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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. You by Rick Betancourt the VA guy at the mortgage network visit Rick mortgaged dot com. It was less than point 5% of the US population actively serving in the military. Off gives a veteran perspective on what's happening in Massachusetts. Thought you sound off from coast we'll show cohost on the field for him makes me got a nice social and a few of the next hour with a former Boston manner and investors have Vatican Ray Flynn is here and as well as his son had fallen so pretty excited about that John. Before we get too far into things you know we do want to wish all fathers out there are happy father's Diane. You know I think it's very timely though we have we have both a great father son duo in studio with us and and John I got I make funny about. This past week on Wednesday. Army's birthday. Have diversity you know me well to a foot and are you are when you say you make informed me harmonica for me and ultimately confirmed on the Nomo and I don't know and govern anonymous birthday come on now. The challenges steel and feel several days ago all the listen to the show last week and it sounded great even oil wasn't here. And you know and anyone can listen to the shelf that is going to And search for the Shalit. So I'm really great so thanks a lot John and you know great to have that next man up mentality well. Thank you global compact with Brewster who live and it's great to have you back and of course the echo club. Michael. Hopeful. We put a full compliment and throw books. Some food and insulin. Or files. That I absolutely and the only one listens for some concerns were threatened court three in March. Further VA guy. Sloan and what a great week everything's fine and fun we BMW and findings rules were open when Clinton was well on their thoughts on. Last on the export segment before you know I'm talking baseball playoffs which they didn't want us patriots of Lawrence Clarkson I think do we move through best team in. And you go forward also hopefully they'll start to do stuff to double room movie book and Retief Goosen the mobile people of stunts marketable talent forward Tyler I recalled you said you wanted to every single Red Sox are in your platoon. I so long gone beyond luckily forget that ultimately give up on the moon seen on the ball war give him some time and we'll read some items from what I courtroom artists of some room. Now you know electric slump where you will secure our short completions on home to hold him for him he was drafted a couple of solid total album Whitman who Celtics communes and roads parks can from them. One concern but the Bruins. William and patriots on slow so might tell you don't. They are doing great to step. On Father's Day just my voice. Mine and Matthew. An and really a lot of the military you're away from their families and particularly two days it's one of the things we. You talk about the sacrifices that the military makes. And sometimes they. In it for lately about the families and no. For my children and we're gonna win on father's income for my duties in the military and notes are on and we so. Thinking of them and now and one who's. In the military. Very good point like but do want to introduce. Both ray and Ed Flynn well welcome to the show gentlemen thanks for coming on. Thank you it's great to be here it's not to be with the wall and thank you all for what you're doing and supporting our veterans and supporting on military families across the commonwealth. Absolutely. And dobbs so we wanna talk a little bit about ya you're running for City Council in the city of Boston so would love to want to hear it coming your thoughts in a little but he about chronic I got us to this point here. Well thank you just as a way of background he has some running for City Council which includes sun. District two to solve Boston assault and in Chinatown. And graduated from high school Don Bosco high school went to college and learn island. And at the Indy on a to enlist in the military and the navy. And age eighteen state in the military for almost 25 years in the in the reserve program. And was activated. A few times. Went overseas to the Persian gulf. And also to Guantanamo. And walls in Guantanamo that Haiti earthquake hit at that time. We felt though we felt the earthquake because we were going ninety miles up from from Haiti. And so Guantanamo was kind of AM. A hub of logistics support. Of of supplies that went into Haiti so as pot I was proud to be part of that logistic team. That was able to help the devastating. Devastation that took place in Haiti and in helping helping Haiti people went. Proud to have served in the navy for around 25 years and is as might as Mike said you know when the veterans served so so doesn't the family. And it's often times it's more difficult for the Finland. Then and as for the veteran. Is that of the families here stateside William overseas and they still left you. Educate the kids and pay the bills then in down school activities in homework. So I was lucky a great