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Welcome to sound out. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. Rick Betancourt the VA guy at the mortgage network visit Rick mortgaged dot com. It was less than point 5% of the US population actively serving in the military standoff gives a veteran perspective. On what's happening in Massachusetts. It was the sound off on help from all walks of Michael who feel free and it makes our enough for you when we talk about a couple of things that are very unique too long. Springtime in Boston Jon Stewart's remarkable book the Red Sox opening day as best we can rhetorical bootable Boston Marathon saw. Who appear excited and ready for that John. Are phenomenal talkative slow signal favre's the most advanced duffel when signal foreign. Change in the C is its own way and that may actually come to double anymore I would slowed younger remind tune was always. Merrill foreign to you in the Red Sox play him always oppose such a greater deterrent quotes from counseling to great things. But the you have opened 11 injured five to three million Swinton looked good look and good. Yeah at any point in Boca the young more punitive view intended to three run home page. Well you know it's a senate vote on and Juventus is that he is actually still vulnerable from the American League with enough ammunition to see him play enough last year so yeah. He's he's done. He's he's on the short list of all favorites 21 the American League rookie of the year so. That's it's kind of exciting I mean if this has Nomar Garciaparra won it you know and no 19 DA and the individual they want it so it's not as pretty good company. And I spectrum who saw it soaring to one of our current Q were slow so what the mood. Yeah normally do good third Cold War Americans want him we'll talk to no ball ploy it was woman's draft of. Yes some of those prospect. Magazines have him highly rated. So John you know we did the slash of I think it's it's time to do it again wouldn't we're gonna pick RO. We were gonna go through the Red Sox are in line for opening day of pick on who want an arm our points don't salute what do you think their job. Allred shall we start. Through scarf with the you know a platoon sergeant are accompanied commitment. Or you wanna do that you know I'm wondering are you are. We won't he sort of it. You have some adults with him. Do I have a lot of doubts don't do particularly when it comes the mere mention you're pitching staff and should be someone would be good about tiger's view was that the Red Sox pitching coach. You know. I expected more from him and that is not a very good in game manager Carl. He's had affairs with reporters. Well he's one knowing all the the united. That the way they each they've come in last couples you know you have two or three years ago. If you're good energy use don't do that and we talk about Bill Belichick called time you know it that he doesn't have hit a 511 season other than his first season here. So pumped I'm start out the TARP from going down time so much time concern. With him are kind of like get in starting off we already you have some injuries were booed the approaching stove wood through the toward jazz and I've got a lot of commitments and how how. How do you have so many injuries. On your pitching staff. And the pre season right in spring train 66 weeks of pre season never come and NATO summit and they only got some well some of the pitches a c'mon said that you know I guess that their shoulder. Offseason work out routine is saw as more intensive than some other teams so that some people are blaming Napa come on you know I mean. I have one player a little bit too if they don't know her own body but Barnes if or when it's more than one player and right now you've got it. Three or four with these serious concerns yeah. The only David David Price is an elbow but you know yup that's not what I mean this is we're talk well opening day and then the first week of the year and we weren't. Not good John Maher who has naslund who knew him knew after the war. Put the new employee were responsible. The TARP promotes the outcome about OJ where do we get to be young W right now salutes old PT. The other at all what does sonar search queries how old drug lord of the proper mile long and troubled west. So should we slick would you have coaching staff couldn't seem as we forward. I'm sort of broke the U injuries quicker we can go pitching staff amino. This oats we will start with. You know this is kind of a funny thing is is who was the ace on the Red Sox. He'll work for so but the start. Rightfully so I don't but nobody was so young blood weren't exactly examples come on oil from record. View room and Jews who did pretty well war while before it opened salon. Sullivan Bloomberg Bryant. But no IRA. I don't I mean he should be looked opening day starter. Yet you went cy young and he was on the team last year. So I think those are two big pieces but you though there are a lot of people that you know Chris Sale probably is the better pitcher of the through. But this being as per share in Boston. Com you know he wasn't delays but to Ghana. At least one