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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. Rick Betancourt the VA guy at the mortgage network visit Rick mortgaged dot com. It was less than point 5% of the US population actively serving in the military. Off gives a veteran perspective on what's happening in Massachusetts. Welcome to sound off on twelve months of my cohost on the field and Mike Sweeney and Cummins view on this beautiful Saturday. Got a lot to topple ball is this episode and let's probable the army navy games of and I would love to do. Top appearance and we charitable foundation some great things at their door and for the children of both our families and those who are deployed overseas and well we have a lot to talk about fellow wanna just introduced co host real quick and nicely on the world on John I don't. I am doing great and and one of Tug of an amstel we've grown we've referred thanks distinctive and Scott and I shall wanna tell you it's probably our forum last tools state amateur what stadium with the patriots beat you craft and we brought there and probably over 400 veterans Vietnam veterans in the tree to ward gave him. Excuse me you them moon Pickens from Brazil. Proof yet know him a come from erosion tunes and that she's awards were for Putin names up one. Old slowed me stadium craft and we will come true but two were experts and cool the for all veterans who was unbelievable. But tango with the brain of the cork some. Male you'd swear you were in there and more importantly choked a bowl once and import from the maple yeah. You know had a chance of torque put him Feingold told me it is going to be and it's slow world. What's true or colonial memorial and on other acts of what the fairway it was great footnotes as usual it's great to be Derek with few warm. Yeah definitely wanting a mobile does something environments that the with the New England Patriots it's good excuse for us to talk about a little bit New England Patriots also equitable will get. And Mike Sweeney I don't that I. They're doing great had a great Thanksgiving. Like a lot of people a lot of Turkey money it was and he. Ways and Malia and laws of out it was such a good weekend the weather was nice a lot of good football. Really give back in two. Planet living up to the forties. Patriots win nothing wrong with not bubble was no talk about. Later got a little chippy at the end it did become a chippy. We get. President trump and senator Elizabeth Warren gone after each other. Colin heard the story balloon plea deal audio right now on a plan back to back. She presidential column senator warrant Oklahoma senator her response to that. You were here long before any of us way here. Although we have a representative in congress who they say it was here a long time ago they call our Pocahontas. But you know I've. I like yeah. Found that this was supposed to be and it can't. To honor heroes. People who put it all along maligned for our country and people who because of their incredible work. Save the lives of countless Americans and our allies. It is deeply unfortunate. That the president of the United States can not even make it. Through a ceremony. Honoring these heroes. Without having to throw out all racial slur. What Donald Trump does things over and over thinking somehow he's gonna shut me up like it. It had worked in the past it is not gonna work in the future. So they have and I wanna get the the reaction from both you guys and those who you think about it so John what what's era what is vineyard national last week over this the story. What. Mumbled one. I think the room. The people who were brilliant Mohamed will now of whole cold Clark. Real momentum of millions. And who fought in world war in total and and anything middle London's madame I'm you know I'm all for Jerusalem Al who isn't strong. Jewels to do that unfortunately. And he chose to Madrid and was somewhat political. Statements and I don't like that. But I disagree with floats on the warm in the local people's words and social some were political woods. Would show up. For a but I don't think it was racial statement. I do agree with through. And then the pros and should be out of done he should have respected. Cold park as the Marines and wanted. And she says that the slow rumble bowled them and the variety of intentional away from them right now with Clarke and Boe Coca-Cola. We should be marketable. Three and American funerals and serve their country. All honorable William world of world war it's cool Miller poke holes. Through all sort of you John peninsula all right Mike with the idea of your thoughts on us. It just seems like it's another. Every time trump goes scripted too little too dangerous. At the end of the day. You at three men have been. For years serving their country. He was wrong. He's he's called that mean by a virtue of the fact that we he's he's called that a hundred different times. And no there's been no uproar the differences where he sedated we sit in front of and what the ceremony was about. You know what he did. Intentionally in I'm sure you know for him sometimes they could stream of consciousness stuff in communities acquitted of which went to. I'd like people looked at corruption