support from from my wife and my two children good. But I'm proud of all of long military families and down you know more can be done to help on military Felix. When you know work on my experiences from whom and you feel when Colin you've through big square equates to importance of veterans and a see me at three world mine and more recently we won it was about considerable soft for some. I had to who I got to Woodson different. Nudity and some went over. Thwart what we would soon welcome for treatment for veterans or. Really really appreciate that and more recently. I would soon salt wants them you know high school. In the boom wool war one. Some horrible you'd. You were up two on stage reading it and some some of those two seats. Salt blocks the road students who fought in world war. The yes that's right it was a honor to be via. The so many young men from South Boston and political right man dead and -- proud of that you know history and heritage of of self Boston man and woman that has served in the military in fact done. In the first Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the country was right here in South Boston. It was controversial at the time. But the young veterans returning from Vietnam from South Boston wanted to make sure that they never forgotten. Those that paid the ultimate price for all of freedom and dad Tom mobilize the Tom came together a led by. Tommy Lyons and Paul on buttons new and in so many other veterans Dennis land. Tommy Irwin and we know we're proud of them what Prada bella Vietnam veterans insult Boston for never forgetting. Then those that. Paid the ultimate price but also. Big lie and they god active and involved. And helping on returning veterans till this day should still involved in the veterans movement. When you know what a balloon and was able we'll talk with you from prior to coming. Out on him. In our roots and you know back then in the sixties and seventies the country was sold divided into so many people. Putting down denigrating. The Vietnam veterans who consults blog asked them to come home and student overworked at the forest. Memorial. In the country through Vietnam veterans was amenities and and you file. And also before you was terrific team who support of the Vietnam veterans and then talking lines. We came in our assistant or deputy commissioner of food books. Department of a considerable some struggles with the boss from the mountains of work results of been awful and so on one interview court for the mayor renews support and I know we've deplorable song. It was so slow a recipient from. Well thank you John and thank you for earned fighting Meehan and Indian rights to. Sometimes sometimes even Colin Dennis. Knows my brother Peoria. When you mentioned. And Flag Day. I had one of the best days sane and my friend who lived in Italy for five years. And moved on and Dennis. Sued in Vietnam two to Louis. When you come to visit me in Italy. You know we could grow up and see the Pope which we did we can go to CEO beautiful. Historical landmarks in all of Italy and throughout Europe. Bitten he always wanted to go to the furious battle ground cemeteries. And we won Leo it's in Syracuse Syracuse done and done and done a Sicily we will know that's not the Africa. We went soon to know I'm zeal. And Monte casino. And this one particular. Flag Day. When we're red Monte casino and to know. Ellis that surprise that great surprise landing. And really almost decided we'll put too. Because the United States historically. Defeated the Germans in an incredible way. And then they went on and to Monte casino. Climbing that hill capturing that Monte casino the the ambient cemetery and then they went on and who love home. And liberated Rome and then all of them all the lip not to Africa not to Italy to a to an end to a in two enormity. That Dennis. I said well we go and I speak. To the take me you know round. He said that and I happen to be that the governor of new rock you scary. And Asus says the both of them said without question take a stance that who know and they bought they must've bought 5000 these little flags. And they went around while the grave sites. And put a flag on each of the grave sites about the Americans. There were kills and unsealing the tour now. And you know I. I wasn't surprised there was just a great team kinda. Of the veterans. And military men and women from the Boston area. Like my sanity who grew up like you guys who grew up in this tradition. Of service to the country. Which is amazing. You know it it wasn't you real interest in going to Princeton. Well haven't. To go down a Wall Street can make a lot of money. You first choice in life. Will be joining the military Angel in the military right after I graduated. From high school. And and that's what the young people. In South Boston did. And my brother and coming alliance and you mentioned some of the names. But that's the history in the tradition. That. You know so. When June comes around. I guess some people think about going on vacation of some of the memorable things have done with it their family. I always think