locked. And then Adrian even the military equipment these big big. Reverse osmosis usually kids can't tell that you're there are no matter who has a way or civilian effort and it was a big operations seems that something gets people. That figure Kennedy went to. Is it something and you really do have a lot of parts fuel could cannibalize our thing Watson you know enough about people fighting over it. You know they're monitoring right yeah yeah exactly and we had we would have generators to. And we don't know when I was in Africa to a Hillary. Beyond it's still the batteries out of Ballmer still the gasoline out of Romney's switches it's not sustainable soft. One of our major goals is to be sustainable source who spoke for soaps don't do troops to only. Has Jon wants to host. Yeah while clothes on now are just wanted to put go ultra. At little down I would that was good job there we re still and general. You know wrong with a but I'll talk about charity John since you need it most solve yeah I met her at the beginning has opened segment we had Rick Betancourt. Just coming up sponsor and Michelle and you know he's he's he did your mortgage giant and you know I want you to talk about that because quite frankly. I mean that's harder than bringing water took the less fortunate you know to millions of people want to get you into housing. You know I think Rick did hold a job and you know he's you should talk ball that John. Well for Russell iPhone supports that come into boom over suck them where you. He did to a great job there of legal reason to him to show was like blood to record chew over and we should travel more and students she used three and task agreed. The cardinals. Own the mortgage boos boost in so I don't put Morse specifically. He rules the view Ares marred did you aspect of it inside and out. Didn't she won't bend over backwards to help and I mean he'd he'd just won't tell him what to boom. What paperwork to mutual held together feels a great staff. In regards George dieters you know what you do if you need them call home field toward we are through your defused if you don't go to one of what Carl filter roared through our through. You'll help fuel these. Holding here in the whole word. And that's all applaud the meal will include I don't wanna come home in my hand all the time but he knows a good guy something tells you know financed somehow there'll John if you get a rim shots you know so the bump bump beyond. Nobody's that's. It's there it's good here's a look at what they say they know stuff in the music sales and they say oh yeah I know how to not only sit down and had no idea to do the point he not only Knowles. But you have scored staff in the US he is not around whom. These are accessible rules sold foam till the funerals. Email would go but if you will make sure could use some contact with do you will hope you don't through boosts. Because in home loans have a lifetime benefit a lot of people don't it's who won't guarantee it's that everyone knows how to use spell yes of all of us vote. Don't have to talk no one knows very little thought Iverson utilization a message you know I know and opinions you can use that MM looks like you sold your home you can still need you loose. Did begin once you pay you off that for your loan the first time you can go when news of the deal and so. Then go help you through until hoped to throw what moved him to rehab only thing you know. They're not easy. Benefit of the veterans of the putting money down while on a final song mean right there have been. And Massachusetts you're talking. 304050000. Dollars and I don't tell what you don't have this is it's and nobody says a high energy guard. They're always done you know screw we do its full time who opened you'll want to welcome back on the show real soon to all young people it editors you if they want here don't when I go amenities and we are more important world comb with quotes Richard good response from mom. Our rules the audience boo boo who was sued to me and to go to Brower Corbett to come home slumped. Yup not so it's it's an incredible about a senator I tell every veteran it's a sight so to look into it. Not something that doesn't expire or anything like you get the letters certificate of eligibility from the VA it's good forever. Arms so now you can it was obvious first woman to be any home as far as you know live and it's so it's it's it's huge benefit like I said no money down in the order you ought to pay. Vote mortgage insurance Leo the PMI so let's sees you do you know almost always an on about how much Brian so this is. It's a huge benefit and in your plan and about how to get housing units and that's. He'll open iTunes movie you very whose look and hopefully you the veteran in the home so they're gonna make sure they're gonna have thought. The property you inspect food they're gonna make sure that everything is. Work ammonia mud and another word similar commitments quote good good help. But don't and there are a lot of people out there in clean let's be honest for