little foolish I mean it was foolish and and I think he any member of holiday in the problem with this though is as good as they said. When your honor these men in the White House. Make it about them and it's an award but in the finals. I mean haven't said that I think. We all that's true like you know sometimes it doesn't have to be a good guy or bad guy in this went in. I think when it comes Elizabeth Warren while. She may have some. Native American people owner herb background. That political question is there I think she needs to address it in more of a direct way instead of shout at deflecting and pushing back on people really needs it is is there. And it really isn't about. Her ethnic background it's more about whether or not she was honest and I think she probably. Can go back in and when I mean and then you have the political. Theater vast majority ticket DNA test Manassas foolish on its own because it doesn't matter if she is. A native American it's whether or not she has. Was brought up believing she was native American I think that's why I think Dell pars along people coaching job Harvard because justice was hard hit him right in those of that that's a question she rewrite that's a question Cheney's answer I think in a more substantive way. What Donald Trump does. Unintentionally is he makes it easier for her not. I think he he thinks but again this goes back to Donald Trump we talk all the time. A bow he should go off script he should go on Twitter. He drives the nukes. I mean I think that's part of what. You want to go absolutely needs to give us a society you'll. Rentals loosens the presidency in this is a difference and do an old wooden group representing the United States and you'll read two of the free world and I think you should act which some decorum in some respect him. You know home and I think it would you bring people win new oracle audit all interested in the war political front against someone that doing target mostly towards. As she has no when you doing that sort of event. You don't know what those three men. Are where they are Politico why would you in the near your name you're you're forcing other people to meet to make a political and with these men did. Was so impressive you don't need. It's on does is detract from the honor you just don't lose as a nation were bestowed upon them. You know and then and and and and into subpoena slur. I don't know if Pocahontas itself is a solar but didn't the national congress of American Indians was quick to condemn mr. trump. Because they see who's using it as a seller now out and on it all right mean yeah exactly what he regardless. Is it. I think we've them now we have the net I mean the story we were talking about it it's we given our nation put but it starts from him detracting that's what I'm offended buys the track he detracted from these these. Brad and I believe. Telecom made up of the people food to some of war slot off. Is who and who's out the last voters choose battles were you know and we'll Pocahontas to have an online I don't know right now that's Internet. You Mosul an infant and again this is one of those things exist or does little racial its world. Again you know the three of us probably the best judgment I mean alias and an in Britain no one's I don't think there's been a lot of uproar about it being a slower when he says that somewhere else. What. Elizabeth Warren. And is doing and I think politically is very Smart move she comes out of she condemns that is there is no racism and figured it was a more smoke from her side. Whether she likes it and you know. Whether she doesn't in the next senate race but she does it which may be a regular the next senate races on beaches and we're really trying matter who's that substantive. But or that that are able to beat her politically substantive but if you. If you she decides she's gonna run for president this isn't an answer she's gonna just be a but it although. Yeah accusation you blow it off it and you know look at Donald Trump I think maybe he's changed politics maybe she doesn't have to answer because they don't they just answer what her ancestry is and Kyle pointed to is did she use. Something rugs she never and that and that and that's a fair question but I think a lot of people and like a lot of people. We'll check off a box that doesn't mean ever. We've people and who who. Discovered ancestry to teach kids the kids scholarships things like don't Elmo those people so that's who speaks to people but I think. At the end of the day this particular stories about trump and I think he took away. From honoring these these were two such as it wasn't the right thing to do there was a rock you know in in in he said in a million times we've never talked about it in the shown any detail it's a bio. The setting in which he said. You off on our agreement I think what if you want to make that type of climate. He should have complete Drupal Somalia or staples arena at the UO warned holes and then afterwards. He could've gone. And been done announcements. That junior was squared to have them here. Choose then I'd like to say and what a difference between them and some of the war. Suspect a company can you imagine being in his staff please go off