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Welcome to sound out. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. Rick Betancourt the VA guy at the mortgage network visit Rick mortgaged dot com. It was less than point 5% of the US population actively serving in the military. Off gives a veteran perspective on what's happening in Massachusetts. Well welcome sound off on Holmstrom children. You don't. This is like my dream come. In all. No Ol Kyle totalled sort of pole marks we did tell you just did an actual good block some fellow Marie the warmer grow from and that pass slump because this disease or fidelity. And so book welcome aboard buses Irish mobile Marie. Stickers or should there's good all. As inscrutable world according to June it's the Al Gore Kool Chicago SOK do we go slow and you also. Wanna welcome you guys to wish all news is consumed all we know are we still have a laugh with current Oakland something. At some. Politics oh and don't to sports muscles ports are excellent for us Floyd slings and gold whoa. Celtics are bugs on wall would do some of basketball when we were forward so. Wounds I don't want big blow global and national debuted. Up from down. And patriots of status while and consultants to brilliant 102 brewers slow build a poke holes towards. Ellsbury is just something is wrong he'll be the final or knock the dollar's strong signal like concussions. And a concussions so let's. Talk like you gets and don't go off you know what's good arms. The Cuban Americans but a few occasions where it is viewed the peninsula by him all holes sessions and some. Students might have too much. Oh there would ardently big case in the in cafeterias. And actually relies what. Slow and it exports woods won't look good news which was going to root when co pay Obama normal use sorry but to calm PBS is and going to be doing that's special masters. They do American masters you know they're gonna do one on Ted Williams yeah only baseball guys they have it did. Jeanette and you can use that also comes Cairo Ripken told wired brought up and I hope Wilson's English at all. You know is important Ted Williams simple interview blobs in the Nazis. Club plus well Dave Clark in diary how can be competitive. That that would you know exactly and that's 10 or six X. One digital full on for. And marine systems conference. Waksal one Korea. We. Have Sloan career. Home. In order to baseball in my Miller and his partner journalism after. Not only and while wearing. And it was a great fisherman. In excess. Of you know he's sufficiently arranged lead leaks in Maine he's a he's a legend and a got an amazing and the ship before it's. You. Oh team. You might have been missile Peru so now and you know what the probe some over him like. He really went over his legend is frozen in time job. It's. It. Forward Gordon. Are people ugly and that's what Georgia bureau. And picturesque what were you a certain income Ireland totals should do this is an ice they. Our show us what I've always after after after all this is a warrior should or should we ego and inspiration don't seek cut. Slow. And what's so dumb move on alone but if you consume oil off the sports we usually trillions solutions from. Paul it's Floyd you know you guys have what you think you know we go. And local. We go to it's been barges you know Windows Phone. Government Politico and animals people seem to him and a pretty good job. He did vehicle slum lord in hundred in 25 million middle and a solar. Think that that wouldn't chromosomal four yards and all the belief that some people. I am poll put in some cases that were slow things that I puts it when applied should not have gotten old sue for instance that was. Clinton's oral history and pride should we Woodward the Sudanese to slow. It is you know it's all week there was some other ones don't and transportation issues. Source. Ups ups and the the transportation. Operating budget hit severely. Wrong and that's something I wanna talk about was adamant salute the budget but the foot roots in charge of its. Increase we know the war who bowed transportation. Is so popular and that's everybody that not just veterans Reverend Wright and put it William who's the population to some people. Was able withdraw life and then the other big news reports likable Kleinman. You change. What better way to help call. Them public transportation you know. It's funny I was looking at some material the other day. In the transportation world and it was this guy in Boston I think his names Standley. He's come up with this company that those hogs. No we you you have these rules on pause slate like it's ski lifts you know the go along and underneath the wire and while Obama make a long story short. In his presentation. Material he had just one picture in hand it just. Astounded me the picture was anxious to pictures. One picture of New York City Broadway or fifth I don't know something like that. And it was it was you know how the streets of new York and jammed all time though this was jammed in 19100. With horses. They want there was one car. In that picture and the rest was all wasn't movement car you funny John nineteen. And the picture right next to a 1913. It was all cars and one horse same places. Yeah and and we you know when one looks at that that's only thirteen years