good reason. A lot of people and on mortgage brokers are people real state who don't want to deal with the VA. Over the years as Delta Air Lines at the guy like me Rick what makes it so important whether it's regarding Richard Goodwin and go to Vegas. Someone can actually understand the process from jump. They can explain it to the people were buying your barn and house from the VA won't spooked and I think boldly because I've seen that my own only hours putting people to brilliantly run severe zone with you know. Not one of times people. Tibet to not want to do what the VA because that was back when they were flipping properties smaller you know we'll emotional state whose hard. All the you tell you who's for remote full article they're gonna make sure. Good everything is done the work week. In this is true insult that's always the goal and I think today who you're going to London institutional made Lloyds Amal headed you know what. They have exposed some of their money. Guaranteed short the federal government listens to secure long so I know is that I was bill historical record that was a killer through the dining room while not everything cordless Arabs won't we won't horrible when it's it was a great experience Ferraro's doom. And Muslims you hard to police. Well that may be neutral you know if you don't hear what is your order. Not a and it's a huge rush and I've used it twice and it's it's it's unbelievable. No one knows about it. Something never Rick has talked to me about who's in Massachusetts law hardly anyone is using it. Does I think people just don't know Sonnen won't want to show to be a way for people find out so. Do you think you know veteran owned doesn't have to be wartime doesn't speak combat just has to be veteran. You know someone to serve in the military or what don't know what this benefit. You know when you can buy you can buy it just Omar don't ya if you know so you wanna live and and duplex or triple Decker something if you if the federal Lucent the you can rent out the other two. Two units and its off. You know it's something that you you know you can really really helping veterans so long you know forget just get this word out to at least one veteran I think going to be. Pretty pretty happy there John. Don't you don't ground locally grown and Secret Service and to go on corner of the report cards. Why don't so foreclose suits consumers nutrients for joking brutal more bold phone this product it's gonna help a lot of people. Want to say oh we are both fired some of the veterans who McConnell won't put you soon we'll soon. No. Hopefully good Marshall goes beyond the call wolf hopefully people move around. Ready to move on Winstar Taylor I'm hardly find it anyway just on talk from Lauren or world hot stuff. That is so this is very New England tomorrow long world. Dome. But yeah so they'll play Duff let's take a look at you can listen marshalls on them our keynote dot com to find the first interview that we know would wreck. Well but if you yep if you. Two SKE benefits from new from the VA you can find this one time though slow wounds slower than can be slow or control before you warm man stood mobile phone will work them. To try mutants and gets on whom. Markets and again. You know who until the president interest rates deployed is gonna go up to so I don't. You know I was I was always told divested about it yesterday and all that stuff they do so. Or maybe the Russians almost off the field so I still think the Russians and behind you know. Tom Brady Jersey. Impossible with whom you want to. Hey grisly photographs exactly a million times you're right yeah military's morale so yeah I'm my own joke crafted. I thank you very much guys massage try to friends over the Internet are a lot of it I love don't really none of the page jag do they spend any resources from the federal government look at his Jersey I screened outrageous can you imagine. And I don't you know and Atlanta this idea directors the score under oath that he hits the patriots though was so yeah I don't know Mexican journalists who. Generally you know. Solar cycles among. Dual warrants. Fill it signals good and because they don't that's good mood all the Dylan usual measure of the wall was up do you think we get the Jersey back. And learn anything about did you John. You know still we're gonna have to well set up what the Jersey you're gonna look for those who love inflatable bounce or good morning. Moon. I grew up a lot of seasons and they're not nuts you know what I think we've all known a lot of fees and allies and opponents Mexican journalists have but do about it but let's deal saying it was that it is only one auditioning army everyone else's trying to get their stuff back right there's there's no locks onto I don't mean. Keep your friends out just go mart don't vote. What sort of Catholic priests within the home to more and senior putting was a chaplain in the movie. Did them so I'm going on the Red Cross them would do you have there battalion sixth Marines and we're going all the