Should Trump trade building the wall for granting amnesty for DACA recipients?

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, September 6th

Kuhner says President Trump’s presidency will be in jeopardy if he signs DACA amnesty. Do you agree?


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You run a complete news from the liberal lies and insults to the working people we stay. No more. Is that could erupt for us. President trauma. Just betraying his face. On back out. I have fake call mop a Corners contract corners corner. Up on Please corner country I'm urging everybody. They call to action. Please read my column send it out to as many people as possible via email. Our social media FaceBook Twitter or whatever. Did she romp beat Trey his base on baca. That is now the seminal question hanging over the president. Because as you know yesterday he announced an end to a doctor he basically face phasing it out. And he's giving congress a six month window a delay. So that they can pass some kind of a legislative amnesty. For these so called dreamers. The young illegal aliens. Who came into this country with their parents. Yet blew you out late last night. President trump. Show his hand. On Twitter. He openly came out and said. Then he supports congress. Giving you have to legalize nation and citizenship. For doc out as he puts it. He wants eight congressional amnesty for doc. And furthermore not only did he say that he supports congress. Giving these so called dreamers legalized they share our amnesty. But he said if they don't get their act together. By the end of the six month period trump himself make quote unquote revisit the issue. What that means exactly the I don't know home but it appears he's saying were signaling. I make common with an executive order. And prevent these dreamers from being deported. In other words. It is very different. Then what the president said on the campaign trail and frankly what you've been saying for a couple of months into his presidency. Now. To be fair to the president. Maybe this is part of a grand bargain. A part of a strategy to maximize leverage. Whereby he wants to make a deal with congress. I will give you amnesty for this so called dreamers for the doctor recipients. And in exchange. We can make some kind of a deal on the wall may be on illegal immigration. On. But I gotta tell you this he already in some ways tipped his hand. And now congress is running witness. And leading the charge. Is laid down and love mean Lindsey Graham. Who now came out yesterday in a press conference with Illinois Democrat Dick Durbin. Where are they saying now they are gonna fully support the dream that I've talked about this before. Are sponsored by Thom Tillis a global list Republican in from North Carolina. It's now getting massive bipartisan support its. Building and building in the in in in congress whereby it would provide a full path to citizenship. Not only for the 800000. So called dreamers. But for their parents as well. In other words for 2.5. Million people. They would be given eight opt to wait green card within five years. And after that they would then get I'm. Be in line for citizenship. Including the right to vote. Listen now to Lindsey Graham laid down and love mean Lindsay. Saying we're gonna get this thing done. Because the dreamers. They're innocent and all of us it's about their children. Roll it Brittany. To the DREAM Act. Population. There are a lot of people on the Republican side to now understand your dilemma and move more refined the fair solution. The coaches you've done nothing wrong. We came here as children you've contributed society if you pass criminal background checks. Evo demonstrated the ability to be beneficial to the country now. In the future. OK first of all they have in prospect criminal background checks that's a law. To your already lined. If you notice the game that they're playing first of all they're playing to me this orwellian game. Of describing v.s they're not even children that's another phenomena get to this later in the show. Most of these so called doctor recipients are between sixteen and thirty years of age in fact the average age is 26. The last time I checked 26 is not a child. Most of them by the way it came between the ages of twelve and eighteen. So this notion somehow they can't even remember the country they came from that some other law. But he mentioned about what they've past all these criminal background checks that is not true. In fact the opposite. The FBI has openly admitted this year these are official government statistics. Government information. There has been no vetting whatsoever. On any of these so called doctor recipients non. There have been no security background checks no terrorism background checks no criminal background checks not thing baby. Gay came into America. Obama signed an executive order and shows I am. They were protected from deportation. Given work permits given all kinds of benefits by the way people don't know this. They're eligible for cash assistance in states like New York. They're eligible for Medicaid in places like New York. Are in Arizona they're eligible for instate tuition. They have been given a tremendous. Amount of benefits but let. All that bad goal let that go. Notice. Move around their so called dreamers. They're special. Hirsch drivers. Here's this may follow gene now through the misuse of manipulation of language instead of what they are which is illegal aliens. You wanna be even more technical younger illegal aliens. That's what they are. But they're trying to paint them as this incredibly gifted. Special. Category class of people. If we lose them. We will lose the cream of America it's all over. And so laid down Lindsay. Came out and said he will support the DREAM Act. Dick Durbin said he will support the DREAM Act Mick maniac has said he supports the DREAM Act. Paul Ryan O Ryan says he supports the DREAM Act. Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer there are all lining up now Barack Hussein Obama Hillary Clinton. They doubt the Democrats and the establishment Republicans. Are now saying we will pass within six months a full legislative amnesty. That goes beyond the 800000 doctor recipients. It will be opted tool point five million. And that includes the parents and that includes family members. So everybody's gonna come in on the gravy train. And all Graham live laid down love mean Lindsay. Now openly called for the president president trump I'm. We know you support the dreamers. Pick up the phone twist some arms. And let's get this big be done in congress. Roll it Britain. I think the president did the country a service by going back to constitutional order. In a way that allows a six month opportunity for the congress. To take care of these kids so the president was right on the law. But he is also right to give the six months to figure out a solution to this and my challenge the president. Is it you've talked very glowingly about these kids help us. Help us in the house help us in the senate. I think you aren't near a good man. It involved personally. Worked the phones try to find a consensus here. There are good mania. Then on the phone I want your starting cameraman conservatives. I want you to go after interoperable public and I wanted a flip I wanted to threaten them I want to intimidate them wanted a bully on your domain ma'am. I may have called you're races at a kkk white supremacist. And a war mongering lunatic. But that was then and this is mapped. Chamber of commerce Cawley says Lindsay what the hell's going on here. We need them then agreements. Are you going Demi then agreements. When they impanel a money for every campaign. No limit and I mentioned moment Charleston, South Carolina. Malcolm money got to earn your money betting it's they have slings and slings Billings there was advance advance lands. But not now he's a good name now all of a sudden the got to make that call. To make that call. Now he's a good men against him he's incredible. I say Lyoto in my column. Let me be crystal clear about what's going on here. This is amnesty through the back door. This is piecemeal amnesty. They don't want to do comprehensive immigration reform because they know the country would go nuts and oppose it source like a salami tactic. Piece by piece slice by slice. So you go after the so called dreamers. But can you expand that to their parents and family members so that's 2.5 million. Boom he cut that chunk off. And then once that precedent has been established. Then you can move on to other illegal aliens it's clear what's going on here. If they pass this legislative amnesty this daft cat amnesty in congress the DREAM Act. Let me tell you clearly what the consequences will be. The mainstream media doesn't wanna tell you. The Democrats don't wanna tell you the rhino Republicans don't wanna tell you but if I'm not here to tell you the truth why should I be behind the microphone. By giving a congressional amnesty to these so called dreamers. What they are doing is they are we awarding lawbreaking. They are we awarding those who came into our country illegally. They're rewarding criminal behavior. And not only that but there are saying you won't even begin inspects a special preferential treatment. If you break the law. You'll be given special preferential treatment if you're part of the right voting bloc. Let's be clear what this is all about. Nobody gives a damn. About some family member from China. Who desperately wants to come into the United States. And brought their kids are here illegally they get shipped back to China. Nobody cares. About some family from Kazakhstan. Who's trying to get here and they came here illegally they ship are right back but if you're part of the large and growing let T-Mobile walk. That's what this is all about this east crass pandering. This enshrine the principle. Of might makes right. That if you're part of the right demographic group. With the right voting block they will make a special exemption for you. This will violate the rule of law. This will destroy the concept of equality under the law but it also does something else. It sends a signal to the entire world. You can come into America. And all you gotta do issues bring your children. What you're seeing now. Is there a fundamental assault on the concept of borders. On the concept of citizenship. And on the concept of national sovereignty. That's what this is about this is a body wore on borders and citizenship. And what they're telling the world it's. America's borders don't matter. America citizenship. Doesn't matter. America's sovereignty doesn't matter. Our nation doesn't matter. All you have to do is haul in a couple of kids were few and you are here to stay they will never deep porch. Ever. Don't come in here legally. You want the best way to coming to America coming year you legally preferably with a child or two or you have one year and anchor babies take