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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. Rick Betancourt the VA guy at the mortgage network visit Rick mortgage dot com. It was less than point 5% of the US population actively serving in the military. Off gives a better and perspectives on what's happening in Massachusetts. Welcome. It I guess with the for shows off the patriot fund here right. For tomorrow ego inflated Aaron. One for a little while veterans packed show uncommon for yeah. Following entries to co host on the deal very left or on their body and we've boy who steals some of Mexican. A a lot of very good you know did you plant in Mexico City and brought in all owners. You know. It Beimel DeSagana. So. We're gonna win. Awesome I think you're our feet or so so and they are gonna tell you seen them on board the week. National League big week field all of them are birthday and a veterans day. We. Liver and kidneys. I'm not that great in futile. This court Brooklyn during the original swindle that Scotland blues the eagle emblem in the jewels finished up one. Monday and and the team. Mosul. William normal public will leave its at a Marines two days to celebrate by a Korean masks are done before the and somewhere in the it would squeezed in the veterans. Malls slow. The world's voice. What do you students. Give diplomats I mean you're you're talking about a branch that was founded in bars tunnels gotta you gotta respect that would be one of human. Cardinals Sunday night but he largely. Go to gold would demo and support pulled fell. Did a 15200. People. Jumbled come from the shipment of the joint chiefs extra force missile at a patrolman tart with him for our. Milwaukee was seated scoops footage. It's just really likes our fuel we. Tell me which depends on two to have someone who's going to inflammation in the in the hopes among. New moment some movements to dual solutions and wanna put the disclaimer in times news sentinel also recent shoes that cardinal you know you think that he tells conspiracy theories put a lot of currency spot on. And it. Emit and you know a couple and brings you know where you have been Celtics continuing in their room winning streaks. Mean unbelievable. And so much you know for a first monologue I found myself watching the liberals you know. There MO one open and throw some political move for people do and quash some arena who owns drug convert from carried. Pull global board and state police. Well not me personally but a pool of fuel console and those are stopped. In all I thought you. Nimble bumper slump put on the spot in the end it was a state trooper put the collar and left. And there's this huge. Dead deal Warrick beside me and home. So you do when you didn't anybody I never got to deal was already do a big is probably six also over the bulls pull global. As a result of a car. Good to the front of me head to the mood and pull bull. On the next day. 114 read in the paper that this most of them shall boy do you jumped to the language in that same location. And in solar what's the totally sold cheese thing aren't a start up that at all levels of service souls well. And and magic kept me from giving up do the world. Is an. Won't be coal Maltby out of schools too low in the room whale won't. In my soul and brute three million Americans just doesn't serve with Silas. Though you know we told the stitcher reasoning beavers should be more aware of in an unsustainable and I'll be received as a rule now yet to be an idiot to get out of that lane Levy's state troopers in the breakdown lane. It's a tourist spot for you should be all right but sometimes it's through state. This central state police suvs right across the Euro on an offer of a block the off what designed and I don't veteran John Roberts and think of trying in the interest of public safety because also what to analysts on the themselves Munich I console full call since two of the Wii's Mario. My reward for stroke but marred current should shields got the board to do. So what glide through dealers through use Google's home I'm suggestion that the public. Can throw you hunters out there was you and your season average in excess liquid overabundance of deer and rolled to. All right those one heck of an opening flop by John it was we are consistently so these are rather cold I guess now and on you have competent Bob Franken nothing on that his early really veterans day you know. Yeah I mean really cute you guys been busy is a good good good. It's it's a fun time to see a lot of veterans come out and to join together and it's again it's a good week I think this this that Tuesday I was lucky to have my. There are certain eating remake his onto it for a little bit so they're you know they're really do believe and I see families who. That people bring their kids to these events and and I know sometimes it's hard with children get him back and forth but I do think. The idea of showing your child what's important is supposed to telling them you know we we talk put all the time and how people don't understand what it is to be a veteran. It you know we can at least our own families and I CNET. I had a good time doing in my kids you know. Michael led to promise of some McDonald's have to was it was a good time at but it was great it was a great weekend with my family and my wife Sarah McKay is Mandy and Ryan and a tea. A I think that. The one it's one time a year we can all get together and I do get a little disappointed when Macy's stores do just generalized. Veterans day sales cost as much as might it be pet peeve for the weekend that I know for the last week is I think. I just donors and we get the 99% to get a sale because. That veterans are although I think it's probably just and we guys are getting some that's just because