of the teams in the Major League Baseball he would be in a so. Theo whoa whoa what will stick with the if you if you want recourse sell it. You can tell them I'm an important one billion wrong. Who do and I've been sour on him well you don't you want to own them Dallack it is going to be consoles than to do so. You know. Through a number ones who can blow. In the cereal and Clinton's what you Syria at the keys to one of the human race at the Albert C news one point ones whom. Yeah I mean I have some concern as a result two years ago when he was pretty bad ms. Fisher or Boston but you know that is the thing that happens is some of these. These players is even so with David priceless share. Yes wonder how much level rule transfer to maybe Chris Sale of if he's gonna have any problems starting here. But I mean also came from Chicago so it's not like that it's a city that that lets their players get away it would everything you know there's some good deal of the two. But on yard kick off the tick Purcell. As well. Because their eyelashes you showed me a lot IL little bit attitude and a non. Iliad the most most importance. Style and sports and that's games played. You know he even misses start unused consistent and you know without what all these injuries in the bullpen and and and starting rotation already. What it would and it's consistency. Over Ernie is someone that that eats up innings so law. You know he looks like you'll be of that giant and now Chris Sale should be that guy toast so it all taken into because spillover of crazy eyes. I'd like that million and once the Yankees yeah I don't I lord I don't know anyone who has been on out of some light you don't want to move. Put them on the portal yup spend you know I think it's. With Dave Ortiz retiring and David Ortiz by the way John is I think the past Red Sox player of all time. Arms so tough to fill that void of knowledge that's horrible time for the Red Sox but also just that personality. The only took a lot of the attention. You know when things were going bad you know took a lot of pressure off the other guys. Maybe cell can kind of hold that that position. Young that is some that they got desperately need I think. You know they have had a pitcher. You know that that's that's. Then as entertaining. Yeah maybe showing up but definitely Pedro Martinez. You know and that's. That's a good thing to have enough. Well Obama aborted and we've used to put these are two storm and it's palpable on. But he is closer closes all of a little bit is what did he wasn't until the end he was gone. Yeah it's the chemicals swim or forwards are equals a room and open. You remember. Why can't I think of his name simply could lose and you and I haven't SARS kids kids have been on our goes effects stupid slightly. He puts his arm around in ninety degree. Angolan. Looks those slow due to normal. Apartment was yup the 98 maybe nine mile pole award for gospel and it is clicking more Barack. And then he tried in world. You'll. Should not change. Curve ball. In the didn't have the control panel. Too insular concerns Liu and April but it's an open. Stocks were close for a small elements that Craig Kimbrel. And I can go out. And you'll destruction. And. Can't give pilots to battle stance he does. I can't stand. But he is very good closer they do have some concerns about oncologists. I don't know fees. Quite tough enough he's evil couple saves last year. Not not that horrible but he did. He did have some close calls. You know I'll clean innings out of got out of it goes there exactly but you can't get a Shrek oh and you need one that's an you don't very important tree out of a out of a closer. You know with the the Red Sox to trade formally give local prospects so. You know there's a lot of lot of pressure but he did come off offer of Goodyear last year self. You know you may not be my most I deal picked but. He's all right we went. We have what 25 men on the roster. Yeah I believe it's with what they saw I was and what they expand and I drew a certain someone slowed a little tweet foreign. We you know a welcome. Move bundle slots. Who not seems high. In the wondered if but. Reality it to a whole lot of players that did have for all our years what other teams obviously you really don't making him the term there is it won't won't won't. Are you here it was very good you defensively and offensively a little concerned about on. But Mitch Moreland. You know kind of filling a role. From Hanley at first base of that in their marriage can go beat TH. You don't have to fill and the void of you know Jonathan mentioned again the best player Red Sox history Dave Ortiz. Home. Mart board and one out in the the reason being signaled it would go over call and sharp while Seoul. What happened is I do once the ball below the 25 million obstacle 11 yard completion pro league rules to it's RH on our kind of our topic of debate on all right all because Seattle area and doodle oil fields what would I love that loyalist someone who only visited some of their Sean what is a war veteran and looked exactly but you know doing it's over it's about the race there John. But the on the right side up and that was