about Flag Day. And being in. To the cemetery. In dead going around with my brother and the governor of New York. Mean they've backed must been broken put these flags on the ground. And as a NAFTA was that was salute veterans post the American. American legion post. And we all went down the and we met other Americans. Will timeless and Second World War. And we sat sat around the atlas and that's in there. Stories about these the invasion of not that prepared so. It's South Africa south Italy. All the way into Normandy just an amazing history and you know we are so lucky in America. To be able to celebrate. Their co wrote courageous. Heroic activities and why do want young people. Feel that way this compulsive. Obligation. Slow country will feel looking for the answer the answer is because they'd love low country. And they are proud of our country and they wanted to get back and they wanted to serve so happy Flag Day but more importantly than that even. That it's in gave debt we honor our veterans and we thank him. And their families is that he said in their families for this service. That goes very well side. Oh I think it quick break I'll be back out right after this quick commercial break with some sound off from the RKO am six it was the Boston. Welcome back sound awful little wants Michael Bush you'll break. A few from the studio and play in the today we're joined. Today Ed Flynn is running for district two city council of Boston. Ray Flynn. It was the former mayor of Boston and ambassador to Vatican and oh word what kind of little special follows they showed them to hear and oh. We want to go to the mall would add a bow your candidacy specifically would veterans what are you hearing our major issues. Veterans who have been. And and in the in the district and the city of Boston. Yeah I'm pretty active with the VFW which is the Thomas. And now we have a lot of Vietnam veterans that are that are members and a lot of Vietnam veterans throughout itself Boston. Especially. And they're asking about access to the VA medical Kia medical centers. They're getting older in the air raids and they're asking also about. Effective ways to get to the VA facilities whether or send Jamaica Plain West Roxbury Brockton. Transportation wise I think we're going to have to deal with. Have a have a long term plan a transportation plan to make sure that we're able to effectively pick up. All of patients from their homes tried to them appointments at the VA medical centers and drive them back. Athleticism. A role for government to played certainly the VA. And I'm also from Malo veterans community as well I know that the DAV has an excellent program. Transportation program. But that's one issue but also we want to make sure I was talking to them Stephen Lynch comes from Stephen Lynch last week into. In South Boston and down we're talking about them the VA medical care. And I know Congressman Lynch is is is working hard to make sure that all veterans have access. True to their appointments into Kia read. The reason that a VA medical science. I think that's a top priority making sure that those veterans that served that served in harm's way they came back they should be entitled to it decent health Kia. And down on the were caught on an issue worth cop with fellow congressional. Members such as congress lynch. Along with Helen Naia mail Walsh and governor baker. To make sure that all veterans of they appear that they they aren't. Should he and did you know whom you're district extends. You insult Boston I know you to a lot of oak ranch to veterans a slightly slow them and I'd seen approves and reverend teton. All the time from so. And I think that folks who can be a one. We'll get in and it would put that in my this as a as a veteran perspective that a veteran comes in and that's why I think people are going to be. We initialed them cushion every week to more veterans need to run for office in fact one of the things we kind of talk about is that. Lack of civility you see was sometimes and it comes to politics might be tempered yet people have some sort of shared experiences we have to veterans and they may not. At the end of the day. You running as it did is it if you if you're elected to the City Council that will be a big change for the City Council was less than it was a veteran even on the Boston City Council. I think the mosque one is the former police smash them Mickey Roche. I was on the Boston City Council. He was a marine who Google hack attack so there hasn't been one cents. And you know I think is it's it is important to have a veterans voice have that experience on the City Council went. Only of veterans at times can understand what other veterans. Concerns they understand very well the concerns of military families might my family so he knows. The sacrifice. Of of military families. And you know you don't necessarily have to be a veteran behalf to understand the important issues that. A specific to a veterans community. Actually las night knows that I have an event in Chinatown. With god Jake Como was the national president of The American