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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to this. Sports and politics. You buy up Rick Betancourt the VA guy at the mortgage network visit Rick mortgage dot com. It was less than point 5% of the US population actively serving in the military. Off gives a veteran perspective on what's happening in Massachusetts. So. We'll here we go from fuel for an Mike's you know action packed hour. Radio programming coming your way glad to be back after this last week. You missed the show it was on Jolo by himself you know he was. Rather remarkable thing but it's under your tale about a story checked. But I do want to introduce Johnson and get right into a busy busy week that general news so on dropped when in fact. Are consciously chose for two of the show go right back to listen the last weeks Schultz to reference to an all week and it kind of room warm grew from tomorrow we thank you announcing Q it was what we called the more we now want war. The aisle were according to John it was rougher we have. Recorded time and we didn't assume when marginal and it was slump from the you know north of wounds he it was one of the experience called holes and also it's good to have you two acts. Great to be back into my explaining how you don't and agreement. Means we can debate get back into some semblance of order here yeah. Blow on Earl which I don't know a lot of talk about. When introduced. Against that we have in studio today it's we speak Boe offered. Usually. Positively. Now that we company too much. But it's not change shirt and he's from the under Natick Andy's here on the champions. Still are very confused you know that brought to the city championship I don't know it. Slip ups behind sucked it. There was some. They both we will fight the vote in McCain tour compromised. Cartoons and civilian champions muted the town action so we want soccer style you know everyone's a winner. Well you know I'm your champion you know pick one while ago with music and so championships that is in the last year or so. I mean only is the only one that actually abuse yeah you know fire chief was there it's already left the there gives them a while ago. I guess we'll look Wilson in the the Hoosier prince tonight so it Jamie's from can't provide. He's been on the show before who want to burn that talk with abilities updates photo. Jamie and wanna align just heavy talk about yourself and a little bit about camper Arlen when it does great work you guys who have that are. Okay Jamey Sheridan here from Natick the amputee veterans recreation area. Camp arrowhead. This facility was founded back in 1948. By a group World War II veterans. Only PT veterans my product the original president of the key veterans association of America. They built their headquarters building there. And the early fifties. The town in Natick was looking for a place to have a camp for Rath. Physically mentally disabled children. Veterans welcome them into their home. They serve dismantle this council is. And what occurred there was quite magical it. Was at least is good for the veterans of west of the for the children. Made him feel whole. Keep meaning to daylight. The program progress in group. Date that he. He had to counsel these kids that they apps and call each pool it was a one up front swimming program. And they actually developed a program where these children were much regulated to society. And it's a big product. The veterans in Massachusetts legacy and am extremely legacy today on trying to pick up the torch. And no pun intended it. You know recent new rules but. I'm trying to. Carry this program forward. And create a center of excellence for veterans rehabilitation. For recreational programs and counsel. The way you know Kyle is true cross team that's training and adapt an athlete. You know quote people with disabilities so. That's the direction we're heading in tremendous amount of support veterans community. Public sector. And you know prosecution. To. That's right and I really thought. While I do like him a couple of openings are one of throwing Lewis is that a number one who's filed a were referred guide. He was the president Google fruits marine division counsels seniors shouldn't. And when I was first a point to lose the vote from so of course of the problem for them. Maybe a quarter of fruits people grow was missed the shore to shore them. But I gardens when the animals parachute dedicated individuals who couldn't. And he did so much for. Not only be amputee veterans but all veterans and the children's chip in its. We're fortunate to have. Jamie is continuing. To people whose footsteps so I applaud your for don't want that your. It. That's real image seen only without a lot of the solo pollution and extras with countless the twenty suicides today. Top vote you know as a lot of new ways that. You know between that's as far better affairs. Even the state of Massachusetts. And and other nonprofits that China hoped treat posttraumatic stress with. You know life. Athletic endeavors you know we have yoga