though off the script all mother god distress must. Hit it and I had a accurate and speak to do it and I always you know only study Adam and anything that was trade but he and use it felt. He's put his exact point was hey everyone said everything's and Andre and I guess that means he gets a season but bringing up Elizabeth Warren there making a political even if he being used Pocahontas I think was was it it was not the place. Whether it would have been nice honor them aren't you know social war two veterans how many more times are they going to be able to be. You know honored at the White House I'll be you know we Selig honestly it's it's hard for them to get to travel. You know the large majority of these these men women over the age of ninety you know just do the math with seventeen years old 1945 minutes. We will lose and a lot of the war two veterans every guy's so it's you know maybe that last chance they could have been recognized trophy normally very. Appoint these three men may not be your next year and dumped him billions of viewed one hopeful. So where was the models in most pretty Smart smother them we're embarking Rosenberg should have. Another thing that that country the ire of some people lose out on admiralty does notice but the complaining right behind trump was. Was president president Andrew Jackson also hope. True true you have those relatives solid. You know I'm sure it's a some very offensive line now I would like to think that that was just an oversight that's sister network via. Excellent Clinton Amanda must be engine jets and pains over Wales. I will say though we go through the White House to take down pictures that are but he added that stuff I think the picture be taken down if you are. Bringing in yet though tornado Americans are adults and one of the pizza compete they immediately if you bring in native America and that's I think sometimes it's as bad staff work but it show intelligent they've. Would even be talking about it if he didn't. Staple contests so but it may be pile on on at this point I mean CNN's old room you know in all of their relationship isn't president trump up a packed them. A picture arts and you'd do. Charmer to some light sprinkle some holes move out of Florida road of self to probably Caroline Olsen. Oh to Oklahoma. Two of the many youthful darted on what was called good trails to split. The cherokees. While that you had. Sort of become. America east and had to vote for listen Holmes and Overton and we're real Rollyo when a group of people. And I think people jewels to look if bill properly enforce the often in the woods like that there's a lot of this street that we don't know that problem for Google. And I will say though in terms within opposite racial slow you know I mean because even the day when the native American groups are talking about a week. I don't know we need they see as a racial serve in I think more. You've heard people talk about the in the should use the name Pocahontas and derogatory manner that doesn't make it racism and get some middle laid eyes and into the social world but I don't put console or shall I just yeah immediately everything has been here I think there's enough stuff to be if I think the offensive part. Now maybe on an as not being emitted it being an Irish guy. I'm from Austin don't get don't see the same way native Americans as you have to media offensive partisan view and he was sitting there with three men should be on and he took away from now annually to counselor India yeah I think that's defense apart. And you know it'll go away they the end of the day. People know that trump says crazy things and he brought back issue about Elizabeth Warren. So easy I mean he's is he crazy probably but I think this chaos theories and has support he doesn't need you know that old story that you don't need to be the fact you don't need to be. The fastest you don't need to run of form and in my ST if if you run and if you're. Being chased by they're used to be faster than the slowest guy though I think that's his style politics he doesn't need to get a 60% approval rating he just as I haven't poor rating higher than Elizabeth Warren if she runs against you know. And they just went out of my main view what what he is think and all he did with Hillary now we will know she's a lot of negatives begin with but he told me he chapter. She's bartender that's that was at that my doesn't campaign was so ugly they weren't trying to get people polite and people for trying to get deepening. The other put on mobile. What it's made an eagle currently assume. Good points we're going to have him but. It'll. Language. And ensembles. Opinion changed and purged every single day what we considered what we Q does it its offensive in the auto fronts of I'm miles away. For Thanksgiving. Came back to find hope that whole week for some slick move. Changing. You know from harming hundreds homeless aren't happy from the crusade to instill some puddles you don't want it because they don't want warfare and problems with Google the conservatives that. In a W group that are illegal. Society is gonna have to decide. We re donuts for them but that unfortunately has got to be ugly it's going to be a group that when you get to a