they don't wanna sir do people bring in and report but it seems. Closer and closer to Michael Washington day Washington's birthday mattress sale every time this event Tuesday sales here. Wanna jump from willow pulling him sit on a serious sort of stood just the most serious signal and formal room commission revoked from sort of some storm hadn't middle of 100 superior to pounced on them. The spouse would soon to swan or acknowledged. And old books when you'll. And of thoughts improves for history which absolutely excellent. It was and you know he was it lived in news Concord or Lexington regular yard we've corporate mum fall rule book. One to a medieval would tell me we're Islam they've always viewed. On received view on the middle 10 for our actions in Korea that. And you know he'll move forward distinguished career room when he retired you bomb went on the become commissioner of veterans sort of slows them. Massachusetts. And funeral for Liu a good martyrdom rule. Joseph moment presumably get better. Well slipped on. Wanna bring up another serious subject. But you know but it pat ourselves on the back a little bit February Cano on veterans that it will actually record brought down the tenth. They they were in a DAV. Com told funds for Disabled American Veterans and is over 90000 dollars. So well known as one heck of an effort you know all day. They were on on the air and seaport hotel. I joined Jeff corner firms for a little bit and was good time. But rather is not a thousand votes for Disabled American Veterans stance that Coleman Coleman the Gloria very instrumental and a very thankful for that sort of thing goal listeners out there for a you're very generous donations you know as some some raffles and softens and people who have betting. All the time you know phones and stop bringing people want to give money and soul great cause you know great effort by the listen so thank you. Quotes and how come they want to cede political tool with which we long run home mobile home they were on ground level. Now are employed in the jewel stood here and operate doubles. Marvelous movie. We don't want to do in the public though there was a lot of stuff going on what in what they did is on. The GAV five K was on Saturday on veterans day and that's with the student numbers pick up spectrum which. You win that took him Oreo baby was Suton. My my. On time or my my my total times when he four point four. So now my best race it was nineteen degrees when I got. It was castle island one it's been a castle island Italian and even on equal a calm day. It's so windy cold place. And it was a it was a very windy day very windy out and a pleasure pleasure a pleasure island in the public record that's impossible. Pleasure Arnold pleasurable. Yeah. I don't know if that's a minute I love that if there is so it was it was good time when a Clinton counseled them. You know I had to walk by and and that was right at the very end when you went back and and and sort of four. But heck of a race. You know I go over a thousand people outside are sort of came at 62 place could feel you'll thank you. We're fortunate who will own 62 down one of the first. But for the first matters July had to walk because it was it was snapped out of it you know I mean I'm not a not a big job. They'll put on what it looked at least you know we're part is what large of ours are well organized and into the weather was the only thing I mean I'd rather how to be cold and rainy blood it was all. They knew who it was on the cold side ninety degrees. You know I was running shorts. There were Marines that ran and there's been short shorts actually give the guy has a lot of credit. So all in all of that movement so very proud be part of once again thank you to all listeners for fear very generous donations in other. There are a lot of options that he gave you're your your hard earned dollars still. On the Disabled American Veterans is Malone the morning was I was there at 6 AM solved flow and our musical. Laments that what and it sucks you know am I assume to these students who don't win veterans. The give points on now. So that's a little early on you know on on veterans. Collectively in all it took till we have months afterwards now only gave me you know plenty of times too long to hang out so my from my veteran bottle. Your time to make a local one woman problem squared foot from Sloan to activities. Come to polls for four million mu more are we too awkward. Through unknown group of them they're plus. We did before slope flag retirements horrible ground humans. America would quit the good Mike you learn anything about. For your efforts and went. It but. With a big big amount of free breakfast and and ceremony there goes after it and it's free to the public who you're so well and I know we had. Letterman affordable to Boca free. Workflow so it might afford on my own calls for fought hard to say we have this has also there is a reason why Mike and saying it was fun we had we had a guy who are local local business owners whose son. Undermined Ricky Ford whose son is actually currently serving in the navy. He went up there in the the they ought to zealot that. Provide the breakfast. And he has he's a nick muffin like sandwich as he calls economic penalties. So I've got to freeing McNulty and abuse him for some potatoes some food and it was just an opportunity for everyone to come together and come inside and for the ceremony we had a we over. In the DeVon coast over 300 people at the ceremonies or as one of the larger ones. In the area and I was able to get over some other ones in the region through those smaller. But did equally is a poignant ceremonies on the area in and wants wants it was very nice. But I'm really proud of the ceremony we do here and down every year people come