who's such a radical transition like that and the reason was. That they claimed it was a environmental reasons you know from real lot of horseman or on the streets of New York they did not a deal with. And that's so they went to the car which you know as we know. No 100 years later has its own. Now environmental problems that which console. Quote it was just an astounding pictures of but the thing was thirteen years and to do that. Radical change which means anything can happen. The time when people. Where a lot of good things happen the neutral what's the whole song to audio problem force it going no clue what happened. The most important part of hope that you're going to quote some gospel. Cheese on it did. Made public transit transportation happened in metro west and it was anybody that did it better example for wanted to quit some of them didn't. You know apple and she's actually one for room and hear me or land you know it's going good guard you know what. Find myself so you've got to give credit problems would have quit the one. And you know I know credit for everybody metals equities ago. But you know I know this people will slam shoals and what the for a public Arco oil please Paul what solutions for what was once. When you have to talk Apollo. Solutions we need to coyotes for uncle support veterans. Support transportation. Support that globally we need to encourage them. They focus specific article where you work of an end when they dole and we need toward knowledge and him we don't chills. Exist and a vacuum original blues. That building up on beat and no call stated elsewhere was a married and passed them rules and regulations that. Governor Wilson when you need to get our. Influence. Felt up our opinion that one way to do that is to get our veterans to run for political exactly we do not have enough. Edwards doing the. This is trying to make the transition now I think that all of us being Vietnam veterans. When we came on there was a great disdain for the political system. And really rightfully so it is the time. But people out of our generation did not want to become involved with politics in any way shape or form so many people. Did not run for any political offices in these were people who were very for her very well qualified. But today or threaten the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are becoming involved in politics I just source open on the news last week. The governor of Missouri. Was a Rhodes scholar in when he was over in England studying he sort plaque goes. Other wrote scrolls in the past who I joined the service and were killed in action. And he said I'd really have to do something for my country he finished up his or scholarship to a navy became a navy seal. Was involved with the seals for a number of views and then when he was discharged. He came out and he ran for office you for the governor ship of our misery. And he's Vietnam. Which is a great commitment but I'm glad to see so many of these new veterans are getting involved about it. One hope. I hope the seamless model and we won national wealth and broad view on a little of what we drove we could use them. And we could use more ruled squalls. And transportation. Route. It's. Yeah. It looks that way yeah well that's where you are going to take a for excellent NASCAR audience to have. Don't touch that dial stayed tuned. Wouldn't be right act which sound if you want to do is Google paid them succeed the force of honestly depends on who. What Betancourt the view anymore. Oh. The Pope who. And welcome back to solve a lot of the seeds and Clark really need your old show old bold solutions and movements that consumed from him WR can only succeed you billboards all honest. Brought to you and we're. His soul are great for us assortment. And we want to grow Warren Griffin had passed a room. Now. Out of respect him. Continents to Cairo total win. Mike Sweeney would bring him on a couple of how many veterans who do you know and you know and our car warrants and I'm actually doing a very good job you have from. Veteran slams than when you go for did you put stole home from. Too bad for thoughts and and shall we scum now is fumble blossom on its muscle and want to welcome both of you sound off. You know. No soul. And what didn't were rich ones that you should set a little bit also Cuba microphones and all. And there and do we go see where we can do not pretend you're Paul and George junior The Beatles. Which a storm on the adjustments you know we don't we don't Wear it we don't cut leads us to move in slow. Anyway. New folks effect but why don't we we go for it with you tell me what is of its. That's our peaches team military's central primary adjustments and the stars back in nineteen semi nine. Nine act of congress. It's free it's confidential or all combat veterans and or military sexual. Veterans. It's free it's confidential loose service and me. Comment veterans Tim remembers we do couples counseling and counseling individuals and groups. So it's there for the veterans Charlie's ransoms. Yes I am an outreach specialist from Boston that senator. And I ain't go out to the comedian and former veterans of our services. We are part of the April we are unique because their records are kept separately. And so we see a lot of active duty members and veterans and