Should Trump get rid of Jared Kushner?

The Kuhner Report
Friday, May 26th

Trump's son in law, Jared Kushner, is reportedly under investigation for talks with Russians. Should he fire him from his administration? Jeff says yes.


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They're my friends that show Memorial Day weekend show for you. We've got a conservative all star lineup John Bolton Matt won all five Pat Buchanan at 205. And then at this after our interview with Buchanan and the final hour I wanna throw it open to use the audience. To give a special shout out or recognition. To any better and that you want to publicly thank. For their heroic service. Believe me jam packed show today Jared cushion error now in the lineup five. And you're not gonna believe it what the judges in the fourth us circuit. Ruled on Trump's travel back and it's heading to the Supreme Court but they are now saying listen to this. That Muslims in America. How have the right to veto oh. Eight democratically. Elected president's policies. On national security and immigration. Their reasoning behind. The a court's decision. To continue to strike down trumps travel ban. Is stunning. We're gonna have all of that so much more. But first my friends. Don't Montana now mall or. GM Ford days. Fighting for Montana baby. He wins and in fact he wins or running all the way. According to exit polls in fact. The fact that the Republican candidate allegedly. Body slam that liberal reporter Ben Jacobs from the guardian. They actually said data that it it it got an even more votes. That's exactly what one of our caller is Chris from New Hampshire set on our show yesterday. Which she pointed out look I got family in Montana. I'm telling you this is cowboy justice he called tonight. You put forgotten that the central Utah I'm I'm you ten minutes. Yeah especially the you know where maybe the Montana where a you know a clash. So anyway GM. Ford T. Comes up big. 95 precincts reporting he is up 5143. Version no way the Democrat in American cat jumped. He is now being certified. The winner. 70%. Or almost 70% of the ballots cast were in fact absentee ballots. They were early voting ballots so many people actually voted before the alleged body slamming incident took place. The left is in complete melt down. Dim mainstream media doesn't know what to make of that they are angry they are lashing out they cannot believe. That not just a Republican won in Montana. But GM fourteen in fact is they roll trump Republican. He supports is travel ban. He supports trumped care. And he supports trumps call to reduce immigration especially Muslim immigration. Into the United States in other words he's an America first Republican. And that made it even. It doubly upsetting. To the left to the Democrats and to the media. So listen now to GM forty. Deliver his victory speech last night in front of his supporters. Where under pressure from the Republican National Committee and under pressure from house speaker Paul Ryan. Who apparently went out of his way to condemned GM Ford these so called assault on the reporter by the way the reporter is now. I asked that charges before I'll be called the police from the back of the ambulance. He's now G and fourteen is facing misdemeanor of struck a misdemeanor assault charges. And he has to appear in front of the county sheriff's office before June 7. And the fine is either 500 dollars and or up to six months in prison. Sold a little small flick reporter. You know had his glasses broken. Got a little toss to the ground a little bit. And now he wants to send as guided jail. Listen to GM Ford. The act. The among ten a smaller and give his victory speech. And well apologize. Roll it Jarrett or. They tied Tito Santana. You want to mess with the best in the world they're doing it. My life Sargent slaughter led the only way. You're just. Let's hope. It. All of that's what he should've said here's what he actually said sorry could help that's a gauge Arab and a lot of by Derek and hard work is the way we get things done. And sometimes. Hard work. Is born out of hard lessons. Last night I learned a lesson. And you know please. I need to share some from my heart here and I'd just. Ask you to bear with me. And when you make a mistake. You have to own up to it. That's my time away. Last night I made a mistake. And I took an action that I can't take back. I'm not proud of what happened. I should not of responded the way that I did. And for that I'm sorry. Your. I'd like I gotta tell you. To me though is said you know I should a body slammed and even harder that's my time away. A creek that's what. I think our affiliate unlike apologizing for you had this little punk. There he is harassing you. He barges in in your campaign office you're trying to throw volunteer Barbeque. Gates making he's making and a much is jerk of himself he's taken that recording device in your face I get shoved them a little sorry you body slammed him okay. There ebbed and begged the reporter's name is Ben Jacobs Benny. There all pray for your glasses OK okay little Benin I'll play for your glasses my show a body slam than even harder that's Montana way that was a mistake. Gee I'd prefer the Chicago way. Or give me the Chicago way again tonight. People would go that's the generally used to the hospital use him when he's with a look at how you act that's Montana way I like the Chicago way better. The Chicago way that's when I teach you when you're dealing with these