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Sunday, September 17th

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No statements made during retirement roadmap radio show shall constitute tax legal or accounting advice you should consult Rome legal or tax professional on any such matters information presented this for educational purposes only and does not intend to make an offer or solicitation for the sailor purchase of any specific securities investments or investment strategies investments involve risk and unless otherwise stated are not guaranteed to be sure to first consult with a qualified financial advisor and or tax professional before implementing any strategy discussed herein Matthew peck CFP Derrick Greg warranty Ellis of Essex. SHP wealth management LLC and SEC registered investment advisor offices in Woburn west Borough in Hyannis our offices of convenience and only used for client meetings. Joy to do this HP financial retirement romantic show with your host Gerri great warranty journalists and Matthew today. They know that the road to a successful retirement is made with consistent care in the commitment to guide the families they serve. Matthew is a certified financial planner professional and author of mind the gap the cracks in the American retirement system and Eric's been recognized by Boston magazine as one of their top wealth advisors and together with Keith solo third victory bringing in health wealth and success they've been featured in major publications like sports in the Wall Street Journal but they're most at home talking to people just like you about living out their dreams in retirement their phone lines are always open at 802277. B 777. So give them a call define your retirement roadmap fourth visit them all mind that SHP's financial dud job. Sit back grab a pen and start your engines here's Derrick Max and she's. Welcome everyone to another weekend edition of the retirement roadmap radio show brought to you as always by SHP financial. I'm Derek Greg are joined by Keith Ellison on today's show where did discuss a really important topic and that's the importance. I'm having all of your financial professionals working together. We'll talk to attorney key thing man listen to me is a steep planning about the benefits of having your financial advisor your CPA. In your ST planning attorney. All working together on your behalf. They're gonna give you the number one rule to retire. In stay retired and no one ever wants to go back to work once they retire we're gonna give you a secret that I think will help you to retire and more importantly stay retired. In our weekly market report Matthew tech RCI certified financial planner will discuss a term are different terms that we hear a lot about. And that's the differences between active management. Verses passive management so a lot of good topics today on today's show and hopefully as we do each and every week since we opened our doors in 2003. We really wanna provide you with a lot of guy that you can use you can apply and a lot of youth helped out over the years but hopefully we this is good information you can apply to your lives. In your retirement so. Some pretty good morning afternoon evening keep him out I don't could do hunger rate. My goodness it's if football season is upon us that that until the fall as C airs so. It gets here you chapel taken heredity and everything else I mean it's just you can. And it's as was Labor Day passes and hit Emily Hamilton already seen Neil Lee's turn and everything else though yeah I'll may get ready for flaw. Yes funny how fantastic does go because it's you know this past week in particular are already Halloween Kostis my two boys and it's like for you know blink and denied. How we will be here Thanksgiving and then we celebrate the end of the year it's crazy how fast time actually go home I'll ask this summer when is amazing notes Philly continuing to happen you know if the. But really just look at MI kids like now six and -- year old run around playing football and is almost year and it's like. Just amazing it's like how this happened near grade B these shoulder pads shoulder pads just illustrating that it was fun last week Tom last week I took wanna might. Awesome clients him and had a team good friends over the last year to you. And we run golf things you know frowning which obviously is not that's what that's where I proved to my clients. How much they really focus on them knock off to running on the golf course that's at the end the way we replace him. And we did we it's on your car stations but after the fact he he went to shut his trunk. In forgot his keys that were in the trunk so little. So because AAA AAA team yes and dinner in the play at the Placer. AAA team room and make bill and he lived on the cape so they came popped open his door. So he didn't says the our office junkie ever realize. The keys that pot that those the security on them on the keys that he can't pop the trunk and that's the doors are unlocked. So with his keys and his trunk and my goodness and yes the small we found to get the smallest opening between the backseat in the trunk. Those like to put ski like a skis that yes he's there right. Answer him by 8 o'clock and I rarely reaching in yes like his half his legs out the went out the door. Full rich and as far as he can injures he's got to get content shoes and I try to do it via breaking my show their group housing ansari bum bum crack almost crying laughing is one of those experiences. Finally I called my wife Italian in my kinda thing amber in. My client back to the KP could really get this pixie cut in us and here's this guy get Syria out of there he's in his hand so it ended well there's a sausages. We share a lot of stories he is he's a big CME got a big Family Guy and we just talked about. The years ago when he decided to leave his other advisor and join SHP. It was a tough decision. And obviously easy to work this guy and then while by him and he had been demo for many years but he was missing that kind of full. Plan he had like he got investment planning. But there is no try economic hop hop from an income standpoint there's no coordination which I'll talk to attorney McManus about a few minutes. About how to work make sure that as with him. We wouldn't he works thus that we work with the same mistake he he's our estate planning attorney are CPA so we're on the same page going forward. One of the funny things I found a one inch seeing things that I was kind of sad no way is. This advisor who our client had supported for many years by being invested with a mean he had quite a bit of money would this guy. After all those years he move the money his son called them but he never called himself but it there was no. Like you know pay thinks throughout the years did be dead by the advice never called the client which kind of weird. Yeah you have that relation for all that time