family members. We provide services for those that have an honorable discharges louse of this charges of growth and and part of my outreach work is I connect veterans with housing employment. They haven't legal issues I system at that I also work for the boss in treatment in Boston veterans treatment court rejects and it. And we focus on treatment rather than punishment for those that are facing criminal charges in the community. So it's a very rewarding. Diop and we do agree. Things that and. I'm shall explode couple books on one we're reads the votes on the world trade. So we have seven that signers in the seat in Massachusetts I'm located at box location which is near the seaport area okay good for new. You move them. When you say you go world and you do what each word can suggest the Boston do boom boom Greater Boston area what's what's the circumference of readiness from them. Where you can trouble. So I am I do Greater Boston as while Chelsea. Tampering and not just in Boston defeat Oregon to other locations. Include so they're good. Yes there there's 300 listeners throughout the entire country and we all have reach. Technicians to go out into the community we're basically started Aziz oh reach. Community thing base and we're not near the hospitals were an action. And you don't want Clinton. Took whose central since millions that. It doesn't matter what type of discharge you had a few can help any type of construction could soon. And and and actual. It can be if I'm in them can receive as well. So we don't turn anyone away will work with anybody so you come in and had just have questions about your benefits are way. Servicer male two well the we're currently. To go to please Wilson in the rectory and we don't have audience's point we specialize in peaches the readjustment and we are all counselors. Now we do know the other. Programs within the system and in the communities that we can at least connected to sources that looming. You know it would. And I think that song veterans are consumed below what you mentioned UT Austin. What's happened from that point. Some people. Might be consumed. A boat and inflammation. Brilliant public in the sense that we need to do into some food Jules. And consumed one. Something and they don't want to roomful come ago. And you guys all world you want conservative. Via U employees. You'll get a look at the view records but they don't look forward to it you're it's it's their. Where you know and so do an act of congress this week we are completely separate from the B we find the vehicle were completely separate so we have our own our own system the only thing that we use of the airport is four. For support as far as computers and and financial but that's all changing shortly. I'll we can see the veteran and like is it what you said. Well we can look at the VA's records they can't look at ours ours does is strictly confidential. We don't diagnosed so some people are going to be concerned about why don't be diagnosed we don't do diagnosis we cannot die so most of us are. Social workers mental health counselors and psychologists. We do not diagnosed we treat the person not a diagnosis. Excellence. On. And not you owned and bred for. Certain. What Tennessee the differences veteran age reap what you did component you find all the votes become men my a lot of command before. So I've been with it with the vet senator since 2009. Start out here in Boston has TO reach counselor and I moved down to I'm the director of investor that's our. When I first started out don't mean during the veterans coming in were Vietnam veterans and I still we still have Vietnam veterans coming for the first time. And we're getting more and more on the Lam from Iraq Afghan veterans come in. What happens is for what I've seen with the Vietnam vets is they've been very occupied think they they bury themselves in the work to working 4060 hours a week. So that they don't have to deal with their symptoms of PT EST anger here illegally nightmares anxiety depression. And sleep. So they're able to work themselves but as they get older and are no longer able to keep hearing these feelings by working so much it all these things are coming back. And you'll see the same with the with the oil thing. We have veterans coming back it. If they if they lose their job and then all of these things they've been able to push away for salon seem to come resurface and we're there to help them. Come to terms with that there's you know we can't make sense of war and assuming concerns were some Xbox. How do you come to terms of how do you make peace with this and to live a life as best you can and more fulfilling for the man. And when you don't lose the vote considerable soft and so on home ma am. And so do from nineteen infuse them. Woodland file and woods. Somewhere between both at some point in time work when you walk of its. So powerful was the experience. Pollster we extra outs and I was somewhat surprised because you. Forward productive lives long dark of one split now retired. And well slugged. You know experiencing. Some is you. It's like them but what patents two tournaments the real is that many of them. Well now the one fix them can't slow this down and experience them for mutual sports. Their old active audience and stuff was. Two wars it is a couple port