in they really get commemorative pins and then. Marking the day and it's nice to see throughout the EC people where in the but I think asserted that idea. Connie we're talking about it is. You don't have to fill the baby with the bath water you know everyone says. You know we don't wanna go to these holes these ceremonies and people and anything poorly run you don't wanna go to. You know I mean below we do is we have the Linn high school band in there we of them Marine Corps junior ROTC from the land. Excellent yeah we have we have say meaning we seem to get back checking just has a lovely voice and just people enjoy coming down. I think is growing it's only growing and I think prodded and I think if anyone. But I think there's other events on a few and he said that the 440 UN want. It was really well attended and I think people were turn a corner a little bit on that and some of these communities where it's not the the same five guys in for another I think. We've dealt with the post's. Sort of deteriorating over the last couple decades in Bellingham VFW at a very nice. Does come back together and other social possible benefits some of those were fairly nice yeah and I think we have to get. I think we armed police and we owe somebody your coverage and it from the next to the next generation of veterans coming and it's always ardent lot of starts stops but I think to start show show dividends. Absolutely so long you know not gonna wraps up the veterans' day for us play you know keep the fight go on and you know. That's cliche bush you know Saturday's veterans say tenth to a lot of muscle you know keep going to the resources don't you talk about stuff on sound often down. You know it continually do Obama with a quick break and an ethical and talk a little bit of both. Some of the current events going on a lot of fold. Situation. Cover of GQ. So percent Dario and some of the details and succeed was off. What about. On the field. Field in Boston Massachusetts. Guys a lot of talk a little bit about the the NFL protests. Lot of farm VFW's American legion and plays the NFL games this past Sunday on protest and all the new Illinois through so what's going on be in phones. So I wanna get your your thoughts on it I know. It was. And that's both in Natick and play an old ritual out of vets club and play was. A number of clubs that didn't play at a number of veterans who very upset and still watching and felt so what are your thoughts on. Well. I don't think I go along with its. Are what football. News and think that the polls a problem with him swim. Football's bowl what could what would come to exit George. Slowed. It could slow moving its immune. You know and show protests put a lot watching redeemable. Normal we're. But that seems to me you would could find to build a way to protest with him on the actual ho. Some holes you would measure. Or go home for you and fro war but tides suitable victim who's who. Every single polls from the conference that it would month to one line for the neutral so few local and put them far. And again I would football. Got to find ways what me but it's possible. We're going to wanna watch predict what would welcome aboard a product but that's what should be one. Now and are that the buyer of this but you know if they were playing again a lot of veterans of Washington now that idea that this communal world. Hard to pull off but I will say. We're not the only one saying that people are watching the game and it's it's cooperating I don't got Papa John's is saying he's renowned and when terrorism some big thing with think it was a Jerry Jones plant but the bottom line is. Papa John's is a big supporter of the big sponsor of the NFL the same you need to get this right because it's hurting us so. I think that was lost in August we talked about it on the year. 01 K now these GQ citizen the year on good stuff blowing it yes I have these enemies like no one says the right to get on me. The reality is the protest why the protest has been lost in it and it hurts. People in a very there's a lot of veterans who know it's like you know it's not a big deal for those who it is for the gold star families who it is a big problem for. I just think that there hasn't been enough respect for how those people feel in this whole debate. And that's what you see even to this day they say Ono normally if you're missing the point of the protest that maybe it's a stupid protest I mean I do want it to nationalize them for reasons. Go. Denied the. But should find the brutal way to pro toast and truly known an of fellow particularly if you W Holmes who should get to double room sacred war. For the Jane we're gonna give them an opportunity. For us but it's month throwing an ocean. Welcome Camilo would mean you'll welcome to will probably want. If war or Ralph over in the national William Blum put blog or news. But you know from spring of a lot of craziness on it too we don't mean but he was right reaction to sit on the air I think the Democrats made a terrible political mistake of fact and up. What what is at its core anti police protest. Now that doesn't mean the issues at that. People are talking about aren't real but if you have gone a year in to a protest and nobody's talking about the issue UC me current happenings on words where he wanted to bring. Awareness to me people's sees it what's going on in the country. Well if that's the point of his issue is his protest know these are hoping usually target humbled me you went down that wall zone and what I found very interest thing and Michael. Feel. That was you know we don't wanna use this issue. You know I respect for the veterans on veterans day or Malcolm taken taken. Well if you're admitting that and you are saying that you are fanning veterans on the other sixteen weeks