you figure. Did as good as at least to a post mortem and you know hey you for write your support by the Tony years and so it made me realize so it's not when you we weren't working with clients it's not about us. Obviously people you know me SE few fans who had a radio show for bunch years have been on the news a million times and all these books fever and it sounds like. A lot of stuff like oh it but when I don't think by it's not about us three. Some of our company it's really about you you that are listening to this story now. In what your goals are because we're at our job is to take everything that we've learned now we keep learning over the years. In apply it to your lives so that you can have their retirement that you've dreamed you worked all these years why would you not. Have put yourself in the best distance has made me realize. Sometimes you you know anyone in business can get like a little feel like there doing a good thing and is maybe step back realized not about us it's about all the folks that we've helped and all of you listening that needs good solid advice. Yeah it's funny Tom kind of as a sidebar to that a lot of people that we do work with. Our small business owners you know people that have taken a leap of faith and went out and really put themselves forward in his started their own small business similar to a story. And what they've created retirement plans for their employees and things along those lines and one of the things or realize over the past you know 34 years as we've looked at these retirement plans and started to do them ourselves. Is the amount of fees that people are typically paying in these retirement. In these retirement accounts in a you know he's the borrowing case exactly injury ties these armed. Small business owners they know how to do what they do you write them so you know they've met this individual or this company in this companies helped them establish his retirement plan for their employees. But you know are you getting the best dios say we we work with a company down the cape. It's a consulting company and we did an analysis on their 40 okay so they started this consulting company they had about 25 employees. He's employees rely on them to provide them kind of the best deal I guess going forward is so we did this analysis on that those their 401K program and we came to realize they're paying you know about thirty somewhat thousand dollars in fees that they didn't even know that they were paying. 30000 dollar now is divided up and I worked on this case with the U that was divided up on all the employees these hardworking employees. Making decent money and not nothing too crazy and each one of them was paying a few thousand dollars extra per year. Indiana in it and what it so what does that do well it takes away from their contributions and it in in a unit offsetting way. It also can hurt your return and I think one of the main things that could kill. Potential retired you know retirement plans aura you know retirement account balances. Is excessive fees so. You know we never really bring this up on the show but. One of the things I did have been telling a lot of the small business owners that I work with his latest do a fee analysis let's just see where you are. So you can. Make sure because we you know there's been times we've looked at these programs and then defying you know congratulations you know are you doing a great job. You're offering what I think is the best for your employees than these other times where we're gonna go in cleaning up the mess for I'm a better way of putting it in. I would encourage all the small business owners out there that are listening right now. Take take a few minutes take some time pick up the phone and call us so then we can do an analysis for each received no you're doing the best for your employees. Jack good point Keith you're small business owner and you are have an analysis to make sure your maximizing. Return in minimizing fees for your employees obviously they rely and you for that. Think of the phone give us a call be happy to do that or your regular investor and you may be your paying high fees inside your mutual funds that you don't know about. We're happy to run analysis Alia to do is give us a call. Pick up the phone now call 800 GT 77777. To see one of the analysis on your retirement plan. Again 80227. 7777. Or go to our website at SHP financial dot com after the break even be joined by attorney keeping minutes. We're gonna discuss the importance of having all of your financial professionals working together in on the same page fear behalf. We're attacks. You're listening to us HP financial retirement road map show your guy Jewish successful retirement. The phone lines are always open at 1802277777. Stick around the guys we'll be right. Can you imagine trying to build a house with only hammer of course not so how could you possibly build a retirement plan without having all the tools hi this is back Deepak certified financial planner and co-founder of SHB financial to make sure you know than not all financial advisors are the same and it's HP financial we our fiduciary or required to act in your best interest board really makes this different is all the tools that we bring to the table to create solid retirement plants. As an independent firm we are beholden to a big Wall Street bank or insurance company like some advisors stopped working with people that only trying to sell you annuities or. Only offer investment advice and SHB financial. You'll get a full retirement plan that covers in come play an investment plan tax planning health care planning and legacy planning all in one place calls today 802277777. To schedule complimentary financial review that's 802277777. Or visit us at SHP financial dot com. Why do so many people have trusts for their families. Do I need one and what exactly can it do for me how old Lisa legally make health care and financial decisions for me if I'm not well. What is the estate tax and how can I minimize what my family has to pay cut my protect my children from lawsuits or divorce. When you think about the comfort and security of your loved ones there's so many questions that the whole thing can seem overwhelming I'm attorney Keith McManus. And McMaster state planning will walk you through each step of our dedicated process and address all of your concerns. Then. We create a complete and detailed plan specifically for you. We're committed to carrying out your wishes and protecting your family from the courts leans in the tax collector. You see the state planning isn't just something we do it's the only thing we do. When you're ready to start planning for the future comic menace estate planning it 5087788855. Or visit McMahon assisting plan dot com. My dad planned ahead so his assets were transferred after he passed just the way he wanted. I gave power returning to my daughter. In now I know that someone I