Should teachers undergo "gender diversity" training?

The Kuhner Report
Monday, July 17th

Teachers in the UK have to undergo “gender diversity” training. Their Teachers Union calls for this training because teachers are using incorrect pronouns which could lead to legal action. 


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1236 here on the great WR KOK. My friends. Cultural insanity. On the left continues still run our mock. You're not gonna believe the latest now facing teachers. In the classroom. Britney. First. What is the whole question of the day. Should teacher is undergo gender diversity training. If you believe the answer is yeah asked text 868680. If you believe the answer is no text to beat to 6086 CD. Or you can go to And vote there and your poll question is sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. No. I'm up I mean I mean I am a huge. Huge. Over meg and no. Because what is now happening to listen to this I wanna give bright part big out dep for really driving this story. Is that now you have teachers associations. The unions. Are pushing. Compulsory. Mandatory. Sold called gender diversity training. Now listen to this this one is based out of EU given and Great Britain. The association of teachers and lecturer is listen to this. Is now called for compulsory. Gender diversity training. For teachers all teachers in the classroom. And so what they are now doing listen to this. Is that stuff teachers are being warned. That if they usually you correct wrong now you know you'd say he instead of should he or she instead of heat or I'm not getting. It instead of you could potentially lose your job or even face legal action for harassment. So what is now taking place is there is a mandatory training. On gender identity issues. And so teachers now have been you know hold end. Into these a lecture halls. Whereby they are being met with LG BTQ. Activists. Transgender. Activists. Who are now telling them how they need to address. Not sure restored and short transgender. But listen to this how to identify quote unquote non binary people. What is mind binary. Non binary your people who claim to be neither male nor female. In other words are not a he story Sheikh ice wordy they're just. I don't know what they are. But they're not male and are not Fina. I don't bit. I mean what you call somebody like that but anyway. As well as people are quote unquote gender fluid. Some days they think there are men. Some days they think there were a woman some days are not sure. And so teachers are now being told that this is their because they don't know how to identify these people. And sold these training classes which they have to take. Our way to sort of educate them really it's a form of indoctrination. Indoctrinate. Them. And two how to supposedly address transgender people all but non binary people gender Floyd deep ball. And so what they're now reporting. Is that the teachers. Are angry. They're livid. They feel extremely frustrated. V. Do not understand what to say or what to do. Because. If somebody says she's a she but she wants you refer to you as a heat. They're offended if you refer to them as she. If very key but they want to be identified as a sheet and you column he then they're offended I'm not kidding if they're not heat and not a sheet. But they wanna be called it or just. In a non gender wage if these teachers are saying look I'm sorry but there is biology dirge gender. I CO boy I refer to him as a boy if I see a girl were for her as a girl and they are literally tied up in knots. The teachers are saying they feel completely frustrated. Completely angry completely overwhelmed. That this is consuming all of their time and they're facing now potential. Professional and legal retaliation. If they don't poll this very confusing. LG BTQ. Non binary he gender fluid line. And what they're really saying is. Why can't we just teach. We wanna teach math we wanna teach reading we wanna teach writing we wanna teach basic English. We wanna teach history wanna teach starred sciences. And instead all of our time is being consumed and spent. By these so called gender identity issues. Because we don't we god forbid we should hurt somebody's. EU links. And how they want to be called whether a man or woman beret he or she or Annette. Furthermore. Listen to this now OK so. Not only am really what do you mean OK you know you got a story that looks like a woman deal. No I thought that was a professor at McGill university for almost three years so you have a a woman that walks up to you and you said while looks like a woman. And you go we don't miss I would always addressed the students is either if there were men sir and women Mets so there's like 300 students. I can't know all their names to 300 Ramona classroom so they put up there and ask a question it's a Yasser. It's a woman and say yes Smith's. Well if she looks like a mess. But tells me she's neither male or female. What are my Spoelstra caller. And just I just take about a from the teacher's point of view and how going know if you're not a male or female. Does god forbid she should be offended if I go yes miss what's your question well I'm not I'm woman and I'm not a man. OK you what's your name conscious call you by your name work if I have to buy have to be gender or non gender specific I just want you to think of the insanity. That's now being imposed upon our teachers. But it's beyond now even how you identify him in a classroom. As if the teachers don't have enough problems. Now they're complaining about the bathrooms. And that's changing in England but it's not in the way that you think can a man used a woman's bathroom moral woman news a men's bathroom all normal mole. Because if you're transgender or especially if you're quote unquote non binary. Or your gender fluid you get hit Seoul on Monday Wednesday and Friday I'm a man on Tuesday and Thursday I'm a woman. I'm not a man oral woman well then what bathroom do you youths. Do I go to demands from home or Dora go to the ladies room. Because I don't I don't identify with either I'm not kidding so listen to this now schools and colleges. In England. They're gonna have