in NFL season is taken and because you know are they gonna do it tomorrow. And we cameras being gold star mothers of Massachusetts and round series that. It it was it was painful. To watch and I still hear a lot of people the fan called comprehensive from the NFL players and they said there's no connection between taken need nationally on the and you know uncle doctor owners did an awful lot like right in which goes back to order so long as I think that this shows a disconnect in the country. People who more than any event I've seen in the last ten years you look at if you don't believe that taking in me when soldiers walking man. With flags you don't see that I mean again it's sort of a little kooky Peter Collins happening himself said he wouldn't show respect he knows it was intended to be an act of disrespect. What about an adult with you we all little bunch of veteran feel you know. Usually do what do region nationally yes Antonia. People think he needs of those guys certainly haven't and then you know after the fact and we'll take you need is an exact they try to wreck you know trust themselves up and pretzels to say it's not respect. He intended to be disrespect these players get microphone before and after games that they can part of what they wanted the players for viewing. Their social media people all they can get their message no. On other ways not and and not have this sort of like it's I've got to cut you off well to put some song. And officials that the fuel would sport wouldn't you wouldn't and now they went all right and final baseball basketball but gun charges he got his Oprah via an dumb basketball than. And you know pulled that they can't do. And arms watches them but non us there is some old would you like to ask ourselves last hole rules reasonable one and sort them every once you all wolf it's every. Field and athletes they don't. Want me doing just passed away you know we've great nanny nine years old he lost this year of his career in the US and a Durham will what'd you just don't see that there really is these are. So the so re quarterly seafront people and equipment. Your in rarefied in early outs if you have a platform this doesn't need to be the only place you get what word on any issues here but well. Last week column. Connell made good points opens well. And and I had to say good point will do I appreciate over the Pope baseball goes you've kept people from what I took from countries play cards. And you appreciate the union and United States. So they stand up for nationally. Well. Simply move articles were still used today. It's not people who telling everyone has not disrespectful countering exactly what Colin cap and except can't. A year later say or don't know it's definitely more respectful in protest is no way to be a citizen. But I would like Kessler I think that the ratings would go when for the good of throw out just because people with the community. But because the quality. Football was decline of the auto insurers and names may be John but the reality is you can't everyone has tried to Parse this like flies at a dog. You know. Trying to say all know people aren't that that's not why people wanna watch it it's clear there's got to be something going on job. Because people I if we don't Pee-Wee bit like one or two people at a ten. You may not lose the hardcore football fans watched football my whole life applicable on high school very. Beyond that being mediocre level when you know you play football with the people playbook. Those guys are gonna give people who real sports and you're gonna lose those people on the edges who have maybe this is an issue for and even that small percentage is big money that's why you see. People I mean it's all wrapped up and other things but Goodell handled this terrible if you brought that players in early on this big Palo they had. You might have alleviated some of the problems going forward they could have addressed what everyone says if it's about addressing the issue they could've done it. But the relay route is this has hurt the NFL. And you know I need to speak to a larger issue. You know our society views people. You know you have a lot of people's face we have a lot of people our country. That things. Baseball players football players celebrity's. It will be stars those who the real heroes of our society you know if people are urges nominee needs these players. Let's face it it and go to. Many high school classes they certainly go to their college classes they get trapped because they're good at throwing a football. There are hundreds and early afternoon to Harvard yeah he's of those that is our youth up. There are few and but I mean. Pick these guys. Are in a position at their NB Kia because they Rhodes scholars it's not because you know they're very wise and in in very cultured. Now they're good is that pro football not to go on with him though just. In football a total watch but watch poverty pro football. I don't well these they'll. And allow a vote it's the. But the pressure on an athlete these days sometimes we political because everything's on Twitter Jordan got a ton of this announced before social and oh yeah absolutely it's more heat and also some like LeBron. I can see it you know and he get involved is very active in the presidential campaign to you know to what extent that helped too that knows. But my point is like you know you're a citizen you know who's at the bottom line is. You know what they're doing there's a good criticism known known complain when what's his name down there was raise money for the hurricane. JJ watt and on says you race stick to that of all you know so if you raise a lot of money but this is why would you. Stick. Your finger in the in the face and in the face of so many people who you know that you said