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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. Rick Betancourt the VA guy at the mortgage network visit Rick mortgaged dot com. It was less than point 5% of the US population actively serving in the military. Gives a veteran perspective on what's happening in Massachusetts. We'll from the sound of uncomfortable sort of post on Phil Graham makes me feel so good action packed our coming up. An interview live on what was going for a station uses as a voter. Excited to hear from him. But a lot to get fit Hanoi at Johns really excited ballclub with the patriots but we've got a few things to get to first I do want to introduce both the co host of John I don't that I. Well into a important while it's from a neutral some more equipped for how returns went for a we'll move patriots and losing on exports of William. You know we've showed. Nine the world over the moon six including a liberals to give him one of our own stuff going on this past week. Now also running at the Salmonella salon talk mojo on your beloved Red Sox are a bunch of cheaters. And and Mike Sweeney is the other co host on C how you go infinitely. Doing very well. Well it's that's just all right now we talked to both it was sixteenth anniversary of nine elevenths. Ensemble few gentlemen thanks for the yanks downturn in oh in Milford. Very very. Nice ceremony that they and our friend Ed Ed Carr was the recognized more gradually come. But leave I wanna get to a another nine elevenths story than an. Camille Little upside. Once again another. College outside of a 45 of western masses stirring up some controversy. Look forward towards stuff so well we'll just go with the Boston Herald article so anti war banner at Amherst College sparks 9/11 I'll rage. So they decided that on now on the sixteenth anniversary of nine elevenths. It was it was a good time. It's hang up. Aid. Large sign. Above the dining hall. But that said there is no fly large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people. And then below that there was another sentences says in honor of those killed and displaced by America's so called war on terror. So. I don't want to get your thoughts on that. While. The ambulance call which. Probably you no one of the most took for cold call would choose to give him too we've been more different Copeland of Bhutto's. Intellectual. Thoughtful and weeks of the country soul. You know I have got to do some credence blues tone what to do. 21. All in both got to face god holy smoke you know I thought I don't know what you do have to slow it. You know who knows what the hell of it brink of measles some of our. Most Hollywood you're educated people. Who collects the people but also polls when you in the future going to be reading this country. In their come up we'll scrap costs are neither one is sort of like in the sixties but it Khatami and he really is just like that this sort of disconnect from reality in terms of protest won't tell sort of you know sixties and doodle also open so a million take all the dining commons was always a good mall in and again. Strategically. Cards towards the typical. Albeit only mean though it's it this anti. Anti. American and into and that's clearly anti American just what we know why would you pick not allowed to do that young and you could I call him in what's loosely coupled Mallorca. They're men and women. Google to do well I mean what a Pope who did it. We're inflict on arms don't know get you know some sort of generalized what what did polls still want Ballmer and anyone what are Pope bulls the world rumbles columns that. Weren't you put Americans toward total clearly that if you don't care and you know as you guessed it the college all taken down because it's free speech and in our free speech is to Charlotte the additional items apparently you can afford put up free speech that was. A 180 degrees of pulls over a student at Georgia and as a point America in 2017. If you do that and it's a trigger and it's offensive and you can't say we trigger him because they are now. I've said it before we talked with the flag at the John. I think when we look back to the sixties people didn't start off spitting on soldiers. And the way we and we need to step up stand and say that we disagree so that this sort of lunacy just doesn't take hold in the rest of the population of people remes a corner away remember that in due time you go it's also how people. New word on the street from New Hampshire from numerous club which stamps are well Dutch. In the oval run news you missed shots than them we go out. Smith them well hold talks won't put the phone call which eastward but which are what are all the time point for this point 04% of the population serves in the military I think this is a direct result yeah. We don't you don't they don't even having an affair they think they're talking about young. And so army put 119. While from now. And now I won't get depressed for a bit about how how this only two steps from move on call people baby it was just be honest with this is about not exactly. And not even two full steps. But I mean they're putts implement the Vietnam broke won three news cycle of home. And we've come a long way supposedly and I know we mean we have. Mean but when people come home we receive weeks we've separated the war from the warriors you know. I don't know I don't I'd I'd I feel it does what change I that's what I'm saying you know I tell you I think that's what we're going to let it scares me. That thing. That strikes me as such a problem is that. You think about