you know that's all that acupuncture and all sort of stuff and you know southern camper though it was kind do when all of this. Long before. You know we've talked to post extras who was still battle fatigued or two and one can apparently. Yeah this is common sense to the fact if you get someone out doing stuff and feel good about themselves as a benefit to it and put how many how many people are up there in her own when you guys are running from the people. It varies it's it's open. Three senators should be fired this year for us you know if council wants to meet with the veterans and nice serene water right environments. And and you know few blind it's wonderful that someone took a mandate they think they were in the middle made but you're right in the middle of one Brodeur for a moment and Mary Lou in it. The northeast. So it varies week. A lot of voting here recently we have re dedication last summer. Acknowledgment fob it's history by name launch joke Sheridan launch a script and you know the kids. The keys Kia the common Natick recreation department runs and they have a 121 ratio console that to Guam camper and so they have a vote. You know seven people. And another six weeks or so hours. We know on Congo and historic win them when you go back. Who's what they call encryption hospital and usually who was that we all Muslims will tutor for him just a few miles away from Q. And a wanna be yeah amputee who votes were put into a hospital and eventually morphed into view and hospital. And eventually. Stood workable. But back then the European team that's would review the word billion two days but he did you have the technology go help them the way they do today. In the water in them in public the public Woodson. There's some book got to cut it open and ineptitude sold what they wanna put it submitted global plunged more than two goal and it will porn. Baseball softball what oval. And the dual stuff. And they didn't feel comfortable going public to Jerusalem would create a Q. So. They could go up and goals one goal. With him some room school when global war of words off ball toward a and then eventually there's thirty. Became. Veteran. Who doubt them rated would have hole. Then remaining veterans. Opens up and start to work with the children because it's all these kids could go for us. And that's that's a good rule from the but today while W Putin for itself. Choose these code it's got to the solutions of Brooklyn through you soon you'll work for Gosford scope for it's O four variance to. Computes. After World War II when Korea numerals oh. On its goal to go pro guns and squared police flow pulled the trends and attitudes Google. Or did jump image. Bullet note join your exactly correct and I mean nobody is not sorry and we wish you know he's on my xenon has touched the one that's so thank you. But. Two you know we see this phils tonight if you give veterans together. I think there's a little little just a natural healing process that happens you know which had the boat's owners and and they take the veterans go fishing. Now there's no technical therapies that occurs on those votes. But a lot of therapy does occur I think it's what you find camp early as well. Why did we find in twos today and I'm not sure if this is me and the benefits he do you have a CO. I can imagine everyone these days is much more isolated social media they think they're talking to people but they're not. They they're coming they're communicating but I'm not really interacting so. Even more so it's needed today people used to the come together. Whether it was. Veterans posed to our community. Do you see how that isolation sort of breakdown from the veterans are open. Absolutely and in more of the best experiences we had I thought was. There's that this gentleman from framing him probably. He's he's in Vietnam. So he's. Forty some news into. We have a veteran you know from the Iraq Afghanistan. With the same injury there's similar. And each just to ease in two so this guy can look him in the eyes you know kid I know what you don't. You all right can't do that it's clinicians to that you know the another veteran. That's experienced the same thing can tell you he is what I've experience. And I was I was very pleased you know like it didn't set that up to happen but it might witnessed it happened and it was very touched. You know what I mean even after the Boston Marathon bombing there were amputee veterans I went and visited. The victims of the bombing that I had just become amputees. And gone I guess it was very very helpful the third same exact reasons so. Think there's something very healing that. And the guys as one. Saturday August 26 years seven and there are right yes thank you for asking now we I have an immortal cycle ride to benefit here in fund programs upgrade the facilities. Upgrades and maintenance. It's at in the scheme that's post. It's not registration 8 o'clock ought to be ready each are right great history issue for me to stand. Kicks the ends up as what they say it would take an office ten and Walt the hots in the and that's and that's off the snack. And then turn around come back now cocoa. Barbecue and some music and there will be some veterans services there in Cairo. So that sent in table and I'd I'd go when you wouldn't yeah yeah. I'll tell you don't have any update on the ride a motorcycle to participate. Just just come on Don after into one of just won a couple berg is it all again support the clause. The it was a tremendous event last year and this is second annual. So we hope that it's gonna roll. August 26. Zero is your phone number of people can call it find at a moderate went up they can call me 508653. 