trust will be making decisions when I can't. The play and we created ensured that her family would avoid having to go to probate court to get their inheritance we set the trust supporters shouldn't be protected if he got divorced. Careful estate planning is the best way to guarantee that your wishes are carried out to benefit your loved ones. I'm attorney keep McManus if danys estate planning we're committed to safeguarding your assets for your family's well being. We'll take you through our dedicated process he can feel secure about the future. The most important thing is to prepare complete and detailed the state plan specifically for you because estate planning isn't just something we do it's the only thing we do. When you're ready to start planning for the future comic menace estate planning it 5087788855. Or visit McManus a state plan dot com. Your June to a CHB financials retirement road map show where you're route to a successful retirement again. It's called BS HB team anytime at 1802277777. Or visit them online at SHB financial Don come now here's your host Gerri great. She's jealous. So I ask you if you're listening when you're building a retirement plan is your goal to go to one shot fearing come plan. Another investment firm for your best and plan go do it an attorney for your state plan. No one's really talking to each other and everyone kind of has an idea what the other one is doing but it's not a fluid situation. War do you want our retirement roadmap. Only placing your retirement or an essay to retire romance that I know of is here SHP financial. And we work alongside the tourney keeping minutes from the minister of state planning. Who helps us with the legacy piece. Some of the tax planning pieces so before I start going to further down this whole Keith Howard I don't I'm doing great Derek thanks for inviting me here things are coming on the show caught Biarritz they're good stuff listeners they appreciate all your. Wisdom and advice over the years so we appreciate it. In to continue that. Like I was mentioning before. From a listener from someone listening to the show right now. I don't have time to go to fifteen from places in hope that they're on the same page to build my retirement plan. You of one company this is we're gonna say annuity not a company were gonna put you in the market. Another company we're gonna cite you trust it's almost sell sell sell. We want to provide a consultation of planning firm which we've done since 2003. That looks at all there at Ares of retirement income investments taxes well not healthcare and legacy. All under one roof. In so I think a client our clients appreciate that. In so in your field Keith and you see a lot of clients whether it's from your workshops are from the radio show. When they first come do you do most you'll have some sort of misty plan maybe it's twenty years old ten years is a normal situation to have an. Yeah now bowed to not normally the majority of people don't have no planning whatsoever. I'd say there is a percentage of people. That have some documents and they're usually. Documents that are expired or documents that. Have outgrown their usefulness because nobody's looked at them they've been with financial advisors for years. The financial advisors never thought to take a look at the estate plans. This for their clients. They're not asking the salient questions to find out if they need proper state planning. I had someone that hurt us on the radio show for many years. They came in they were from Mike made a burly Philly area which is kind of near my hometown and they had about a million bucks is saved up really good people. But as a when I went we ask questions not only on and a chorus and now the client where fact finding and having that exploratory meeting. On all things were asking the what their income goalless how much they have coming in from Social Security. Pension what's your investing goals taxes. Who it's a legacy planning massive wager as to what is your state plan. In the east for million data million dollars in property worth another million Salma got a million dollar state and I suppose so we did well in 2000 hi. And so I said before we literally and this is how we we try to solve these problems I said before we meet. In have our next meaning you need to schedule Miette the item on the phone with your off to a duet but we need to schedule a meeting with a turning him in essence his team because. This is a big hole you have in your situation it's a major problem and they say one of their children. Was really very reliable and you know when they wouldn't be concerned at all. And the other one they're petrified if they pass away and they get everything in a lump sum das has all kinds issues there it's so. Once she's so let's say someone sets of the trust's plan they have a trust in place they have and will healthcare proxy durable power attorney they build an estate plan great job. Then one. So first of all that we would first intake that client and double check all the documents see what we can salvage if anything. The one thing that's extremely important for a listener to now is that not all trusts are the same not Ellis state plans are the same these are not templates. Wariness of attorneys is training your name at the top of that these things he'd be custom drafted depending on the circumstances. And there I'm very involved documents but it's a quick can easily in relatively pain pain free process. So I'd meet with that client in we. In take them as if they had no plan whatsoever. And then compare them against the documents to see if anything could be read if any trusts could be restated and improved. Or for me creating new documents most of the plans are based around trusts. Don't once someone has an updated ST plan. You know through McManus estate planning. An SHP. Is there to help guide them along the years are gonna start passing by yup they're gonna then need to cut. A free service like SHP where they've got a roadmap so that they're being checked on. So they're checking back in and says there advisors are talking to each other that's very rare to see like you said. Most of the time people that CPA in one corner and they get their financial person and another they get estate player who doesn't know the other two and they need to have everybody in that same team for things to work let's. I imminent and you know worn the clients of one the listeners have been hurdler because a month ago really narrated how and I really love. The the way in since you know our whole goal when we met many years ago even since we opened our doors and SH OP in 2003. Was surprised to provide good value and I really it love the fact that when someone sits down with us and we build them a plan. They know we have some obviously as you know we reform the decline has to sign that allows us to talk to each of them. But as things go on let's say two or three years go