Legion. It was the installation of offices of the American legion post in Chinatown. And we were talking about the bulk of City Council the role of the City Council. NJ was telling me he said. You know it's important that veterans stand up and in speak out. In making sure that all of veterans are treated with respect and treated with dignity in we have an obligation to make sure that those that. Served and Thomas Whalen Vietnam veterans when they came back they were treated well. But we want to make sure that they have good quality healthcare at the VA facilities. No lithium that was important message he was talking to me last night and that's something I would focus. So on on on the Boston City Council as well. We do know food chili cook I believe worked in Queens and we're propels him to do and that was one thing that fuel is an opportunity to forward styles and for trends and I know. Over in the and so blogs from the food put up some holes and it's going to be. I'm too old for a drug treatments or medium who's a lot of who's been done and good group with. You running and stuff you brought attention to. The needs of veterans and advocating fallen. Right there yet at the house and that went up. Patriot homes across from the burger can which was the police station. It's a great facility have been involved in the process of I'm community outreach making sure that I am. Making sure that the house that it was built who has built properly it's what we're proud of that residence with proud of the AM leadership. Of the self Boston community. I was self Boston veterans played a strong role and now an all male male Walsh and congressman luncheon in others covenant they cut. They also Woody Allen Tommy Lyons to making sure that we treat all of veterans feeling you respect and that's the key issue is not is house and and you know a lot of we can do walk we can do more making sure that those coming home now. I'm have access to healthcare have access to jobs access to training access to housing as well. That's another issue here and I'm Shuler. All of us know particularly the listeners who are veterans. And when I was mayor of Boston and then became president. Of the United States con conference of mayors. I think can I spent most of my time trying to deal trying to help homeless people. The number of homeless veterans who was extraordinary. Men and dominion and came back from military combat duty. With the various. Defects problems mental problems. And they've resorted to drugs and alcohol. And I'd walk down Broadway in South Boston even when I was mayor. I was brought up to always look out for people who needed help give them a little bit of money. Pick them up take them someplace hospital pine pine street in well. In Washington. We filed the very first home spill in the country. And we got back fence to be the face. Of this bill because people have a tendency to forget. About homeless people don't season. Whenever I told us president of the mayor's whenever John McCain and I did this. Whenever senator from Arizona whenever we appeared in testified before Olympic Committee. And we came in some Ronald Reagan we too would to a prison right in this these two worries that a lot of these homeless people that are about him. Washington park. On the doors of businesses that all across America. Particularly in big cities the lot of them were veterans. And you know they need our help so part of all of bill was to provide health Kia. Medical treatment. In job counseling. It's because a lot of these veterans wanted to get back on their feet. They didn't want this life that this is what they brought back from conduct. And so this is will this challenge in my opinion still continues. Because I walked on Broadway I don't drive. So everyplace I go I walk. And I stop and I talked to the homeless people and I find an incredible number. Of them on veterans who served our country honorably. If the people ever heard what these people sacrifice. And what they contributed. For our freedom. They would be greatly idolized Don of congress. Making sure that money and services. Resource is we'll provide it. That's why just radio program I have to say is so important. Because it gets a message Althea. Two people who are concerned. That they need T hear. What the needs of veterans. That still exist opiate today you know when I was a kid when I get it graduated from. College. Whose before the Vietnam I went into the army. That it was it wasn't like but police are in Vietnam when kids came home from Vietnam nobody. Wanted to accept them welcome. They were heroes in my eyes and most of people's eyes. But we have to keep their positive message Nokia because they are worthy and deserving of our respect. Until they pass away. Mean this is America and America is better than allowing these homeless veterans to be sleeping in the cock. Should assume that we do we need to darken public life for you when you slow and nobody goods and although I do think it's that. And it would all do you know it and that we you learn. Public service from home and it's clear that we view it that that's what