problem emerge cruise whose emotional. I'm not only knew the steel limited them William told him what do you go one that shook what you've got to come on fourth and also oil. The unit digital signature issue of my life and my money in my life. Lugo they go on that note that a ticket quick break and listen to sound off from the BR tail and succeed it was supposed. We'll let you found. Sitting you know my home Osama children Mike's annual from a few from the studio here in beautiful place Massachusetts. First we just trying so lost afford to tone group rank. Mark it's more beautiful women out there and how important I don't you exactly. All right now civil war right Serena. You know until it practically a hundred practically what she's version are familiar what do you think of loans to start moved to Mosul well. Because someone told a more bold vision woods moved are we get mixed long slow bluff. But it's an awesome just world are different now. What is our duty army navy conspiracy theories I'll go this one alert as permanent. But conspiracy theorists that's. That's cargo hold on it after the show we're gonna won't go instill some Bruins practice jerseys. Both local. That's right and our boy whom on the Mexican journalists. Who has organized right heard the post 44 is going to be looking good all these years he's really again. Seeing you Karl. I called both our cars don't they stop prior clay zoo here insulting name and reveling in the moment just. Trying to protect the momentum from drivel so I got your body and I tell my hair salon stricken Boeing which I think there make economy. That's perfectly rational death. Are moving on in studio. In this beautiful studio and Troy and John. Is bill Pennington threw one for the troops five K that races coming up so I'll go into the shelf. Well thank you very much and thank you for all you do for our veterans you know we can never do enough then time. And that's what drives him run for the troops. Five K is that cause who knows nothing beautiful about downtown there are no longer. But you know we have the greatest cause in the world and people are more than willing to mount supporters have a wonderful team of volunteers. And it's all about the cause and that's what we've been focusing on cents a over seven years ago announced from grace continues to grow and I'm looking for another great year this year and doing what we can and our own little circle so let's support our veterans home. She's so good news this could growing. Gallo you know. They used to be able around fairly fast and qualify for the Boston Marathon and this whole. I did develop flu like the Sar is a slowdown and I ran for homes for our troops and I was able to get a bid and and we had like 200 people show up the law can have some pancakes and and we raised like 8000 dollars income for title maybe we have something here so I contact a lot of my day grace contacts and I go hey how about this and sure and now we're looking at him. 5000 and I'm be racing in excess of 50000 dollars to grow. It's it's in both I think the most important thing that we do we focus on the cause and distill. Or issue here are or are priceless what we do is do. Give these that's what they truly deserving. It's the people who actively serve at the retirees and families it's my. Brother in law who's. Served over thirty years in the army and then went to contract work. This will be the first time in forty years and he's been able to attend anything because it's always been. He's been in Bosnia and Iraq and Afghanistan and for further. So we're thrilled he's actually got to open up the today around Naples when I first along with my sister and it'll be. Pretty emotional there's at least. Google took photos of circles when one of the states would move them to eat seafood students who went bloop to move your virtual running and all of that stuff. Yeah I would do dinners at the end of a country club and April 21 at 630. Cyrus off the six Syrian. Harm him a lot of veterans come is our guest we don't feel it's right for them to be. Painted ten something that honors them so a lot of those tables are sponsored by. You know just people like ourselves you know we keep the prices is extremely low is only four dollars a ticket and so a lot of people sponsoring table of ten for the veterans. The veterans come on as our our our guests we have. To. Beneficiaries. Actually speak about you know what impact our support has meant to them. You know the Fisher houses involved homes for our troops is involved. There's clients on farms up in Andover who runs like an. C rehab facility using horses with events and then we had prize across America in the brides are actually as to Dennison. You know and anyone who's been involved in the letting those six cost. Getting married and you know these guys make peanuts and for them the emeritus very him they wanted to do it right you know. And so we will work out with a try to show up in Andover and their we donate to two. Weddings every year and then there at the wedding ceremony they can. Can't