Solar Eclipse Day

After weeks of speculation its finally time for the eclipse


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URG you know the voice a Boston. Six point seven makes me very uneasy if we can attract huge ship next to them how to we know they contract missiles from North Korea. Six once again. When the first tower was hit I thought it might be an accident more in the second wounds that I knew was an attack from second ship in a month we've got something happening you know cells are excellent Simon. And and a different 617 says. We all know what happened near the ship's captain and his crew were trying on the solar eclipse in classes and that's why I think instant check coming and how much are receiving really be joining an area. I just try to these solar eclipse the yes it does. Which is a very fine transition but I do you have to say that there's just doesn't seem to be anything about this situation that's funny to me at all. Because it is so horrible because we've got again consult Christmas and let's do change gears focus we said well what is this what Monday is fast. Moon day Monday. Him who funny money I like moon day better than totality. It will probably Monday. I don't know is a tough word doesn't. It's not for most of us anyway yeah and second of all night you're trying to big time sweetener eyes aren't in its totality I don't care passionately as I just announces to me the you're not to. Crazy well it again and if you're in the path of totality. Yeah that's a somehow that's bright side now just because you happen. And a live in whatever Nationale if that's just a fact. It is pretty crazy though this whole thing and here we are the 21 it's finally here. And actually. I don't know. If he it's pretty quick hold onto them pulling this out because. For the longest time Fox News had literally had eighty. It countdown clock going and they seem to have lost our regards to clock has gone way. What does that have president's thing don't know her speech tonight but. Doing fine less interesting than the actual clips is the television coverage of the cloths. And who and I mean how many of these guys can neighboring on to tell us about the classes how many guys can show us how to make the cardboard thing. How many guys can tell us how randomly appeared to says like it's unbelievable. Well. I agree. I mean this team be this is what TV does just runs everything in the ground with the what I don't understand is why you would travel. Halfway around the world to get to Nashville and more T get to South Carolina our wherever it is each you've gone and with that third racked. Always that exists that it could be storming. And you aren't gonna see it. And that's what's happening a lot of these locations of these people who have taken almost vacation time. They've gone they've set up their hands before O'Meara they've done whatever it takes. And other hiding this maybe they would have a better view fated stayed home and watch it on TV. Carl. I mean I had to be about who poorer but come on. But wider people go to the Super Bowl it wanted to go people go to comic com what do people do anything money you're for the festivities around that's that is trying they've they have somehow. Turn this into oh my god you've got to go either a restaurant in Saint Louis because the eclipse is right and you've got to writers T shirt and you've got to get fifty friends are. But the fact that there's Woodstock in Colorado now going on as a result of just nonsensical to me but. It is because we are. So there was no different in Boston bureau gonna be a crowd any part of that I did on net. And so that's what they're doing here we've we've gone for morality of the eclipse and know beyond the next thing right after that like. We all just wanna be in on some things we can talk about having been in on him and I cared more about that so badly wanna be part of something. Yeah yeah I mean that's true. Well all right so having said all these prove prove kind of things. Will you watch. Will you be going out I'll be today if so I will see it at some point and I'm anticipating he went at times in solidarity and I've waited. I'll be haggling for my car and a lot somewhere and lowered or Chester and Iraq's very slow probably see it you'll have the chains on more to guide to tears yet. I'm not pretty I'm not getting these cartoons. Com what I don't know is a the fact that if you know somebody or US specially if you are somebody are you missing worker did you take a half day. War are you going somewhere where the year's plans. Now that you legitimately are making plans for this thing. I gotta tell you had not gotten glasses if you try and couldn't find him any of that stuff. I'm first up I think a lot of people. I would love I won't be I'd love to be in downtown Boston at you know to what is it 230 to forty. Whatever it is today 39 and take a look at up 'cause I got to be prepared. But I'd love to be in downtown Boston because I'm I'm betting that people come on that buildings. To take a it's like. But you're not supposed to look at Paul. Other glass and all I don't know where this condom during our longer it's in the original independent state right before like when they did that aid ships are like opening the dared to ended right before they start obliterated all the cities that there's a one shot of all the people on the top on a rooftop. And