down the road they have a grandchild is a special need situation whatever it is. It's not like they're seeing you once and I'm like all right CNN's forty years right there maybe they don't need to see for awhile but as things change it's our job SHP financial. Coursing down on their clients each and every year. What has changed your situation has anything changed because sometimes. If there's a situation that seems warranted. We're gonna say are you need to ghost adapt backed down with a Terry McManus an immense estate planning Telus team what's happened in the may mean need to be some adjustments within your plan. Based on this new situation that we've uncovered. One other thing we recommend Derek that I find is very rare. I'm in his to have a family meeting so this is optional. We don't charge for us. But after people that numerous states Lanny it's just it's so it takes so much emotion. And and helps you make people feel better in improves family harmony. Have to get the documents. We'd like to sit back down with you and your beneficiaries. And discuss. What. We've just set up. The fact that we've solved a major problem how things are gonna look at someone's health changes if they develop a chronic illness or injury here eventually pass away. And it's a tremendous gift you can give your beneficiaries. That you've done this planning you've done the estate planning piece you've done the financial planning p.s. We've got in SHP person there who's gonna nicknames estate planning person is going to be smooth as so when someone passes. And it's a great gift is that people live there in the room everyone's still alive and well. And you know then the bunch of them can go have lunch or something after and it's again it's a positive experience as opposed to. Us needing them after the kinds of diet for the first time there's a tremendous amount of apprehension the anxiety. To my folks at this upright you know we have to pay a big you know check to the government for taxes you know what's gonna happen the special needs person. You know all of that we can we can dissolve all those fears. A lot of that a lot we've done that multiple times that obviously with clients you and I've been in the same room and out. But in we don't assume we don't have to share all there are much and how have now you know it's not about that site hey they have. Three million dollars this policy you're gonna get I have a 100000 this account that is so it's really about OK here's the plan that we set up. If parents have accounts and us for managing them were building them plan for income investments were trying to minimize taxes we're doing everything in our power him maximize their plan. Our firm their retirement roadmap. Also attorney minister has brought in because he set up this trust that's here's where it's gonna do so this happens in this is what happens and this is why we did it. Here's the gold the trust not talking while financials. I think about how that Stanley feels in the confidence that they have when they leave their meeting in the clients the confidence that our clients have knowing that. If things happen they can enjoy you can go do what it is you wanna do to have their retirement that you dreamed of you did check it with a couple times a year during our reviews if we see something we uncover we'll make sure you get to the right place if it's updating your state playing great. We work alongside turning in minutes in every one is talking to each other on your behalf. If you don't have that and you wanna learn more. Pick up the phone right now we have offices in Plymouth west Borough Woburn thorn in Hyannis. She diminished also has welcoming workshops the next one is filled. But in the next month or so we as a couple other events if you wanna see if there's space available feel free to give us a call 80227. 7777. To see one either speak their turning McManus. Booker consultation or go to one of his events will be happy with the UN. 802 Q 77777. Brit take a quick break but we get back the number one rule to retire and stay retired welder attack. You're listening to us HP financial retirement road map show your guide to a successful retirement. The phone lines are always open at 1802277777. Stick around the guys will be. My dad planned ahead so his assets were transferred after he passed just the way he wanted I gave power returning to my daughter. In now I know that someone I trust will be making decisions when I can't. The plan we created insured and her family would avoid having to go to probate court to get their inheritance we set the trust supporting us and be protected if he got divorced. Careful estate planning is the best way to guarantee that your wishes are carried out to benefit your loved ones. I'm attorney keep McManus if danys estate planning we're committed to safeguarding your assets for your family's well being. We'll take you through our dedicated processing can feel secure about the future. The most important thing is to prepare complete and detailed the state plan specifically for you because the state planning isn't just something we do it's the only thing we do. When you're ready to start planning for the future comic menace estate planning it 5087788855. Or visit McManus a state plan dot com. When you're building a home and you need more than just four walls. You need a roof you need a foundation without these things your home would be incomplete the same can be said for your retirement planning. Hi this is Keith Ellis co-founder of SHP financial if your financial advisor is only looking at your investment portfolio. It's like having a house with no roof at SHP financial when we create our customized retirement roadmap plans for our clients. Managing their investments is only one part of the process we include income and expense planning inflation protection tax reduction strategies and health care in a state planning. If you're curry advisors not talking to you about these important issues we invite you to come in for complementary no obligation retirement roadmap review get a second opinion your retirement well being could depend on call 802277777. That's 802277777. Or request your appointment online at SHP financial dot com. Your June to a CHP financials retirement road map show where you're route to a successful retirement again. Call BS HB team anytime at 1802277777. Or visit them online at SHB financial Don come now here's your host Gerri great. She's jealous. So we like to think every segment and every topic that we bring up is important. But I think this one is one of the ones that if you missed some of the other ones and you've you missed part of our show. I really believe this might be one of the more important segments that we can bring up to give it to educate you. Upon the best way to retire and only retire but Steve retired. Matt 93 team from the industry the financial planning industry many many years ago before we started