your pick. Take your pick. This is a slap in the face as I mentioned in my column. To me I'll be very honest with you. And to millions if not tens of millions of illegal immigrants. Who did it the right way. We've paid our feeds. We garner visas. We paid for every visa. We did everything the right wing we waited in line we took our citizenship tests we took our English proficiency tests. We got fingerprinted. We did the criminal background checks we waited we respected his country's long it's. Its borders. Its sovereignty. And we're being told blank you. We're being told no they get the cut to the front of the line. Why put hackers are so called dreamers what and I'm not I'm not a dreamer. My sister wasn't a dream my wife isn't a dreamer. Might my brother lives in a dreamer. I'm really up against it so I have to go I gotta go for quick break. But I wanna share very quickly before I go to story. I want you know white means so much to meet. And frankly so many members of my family and so many millions of illegal immigrants who were outraged by this. In 1953. My grandfather managed to escape the iron curtain. He was any displaced persons camp in west Germany. Have you not had the last name corner my family would have been wiped out. But because any German last name to German government took command by the way have always been eternally grateful to the Germans for that but let that go. Huge dream. Where stick come to America. He lost half his family under the Nazis practice family under the Communists. We were refugees. Real refugees. Fleeing real oppression real fascism and real communism. My grandfather went. To the consulate in west Germany the American Consulate. He was a proud man. He had been in the concentration camps under the Nazis and then under the Communists. He went on his hands and niece. And he banked that counselor. Please let my family and please I'm begging you. My father was then ten years of age he's younger brother Carl was nine. They were dreamers too. My grandfather was a dreamer. My grandmother was a dreamer. They were my father was a child to. You know what they said. We're not taken any more from Eastern Europe I'm sorry. My father then by the grace of god. Was admitted to Canada. He didn't come here illegally. Can't say you know what blank Q I'm just gonna walk across the border might take a bolt come on and and why might weigh in and stay in. Where's the justice from my grandfather. Where's the justice from my father. Where's the justice for me. My friends. No amnesty. And as I warned president in my column. If you sign your legislative amnesty. You will shatter your base. Millions of your supporters will turn on you they will never vote again. Twelve point eight here on the great WRKO. OK I want to open up the phone lines. Let me ask you this. Trough now says he's willing to sign a legislative amnesty for this so called dreamers. If he does will he lose your support. I have a column up. Did trump betray his base on back up it's up on Please everybody will read it. Pass on to your friends. Very interest and tax this is from 617 you can text as by the way 68680. Jeff this isn't about kids and it isn't about votes. It's about pumping up census numbers so they get more money for their districts. You're a genius 617. John in the South Shore go ahead jump. You know what job. Are the worst that Lindsey Graham and the like would work this hard for me. A middle class working you know foreign. Darkened ones or so of course it would make your priority. And service quality. It is illegal aliens this is a disgrace. And actor remember you can look it up on YouTube burning. Number video I could remember this juror and Ingraham. And didn't quote a pot a little barrels. And legislation ready so Barack Obama to sign which you would never sign now he has that green lit our way. All of these Republicans are right to the White House and they will not hear struggles to help people like me and your sister of disgrace. And. I you're completely right it's a betrayal. And again please I don't wanna keep plugging in my column but I lay it all out in my column please go to Did trumpet betrayed his base on baca. Health Care Reform blank you tax cuts blank you on the wall blank you. They are putting the interest of illegal immigrants. Before the American people are still. 1237. Here on the great WRKO. 6172666868. Lines are blazing I wanna get all of the callers. Let me just throw very quickly one log on the fire as I like to say. And get your take corner country. A lot of people are making this point I don't think it's unreasonable point. That trumped by signaling now that he is willing to sign me legislative amnesty for V doc or recipients. Is looking for a bigger deal with congress. And a way to minimize the EU damaging consequences. This precedent which always happens by the way whenever you give amnesty. You encourage more illegal immigrants to flood the country. Day it happened Ibaka was an example of all these migrants came from Central America it happens every dot. So the grand deal is looking something like lists. Deng goal amnesty for this so called dreamers. In exchange. For congressional agreement to build a wall and you've secured the border. Mandate. All company's business is to carry. So at this point there will be essentially balked or penalized. If they do hire illegal immigrants. And to really and discourage people from flooding into our country again. Pass the rays duct. Which would slash legal