he just I think he doing to district is they don't understand that it's offense. Won't be your own allies that the larger point is we have a whole society it's like this you know GQ GQ which to be honest guys I've known GQ so does that. You know all my kayak and 500 dollars T shirts and and designer belts but you know they they called called heparin a community or citizen of the year. That's just the world we live it and it's as he risked everything their exact words he risked everything to make a difference really. I'm not saying everything to be able military but I imagine you know a lot more people that are more heroic. Served in the military and you know that. And Paul capital to. Okay may be made a stance we we disagree. What what does he really thought he Tiffany's are a couple football games you know their National Anthem. I know we gave owed some money but really what he does he has created a nonprofit yeah actually going to street view. If you went to a police know we were down Sox have made police speak. Because every time he talks he sounds dumb so he said there now is not talking rights he said it was an early on to settle these police are being given. But being put on paid leave for murdering people. In music was so what would you have to sesame some really execute the guy irate at as everyone's do it. When he's argument due process he'd taken his comments something you want to take away from police involved in mission while they investigated. And he's just not bright enough like you said he's not bright enough to really engage in the topics or shut up. He's he's of the system needs to be dismantled. So awesome and it means that the judicial system buses I like to wise play. So what we're over what we element here I just think of going back to the bigger issue we had here you go oh all the time. Police are being asked judges and police are being asked to solve a lot of societal problems. Inner cities was no jobs no hope in you wanna blame the police force in and I get that that's the flashpoint. But the idea that this has become an even this nor even talks about the fact that police are and the reason that they're protesting police. It's all veterans and some of the flag which is what happens you do sums of about about a protest. My a if if the union wants to protest a contract they don't go out there early ticket dog. It has somehow relate you know because people are gonna look it was you protesting as to why are you hurting an animal it's. And it may be is a bad example but it is a pretty good it's stupid it's stupid is stupid if a year later no one knows why you're protesting. Instead of trying to explain the joke just move on and I'll bet you now that he does have this platform because everything's a vote. Social media in a if you would come out I'll get that big evil wasn't about the protesting taken in need to pray could if he had the intellectual where were faulty could probably lead a discussion on this but he's probably not able to develop where it's been right about this protest. You know exactly how many of those words can actually been put to solving the issue or come up with a solution or even explaining. Their point. None of that's not open any huge YouTube front we're talking Pope would do problem. Yeah I you know out why wasn't the best he fired I'm. But is it points out that the distraction. At a I think Colin Catholic is as good as if there are people who were you able to to to discuss this intelligently in the NFL. Doesn't mean that they give up their citizenship is in play football but what you don't hear. Is have a hole in the that in that will set me off when this first happened and like Vince Wilfork but when they all got together a time when Donald Trump. Said Donald Trump stupid things again and when angry about it. Is they said you know this is wrong to disrespect so there entire reason the NFL took any. Was beat it went after trump spoke with because they were upset about the disrespect he showed players and the and again they had no sense of irony. That they were intentionally disrespecting the like god help them if you talk to go and some of these goals our families have been very. Vocal about it's it's it's not some haven't. And so upset but the ones who have talked about what that flag met like you so that was handed them. Would it look what it felt what they think of when they see a flag to think of what it will take on their son or daughter's casket. And for that not to think that that's disrespectful they get fired up because Donald Trump called in some of those you know son of a guns. Actually it's still totally shows how self absorbed they are. Felt little side what we are plenty quick break Philly a bunch wanna talk about. The touch has done some sound out of your tail and succeeded opposable. All welcome back uses the word according to Jong assortment we discussed for some services for veterans in the US. What you and all of you elect to toggle will bootable thanks to that slow Reuter Obama column and Republicans still applicable. What do we do to help off old veterans and fails. Substance. And I'm gonna see jokes. Did you and call your local veterans service office or at your local city town hall. And asked them if there's a veteran in me and that you would be able elbow. Or can you just told me it's important to whip for entrance office. Good few machine Tim runway between these veteran. You know or an accord country and in that so you don't and you know maybe you would have been slow and he's an old who scored at times disagreements. But we're Americans and we all come to double in its because of a veterans that would. We have this ability to do older and it's at this time that we should be thanking the boat veterans and thank him. Seoul reach oh. Call it veterans