to start ripping apart the bathrooms. Slowly to take time very expensive by the way but let that go because now listen to this. They are complaining for example at one university. That's. The at the transgender activists are saying there was quote in massive lack of education on the part of these teachers. In terms of how are referred to people are they different gender or non binary or gender Floyd. And in particular. Quote this what they're complaining about quote toilets were very gender. Apart from that disabled on the ground floor which I didn't feel comfortable using. So I guess they have like a disabled bathroom only for disabled people on the first floor. They didn't like about but you see if you go to one men's room. Forgive me there is urine holes under stalls. If you go to well ladies room there should stalls I assume. Well you know hey look. If I'm neither a man or woman. I don't wanna see urine all that makes me very uncomfortable. But you know part of its seats may be Unita toilet seat but I don't need a toilet seat. You're insulting me by having a McKinnon you're insulting according to these activists. If you have a toilet seat you're assuming I need to six Michael Pete but I don't need to sit rival Pete I could send them OP. But don't put the urine all because that assumes I'm a man. So they want toilets now with most seats. Did you see what I'm saying so this is now the dilemma I'm not kidding. This is now that dilemma. That these people in British education are now facing which is by the way coming into Canadian education and two American education. Now. Let me. Just get to the heart of the matter. Not only is this cultural insanity. Not only is this making the lives of teachers. Unbearably. Difficult. Honestly why teach our I mean I'm not kidding really. If my old timer in a classroom has to be consumed. With weather today you're heat or tomorrow or you're sheet or your neither he or your neither she or not kidding you are full width here. Kind of heat but you're heading towards a sheet. So TU. Don't feel like he he you're more like cash. I mean literally if this is what I have to spend my time doing I am leaving my I got better things to do with my life. But to me that's just a plain as did know was on everybody's face. It is going to make teaching utterly impossible. To it's it's is becoming an asylum. But there were bigger reason is this. This is part of a massive left wing movement the transgender movement. Is part of the larger progressive movement. And so what's the ultimate goal. Just like they want to eliminate borders. Just like they want to eliminate mentions. People's. Jurist like they want to eliminate. From. Religion. They also want to destroy the differences between men and women. They don't just wanna create a global list one world secular order. Where there's no christianity. No Judaism by the way wink wink know Israel. Islam bill like the Jews and Christians they don't like. Where there is no countries no America nor christianity. Literally a one world. They also wanna create unisex world. It all goes hand in hand. If you destroy traditional morality and you destroy religion and you destroy the nation state and you destroy the concept of the people. And you destroyed. The United States of America and nations in general which you ultimately want to do is transform human nature and destroy the differences between men and women. They want you miss sex world. Where women are indistinguishable. From men and men are indistinguishable from women. That's why by the way they won a feminized men. And masculine ice wind and that's been the whole goal now since the 1960s. And so in a sense which are now seeing in the classroom. Is this propaganda. This indoctrination. Effort. Taken now to its natural logical extreme. There will be no more men's rooms and there will be no more lady's roots. Should teachers are under goal compulsory. Gender identity training. I say hello and all this is a liberal. 1254. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends I'm not kidding where literally discussing this off there. Brittany and I we're gonna get to the poll question and just the second but Britney makes a very good point. Wait why can't we just call them by the name motto we have to politics it here there whatever. Just SI if if why whenever I I don't even get this these words it's ridiculous if I'm pretty one day number rat another dank. This Connie my name right. But that's the problem but I'm not kidding you see. If on Monday your Brittany but not because your gender fluid on Tuesday you could be Brett you're feeling like command and not a woman. So these teachers are literally being overrated and being told by these LG BP activists. Known don't make fun of Brittany. Don't dismiss her feelings. If she's Brett on Tuesday you have to call him I guess him announce a decision. You gonna call him Brett on chose day but on Wednesday if it's backed up Britney have to call her bring me. You see it appeared that did you like pulling their hair out. Aren't so why can't we just supplied them with hello my name is stickers and never could say hello my name is pretty the next say hello my name is Brad you are so that we'd know so that they don't have to go through the use. Gender identity training sessions a waste taxpayer money with these training sessions and everything else. Or 101 may be one all to look and I like a cold one all two way we won all three AB. It's absolutely ridiculous I'm not Portugal who. I would be so I get few some reading a story and that a teacher that's what they're so they're all rebel think. Under and I don't wanna this is more procedural but there are like. Aren't we supposed to be telling the union what to do instead the union leadership. It's telling us what to do and they're saying no this is compulsory it's mandatory gender identity training. So what I'd like them always this today teachers out there. How would you react if this was being foisted upon you. And are you already now being told to start attending. These gender identities diversity training sessions. And you don't he hurried changes data de. When you've complained what was the reaction from school officials. 