our own company in 2003. And we know what goes on there we know goes on Al in the real world and these wire houses and a lot of these other companies. It's such have a strong lack of planning. In so. We're gonna break this down for you in in simple terms for when it comes to having to comes to stay retired in retiring. It's all of ball having an income plan. In what that means is that you haven't a plan that we can show you on paper that shows you where your incomes coming from year after year to cover your needs. Increasing with a inflation. It's going to be here for the rest of your life in guess what it's not seemingly set it and forget it. We would our clients every single year we see me with clients to three times a year. On our annual reviews we update during complain every year has anything changed what happen if we need more or less thinkable without Buckley get from a bottom line standpoint. So we're gonna break this down but it's sold foreign with the market being at all time highs I can remember this exact situation going on ten years ago around 2007. People you get comfortable a year probably singer and I you know I markets an all time high MF four point came IRAs are way up. While what I you know why would make any changes my my advise is making money hand over fist. Trust I've seen this before we've been through this before the last thing that you wanna do is retire you have to go back to work because we've seen it happen before. We'll list and it's funny mention that Derek is as mused about that on the initial segment in China you know famine inclined come in and into it was. The issue is so concerned about that and then I can't stress that enough I mean she she is sort of a dual concerns and union issues were confer AM for local utility analyst. You know was approaching retirement and she also had a very difficult time of their mother Reno mom undue pressure urge her dad died young and then her mom was BC's single possessing a mom you know grazing her and and her siblings. And so she saw her mom struggle. And then she newseum wanna be in that position and then now she's you know she's younger she's really a 5758. In just knew terrified that. If she were to retire and that in a summons and go wrong or whatever that may be in annexing know she's gonna have to go back to work. In tears like door she's doing right now you know she sees look Indian out of there and stay out of there and stay retired. And the only thing that I was able to to convince our Ol or or or that the the number one tool or instrument to show her that look. Everything is going to be okay. Is having that plant via having to to show or say okay we can have a win leave X amount of dollars in safety RIE money in cash. In case an emergency happens or you need renovations or new kitchen or or rule forever it is. And then here you know come combined between York. Usually your earring complain your Social Security your pension nearly we we use some fixing new reason that situation because she knew where we want take any risk whatsoever and combine by combining those three areas we were relative a show or that okay. Let's just say half of your money just was lost to the market. Your situation doesn't change these and so what that meant to her was that she never had to go back to work she knew confidently that she never had to go back and go back her old boss and you know have that awkward conversation so. It was great to be able to overcome what was a very very deacons. Earned for her but do you know if you can retire if you're listening right now do you know if you can retire and stay retired. My guess is a lot of you might not because we see people to listen to the show each and every week that come into our offices. In that's a number one concern. In the scary part is the market's been an all and an all time highs there counselor great things look great right now. And when I always ask people is what are your you know what how much do you need to cut to cover in Kenya in what I tell them is yes yes or no you can retire. But I tell them you willing to take maybe some of your money have less upside. Knowing that there's no downside market risk as our first questions have you apportioning your money. That's designed may be to not make as much in the market goes up but doesn't go down on the market goes down. Is that OK you can still have your long term growth bucket. We need in my opinion need to have someplace to go that safer than the market and more reliable so you can driving come off of it. The end so what I tell my clients is you if we build a clamoring now. You can retire without any problem not it's it's very easy. Is it worth taking the same rescue taking right now in the market. To media make an extra 10200000. Dollars with the risk of not being able to retire for me to hit by an end in a sensibility you plan meeker retiring now. Well I think one of the things you touched on earlier is complacency Dolly you know you look on your iPhone you go on the market definitely sees green green green basically almost every day right it's kinda. In you kind of just keep going you know it's commits he's he's just sick OK what do I need to do I don't need to do anything and ginger anything but. Remember back in 07. As meeting and in his be individually Curtis on the radio is working with another advisor at the time. News getting to go. He's about to go through this huge transition in life called retirement you know he's about to know hang up the work boots and Speedo. Retiring say he did a pretty good job saving and about one and a half million dollars in. What he needed beyond his Social Security at the time was about 70072000. Dollars a year to live on right. Anne's. He unfortunately didn't take the advice he'd seen with the advisor the advisor did not build him any type of plan any type of income strategy had no idea he's really focused on the the investment side of things which is a here's a that we do as well but. When our belief is you need a full plan and unfortunately obviously we know what happened in 2007 into 2008. The market went down low thing about that if you have. One and a half million dollars and 8780000. A year you know that's a guess okay that's that's that seems to be pretty reasonable pretty reasonable. But now think about what happened in no way in now a year accounts worth 900000. Because this is what happened to this gentleman 600000 all lost and now you need that same 72000. The most 10% well guess what you know ye it. He's back at work you know he was back at work for about another 567 years at that point. Putting on his boots every morning driving into Boston and sitting through all that traffic. All because two things one he didn't have an income plan or strategy. Designed. To get him through retirement lake Mets client that he just explained. In two to share complacency you know the markets hitting all time highs back then every day