immigration my pocket you legal legal immigration. In half. And sold this way at least you regains control over your borders. You start to really enforce immigration laws. And may be just may be. This would be the final amnesty. And so my question to you is their seats the corner country poll question. This war as the French would say pretty sick of the day in Spanish per. I just feel Aaron you know currently from Montreal also like to throw in some French words and there but I don't I don't know what of the day in Spanish it's. Are not public Espana all speaks Spanish del via dealt the al-Qaeda poll question that they'll be out. Oh there's the Spanish would say so of the dreamers can understand. Our should trump. Make a deal. Should he trade these support for building the border wall. In other words how congress pick up the border wall and some of these other. In exchange. For granting. Amnesty to backer recipients. Should trump trade building a wall. And get congress to pass about. In exchange for granting amnesty to doctor recipients. In other words if you're saying yes let's make a deal pecks the letter say the 68680. If you say no deal illegal is illegal is illegal. Text or letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at Winds are loaded. John in New Hampshire Europe first go ahead John. But it did imply to me I gave him a vote on the vote for him again he could just say that could go back home that says make no deal may not say. My right. Eric Johnson you would not be willing to take any deal. Of course so I think hypocritical Beckett distributable. How he changes things around but the rest of them never get my vote. John I'm just curious. Do you who. Will you mean do you feel if he doesn't if he does sign this legislative. Doc on this legislative amnesty. Will you feel personally betrayed. Of course I'd appreciate you gonna get rid of them that we change in things. You'd like the rest of Rome. So we were you just not vote we just say from now on forget it out of the. He admitted their role in this country would get enough many are already we've ever own troubles. It's unbelievable and if we try to make you feel guilty because of the kids music kids what time they don't even care about the kids that you look at all. John thank you very much for that call and they mean Quincy go ahead and the I get hung on they'd been backward to wit three days and are staying out in the Amal. Is representing those people who do they think they work law. If this would tax reform all this ailing dad with pay it back this quickly and came on TV and radio like they did. The only message I got it to cool a country is. Bowl all of these people out I know people but frustrated the only way we can do vote them I'll share. Anthony if trump signings this legislative amnesty for the dreamers. Are you gonna are you gonna are you if you're gonna lose is the president gonna lose your support are you gonna stop supporting them. I told my son who dissent that call it. I feel pretty sure bet some of these people all of criminal people. Out of that 800000. Yard rout that do law. If we caught the wall built in camps some albums and sold you know somewhat good citizens and I know some people don't agree with that. They all your goal rule a criminal process the betting. Everything I mean I think we the illegals that criminals we. We got to get them first. And I mean like you said he might use this to get a wall built. That would be great and if we look at 2300000. That would kind of criminals were gone and I'd go for that I told my son that. Anthony thank you very much for that call I appreciate it 6172666868. Is the number. Look to mean this is my big fear Oca. My big fear is. That they've got trump now over a barrel. Whether he realizes it or not. Because now it's gonna be the children. And it's all about the children. And how dare you deport the children. And you have the president himself as he rose said in a statement yesterday and it's in my column. I DH from betray his base on dock you can read all of this. Trump said openly. I've got great love for the dreamers. I've got a big heart for the dreamers. Congress needs to take care of them. So after the president comes out and says. They should give an amnesty congress should do the dreamers. I love them I've got a big heart for them. How CNN deport them. I mean in other words you know no we're not gonna give you the wall mall we're not gonna give you we verified. No we're not gonna give you the rays knocked we're gonna. You kick it too far. A congress that's fine. You said the executive order was illegal and unconstitutional. Which it was. And you kick it over to us now Mr. President. Put up or shut up. Here is the DREAM Act yea your mini opera down will you sign it I don't I don't see how the president doesn't sign it. I wouldn't sign it don't get me wrong I don't think he should sign it. But after everything you set and everything he signaled and everything east weeded. He just lost his leverage. I think agree disagree. 