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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to this. Sports and politics. Rick Betancourt the VA guy at the mortgage network visit Rick mortgaged dot com. It was less than point 5% of the US population actively serving in the military standoff gives a veteran perspective. On what's happening in Massachusetts. I love the sound off on tile total conflict of pushed on the field for Mike Sweeney we've got quite the hour lined up for it we have a summer with the our instrument and a similar talk a little bit of a mass National Guard boats suicide prevention month which is in September. So enough to have a quick little first segment here due to do things a little bit different. So as wanna introduce John micro what they don't does Greg went on all right we're on to get to a little news stories. You know I think is interesting and Chelsea Manning was gonna come to Massachusetts and be a follow up Harvard. Harvard had had extended that invitation said that. She was. Was an expert in against ITN and was very. Informed above being transgender in military and also I think it was an expert and automotive yeah. As well as soon as soon as only it specialists. And no military subtle moment if she's. International security. Expert. That's beyond points on and it both the your thoughts on my. Well I don't know what what has been a fellow Marines then. Normal for him. Panel free speech what are come in spin there from awkward sure would be in a full moons than. Again it's all for free speech will lose some ago what was your rules. Free speech at the CIA I think it's a bit of his junior no the CIA director. Resigned because they think you know he didn't want his speech associate you wanna be a socially I don't blame them down you know I think her Chelsea man my heart doesn't bleed because. Chelsea got a good run. When the president community asylum to be her like I mean he's trying to cheat sheet as she put people at risk of additional yet there's no doubt about it anyone who's ever had a he. If everybody in the military decided what they could release and anyone who's in government to decide what they would release based on our own conscience to be no question that's who's going on in DC now. But this is new you put people at risk people die. Nomar against the them apart from jewels. And sort of confuse the ball pretty sure regarding but boy do billion voted. In the inducement for as they did and what's it going what's away so shall payload the attention and their holiday is being an adjunct professor. But they they sought so they were making sure this what are users choice she was gonna teach acquire missiles that would lose most volatile capital on most Lawrence. Judge from professor I don't quite bundles that you muscle warm and redemption starts we have to give a speech on 600 isn't just speech to try to varsity match. He put there doctors are human employee of the college in and I am no problem with people and I think he's had free speech be orders I'm glad the CIA director took a stand up and down on it. Look the that the hypocrisy that I didn't and you you've seen all of the places they thought they were doing that that the real brave thing to bring in this person and it. All the Sunday get the they get some flak and in the media and and and from from other faculty another change your mind I think it was a do their resignation. It really it was a loom flirt so will the diamond club. Don't know but the so it was such socially or Moscow I was at Amherst college and John and but now and it's that it's pretty weak mop the week I think it it it was to get some some flak about it to give up. But on on that note though it looks like Rio where already have to take a quick breaks and up 1% to it was so its operating its mobile. No absolutely it looked like they righted the ship was released pre game in radio in Boston that's right right that's it. The first facility or pre game is right here on sound off so don't touch that dial you some sound from WRKO. And succeed it was a mosque. Welcome back to some Alphonse tell total wants and I co host on the field friend Mike Sweeney in coming to you from our studios and Boston and today John we have very very excited. We're joined now by United States senator Elizabeth Warren she's gonna college wants talk a little bit about some of the things that she's been to launch is on armed services committee so. A lot of things of veterans or interest that in a couple of bills she's got going on not that I think they're gonna help a lot of veterans. And our potential solutions what people lol all the words but she's been don't want to help for so low so maybe you could talk a boom Google both felt so we load the peninsula you bundle one. And so I'd be delighted to you know one of think it's happening right now that we're right on top is we're about to get the defense authorization. Budget through congress so. This is Senator McCain and senator reed lead it I've been part of it and I'd focus clinic in two areas. One has been around personnel around our folks both active duty and veterans. I reached out to work with for example senator Johnny irked Republican from Iowa. And we've got a provision in this new bill that says our military are gonna get to pay raises they are entitled to it. No more this business of the presidents either party saying you know these are tough economic times let's take it down on the