point where. You look at the names sports teams now it does impact the people will say that the initial assault which strangely in the earnings and out of counseled to welcome urged people. I'm in attendance over so they are hearing is only seen with the Washington Redskins on you know people only referred almost let them anymore. Now since there's so little offended by itself and hagel has credentials called students. After a pact to the force think of owner of the Redskins talking about how Donald Trump's dis respected NFL players so you know I mean it never gonna that we that the standard of days is not. I mean there is something to be said for if there's a group defines as as the work word that has been historically used it to add to to meet people. We should use it we all agree with that it's just a spirit what does that mean your rights that is going to be a lot to discuss it goes back to the statues are go back and and and you can't just pretend history didn't happy. So Paul Harris and I mean I put the put. Some pictures up of people Uga shall what's the view with the veterans with the core of in one and rituals so consumers should be shooting for would squared seasonal. People want to commend Purdue football games and it. City of the old W whom. Let's see each year at the state. They gave awards one for tickets well. The game you know full rub veterans the global hospitals the rules of it's they don't want Baldwin's things that help it's what you'll see in general and you can we get it we go to quick break the laws so opposite loyalists in the I know you've talked about it with some sound often regard you know and the fate it was about the. We. Welcome back to sound off on how to little ones like co host on the view over Netflix Armenian compute from our studio in Boston Massachusetts and we have a guest on the phone today while Americans don't get. Turned Family Foundation. And how much you're excited talk about it and I know John you always excited with the army navy game and I know via her family charitable foundations it was a special for us my phone for review and talk a little portable Bobble on the line for us. You know elected above her Louis easy president the aren't and we journal foundation and they raise money every year in and it really does go back to. It is to veterans and their families and wanna credit for that but what repeated cycle today next week December 9. Scoreboards and Woodward. The current foundation is is host is gonna host. A fund raiser a party to watch the army navy game. And we're revenue were happy to have them here Bob good to have you good to have you with us. Like what Robert. So now tell me until I was a little bit about the about with what goes on next week it scoreboards. Well Eric you settled at a beauty army navy game you know probably a little in my opinion the big college game he's as. You know it's so patriotic. You know. Hopeful seems. Overcome. Eighty yen or army officers and it's really the last info for what's going in Annapolis. On tickets so much tradition and rivalry. So we decided fourteen years ago on this will be Portuguese yeah. Are we decided to all the farmers or. And benefit children of Massachusetts. Kids who a parent support or forcefully who have blocked the art. To the war terror so when you get together we are people. We have raffles silent auctions live auctions via some sort of get he grove and former quarterback of the patriots coupled border year. As well as local celebrities. And it just a great time very very casual relaxed. Environment. You feed everybody. In the collection and that we view the game and such a good just a great way to to walk say thank you to overture was. As such a great atmosphere and John's been up there and accounting. But it's it's a good atmosphere and really credit union Jimmy go put it together it's kind of you know sometimes you have fundraisers a little stuffy. You know it right this is fifty TVs is food is it is nice but it's a real good cause and I am and what you're doing it's a good natured thing between the army and the navy really. And to be a lot of fun what what got you when your family involved in not raising money for us for veterans and the families. You don't eat the reader's digest version it's kind of like these sort what you remember who doesn't remember the civil war. Well that's involved the bottled water you know bought convention come of the boss of course on the schedule with a fortune. Unfortunately the drug you now eleven happened in the postponed. A much greater in October and you know what about it and it was perfect murder at the time it will this is he living at all. Anywhere that the point here in order it was a guy but nobody you know Tom Wyatt. It taught me would then. Be director for the new initial of all the veterans but at the end of the evening Tom's book book a flight of all the veterans. And a partner that put two together and never realized that her book and could be home. I don't know why and it didn't dawn you but he didn't. Are these folks a console your quote. They're quite so I would hold and where I spoke with my wife. And that says what ever you know realistic out speaker or party and I hope what we what we make an