all are looking up. Competition like a got a quick after these people are gonna be like out on some gold I Darryl like staring up. And they all go blind if it is also mesmerized by early we have to look at. We actually arts are. Issues related to going blind or worse in our televisions genetic worsen the partial state they didn't. That fools yes. Com because we can still see a good portion of the sun. Will only be covering like carefully 69%. Or something and son will be covered. So they'll be a lot more exposure to the sun so don't stare up out of folks I don't I don't know how UK and we can give anybody scare of the sun without. Having I can't we return it out yesterday to see from a blip up it's tough but nobody can look up for any length of time. Saw I gonna be involved in any way got to hear from you. Six or seven du 666868. X 8680 is attacks fine did you find your glasses words again. We're about and I. Because I'm surprised you or your sister is in totality out your way and I don't really I'm actually surprised you're not out there and that you didn't get sucked in this could you are susceptible this year. Who's your favorite cam or BD. Indeed yeah I have to say yeah. Throughout his career. While I'm sitting here making the moves on Boston's morning show wins Gwinnett WRK. I there's some. First of all of the guys that that I heard it used to remove the bottom of your school. You risers say. I don't feel I have in my eyes open in the water. Is just put his second all air I've ever heard. Hi I just I can see the story now like the man drowned after getting sucked into his pool filter while trying to look upwards to. The clips like it's not a good idea if no not hard lane there is the. Where I won a major get the right text number yourself than anyone I read that you should keep your pets in because they looked up they can damage there. The pats you guys I saw a full on loan had out there at the protesting on. You're would have no reason to look up at the sign any more than your pet does on any other day so all these nocturnal animals there were told are gonna run wild and cause chaos that are gonna come out which is another G. They don't come out and look and our. I just why don't come out different. We have all these flying foxes on it. Do you ever see it just looking up and staring at the sun. And I mean it's would be. People make it out like like this whole idea of big dude like you said the nocturnal. Animals it's not for. Three how worse. My son says it's safe to view movie clips through the hole and Ritz cracker. Maybe I don't have any I. I've heard enough of these homemade things that you can do what my under our candy here's if you cut is a certainty if you can't improve on your song I'm like no way. I'm not. How. It's a certain time out to wax paper but it's like that if you cut and roomy inside of your sunglasses that limits the dead. I don't wanna be the Guinea pig and things because there's no benefit to me seeing I don't care. What we're understanding is the pin hole for all four. They heard there a project dark so don't put. Well put it. Something on your glasses and put a pin all edit our look through the day directs. The idea is that you can you hold the ripped up. And then you look at what you're. You know don't look at the sign in December have to be two back 978. I don't trust the glasses but I watched the coverage this is a bigger deal than your making and have to be. Why do you think it's a big deal it's not a big deal I think it is I guess you guys that I ought to be then realities in the same way that. 8818. Or whatever I know I don't think that's cool here but those things come up in that the person that got married on three for five or whenever my friend got Larry hello all alone and eleven. Okay this is that that's all this there's no significance to it there's nothing good that comes of it there's nothing bad that comes of it. It's just a weird thing it was a lot weirder before television was invented but for some reason we cling to that time to stop yelling back when they didn't know why it was happening and then there was availability. Could literally be the end of the world. We've people yeah suddenly user guides you believe in sun gods and you believe that there was a problem here do you know. Not find any fascination with the idea that the sun comes up every morning in goes down at night I mean because find me the little things in life. But once they're explained do you like once the magic trick is explained you don't you find it a little less interest thing. Well that's isn't and that's why I can't remember. Last. Solar eclipse. And I'm bummed out that I'm not gonna be in the where is called. False realities are now body's own so I've good friends and they live in New York City and they go back to where I'm from. For the summer for a couple of months you know just to get out of the city the to diminish schoolteacher. They're staying they actually would already be back in New York but they stayed because they had a front row seat. There in Missouri watching. That clips before they go back tomorrow so why did you birdie your sister's. Ireland sisters who would go but the eclipses are bigger than your guests love hate relationship produces terrorism and it's. I adore my sister that has nothing to do with that hiding go because to. If you really isn't thinking of you for re your