military. So we're gonna make sure that they can't Wear it they're entitled to something I'd been working on really hard it is trying to protect our military. And our vets from. Debt collectors to engage in really. Tricky sleazy practices. Including going to commanding officers. To try to squeeze. One of our active duty military. To try to get him to pay up on death sometimes when dance. Then on even I mean this is this is just fundamentally. Wrong. And then one about our stats that I worked on ways senator John Cornyn and that's what's kind of been moving parallel to the NCAA. And we just passed it and got it into law on Thursday and then he has. A bill that makes it possible for people who learned in the military how to drive trucks. Out big. Bigger equipment and under some pretty adverse conditions. To make it easier for them to camp licensing once they leave the military and are going to civilian life and that's gonna help that. Get some high paying jobs and get them faster and without having to pay a bunch of fees. So this kind of focus on personnel really matters to me. Boat while I'm here I should also throwing in the second part I've been working on has been about the search for infrastructure. So it was making sure that we expanded the military's research budget we got to be ready. For what happens in the 21 century not just prepared for the twentieth century. And what's coming our way. And also just important. Investments. DIU acts in Cambridge. Lincoln lands. But infrastructure. Out west Dover and it Natick labs. Getting into each one of these to make sure. That we're protecting our military presence here in new England and I think it's important. Couple things shovel or who's the bureau of a concern rubles for also for public town saluted collapses. To reflect for so loaded. On the move means an awful lot march shall salute climb into the country so we. Really appreciate your efforts on behalf of the way out its second win a and something that you left a port that is. Important thome. Whose home large objects and to spend some schemes going noise and where people control and a ticket for image of veterans who have more connections and when something opens so no meadow and fool award of in their walls stadiums and you know a model about now and I had to fall for it over NAFTA and for regrettable meant to ensure growth. Emblem government owes them keep them and I sort appreciated that. Don't John I really appreciate your raising miss when Buckeyes. This this one I started hearing from fans all across Massachusetts. Who are saying and what's the deal here I keep getting. This paperwork I keep getting phone calls over looks very official I don't want to say he embraces it can't sound like the government to ask you don't need to refinance through that took and offer me a better deal. They're gonna charger by two fees sometimes it's going to be at a higher interest rates this excellent pure and simple. So I colonists. And wrote letters to each inning minute you know are the federal and smack her you know it's mortgages. And I go out just last week like last week I got a letter back from. And they said we're putting together a task force. We're gonna start moving on now as we think there's a serious problem here and I'm going to be working with so we're gonna do what we can't shut that. TI and something else I Islam you know John we talked over the forever GI bill lookup passive protect some of those veterans students that got on taken advantage of two right. Not this one just strikes me crazy on both for profit colleges these colleges that. Make money on the backs of people who are trying to get an education. They often target. Young people coming out of the military you know folks who get high school then I go off to the military and now they're coming out with good benefits. And they're trying to get an education they're really trying to to build their lives going forward. And these colleges prey on the fake big target and the focus on them and they lie they cheat MD defraud them. And what's happened is we've gotten to a place that we've been beaten back on the ice for profit colleges. And some of them have actually admitted to the frauds. And so are the the the GI no longer owes them money. But the point is they've used up their pants you know they're they're benefits got stalled by these for profit Geist. And what I'm working on now on what we've just gotten an is that. The GI snell get their loan dollars are available to them reimburse that it it's back in there. In the air. That they can use those loans shoe to go. And I just want things to go to our state schools which have great state schools carried Massachusetts Buccaneers and got a private schools if that's what they wanted to. But the point is to go someplace with Republicans first rate education. That's what they should be about and they're gonna get their dollars back because of the work. Slowly before we move one option the deals solar woman stood quote the system. To use them some credit. Situation. In just one point oh. You did start the consumer financial. News out of you set up the office of service. Member of scientists want to after its sole sub division of applicants long. A financial protection bureau you. We're. Prescient enough to put in something full of veterans and smile enough to put in holly Petraeus to run off and he's sorry I was sold at a talent sold shares Arnold or shall I don't know. I'm or we