61720666868. Carol in Bridgewater go ahead Carol. I doubt very concerned about this loop and head. What happened to the forgotten people the people he was gonna take Tierra and honor his campaign promises. To me right now there is general Kelley. Probably is prohibiting it friend you know. He needs this and that Jerry and right bunker in new York and London based on suitably and hot for the doctor appropriate. Favorite daughter. You know to me she's not due lack see that. He needs to do that English as a national language he needs to stop ink our babies he needs to uphold its campaign promises. He's being intense so bite that's why open standards. To rein in their right now. Carol very well said I that's my fear as well to be honest I'm we will see what's gonna happen the next couple months are going to be pivotal. But you mentioned Joseph Monica Jared Kushner any bunker. They were the ones is all come out now they were the ones pushing for the six month delay. They were going to fact questioner is now working. With Ryan and with Graham and with Tom Ellis. And Nancy Pelosi and others in crafting the congressional DREAM Act. So they were the ones daddy daddy daddy daddy don't know what that he don't GoDaddy gonna be mean spirited that he. They're gonna bleacher daddy don't GoDaddy. And sold and I said this from the beginning member said this. I said Robert Mueller Wal-Mart bring down this president because there was no Russia collusion. The deep state will not be able to defeat him even the obstructionist Democrats on the rhyme or Republicans. But picked cancer on his presidency. Ari skids it's this is not mean American Don junior. I'm talking about. That is the cancer on his presidency. And if he doesn't send them to New York soon look at my fear is this. If trump just gives capes. To this political media pressure if he does sign. And legislative amnesty he's a one term. Now maybe the economy more bruising defeats ices send. Maybe can still pull it out but I'll tell you this if he signs this thing he's in big trouble. His presidency for the first time will be in real trouble because he's gonna alienate his base. The ones that elected him and the ones that have stood buying them through thick and thin that's why I warn them in my column Mr. President. Don't drink this poisoned chalice. You drinking culture apparel. Our third Chestnut Hill go ahead Arthur. I guess. Just mistook for a present learn from some. Regular judge ruled. He may try to make this big deal with the Democrats in the they reneged on the wall. You know history doesn't repeat itself. You know every way that that he's really does give is agreeing that an American doesn't do it. And devote my fairly like you are as capable of Europe for the dream of America the deep pot of America to contribute to America and to be America. These people we have that we've brought video game and here illegally. Shipped none of those values chip. Well Arthur did you see the protesters in new York and in Phoenix center in Denver they were literally chanting in Spanish. It's it's customary you know the discussion they what I walked around when I don't with distorts overrides any judgeship. There's not one American it's it's terribly. No matter where micro systems that are appropriate. Arthur thank you very much for that call 6172666868. Deal. Or No Deal. Would you support the president signing a legislative amnesty for the dot recipients the dreamers. If he could get the wall may be mandate. Would that be sellable to you. Or do you think the president is just being sold. A false bill of goods. 6172666868. 1255. Here on the great WRKO. Carmen in being numb thanks for holding go ahead continent. It could have been killed by. Please call me Jeff. Current capital punitive and a politically Shandling you'll AT&T thank you under the carpet. Thank you Google company. And and you repressed and well. All of they emea came immediately. I teamed up alienated and having it and I am Anemia. Element you need to. In the him. I came here can't speak many kind of Tunisia and I used to working you'll go play used to a couple of rule it definitely added. And I'm intently is to come he would soon but he shall we can link. Any and Obama mania from the get might treat type I made my account the current economy compete and equipment Bork but he Indian and hate to. People that they try to bully got banned it and king and don't tell I became an inmate because I dictation. A living at police. He we have to go to a process. We change not a proposal to audience to. Still have the need to become my twenty. So that's at the world that forty years think is that nobody can. You can work continue to receive feel pretty patient out. Learn. They had too late and I think really for a year that was worth two in the band you know how much at all to feed. Yes wait karma if you don't mind me asking what country did you come from. I came from Peru came from Peru. A ballpark I nor means the heart is it's not easy to get the exact number but how much did it cost you become a citizen ballpark. I bought. And give or take give or take us. I look because. We're applying for a bit redundant and look I take a playful sort of promoted for the red here and I nearly a beauty and health police. I don't know my kind of fun. In back in Lincoln they hide it Gilead to feel the. OK you are so your husband took care not very Smart Carmen so you judge does have been take care of everything good for you though. Carmen I'm just curious as illegal immigrant. How do you feel that those who came here legally. Are really being pushed to the front of the line. You know keeping my contacts. Would make government need to. I only have one perhaps. My grant was not able to get to be at the company and Circuit Court at this. My ailing but adequate that they felt when my parents little lucky because PP and it was they were it became he has put completed. And labor hours at a nice how many times