liberal floods that filth. That's how you deal with them but all the odds so GM Ford be continuous. Roll it Jarrett. Okay. I discover there notice his supporters like they don't care. That's a thing. History and I don't this is fur ball right and the Republican National Committee the national media combined united got apologizing got zine contrite. His supporters are we real you're forgiven Mubarak on god god it he shows up again body slam only damned. I mean they love amend Montana prevents keep going Jared. I should not have treated that reporter that way I'll come on and for that. I'm sorry mister Ben Jacobson. Your glasses OK I also want to apologize for the Fox News team that was there. And I'm sorry to each one of view. That we had to go through this. That's not the person I am. And it's not the way I'll lead in this state. The rest assured. Our work is just beginning. But it does begin. With me taking responsibility. For my own actions. You deserve a congressman. Who stays out of the limelight. And just gets the job done. Yeah I promise to work hard to protect our precious way of life. I promised. To be open. And accessible. And based on your input. I'll be your strong voice back in Washington DC. Mostly what I what is Edwards says. I was sick know what you saw eyes exactly what you're gonna get when I go to Washington that's more time away. This is that this is the Montana away. Cowboy justice does they call it. I'd say almost a grab every single one you liberals up there you swamp creatures and I grab and probably you by the throat. And I am body slamming each and every one of you mind. Iowa. There are good flyers play up. That's a little time away that's what I would have said always said you'd what you just saw. But that is what you're gonna get Washington what you just saw is what you're gonna GAAP. This is just the beginning. Choke slam the swamp picnic. And it together and they go crazy in the heartland that liberalism put this triumph. This guy should be your VP at 22 when he put him on the ticket with you. OK but anyway let that go so the left is now completely shell shocked they cannot believe it okay they just cannot believe it. That this in fact. Not only didn't call I didn't cost G and four TV election. In fact god am extra support. Exit polls said you were saying well you almost kind of a little bit on the fence but out of their dads I'm voting form all the way so. You knew it was coming you mule it was coming. The media then just went bridges are. And they said ultimately. Who is responsible. For GM Ford. Donald. CNN Don Black coal lemon. Go after Paris Denard he's a black conservative is CNN contributor. A black trump supporter. They guy can barely get a word out of his mouth. Both Ford Don lemon says. This is all trumps fault. Roll it Jarrett. Paris what you think yet not even a very good point and the question that yes the why's this happening right now there's hilarious movie called the election where. You know that the candidate is doing some this crazy thing Brady being used to a very. Don't think it really does have a guy who's in office now has been very horrible things and our borders and is that at the reporters are the enemy of the American people. Nothing to do it any event that people feel that they can get away with it because I don't believe that you actually believe that. There's no way you can't you there's no we believe what you're saying if you don't think that sir I believe that. Why actually I didn't get a check as they think they but I will tell you now what I think and that is that what we have right now is the grounds swelling of of the people who are not being respectful or not acting civil. And people who are just staying they watch during a after a country that is you know written hundreds of years old what we don't have the incidents like this for them I don't. Don't know I don't know we're having incidents like this now you can you don't think you think it's just a coincidence now I. I think if you go back a look at history. We can see that it is best in this country we have had a lot of answers instances of pilots with politicians and end and they had that people want back and forth but I quite as this dog we. The issue going on right now what people think they can do anything with their fist and with their hands like this can. There's always that we have capable if they can okay. Anything that they want to as well they are both wrong and yet you don't you don't. Come on terrorists you don't think it has anything to do with someone's saying not if you're tried to make the connection or forum I'm trying I'm telling you I'm telling you I am and not try that will let let. I believe that you believe the night outing out of your mouth but I still let and I indicated how that's going to help me out about how you want and I don't think that no don't don't believe that. Leo you obviously on television saying that because you feel that you have to defend everything about this particular person of all this is what you actually. Donald Trump at anything to do what this candidate yet read how they're categories saw of the 08 people at all there are horrible people. Bad that doesn't have anything to do that then you are sadly sadly mistaken my friend. Good out of it obvious that leaves them but you're I just did thank you good at about. I mean I gotta tell you I mean someone's got to yank that guy off. That's a Holst. I mean that's number one OK number two. I honestly