could issue total which. You've gotten a 120. Million bottles and will you fund useful. No relief these people weapons and you're able to get back she was able would a 122 new book out soon and refunds. And the proposals would 7000. Console wouldn't it completes four no photography which. And that. As the curtain for fun if military installations the whole ball away and really appreciated that'll work outreach work to help the veterans. And be active in its. Search. It's it's really good view of race thing right I'm so proud of the work that holing it the whole team has done at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. And urge everybody on the line in Europe that if her active. To CF. PB dot com and there's a whole section set up just to be helpful to you. But don't always see something that can't. I don't know if you know or not an ultra my Brothers were in the military my oldest brother Don Murray. Wonder if you're combat mental it's over and you have that's exactly right we see human come broom into metro. I don't know he was at I don't think value is but he was active duty. And career military twenty years in the military my second brother John was stationed in North Africa my third brother David trained as a medic. But I was two babies since I was always a little when I mean I I grew up. My earliest memories are. My oldest brother in uniform and then the next one in uniform. And I learned early on that we honor our promises to our pants. So long before I ever got into politics launder for an ever started running for the senate. When I got the chance to setup the consumer agency when the president called me and says. Would you comment and kind of make this thing go from an idea to reality. Literally one of the very first things I did with established the office of service member affairs because my view on this is. No that should get cheap. It's it's not run and one of our jobs at the CF PP. Ways to say we're here to level the playing field for every one. But to make sure that those who want to market our that's market are active duty military. They're gonna find out that they tangled with the wrong facts. And that's what hauling in her team have been all down and the work they've done has really been terrific. We talk about how many millions of dollars have been returned he's thinking that this. The coming folks didn't get cheated. After after she was out you're doing her job moves. Her follow the Colorado what's points all out there she learned a lot. So what one normally run the full Cairo will conclude the Williams gospel enrolled at new given your absolute certain Wendell dude times relief. One thing I'm controls the news that we open. Veterans ambulatory but. You've looked. Tomb victims of a funny way to try and help them. And while boom equipped medical program you know be true it would win votes for ambulatory health care if so soon. Makes constantly. You know so so here's a story behind that. You know after the terrorist bombing at at the marathon. I'd Jessica can ski and Patrick downs on young couple they've recently married and they both. Have a leg that had to be amputated right there at the site and were taken off to the hospital Jessica later monster second line. We have great. Great medical facilities here in Boston. But not a lot of expertise. In traumatic amputation. The place for the real expertise for them is Walter Reed. And so Jessica was able to get treated Francesca and Patrick were able to go down to Walter Reed. You have to go all the way to the secretary of defense. To make that happen and that slows things up it's hard it won't always happen people don't know what's available. Answer Jessica and Patrick painted me and said could we do something to change the law. So that victims of terrorism. If they need the special expertise of our military medical facilities on a space available basis don't. Don't take space away. From one of our our military but if there's space available. That victims of terrorism. Could get treatment of traumatic amputations at a place like Walter Reed burns. And at a place like San Antonio. And down so I was able to get them into the new India AA authorization looks like it's gonna go through this week. So I'm hoping over the next few weeks that comes along this it's one of those things. I hope we never need hope nobody ever has to use it but if they do it's right to have it there. Q and so a couple of openings. For the year start with a couple periods and was told them. Some things that are of interest from men. Iran who spoke. I'm consumed with a huge and veteran population. In a lot of scan for solutions such as one importance opens a Fuller retired Portland. Here in Massachusetts. We have somewhere between 360300. New details and veterans. And we've updated estimates that put talking me through mumbled around 170. Miles. 