Obama's arguing we're following. A bigger deal of that. Like the fact thing you're right I don't care enough to go there and see it because I can see it all different ways. But I do think it's a big deal I know he's not a signal shields Bermuda to know him on TV five await the I'm not Tennessean why. Because I got married on 111111. And I'm now getting divorced. I had look art and I really no set 111111. Meant that it was good. Grew it it just was unique. Attribute the sort of update the I think percent. I'm not say whether mr. and I have no knowledge I'm Imus or surety as to why would they make up on the other hand. What do you assume based on how we spend most of every day talking about how we've gotten stupid view of the dumbest occasion of America aren't. People are stupidity in people don't know why act anymore would you assume they're going to be thousands of people today that would go blind if this is turn. What would assume there'd be thousands of people who with blind every single day. I mean why are they not telling us every day of our life. Don't look up at the sun because you're welcome burn your right now you wouldn't stare at this on visas there every day the dolphins are people who I hear you're talking about a society where it says on our plastic bags do not put overhead. Like this is this does not like we do tell stupid B I want to do stupid well I usually don't tell the race. Why would they were finally live here. When they don't listen any other case I like Dillard what do you mean don't put there's no gonna loud and in the shooting right. I think really reason people are listening now is because it's a novelty thing and so then you can say judge I mean. Over the weekend how many people posted pictures of their gear it clips glasses on their dog. We may just you know it's just there are on their babies or what it just goofy that you also have six different all the news networks that have 24 hours they have to fill. Right and there's nothing else to talk about terrorists. I'm not gonna say that I think you should look up out without some and I protection don't get me wrong not being irresponsible because last time we talked about this on the air two weeks ago I said that. I was gaining dated. We've nasty tweets from people saying what a moron I was to tell people that they need to work classes 617. TV your nice guy but you have the exact opposite of the most interesting man in the world. Teachers poses at I love of the clips and I looked in the days and Taiwan and is the most interesting man in the world going to see the beauty of clips and of course he always does strengthen your. With it with a bevy of beautiful women on his arms look it's fine for people in the middle of what can be a stressful life let them. NASA is 6177 I wanted to joke. If you think it's a big deal Europe dole I would just love to see the look on a judge's face of somebody brought a lawsuit and walked into court and set up. I wasn't gonna look at the clips with and I heard can carry NC and RKO that it was okay and now I'm blind and now I'm blind can she stare she told me that she wasn't gonna get glasses and she stared at it. By the way just so you know I'm getting text right now from my husband saying I've been to Walgreens I've been to CVS and I've been to 7-Eleven. No glasses. Then I think there it never would say Warren's. And reverence and we'll go to home people by welding glasses welding glasses worked just fine everybody's telling you that. 465%. Coverage will thank you know I'm just telling you what they're telling you off. Tomorrow's story should be not what was in how to go it's one of the ten dumbest things and then today. One of which is John Berman what I like John Berman is in and he's funny guy he's a local guy and I get why they're doing it but really. They have Bonnie Tyler online today. Because she had a song total eclipse of the heart says she is on live with them on CNN today yet Bonnie Tyler's been waiting twenty years for the solid. How about an hour that apple won't what is I get these funny are part of it up until you actually then have an interview. Bodies are you guys that's on him did you ever think this they would come Jack comes every fifteen years or so. What are you gonna watch it yeah I am. Pay great senior. Wanna Tyler like what well I know and why don't you wrote the song rethink it about a day like this one no. I think there's a lot of I want. Six months of the desert putting unnecessary damper on the eclipse my nine year old is pumped yeah I don't know Saturday and I'm all I sure I thought yeah I'm not put a damper on it because I think it's fun and actually I'm kind of Matt myself because being Isa like Kim I can't believe you're not having a party on the beach and. I actually wish I would have pepper if this would have been a weekend. I absolutely 100% would have had a viewing party is this true. 97 you don't need glasses. Use your front face camera on your phone and look at the sun reassure all works doesn't it. Is that true I think I do this yeah like you borrowed. My community a picture on it yeah. Can I see it or that guy standing in Berlin collective yup my understanding is that the winds of your key of your phone will get goofed up of you holding up there. I saw that always say is you know there's going to be thousands dollars and 1819 year old would sell the pictures in front and a