that hole when I got up from the Peru choose who you. Pitch roots do you you know movies. Moon. Through. Food and the vote and come so book big property today and and you slaughter foot garden right slot for glide. How important I was at that point in time and how he brought all that for instance to. They'll really promote movement in the consoled and these salutes. Right there were a fan boy. It seems block content chaos came to you know you can't say what he said he can't repeat that you can't. Play out that this well this is our city. And I at all and slow he was tools forego them amenities and you know and then one million to oppose. We were on the dark cold swim team me and stop them go to our forward we're book. The finish line and slow for news amid a Zynga is. Yeah home in his stuff we're going to be minutes I was hoping that shown up for open. Only in Hollywood at the other rumors Alia that is gonna come back and play and our knives like Doug gross here. Open ended two for Tom Brady and. Oh and resilient and I was somewhat patriots wasn't sandals to run around frolic and just looks like oh you were when I act after the show. And just runaround right in the right feel well then out the plan looks so stupid and on Red Sox fan out there and so door keying corny but I Mandela's amid some answers when did you feel more assured for a pair of shoulders and gosh there's a new level liberal wing Republican on the senate John. But you know speaking of all that I would I do wanna. Get to law. To all of the Boston Marathon. Boston bombings cellphone because you and have. A special guest you know that Diana. Wrote wrote the book that inspired. Inspired the movie ended up book is Boston show on the city's child overture IG. So long it would take a quick break right now and general going to be back with Jon Casey Sherman of the authors. So you know I don't want to set you listen to sound off in the New York you know I am succeeding the voice of Boston. Welcome back to sound a little cohost on the field for its view from our studios in race in Massachusetts and on the phone. As I mentioned before we took that quick break we don't want the authors of Boston's strong city's triumph overture edgy. Guy's name is Casey Sherman while welcome to showcase. Are out. So we wanted to you know do we have so many questions I read I read the book com Boston shot and it became will be pitchers that is so assault assault of mom. Would be to John enough. You know forgive me if you heard this on before but the book was will put them movie that you ones. And I appreciate it Rebecca you know them in the book so much broader future story then in the dome did and so we're very proud of the book but you know there are elements of the movies that. Are quite profound as well but I tell anybody that really want to get a full understanding of what happened not only would the manhunt. But behind the scenes of the survivors would be keywords in the first responders. It's better to a couple of bought the straw in. And isn't it ridiculous amount what happened. Yeah out of dust settling for sure around. You know a lot of things in the book I had forgot about but I happened on center with the movie and then you get reminded of but there were two things on in the book that. Com you know that certainly weren't a movie that like to go to a little bit more in depth was. On the first is he you guys that are pretty good chapter early on talking about the bombers. How they that their family was kind of a you know regular Islamic family living in America. And then the mother gut radicalized. And their father kind of disorder of a little bit and you know the book and really I mean the movie really only two cuts on enough he could not talk to us a little bit about that I mean it's has some information knighted. I never really. Hurdle before. Surely there's this sorry I didn't do cadet in the father. Came over from. Our church is Pakistan except her and they were very westernized. Koppel when they came over. The mother did not address is a crucial Muslim woman did was actually kind of punk rocker armed you know what you first came over really trust. Extravagantly wore a lot of make up. After 9/11 she began to radicalize. Actually the lady Macbeth in the sole. Shakespeare tragedy if you will. She radicalized curse on camel that camel and got to the mastermind of this Islamic ought. He would never sent out to be a jihadist. He wanted to be a member of the US boxing team the Olympic park in that was his American Eagle in order to represent the United States. And when he wasn't allowed to your dad when it wants. Bunker hill community college for example and had no real options. That's when his mother was really able to free on his psyche. And and and turn him and that's and the father wears are very hard driving boxing coach. Literally live vicariously through subtle watered his son to be the champion that he never was. And when those dreams were realized. The mother really overtook fatherly role outsold was much more domineering over the failure from the father was a couple let's stop. The father moves back to his homeland a mother stays in Cambridge. And