immigrant. And now we'll go with the money to the donut shop called structured. So we get in both my Brothers are born mark Paris. And the first year we raised above all its offer for all of our. Carl Miller is here except the truck. And then we you know we got locked in you know at the card. Folks who thought that the court to Afghanistan in early 2002. Our own so that we put it together is what you know what you like a pretty good good. In yearly. Of red. There that we get her to date is giving we've given probably a repeat doesn't mean conduct between organizations. But with the Massachusetts in rodeos it's we've given grants just go out what your balls in the ball dropped fifteen years. That's incredible to grow and is not really. And and for people who are totally foundation is almost exactly zero and it isn't the case. Yeah there's no operating expenses whoever cost of one one of the event that it the board member of the all volunteer support our military. You know there's there's no salary or compensation. That we are doing and it's of particular work. They'll look for a lot of fun them read right now on. I think that that's what's so Padilla or heard a Hearn foundation dot org and tickets at thirty dollars and combed them buffet lunch. Challenge coin and and eloquently we've been talking about then going to be gift cards for some of the children food for the news. Deployed service members and in gold stars children's that is that. We grew. Up right here I should have but the more. Well portable four or should it give you what reward probation so so between Opel addition. We partnered up with the military friends foundation. Obscure little cold war on anyway we partnered up. And we came up with our whole program is called operation that the Massachusetts about what the army did your current results are. We're raising money operation as a Massachusetts. And what does provide is every child witness earlier Rezko or support or blocker. We'll receiver could feel a gift card. Bob Kirby cook a card and they can you know whatever that child they won in May be in Oak -- immediate Torre or whatever that child wants. Sophia who the after you'll get caught it is. If they're hooked up here. Fog the seventies. I know who you who these days but every child will receive a good theology and accessories are ordered to. Recognize the service because they really do sure you know as a fail they may not be the portal fees are one of the cart for you over the Phillies let's go home. Or deployment. When a lot more support other reducer. We just you know we come to recognize that resembled that there are people out here this terrible lament and that there. There at that particular period of support Obama got her come home sit. You know I'm more jump into over a 203 things here number one I think what you doom. Who is counseling would fear and terrorists there and I think that the room. People would benefit from the us our. Extremely grateful for what you'd go. Number tool in the event itself to slow. Just. Extremely well warm and a lot of fun. I've when they were few times barred myself and also one point one from the we have the world where you enjoy that. And we did get to meet Steve Corel government park with him Cordoba at home and is it is going to be there again this year is that I. I think youths in the whose son is there actually in the dome they'll force. But. Who's who's like you think I told juggle but secretly. Students from food for me you know. And but the thing I've noticed is that there are people from a book. Nonprofits. Good copy and all the work with veterans that come in the middle support to slow them because they were Kamal it's always important about world war with its. But what I wanna know who's tall. In your freedom you decide whom to root for because I think to over throw votes through these foods more like myself for more rain so I'm go home with me. A few words of flight. In the film we you know one one days you. Yeah under their Ku rivalry you know. Oh yeah. But but it's a good drivers not far. And I actually you know we as a model for five years ago. Will help you mean if you at all knows it and you know there are you although. They. A thirteen years. Losing streak and one last year or oh it was pretty out. Record this year very Korean navy execs are all you know optimal preferred about it. I think and is going to be good chance what were very excited about it here I don't know for a lot shoot him on a hard time about what you know what would urge to wanna recruit a slight correction and we who was fourteen you and some street between John you have an underpass when you looked towards the president of the future and right now the army's on the one year winning streak so what immunity in the bowl eligible are ready so it looks like bowl eligible for weeks. That's Kerry a more Americans and when you major. And I'll probably be you want to get he won't put them you enjoying imbalanced coverage and you know being with my. The navy marine forums with all around for thirty dollars an apple can get in a while ago they can you John and I'll I'll run he has an. And so was sent its current. It's hurting the most people which is our bodies and sixty you know. A just that