so you'll see some stuff so we're experiencing. Some strokes clear. We're out they get old for doubtful. Means to us so they're experiencing. An extra source and but what is what I'm grateful but most us darkened room looked in the months woods. Cause and real experience. Bills. Ruin unbelievable in what was once spiral since we're the ones who will broaden the vote for instance he comes but he will once the route we would know so it's. If there folks will swing too emotional. That are experiencing. An oval what one votes experience. Of going encouraged them to contact. Do local vets. And having said that how cool would contact the local votes. I mean enters the my. Listen to the bus and that synar is 857 and 2036461. And you can you know we can look it up online ours is 5089996920. For the advocates you can give us a call we can give you their phone number and habits that are closest to. Again it's free it's confidential we actually happy. World War II Korean War veteran groups still going on although it's slimming down we still have groups cause we still haven't and hollers coming. It. Shah was in Boston Globe applause from the vets groups whose would choose songs drooling. You know pretty good to pump when you find yourself working went down below interacting with them. Yes we actually do a lot of outreach events together I'm actually gonna be with her at this Saturday for operation and a veteran move every month we go to different neighborhood in Boston or reach out to the veterans and their family members and let them know about their benefits investment services. And we thank them for their service of this Saturday we will be at east spots and we do work together. Could you also have the veterans council where am I going to be sponsoring moving walls so we will have a mobile that senator there and we'll have counselors they're 24 hours. When you voted on men and moving wall and wanted to didn't do. And talks mobile includes. You know we'd put that some important things whom. To do is to fuel him from additional blow one minutes of Turin. And therapies. There where him veterans council is. Brought the moving wall to Wear him it's going to be the seventeenth through the 21 I believe Savard to slow news right and so we're gonna have a mobile vets are there to assist any veterans and it's going to be manned 24 hours so even at 3 o'clock in the morning. You know look at some veterans are gonna come out during the day with the crowds are gonna costly efforts to beat people and stuff and so that will be there. If they do have any issues and they just wanted to talk to somebody McDermott. Counselors at the veterans are coming inspections themselves we've been there we've done that. You know I'm a retired man's army treated twenty years active duty. Sure releases was in the army Tuesday. Mental health specialists in the juniors so we've been there we know the lingo we we and I've been doing this for nine years and especially we specialize with you know and console. We've been there done where their commitment to our passion is the veteran. Won't do we saw that we consume you that who know them pin. Warren. You were open. Comments on this amendment who've been through fall alone student. Mitt when they brought the walls. Old do want you. Yes iron and innate we also we did this dark. About ten years ago say and just what we're there we're saying is that there were veterans who get it to 24 hour day. Meehan. Exhibit for the moving wall. But I know some of my friends came good one or 2 in the morning because they didn't wanna be around a crowd. News there's an emotional time for them. So to have veteran let's senator. Mobile you're here. Is very important. And I also see him when they had Boston. The facts are there. Had the the mobile unit and it is a time of reflection and time. Peace for some of these people who come and when they see the senator. Knowing that these people are combat veterans who appreciate. What has happened in the past. They have more of a tendency to open up and talk to these people. And again the confidentiality issues from the one issue or made him a note would it be it Democrats who think we're the ones that. Brought this to the forefront before it was battle fatigue whatever they wanted to call on the house. But the PC ST there's been. A fact of wars going there to Byrd first war of the caper that it suits it's always been there. Then. Good. You were involved told the remainder call whistle when I'm hopeful Lankan but it wouldn't. So we're ceremonial. Sparks them and when to slow our whole. What some of them veterans and conclude when pregnant Griffin from some soon to know wouldn't spin communal Whittle. Veteran splintering and removing him. How that affected. Polls folks in the gnawed and some. You know whom we've been considered if you were possible. Yeah it's army green. I've seen the wall in Washington a couple of times and Campbell times. Now. Cried and immensely and you know when it's. Just such a spiritual thing that to see it. And then when you get the moving wall it's no less mum. Our inspiration and really isn't and and to see we will lucky in Natick where action Warren and I want to see the superintendent of schools. As crap and we convinced him that every student. In the town of native should see business and you