you learned from two because they think when you look at. What when people see those people on the street the idea that you don't want pass people or America alleyway and go away. I mean that's what America is all about and I think in her having that perspective it justice speaks volumes. You're well I think of Winfield Williams. Filed consultants provided great service to the country's callable blow them put. Him. I'm glad the secret killer. You know funds have been passed the New York currently on its. Do you Atlanta in Ireland vote taking care of people from my and that's where you know so. You're right I the only thing is that he wasn't much of a basketball play. So can I don't want to mention that. Well listen to you went to Providence backwards and then to June 2 looking trial through postal excellent digital whilst one cubs in the distant but be on you but it's not a sure I have to respond we can't. How product. Yeah I did. And we we're the national champions exactly Evans scholars and I drafted by the in BA. And heading up opportunity play in the ABA and even my weekends off from the from the remnants from the army. A plea on professional basketball and swell so. You know fuss about six foot eight. I'd be I probably still be plan for the sausage. You and I think Reynolds once. I don't think you know sold Russo below him. You know you've done so much so don't get me going now on sports now yield. That they show here you know I go crazy when people forget. Players like Bob Cousy I'll have a check and those are all heroes. Yeah its it's amazing I try to have my kids sit down one. Well doesn't put on the bruised itinerary greatest players that the ten greatest players that probably sports people here at W the hire act AO. Probably be mad at me. But how you have the picture keel O'Neil. Although Bob Cousy and John have generally able guy that if you want to come on. You know free throws just got to put it. That's how are you you you got him got a while you use a tool for enjoyment of which are model we oats the what would a gentleman's. 14. Tremendous people. Whom you know I chronic moments though politics bull bull and that was when you can actually turn Johnny most and turnarounds on TV and we're well off white parents useless and we don't broad image of being true and still rated and put on the tool would listen to the Celtics. You know that I was the globally for the books themselves like DiMarco I started in 1950 while and that was who's he's first here. And that's how I became. Who's close friend Matt affected played at a picture hanging in my wall yet the moments he had some time. It's a big picture of Bob Cousy disciplined football basketball. And it's blob coups mr. basketball's. Struggle. Does is allows game we played guess who's guiding them. Charles does brief on god yeah really that's always incidents there doesn't go to was when we don't believe it could do regional round so we could give the coombs the whole week it's. Sloan. Well and the other the other point is we talk to a great athletes that. So many of these great athletes who are also were also veterans desirable and also I was I was a teenager they had Ted Williams day. At Fenway cock in my father took me over to the ballpark. And how we had an opportunity to meet Ted Williams and Ted Williams wasn't talking to us about baseball he was talking to us multi US Marine Corps lunch. And out worldwatch Cho and that and the man he served with you and down he didn't even talk Pope baseball leaders talked about the sacrifice of on. About the veterans. And now it was unbelievable here in the stories from Ted Williams about his military service but he was. Who is he wasn't talking about his service he was talking about a whole bunch and. Jackie Robinson so Russell office. Though it's hilarious dwellers Gary Coleman's one agrees. Baseball players in the media yankees the second baseman use them. Between cooler with Ted Williams as well. I mean most of these people believe he's Major League baseball's and the forties and fifties. The wrong actions. And going anchorwoman. From the roads like some of management. And we'll go on yeah Woodson you view what do you do with the navy officer etiquette reside in the reserves as soon as a captain in the public affairs community. And you he was always very good to returning veterans as well always invited them up to them Red Sox and to watch a game but also opening up an employment opportunities while for a veterans. Assume at such an incredible moment you know it was over in Afghanistan and they had the way did the family of the unit the kids were able to go to a game. Two kids are home plate and just insisted. It's a lifetime moment you know I mean then that people think sports and and it really it's what I think it's really part of what by as a community together and I think for it for things and potentially it. They get some you can talk what he kids in and out there it's a lot of fun actually got to get together. Excellent credit that a medal to him you know them. It's it's crazy sells things have changed you know without with