was in college now you're someone that's eighteen. When he too you know they they were two to six years old when 9/11 happening oral remember. So I don't think this is gonna change I think as these people don't you know these these younger college students that you know we're. We've passed the fifteen year mark on us that you know what similar short attention spans and reduce the thanks again and still are. You commemorated. Them and welcome. Dunes national origin. And up and talked to more mobile would jewels some troubles with the real birds for control. Memorials. Some some. She mentioned it. Did just announcement shall put us everyone gets on FaceBook and where you know and and that's that seeks aren't there good slot like to what now. You know six youths who gold. Musical. Revue Google. And whilst a slap on the and it's sold at this battle Lyles of these students whom were improving its. The couple and start to want some. To field. How you might be this is blaming everything that goes wrong in the world and us and we retirement it was a it was a suicide bombing over in Afghanistan this week and they're blaming it on. A flyer. We talked I'd never. Do you think the Taliban need an excuse to try to kill Americans. Well yes and and stop blaming us right but that's the thing. And they try to pull some of these strikes on Gaza Afghanistan until you know debt that they always have attacks ready. When they find some some excuse to say that they're doing in response is that it builds up the whole idea that there that they're protecting is more on the net. You know they're protecting from the people that are invading and sit on a Kansas it was Lenin called useful idiots rule and parted bathroom break in and that they would vote the leaflets that were dropped. You know I mean. US psychological operations to show though but out of a job but it was sure it wasn't that offensive in fact of the matter is they were they wrote it. They in the world they roll words on on that leaflet. And the thing about people in Afghanistan is there mostly illiterate. So how are they so offended if there are illiterate. We'll be all those who is a lying lion represented the United States that you know chasing the Taliban and had some words on and there and say that that it's. That's offensive put it it's it's almost like the same exact. Playbook that the these whiny college do raising a lot offended because really we know is as well aware. We talk how much training did does the average soldier receive over there. To simply had to deal with a current yeah I mean that we to a very sensitive to their eyes and Alter I mean. It it's it's unbelievable how much sensitivity training Alice other stuff we had to go throw me to put us to arrest. You know wee wee hours is supposed to take our helmets off sometimes we'll talk these people sometimes you know it was it was OK to take your body armor off the Tata have a meeting. But he only got counterinsurgency right nevermind affect you letting these locals to close ceiling or even off that a suicide espionage trials. You're supposed to build good will not be intimidating. You know so we'll put Americans are risk and and you know all these whiny college students saying they're founded just like these these moronic. Afghans but what about the cut then there's the veteran on campus. That's who argue pest I feel so that right develop an on campus who sit in a wrong lesson listen to someone who hasn't done anything would have their mom for the run to Wear for 1718 years. Tell him ball the world it's it's an actual we don't have result it's a real issue for veterans in college officially gets real political because it's hard that veteran I think sometimes we Ali you've you feel personally I'm sure don't the world you see him gross who's a bunch of veterans collapsed on jewel of this tournament you know like you don't know about it they they'll grandfather or the guy you know the guy who works what did. Yeah and you know off that Federer never. VO lost their cool and maybe something the batter. You know may be acted at my throat whenever intimidation. For these would Gerald. With bag college kids you know and another is gonna hit it just proves their you know their quote local point noting SA I do agree with. The the secretary of defense to see him this weekend has them 9/11 event he looked over recent Mr. President your army doesn't scare large and I do think that that isn't dude dude. The Obama administration of foreign policy was in a highway is very apologetic. And what that's how they started that Secretary Clinton when she was secretary of station she did a legitimate apology tour. But unbelievable pride in this wasted that innate and there's a difference in game being sensitive and in cow you've you know more than anyone being in civil affairs over there there's a diversity being cognizant being aware of that of your. You know and so situationally aware your. And operational environment and not being a nation and apologizes for doing what you. No it's. The whole idea between civil affairs and psychological operations and and all the special operations is. It's supposed to be another way to win the fight another tool to win the fight. It's not to give all hugs are thought to be nice if it's another way to manipulate and hope when the fight. So Arnold awhile fired up so hoping you need to take a quick break Phil because we do a guest column in the John McDonald who's running for our own state senate so I don't touch I thought you listen to sound off and we are you know I am sixty that was Boston. We'll expect to sound