accepts her site on her eldest son to radicalize them to make him a martyr and that's exactly what you get. Beyond that there was I was very interest and it to read that and then you know you have everything now we're talking about you know. Immigration bands and so forth it was very interest. And on the other part I want a job until. Which is close at the end of like which wasn't personal but it will be is that. A lot of the victims. Got together and one on a trip or to Europe com so I thought that was pretty interesting he going to battle over. Yeah sure my cooperative word that we were the only journalists invited on. Killing Kreutz or 100 survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings six months after the attacks. This was that a trip that was sponsored by a local Boston travel agency called. It's a lot world trouble they spent a million dollars to take these people away because they they that. You know that in order to he'll say you know the survival earlier on each other and couldn't do that in the hospital masseuse earlier of the rehab. Facility or any of the dozen or you know dozen or so. Distributed. Or being held every weekend unit in Iraq this was a chance to go to the south branch. One of the most beautiful areas to the world and to to create friendships and decree on and that's what these survivors. It would each other summit to recognize. One another from the rehab facility but didn't really know their backgrounds and over the course eleven days in France. You'll really guard you armed. Discover who they were these other people work inquiry a friendship that. Still exist for the state for example one of the women we. Right to vote in Boston stronger name is Michelle what room she was. Severely injured the first bombing attack outside miracle sports. On the finish watch almost lost her leg almost lost her arm and had more than a dozen surgeries. She met this other woman on the crew is her name is. Sabrina dollar rose Sabrina. We're sitting on the mailbox in front form where's your cursor and I dropped the backpack filled with explosives had she not been sitting on her mailbox. She would have either been killed or lost. While these two women don't know achievable political ruse state. Become friends in the cruise. And they've become best friends my showroom just had her first child and liberators the godmother of that child so we're talking about. People rooted on French ships and that's all the strength of these survivor community that. I think obviously lost on the movies music and focus on the you really get a sense of that from our book. Yeah and from my perspective the veterans for some for some of those people is the first time they'd been in a crowd since the bombing and you know just from that aspect I think there was a lot of healing. To be done. Vanilla so you know I mean there there were some you know intense moments in France and the support petroleum don't attack obviously before the attack on the backlog. So there was an issue or at least a year that. The word about district would get out the terrorist would know where all these Boston Marathon survivors were and who would then it would have been very easy. So you know to quote unquote finished job and they go and that so there was some you know those kinds of plans but ultimately it was loud and incredibly healing. Experience for the. Death down. Certainly seemed like I was it was nice redone the book as I really had never denied that anything like that happening so. You know just that Tibet to backtrack a little bit more what inspired. YouTube to go out and and it and to tell this story and you know we're. We you guys concerned. You know we've heard some people would with in terms of the would be. Saying that it was to resent and that it brings up a lot of bad memories so we you know what what what's your take on. Sure glove and I'll talk about the book written on film. I'd never set out to read a book about the Boston Marathon bombing. You know I was just coming off of an international best seller cult finest hours which is also now it's huge. Movie star correspondent is here like. That's a story Gloria an amazing Coast Guard rescue off Cape Cod and out looking for another hero stories tall. I watched the Boston Marathon and bombings unfolded over but he did. And the last thing ordered you write about it because. As a lighter. Especially right or nonfiction history I do need that they historical perspective in order to get the story done correctly. So. About a week after the bombing. You know talk radio host like yourself. Started to discuss Lowell who's gonna ultimately tell the story and selling mining and got brought up again and again and again if you Sherman has the equipment central spot monopolies are about the Boston strangler case. He's written about you know that is incredible Coast Guard Pete except where he should feel. And I was approached by a publisher and they were trying to get me to focus on a story that really was. Cern I have driven meaning focus solely on Leo perpetrators of these crimes. And I are federal and interest. I'm interest and are the people that ran through the smoke and fire with