know he followed through it busload upon busload of kids. That took a day off from school basically to see this wall that to me was way. She's at you know this this is a real community that can go to Google like that enough. Woman who recorded for Vietnam veteran memorial. And you don't know. See ground and then go wall to wall and soon polls submitted names mixed them open. You know colonies to. You know what you are about Vietnam obviously. Those three guys here. You know who have stolen the show from from lake and and Kyle. Who were hole. Yeah yeah. But. It's nice to be talked about the vets today because. When. Few people know that histories of the vets that are emanated from. Those of us from the Vietnam wall didn't wanna go to Libya or the the day. Didn't really want to have anything to do without us and and as a consequence a result of that. Social injustice at the time that senators emerge. And have emerged to be play. Extraordinary and and what you're able to these days ago on Uga is hanging in there and make it work. John thank you very much and you know I'd like to say is our passions veterans. We're not there and we're not a pillow paperwork and you know thought they were put to make sure you're eligible for us know we'll we'll see you will take care of that war about the paperwork later. So veteran is always first regardless of whether they served in combat and we never turn any veteran away and won't trying to to this currency. We ignored squirted through and see who was a former communes sergeant major overcome approval and some kind of you know you know community and the troops and stuff you know. Everything. Couple of them was moved. And soul to them what's gone on and you come and we went will be useful sumo. And then shall we and some strong national government the local club. Person whom the bio terrorism typical molds. Still he's written devolved from born militant movements or think what a great Colombo should how fortunate we have to work that you animals goats let's. When that scores. And then this. Moving more all of the new broke free and where where where him and some sort of in we're him. You know I actually. And also one quick story oh what it was insult Boston went was consultant. And we will move them in the wall can and should sort of look on John. What to do so and also from a stand. If you don't know. And she's a book what's the way. Grew week so we can go malls you know for breakfast. So I talk a little wind the sun goes up from two when the more than 6 in the morning and she wasn't true doctor Edward. Vote war all of these holes from total six there were court of fuel noble people showed up with jewels what you. Will you may be the bras for Cole some people were short but so are currently. Missiles or frightened guards. Secondly. There were a lot of people who go to. Through four Clark. Which shall but chelios won do you walls and earlier. Yeah and then Sloan a few would. Wonder rule would towards who won just sort of few words just likable group and gold award. Rue -- would mean thing and then. Of a slow normal and it's weird window of people would grow from split him. You know real slump you know and who's pregnant reflections with uncles. And certain of its console. We punctuated. Two people in we're here I am the fallen two's. How could sell one ball what to do full. I went on the web site this morning are always looking for volunteers if you if you. Google's. Wearing him moving walls and you'll still come to a a web page and you can look on there in the have a point of contact for voluntary. Aren't so good and so you're done Google but we're pushing them moved from wall they'll want to do you know for me and shouldn't. I would encourage you to. Duffel win but Tom house who met him time frame between the seventeenth. And the earth in the twentieth for us. And if at all possible fall to. Everything else we have to parliament laughter. You know we just wanna say that you know it's mother brother family. Anything has to do with that that we can see and we do grievance counseling that they've lost the soldiers or our marine so any service member we can see those numbers. Expressing thank you for allowing us to be here and talk about that sent there are strong hula. Roads are very or Judah who developed the slope on them and I was I was due but it won't kill him colonial army navy and I don't know how anybody here. Aren't wasn't manageable and much so you don't new route and wouldn't you know between the 72 and one from the importance of them blow. Thank you so much forward to do would put. You welcome back since the word according to July and segment we discussed but for some sort of instance veterans some. All. I was sleeping that. What little things are wanna talk to forward now woods. An event on September 11 events in Poland. The group called thanks subjects and it's on drama. That they have ridden. Lunar and thank veterans and fruits respondents. Viewed and will be held them. No food. It's going to be Holbrooke the at the DoubleTree. Them double tree grow strong and all of them into this is what you do when you're in line yeah. You know you couldn't get the start of hope from cocktail but from edit it. Do all these thoughts over in the repelled stolen and sold in any event will some. To me to ferret. Call. Call