5196. On the web site H camp arrowhead Natick dark Kwan. And guy if you wanna make a contribution you know unable to make it that day we do have a goal on me now. Cool farmed meat doc on at veterans arrows. And the Jerusalem Paul crew took from service LaFrentz who miracle Bono. Walker rule has been tremendous support is a worker who him. And and many others. So we've if you forgive and you these mountains re member of the veterans sort of slow for surrender addictions clove tunnel well they'll commit a cute little hope it won't. Paul cor rule does so much for so many it's amaze and I think you should have more on the shoulder talk about suicide prevention. A forwarded to Khartoum and Oprah so just amazing forties when he gained national attention the lettuce and he's actually. The first thing about it through now that the Thomas More though it's Paul and so it's suicide prevention panel at. And then those kinds of things we won one for an. And that's a good point you know. We name it the amputee veterans recreation area in a row. Most found that it. What it's gonna be for all that that's struggling. With the European amputee veterans paralyzed have a traumatic brain injury. Or you have post traumatic stress just need you know someone talk to whatever the follow veteran or clinician. This is this is the combine to provide you know all he contributes a great will to huge hundred. 21. One man human rated Roy go on what could teach what I mean couldn't billion abrupt spla. I it's it's beautiful forever largest check it out on you know we throughout the public for up or not. Well that's a quick break failure of some sound often that we are careless and sixties was supposed to. Welcome back to sound off on tile total wants her cohost on the go over him makes me we're joined in studio by Jamey Sheridan from camp arrowhead now in Munich. And down or when a little bit of both the services that they're providing out there and above there. The run there have more circle run on on August when he 60 definitely have everyone out there. But that promises to game show let's talk a little bit about some current events. You know on only over the that the fact that it's a big we don't know at this point everything that happened Charles phone and the reaction. You know we have far. One person most of life and you know to police officers responding you know and helicopter also lost there's. Over over the pool I guess who called riots there so John wanna get your thoughts. One of your thoughts on with the main suspect here that chose vehicle to the crowd is. He did serve some time in the military he washed out the which causes that the militaries to devote kind of weed people out. But it is someone up with the uniform on at one point Sony is closer John. Well the moon. Two schools is a veteran won't this monument of Europe and I don't think he's only Canada so we can't jewels. You have some of them were for year old. And relationship with the middle term or would mean is important about up. You know he won't get our people are gonna bring it up though because a lot of people out there it's. All righty and and you know you don't have infiltrated the police force and that's what that black was matters. And talk you know have an air issues people are senate they've infiltrated the military's Sorvino things that regard it's. That will be. Not to do propose a moment. Hurdles to Nazi group. Priority will be slow steps are Joan and a marine well and it was a recruiter not. Four months slow now if you look on FaceBook cutesy and guards that have been stationed with him soon as. There was always something laughable. Blizzard in some towards placebo card post guys is in the position ease them now you know. And their three kids would scores W uniform sure and tune. Even mentioned that some. But that's. It for implement. And the Droid. I don't know and and you know what went to it's I mean hopefully it can go home and of course you were pore over a minute ago. And a mutual slow are we don't believe him and even gave him the opportunity of a human who performed through them brief period of time. And. What do you think veterans feel about it you know I mean do do you see him as a terrorist. Yeah our I would say you. That the attitudes are sort of a new mutants who terrorists are two W and support you've flown before walks through in a moment. Many Americans. Support loose balls. New and I would like an old home and Americans. What's the signature