one sole purpose which was save lives. The media that correlated between what I just gone through the finest hours Stewart's on the world history consider I'd be very proud to tell that school. And I got together with Michael offered Dave wedge it was a reporter that the Boston Herald and covered. This story on the ground. In Watertown and incredible. Well firefight happened to insert my Brothers and a Watertown police he also low in order oil and street. Hours after the bombs went off Soviet a real reporter's instinct. As to the inaugural players work and we had a great relationship working together on this on this very important. Book in hand and subject to our member. We sat down with. Family of sharp color on colored neglected police officer. There was literally assassinated by the science. And that we get it over and Malia walked in there my approach was and I didn't wanna hear much on collared police officer. Because technically the book at Boston Globe for the Boston Herald. Or any other magazines or newspaper I wanted to know which on the person. And for the next several hours Safina will relate these incredible stories about what an amazing young man this guy lots. And that you know we were able to create this. You know fully developed character of Shawn in the books so that when he uses. I'll slaughter like he was. Drew reader really feels as opposed and while it's at least a surrogate that he that the line of duty. Now there was a there was an absolute deacon white extinguished. When mr. Annan proposed solution man. And we wanted to make sure that all of this past. Beats. Were recognized in terms Berkshire collier's. You know what he was able to do the very short period of his life. I think you'll continue long and so we're very proud to tell those hero stories of people from up to us and say you know what it's it's. It's two to court for a a book like it is especially movies. As I understand I feel I lost my mind in the Boston tried to shoot the youngest and final bit. Of that notorious 1960s murder spree. Nineteen your ordinary cell battery investigated that case. That's solid you know came to prominence films made on that it's like get a bag it was sensitivity years. But I say if you don't just read the book. And as you know if you still feel that way if you read the book and read about these incredible heroes and if you're not aspire to have you read it. And I hope they got on my job you know. I absolutely respect the sensitivities of people out. The movie is kind of you know the same thing I'll LB and on stale now you're. Physically seen but you know books all he saw you know only have a certain bandwidth or so reached. For an audience movies where. Shell all over the world and they released raised a new level of attention socialism it is in an epic film. Ultimately you know I submissions would lose some of the lines of dialogue in the field includes equity ultimate purpose of the film is sick and inspiring itself. Accent down at the world premiere of patriots they live. That survivor community and and they need a lot of the movie very appreciative of what filmmakers that. Well I'm an Oscar this year you know it is a subject we've had on on the shelves on number of times all you know when people done. Upset about book the movie being news books being read and it was veterans I mean I'm an Afghanistan veteran I've had to watch it on it's my choice and but there are many many movies based off Afghanistan and you know I have to sit there and and you know sometimes it replaced some some dark memories and sometimes. You know I just that they are about how it's not accurate so I mean it's this is something if it's it's beyond just you know the Boston Marathon loving it's it's open. It's a personal decision prohibitive record it I understand it more so than probably most writers what it's like to lose somebody you can't get I think that's. Why you know many people letter writers vote are willing to open up. To me specifically because I understand that you know I'm an apathetic to what they go to I don't look at them as. You know some type of marketing or narrative tool. These people that are really care about the and gateway economical off early and then raising money for the survivor community. For well over you know three and out here is we're gonna continue to do that because we want people to remember that Arab on Monday is every day for these survivor. You know people think about the marathon you know actually anyway it's only when I went and Hanover street exploits. Al Boston at a little bit you know it's always in the news but. You know people go along with their lives and assured that it shouldn't be you know trapped in a period of time but these survivors are. Physically and mentally and we wanted to. Recognize that. Make sure that the public at large understand that and that they and that we all have a responsibility. Can these people are moving toward. Own. Drummer Dover and I have a couple questions or dose requirements and one. The fact that the mobile we're such. You can launch a third due to meet her sons' lives. Is there any responsibility. And we go responsible. Good shoe you have