off on pal total monthly co host on the kill for him Mike Sweeney or compute from our studio in Boston Massachusetts. And on the phone were lucky enough to have John McDonald online he's going to be running for state senate position. Obama believe it's the first Middlesex. Consisting of all things Borough cry and petrol bombs or what spurred. And if he's been in the news a lot disease heavily involved with the nonprofit veterans assisting veterans. So we want him on national talk a little bit of both. Not only at his service our country's oppression warm gulf veteran but also. What what he plans until. He'll in his candidacy so to showed up. Well thank you guys very much you very much appreciate it have me on and it's an important show one of them I'm glad that that we had changed that to talk. Absolutely so long gives low volume history we know earlier rounds you've discerned Persian gulf war like feel a little bit more about how you get so where you are now. Sure yeah you know I I've I. Started out you know grew up in Charleston Massachusetts. Always had a real passion for. It's a servant you know had served my country and a lot of relatives. Grandfather served. World War II. Debt military service and and kind of propelled me an idea of join in the US airforce. Served this area. Crash fire rescue as fire protection specialist. And circuit Davis monthan airforce base in Tucson Arizona or toilet. Called up to operation desert shield at the time and which quickly transition obviously Operation Desert Storm. I served at a place called king Khalid military city. For politics and half months and served with. Group of firefighters the world. Second to none we the we were out what it looks forward operating locations in Saudi Arabia about twenty miles from the Kuwaiti Iraqi border at the time and and are. Fair amount of interest think things will erode this at least he and gave me a pretty good perspective on. Why the United States was such a great place and really have firsthand experience and seeing some things that. Clear distinction between. Why the US is such as such. A wonderful. And in this place that we should protect. In debt protect our lives so. From the air right when I left the military before his military. I left in. It's started. Embarking upon. You know for the afterlife by yet at the time mid deck get out that took my civil service test and it very very well but that time we really weren't hiring firefighters. So YE I went back to schools and started. And you know taken a look at different careers and ended up in the credit union business it was a pretty new business for both. About thirteen fourteen years. Worked as vice president of communications. Mobile marketing public relations. This is development appetite and that type of thing in and let that wind up working foray yet. Serial much nor by the name of shall polian a lot of people probably familiar with that. South peace that was restaurants the world Massachusetts. And I get involved with him in in. Building is set. Real estate portfolio. We started up above 400000 square feet built up too old boat quiet about three million square feet and up. Running its real estate portfolio doing all the marketing and public relations for all. Other indications. That about ten years I have my own business for both three and I'm currently back into the yet to the crazy world but during that time I get involved I was also on the radio this on the I was on the radio trouble five years had two radio shows myself and get very very involved with talking a boat. Politics. Talking about. Things sit. Were great about this country and in and some of the people who were making it so great and through that process it really involved with. Nonprofit organization that the kind that was just kind of get up off the ground called veterans assisting veterans. In that consisting veterans it was a group that really killed me because you know I'd get all the different things in the years of it's an organization that said they were helping veterans and analyst turned out to be. Something that really. I I didn't feel was very good so when that consisting veterans came along. 100% on here 100% of the policies that they raised were given back directly defections veterans organizations. Veterans. Groups in or factions Cox's. That. We're making a direct impact. In the lives of a positive impact to veterans and and we we spent five years to really raising some money helping out veterans with but a couple of track we'll cheers those 151000 dollar. Track wheelchairs that. We got a couple combat veterans with that we we we helped out at all countless amounts of veterans. And did things where we help the government was really feel you know folic sure. Groups like ours. It would look on the list really a blessing. But we look upon it our group anywhere else I was we wish we didn't have to exist if if the government fulfill its obligation tort actions did would they actually promised. He wouldn't groups like ours but. Until that date changes. Groups like veterans assisting veterans are needed. And they are around and so we're around then and we've we've we've enjoyed a lot of support and some pretty good successes along the way. It's what how big an organization is such as assisting veterans had an annual budget how big of a group. We do we don't wait wait wait you know 501 C three. We are like it's a 100% volunteers who don't have any overhead. It's comprised of eleven. Board of directors and down the board of directors well in the spokesman affections assisting veterans that that we have a pretty