the athletes but also just the celebrities and an atom was passes this week in news and army veteran. Took our society now and it's you know. Because Nash in this. In all of southern who have lost site via an honest and I think that's why it. Sometimes we forget veterans of forgotten about little but because that we don't see vote. Famous veterans as often as it in for one who really had been changed matches. Baseball poets society a lot of ways as Jackie Robinson and I know you have a incredible story by Jackie Robinson known as a child. And and an excellent touch touch on that a little bit and he was an incredible story remain Menem later in life just incredible stuff. I sold newspapers. When I was a kid of them being a ball boy but I sold newspapers little breeze field. It's how my drive right here right thank about it. India and so. Here is Jackie is the media and the locker room a great field now Nickerson field field field. India I was like ten years old. And the that the whole locker room. All the kids who grumble less than waiting for the Braves to promote real targets and blood Elliot he's spanky. You know what Johnny's seen markets on on these race played in last place. And girls to Lagos who was bitten 148. There was one kid wait notes on the visitors locker room. For the into who happened to Brooklyn Dodgers. And was me. And so somebody had asked me one time in Hawaii we waiting outside of the Brooklyn Dodgers slot problem. I so we'll listen to wait for Toyota center at 143 and I could get Jackie Robinson's autograph. He was at 348. Leading the league in home runs. I mean in nine doubles and stolen bases including home home plate twice. And and so I used them and I'd go up to them and I'd say it's little kid I think mr. Robinson can I can you bank at the taxi stand on com. Pummeled them and you. Look at me and say sure kid. I'd carry his bag well that's right three weeks they dodges and back again. Back to Perry's fields and standing outside the visitor's locker room Robinson comes out and he sees me he walks of hands me the day. And I'll fight Kerry today can he you know we've got so that taxi stand you know he's put his hand in his pocket. And wanna give me a dollar. A lot of money for kids like me fan it was in the hospital for five years. So I get I I wouldn't take the go and say no mr. Robinson who listened on sick every day. And I and his little pin woods analysts on them and the 42. And so I'm done New York city's mayor and now years later. And David Dinkins is them there finally. And it's and I mean being concise and to make you could you and I could drive up salute town outside India. And Connecticut would drive up to see Jackie Robinson. It's they sure. So when it's done got some. Italian food. Went up to broke about two there was reports of Europe via and brought some food up to Jackie Robinson's wife. We set down talked to Jackie Robinson. Electable in the old days he died shortly after that there was disapproval. I just absolute. We love that you know on I'd pick a vote on the trouble with and racially in Austin and across the United States and god if they have a new cunning guy he was. And no athletes got along well with each other black and late you know you wouldn't have half the problems you have today you don't have these problems in the military. You don't have these problems than it. And professional college sports. We need more of that. No in India looked incredible stories spoon guys who were Ralph fleets they would get big money one of them had to go well written word. I don't sell insurance consultant and all went so they could re waiting to be average Perot some agreement one removed you can warm multi million U funerals hero and Ralph Ryder. For the home run pitch to know Robby Thompson who had worked at night driving a cab you know. And she's like a robot. Like filed. Would take console would. Over the do you blue room with the Braves were demoted was deployed image of these home improvements between. Red Sox from the borders some stuff the hopefuls were squared too personal. And equipment should lead to slow recently what are you still wouldn't work that puts well. Steve and me could don't should soon you know sold some stuff from. Two soldiers were communal and those where Coleman school from what you would give Buick water. So hopefully I guess are playing high school he put what do very high school in the Boston Garden of the old Texan running and we don't championship he was also. A wonderful guy and let him get a lot of work for the team held on a lot of minutes Leo kids who gave back these these professional athletes. Really gave activists this city temple wanted to. We moved Cuban considered once again before and freedom which is Cuban and mark fumble on the good of receive them essentials one. As we Brooklyn sort that we go through and take a quick break and you listen to sound from the tail and succeed. And. We won't know. Welcome back since the world record to run the segment went to scotus but for some sort of lessons for. But from some your family soon. I wanted to work no one's told