say what it means them some of the places they served and you know the Fisher house people there and you know host our troops we have people have achieved houses. Other great stories being an independent final and C three we can help out any veteran. And so what we're doing there's a marine out in California Brandon Dobson who wants to compete at the highest level and unfortunately you losses. Basically below his knees or they're no longer with them. And that he wants a racing chair so do Snyder electric. We were able to build them a very very high end. Racing chair so now he can compete. As I told someone yesterday fate of these what these Marines wanna do they wanna be able to compete they wanna wake up in the safe. There's a reason for me to wake up no other reason for me to compete and and not a right this is help him but the rules fire other you know severely wounded. You know veterans do. Nate I can do that to horn and a. So William what they think you Roy goes in the Marine Corps welcome Ruth Smith some some of phone calls solutions and you know I don't want to vote for him. Let alone 20 for the first time you're feeling healthier marine thrown Biden quite amounts that I was what are you referred it. But whose candidate but there are actually and certainly we if you wanna go prayer card to mention Miller went on the med cruise would call. Him. Shall Sloan. But you wouldn't show tool from wasn't. That the I wanna stick would probably go there and what he's doing hill you know than oh Toyota produces fantastic and I think that. You know help promote guards like that that have that to Zaire when. You know doom them tunes to implement that desire to refer. Yeah and is it as so only the people that we're helping. It's. Join our backyard and Andover Newton wherever. We actually have a virtual run going on in Kuwait. Down this bout the same day and what we want a really it. Make sure that they're veterans around the world know that they're being supported back home. And we're also working with young ROTC students high school and college they're coming to the event as our guest. And we feel it's important same type of idea that America is behind you no matter where you go on from here. You know. That the Americans back home care about you and so that's why. As far really focus on the veterans because you know we can raise a lot of money and we've done while doing that but it is priceless quote we do. For our veterans I had a one of our first houses we helps financially support was Joey Smith. Joyce Smith came up last year flew home and I use he talked joy about once a week. And as I have heard from about ten days so I call them up and enjoy what's gone not used bill I didn't wanna bother you just has a great job. But on the way home. I had a blood clot and so we had to make an emergency landing so I won't be able to compete this year in the archery like he wanted to. But he woody said to me was at least a major event. And you put a price tag on that and you know like Kevin do boys down in Rhode Island. He shows up with is his Stanley and he. And he was a stunt that Andover Massachusetts would do this for him. But it's it's not necessarily. Doing it for them people wanna help and they have a good feeling when they come to the event and makes them feel good and I've always believes that you know. For example ovals great new year and you can sleep over them but considerably softer so broke through what was wrong. We targeted. John Doherty Georgia and so you are okay we've Loria who Somalia very low wage doesn't. Feel John John has been very vocal and very involved on our back on some great garner and he was very adamant about us going independent helping out young veterans locally as well as around the world than John is. They're very good friend of mine and I was very supportive. It. When my kids who is ten veterans events he made sure that they were recognized you know still walking around in diapers stolen signs of grandma and grandpa. And at the end John's a great guy and I was down at T it's. American legion and he was there and I wanted to make sure that we that the elephant out of room right away. And we walked in there with our tax returns and I go here it is guys there's a lot of different you know charities in this world. Feel free to look at us look at what we do you know and and that was great it really. That and Arabs. Transparency. And what we do bring in the soldiers they're bringing them prize there I its own farms. They're there having a acts that day of the dinners and actually having it to be a program for vets as I and so farms and Andover that ends at 4 o'clock. And then. 4 o'clock stay clean up put on a coat and tie it. No come to the dinner that night won't so you know that's and that's why we get such tremendous support and donations. When we talk about who is in that we talked about people donating people there's an awful lot of charity so there's there's people who really do good work. Well what fraud so I see you. We're really vote. What you guys are