to you know it's kind of like where we are re now so I don't see this to scare people. I just say this too. Those people getting ready to retire take the time these two the planning to come in sit down and I think it's very very important you know. If you what is the rule buy low sell high will Wear our way and let you know what I mean. Today in folks I mean that's that's an awesome point Keith in terms of like just saying. If you get complacent. It could mean having to go back to work it could mean not being able to retire it could mean but we lot of clients we build the main complainants. That gives them the confidence he declined that takes a trip to Italy to see their family every year and they know that that's built and that gives them the ability to see grandchildren whatever it is you wanna do. But I feel like I'm feeling like we don't back ten years ago in 2007 ever wants complacent everything seems to be going fine. We're not saying the world's gonna end in the markets and a drop we're not saying that. But we know what's gonna happen if you don't have enough at some point if you don't have enough money set aside. To cover your living needs to cover your safety bucket to cover that income to cover you for the rest your life. You could be in a position where you could lose money in you could have to go back to work for maybe stay working longer than you want to. And I know from anyone that I talked to the come into our office and I know a lot of you listening. That is not what you want to deal were lucky enough we've been fortunate to have this company firm we just finished our were in our fifteenth year now. When I hear desperately looking to take you clients on we can even take everyone on that comes to see yes. But up for so those who are serious and really wants and help. Those of the folks we wanna help who have put a plan together that he can retire stay retired and not the war a ball all this thing all leasing second go wrong with you plan. So while we're very busy and our offices we have set aside five deployments just for you to sit down with us to see what a plank can look like to get you chewing through retirement. Our number to do so is 802277777. We have offices in Plymouth west Borough Woburn in Hyannis again that's 802277777. Being go to our website at SHP financial dot com we get back we're gonna discuss active vs passive management. In our weekly market report. You're listening to whereas HP financial retirement road map show your guy Jewish successful retirement. The phone lines are always open at 1802277777. Stick around the guys will be. My wife and I thought we had a plan for the future I am Mike Bryan from college so many many things that are involved in the state planning that we really didn't know or part of it until we met with Keith and then he helped us put together plans a lot of practices and managed to ski and and create bills and track. Help protect handling and they are inherited not a we have a plan. My mind rest easy knowing that our future is secure our daughters is a comic and it's estate planning today I've elite. 77888. IIs or visit H privacy planning attacks we've all. Heard the expression expect the unexpected. And that's true in life. When it comes to your retirement savings we prefer to say expect the expected. This is Derek Renoir from SC HP financial. Our strategy as a retirement planning firm. Are designed to minimize risk in your changing world. And develop predictable income planes our team works with families to help them take on the unexpected things in life. There shouldn't be all that unexpected. SHP financial we can't predict the future but we can give you a pretty good idea of what you might expect in your retirement. Call today at 802. Q 77777. For our complete retirement roadmap preview. It will help you prepare for the retirement that you expect that 800. Two Q 77777800. UQ 77777. Or visit us online at SHP financial dot com. And now. It's time for your weekly financial update DS HP's financial weekly market reports all the things you need to know about the markets and the economy and your investments starting memo. So gonna get into our weekly mark report and discuss a difference between active and passive management. But before do I wanna you know we have a couple of live events coming up. But they are starting to fill up so for those listening who want to come on it's an awesome and a better. It's we're having a couple of events but Tuesday October 17 and Thursday October 19. Right in the building now are warmer and offices and so much surfing or straight a prime is. It's in move burned our offices are right above there but we have to dinners we're in your presentation and really talk about all things are about our retirement roadmap. As well as what you wanna talk about what is it that concerns you free time what keeps you open night we're gonna discuss this in half and shared dinner. Choose the October 17 or Thursday October 19 you can only pick one but if you wanna sign up go to SHP workshops dot com. Again to sign up for the event it's best each. So Matt we talked last week about a couple of different areas of the market that were never get a lot of different questions on you know it was this there is three now. This and that NM zero coupon bond and yes some technical stuff. And so this week the question really everyone her dress is the difference between passes. And active management. Absolutely and so we we sort of titled it the death of active management because the arguing between active and passive management is on the never seen as the year olds and a financial media. It's almost like Illumina Talking Heads are out there they're seeing OK you're either an active get higher passive guy and there's nothing in between. In other words you either a Red Sox fan or yankees fan and that's it. You know you're you're one of the eight year one drive the other tribe and is not know or in between so can't both be good among that's the thing out and also to get to that the house I had nowhere else on us as always blister is is more than it's easier role lot because of that type of mentality that your either one of the other. So I wanna come to go back to explain what active investing is what passive investing is and why we're hearing more more about it. So active investing is attempting to beat in index or to mitigate risk you know meaning that. Like for example manager aiming to beat the S&P 500 may own more health care stocks and in the index. If he or she felt that it was an attractive sector. You know while another manager might be you know maybe shifting to bonds if if if you know Stacey recession on the horizon and things along those lines so. Can I really targeting individual sectors or more bonds or safety or flight to safety if if if an effect. That's what they expect. Where's a passive investing is is the exact opposite. When investor goes passive that died index fund