or get in touch wood. Thanks to you actually have a website and tells what it's thanks the yanks what's go to school golden. Sign up you have to sign up for the on the boards. In the free it's a free and it's and so humble woman putts from six it's been fruitful stuff done will be you'll love employed for just. Not you and gonna keep going it's on its of stumbled you'll love and puts between 650. And I'm. Some old food. Sign up gold whip it's were rated violence. Newbies are futile that the world according to jubilant. Two Mets went 10 four months when Newton Qaeda in total dark. Slow. Part two next week. He's welcome back to sound. Yeah Clark Gregg who shall veterans. Do choose the movements was absolutely. Shall what's chills government got a particularly with the war our own rougher than that car coal holes we took. That is the bridge you'll want to. Well we didn't have a couple of good cuts of themselves. Its. Earnings we will vermin and good will born actor. Solicit traffic geriatric show. Floor and a global like I want to think about this one with the XP. You wouldn't snuggling with your audience. In over your Williams Dawkins those reports of some particularly good people in the audience to. Heroes. When the boom. The world food to listen to warn cities series. And it was a move forwards on all went. On boats have now. So they don't rule in all. So which are. Well I think things will go until October opens. You know Williams sold and appliances and I'm. They'll look national councils there are actually there's no. Old food. Elements choose its emotional guy but we're still welcome what shall. So yeah Massachusetts organized militia and Hillary enabled by statute on. Release them to the national I don't know what coat celts really new media when their dark one urged the governor's. Guard Chilo. The there is second call wrong. Duck and Claudia particular. I'm call that we're. Back then anyway I know what Coleman's removal threatens that segment Beckett art auction block or it is so important if they're still welcome backs and calls and and you guys from our in the top Noble's new read music orange UVs to Alaska. On knows stroll up there on screen my excellent. To any way you can what what would be in. One cents and point total loan jumped over and over and well listen you guys sort of trust animals classic on fruits of the road and new normal for instance the total its way. So it's where. I thought that was litmus him who form going to slow Mo. So dude you've got these on the helmets do opponents and but when some. And you guys actually. Spend a lot of time going in intricate moves. Apostles. Struggled because. Organized. Writing. This but you know what does the essence of that is that. When you are able to do that treatment courses that way and writers. That enhances your ability to do crowd control witches. You know when you need two doses and crowd you know you really have to be trained to do that. You know a lot of people don't understand the time it takes runs to train courts of appeal to a Ryder. You know what syllables are supposed to do of content for whom. We spoke. And some Arlington national says it is now in a few yeah well I come from all over here. Please and Hugo Morales though moon raining friends you know we don't fifty acres. Quarterfinal. It's awkward for solar. But it's still on going retreat for upwards. Yeah. We don't we could use them all and you know. Now we've been talking with lots of people were ridiculous now know. One things. I'd like to appeal on the show reply again. For all we issues recruits. And wanna the ancillary benefits. Becoming only cancer. Is that you get to do the Euro simple therapies. Just by being involved and and you can you can sign up on the web site does as a recruiting. Foreman if you wanna apply to view lamps and be my guest because. To the interview you won't Schobel. Yeah shell oil and now notre. All right shall secure with. Okay you know put a stop Moammar real or don't want to keep rolling because. I'm gonna put them of what will be the subsequent. Great to salute great arguments from the and to walk Wimbledon brutal month yet and people C and guns and roads out of balance what level. But what influences. And I think it's an important news we've learned. The triple mile Eric Klein Thorpe whose agreed that for helping veterans. Come blew those groups with platoons were so mobile. Schwab among the big deal when Truman. Learned discourse is just being around so when you saw us and world com local haunts muscles so we large and from room to form and fix an offense it's. Slow it's it's therapy. So you'll see it'll. Even though formal. One or football. They'll open I would suggest that people should wall to come home for him to want to furcal out so. And you wanted to though did you think there's room as we passed rules of slow. I actually actually they have what walk coming up on. October 14 where. You know if your interest that come on now charged in the Larkin caution twenty bucks you get a teacher. You can UK and you know who. You know that's worth the twenty bucks right there but he can also get a sense of what it is and where is she so open to families of families the veterans anybody. Can commode and walk us but another thing I want mentioning or right and tournament. 