it was slow fossils of those that bring you conclude album. The veteran new York community. That's the world according to draw on part two next week. Or makes him. So does wanna switch gears a little bit on this story FOX & Friends but I know the four months ago American flags. We're we're desecrated and destroy it. And in a couple of communities. New and being one of whom you know over overplay it but also Lofton and Lexington. And so. Recently for veterans day 5551. Of the flags. Thirteen overpasses. Throughout Massachusetts in and around world. Were fixed and and therefore I'm back I guess I just wanna. You know one point out that you know there are people out there who desecrate the flight unified because there are people they called captain nick being. Praise for taking any during the National Anthem but you know that's just my editorial but I want to get your thoughts on on on the season hero well yeah he's brave enough. Well mutual slow you know. The suns will be humor would come we jungle while. And put couple's four guards would promote a memorial it was a great job but two more notes indenture. India over cruel and Google won't put them on every bridge in new console people drive on board considered him. The united actually dove on an email today saying they wanted to clean. Fumbles we can take them sole book. You know Google to turn out well to sport in the world actually me and so I know when new big made sure of the people's religions incorporated. In the drug coverage of proper word in the mid chicken ground forward pure time it's low. I need to Milan. Clark broke Gilbert from your moods when you moved storm well. Amid stunned because who blow the suns will be will come when Juno polls fool for. Well to the palace two worlds of problems with the offices will be excellence award Korolev from that. I mean what a loser will take you know destroy those flights off you know I mean you know like whoa what the what's the thought process there. I don't want the glory of what we've seen the last couple years an awful lot of I mean it could just from a drunken. Night that you idiots. But I think most of the time it's just television that people is not treated as reverend truly is it used to be. I mean we go back in and know people rise in some circles when you talk about what happened at Hampshire College. There are people who. On a certain there's a certain subset. Of the left that treats the flag is if it is a sign of that's. A symbol of division and it just doesn't. Don't while you know Wheeler gullible and so ovals and won't tune Newman passed those deals are crucial for our goals. On solar and win. Some from the was pretty common people and were. Using Google and there Cole William room before it got slowed down when America stood syllable book woods to win it would problems were beaten with a Fuller groups and you member's name a tool but remarkably don't say can and should make a famous. I think if it is a large group excludes some room and social would have stood surprised underlined. Slope. Which under do you think that may be part of a reaction that people are missing when they talk code we don't collect the NFL. But just generally people don't get it about the like do you think that they sort of I know a lot of people. Don't mention the sixties and they mentioned the way that the flag was treated and and I think America. He you can't. Do these things in a vacuum that people when they see you starting to treat the flag that waves probably brought back to what was on the sixties it that we don't know how this ends so stop now do you go to something to that are what you mean you live through it I. What I think are are more complaints who's the flag represents. Our country forward and people plant will lose. We're old Austin systemic. Richardson's. Big trees and Eric and it's a privilege and it's a result of the country for equal adults the way to execute. Is our country boots ball went in and do that flag of the three. Point. Slowly but we can discuss differences some we can. Instant whom. You know which engines and are different people should recognize. It's a tough act you know slow to open. Tart way of him and and to break with few false social science would dole. Final four run down the country it's a dubious freedoms and it instantly the virtual console for four. What I was brought up to house my son's age it was. The Iranian nuclear Iran hostage crisis is going to go out there was an NFL players being disrespectful to flag. It was Iranians are burning the flag while mark it. How do they not these these actions are not a vacuum in these people I don't know why they did it when they took the place of the overpass but I'm really. In glad to see people that continuing and I idyllic day deer lake in new way to say they take them down before they get tattered I think an awful lot of sometimes you can't handle it's it's where new England and flags get freed up you see people is where is clearly just know what they deeper to open in ninety. Well that's what driven by Amoroso has got to come to do. When I was a drug from slow for salute votes were always too we've put the flags sold for memorial and and we took them off the fruits and proudly of the vote once it was toward the whistle and how you dispose of the flag I think people. Sometimes with you but think his I don't know what to do. But I know in the city when and in most communities you know you do the drum off a fire house you can even at the 85 to it was taken right now and it's it's best way to do its people don't feel that lately but remember what time I. Whose drive by those of you people sell on a house and flight if it was figured a different. And you know until you you'd there's nothing wrong as the original call up and started you know is why