doing their due to this is something tangible people and see exactly where it's going and I think that's happened to transparency retirement isn't just for money coming in what emissions. And I think when you seem like cal talked whether it's fraud or mismanagement or just. Good intentions were or mock it would you. When you put a they would recommend that people give local. You know whether it's in Massachusetts are really locally that you guys have you seen that when people committing the exceed. When you've been to see that these homes are breathing disease that people you're supporting the stories. It must just bring for the people who've done all the work it just must mean everything to you. Oh yeah it's truly does that mean. I remember when we were helping just Bouchard now Grammy mass. And a lot of these soldiers are so pride for my mother's memory inside I understand how pride fully I always in the 10 yeah that and that's after a pack. And Josh who shot and emotionally wasn't able to come to the event you know a lot of these guys have peaks and valleys and you know he looked at himself as a handicapped person you know and so I arranged met with the fire department out Graham B mass and I was stunned that day of the walk run. Sixty people from Grammy and mask came on buses. And it's just who shards mother sue. Was stunned issue is just cry and her. Dries out as she got off that bus because Lindsay posters of just Bouchard didn't know he wasn't there. We didn't forget and we you know the fire department came and they out you know a lot of division in full gear you know and eventually. Do this some other you know we won't take all the credit new homes for our truth but Josh is doing extremely well enough. That's who you know it's all this and his parents yet and it was all tight end his parents stayed at the Fisher house. While Josh was getting better and then homes for our troops stepped up. And can provide him how says he can move move and so he wouldn't be so dependent on others these what these. Servicemen and women pay him. Yes I'm cable I can do this stuff but to give them a helping hand in times of Mueller. You've got fired upon. And little wind according to them that we will. Internationally. Some credit because they'll look at the rubble and it's useful tool dad says it's funny you bring that up or losers who incidents we didn't dress rehearse this. But we're actually read keep an eye is still farms is working. Stretching their program out the first responders now. Because he says this of brotherhood so. Where were you all go through a lot more without them once I saw it doesn't personally I don't know you don't. The question. When it comes to the two peoples still registered to people commendable here where we're keen wit and letting go to run for the troops I Qaeda com what what he recommends it. Well it is what 23 unless there's been a little bit of confusion I'm on the website but it's this race menu. Dot com slash us troops five K all information is on there at the dinner the pancake breakfast. The walk and Iran it's all on there what's amazing is now is that. Although people have a tendency to Texan email and there's not a lot of facetime nowadays but will we find is that. 85%. Of the people registering for this event are joining a team of fellow like people. At all you know we have we have. Hat and I'm drawn a blank by yanks fitness center and an end or they have a team. Mass School of Law they have a team strong mom they have a team has some of these teams Rand said right up these right from Woburn here. Has ties to raise 151000. Dollars. There historically the biggest team will 175. People. We we think comes Snyder electors in their Merrimack Valley strikers and their who and what we do we put their names on the sleeve when we put up these can really nice tents for them. You know so they go all meet and mingle and and it builds camaraderie for. Basically you are promoted is that when I go talk these businesses in these groups that this is a corporate outing without any work for you guys. That's great. We have more of questions ask you get to a quick break you listen to sound off in the New York hill and succeeded it was Boston. Along this is the world according to John Sullivan and discuss from the fruits and solutions. For veterans and infineon it's. You know we need to move to move sprung Susan. There are a lot of folks those who have become a global purchasing a home or call on goal were some search moon. No moment for our review and the door that would don't know what drugs you grew few words in your room she yard drool you'll home loan viewed mortgage. Huge mural was a mere we're gonna suggest that you were Colin terrorists. Work Betancourt. And you can just to mop them. Jim it's slower and William couldn't suggest you do that's popped one open some part whom do this. I'm going to ask you to make sure wouldn't call on terror to your room. Would you Soyuz pulled the on the state and federal wobble on what the mole fuel consumed the post boom. The