you'll probably you'll eat you know it won't take long defected to confuse them on the map part of are very well. But I think that's say anything to anyone who goes in that's the emisphere again it's a lot of fun you've known at each other but it's good natured and it's it was really use that and it was nice to see army went last year when Uga was. Yeah. And read all the camaraderie you know you'll see. You'll see guys and girls with all the its rituals you know you army navy marine insurance but also the air force guys they're just to Coast Guard guys there. Yeah its. It's also one of a veteran. That's because they wanna see what you in the bill what's the roads real we'd like. Although I'm well how are they want to and speaker Steve Grogan W abused his son was in when he was that it may have been last year we took his son was actually in Kuwait news or use a deployment so you know I think we tablets the people that are coming by Bob I get a great. They're not just you know sometimes you go to big events and you see famous people and meanwhile but it really connect. And I think Grogan clearly the the the if you foresee the exception approves a rule mean serious exception to that rule. He really east and stymie talks to people. As seen Terry O'Reilly there you know as a kid growing up. The big that would that it Bruins on tour special for me I think to people come down there are these really does is it is a testament to you and if and we don't put this together. What are you you're a critical vote military conservative group he is for you this year. You go oh you're talking yet he's over the per year you know it does nothing like Edgar. I would speak to him there in the exit you're really appreciate your own hero. And he was well you know it means a lot to me up I'm voting in the senate and Canadian. Although although he married so that. Bubble put up but avatar wasn't any and he was just so appreciative of you know his adopted home of of America was so good at. That his family and you know he's he could you get your very genuine the support putting extremely jump. And so generous with the army and it was it was here you know let me. Well it'll plug what you would do one and what if thing on wind is going I think and so coordinates model would help them votes but I think. You know I look better cut to a good album Marine Corps in nineteen supplement and the therapists to regarding. The treatment of veterans were sold different for our parents and today. Some brilliant political world in a ton of movement what you put Milan two sons just sold to from them what was going on them someone cementing for veterans we would appreciate your own. In moles in the military today serving and their families appreciated. Well you know it is selecting do you know they say this sort of you know every day. A lot of content in harm's way all on one before but you really is. The least we can do future short our support in upper body and it everywhere you thank you. I don't. Aaron Aaron or Mexico he goes well. A lot of complements the blog actually. Briefly I appreciated. What a great way. We couldn't do any eucharist is or not or our supporters and support military rarely so you know people are a few folks in in others like you. You're you're you're four are injured you know we can't do without without your awestruck report. Report what you so much as I'd love hearing Jaco is in it is very nice. Oh connect to be complemented but I'll tell you it's really. The public American public art and our supporters that the support we're gonna do quote war are so it is as much as very. I I let compliments who's the real problem. Now and and and eight point one table reprieve of tea. What we wanna make sure people do know and told us that the gas and Ramsey engine. The the return foundation dot org to by the tickets to people buy tickets of the doors well. Big Ten but it prepares you know Mike you that we hello every year. So obviously you don't mind who are better you are yours ago wired because. Online ticket sales have suffered there's there's a gust split them and they will have preference or go. It's and for those who don't know where it is at scoreboards it's school boards born grow. Fifty Middlesex canal park drive Woodward says and that's right off a highway that's easy gets. So it if someone wants to get there wants mission there to take two days ago on aren't foundation dot org now to get those tickets a week away. Yes and click on the event created metal your book you these are our collective corporate entity current record with a person. I was very easy to use. Oh who says thirty dollars. You get a challenge coin and you go to the buffet luncheon. In a lot of good stuff so there's and it's really something tangible for families and. It is it's always you know it's. What they're also able to us supporters. Every year. Good combo in the and they show such strong support of those have been felt yet. I'm very very excited very proud for is our supporters. Are incredibly well behaved you know sometimes you airboat. Covering political rise nearly episcopal book and it is go to our. Sports bar what we never in fourteen years we never had one problem and that's her. Got a partner because of cardinals