in fact they have been connected to the defendant can maybe well we put to form my about it com. All of these years. Then eventually. At some point that what we're expecting a baby you needed. And I am my batter worked the cooked that he put income. My advantage of content yet kept at least. In keeping up I can't get I'd be talking he talking he. Sixteen years. To come of the ability to what I mean. That's by letting me might happen. On my part. Because deemed he would. Kyra and you should a bottom a ticket to Tijuana. You've got to walk right across the border Carmen. Could it came in here illegally. On I called them that would be kept from dale. And I he would he would for a two week ending UN backed court Kenya working. And if any that he won a current is comical if they get to bill for any handling. And he. He kind of has it been patient orderly people so my question. Hopefully put it in complex sound money yeah. Girl. These people. Trying to reward. Yeah I eat meat. That break Kendall. Our vehicle. Accident. These people that they Kool. Aid. Deemed it. Put that anybody being even that you've lived here practically mean. Even that he is an important that I dreaming cute and everybody around the war. Carmen idol dream Yunel bit why are you rewarding the illegals and punishing those who did it the legal right way. It's wrong the voice of Boston he. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WEG I keep. Obama our goal is on the offensive against Strom regarding. Back out. Okay my friends a lot more to talk about we'll leave me if you want what the true story about what's really going on with these darker recipients. Who they are what this is all about the next hour it's must listening for radio okay. First the corner country poll question of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. I as you know the president wants a deal with congress he's openly talking about eight when he calls a more comprehensive deal. In which she would want to exchange save the Democrats supporting the wall. May be mandating. And may be getting passage of the rays got. That would reduce significantly. Legal immigration. In exchange. For signing on to win legislation. That would give amnesty through congress for all of this so called dreamers. Would you support such a deal. Would you support Strom exchanging. Getting support for the wall and some other things. In exchange. For getting up for signing all an amnesty for doctor recipients. If you believe the answer is yes you'll take the deal. Text or letter eight the 68680. If you believe no. Illegal is illegal is illegal no deals than text or letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote on Brittany what are the poll results thus far. 62%. No 38%. Yes I'm surprised I thought he more 5050. I thought the audience to be a little bit more split on this. I mean they are it's still basically almost 6040 but. I thought they'd be evenly divided. Anyway okay my friends I have a new column out please it's very important very timely. Did trump betray his base on the back. It's up a Corners corner. Please read it pass it on to your friends email follow social media FaceBook Twitter. It lays out exactly what an amnesty for doctor recipients means. And the ominous precedent that it sets okay. So as you know. The reason why we are at this point. Is because Barack Hussein Obama. In 2112. After he was safely reelected. Decided that costs an executive order. That shielded about 800000. They came up with this term to reimburse. These young illegal immigrant aliens. From deportation. Also giving them work permits renewable every two years and what you don't we hear from the media. Is that they also get access. To all kinds of government benefits. For example in New York State. They get access to cash assistance EBP. They also get. Medicate. They get access to complete Medicaid. In Arizona for example they all get instate tuition. So I want you to think about this by the way in Massachusetts the same thing. So I want you to think about how unfair this it's. Many of you who listen to the show our work right now. Many of you working New Hampshire are you working Massachusetts you living New Hampshire. So you do the daily commute. If you pay mass even though you live in New Hampshire you pay Massachusetts taxes. However. You or not allow for your children to get in state tuition. You pay full freight. Right through the notes. But if you're an illegal immigrant IE a dreamer. In state tuition for you. How is that fair. You are literally. Discriminating. Against American citizens. Who live in New Hampshire but works say in Boston. Pay taxes here in Massachusetts. Contribute to the economy of Massachusetts. But you can't get in state tuition. Or say mini you're in Rhode Island same thing I know because I'm. Mourned the southern part of the state you live in Rhode Island which you work in Boston you pay taxes in Massachusetts. Same thing for you oh you wanna send your kids say to I don't know while. Boston College you're U mass certain whatever. You forget. Chet finch the north state tuition for you know. But it's okay for the so called dreamers. It's wrong on so many levels. But the big crying that Obama committed. Was that his act was purely illegal and unconstitutional. In fact don't we even take my word for it he can sell it mediated over one. When he was asked during his first term. 100 your shielding us from deportation. Warrant changes giving us a blanket amnesty through