large. We call volunteer. Honorary. Board of directors which is you know people to help the community. We do have some elected officials on the air in and we've got people who. Are known in the community that have let their voice in the name. To allow us to. Reach out to people and it's an exposure we were pretty lucky over the last year. The last couple years we would without tremendous amount of sports from. Publications like the wolf signed and also the Boston Harold which last year. Get a peek spread on. Of the different sections that we have. Supported it and some of the initiatives that we support Utley got. We have a program and giant stone farm that we support that that helps veterans with PT EST to equine therapy and then. We see shortly after that launched a program to help first responders veteran first responders police fire. Yhency corrections offices. Would follow that. Help them go to the same equine therapy program. To help. With some of struggles with PT SD and you know we've we've raised money for them were raised a lot of money for them and they're in the process of putting together Arabia. A barn. That little less support or a week that we can't stays with the the the veterans and their families. That we see a lot of positive results of that so. That it's really small core group of guys. In girls that. All were a 100% veterans organization you know we've you know on our board and which is you know volunteer our time and get a lot of fulfillment out of that you know no one knowing any pay or anything like that. Catcher and in the lot in the last six months or so the biggest. Pressure of going to don't really is you guys are gonna want more political. And I didn't know if that was some that I know. Sometimes from very groups that do work with veterans I can be a double edged sword I know a few people come up reach out we talked to you guys are in the news. Most specifically about the issue of immigration. And I didn't know. If you group as any backlash on that because of who I will say I think. Some of the questions we've heard in that and when groups get involved in politics that a veteran sometimes it's easy to think that issues it drive you are there. For veterans' issues but sometimes it you know a victory believe and low tax rate for example that doesn't make it touches issue percent. What makes immigration or the stands for veterans against veterans. That takes against illegal immigration what makes that our veterans issue. Well I'll tell you how how we get into it is it's basically our group like this that we we really take a political stance although it is it is it has become. I'm involved with politics what what we did is we. Back at last February we wrote an open letter. And submitted it to published in the media in the Boston Herald and it was it was basically asking this question. To our. Senator Elizabeth Warren which who has. Who it was around that time when when the president had come out with this travel ban and overnight. Elizabeth Warren put to get over rally. To speak out against the president's travel ban and are questioned her was. It is we act on not she she hasn't demonstrate little support for veterans and so we. We saw that and but what really got on there are in as an organization was that overnight she puts together a rally. To support. Illegal immigration. And which ends in to support. Open border policies to allow. You know refugees from areas that our our infiltrated with nicest to come into our country without any kind of documentation. Which does that overnight but yet she is never never to a rally. Two in support of veterans you know she's got a voice she's got a microphone. And a Washington DC. And veterans look and see all the problems that the that the PA is had a across the country. And here in Massachusetts and she really wasn't paying attention that's who wrote an open letter simply asking the question. You know why is it that you support this but you don't spend any time. Or holding a rally for a veteran. Owner of herself in that same you can register at that same left on your losers in that same letter you guys actually went off on John McCain as well and yet these are you city seems to forget about his fellow veterans and I just. I think. You know we're all big boys and girls are. Do you think it's appropriate to say that John McCain forgets about veterans I personally say it doesn't and I just wanna hear you explain your position your group and how that. Can somehow be a legitimate and I took it to say. John McCain. Didn't so. Including some John Newton seemed to get about it and that's at stake he has a microphone. And he had one of the worst problems in the BA became out of Arizona and patents and time or using his microphone down in the US senate this support veterans and to support fixing the day. That's not what you said there John the letter says and read it's as many Republicans are decades in congress in this is consistently dissent. For Idec is you have shame to bear in this issue as well even Republican senators in US veteran John McCain. Seemed to forget about his fellow veterans in the deep troubles the VA. And it's extremely sad eyes one interview you won't hear right now on sound off to take that back. Now I'm not. Absolutely not known them. Since when does so at what I just said it actually. It is it is is what I get sick prior to your reading India. The latter accordingly is exactly what I what I said which is. In there he's not that we are right he does have some responsibility. He. Did say he forgot his veterans so that's it that's clear quote. Yeah