55%. Decline. In all of that 170. Miles. A bow and mean before W before 5000. Veterans and some of to renew our can be enough to stand. In the renew in a 120 for 100000. People and yet not conflicts. Who soul. That I was saying I feel what bed head of hair club for men where admiral William and the president on what client. So a more gonna placebo thirteen yeah it's going to be invited some couples who've yet comforts. In needs are going to be want to from them but he an immediate needs not war want to from from the word time in twenty years ago. In my assumptions. The civilian. World because of the cause them problems after equals one of one toward him articles here and such rules it's simply stole some published and but yeah teaching veteran population. Scopus should be. Indeed medical care and in my duties. My financial situation. Is changed one of fixed income. I agree we need to go to the video of computers schools to. In what's gonna happen to go and transportation. So transportation's. Going to be competitive issue one of them to Wrigley. Things. And so I'm not asking for solutions now of them spindles think of the boat because. God what's. Iraq and Afghanistan bouts because they help a lot of men some a lot of problems split them past. Typically go but we. Reveals in Vietnam was unthinkable to have confidence and literature and in some of the problems. That aren't going away to recruit men and magnified. The double post on shall support him. So you know that let me just stand there John I I think you're right I'm glad your bringing it up because the time to start working on it. It was not thirteen years from our time to start working on ways. Right now. And you're right about medical care. In fact the argument would be that you've got to expand access. And as people age gets harder and harder to. Go long distances. Are you need medical player that's going to be available. Close by. It relates to transportation also relates to house where it's ever whether or not we're gonna have adequate housing that's appropriate. For seniors. And how the VA is gonna work through that. And let's just be one part of it it's just gonna take resource use and I'm all for putting them into our budget and part of it. It's gonna take somebody who confessed to earn just fights. And and I think that fight has got to start right now that we've got and when I say fine I don't mean with other cats iMac in Washington. To say this is an issue we got to make this a priority. Without it easier for the people who were there for us mourn. Our own unfortunately have to wrap it up and now. I saw a lot of questions as the last two Lennar. We go throughout Europe we do like thank you so much senator warned for coming onto the floor studio and talk about some veteran issues thank you can kind of do it again. Would love that RI and not be great let's do it all right thanks and again don't touch and it's you listen to sound off on the BR KO and succeed that was about. Mean. Won't we'll come back since you've routed according to Joan and certain we can scope spoof of some sort of lessons of Oakland some news news. Today's young wanna talk about the Euro department of veterans of it is in this health care program. In two whose slow much available for you were furor veteran and you should definitely make sure that you call on terror at the you can do soda can actually just called what. And call woman at 1844. Of the year cheer us oil. 1844. Big true true true soften three's company. You can hustled onto our two veterans service officer annual goal was sitting in your town hall. And he issued will be happy to help you weren't so sweeping health care system. Whose slow walk out of food programs food that helped new physical war. Psychological. Ward off the storm we work amendment and our access and mean the only glue and helped to source. That's the world according to John cartoons we. Welcome back to sound off on health at all it's in the to a host Tom skillfully Mike Sweeney and right now it will switch subjects a little but September is the suicide prevention month saw. We don't touch with the the National Guard in his sentence over. Sergeant Ryan plan and major. But official us. That's good beer thank you for evidence. Appreciate that pertain to come and talk about necklaces mentioned on our that our team is doing to support our service members and that's great he'd give us a little bit about both of deal amenable than in uniform is seeing you deploying. I would like to hear a little bit of voters service. Sure I've been in the have been in the masses army National Guard for fifteen years now he said to put a couple times right now I'm working as state resiliency coordinator resiliency is. A big push big part of our prevention of things like. Suicide prevention helping coordinate get better training. Get down soldiers at that at the base level it's really interesting and engaging work and whom we have a lot to do. I've also been Iranian form for about fifteen years I started off. Commissioning here RTC. Went. Back to grad school and then spent about nine years on active duty at even half officer reported tumble from the hospital setting in in the first cavalry division split with them. I'm an area such as a service member is deployed three times. And has had some of difficulties of readjustment and war. He selfless. Injured any explosion so it's something that affects our family personally and then obviously it's benefactor of my work professionally for quite along time. Labels continue to serve and I switched into the garden and working with Brian for the last two years so I think we've started to build a great team in in the excited about the efforts that we have ongoing at this time. The net that's great arms Sony overvote what you guys do all opinion and your rolls on in all we talk about the you know I think the big numbers 22 suicides a day between veterans and service members. And I know off from my time any arm that there are a lot of resources so just talk a little ball what what you do on a uniform side. Of