it's funeral for rattle. Them. You know well and these initial never returned to the United States because there's an outstanding warrant for her arrest for shoplifting. So it looks like did it vulgar. And edit all few years ago but. She you know that was the blood that. Of those victims there are on her hands allies and retake the mother and I take the other major female. Component to this were true capital. It's terrible concern I have like who is lives we have every once I have two sisters in New Jersey. They're already taking a gamble together armed shoot. Wearing. Very you don't intend. Basically in in a very tiny apartment where the FBI found bomb making Olympic. Now I'm sorry I don't believe that she didn't have had any idea what her husband and what. His brother show car were up and Richard Ford do about that week we were able to touch on that more on the film then we were in the in the book. Because the film can't pick dramatic license and in you know in. Certainly paints picture that may mean a lot of happened the book we have to stick your what was the facts. That will be available to lots of times and because there gag order on occasion because. Your cursor and or mistrial would not. Happened yet you know a lot of that information we did we were not particular time. What during the second reduce your own what do you think we've learned from a slow news. In the movies do a show of Mark Wahlberg. Two wins more on award do or where it's marks a bold. Pollen. Low from scooping them. Try to. I didn't write that monologue on what they'll block are you going to I don't I got a little got a little new to me like that book. You know it's the mood consulates in what they would weren't born don't eat them. Or you know I always. Thank you know so much good. Does come out of the hashes from from. You know certain levels of eight. I mean I think that's what Google is all about you see John who's the book and we'll see how these survivors. Came together and continued to come together. You know it's not that it doesn't have to be described in the Mark Wahlberg monologue you can physically see. Can understand that in a way that most people also I think that anytime a you know a tragedy with all the communities you know it's it's important to recognize what. Bostonians didn't. And didn't do in the you know. Five days after the Boston Marathon mom. I think it's it's a city that came together probably. Unlike any other city in in the United States what. I include New York City that you. So they're often very tribal community. And even though you get certain neighborhoods that have their short disagreements over time. When a foreign invader. Meaning if it's the British right dollars and 775. Or future in Brothers and PepsiCo's thirteen. The community who bought it bought and band together and naturally wanted to lessons that I artwork. Over a bunker I am researching and learning about the slow particular incident. Well that's a little jewels before moved from you Timor on. We would talk on the globe David Ortiz we talked about the road sorts and we have the most workable they've Ortiz and we do mention. Call at Fenway Park. Backward of the W the ball on and his team Mo and stood due rents are the pro pro. Listens CW funeral in the. Except that you know noir and all have a contract. Hunt himself out of clearly give up field for the rooted when did mention how it's those Boston on mirage on news shrewd some of Arnold. Slow and you know it's released a compliment them in the in the pro. I like you know I mean you know there's this sport being in this in the city literally you know embraced. Survivor community the record here that picture that definitely does that isn't overly emotional. A moment that happened it was actually the first. Professional. Sporting event after the marathon bombings and it was about a girl games. Tampa Boston Garden running around court these. You know singer sang the national that every every game. You know. Again this thing that saying that ballot that's and standard and couldn't get there because crucial emotional in the entire garden crowd. Would democracy and finished. Finish the National Anthem and you can find it on YouTube does is it didn't give you chills and responsive and you're not human. An amazing moment that people come together. I was a blue books that I feel like that was like the Wednesday night after the bombings and the these guys is that we had no idea who they whoever they're still largest polish are all there this is by the first public event since the marathon. You know people were concerned and and you know it went on and then apple happened. That was pretty unbelievable. They're just gonna devote a court order to win manages to reflect and every year roared through. The vote on February 19 the purples political soap suitable treatment. We still love six supplies rose from Iwo jima. And remand comes some sings them shall implement and every one loves animals. And he would come. They've reiterated that the group of there at the right thing to do you know what I do on iTunes. I have putt that's a quick break arsenal that's at tiles from the sound of American you know I am succeed it was a Boston. He will conduct this is the world according to July. The sudden we discuss them for instance Muslims for veterans from the field. Today. And we have a special counsel on crucial for instance Truman remarkable book is redundant applause from Poland Obama. News for some people employed Bloomberg who was. Pulls from notes to us from the wanna walk. What people in the old that a few to experience an informal polls from an extra should control our contact with so it's three minutes 617. 