from organs that are in the board's support mosque ropes but it can't be development. I would hope not I mean this stuff by terrorism and has a question about the same effect. Have attacked that I assistant London I mean this is what I do everything so their playbook priority code but you know when shouts so. That. Tolerant city advocates like swat unit Donaldson's the population. And that was the home of Thomas shuffled some. And change smelled some towards our students came from that sort of and Thomas shuffled some woods beat Allman created equal. You would think that it would then it's also. I think the home float new liberals you've junior soldier would think that would be you wouldn't brute of a Mormon one day atmosphere. So when these. What it's a form its commitment. And stay out should. Be the fact that Sloan. And inflammatory. That they are giving everything they want out of it's there to mobile will be loosened and they wanted to know why wouldn't they want to play and warned him to enhance. And the fact with so you talk compel them to some. Everything there and once it's. Month its drone wanna I wanna ask the the panel here. As veterans. How do you feel a boat. There's neo Nazis and not to say at the other side isn't you know doing bad stuff tilt but ID Philip neo Nazis who walked around with sausages. It can do an army put new Nazi Soros wants this immunity to Nazis and I think but I think when you ask veterans of the guy I was in the it is a veteran third he was in the military for twenty minutes you're kicked out clearly you have something he had something wrong with the you know common to see the records I'm sure they but. You know I think asking veterans. What one big guy did he also we were to Wal-Mart we don't ask every Wal-Mart employee who they think of the guys you know I mean. I don't think veterans any more than any other group are drawn to these sort of organizations I think. Anytime we get a hundred people on the run we're gonna have a range of people couple people Kooks couple people could be in order to meet. I don't think descending into his military service whatsoever. But I do think those religious sect. I do think that. We are anything talking about as a nation about what the causes are about how to approach an arrow attack it. Where are just it's it's back into the campaign mode again were all attacking each other what we're saying for not saying and to be fair I mean trump. He was wrong on that and that's really the argument this week we can pretend it's all the the neo Nazis but it's not a bad about what trump said he didn't say. In his argument I think is a they would have attacked him either way they might have but he was wrong who when he said. The violence on both sides to release struck me it will be a sound like it would. They would say that exceed the PLO would say you have to some Israelis or be killed they went up or violence on both sides at this point it was OK just to name them in the beginning. Eight if he wasn't ready because you know the facts he should've been there is the both sides part. But haven't said that Donald Trump. If every if if you believe every racist and America voted for Donald Trump. Everybody who voted for Donald Trump is an races you know so I don't know if he needs to continually denounce every racist any more than. Then other people but I do I do get a little nervous every time this happens with a veteran to bring it back. There were stuck defending. Whether or not it's something indicative of veteran culture just as. Bullet and warned that profit trump for government vigils will soon. This week. Is the. Somebody's sucked in the end of rules were moved to view and so ruined in the end of world war tool. In our country. Then the roots of the world went to war to stop fashions. We fought against Truman for instance Japan. It and that's humble that nights for consumables. Is what we've fought a difference and this is what it still perform a skill or what to its bowl eligible right guys on excuse me. But I ring that I. End both guys someone should be questioned the heads because we want to walk the slop about stuff from the gold around. Like hey this is a bit out of Lana Kim Rory. You know ran around saying that you know what they want the bus for America Asia and Iraq it's gonna do just I thought there's always going to be cool so it doesn't think people accused saying. Jews into how them people I guess sane and held them. I think that's important I don't know bothering her child I don't know what causes them to get there and that's why I think going back to say you which company as president he should have said. If only to be as you and I may appear to differently I'm on a black man in America. I'm not a black men in America could they kkk is down there and the president doesn't doesn't mention by name. I'm not one of the people that chases a new cycle I do think he was wrong on that but hasn't said that it's a bigger issue these people have been edited and they're from why do you think everyone refers to the Skokie case. The Supreme Court. This