executive Fiat. Once he told time angst. He said it. Camps. In fact as he said I'll give you we're gonna play a couple of clips for you just in his own words. But. At least 22 times. Barack Obama either told reporters. Or voters are constituents are activists. Quote I cannot pass amnesty through executive action. I am not a dictator. Well that was them. MM dot get turned out to be later. In fact don't even take my own word for. Listen to the dear leader in his own words roll it Britney. This notion that somehow I can just change the laws unilaterally. Is just not true but. The fact of the matter is. There a laws on the books that I have to enforce. And I think it is that there's been. A great disservice done to the cause of getting. The DREAM Act passing getting conference's immigration passed by perpetrating the notion that somehow. By myself I can go into these. But ultimately I'm one man. You know we could have democracy. We don't live and a monarchist. I'm not to kick on the president. And so I can only. Implement those laws that are after congress. As a sort of thing here previously in America. I am the head of the executive branch of government. I'm required to fold the law and that's what we've done. An accurate. I can keep playing this I mean I don't wanna route I wanna spend all segment clip after clip after clip after clip after clip so now he comes out. And literally comes out in black Strom any written statement over 800 words long. Where he says it was the wrong thing to do. Then his decision was. Hateful. And lack compassion. And according to the dear leader listen to this these dreamers are quote unquote patriotic Americans. They're quorum quote the best and the brightest. So not only now are they just patriotic Americans. Who just want to contribute to our country to our economy toward society. But now there are the best and the brightest. The Crandall look now all of a sudden. Now Barrett and all of you what I mean. Good but not the best Dardenne or the next day absolute best. During the Tom bradys of American society is the most. And all I'm thinking is as he's denouncing the president. This is this is long you. We're here because of you. He's trying to clean up your mess. Whether you agree or disagree with trump wanting to maybe make a deal on a legislative amnesty the fact of the matter is. Look here's why he had to do it the reason why was awarded trump to marry a more reason to do it now. He was being spooked by the states. Texas being the leading state saying look back that is illegal it's unconstitutional. We have to pay all of these Medicaid benefits cash assistance in state tuition. They're taking away jobs from Americans. Shoulder like this is killing us here it's illegal Mr. President you always I know what that's how we have to show you. So he was facing. A wave of lawsuits. And never gonna start September 5. Just a couple days ago that's why he had to make a decision on what to do with doc or so what he said was hey guys what they it's illegal. It's unconstitutional. It's a unilateral. Executive amnesty. I am not the king of quote Barack Obama I am not a dictator to quote Barack Obama. Immigration policy immigration law that's solely the prerogative of congress guys you've got six months. Here it is go out it. I'm sorry on constitutional. Ground which trump is on 1000%. Correct. So here you have the guy who caused a problem in the first place. Who shredded our constitution who usurped his authority. Who raised the expectations. Of all of these so called dreamers. Who clearly is inciting them now. And now you're speaking out against Strom. When you're the guy that got us to this point. It seems to me honestly chair shot up and go away. I'm like really can you just. Every time he opens his mouth I'm like all I remembered caught or does he suck all of does he sock I call. It all comes back to me again are you just Sox are he's just such a loser. And let me just say one last thing and wanna go to the phone lines. It's strange. That Barack Obama he seems to have this special feeling to. This special affiliation. With the illegal immigrants. He's assessed what can be successfully defending them protecting them shielding them. Same thing with transgender people we can choose any bathroom that they want whether it be also islamists. And Muslims. It says if anybody. That is either anti American. Or outside the mainstream of American society. The dear leader all of you I mean loves you to the rest of you. Get lost. 61720666868. Does Barack Obama. Does he have special responsibility. For the mess that we're in today and should any former president. So publicly be attacking his successor he is breaking American tradition. Has the dear leader now just hit. Another new lol. Bob and brought in Europe. Next go ahead bump. Bob did we lose Bob. Now I'm gonna go ahead Bob your on here are greater today the black out I. Addict comment is he has got a copy benefits that the illegal look at us as I was just solve. My wife she's from Mexico I don't know how I'm going through this process will take away. Pantry thousand dollars and go to a network are I don't shop all of these papers. All that stuff but now I don't know. OK I want them down like rain and you get lit to combat what my wife. And we we are gonna I'm hoping it should be done but isn't that I don't get it somehow it doesn't columnist despite paperwork. And it jolly jolly Redick and. And it might have been knocked him out of my hobby that you call