how ignorant and frankly stupid can you beat. I mean number one. Really what they trump have to do with any of this OK that's number one coming. Nobody can mount the media trying to blame triumph for what the guys in Europe. The guys at the middle summit. What are you talking about that's point one point number two I ya ya RD. I mean honestly would it kill you to pick up a freak and text book I'm I'm talking a history book just the basic textbook. You never heard of William McKinley being assassinated. You never heard of Theodore Roosevelt being shot and nearly assassinated in 1912 election all Don lemon it's really more of a science scholar at any history. You never heard JFK week. You never heard of I don't know in the 1850s. Where a southern senator. A bit literally bull whipped in northern abolitionist. Member of congress right there on the steps of Capitol Hill like. What planet are you living on. But you're right Jarrett. Don leave trump belong that's a bit too much for you wears the black coal. Have you found the black hole yet Don remember when that plane went down that Malaysian airlines plane. And it went down and lemon was on the air saying it was a black holed that swallowed up the Melinda of that airplane that went down rolled out when general. As hijacking or terrorism or mechanical failure or pilot aired what it was something believe that we don't really understand what people have been asking about that about. Black holes and on and on and on and all of these conspiracy theories is that at this. No it says what else can you think about black hole Bermuda Triangle and then did she says. Just like the movie lost in of course. It's also a bit also referenced in the Twilight Zone which is a very similar plot. That's what people are saying I know it's preposterous but it is a preposterous to think Mary. Yeah we're out in no time. On it was space aliens Don they abducted a plane it's it's a Mars is now gone. Don keep look come on keep chasing after dad black call OK let us know when you'll find a black hole. I yeah I yeah I. 61720666868. Is the number. Okay though Montana a smaller. Greg GM Ford he wins big. And now the media is trying to blame Donald Trump for the fact that he grabbed at liberal reporter by describing Mac. And bodies slammed him 61720666868. Is trumped the blame. And is this just another victory that the liberals can't stand. Your calls next. Munson who Lisa Boston. So you don't think it's because that guy who's in office now is that very horrible things and how recorder sent his said that the reporter for the enemy of the American people really not. Does nothing to do it any event that people feel that they can get away with it because I don't believe that you actually believe that. There's no way you can't view there's no we believe we're saying. 1226. Year on the great WRKO. Dawn black hole MM. Now blamed Strom. For GM Ford he's basically body slamming that guardian reporter what's next they're not blamed for the Kennedy assassination. Jolie and revered go ahead Joey. And yet I guess nobody Tom usually I just wondered mention something quickly get it that trumpeted all all of us. Violent all across the country what you don't know are always responsible for the terrorist group because dictating to them for probably years or. Eight Joey good point and more than that thank you for that call how about all the violence against conservatives. I mean door writing to destruction of cars the assaults on conservatives. Did beatings and I could go on and on and on. All over the country. Because Hillary called on deplorable because CNN called strong supporters a bunch of vile Nazi racists. So like a turnaround to Don lemon and say Don forget one by one reporter being body slammed who by the way look let let me be honest with you okay. If you know anything about American politics. You don't how many times reporters have been here or Porsche or manhandled. Or this is been going on for hundreds of years. What are you talking about. Can honestly you I'm serious I remember growing up. A couple of guys in the office whatever getting to a heated argument big big kind of goal added a little bit let's sit everybody goes home. Don't know. All he broke my glasses. All know he's he's a back of an ambulance now they have to call the police now they're leveling charges now it's. It's a salt it's this it's that. There's a great movie is called year of the dragon okay its stars Mickey Rourke in his early career when he was really good. And it's about to Vietnam vets Gator friends from the neighborhood I think your polish Americans in the movie. And their Bolten the New York police department and they're trying to go after the Chinese gangs in Chinatown okay long story short. They have a big disagreement. And in the office they start you know going at it okay a couple of shots each way. I'll never forget the line Mickey Rourke tells a superior. This was between two guys from the neighborhood. In other words. It happens let it go. Look yeah Roger glass is broke him let him pay for your glasses. Get lost. Did he break here and all small did you break your job now get a break a ball know where you seriously are now that loss. You're running around sticking your Cameron everybody's face should be hitting completely obnoxious weak bolt time you know what the boss learn some manners. You know even twenty years ago this would have been nothing literally nothing. But I'm talking about trump supporters. Getting