has been a tactic of but the neo Nazis. Forever. They went to Skokie just because they want they get a rise out of people like you said John they got one. I just don't know if it's you know and and I think I did to tragedy is that you have a woman who's dead two state troopers who are trying to defend everybody. And when that and at some point or another they have we have direct. Maybe is a country come to grips of what we do during those protests because what they did down there was ridiculous they they didn't separate them if you listen any. Police and the police I guarantee you the police in that and that city in Charlottesville wanted to do the right thing but there's been a I think some of these cities and even in Baltimore some of these rights they've allowed. They've been hesitant to use the police and who in an effective weighted to really get in there and stop the violence and sometimes drastically geek and sees as a decision to have them move back that's not the fault of the police. And I and I think we really we need some some order in these protest. It's not. You know they want a purely your Russo and you look at polls people aren't we all want court room. Well I mean if you're the it was it was it was a royal family but it has grown into them into the creek I mean. Not to make fun of them men today Roland Tiki torches and are still. Dale what would that early. I mean milk like snowflakes they're just the other side of me and let us do good morning cup. These aren't. Oh I'm offended by this telephone you know open and I'm gonna a lot of go in March when my porch like ants. Hopes also ask if the people that would do we can't protest. Did march or what Kyle or else. What would happen towards some problems there would be bunching right and they wouldn't government and one confronting. And I think of Jim singles things would put you figure Goosen and you try and poll model to pull low stock. And yeah Chinese handcuffs and you've got to work one stadium. And angels removed the over dimpled forget 00. You can beat. Force the ball well hopelessly in time I think these guys. It's what Lagos three to put him on the product. And the white some problems to a web hosts new equipment produce growth and improves its. That's where that and missiles grow old list with the gentle lot of balls slow. Ballots it's prisoner in both sides are ridiculous and a few veteran. You know you look when you're in them or two tall forward with people all with. Winston's all columns persuasions. Would of if you want to get you involved objective and goal and 1 o'clock Porsche on. Only alum who far frost free speech but Tennessee actively using their free speech is to hate each other. Yeah as a ridiculous that you veterans who have fought for equality in a younger people back home runs you know using some rights that it is. You know crop and everyone else what they say it's the right to your fist and in my face. Ha ha ha you know you can't come on who you're allowed to say hateful things I'm allowed to say you're an idiot. I just think it's scary part for me is that you say John is getting to a point where now as we can but is he gonna become a traveling road show where they do show up somewhere to get a rise out of people and let the games begin and we talked about this a couple weeks ago. On the on the campuses of colleges around the country. Where speech is now we'll come violence and people feel this is speeches violence and therefore I can use violence to stop your speech. That's a frightening. It's frightening and I am. A sign there's not a few years back when you had people show up at. Feel holes of veterans. Isn't. Protest and cause them to slow up the and I think you have the council and local law or regulation here in Massachusetts. Looked yet still Edsel club and retaliate you know why that actually need but this may speak two point may be as well it's a complicated situation people are just let them go on you know. What that came as a patriot guard riders are guys who come out now and make sure that do some distance I know on the was a funeral of an. Marblehead in the beginning and that those crazy that is the Southern Baptist Church but it does. West or west to charity circuit the state troopers and a set that was an appropriate response a state troopers turned the horses around so all the all the all the protesters so sources taken. Go to the bathroom for the whole thing but you you couldn't. Right now have a a better solution where people really come up. Stand there and their flags are people who cross every every funeral they can get two for veterans in response to that and maybe that's what we need is on you more of instead of and I'm a law. I mean you need the police don't me wrong but I mean I think we only to say. Not going down there and protest and maybe he's doing something in a peaceful way and let people know that that's and that's. It's not where we are osteoporosis. A considerable financial college than whether they took the flag down and you know their burn itself. Just because of the right to do it