the. The guard is unique in the sense that now we have. In our ranks. Many many many veterans in addition to service members are services have been deployed as if there's a wide audience we have to reach. And we're trying to reach them with the prevention because once you get to a point where. Where you need some of the services that we're talking about some of these goods services sometimes it can be too late especially for service numbers so. Rather than just talk about the numbers and talk about twenties the 22 service numbers that they were trying to empower our soldiers and give them an avenue to tip to help each other to help themselves and to help the organization to combat this problem so that we can. Move past it right and that's sort of our goal and our our office. The inmates Murphy anomalous caller Katie. We work together to trying to improve these programs the base level and it's a challenge because we're competing with all these other different programs right so are we make ourselves unique. In in this prevention effort because we believe that we're doing is really important. So some of that initiatives that we have ongoing rain now. So I direct effect on health programs that are lessons now questions that we got. Lesson of counselors like and clinical social workers and clinical psychologists on our team Appleton asked in rehab folks who are traditional and eight soldiers as well. And then we have the resigns programs and that's. Is Nancy risk reduction in suits and risk reduction really kind of encompasses our. Substance abuse prevention services. And land exe. And so we were with all of those different programs. And Ryan said that we try and look at it as a prevention focused model we obviously have teams in place to. Courtney intervention in two offered at no charge to our servicemen and their families for outpatient care Amy need. To coordinate with local area agencies can be eligible Courtney with the game that great relationships. With all of inpatient residential. Facilities here in Massachusetts in neighboring states. Also work with Harry gear parts on. The active duty bases in different locations. What we're focused on what we are working on upcoming management to prevention and and peer support and here and and that's really where IC and the military is going more recently. I'm just this past month they launched and patched and be there which is in new peer support line. And so that's a great new resource for folks where before when we can't patterns crisis and sometimes you mean reach and other military serving our country. But sometimes you might not in my agreed to volunteer human condition and with easy you're hearing teacher reach another rendering. Who may have had a similar experience or at least knows remade and coming from Iran and Iraq right now. Part of that. And interventions those that were teaching to our to our peers. Is moving at a past that traditional east model and we're really and eating an apple may. If you haven't seen that DOD cards are changing. They haven't all gone. Out to press yet but they are available for download on defense and utterances have mentioned web site. And so what they really now compass is evidence based questions folks but I was told them to ask to care and ask or. Oh we didn't do a good job as an organization with explaining what questions Steve. How do you care who you ask where. And that's what we're starting to see ounce on the new ace cards what. Folks actually get is a brief screeners that's content it's evidence based it comes from the Columbia assistant severity rating scale. There is me obviously much longer one you're in a primary care setting or an ER setting. And has since this fierce category from half clinicians. It's longer but there's a really great screener. And that's. What's now going to be printed on the eighth card so that you. There's never questionable what questions should ask Clinton that we hear a lot is light on the question that Alan and Indians had. The reality is you're not going to the best thing you can do a few and felony be at risk. Is to ask than those tough questions. I'm definitely in hot practicing so some of the programs offer to help to build those skill set for folks. Are that east SI so hectic for our class about how to intervene in a brief comments adding. Or really kind of pushing more as the racist so that's the lights as I mentioned skills and training. Comic books and common any duty status what else offer to our peers and so we was a class last week we actually had them. Three individuals from non profit who work with and I mean and they were part of our call to learn about how to intervene and individual. And I did it work through that care court and those are a lot of our. Suicide specific interventions we have gone. For her interventions on the prevention and we're really are beefing up their resiliency model can talk about his arms into corn here. And there. Kind of fun thing that we've brought on board this year and lieutenant colonel greatly joined thirteen in Saint Patrick's Day itself. The panic wondering if you're not aware of who is near I think he is me animal assisted therapy. Slash combat operations and hospitals report out and that he is a uniformed member of team is its National Guard using military working dogs. And he already in his brief time passes attendant for me you know training and a new Vermont ice on the summer tomorrow announcement. He went. Real