10 we're gonna kid who taught them it's one of the things that they do is a historical significance is for many years. Be. On the Paul Revere reenactment with a horses. From Boston to Lexington. William Dawes and Paul Revere actually made this historic ride run. And the answer is reenacted every year on Patriot's Day. Which army uses and is to marathons alone who's gonna get more publicity or alliances. A marathon but. Be that as of may we still run that and there are court if. You people we're out of tool whose two in touch with the one when patrons. Pieces through these soft ones that show. And it he sells letting us until we shall you premiere of we're just all come on mister Kraft and you know listening you know. We will ritual at any moment and Leo for and of these that was from some angles and should be Solomon and muscles get a result and help reported that you know help. I hope we knew him. Emotional win of social what do you contribute to it. It warranted aren't signals autos and make it Wendell Corey won one of the things though you wanna stresses it is the right here this quote therapies don't and I know my. Granddaughter. He got through some lousy things which is both five years old. And we guard revolved. Prospect running. Just specifically to give for corporates and yourself. And develop. Attitudes and life. And now she's and rolls and doing great but do specifically we've gone to losses and it works amazingly. Four. A five year old. It is now being nationally recognized me in the veterans magazines. Dealing with the. And did something someone boots come in favor of the original one point don't want them. So tumbled since then you don't between now and end zone and one Puhn. The recent event called him full fall when it's actually Britain Poland would be. Brutal terrorist and Franzen for him from pollution. There's no then national women's teams and do support in good solar would encourage people who have. Both go one helpful. Support the run for fall bubbles come and meet certain currency problems you know formula. And were pulled from the national where it's slow and very funny aren't sold out soon. Warren sir what's happening with the Marine Corps we've been Steelers. While this week we're gonna have our national convention and Overland Park, Kansas where Kansas City. While it with the Kansas City Royals play. It's going to be from the twentieth to the Tonys. Sixth of artist. Unfortunately it can't see who would be the time to see. Now to forbid it I mean they will review room we can gold dude you certainly go forward and insults to simply a word first place so that has all worked out. And going to these conventions. Of males we do find different ideas and different programs they have throughout the country. To help. We're about veterans. And all of the veterans that we have now they're work that they do was fabulous. And just getting the word no my my term has always been gone. Payment on what people know it is helpful there another veteran marine. And their restaurants premium from the market to what if for once there was. The waitress had just gotten out memories. And I asked her if she knew both the local homeowners. And she didn't actually did anybody explain these things to you. It says it knows that I got to open panel. Some actually if you discharge a separate service. And California. That are protected time to all fifty states so it's. Organizations like the press centres and then we're equally good veterans organizations. That have access to this information and are able to disseminate to veterans especially our new veterans. Are true. It's between them and gone and look for sort of you go to a couple songbook forums would go on National Journal. Went through from through card when Mike Knuble. Who could do well. When council and a billion. Plus one think ultimately court weak ones all the more reason can and are eligible and who to vote for viewing Warren Griffin for road. National shouldn't article where net natural to adapt national out of our comfort gotta they shouldn't should I stand corrected. Georgia Africa that's what we needed I needed someone to put the fix them one and also we want Warren is the Georgia for Specter. They'd been quantifiable. People should know that who's who's been great. 501. C three or four effort called home the upward and from core roots. Forward. Reuse. And works just between an act of this week so you can golden home of the relieve income dog would. Chicago. Great what soared while Britain's Colin and it's just going to give good run. Right that's pretty much just one thing to wall for Roth come and on the show. You expect it to would look if you next week but I know you open documents in the missile. In any event thing dual dual Fort Worth. Through song off we want to thank our audience and we want to it would. All bulls veterans would serve the animals are continuing to some of it we want to thank we're Betancourt then. Viewed margin achieved for it's once we shall it's the so I'll go off WK. Oh smooth as they need to thank all of our ministers. And legislators. Already what's the globe and sanctions since they're little slick moves what's impossible for its. All right stick to it starts next week. You've been listening to set up on WRKO. A shill for better. Diet amorphous network. Visit Rick.