budget and we want it. Them to continue to support for a true consumer and mobile peak. Boom boom boom trombone for Graham of salute contributing money into movies you don't we need continued funding hero mostly global. Here and I would bet mode and we also need help for Iran blood for our efforts continue to help veterans so we've seen just put him. Continue to help them. One room. When veterans will go fought loose and then flow we don't. One. Run for the troops though it's gonna open feud over one people who torn from its colorful Exel. That's the world according to joy on our team next week. We're about to sound complex world show cohost John McDonald makes me and you can reach us pull us. Final email a sound off in the UK you know. At Gmail or comment on just it's on a familiar tale Brenda today we're joined by bill Pennington for the run for the troops five K that's kind of beyond. April 23. What there on April 21 step up and Andover sort of a little bit of old about the race self. Though before we before we run out of time. But as well plugged the had deployed the website one more time. Kind of give us a little little quick summary of everything. Okay that's race menu. Dot com slash troops five K and I just like to sell though it's it's a race or run out. I would say over 50% of the people actually walk in neighboring strollers dogs. Friends and family and you know you don't have to be a serious ass later runners that it can. Participate in this event and we do a tremendous. I think. Job focusing on the veterans we actually have a huge veterans tend we do veterans ceremony reality country and western band playing. Afterwards. Pancake breakfast and then after do. Before and during the pancake breakfast is open. And also we're gonna have Barbeque and cornbread and all these activities going on Blackhawk helicopters schedule in about 830. And it's just. I think you'll get as much out of it as the people that were honoring. See the entire route is lined with with flies and all the different branches we have a huge American flag thanks so balls on crane at the finish line. And my father's flag will be actually flag pole at the finish line. This year. And and so it's some and we're gonna do a lot of good then you know you can actually talk to the people who were receiving. Our support you know homes for our troops who will be there bars across America will be at the that the dinner you know this to Fisher house will be there. I and I assume farms. Yeah so it's a great way to really connect with the military and if you have any military friends and family I think they'll. Biondi and be recognized. That's a dinner last year which is to shares on April 21. And Vietnam that was sitting at a table with a friend of mine. And he says bill this guy hasn't stopped crying all night. And this is the first time. He was he's ever been thanked and recognized. So a lot of these guys have opportunity get rid of some of the bad memories and hopefully this will be done. They better memory for them so. And so we try to do were flying people in from all around the country. Do. You know show them that America cares. Joey Smith who I keep mentioning generally has been known so well. Two years ago he to a fourteen hours and hand controlled vehicles to attend the event. Along with a service dog Jake and and when he hears stories like that are given to boys come up with his family and Chris Gomes who received a house last year and who actually works in the VA I think down in New Bedford. As the administrator doubted ourselves officer and yeah I could and then to see. How he has changed when he received his home. With his boys and and things I was down at. The ribbon cutting ceremony and he's probably lost 4050 pounds and he looks fantastic. Because I believe they get rid of that. Dependence on other people they never work I'm sure they weren't brought up that way. Don't John in the army of them Marines or whatever surface presser and two because they have they wanna serve others and what I always here is that it was are honored to serve them. For them to resume Siva thank you is very difficult form Chris has a good example is definitely do is walk he's he's he's he's he's facing southeast. Really given back and critical. Yeah Chris went around the speaker of the some of our you know sponsors he spoke at the down there you know he's he's paying it forward and that's that this is why we like to encourage some of the veterans. To attend it's not necessarily about them it's about the people that are in the shadows. If we can inspire some of those homeless vets and some of those folks who are really struggling to come and attend the event may we can break through and and help them. And and so it's it's it's it's like I said how are repeated again it's not a when these service people come they got a look about paying it forward and Chris Gomes is is tremendous example of paying it forward Joseph Smith comes up from North Carolina. He's always to receive this house he has nothing really the benefit but he