he has in a lot in many many ways in the end it's a shame because he's probably one of the most recognized. Veterans who I sit supported in the past personally I worked on a presidential campaign. And conceded that the problems across that happening at the VA across the country. In not to concentrate on now at probably one of the most highly recognized veterans in the country I think is a disgrace in our group thinks it's disgrace is. Right now and let's give let's get back to the the state senate run. So what are you what are you looking at dual. You won in Massachusetts and if he becomes its honor. Well I'll tell you what we're really propel me into the race was to secede. How. Especially in the first Middlesex. The person like Iran and against which is senator Eileen Donoghue. Who was huge proponent of the 40%. A pay raise the debt the Massachusetts legislature. Voted for itself. An emergency session and she actually. As a result of that that erased lord if chairmanships when that we acquired a B 7%. Pay raise for herself. And the lack of support for it for the governor I'm relative to the difference that reforms that he wanted to make. You know at the Statehouse in and I don't think it's right for a a state senator. Or a legislative body to vote itself 40% pay raise. When and most people in the state have not enjoyed a 40% Perez and most people I talked to a metric all the people of Iraq that never got 40% pay raise. All the while saying to the taxpayers of Massachusetts. That we see if you wait eight tax. Free weekend holiday we we we we won't allow you. To have tax free weekend but that we put ourselves reported 40% pay raise and I just think that most people of Massachusetts are against that. And though also love you know while she was at the yet. At the democratic state convention she also. Voted to. Along with. It was a unanimous vote with all the rest of the Democrats some within the say that we they felt this though Massachusetts should become a sanctuary state. And so I think those are a couple of the reasons why. That's what some of the most prominent reasons why I decided you know what enough is enough. And you know what we can only write so many articles you can only. Speak outs served with for so long before you have to actually put some skin in the game. And so that's that's why I decided to to jump into the race. And again it says it's gonna be your November's total long slog ahead but that's. Yeah that's. Why go and I don't wanna say who can command exiting we need more veterans run a fraud absolutely bananas in addition to push an on a 11 blessing if I could just a come back a little bit to the the issuance of new guys this impromptu prominence frankly. I and they keep going back to the issue itself on the merits of the issue on immigration I'm really trying to stay with next it's not really my point I disappoint and trying to make is when. 10% of the post and when a population of veterans are Hispanic. And 40% of the military currently servants they are. Either ethnic or rate racial or ethnic minorities. Do you wonder am asking you just have been broke in on. Do you think that you might be unity in a way making those veterans feel like you don't speak for them because if they go out to center that just enough to send Hispanics have posed a you feel on the on immigration it would seem to have to bear that most of the most of the veterans who were Hispanic would have a different perspective than you. And I and I think we only have point 4% of the population serving you know. We really can't afford to cut each other up and just I think your hearts and replacement and in servant veterans I commend you for that but I wanna make sure that. My points clear it's not it's a one of I don't know about the hell when you become an issue isn't really don't necessarily. Relate to veterans we end up splitting our our group up. Well I I would disagree with that because if you look at immigration I think everybody's floor. Legal immigration you know I I I think in and it's actually. Myself who my father you know in this country from Canada back in the sixties. And act as they legal immigrant and and went to the that the legal immigration process so. I'm illegal immigration I wholeheartedly what I'm against is. You know breaking the law. Well you know we and I might point there was this you know I am not tell on the issue itself when you talk about owner I would always like but I don't think you're so my question it is about the issue itself to there respectively due to differences appointed UN that. When congress whether or not it's a veterans issue. I walk not run into may get a veterans issue I I think that you know that if we bland that you were talking about veterans assisting veterans that's one. That's 11 point which is where we were. Especially asking why it was the warmest focusing on the. Good people can disagree on immigration vessel about 101000. And it states senate make it Sanctuary City I you know we're we. We hit choose which laws we you know we decide to make a law where we make illegal immigration legal. I which I think is wrong then we get all law when it should pick and choose which laws we wanna. Follow not follow and I think that as far as you know percentages of of you know Hispanic. You know veterans or. You know yeah it's great percentage and I served I served wit. You know. But with those kids from. Mexico. South but California has all the parents were from Mexico elects a certain little would a lot of which you know. Veterans and their effect Mike Rupp has put together a scholarship to. You know