beaten to a pulp. I'm talking about trump supporters. Being literally I mean. Are salted viciously kicked in the head sent to the hospital. Private property being destroyed banks being looted cars being looted ATM machines being loaded. What are we talking to basically mini riots. I don't see Don lemon upset about that I don't see Don lemon blaming CNN or Obama for that. So how come everything that happens is suddenly trumps fault no you know what pisses. Trump do arrangement syndrome. And I don't pick a guy who chases black holes seriously. Hey Don I don't think the landing on the moon I think that was a fraud Don Young man. 1235. Here on the great WRK. Oh OK my friends love 6172666868. Is strong tell blame. For what he Republican winner now in Montana. Greg GM for T did to that the little pencil like geek reporter. And is this the crime of the century that's my time away. I mean that the way the media is now playing this up honestly you would think you put him in the hospital or something okay. Now furthermore. Let me throw one more important log on the fire. While all of this is going on these FBI investigation. Continues to grind on. And remember there were stories coming out from the Washington Post last week about that they were. Focusing now on a quote unquote person of interest. Mir the president. A so called senior advisor. Will now it appears that the FBI. And I think this is now completely vindictive. These are now call these people. You don't apparently don't we have Robert Mueller is a special investigator. So how many investigations now the mini you've got a house looking into this you've got the senate looking into it. You've now got beat FBI I guess continuing their investigation. Plus you've got a special counsel. I mean that's four right there. On the alleged allegations that trumps camping colluded with Russia to interfere in the election. Well mound and it's come out to the Washington Post has named that so called person of interest and you guess that. It's the son in law dough boy wonder Jared Kushner. And so now the FBI. Is fingering cushion Aaron. As potentially big guy that they may be suspect. Kind of could have been the key go between. Between the campaign. And Fulton and the Kremlin. Now what is interesting is as falls. What do they have to base this song. They refuse to call him a suspect. They say he's a person of interest which literally has no legal meaning or definition whatsoever. Even in the post article. They say. They don't they're not even sure there's anything tool lists. There are dare not sure anything criminal took place there's no evidence anything criminal took place there's no anything nefarious took place. But now they figured that they got to try to find somebody so now they're focusing on Jared Kushner. And in particular. Dare zeroing in on eight conversation. That he had in December. After the election. Where he apparently met with the Russian ambassador to same guy that did alcoholic a drunk city gay kiss got okay. And in a Sergei. Marc golf. Who is sitting did gore off he's the head of one of the banks in Russia. Because of these two meeting its. They now work claiming this mixed Kushner. A person of interest. Now. A couple of points need to be made. That's a Russian ambassador meets where everybody. If you know anything about Washington DC kiss Jack meets where everybody. The question is who hasn't met that's point number one I asked for this so called head of that one Russian bank. Jared Kushner. Is part his family has a one point eight billion dollar real estate empire almost two billion. But they are several heavily leveraged there's a lot of debt in that empire. Which means they deal with a lot of banks. What the Washington Post is not telling you. Is that he just didn't meet with one Russian bank. He met with European banks. He met with Canadian banks. He met with Chinese banks Asian banks Japanese banks why because his family lives mind me. Furthermore. What the Washington Post is not telling you. Is that Kushner and his family. Have deep ties to Goldman Sachs and in part particular. To George Soros. That in fact because they're in debt they had to rely on a massive loan in total. 250. Million dollars from eight up I personally connected shore most financial institution. In other words. He's meeting where everybody. So. Again. He's not a suspect. There's no evidence of any wrongdoing. In fact if there's a flaw here let me be honest with you have been saying is now almost from day one. Don't bring your family into your administration. If trump has made one serious mistake. That's the mistake that he made. By bringing in. Because then his business centrists carry over there's a potential conflict adventurous. It also creates a lot of chaos and alienation in the administration. Because your favorite some family members over your advisors. It just creates one big mess. And I said it from the beginning. I said that son in law is trouble. It's just trouble. Now here would be my advice to the Simon well. Everybody says you're supposed to be some kind of a business suites the business wonder kid well you know what junior. I made my ten billion dollars you can't go over your father's empire and let's see if you can turn one point they built the ten bill. Do you focus on your business. Even longer you'll go back to Manhattan. According to him when he claimed about his own daughter she's the most talented the most capable the most impressive all the trump