understands that this will help. People and and what I've heard from JoAnne from others so did good yeah his fellow soldiers and when. They heard Joey got injured are going Kevin the boys got injured they were worried about them they wanted to make sure you is all right. So if the soldiers and injured somewhere around the world and they know they have these resources back home. I think it really helps hold the town you know the whole group and so that's. There's a lot of little hidden messages and stories that you feel really analyze what's been going on for seven years up and handover. This really pretty special on the volunteers I can't say enough about them. We've got yeah I've I've lived in new froze 25 years I believe we have the cream of the crop. A volunteers. You know people who have done things on their own for different organizations. And an MMA and it runs really well tough there's some but I'm fixer I just tell logo and I'm just a conductor. And I just waved at the time and things happened. It's all about the cause them I think what we're doing here so thank you so much for your time here and a funny way you guys have had done that don't don't. Don't ever in the mess to me what you do if. Thought John doesn't he doesn't go well yeah. Lateral sclerosis or moment all of us follow us off. But you you guys have off FaceBook and Twitter pages to dad got run on FaceBook and CEO of the web site is pretty good everything. You know those the young man Roger downing Kennedy can movies receiving a home this year. Hopefully will be able attended than we have now confirmation on the let's a lot of these guys they have peaks and valleys and hopefully like to be able lieutenant. But conveniently. Leave he soldier from. North Carolina's received a home he'll be speaking in some of these guys to speak really well like Chris Gomes for so long as it's like anyone out there you know some people can. Knew there was an audience of 500 in front of me I wouldn't be talking like this title speaks to his days as an extensive. Yeah on you know you got a picture people make getting households that we don't want to make it. And rent a car straight that's that's not how I do it but you know girls always different models are. All right but up the FaceBook pages run for the troops five K and then a Twitter pages run for the troops so of soft. Definitely some. To check out. You know Arturo Cruz in the old Internet machine like. Think we're known to do then what's their Copeland slocum you would have antics of this. There's a renewed it and he only showed and one of the things rumors so you know he didn't you don't have to repetitive hey can I three miles I have pancakes. The pancakes open at 859. Do you go there race starts at 9 o'clock news at all. And all the veterans come frayed and refuses can be a lot of veterans groups are fluid as soon but I don't want to tell you can always that are sent the bill we re Tanya you have to run races we have to carbo loaded none out now to. I don't overrule that I always look to USA that was. He's as you can not make it depends Alfaro in the parking is considering we have VIP parking for the vets alone so I don't know it's. You're watching all six. I always look beyond overrode. Do bruise so whom do you guys it's don't want to move minimal amount. You know I always always the location is really. We have really compete memorial park that I movie. Different. Statues and things that an honor of the different wars that people have been through. On the Blackhawk helicopters landing there it's a real nice post race venue. All the tents will be there and their country and western Dan loses the Houston Bernard band is playing they've played down and it's. The red as a lot thanks a Fenway Park and he's effective he supervised event growth in Oklahoma. Right down the street from totally keys place or else next illegals get it Toby plays they think are some we'd be in business. And make. All right John you know we are up to shelf. Farm borrowing a play one more time to slow run for the troops five K it's it's 13 on the from a FaceBook and Twitter. Bill thank you so much for coming on really appreciate it the opportunity that is a good look and that the race. Hopefully it helps small veteran. Joining us now. Look if you don't. Not just what other fuel input from the pollution for a week what groups are to the words and boom. Boom boom. Con job. Love they've been women love military and that's a lot of stroke it and and uniform sort of regard to next week's thoughts are Campbell road Slorc slopes with spoons. And thank god the hybrid that means of those troops for Iraq great. Points John. Are not know world wrap it up spot thanks John thanks like when you have still got thank you uphill. 300 to five Kerry. Just wants it through twelve you'll see we're veterans those kind of numbers can keep your service to our great country. Compelled throwing blows himself up for the New York you know and succeed negotiable. You've been listening to Santa WRT. A shield for better. Visit Rick.