clip some. Now nights I got welding mask yes but make sure it has at least a number thirteen lands. I can't I can't I can do the stuff I can't amok. Helio would even think about doing is the cereal box thing just because of the art project that yeah my kid exactly. But even that I'm more interest in teaching my kids you don't do something stupid when people telling their cars or not all it did inside. Moon. What they about the sixty days this summer if you are not look into watch the eclipse may be who knew what to do this with like minded individuals who like this kind of thing if the Boston greens fast. It starts at noon today at Boston City Hall plaza. Boston. Excuse me green fest offers a huge assortment of exhibits performances and presentations about sustainable living. Eco themes including water energy green city's transportation health nutrition. And eco fashion and no doubt. There will be some conversation about an eclipse which will be taking place during the little. Of the big green fast if you need more information it's Boston green fest dot org or go to WRK out. Dot common look up 68 days of summer it's powered by the block island ferry with daily high speed and traditional varies. They can get into the island in as little as thirty minutes details of wacko and very dot com single a two block I'd like meat loaf were. Heard that song yeah. I did not know that you gotta figure bonnies really gotta be cash in and this is probably her last clips and that song was we're talk and the long timers seventies now Koppel yeah. Six point seven ABC news confirmed the self these are safe. Well they didn't have to look bizarre turn of the lord I'll look at after the break and I'll let her body no because this is actually a really good way to get on that's coral 469 tell your husband is checks years. Nobody shops and a bucket yeah I'm not I'm Ronald. Mostly go after forcing most well I asked are ten to eleven lenses in Unita thirteen minimum. So people are getting duped and welding things apparent. So I guess that she didn't even glasses like that you know sunglasses for four rob. Surfers don't work seven iron one greatest eclipse movie ministry. And I'm miseries Sally to misery I know is that genre of the eclipse movies like is there a list because I can even think of another I'm gonna go toilet at cliffs slid into. Very guide wasn't drew to better twilight movie but yeah I yards across at its hollow and I had happened. Came in TV Boston's morning show WRK. Employers are a lot of does that mean. The first of all. If I'm looking at his right eye you know and for the PP 20/20 four clips. A pair hated this I'm just so into the song I just can't really hear what you're saying I'm sorry. There's nothing on this close in the loss column for me you won't is this the only song she ever sang you know she'll sedate and you Europe. I am here are. Oh yeah did the did ended meatloaf fright that too I don't think it was actually meet local RC was Jim Stein man who wrote all of meatloaf songs tip. That wrote this for her I say. I don't know any of that action items and I'm acknowledging that yes okay so go ahead what we're what is he's a true. I'll take 120 or. Clips is much more if I'm looking at the path of it. It's almost like Texas to Massachusetts. Yeah and so we're gonna get that one a lot better than what this is a big deal you realize because this thing ends the entire nation it's the first time since one. But but again that is of a deal that happens only once in a lifetime what we're gonna get one and a couple of years this has been the entire nation. It's gonna spend a lot of it's a big it's a pretty similar again from Texas to Massachusetts in an ark are. A crash itself is at the western side of extremists has south north as opposed these western honest peace that. Fort Worth there is another of my kids will be older than him he's maybe you'll get more excited about them. And I want everybody know about the phone. Thing I looked it up so it says that. It will not in most likely will NASA says it most likely will not hurt your phone. If you take the photo but if if you're taking photos. They say that you won't really capture it the way that it looks. Because the photos brain. Are big car phones brain will automatically change the lighting and such a way that you won't go to see it. Now you're thinking why it's yeah I'm telling you prefers not mine. Ass anyway and I'm suspicious of all things after my fertility doctors and we could never get pregnant if we want to aside I don't trust anybody anymore I understand that but I wide. Match is sounds to me like that's his gobbledygook that's trying to baffle me would bring votes didn't I don't know I've been right after I don't give us something like by Vanessa glasses product that's hold got that it doesn't I. I that I think yeah I think that would work but again I don't I'm not. It's not the route the reward is not worth the risk. I wanna Bert I'm at home so I don't really care I don't think that it would not how it doesn't matter is I can take a picture of it. On TV would my phone and I'm good to go and I really don't need to self we have. Look behind me because I could do that on my computer without actually doing I mean if you really want the experience pick another day that's not today look up at the son for second stick your finger in front of it you have criticizing share