children. Let her run is Trump's financial empire so let me see what you'll be kids can now do not which are all grown up in in your thirties. Sure only what you can do. So Yvonne could you run my business Jerry you run your business and I get to run the administration and the country. That's what I would say if I was the president okay but let that go. So now the lives are foaming at the mouth. Thinking this is it. Gave us. This. Is fine. We've been smoking gun they've been looking for. And so now there's why we'll talk about getting a subpoena. To get all of Kushner so called financial documents. Because if they can find that he spoke to a Russian bank or we spoke to the Russian ambassador how. They can show collusion. And if they can show collusion. That means you go from the son in law. Did the daughter. And then ultimately. To the old man himself. Who is sand. Too soft ball on softball. Chris Matthews. I mean last night you should've seen I thought he got another thrill up his leg. Saying now. We've been waiting for that key piece of evidence we've been waiting for that smoking gun now. And the way to trump. Is now through their son in law Jared. Roll it Jarrett. And they had a son in law. What does Jerry pushed or no about the father in law I would assume everything. I would assume that Jared Kushner knows exactly precisely. Either through his wife for directly respond in law exactly what his methods work. What is relations war what words were passed. With the Russians. I mean some these incredible. So again now let me tell you what the biggest danger is okay. And frankly it's not even my point. It's actually Alan Dershowitz is point out liberal constitutional law professor okay but let that go. And he's dead on. What churning now seem develop under the trump presidency. Is something extremely dangerous in fact he's mortal. It is deadly to the rule of law and is profoundly un American. Now what is been the hallmark of America as an example Brittany. Off she Jay walked committed a crime now we will prosecute okay. Jarrett. Off. Jared snorted three lines of cocaine all we dodge okay now we're gonna prosecute the cut. But the Jerry doesn't cocaine and just getting the just an example OK whatever Jared murdered. Meet it kills me okay. All we committed a crime he murdered a corner man the liberals are all happy now OK now you prosecute for for for murder okay. What cheer and in other words are crying is actually committed. Then there is an indictment prosecution. Would Dershowitz is claiming and he's a 100% for a 1000% correct. Is now you're seeing almost the inverse take place. They are now searching for a crime. And they're trying to make it fit a person. So be created a crime in their own mind. There was collusion between trump and Russia by the way. They even fat by the way is not a crime. That that's what's the most amazing thing about this even if everything what they say is true which it's not. Even if there was collusion it is actually not a crime but let that goal okay. So old they've manufactured up a so called crime. Collusion with Russia. Here's a crime. Mike Flynn and Paul man afford you know it's not not fitting Carter page Roger Stone and Ryan trump my own Malone not have K let's let's try it on the son in law. This is profoundly un American this is what they do. In Third World dictatorships. In other words let's get a witch hunt. OK I wanna bring him down yet and anything concoct a crime come up with something and then try to make it stick. Make it fit to Wear and if you can get him. Get more needs to get associates gave family members because then you can get to the guy you want through the people around. This is exactly what is taking place right now. Aren't sure innocent until proven guilty. Now questioner to his credit. Volunteered is what's amazing. This was known for months crew knew about this for months payment reported on the show I think about cool two months ago. He had met with the Russian ambassador. And then he had spoken to one of their heads of the Russian banks and I pointed it out then. He also spoke with their heads of German banks French banks British banks Canadian banks Chinese banks Japanese banks. American banks. That's what they don't. Dead vs equity. That's what it is when your run a big financial real estate business lot of debt lot of equity got to deal with the banks. Summer more shady bank some more respectable banks but when you're dealing with two billion dollars in assets are dealing when banks. This wasn't known for months. No they're trying to turn this into. All my call it's impossible crying he said fishing expedition. And himself questioner said months ago up voluntarily. I will step past the far. Open session to the Senate Intelligence Committee able most of conversations or rainy other conversations we have nothing to eight. He's now come out and said again and look. After this Washington Post report you want me to testify. On more than all testify again under oath to the Senate Intelligence Committee. Ask me any question you want I won't plead the fifth on anything. Why. Because he was asking for a loan. Or whatever the possibility of alone what are you what are you offering me what are the terms of the loan is it worth my while. Because they have debt. Debt vs equity in their business. And they probably had a portfolio of banks they were looking at. Got up and there'd be one of the banks got sick it's over five minutes. Well why Jimmy with this doctor