in the in the first known protects you doesn't mean you should be doing at NASA feels similar boat you know and we he has an anchor. All of you're known as that's going to be an ongoing Sawyer we deserve to have more players that are. Then dot aren't standing for the National Anthem and they're going to be more from the south on its cause I don't punch I don't know we're good horse he did you think he was gonna address some ideas he has had no backup. Bones are not when it when that goes on that conversation to digress a conversation Jews about how it affects veterans that is at its core 100%. And anti police. Protest. And we as a country say oh how do you think this makes the veterans feel will the big statues feel terrible on seems we've his most of the fight. So were her where. Is the outcry that is a national. As you know that there does mean we're not cut happened it was burned as a teacher with pigs on this we as a country need to stand up and say that's not right. Grand mom and it's it's getting bad assigning any battery there I mean is it you know all these. Political figures are athletes who would ever make it a stand and I'm not just. Motivates and inspires more people have to do something so stupid and will look how many things is free speech is being violated no you. People would you take your time consequent great and doesn't mean that you're that's what does this snowflake stuff comes if you want talk about it. I can say whatever one have no consequence to help out all right then out. And Mohamed Ali Jordan his conviction. Speaks elements we would go to them and Slidell editing border to the glory tortuous wanna ask. The real easy to put some promise will Buddha was because of the removal. Of confederate. Statutes. Stay actions smarts to actions that puts actions. And on wondering what you think of Boca is that an appropriate thing should construction school do you do to it represents word we're doing and reports on something else should be taken down. Oh yeah and I think. That would woeful and support mostly because they'll sanction as you know we're gonna get the support of Russell saw a book speak coastal scolds. What it took bill. Emotional high. What is it that you we didn't come together after the civil war by actually we came together. In large measure based on news that shared sacrifice it was of the soldiers like that was the one thing people could agree on quite you know that the soldiers amble slowly bit that's why the in in Britain and in the south now that that myth. Of a lost cause yuck that's a big deal down there. Learn but listen to this speech given by them mania of the city in the war when it's on the same subject. And it brings and the focus. How important it is. That these statues are. Yeah. Google the middle. And Ohno was named the mayor and war only sleazy he's a speech when they took it. Was in the center of town the statue. I hate to do in Washington DC this Robert Daly boulevard or something like that I mean. And I have to tell you as president as a white guy maybe that doesn't catch me the same way catches other people and I think we just have to recognize that people that there is me who were in a different time and that's it did a good point we called the rubble flight for reasons and other little flight that fought against our country I see a very similar dozens of swastika run around I mean Oscars are goofy whip. We subtleties but these two incidents would would wars before you know meanwhile while we really revisiting us. Some people and look at 150 million in yoga. Generals they would trees dunes boy will you want to remove them and stuff but on the other end. Who's if you. And consultants. Men flawed and these guys flawed on route we you know maybe you're trying to recognize. You know deuce court file it's in the fact that they were sold drones that as well. It's an ugly part of American history and a really sucks that we have to revisit and now. And it is but why don't we review of him now. Good question I don't I don't well I like today is that I a lot of people play us which is trumpets president by I don't think these feelings began in January some owners are very I think he Derek and I think he ends up being in. Away for a going to discuss it without discussing the real issues to whom nobody did some idol I guess I think he was he reviews of wrong. But. We're talking about him and not about the underlying issues that could prompt an intense experience pollution beaten North Carolina for broke him you know we have words were sweet stuff going on Butler and improve people's what's the cost actions and stuff. And not to lose weight but we do want I don't know why not one. Stuff. General David maybe you people. -- ball on ordinary I think for better perspective I think people that the cross hairs at that time was the Vietnam War and and whistles the fun and go to dinner I'm Luther king did you husband Jules Jordan and this wanna vote was going and jump and as a black man in south in 1960 you do not have the ability to effect change the way you know that connect