61720666868. Lines are loaded frank in new mean go ahead frank yeah. I'm good how are you frank. A lot. On. A frank I can't hear you called buck we need a better connection. Hammer in New Hampshire go ahead Aaron. I expect like cover it up my pleasure what's on your mind Aaron. Britain boss I'd like to seek hit rock land just because these the American bad that would be great but it does present teachers ago. You know what I don't kid. No teacher or adult in my life ever walked on egg shuttles for me because it wasn't their job. They're double to teach me prepare me for what I got older so that I could cheat to generation after. And what we're doing now we're just we're destroying these kids every single time we bend backwards for every little thing what impression early real accepting MMI. Because everywhere and put it into the real world I have to tell us some adversity it's counterproductive. And about the teacher I want no part of it at all. Aaron you make a brilliant point but let me ask you this and when he asked the teachers out there. Because what's now happening is some people are calling themselves non binary another reason not Amanda not a woman or their gender fluid so today you're Aaron. A much hitting tomorrow York area and as an ERI and so tomorrow year old woman today you're a man. And I'm supposed to acknowledge that every day every time. How does a classroom function Aaron if today's your Aaron and tomorrow we are in our end. It doesn't and that's why did bad analogy but it is the way our government and our society is functioning now we're all preoccupied with these things that don't really matter. They're not a big priorities and look at what's happening in Obey the same way in the classroom. Aaron Gray call thank you for that call 6172666868. Okay my friends to quickly recap. Our current we're gonna push this for another segment very important story. There is now a huge drive it's happening in England it's coming to America. Of mandatory. Compulsory gender diversity training for teachers. And educators and staffers. And now they're being told. If they don't use the right gender identity even which students who want men or women der der der neither. Or transitioning from one to one other they could be fired. Lose their jobs or even face legal issues. What should teachers do and how do we stop this cultural insanity. Your calls next. 105 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Huge story. Gender diversity training is now slowly gonna be made compulsory for teachers in the classroom. And it's not just to placate. He LG BTQ. Community. But now it's also non binary still in students who don't identify as either men or women. Gender fluid students who are one damn much getting one day man. Maybe next day women and sometimes their man for half a day then they're a woman for the other half. And sold teachers are now trust slowly trying to be trained. To refer them is either he or she Oren did. Or whatever as a kid that's a Britney britney's Brittany one day she's Brett the next day. And so and bathrooms as well they now want completely gender neutral bathrooms. So that if anybody wants to going to any bathroom at any time they will be made to feel completely. Cloaked herbal. With the gender identity that they hold at that moment. Isn't this a form of utter cultural insanity. And how do we stop this rampaging political correctness. This disease this cancer. What should the teachers do what should parents do what should students to know what should all of us do. And I got to say Jared made a very very good point during the the break. I said look if he she's offensive. If Britney Brett is offensive because they change their names sometimes hour by hour day today. I say just use the north a sticker. And like a Coke you know 101 AB. 102 way B 103 AB or gender is completely right I'm sorry Jerry is completely writes I think your gender your Jared is completely right. He goes it's like there are several Mauer being registered like the Holocaust. What's next you're gonna put numbers that too was on our foreigners. We now we're being registered and branded how dare you put colds for us. So then while hub you identify them let's say you Linda Brown sure you Wendell white dress you and a red glasses you know what they would say. Well not your reducing my daily to my glasses of assured our work that's insulting to me in other words there's no getting out of this morass. And so teachers are now complaining saying this is making it literally impossible. For them to do their job and focus on actual teaching. Brittany. What are the poll question and what are the results. Thus (%expletive) teachers undergo gender diversity training. If you believe the you know sir is snow yes tax 8686 CD if you believe the answer is no. Text beat a 686 CD as volleys go to You can vote bears while on your poll question a sponsor once again by bill Kelly financial services. And the poll results are 95%. Say no. Teachers should not undergo diversity. Gender diversity training and 5% yes they shed. I assume you're you're in on us when Ayman Al. Steve driving in the car go ahead Steve. Citic and like all my pleasure Steve. Just as you know being from the same region as I come from in the Soviet Union let them decide a hundred years ago. Every law and by and yet gender neutral gender nonspecific. Title called Irish I'm Bret. Okay everybody was all that men and women alike. And frankly you know it's it's amazing to watch the body the poison. American chime in that poisoned in and out we're creeping in Haiti trying to you know expelled or to get rid of and hopefully will get us through. I think the answer is. Abandon public school and flock to parochial schools look any say I don't care whether it's let's. Our process. Or or Catholic school graduate school you know we've these places let them. Well there are no I'm not mine he did best if you can't get out that you saw what it. Steve. Steve I somebody like yourself who fled from the former Soviet Union. Just for the audience out there why was it's sold. Why was it's such an important obsession for the Communists are the