wonder dog was doing news from the unit completely. And so in that he works with Martinez well with the sexual. Response when it hits with a chaplain. In the car. He's the treatment for. Us. That wait for folks to rate. You need. Me a little. Easier and. In in that regard him do you think that the sometimes if if the soldier doesn't feel that there would come with a different kinds of things leaders who was. And I think sometimes we don't end up thinking that the last thing that happened is what caused the suicide I think that's just the nature of things. So little you'll hear that someone can get a promotion and or something happen and that's why they committed suicide. Do you feel that there is some sort of way without new motto we gonna have this soldier talking to the person I think going to be an. I think going to address the idea that so many people I think believe even if they did see a lot overseas it fair that guilt that there. There's their service didn't match others so they don't feel they don't think they have the right. To be that. Broken up about it horror and we're dealing with a have you via that it that ability to pull the soldier ought to veto would is that going to be part of the new model. It's a great question the the part of the Marlon addresses that is is the resiliency he so. The guard is is unique. In in the reserves are unique in the fact that you have salute for a couple days a month and in more in some cases but you also have the civilian component where you we don't have that data today on the interaction with missiles. So you you need to give the soldier individual skills or you to give leaders there's goes understand something to talk about some of these problems that leads to suicide so. What we're teaching soldiers with the resiliency program it's a positive psychology. Curriculum that comes out of University of Pennsylvania. Very vetted some of the best the psychology thinkers in in the country. They give soldiers the ability to separate there. Their thoughts from what happened and also their reactions to a and so we. Have been separated and what we try to get them understand with their thoughts is that they come from somewhere. That some of the things are talking about the big guilt that they might have war we want them to us to be able to assess those thoughts and see if they're real. To see where they come from and then to then process them after they understand them. So it's a difficult curriculum but we break it down into easily manageable skills that slows can use to to separate those thoughts and understand where they're coming from so. Someone might say something to someone earlier in the day and then later on they have this this angry reaction or this really Saturday press reaction. To something that. That shouldn't have caused orchard that particular emotion. And so we get them to think about their day how they're thinking and see that it was really a trigger from the morning may cause them to have that okay first of that depressive action later in the afternoon. And giving so is that our. Now prevents some of the long term effects of thinking this way day after day after day and being stuck in this in this continue on that would lead through like you said. Suicide and depression because you're right it's not just one thing happened this day in and it. And certainly there are rare cases of that but it's more of accumulation of events. So we wanna give our soldiers of the resiliency for around the skills to combat those thoughts. Ideas and to strengthen their minds. And to perform better so that we can hopefully prevent. These situations and not even have to use the the assists training or the intervention skills because soldiers can can manage themselves into Manitoba. She and I think most people listening would assume that most military suicides would be a result of combat. Nationwide were at those numbers breakdown because we have a lot of soldiers and know anyone who's been in military room. More than a minute knows people who ordered combat that to commit suicide so how those numbers breakdown nationwide. So in the last I think three years if you look at that DOD suicide event report which is kind of our way across all of the services of doing kind of a mini psychological autopsy so to speak it's kind of an in depth. Questionnaire and medical. And social history it's conducted by. And I hope clinician in input into a consolidated database. Holy See is over 50% of folks have not to have no common experience. Armon says that number has significantly shifted about ten years ago it's the opposite side the trend lines own the other way. And just to speak backwards to what Ryan an entitlement before in the year prior question about you know. What. We look at from the clinical pieces specifically with our military and their first responders or police or fire. Part in mass. What if you all are veterans when things that you know that we're taught in training whether we realize it or not is too emotionally now. I'm so. It's not surprising that we react and respond to things in instantly fashion. Because we're taught that we have to continue on with the mission and the mission is the most important thing and so by. Focusing on the mission. We don't acknowledge in the moment what we're feeling what we're seeing what we're hearing. That will eventually come off and that's kind of we talk what you like stuff their emotions down or any kind of