2105. Subbing for three or contact of the medical center. And you would oh one's some assumptions that the world according truant talked him. But the facts are tough on health at all it's like the post on to overeat and you can sound off to less if you don't sound. Fun for viewers you know I you know comment as well as FaceBook and Twitter is sound off of the York help. And a world where our studio we have a special call and his name's Casey Sherman hero Boston's strong on the city's triumph over tragedy. With Dave wedge which became the movie would Mark Wahlberg. Patriots today so long. Here's CN you know. What we talked to habitable. About the boss a strong book but we wanna hear a little little bowyer. Working on now what your future projects are. Appreciate that I would get through a big project that we're working on right now the first is a book and film. Called ice but to challenge obviously that's the story of Pete previous speaker it is as the former Boston College Baseball captain that was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease twice as usual. Any use what would have been a death sentence. To create a social media campaign to change the world and that's exactly what he did. It's got very similar themes to my books finest hours in Boston's strong because it shows how people can come together. Or the common purpose of doing something good. You know and and a country now where. Everything is being torn apart on the basis and cut between Puerto fault lines gender lines except they're. This is a story that sure knows how people tend to be drawn together and are 150 countries around the world. That's its partners but the challenge. Raised 220 million dollars for airless researcher and a hopefully will culminate in the European eventually cure for this dreaded diseases that started with one man from Beverly Massachusetts. And it is what it then it's really powerful story the book comes out October. We're working on film right now so hopefully we'll be sure he got here and Massachusetts. And to go to McCain. Marla so that's incredible amount. On John Nam illness and so Tom Brady book club on on analyze the case and Harold political eat. Yes and it's its operating what installed we've partnered with. Screenwriters that I worked with on the finest hours on patriots stated also. Her date. Oscar nomination for their work of the fighter of the dead no Boston's stories. And our story is obviously you know the incredible comeback victory at Tom Brady and Super Bowl but really focuses on. What you've gone through in the deflate ski start here in 90% of the public does not know about and it's a little amazing gripping story. Although other jobs quote I am doing anything occurred to to care one Mandela. No reason behind it are. A very interest again I don't wanna give away too much about. The project Larry Albert go it's as much a courtroom drummer leaders there an incredibly inspirational sports board I think. I think that you know the public surely gonna analog. Of our were huge poverty fans we've talked about. Above the with a flaky and everything. I ad nauseam on on this show and you know just a mythic accused and it's going to be a long lasting story about. You know basically at which content and how Tom Brady is he's one through suitable since the accusations first began. Can sign up for. Probably focus on all the unsung heroes that you don't read about. You know lawyers defended operated at a Lowe's moments. Or is that work for the NFL players association. Either you know that's number is over in. So we're really gonna get into the nitty gritty here and it's going to be about here percent of much about Tom Brady's. You know rise fall or you're in the public. Divorce law are. You know the national media trying to a grocery industry it was smear campaign and but ultimately redemptions in the suitable and all he does that people around him that lit him up as close moments. That's going to be an incredible story to tell them and last but not least there's another book coming out. Later this year it's well above and beyond it and it's. You know vote to have a Cuban missile crisis and president Kennedy's role in a and it really focuses not only on the young president like to YouTube violence is over reconnaissance. That work. Gaining evidence of Soviet missile buildup in Cuba in 1960 it was the closest that other world that would come to thermonuclear war. But it's a very commits who were you. You control that you know gigantic geo political. Chess match as its. I'm so we're really excited about that we just finished cynical I thought is that all of my. Co op or from the finest hours as our