and norm and now 3000 dollars. Got the project here and everybody that you know. It is great I can't let our stolen. Jarrett. I got on it but first thought on that the armed campaign for a vote bank. I thought myself that I'm not there witnessed by a courtly and I'm gonna Google Charlie Beck while wrap around for a the horse brought to draw on that. Ball. Ronald McDonald's well well well for everybody Charlie Beck and you don't know operation I'm gonna send my loss. Back giver that Koppel Bob all look and that's another thing Bobby gonna find out all the legal immigrants tell me if I'm wrong. When you come to this country work of these as whatever it is green cards permanent residency whatever. What is it's a key stipulation. You cannot take any government benefits. You cannot you cannot beyond measure it day you can be on he beat he. You can get in state tuition and you can whatever mass Howell or whatever you do is you can't. In other words I'm not blaming each should be this way. You're here to be a completely productive. Member of society hardworking taxpaying productive member of society or if you're here to marry somebody. It's all through your husband in other words you're not you know you're here to contribute you're not here to. BO Leach or drain on the system. Not what the illegals. Now leave aside. The bit with the illegals are doing is technically a violation of the law can't whip the dreamers. The dreamers. Under duck. They have the legal right illegals. Have the legal right to. Wait for it. EBP. Cash assistance. Mass health. Medicaid. In state tuition. By the way that's why so many of the stories are protesting. For example in Maricopa County 2000 of them came out in force out in Phoenix yesterday. Because they're all on in state tuition. In fact now there'll instate tuition they're also getting federal assistance. They're getting cash assistance. And her parents are on free can welfare. And you can't touch him. Under doc are you can't touch him. So Bob my recommendation to you always this you're doing you're doing it the legal honorable way body just bring her ran across the border. I mold lawyers' fees Moe green card fees and you can water on welfare told like cows come home I'm not kidding. Don't do it legally. You're with the color man on the voice of Boston WRK. 126 here on the great WRKO. John MTV Europe next go ahead John. And he's not that I know directed against the law can legally do it can I get my money back that they gave into the system. And we allow them this is true I could use to death that they in my house that. Well I mean no John I mean Mara me wanna Lily wants some medicated my friend you would like some free health care. I know I don't believe B deal cash assistance like it is some cash assistance. And Israel is very this sorry oh. To be so what's his name I trumped the Saudi though he didn't say you had to make deals than not than to have the wall put up there and have them pay close and anyway. John that's a very good point thank you for that call. I mean look here's the thing with president trump. He's got to start realizing and that's why I hope is people are listening to the show today. His base they're not happy about this. And we just look he promised us he was gonna end back. What were interest dating is the substance of the issue not the process of the issue. For us is not just about all congress will give them amnesty instead of the executive branch. We're not interest it and not worry interest in the substance. Which is no amnesty. Period full stop. Everybody gets deported. Everybody gets to the back of the line they wanna come back that's fine. Come back which you have to apply like everybody else that's all we're all are asking for is that everybody be treated equally under the law. It's called a constitutional republic I don't know let's try it we may like it bedie and Quincy go ahead. And Niger report stripped. If he doesn't it dealing with this cheap that we get the deal because we permits and 65 and 86. All columns it was what the president of the bought step in the back so that it covered up for people in the actually in the bill. And they'll patrol these Republicans they think could be just right to people will vote for me the Hispanics and not global Republican and it just speeds don't predict yet. And that they're what are maybe this controller around some got to figure out what that novel taxpayer actually pays for these people. You'll probably hear is an out of control that'll be it single paint a thousand multi year service they I get it right or opposite. Contribution to somebody. It would parties taxes just to help. Maybe coming your Denon and this this is this is milking us it's not gonna dry. I mean these dreamers were let's put it this way for dared dreams they're awfully expensive costing us. A lot of money. On in Louisville going wrong. Look at today. All right that they elicit conversation. If I have two uncles who Bob Byrd this country and they involve Mary's. A woman overseas. And I had a great point directly to 200 dollars. Just so they can make illegal and if people get but I found my I'll close to make sure that they can Merriam to bring about a year. You know this is crazy I am not port daka. Now Rhonda when you say your uncles married women overseas. I assume that what was that World War II or Korean War Vietnam. The united ousting a 252600. Are Ronde it's more like 20025. Arizona. I'm just. Not just that it is awful what they're doing.