or group of funds and stick to that allocation at all it's come like more of a much more to buy and hold her true true buy and hold strategy now as the wind do the buy and hold Lebanon by the entire index. Now here's why it's been it keynote earning more or more. Sort of airtime and and Mara talked about it as well. Is that since about 2006. There has been a significant outflow of of money from the active managers. I mean there's been a very very strong tendency away from active managers because frankly. They were not consistently beating the market in a so so there were trying to beat the index but they would be very very inconsistent in doing so. In Seoul at the same time that there is inconsistencies happening with active management. Now there is Asia a much bigger focus on fees and we talk about all the time. Is so peoples they like okay why am I paying texture if if I'm not a silly be in the market in general. At the same time and introduce it to a man named John Bogle. And vanguard investing who who just truly advocated the passive investing for. And Diaw and created the index fund and really made sure okay you know didn't increase the idea of passive management. Okay to physics number one is that no matter what happens in and people are always say I don't know lover pay for active managers anymore. Personally don't believe that because if this trend towards passive investing continues to continue to continues on now everyone's by and the index. When he Dubai the index nearby and some of the stuff that's overvalued but also some stuff that's undervalued as well series so you get a little bit of mix of both. If more people are doing that then more people are potentially getting into the overvalued. Where if you aren't active manager. You should you should be having more opportunities now than you would have before hands. Because now it's it's you know now everyone's kind of following the herd and you should if you are good stock picker will be should be able to find some some jams that are there. 12000 name that when the market had that such a huge drop. Did I think it depends on the time a year end passive investing Mon nine to now has been a great. Way to go because it really matter where you on you kind of just wrote the market up and there's no point in paying fracture management to try to help perform areas because everything was so far down. It's so true and it I mean it's just the best we can referred to as a cycle it everything is cyclical weather system business cycle or whether it's this hole out a whole idea of passive vs active management. It's all cyclical in the sense that certain times active management we'll do better in other times passive management will do better. Which is why in our opinion it's not the Yankees Red Sox thing I mean in our opinion it's okay. The number one of what's better for you personally and everyone's individual and everyone has to make their own individual decisions. But the same time it's OK to have a blend in you want do or so Kate's do you know if you if you are gonna do the S&P 500 index okay emaciated but mom multiple of indexes in there in a diversified portfolio. Or. Leo there's plenty of good active managers out there as well now an initiative to hopefully win in certain cycles you know do better yes so as a mention it's not as black and white there there's plenty of grave and it's just great to talk about and unfortunately they'll be more talk about it. Forever yeah so we we did if there's a full report on this domino weekly market report if you wanted to honor our report we send the weekly report every Sunday. And we have a thought of the week in the speech it was obviously called the death of active management that we just discussed here you want the full details. Log onto our website SHP financial dot com. Good news letter signed up you can put your email and and receive this email each and every Sunday morning among different areas in the markets we urge you to do that. On the teeth are you talking about trying to go back really able as a talking stock market in 401 k.s in. You know after vs passing mention. Before long today in a form Capel and I've also seen a lot more. Of those plans start going more passive because most of the people that are contributing Maine might have many years and they're always putting money in different times. Exactly in again one of the things that we can hone in on when we look at these borrowing keep plans especially for small business owners is. You know what are your options. You know what it is easier pink so. Are are the fee is of borrowing K structure curtain for you is the business owner do you are there any other ways to maximize contributions. There are being discussed with you so. You know one of the things we've been doing quite a bit for a lot of our clients that come in that are small business owners are. People that come in you know the Curtis on the read your come to a some of our live events. Then have taken the lead could become small business owners is like I said well we do as we do a four Boeing K analysis kinda give them hey look. Let's look at everything let's look at what's available to you. Let's look at the feed your paying making sure your employees are in the right place I think one of the things that it makes us a little bit different I think our clients would attest to this especially the clients that. There we are managing their 401K plans for them. Is there were little bit more hands on where we actually go win sit down and educate the employees about their options what it is that we're trying to do for them. And then making sure that you know they understand why they're making these contributions what these contributions mean to them later on life and why it's so important. To take advantage of you know putting money into this now. The matches that just everything kind of soup to nuts and really get into the nitty gritty with each one of these employees and trust these people appreciate it. It makes I think our business owners shine in their employees' eyes is another lake okay will this actually means something to make. And it is spending time to care about their employees exactly and so if you're listening if you're small business owner and you have a retirement plan may be looking to set one up. Assuming we can help you with again call five car number 802277777. Or go to SC HP financial dot com that's 800. 2277777. RS HP financial dot com we'll be right back where that top three takeaways in today's show you're listening to the retirement roadmap radio show brought to you by SHP financial. You're listening to us HP financial retirement road map show your guide to a successful retirement. The phone lines are always open at 1802277777. Stick around the guys will be right. If you're getting ready to retire chances are you into the workforce over thirty years ago. A lot has changed since then in you could expect at least as much change over your next thirty years. This is certified financial planner Matthew pack from SHP financial cohost of the retirement road map radio show her right here every weekend. Our team hopes people transition their finances from work to retirement. Since our focus is on retirement we're familiar with life's terms as UH and we can help you prepare for them. That's why we say expect the expected. 