considered as an adult audience some questionable enough. Well enough Woolsey quick commercial break you'll think about the problems than unsolved Marines all right so volatile person Dario some sound off in the Garko and succeeded bush spoke. Could he won't compared to seize the world according to draw an assortment of we discussed benefits and services. Through its wealth. And you won't tell you. So what's a problem to work. But he program. That some real helpful veterans and our boats in it's called camper. It's okay do gruden who Munich and its own. Some government hopes oval one of an amputee veterans and actually it's open to all veterans in the world to Google on. Beautiful scenic. What could such short. It's right out of nine tournaments for close to well them spark. Felt only ancient showroom and where that room full moon fire chief for the Tomlin who consumed child to. If you confined to a war. Or call him at 50. Weeks. 65351. Six again semifinal exit roll away and 65351. In six. Bill Greene who will be happy to tell you blow the console much flow. Veterans groups are we you amputee veterans. But veterans and awful awful bilk. Sold diploma call flags or 643516. Its Q imperiled and June Sheridan. That's the group recorded in July tomb next week. Well comments on a compound total conflict went on the pilgrim McSweeney in the coming few from my studio and beautiful Boston Massachusetts. And in studio today we're joined by Jamey Sheridan from camp arrowhead was talk a little bit of bona. Spokane apparently had what it does. You know on it provides services to all veterans. It was found for an amputee veterans. So there in music right lottery. In and the best place to go. Jamie's been working diligently for the last year and a half or so it really. Bring it back to a it's full power and people are confused Capote and Gmail to Korea we mentioned on your veteran yourself I think we kind of skipped over that more valuable than I am a veteran. Just did one enlistment. Back in the eighties or get rid out of high school and when human I was seventeen my parents were more than happy to sign the papers to pop on the to a list. And the fact that was encouraged to Lewis play. To once for an Joseph shear. Op. I enjoyed it very much very challenging. Served with the US army special forces for three years. But that wasn't my calling. ETFs so please charge and but today I've taken up this clause. To served by a wounded and disabled veterans. And to provide them the serene and by Amy so that they can heal through. Recreational programs and counseling. In the tremendous amount of support. Thank you for having me here today speak. Well I've been an idea most importantly how can someone Tony the continuing on with this great cause and and that that the hope you. You know make it even better. Wolf thank you for asking. August 26 just a few weeks away. When having a more recycled ones fund raiser to raise money for these programs and services. As well as upkeep of the grounds and facilities. It's going to be at an aching and that's post it's a motorcycle run. Kick and topic registrations that today looking to market ten and go to the Palestinian bats. Have by something that drinks at the Villa real quick and then turn around come back to Natick for cocoa party. Live music. It's payment. You don't have the right to be did if you just wanna come down around known as support the quash into that. So this is our second annual tremendous success the first time we've had more success this time. We also the gold fund each site and people but it not that up pretty good school fund me. Doc on the back slash and then veterans arrows. If you want to contribute. Greatly appreciated. And job. Ari board is all 100% disabled veterans while members of the Natick in the post 79. And none of us take any compensation for war all along he has so every penny you give. Goes directly to these programs and services. Six weeks of the some we will on the we will no place to Lotta time and eight so that the camera Nokia physically and mentally disabled children. So why you kinda get double banked the puck when you don't helping. Veterans and children with this. And how many places can concerted do they do all of that. So what are you not know this is not the main focus or to the kids do when they're at the camp. And in the summer. Was so much when fall what that that's run primarily by the town of Natick recreation department and they have a tremendous track record. That the council is in the kids they have one point one ratio. And statistically they say that more than 80% of the keys that volunteer there was counselors along this Europe. Their career and human services because this'll affected by what the experience that it's it's just from us. In fact. You know on from 11 and ninth in. Each and every one of buses serve it and mat funds that so. It's it's tremendously and give him that. You pose backward group solution people come. From all old. Toward 10-Q. I mean it's it's it's really jewel like Jamie said if you blindfold someone. And not bottom