McNown. It sometimes they non organically and sometimes you know when the substance sometimes in now with an activity with work with anything. That they don't have to process example Ryan's talk about. Concept that resigns his skills they're teaching. That positive psychology and and doctor Seligman it's worked it's really comment he effectively. I'm so what we would do it clinical setting with an individual who is experiencing distress in meeting that criteria. Four DSM five disorder. If we can teach them those skills to apply to problems that are may be smaller or to areas in their life where they would just like to see some growth. We're sees an improvement for example it on any PFTs a great example of where we practice using these ninety skills. And combat and automatic negative thought in challenging them. Then folks have a skill set to build upon what I like to talk to folks about it they come in and ceemea clinical perspective it's. We don't know we don't now if you never had to change transmission on a truck for example why would you think she could do that. So if you've never had to deal with thoughts of suicide why would organically just know honey do that and that's part of what we're trying to teach with the resiliency model. And then for folks who. Will struggle because we all react and respond differently to events in our lives we do have a clinical team in place that can help going a little bit more in depth. And helped them on a one on line or as a couple or in groups and. Signature problem. I appropriate to a three comments for a number one I think it's true for what's important what you do we. I think there are some. A mountain. Folks to know and many going payroll Willard individual we know even acknowledging. That they were in the know current. And heaven the deal would goings and an isolated fashion. In the fact today that the military. You tomorrow or an act of food you are trying to openly and and the tickle you know what god reserve and once the temperature up so. I wanna balls so also you have the tag general keep our produce real will you. Food to pull continue to insure Booth whose troops have both taken to from the commonwealth feels a great job in mobile Purdue. So. Haven't slowed I don't think what you would do once terrific thriller was struck with. You are durable but dogs. Afternoon. Got good thinkable. The national Leo since the hos own. Militia component of the national go out and I think. One of the things they Detroit and a bowl is much disputes or more you'll with. But they wanna open up so you squander our Kwan Thorpe. And I was wondering if that's on them you guards will be overcome sort of it's like jewels were art in all parts of school one old. Maybe you are and what boss awhile and then the stable will Obama would overrun and holds just it's proven to lose hope all Cordoba and it's already in the National Guard come Paul who commutes on them that you would consult. I'm not resorts are should that be a big change it well and remember years ago and under for Gordon Georgia you're in trouble and they mean is go to the stables and shovel. Different model entirely. And I think the great to come and see how we could partner together. We I didn't work when network specifically meant to be running for it and we worked a lot with equine therapy. More on the physical they're there you looked at balance and integrating and sensory sure integration and and then in the category. No I really enjoyed working with them and those just like with lieutenant currently eons. There's absolutely an avenue where it could be helpful. For individuals who are opened. Warned that it it my uncle screaming and gives you some physical and it helps you with your Barrow obstacle to would. But it's also against him and apostles. Come silence. You'll have this position where government it you can some home and start to fuel being more than. So would overdo it you. Out of view were self funeral home. And isn't that a clinical true gotten way out of yourself. With. With animal assisted therapy in generalities. When an individuals interacting with an animal that individual that animal it's typically only focused on that individual. They noticed they understand the words that they're saying that they can pick up on Arafat they can pick up on changes and respiration rate on. Changes in temperature on muscle tension on how that individualist physically interacting changes in voice fluctuation. Come emotion and so. That's something that one of the other skills that we look at is how do you actually interact with someone and caddie you listened to that. I'm person to person how do you know what someone's they find is so that you know. If it's different. Which is much harder on a drug behavior if you're active duty of that soldier with you to all the time and we always says sometimes and get on really that sort of first thing on. You know few minutes in and most people just for the record it's not a two day drilling almost and I'm not a time UConn at least four days. So we've gone three or four days you you may get in it's everything on a training shoved into one. Small period of time you really don't have as much down time. As even on active duty where you can maybe see a guy dancing at that time who he is it's it did in that sort of a challenge. For for leaders within the Garth one put one thing I don't think people know two well here in Massachusetts guard is a really. Good job of