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We'll get a good understanding of your current strategy your goals and risk tolerance. Then we'll ship a plan for you can roll your nest day without feeling like you're risking it with the quote wrong decision. So make sure to call as HP financial today. And 802277777. For your complimentary risk analysis and retirement planning session it will take about an hour. But just could change your life call 802277777. Or visit us at. At SHB financial dot com. Your team USA HB financials retirement road map show where you're route to a successful retirement again. Call BS HP team anytime at 1802277777. Or visit them online at SHB financial done come now here's your host Gerri great. She's jealous. So really get right into this last segment here we wanna leave you with our top three takeaways from today's show. Who we think are the most important areas fear remember. You can apply to your own situations all right many get right into it would map which in a more take away. I guess that's one McKenna go back to their 401K conversation that we had a couple times in an employer and totally because CEO we really spoke a lot about it today but in the past we haven't really brought it up and you know I really wanted to reiterate the fact that we we help boat. You know small business employees with their 401K management. In southern keep that you had mentioned to about helping out not just the employee. Her a yummy dishes admit they're running a great planned for themselves of their own retirement but then draw the employees. In LA and spending the time with them. And coaching them on their own financial planning on teaching them the fundamentals. I mean he not only does the employer end up having a low priced very cost effective plan. But they've employees have really really appreciate hates it what what they're what the boss is trying to do for them and and to coach them up so. Seven a 401K service I highly recommend you take advantage time take time to get here for a want to analyze to make sure you're maximizing it you minimizing. Feeds teeth which in a more takeaways. I think it's goes back to an attorney McManus was talking about in that segment and that's having you know kind of all the people. All you professionals working together he's a family office. Exactly it's so important. To make sure that your advisor your attorney here count and are on the same page so many times we see people come in. And did they have a trust. They have an advisor to the nearby who doesn't know how to X acute to trust. Well the trust is an even funded. Org go get a god forbid something were to happen to that it's that family. Does he advisors know how to set up the ongoing trusts in our they maximizing your taxes so it's so so important. To have. We don't set like you said that CME office atmosphere where he had the attorney the account in any advisor working together on your behalf. And ongoing which is that's some memory crew that we strive to create for our clients those are really good points by key to match and I think this my last take away from my own point of view on the show. Is something that could be the difference between success and failure in your retirement and it's really one of the reasons I come to work every day to work my clients in that's. Put yourself in this reminds you can just think for a quick about what it is you do every day. Getting up early are working night shifts driving into your office driving into work every single data sacrifice all that time say you can retire. Now imagine not being able to retire or imagine imagine retiring. And then having to go back and do that again. That is not where you want to end up folks in too many people like we mentioned earlier in the show. Are complacent right now markets and all time high so no one thinks it's important to build a proper income planned to. And income plan is designed. To hit give you the exact retirement you want. Take that trip every year busier grand kids whatever it is that you wanna do it dairies will help you build that he constructed so you can have the confidence as you enter retirement. You worked your entire life to get to this point you sacrifice so much. The last he wanted to do is read skit on some ridiculous market dropped it may or may not happen it's not worth the chance folks that we urge you we have set aside five appointments just for you. To come in sit down with us in C when a plan would look like for your situation. Where we have offices in Plymouth west Borough Woburn in Hyannis I have to do is call 802277777. Say you want to block down one of the five appointments available again 802277777. Or go to our website SHP. Financial dot com. Thank you so much you support and we look forward talking again next week right here in the retire roadmap radio show brought to you by SHP financial cute. How much risk is in your portfolio of hi this is Keith Ellis co-founder of SHP financial in times of market volatility it's even more important to have the correct amount of risking your investments and SHP financial -- risk allies the award winning risk engineered technology and mathematically pinpoint your -- number and -- your portfolio to match crystallized replaces subjective terms like conservative and aggressive with a -- number from one to 99 precise way to measure your exact comfort zone for downside risk in potential upside gains are US sixteen or 67 visit -- SHP financial dot com and click the link what's my -- number that's SHP financial dot com can. 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Our Greg our message. When most of the go to the supermarket they know the nutritional content in the cost of items they put their car. My two favorites are ice cream and rare by the living on ice cream alone be pretty risky for my health in living on rib I would be pretty tough in my wallet. That's or make informed decisions and limit foods that won't put our health are budget avarice but when it comes to investments. Most people couldn't tell you which ones are risky or if they're paying extra hidden fees. So if you like to know the real risk level and the use of your investments give SHP financial call 802277777. You may be surprised to find out how much of Egypt actually paying. Or potentially saving thousands of dollars mean do you let SH people your financial shopping cart in order. Call now 802277777. For a complimentary wrist and the analysis. That's 802277777. Around my neck SHP financial dot com.