follow up to the finest hours and it's a very highly anticipated book. Little incredible incredible. But some some really good stuff fall. You know I think John's going to be probably. Can't tell offer want to tolerate people themselves then you are a blown assignment for proper word mound. Are all all all of the net although it they you just. Nevada the only if you if you guys the way guys are talking about it is you know I think that what may be losses. For the for the common union workers the whole Tom Brady case hurt them a lot. You know or that the the court says. Use your boss can can make the accusation can be the the neutral arbitrator I think condition of the penalties. And now all that's that they don't want to do. The trial and you know on appellate court agreed on you know. A boss can do that to a union markers so until it. There and we're right on the senate more it's as much slower boat you know do. Well battle between corporate America earned labor unions unions hesitated torn in the battle between patriots in the Atlanta Falcons. All of this is going to be your little powerful story that I think. You know everybody Tom Brady then it would don't. You know would at least like him I mean I think everybody admires and didn't quite. You know there whoever got people actually like him more than I have manatee and am now Leo is mark vital it is Tom Brady. She when he looks in the mirror I don't think he sees the multi millionaire the guy that won five super doubles. There's merit to a supermodel result watched I think he sees that. Sixth round draft pick 199. From the draft he's always been an underdog people kind of forget that about him. I think that's that your carried on the show what's. Make him successful. You know you can call it should think you have to issue a ruling a bunched enough. Quarter Burke. Still so we'll see. Here's what can I learn highly coveted recruit Michigan is never. Fully given. You know out of the starting role delay his senior year. Old up a great victory over Alabama and our goal of he thought here is going to be drafted pretty six. Quarterback went before and again it took it to start over. It's you know we're also gonna get into that much of a Roger Goodell what kind of guy he is as little publicity. At the top birdies so it's really going to be here very complex. Arms or. Now line and we sought to show us greens they're modern revival line you know senators' side and I think Roger Goodell. Not only is that true love him but he certainly. You know I think that's always written for him. We're gonna have to view complete article on its market opens on rodeo pork. Yeah and I happen to America as. Again you know when themselves and a child comes out and October and that's going to be a major major corporation on earth you're going to be blown away are the power. Of one man and one animal can have. It's really uplifting inspiring story over the slow ultimately. You know we wanna tell. They're the most important court. That is great and don't you know we have to wrap up unfortunately. Casey's thank you so much for her for coming on the shown up. No thank you for putting. Some of these stories the paper I mean misses in the Traficant the Sony Boston based stories that are national right now and you know all the you know when you think what even given this. We're very fortunate. Historic dollars and Reuters. The live in an area where you have these incredible stories that unfold. You know I'm basically had sincerely gracious about. But as a kid you know such too cute blue. You know what's fact or fiction get to the heart of the story and restoring an irate as that beating heart Stewart you understand that. So number crowd could be you know sharing the stories of audiences around the world and after look at my mission. Cancel the thank you guys for doing go you know bust a lot would vote for Tom Brady book sales and Atlanta on buffalo and new York and Philadelphia. Saint Louis Carolina's. Now alas all good though that the word when the students either their position it in and out like upgrading to name his compatriots. Like you you know everybody loves a story and everybody captivated by it so I think that's up to you know. Ourselves that the writers to really capture that to make it universal story of the show. Yeah unsung hero that don't live in Boston Portland and Washington DC new York and other places I knew something was wrong and stood up. By that civilians particularly chances and you know inside on the right or wrong or all of the right and that's what people that is. What we can so you might want to brewers at home is Google mobile view of sorts. I appreciate that term that you very much merit thanks again excuse in the book and his South Boston show on the city's triumph over tragedy. And John thank you are on early to his co hosts the Aaron on opposite thank you to all the old all of you were listening or veterans as well as your phone numbers. Thank you for your service to our great country and cultural and you listen to sound off at WRKO am succeeded it was the Boston. You've been listening to send out on WRK. A shill for veterans. Mortgage networks. Visit Rick.