helped. Veterans that have debt are has served our united states military has in after it be illegal immigrant who wanted to join the military. That help those legal immigrants we put together a scholarship to allow but it does help to streamline them through the process the paperwork. The air their application to becoming nice citizen state citizen to pay for the citizenship classes to help. They compensate them and and in and help. Tape or some of the expenses associated with the. Right Britain's I know pre CB instead of talking about a very and we have to kind of wrap up and give me a high sign here. You know you come in and talk about a little more another point because they I think the issue is less about. Veterans on trying to make and I think you guys are a good people can disagree that you and that's appointee Connell Barrett she sees people have different opinions on stuff. All right and insight I hope just. We can keep that in mind going for the exit do you think that is the demographics of veterans change we may be cutting ourselves off tonight and hope buy in and I hope you keep talking and we'll give you more of a form. As I think people can hear. More long form answer may we get to have a better solution. Sure absolutely look like except moral or legal immigration of people with things things right now I don't think cut and nose off despite our face of people go to the process. The way it's supposed to. And you know we have standards in place we have. A law. I think we should follow that law and I don't think that we should be advocating things to be done. In an illegal way and so that's why am opposed to Sanctuary Cities and sanctuary states and and and things like that because it's it's not. You know it's that it really east. Cuts in our nose off despite our face we don't know who's. Coming into our country that we don't know anything about their background which just assuming everybody's great and that hasn't been the case plot to. Lots of evidence to prove that. Then there's so some good points that you bring up all week we have a time mode jumble of one along plug if your FaceBook page it's. McDonald for state senate and this is there anything else and another way that people get touch via. Absolutely. You can not. Contact me on my. Again FaceBook page can also look. And couldn't be you know start all the preliminary stuff to get that the logic not campaign on the web site soon and everything else but that. You can contact be it came back the state senate that As well. And also encourage people to check out our veterans assisting veterans again one has got the new the other but if your interest didn't. Supporting veterans. Don't money going directly to help veterans check out our I've web site which is that's assisting that dot org. Or check out our. FaceBook page which is FaceBook. Excellent veterans assisting veterans. Very good and atomic bomb once again thank you for Iran for c'mon Schoen and and best of luck and and and the election poem you know something not on the show we always talk about how we wish more veterans would would run for office so wanna thank you for that sounds good things coming out of any election. You guys have a great day. Did you two O'Neal they're just so you know election is November 7 2018 and anti once again John. Even listen to sound off in the BR KO and succeeded it was Boston's. Pardon me. Welcome back since routed according to chew on. Segment we scotsman from some sort of lessons from veterans and opponents. Note to you wanna start fuel blow in the upcoming event so. Slick guy and at The American Legion post four flawed you knew Newt scope W months of tumbled one in the room. At 6 PM. And with caller said agents searched when you. Bob Q were cigars or drink all of the twenty blocks of what we're trying to boom sperm double Roy younger veterans. Absolutely true common social wives. You concede insulin FaceBook groups on the Internet. But if you like old times and to show while war. But yet call humor and we should post a fool for the yet to notify if California streams. And it's 61 so when truthful 4044061. Slocum who fall fall to 0440. Love to know you want a console went from a lot of room for food and cigar split it's going to be a great night's going to be a wad of boy go full week of votes for Guardsmen and reserve stuff for a bed with should be a good time. Troy in terms. That's the world according to John tore through next week. Taylor back this sound off from help put on I'm just trying to take back control over his radio show. Might go Sweeney got really. Fired up last. It's always figure the cold shower enough. On the Gilbert is a mother co host so yeah. We don't want to get to a moment we are only going to veto when John McCain now you're clearly clearly haven't been one of our own. Ongoing topic sunshine and. I guess they tell us a sand about it enough. Nominee though do you gonna bring overcoming disincentives policeman Daschle also old no no I don't Atalanta and lightning round. Come up and a lot of things to get so kind. So long it is a story in mass lives dot com putt with a whole deal Fuld whose home. They're saying they have some serious problems. There don't quote it then it's laying no issues ranging from inadequate staffing to a lack of well being checks on veterans. Who live in the dormitory rooms and an an increase in patient falls. So since in July there there were seventy patient falls. So some of the nurses and another staff there. Gone on record on so does a 176 suffers insolvent on the record. Senators some some serious issues there are so wanna