you problem from Pulitzer crew removed and Sunday July 2 drug war Clark so. So he won't be wary of their passing old students to one of your mom erode veterans slew. And wounds or from 1954. From 1975. For an. The so Ramon who won't tell them. Framing him of the metro once reaching nutrients of forward headquarters. Of the huge yet I'm veteran. Stood out to slash more reward in front of a Cuban missile. And who don't need you old. The fifteen. Win and from Framingham. Zero once opened zero total and again. It's a cool Clark on slumping towards our current. So we destroyed in the senate until. Months alone. Give an opinion actually do so morning which. Was stolen so it's something you shall and shall. Additionally I'm going coverage you would well. What and who opened health care news sugar. For a call when. Ten. One it Slobodan Sullivan true true true. It through yet it's open to world completely application form and you helped to rule will fall. What a fun go do you. For so with a news who call one in fool fool. And it's true true and so when three slocum. Though it's a world record true on talk to next week. What about this. Sweeney and they were chewing my. Rain and Ed Flynn and at his run for city council for district to the city of Boston you can find out more. On FaceBook this book club at Flint for City Council and on Twitter it's a vote Ed Flynn so check those out and find out when he's up to. But we want a tough one moron subject before we go to and I. And it didn't. What were concerned on the show we've talked about a few times well some of the suburban municipalities are opting out of civil service and veterans preference so wanted to get some of your thoughts on I'm kind of goes along we'll talk promote the show so. Vehemently. I know the importance of you know treating alum returning veterans with respect and dignity following their deployment. But that also includes making sure that they have access. Jobs they have access to employment and training. At access to educational benefits. I know I know a lot of these suburban towns are trying to take themselves on of these civil service. Structure but I think that's that's a ways to to wanted to on veterans preference unfortunately. In July I see these returning veterans coming back home. And from from service and they want to they wanna still stay active they want him they wanna be involved they want to continue to make a contribution to the city. To this state in the country. I'm proud of them there a lot of my friends and there are and they wanted want to live civil service who wanna get onto the police department. They wanna they want to get on the fight a common. And I know these suburban towns are not doing a lot of veterans. A service by watering down veterans preference. I think it's important to treat all of our veterans with respect in which dignity. In fact I was with my father Memorial Day were over the salt and at the the Puerto Rican veterans memorial. Now with Tony Molina and Hymie Rodriguez. And you know Baylor they were asking me that same question how can we make sure that Al returning veterans. Coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan have access to. Jobs. And access to a healthcare access to employment up to opportunities educational opportunities. And so I think this there's a role for all of all of all veterans to play but also society. Must. Must get involved in the issue to even if you not a veteran in weigh in on the issue. And you know stand up for all of veterans because all of veterans always will be a furlough for all countries well. When you do or from my point of view. It's somewhat of its religious argument for people say what's the woman managed. Veterans preference and the reason behind Edwards today. We know the less than 1% of the country and so river in the military or. And why all of go one puts on its common thread are concerned and we want a big wigs and fire here Ford's. And all that's not that many. So you don't real immediate can a woman for veterans preference you need to. Give those folks who spent 3456. Views from the military. They're here to bid tool in the as the winds of one drug transport for instance created to try and hope lovable Plainfield. And yet. Way you know. Guns and then and then he served. You know into the Davis face and once you get divorce in the fire department the police department as he was just moved me. This wasn't this was a big. Issue up for debate. Before the war because it when a lot of people coming home. And Iraq and it and it rockets are still going on you wanna get to avoid the girl on the fire department please from a but I think going back to having that perspective avenue veteran. In the political round being able to Tennessee wait a minute this isn't. This isn't. This because the deal is this is calling people up what it is and we're having that perspective it known that these people when they go away what they sacrifice time away. Right in and they've they sacrifice civil he has and also their families did as well this frequently on. Went through some difficult times during