Russian ambassador good though this guy does is eat caviar and drink vodka. And this guy wants to stick as malls everywhere you got to meet them you developed meaning X. So I figure as a courtesy you and me with the guys let him drink some but they're doing some caviar to get him off my back. Everybody in Washington asked them what this guy. In other words. There is not even smoke. Nevermind fighter. Well guess what now they've moved to the son in law because the goal is not truth. My justice. It's not evidence. It's not to get to the bottom of anything. It is get trump at all costs. Manufactured a crime and then try to make it stick. My friends. Dot is an American. In Harvard glad Luke. Yeah I have my current. Owners are going to appoint someone to make one aroma it's. Is it while trump is guilty. Of the body slam then the media and thought why men are guilty of killing. Princess Diana. The second thing is his next week. We're gonna start going after Bennett out there are veteran comes on. Because there's some trade difficulties for the kid may Romanov. If you. If tiger is a great text from 781 this was from. I Stalin's number two Israel henchmen Ocalan Brent. Very influential guy under Stalin's Soviet Union he famously said show me the man all short of the crime. Being ago. 6172666868. Okay. Jared Kushner. Is he a liability to trump should trump in fact Britain is that our poll question. OK let's too quickly the poll question now will break. Brittany what is the poll question. And tell us what you think about the poll question. The full question and showed Donald's from the get rid of Jared Kushner. If you believe the answer is gas X 8686. CD if you believe the answer is now. Text beat to 686 CD or you can go to And vote there in your poll question is sponsored by Dell Kelly financial services Hawaii. I'm yes I am a big day really quickly I have to say to apologists seem to I didn't believe this ands. And meanwhile I'm surprised. And I'm shocked I. I told you this guy was an albatross. I'm telling you this this guy is the son in law from hell he may be a good husband to we've bunker but in terms of a father in law son in law relationship. I say junior denies that my wife. Which are not good for me I'm hoping gets rid of them a might be on dot com go back to Manhattan and run your business 61720666868. Is questioner a liability. Should trump Santa's son in law but 56. Here on the great WRK OK the corner man and a Memorial Day weekend kind of mood. I've won all five you don't want to miss it we're gonna have UN former UN ambassador. John Bolton. He's gonna discuss. True romp dressing now own and all all it was worth the price of admission. Dressing down. The leaders of the European Union all of them Merkel Mac wrong to reach some may all of them. Saying you guys in Europe are not paying your fair share for defense. And we the American taxpayers. Are sick of it I've got died at one all five. Mike in mulberry go ahead Mike. They hit oil and and you're missing the G forty connection to trump gave Jake Tapper is reporting that G of forty had to wait what went questions book for the WikiLeaks dump. Two questions before the body slam so. They connect and quick thing though I wanna know what you look forty takes the oh. Will you be wearing the rain experience. Won't go agreement ask. So won't go broke worry 88. War. And later leather jock strap. That's not what. Fairly certain the arm bands from the ultimate warrior who is it. Sean in wool but I'm going John. Jeff. Very quickly. I just read online clip got to be the truth the DNC is hiring an inspector Clouseau the start and that the industry. We will get to the bottom of it. As far as and school lemon though you hit the nail on the head when you spoke about it but put that aside. Arm wrist eleven does not run in circles that. The conservatives out in the country have when you speak about conservative issues. The the amount of BS we have to put up with from snowflakes. What they're reporting got woodland macro aggression. And it's a little bit pushed back let's hope there's more. Thank you for our calls John no I mean to me Don lemon cousin running sing circles. Don Don lemon. It does do the black hole thing how does a guy I'm serious. If you want to will be on cents or insensitive. You got hundreds of people dead from a plane crash remember that. Are you with the Malaysian airlines or whatever was it it jumper he fell into the ocean or whatever and couldn't find any of the book the plane the wreckage. And this guy scorn on a ball black colts. Go ahead to a Jarrett Blair again beat. What is hijacking or terrorism or mechanical failure or pilot aired what it was something. Believe that we don't really understand what people have been asking about that about. Black holes and on and on and on and all of these conspiracy theories is that if this. No it says what else can you think about black hole Bermuda Triangle and then did she says. Just like the movie lost in of course. It's also a bit also referenced in the Twilight Zone which is a very similar plot. That's what people say I know it's preposterous but if it is a preposterous to think Mary. Yes. I. How does a guy like can still keep his job that's what I wanna know OK coming up next. True romped to their faces. Lectures these liberal leaders in Europe. You're no longer going to be spongy and off the good old US of A they are literally squirming in their seats. Good move bad move we'll discuss that with ambassador.