get both the your thoughts on this but you know we ought to be quick to but Sony's what do you think. And I don't know from fruits like Alberto as quick jump through slated for little bubble of I'm sure there's solutions it's the Golden Globe for so will be drug problems with a preview soup and some of them have problems we are. And it was about a one of the major issues was stuffing and so those are a long time coming you know the state auditors and have to check in NATO bombs so but we showed them and Wallace John Riggio sentry veterans' issues you know. Which Obama won't show on the shoulder is good guardedly to slow bold intentions are being inclusive placebo now and nothing has as long waiting less a lot of veterans wanna know that I mean that they do provide a lot of its. There's services six figures and numbers issue until equity in staffing and I think we just have to find. Some way between on a back and forth to get to with the numbers I'm. For you to some problem but 200 million million Limbaugh loans to more mutual's soldiers home when we open them going to poke a hole so slow that that's an apples and oranges ones on staffing and ones on buildings and the I mean it if you do yeah jobless please you look at the difference in Arnold's health he's much older for so you know facilities you know levels campus that's. Yeah and in what I'd. You speak to hold disagrees and it'll be 1950 tool in its long. Vision and you for so if yours sir you're probably border around that time so I don't Tana. You know I don't want to call so I like that old. W and Josie gets in your building Dublin news him. The differences are but maintained. That. Preserves it hasn't worked yet. Our own son and me aren't I rose oil is contracting and wanton acts thoughts or he can't have been somewhere else on an old song but this command. So actually this is only a question for you John on because you what you went to a Ken Burns is gonna have a new law. Documentary on and on PBS thoughts about the seventeenth so you know this weekend. About the Vietnam War and is gonna bring his his his style you know that way you kind of tells the story from from not only the leaders but the actual. Fighters. And it and and Uga to seize victory for. Regarding. Actually one tour it was actually him cork all so student in. Fifty so of the minutes of and his team award documentary. Was really great. A few would be you know bars them veterans whom are in the argument for. Really. Really tremendous show and they spent a lot of when people put too well. And talked with yet not yet and I asked them yet Cong soldier whose government officials civilians what was so. They're real and tried to give a balanced opinion all of all of the war image to talk to protest the slams. And on. Maybe. Put Knoll there and girls club award students won't. But that's a good thing to play it again it it airs tomorrow at eight so I wanted to fore check that let out some. And you know I mean it's such a big story I'm generally gonna department veteran affairs been involved you know they're they're they're sponsoring it but also the vets honors. Our own you know I've asked them to remind. You know when he of the veterans who have been here and help because some of those is going to be. It's very personal view you don't and and very kinetics of Fannie and helped us do that that's ours that it has to help them. Slowly moving putting them concede long vocal war and emotions some people watching. Don't know but it's it's a good is always good dental sorry. You know it's it's it's funny he's best at it all ya gotta really has been that it's funny like National Geographic candidate. A hole. Was it was multi episodes. Covering Afghanistan never actually cover an area I was at the same time. Visit here as well as we would technology nowadays we're getting that stuff immediately alert Vietnam took a couple decades book. You'll squared in the audience lot of votes are actually at some time capsules through books. Awkward to see them have some good news and I I think in a big picture stuff it's good that we. Do something like this are some things out there because he knows being a lot of Vietnam veterans and I need to speak for this. Would only emphasis on returning veterans and post however and guys. You don't want you wanna make sure that Vietnam vet just don't like to be and forgotten user can I think I think they deal. Arm you know it's tough and crew of the GI bill is a new GI bill is better going to Vietnam veteran who were offered thoughts. To be ferret that they've they've also better than the one that the gulf war veteran says so you know I mean it was hard where improvement in Melbourne and and I think the year but in terms of the emotional aspect of these guys came on John you know but you know you we talked here poignantly self involved in in a church where. People just tried to ostracize you just remain just that shall treat them nice you know when we global. And that and do you think that this you know that it makes it better but I think. It just seems like it's it's a good team and make sure they know we we still care about them out all right next next. Around and and the lightning round total in you know. It would be the first thing we talked about how America's soft cover all time but I'll there was a touching photo of the National Guard troops on our hope and when does the Texas floods. And a recipient of its high school hallway floor. Independent the original photo was was tweet about a school and they said. It's those schools called Katie kind of Susan thank the united. There are other