are here for one reason it's for the an and told what we gave him but he foreign. And they go home. Prepared though is thrilled itself according. And no market period a lot of good really special here. That's great and own you know level of so once again is the it's a parent Family Foundation dot org so wanna check that now. Very easily. It actually heard Audrey oh god. Which is you know all that because that Iran unbelievable. And I just and its. That's pretty much what would be your arm you for instance Clinton has a little bit off and do what I do just Google her degenerated to. And and does bring it to that bad break page so all that Harlem like oh you for. John crow. On December 9 army courses. Or to see if he if he decides to you know have an appointment and the leaves two thirds of the way for the game. And likable woman fantasy world you know. It could do what I'm used what they'll civilians are these from the golden boy and with no real weak passing all they don't help. Seemed. In Davie has lost three games because Leo of a war pass defense I think it's going to be an interesting day in. You're gonna image as we rumbles new uniforms the blue Angel you'll forums all day. Nevada your question where you are you with us or Kyle Vogt and I for the last year but point out that when it comes to the army when the when it comes in the navy. They don't tend to push among Wyman and really push that height weight standard as much as it is. I'll pop up. I notice a few belies over there there's a few big boys in the on the line hope yard out. And to say and I don't know Woolsey and different different standard as opposed won't go let's stick of excellence. Moment. So we'll see a problem. You get when you couple are very you'll you'll regard stricker darkened or just what we are ordered it. You're sick for a good cause you know the competitive with a father did it's it's just what the car. Jones who do you with a few probable ones. We'll civil code on those it but the other cook up prediction for what you think this was gonna rent. You're awfully. At that point anybody else but maybe I think you you know a look at like at 417. But these two teams they come all the army. With the underdog last year. And if they came in and they split over game in the PGA so yeah I think all teams. They played big for this one game go out in the fees and and I think basically picking up IQ of opera iBook with a good army when. But I think it would mudslides and I think can be very close. Well you know maybe that's capacities and this is all they really have a play for anyway as the fight you guys new uniforms and essays we are hearing about all in the Simone few. But gold. A Tom Brady. Well you can see it celebrated but you know it's the maybe NASCAR. I don't know. The indicating he may get those uncomfortable silences on Saturday to lodges and had hoped to open and you haven't thought I. Up up. It is an 8386. You know. It doesn't matter once they get on the playing field of seasons last Jewish old demo and I agree. And mobile brigade out of it it's giving me and only did mean it at a lower level really high school rivalry games for anyone who has seen that game they give it that way. These two teams that you just above can sometimes get the records of when these two teams are latitudes is about pride it's bragging rights of the year. Bacharach underneath team I'm the B to one insults. Great tradition. Right now are the what are my. One of the best parts of the game is is for me anyway. Because I'm a pretty traditional guy. Is not the end of the game the medical wins. Army ghost in the besides his finger. There's schools are data goes over army's size me and everybody walked off. Tight right there all the tragic school respect each other's it's. I think with the book. Volvo engines don't talk about appointments we're gonna wanna sing for us. Well that's because at the order of. The song. Autism nobody I. That we took. I've been I've been a game place and it's it's also go on the presence for us and you know country wherever it was fight about it. I think you know for anyone can make it down there too so the pros and trump will he shall put that oh I'm sure he will have a whole lot to talk about and if they about it but I I was so what time it was an alarm showed up those who lost yeah and get a it's say though it going to say is in it in opted to pitch a woman to ask people to get online and buy these tickets because. Different in a world will fight each other and everything seemed controversial. This is one of those moments where it's not you know and and and and I think it's really fun yet in that might have a lot to do bobbled an atmosphere in that room in the mean. Articulate it it's just it's fun of you know as you know people cricket team. And it is just fun and there are back and forth what we're doing. What we get and also helping in the future. If you let them like it to go on for an atmosphere. Where everybody is one reason for the kids. And military currently in and that's what we do. We eat toast told those who are with us anymore. We year. Because his job for. And everywhere and what a great citizen and ends in your life. In the world right now that every fight each other