during that period and even when a veteran we trends it's still difficult on the family. And it's important to acknowledge them and support to make sure that all of military families are always treated feeling. And in what respect and and I think we need to do a better job making sure that returning veterans are appreciated. And have access to VA medical Kia. Employment opportunities job training opportunities. In to make sure that counseling services are available to the veteran into military feelings as well. You know from way down. From the prior. Tackle standpoint. When I was mayor of Boston and said he heard this story the other day we're at a coffee shop. Don't even Jamaica Plain it's a it's a place where a lot of and people formally from Cuba or Puerto Rico. Have their coffee he has around good people live in the neighborhoods and we people. Well this one police officer came in any loses deputy superintendent of police. Some really achieved Vieira. Came as the first deputy first Hispanic deputy superintendent of police in Boston. Now let me tell you this guy had an impressive record in the military he was disciplined. He had courage. He's he's he's he's here. Played by the rules. I mean isn't that what you want right on the police to battle where it is now would you want in the fight about when you want that kind of training. In discipline. I mean never already done this this isn't some kid that's coming out of the out of college and who just left the fraternity party somewhere. This kid his already. Contributed. And so. I would go out of my way that's why I wanted to on the police department and who I want it on the five of that I wanted veterans. And I wanted people disappoint in character is that what you want. If I was going to come in public someone would start you know appropriate for a month so I would nobody gonna present anymore and had experience not exactly. And on on a whole different no. I wanna say in my rewards or we will school review she won't will be in New York. But. Our hope to take corona queens loosen up and are hopeful we from Boston in the news. I forget what's the name in the book. Fourth and I. With the foot you what's the name is at the may have fled port of Boston named after him after my father and also named after my my grandfather. Who was a longshoreman in that area. He worked how does adopt orca. And proud proud of my grandfather as well so we'll proud of what my father did as as the mayor building up that point or also a proud of these longshoreman that all around. Also it exactly right that's what I wanted to hand the port named in the Iran because it was the first entry ports to the United States if he was standing in Europe. And you looking over the United States first port of entry would be America. You know as a kid. Ice passenger ships coming into the port to Boston rate went from sport. And I saw hundreds and conduits of caskets. Being taken out those ships. And then all men women. Who had died. In Vietnam India and Europe runs and I as a little kid whose work and now. As a little kid this in 1944 and 1945. I can see all of those ships that CEOs caskets. Draped in American flags. You know I kind gold idea. Down here at the waterfront no matter what's gone on when I don't think of that today those days. And that memory lingers with me forever. And now I look at it dances Rafe when cruise port you know they could name any imply a stable enough to me. That this is this is more meaningful as it's as far as I'm concerned I'm. I'm associated with heroes of America however returning to cease military veterans groups that are out of. Well we'd love music. That it thank you for having us and it's one wish my father happy Father's Day and all the fathers and happy Father's Day and I'm proud of my two children as well and proud to be a father on this on this important day. Absolutely we had a wrap it up Trombley over the wanna echo that sentiment and no. Then say that because there all the father isn't and wanna make sure that we think. Both men Flynn and it flipped her off for coming on the show on. Great stories that I it was a really good. And no last plug for the FaceBook it's at Flint for City Council and on Twitter it's voted for and that district it's distrust too. It district to solve Boston's Chinatown insults and and sent several pots of Boston and also. If anyone needs to reach me directly. My phone number 6178208571. That's myself on. Call me anytime if you need any help and support veterans and it yet again myself on a 6178208571. And I'm I'm here to help out anyone needs any help. I'm great thank you and I don't see many people don't know they're number there are ways thought causes something. But yeah I think thank you again. Thank you goes for off the coast and you and it's all those of you were listening we're veterans as well differently members thank you for your service to our great country. On counselor when you listen to sound off from the BR KO pain and succeed it was the Boston. You've been listening to send out on WRK. A shill for veteran. What is that well. Visit Rick yeah.