pretty much yeah. Some of this I'm doing it right now gracious I'm having I had and holding annoying yeah. Why does having the experience right now you're I'm experiencing here claps and a couple of tough. Your proved scoring and I had a month. The moon is it injury 97 it's not like the moon is going to cross in front of the sun that's a big deal don't be such. Wiener GB. Simply don't use Wiener ironically US Vietnam like I'm looking I can actually read it I was looking at all I don't like the Grand Slam final a lot of help I. How. Glad to see the best way along this prerecorded and watch it later. So. I don't know what about the goggles used in tanning beds gap that seems like to mean I'm not gonna tell you that that's good. Is not a war gets sued when you Pritchard goggles on and go out Fisher site but. Is that the whole idea of those ultraviolet rays they're coming out for quite sink Bibi you sound like a Debbie down Debbie downer. I'm telling you for me. But I I've said this always whether it's. Camping out for the opening of a chick filet whether it's Colin did you agree and we had a bookstore for when the next twilight book comes. I don't care what floats your boat if it's via closed closets how bad it I don't care. For me eat. The difference to me at this would like camping out for chick filet is there's a similar to the end of that. There's nothing here well I know now let's get back in the car and drive back for more natural and that's your big we're most people who. Most people who don't like. I was watching last night and I'm sure many have you sought as well that there's like 40000 people on this one campground in Oregon and who are there waiting because they'll be the first ones to see it. They all had their reasoning for doing it and it was more than the eclipse I mean it's that experience that these are primarily nerdy people like look behind you look at some of these homemade viewing I have in the stands like. This is bagged Big Bang theory on stay right curry. That's part of what they're doing it they're there with like minded individuals are assumed Big Bang theory is filming and episode. All of this like you've alienated right shelter and should be in the middle of light. Denver or wherever San Diego like they should have access paths in the eagle there on the full eclipse. Knots and it won't may be installed in what miscalculated. You've got to be in the midst of the full people keep wanting to tell me that operation dark sky is happening today were the military's holding girls out of. A law I know. Whether that is true or isn't true either way I don't Kerry doesn't mean anything to me are these same people lastly there been a text us that Kim Jong-un was gonna almost during the desolate dossier common. 670 Debian looks like I hit a nerve you didn't hit a nerve my wife she's always aimed. Yes they did it also honest surprisingly she's not that in doing because we've had some other stuff going on but if she was I'd say Johnny. Go ahead Joanna did find the friend that wants to go to the viewing station which you wouldn't run while high aim I think most people this is what I think is I would take it over your pilgrimage to the doctor pepper plays in Waco. We all have our crazy things believed me a lot of. People still see this as a rebirth. And that's they're they're looking at it like that so. And as the mood as the moon moves in front of the Sean I'm explaining it to you like your game put this together. And then you know that's sort of pop queen behind the old and is the sun comes out again it's a rebirth and it's a new world. I ever rebirth every morning when I Wear it on video and I have one every 31 of December. I feel when I wake up the next morning it's a rebirth exactly Alexia I usually the morning after December 31 I'd wake up feeling like I'm dead and if that's. Fresh but that's just me it. I think a lot of people are gonna come to after this eclipse and they're gonna feel like they're dead tip is alleging is also an excuse for a lot of people. Seven's are imported start of a law professor the claims of racism about the eclipse I saw him do you Johnson know what is Jackie telling you like tomorrow should be good. That's what we should all your dream years that ten stupidest things well I'll tell you assume I have that path theory of like it's going through trump country dance and it's just hammer right. So this professor's theory is that that. Main path of totality is predominantly white and it's predominantly areas that have claimed some sort of white supremacy over. Some period of time and this is like some sort. They don't she did this for president this is some sort reckoning or whatever but isn't it dangerous thing. That it's covering all of those areas and it's like no not really isn't that helping at all but. We're we're everywhere we have to go where it was not that. They have to make a detour through Detroit. I'm drop drop down to Mississippi and then. Catapult up just unthinkable. Said. That it could get beat down somebody who so some might actually finds avenue store crazies are treating this like the people in apocalypse don't think it's another good. But clips that was actually a good movie I know we know gives in now but it was a good movie in that. That is we still hold build something that is what this is for a lot of people this is like sun worshippers this is a big deal.