politically or. Other thing that they may disagree about it's just a great day great atmosphere and Enrico weaker and weaker that they help these kids. And that's what's Obama known not known to Wear the wrap it up while. We'll follow wanna thank you all for coming on mount the Schoen and the website once again as a parent foundation dot org. Other excellent for coming on. I really appreciated what a great week you to go nude dude I'm gonna beat navy and that's always have produced segment thanks again above. Boca shut as Micah don't touch that dial some sound off in the darkness. I. Whose whole welcome back loosens the world according to join the segment we discuss benefits and services for veterans and their families. Today one at Arco will bootable. Our current charitable phoned him we'd charitable foundation. Knew what big tools that help a lot of veterans in the you'll also contribute to veterans. Noah communal organizations that tore help both veterans. Sold governor of a foreign words weren't some broad ninth which is. Going to be held that the school board sports bar and world at fifteen Middlesex canal park where you've been warm. Now this fund brewers who's in conjunction with the yummy made you do axle would. I go suggests that you would tournaments and from our point of view come ruled for many of whom shall lose a lot of its opener one rule for. Now you can get tickets and it suggests that the dip them but you. I think going one law in giving them an advance the principles when sells old every you slow. Golden willow blog. At the end of her own foundation dot org. To get you would tickets you can also get out the door opened its going to be you have to. In the dim view event two's. You army navy football did in Seattle lead to some but ninth from two to 6 PM score board sports pile grew fifteen Middlesex canal park ride from won't. That's the world according to Joan and torture in next week. Welcome back to sound off from powerful ones of my cohost John do we have Mike Sweeney. And you know we have a couple minutes left and John and you want to talk a little bit more about not being down at Gillette Stadium and honoring those Vietnam veterans. I don't know Warren Griffin was announced one of the great Americans on. It was so quick time Warren grove functioned well Austin gospels on ring cor win goats and Sullivan's. Formal. Fueled W and missile over at the contract options for. Our world for a considerable saloons and choose from Cisco to run in bunch of people would. New moon was really incorporated. Britain had. Germany lumbered groomed from an emotional gonna of them major general deal would from retired from an emotional than. So warm and so 52. You and improves three commemorative pin that there you go for rogue polls and some of the Vietnam. Here number one of the a.'s push and I'll tell ya I peninsula home. In Seoul would put duties there you know use these mutual what's there to humans the of them and you put Google and in the crafts field and win. Put who was pro reform group insurance. Have. There are no football tortoise plus from a crucial glued to influence of one and they do. In the fall a pick and roll forty bush vetoed shall cuddled and naval Boca me grow which would closely on behalf of reformers from acceptance program for service report that bird it's. So and then of course would go to chipped chipped with scud don't ruin. Who's soda are mentioned have been in the ruins some goals and one team Goldman's view and so. Where fear and we're also went by the way barb Graff mentioned though you have of where we good foreign. And one of them tend to view force it to. We should want to whom and pool of young men and and him but couldn't find his flawed so new and so mobile people. Put to double funds for big hearted slow one. And for 24 reviews there and search for the bulls guards remains an average weekly phone them rituals for people. While Seoul. Via ghostly and ovation well and hopes so yeah soul was ruined him all the veterans there will more of the soup and for renewable I would think so. Through that our coach felt circles around always a big navy guy and all we know Israel for a pizza ark was slow. And rituals wanna switch are to redeem itself I think. You know I'm should be unfettered booed but you have awkward scenes than those who want to mention millions do heading toward a bold today. But. Do we know if they've been going with so much of past and and I think these these students for instance Britain. And who would point in its view past four console would strengthen our command afterwards which were both that would huge export the good. Now both those seems slow throwing wishbone. So we'll say what we do got to wrap it up large element thank you both political leader Dolan. And we also want to do thank Bob learn for coming on and you can find more about the apparent family charitable foundation. Our current foundation dot org. And to all of you who listen we're veterans. As well as your family members thank you for your service to our great country. Well council on U Muslim sound off in the New York you know and succeeded it was a lost. You've been listening to sound off on WR TL a shill for veteran. What did you work visit ricks yeah.