real heroes thank you for all you do. Wolf you know people people offended because the Tutsis sit on the floor. I end up. It's SE how many people that was it was at a Twitter storm zone dividing it was a Twitter storm. The so called them good but you would you truly do well absolutely. No I don't regulars was unbelievable discipline formally. See them in the effort out there and over so well that definitely set the mentally right and there ever been better able to divide between the military and the American public. The net and you know students would. It's come up with the one book on title cuts would. And little wind chills have been the greatest Palin or touch him and some cities world events you'll learn from the US military has had an -- which I thought that ability it's unbelievable that this is all we're pretty good some optional but I I don't know if it's militarily take out your kind of started second Google's drop it in the woods cool so they were offended that they wouldn't be offended that soldiers are in the school with the offended that they like that you and I think they were treated poorly and haven't sleep on floor on an income what do you want from them all of all the good that they can do do not want America that doesn't have fallen relative to those guys it was just that didn't pay a reason to worry about -- -- -- even in the school and and stomach out of the tea that's not a bad mean those situations you're never gonna have enough. That please go to sleep it's an emergency emergency situation you know you. Wrote a little slow give up you vote now. It's called being in military they are goes I would have at least the army delivery into a gloomy news there and the air force they get they get a unity counselor at courtyard Marriott and the effect. No I'm sure they would understand I'm sure there are many exams should beware absolutely. I'll was in my time all right got to move on one out all right John about what to cheaters. It weaves their go to another as god got caught the what. This particular size communism electronics and that the they'll politics let me retract. They will work. But got caught hope I don't Maloney is that it is Louisiana which of these and what should I could I don't look at it. The poignancy achieved and they're looking to steal so it's important enough that against the rules you know if you can't have electronics and voted awards like the same the same indignation comes from people John who don't get worried that debt Roger Clemens was having a row what was in a void regional my own guy thrown batting it's as -- but until they do for high Google aren't going to open and we went apple actions and I just wasn't making such accusations against the Yankees society residential and took the importance arcs and changed the meat from Markey would you go out. Alienating us and our guys. Last round. Yeah it's who. Want to talk about the last place normal patriots John all Michael Perry who's got a shark watch our Salma. All of loosely salute. For us from the media in the we got a gold would also possible book a week in nineteen mole there and we got caught on our own horn what that would happen you know that it got covered donated a significant injuries are scaring me but I think that he didn't feel that there I don't and I hate to say it's. And every Shull always sorted swamp. Referential. Seasons. But I want to play a game and he's got plenty of time in the past. And he didn't. Really intentionally did that they weren't Russian and today we're not able the other dropped in coverage and that he had a couple bad but I don't put it on analysts and blow it on him he's the -- -- and he's the greatest blow them we lot of trust them fair and I mean yeah I can prove what half of the defense is currently houses the defense really offensive display indices to find a way to work rule. It's inevitable it'll we'll see tomorrow's a big day. You know battling his way of working through was sitting on the sidelines of the settlements and to take him awhile if indeed. Comfortable with someone out in the music of the safety blanket jewels of the backs come when the act in my group points to bloom would side for a made sure I agree a new medical thought westamerica on the line and that you couldn't it was set up when he gets will look familiar will go out to speak programs that we can put them do you bogey all you don't know what happens gronkowski. Day you don't go to bill and you looked hard till he shouldn't occur. Let's try and look. You billboard music. And that's as good and our target and those eyes eyes that may be our home we are so we tread on the tires and he's learned a lot of your ass now. While we got to wrap it up though John ball south John Mike thanks we do our floor all of us closer to authorities covered redeem. Am. Where you would for a test on this effort the open to greet Frisco if we call a sick the early as pregame show on Boston radio now. Her talk show that's there is par for our elective and crucial guards out but absolutely. So we'll also wants say thank you use referred to on the dollar for coming on to the show is the candidates that itself. Oh mission the vessel locked him. Tumbled 23 global cigar room and a new song. Polls before Truman fired form this treatment days ago six then that all of you Roloson who are veterans as well as if I'm members thank you for your service or great country of Carlton and on you can listen to sound off from the BR KO am succeeded it was supposed. You've been listening to send out on WRT. A shill for veteran. Diet amorphous network. Visit Rick.