coordinating treatment with the VA with here with resources who I speak to that a little bit. Shore so while we eat. Our clinical team we work with all of that VA medical centers as well as. Courtney care with the local that senators pound mass of some good relationships of the BS those rains helped us with that from his previous life. And so. When an individual isn't mean we are able to work together and coordinate care whether that be through that. The VA system of care on through their private insurance. Or if there and it just satisfied that trite here forfeit if they have pictures. That interest in the VA just released of whole study that they're doing and veterans that are in VA healthcare five times less likely to commit suicide so it's a sin against the people got five times less likely to commit suicide has its own or as even as I learn more time right right. Yeah I think if we look back at the data term and it gets down to planning from the 22 but when we were looking at that 22. I think seventeen of them were individuals who are not engaged in VA care mark so that. They have all originated in rocket science of the world we would be doing no good to see somebody in and it for families who listen and if you have a soldier or veteran you think needs help. So they did that's good that's a good less and if you get them to that care with the VA. Mean MP easy sometimes people have frustrations but it's it's better than. Any other calm down Manges and like any other healthcare system you're you're better off being enrolled for your anti crisis are excellent on just like Johnson awarded John you know call out one evil for BA cares number in general. We we are running out of time arm. What what what should veterans of errors or service members do wrote to maybe get in contact with you guys. If they are in crisis what to do up amid another as the veterans crisis line coaches. 1802738255. And you press one to get to talk to someone 24 sevenths do you guys have any other resources that may wanna devote. Particularly for our for our soldiers who are serving in the Massachusetts army National Guard air guard and and and so is in general the message we're trying to get across is and and you touched on it's on and Mike and you Kyle. Is that we're changing the mindset from. Is is in a boat feels and emotions during suicide prevention month it's about meant being mentally strong enough and mentally tough enough. Two to engage their thoughts and these ideas to engage routier's about a bodies in your peers. And two to be a better leader right so we talk remote caller of the VA. They keep you need to go to the VA to correct. Sunnier thinking or two to get some Ellison rethinking and that makes you better leader than that's we want we want good leaders in the past your mindset you know the the best leaders that. That the toughest person one who I saw these emotions we're changing that now. Stint telling our salute to get the help to go to the resources to talk to the you know informal leader is in your units. And and get to this point where you can analyze and help yourself and and get to apartment and you can help others that's really the only and we were gonna combat. Blowing if it also models will swim bushel. And other. And there were feel we have a book in these few but do soldier. It's. One of have some problems but who's in addressing it is there somewhere that for him we can bridge. Absolutely that the family members should in the fairly matters should also challenged. That's the soldiers or airmen Marines and say. You know you talk about leaders you talk about taking care of soldiers you take yourself first you say that all the time and you need to be a mall needs it. Have that emulated. Amongst it soldiers to show them that they can get that oh. But yes you should. If your family member encourages yours your loved one to two go to the VA to called crisis line if necessary to talk to those leaders in their units that are assists trained and get the help because otherwise you're not following through an occurrence. And family members and friends are always available to call. Both the crisis line making contact that feed their peer support or they can contact our team. I don't think the mobile act or by calling our Hong Kong clinical providers at 7742861393. And we are absolutely available on through all of those different domains to provide consultation folks who talk about the specific concerns that they have. And how they might be able to talk. To their service member had they make it a listen to what's gone on that service member and hatton may be able to engage them in here. Well it's you know just before him he wraps up. How does suggestions shall and hope that come from period for the we need to do more image and pizza I mean this year in the awkward to approach from the board correct. I'd until China put on any two more times the legally yeah. We we do me the wrap up thought my do wanna thank major Katy Murphy and sergeant Ryan Grant for coming in an infinite mass National Guard folks. When you come down and talk to us so thank you for all you don't. And I know Mike and John thanks for you doing and to all those who listen or veterans as well as your phone numbers think he's for your service to our great country. I'm council on you to listen to sound off in the BR KO am 68 the voice of Boston. You've been listening to send out on WR TL a shill for veteran. Mortgage networks. Visit Rick.