out that the Iraqis to fluent think you're just outside of Boston that's for sure. And down you know even if anomaly you can. The minutes on in the side but you can rent kayaks and people stay normally can and has a lot going on that fish is treated to. It's actually you choose from to woo the UN votes apples to it. Some thought to Graham. You know. Don't let him. You know if you were a member or just what we did you have virtually brought him up Orton couldn't move toward a full moon you votes pulls. So that you mention it native gambit post 79 at once period driveway outlook for members you know we wanna attract this generation of veterans who. And what would panic. Trying to change the face of the veterans the veterans clubs. Not just took place to go and have some drinks with friends that's cooked us some people know what for others it's not their cup of tea you know we wanted to do things in the community. Help these disabled children help up rob a veterans to deal. And a lot of other healthy activity we have all the able Omnia porch to lose. They like that they haven't actually do and we're trying to get more more involved in the community and we we really want this next generation of veterans that. To come on down are you comfortable. You know well. Word on the noble sorry to vote. Who's the U neither moral. To know more liberal would charge one on the Marine Corps where a million years so why it's individuals so what does he use the doom was straw was born four off of the mall and then take this school boards and Kamal what do you count votes. Look them goals woman blows what if Wilson. Shoppers in the mutual's common pure corrupt one room she was where it's. Recorded voice conveniently. Is it wise you know slow. As ought to one ball you know who is a lot to do in that particular due recoup from an. To do more and if you want you can Google them won't toward world picture up and we're very you know that's that's some exciting data communal. But almost out of time cholera put up their talk annually to me almost there's a lot of talk about already had a side all. Oh yeah. Would you have pub opens we dug pulled the holocaust memorial reward hole you know an old. What went on a federal court in communal dot slump when I mean that's the second time that span sold something should be done but been. Release post somebody you don't. UT. And I think I don't know global I think there should put Plexiglas opens word it would mean. We don't come Bolden blown it but. If it's gonna keep happening but not a fun slump punts and there are some people were violent death. I know a similar to have been in remember for a while ahead what's annoy you have a rash of people stealing plaques you don't. And we had at a bar area is an old shore you know usually people for drugs it's it's their critics went. Just all of us a little yeah guys the last thing you'll get fumble W wanted to sedated to make the stones classic and I visited some level. You can't change the memorial because people would dirt bag shift animation at the dirt bags don't tutor you know stuff. Well some announcement. News. Also sports want answered rooks arcs and come through sports when though real good you know you've. Peasant. To zero at home runs knew what two months wage you know. When these days men don't know the rules and yeah and Johansson nude you know were for real wounds when Perry could blow born Korea opposite Phil ya guys hit and I mean just you know been months and leisure fares and she's unions and she's too good of the woeful. And sports and well it's there it's 'cause they're poorly coached like I've never seen a team get thrown out Switzerland this team always slow and old Charles horrible. Funnel our first place a year ago did you watch that would tend to get sick before he got fired up and know that you watched emperor who. Opening. A practice. In my on the sidelines loans and moves. I saw some bum you know going to be on us within. I missed the first tree. While. From some wishful most that's wonderful thing. It all right but we actually do need to route but I'll James here's where Sharon government shouldn't do what we love is always welcome back some things positive and. Thank you for having me. Iron. How to people can't touch review and you know Tony. Five alerts which fired 351 months looks. And if you wanna make donation it's profile me dark while back slash veterans Eros. Very good lines that can't barrel it would level web site. Very good check it out. On Helio like idiocy. Well in. Again Jamie thank you for coming on and and conflict thank you for for all you do you don't and normal compared drugs. Thank you is could good to feel like rollback you know him it's good to good field Bubba what is also had. All of you served in military as well as your family members. I would like to say thank you to use it to your service to our great country. Accounts photo new rules and sound from the arc sixties it was about them. You've been listening to send up on WRK. A shill for better. 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