he owns demonstrated that. Again I give people don't get it wouldn't he do to compliment of food that you know course being pulls community. Marcum we Japan Post before you throw applaud you and you and I went zero. I yourself to within five. But the American language and one of its big leagues is to pummeled flag etiquette hatred in a lot of people are and lot of people look at how to display the flag again. The big focus on that but. Another component. Is held to retire that conflict that rove and salutes or maltego you do we'll salute that released. Actually don't go on a drives me crazy and you know. You know. Maybe a little bit too over it's too much of mystical put people they never have lights on Netflix at night. They solve our own people on the pros Billy when he boxing council pound power to fly out but later mocked and and and the other thing that drives me nuts. As when people don't math stuff when supposed to put down or they keep them down officials be up in the trust. You know and that in the hands of an noses because in Massachusetts if Palin does know missiles and these soldier who passes away while on active duty and the date of interment the flags at half staff for a what they've done across the state has it changed it a little bit on those where. It's it's only. Mandatory for this town building and and city and state buildings because in these small towns it was only one day you find out about the game four with a time. The DB Debbie got around to actually getting mauled a way to bring them up. But when your time out I was ago Memorial Day I think you don't and those aren't surprises oh national tragedies yeah and we know those and a goal for about a week. If people Owen and I think it does show some reverence. You know what when it was slow and slower one point in time it was a spla and no one of the top officials wired it's well to explode fuel W them before. What should we do we appealed to. Settle on anyone Leonardo. So have you heard because battle over wind kept the story in these flags and they didn't want to spend money. Our sleeves and many times have you so Tanya do mobile great ideas and they build a memorial they wanted to surrounded by flags and realizes they're the decent money we annoyed. A guy aren't you if you went to Sony tried to raise money for those placing get a and in America and I do believe. That people put up flags from their homes and and I think that's. I just wish you could go back in some ways if you know you remember. Couple days after 9/11. Was and as we get we all when I was on their porches and gentlemen that I begin hour was a national day of whatever but remember driving home and put on your calm everything that everyone was a moment in the evening everyone got on their porch we even flags it was most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. And it really changed my opinion. Not on the flag put on on some of the lies knowing when the tablet desecration of the flag used to kind of be more of well you know it's their right and it is that right Betty and I think if you Soledad did to bring this country together John to your point. I think we've lost and I think people will do would do it and not just their apparel but the country's bureau. Yeah how quickly changes I mean you could even go while locally when we made. And in Watertown but the second follow through Boston earlier. Use our people up there Charron police have American fly zone and out couple years later you know. Hong company takes and you don't like police called pigs then and now is GQ men of the year. Well how how quickly what is it you know we talk in terms of the nose with your police officer of the police officer if you look at it GQ he's a citizen of the year. 000 wife or husband who's who is if your spouse is a police officer well you don't know if they're coming home tonight and we should since that would throw mama from old to squid and should Q. All I did good yeah good one John everybody GQ in my life. Well I don't I was gonna take a stand don't play any caviar that we do in order to what I could tell that no 500 dollar piece of America and also them you know her but I think you're but it is is on the reset as a country can do your vote would defeat. And I think you're right John about these people who these institutions of back up these things and and thank. And again and again I go back to the Democratic Party I believe in this hole and made it real real big generational and political mistake. In not recognizing the real pain and some of the people that this. And they're not they may not be out there protest but the the way you know majority. And I think that fight instead of saying. You know. We can find another way to protest these legitimate issues. They'd. They they decided that it was OK that essentially a police protest became a core value of the Democratic Party and that's just not what it's supposed to be about. Respect equal switzer. Great great certainly quietly and relive anngelle well. On playoff Fox News you know is is is big on caring about army was stands on cutters so people you know who who mutilate themselves played by cutting themselves. Mentally ill and drug abusers to meet recruiting goals. So there alone in a bar once again Lauren standard. So wanna be able to your thoughts on you know have served and know what wait anymore. Instrumental when you language customs that are due the garments can be nude procedure room billions of tuba. Told them until we're well America 00 TR I became bowl eligible for and we did this year and we can't talk about lowering the standards does it include years ago but I highways standard of casinos linemen and an army navy game electric and all I don't know much arguing your article so it's gotten argued. Hope to do police and you'll want to select countries Rubin and would what he asked them one silence. And we're gonna squared the bottom of the bread or missiles that throws to dunk them join me well and why Arnold that's what we'll do what looked at the yard or it would get what you people mutilate themselves Jules what he people the government will moves to them. Account when. Yeah digital fuel depot went out this well maybe if you world got nine or ten year old student some for problem that was supposed to work. Seen by a psychiatrist. But now you'll cares you can join. Maybe you'll be destroyed it because you don't know people's mental will also says I think we should be debt McQueen will acquire up joining him I think there should be. Right things just worked on the giant gonna encourage this stuff makes sense they would but we're what do about the kid who is parents send him somewhere and he's diagnose and needy state. Today decade. Do know for me he might them only turns eighteen he might be okay you know you don't mean mean I think there should pass the battery of slow speed right now it's supply and demand that you already have. Generals out there telling you that QVC epidemic is that national security risk if we look at these people you've got you've got a bunch of kids that have. But adult onset diabetes as children because there out of shape. Then you have all of these snowflakes that wears skinny jeans that probably can't pick up five pounds I mean not that that's the new generation way regardless participation. Trophies glory and we live in the participation trophy year and then they're they're worshipping FL players who take means. I mean. How many people out there are really fit in and patriotic doctrinal ties to commit to say though. I don't know too many people. That would be shocked that in the past people lied about their medical history to recruiters are you the difference today is even get it on line it's all digital. So I think did this might actually I don't know how much of a different you might see. In a lot of cases in terms of people joining the military because before they just and have access to those records and now they do. I think did what it says and here's is going to be the recruiting the tank commander who makes The Who gets the waiver they get to be a brigade division Ohio amateur with a line is not my. Well I do think that this something be said for. Again the cutters and alas they're. I'm gonna jump and I'm gonna try and sharks broke yeah I mean I went to a moment cool group that ancient. General. Jolt on food chairman of the joint chiefs of staffs won't and drawer and also Ramon. Billion billion gave the old put them Grossman to a bunch of what political please signaled new recruits. And afterwards the generals spoke bow. The quality of the people are common drug oppose recruiters college. Nobody sort of slow those recruiters to ought to call. The little warnings today I know aren't. Loading down the Marines the proceed due boom and one's common one what. Apple's style I don't I don't open foods from playing in the Marine Corps Obama moves on the I think that. And I don't picket that are remembering thing it's it's it's a generational. Well that's an American thing the brits get older it's a flat sequential slower the American flag and put up a ward one councilman in the country. In a giant is that it would say that academy which I'm a guy maybe we go to the guys are serious mental illness but what does that even mean this is so you have a kid. It is his game and you get a kid who's ten years old now. Eight years old his parents. Get divorced men and the parents deciding in a syndicate to assess how. Interest rates cinema tickets what it knows it which happens will hold up was the way it at that party from filters so that kid I think I I don't although he knows the people who cutters and Augusta and I think and it it but. Let's just stop pretending for a second if we could. That there hasn't been that the VA is not full of people who were result of that correct. Now folder many managers know a lot of guys in the VA. That you look at how they acted in how we your base back I didn't mean we've all on that you don't agree so I think that we Tom of people would like who who who attempted suicide and I'll say again. You really have to really and I don't know for the tying commanders enough. His his his numbers have to be met. So him given the waiver I think little bit of a conflict you know I mean you know but I do think that the idea that they're opening it up to kids who in a world what today. Parents to get his treated an awful. Win and the passengers were told to suck it up Monica you don't mean site I think that those kids I'd like to see those kids have an opportunity to see if they could. Get into the military it's an in into it it's unfair. For a kid who. In that situation so the other ones are little different. I don't know how they were the draw on the line film I'll wanna know we got to go all learning around overtime home you know obviously votes and this is very very dangerous thing. You know those. The shooter at the first Baptist church of us Oakland springs and in the Texas had a collective mental health history museums. You know what some thought that was going to be very very careful about you know I think this is an alarming story. Although after we have the law. Leave John him in on the pitchers twelve finals will be one of our troops from Bruno who Bruins were opposed to move medical stuff. But what is wanna mention now want to thank all of you were veterans as well as your family members structures service our great country I'm pro Tony Douglas and sound off on the BR KO am 680 divorce Abbas. You've been listening to send up on WR TL a shill for veterans. What did you work visit Rick.