Soviet Communists. To have everybody referring each other as calm bad. All of Irish. And why why the goal of destroying the differences between the genders. It's human it's just like prisons. That we each human rights you're no longer a person you're no longer an individual you are caught in a machine at the state. You can be a specific person you cannot be an individual you must be backed up. You can not because it's almost like a number of first instance what was always comrade this Conrad Black name was caused bumping up. And you know it was the hand that you know he wasn't quite as ludicrous or for us. Actually yes seventies and eighties and early eighties and schooled as it was are our parents back in fifty or 6040 got a. Thirties that was awful fact that. But they dehumanize people and especially they went for the jugular they went for the women they destroyed the same what you. You know being unit in the very beginning of the Soviet structure wouldn't care which was was not going to be pushed it worked pretty well. You know that was taking orders be unity populist leaders you know took currently the limit. And then witness as he does sexually transmitted illegal what happened and abortion and everything else. At least one full circle at the end you know they are beat any kind of up. Physical expression and then they repressed all the people vote in people here think that LG BTQ movement is something new now. Parade and so be it what LG BT already. Bingo brilliant email that he apps which you heard in two minutes was the history of the Soviet union of a hundred years or seventy some years to be precise. They wanted to destroy the family. They want to destroy the differences between the biological sexes. They want to destroy as I said nations peoples. Religion. They wanted anyone the world. Order a secular one world order. That's why you have to destroy the fund it's human nature you have to destroy human nature what is more human than a man and a woman. In all of our beautiful differences psychological emotional physical. And so if you can indoctrinate the people they hate that. You can utterly controlled. This is ultimately about leaked power and control. 6172666868. Were Ralph in Malden go ahead Ralph. Jeff alive or I'm all right with me here every bit welcome Ralph welcome well I heard you mention that. People's identity should be labeled at numbers now conflict there. So all the other holiday Christmas time my name about the food or Melrose. Elementary school teacher. Told me that. She cannot call her kid little boys a little girls let's slide out. She got the call them by the rule number like let's shape real sure why and let lineup because there were apparent that complaint. That it wasn't right to be calling. Someone a little boy or little girl and the principal went along with it I'm believe. Only those numbers are like there already do it already. Terrell I was I was being sarcastic Ralph I was joking. Help Nigeria where if you told me that and I said let me let me ask you that can you say Merry Christmas she could not. Learn about the principles for all that the principal problem and issuable some of the teachers. Are aren't happy with that but. It's already happening in tool one let's lineup. And it's scary Ralph thank you for that call look it's scary it's like out of a George Orwell Arthur Kessler an awful. You know and I thought Steve made a brilliant point is like now looked almost like a prisoner now. The other side to identify you in prison like just your just the number. And that's what slowly happening. Look we've got to nip this in the bud. And I agree with Ralph the principles now they've got to start they really are start putting the interest of students first. The teachers have to continue to speak out. Other parents ultimately it's up thus it's up to us the parents to say no to this kind of insanity and look. We you know another previous caller Aaron I thought made a very good point since windy teachers have to walk on Nick Schultz. To constantly worry about two inch two inches fielding. X. Well look I'm sorry you don't my teachers hurt my feelings all the time. When I was getting horrible grades they let me know about it when my writing my writing skills were not very good I'm very messy handwriting. My teacher almost embarrassed in front of the classroom. He should divvy up his time writing in the whole classroom. You know when I worked very hard. On my on my on my writing and eventually got better and better ensure praise me but what's wrong chaining students. That's another thing you can't shame what entertainment. Never mind something like you know hi Bob B. While I'm not Bobby today what are you today I'm Bambi why you Mandy walker they feel like a girl. Look the name says Bobby. They look like a boy to me I'm calling you Bob that's it you don't like did Bobbie here's what we do in this country when you become pick up a big boy an adult. He gave yourself this. Exchange operation in North Carolina Bambi OK until then adios your Barbie next. Mats. That's it let's go geography books out let's go guys constant OSHA let's starling the Biller writes let's go. Franken you'll know we got frank back go ahead frank. Our job so why are you much clearer now frank go ahead the floor is yours. You know part of the problem. Really emanates through which ages and it's because they listen to the administration. And they're and there are and has spoken to by the PGA. And the PTA. Is. 88 you know it just makes sense that these guys are your kids are graduating college and everything else ever children. There are have been indoctrinated by the professors and college. So very dull sort of PGA. At every kind of stupidity either they've erred in college. They transmit that about local PGA. So Rex saying you know or. Your knowledge Juli one day it's Barbie the next day. You know throw the ball catch appalled by Wednesday you're a member of red Jeep but all are aware about your breath. I get an actor Gordon analysis current chief. Another bid where it. Chew it for you infiltrate. The freedom of Lamar. Frank who share a Davin Cambridge go ahead date. April. OK I think Dave is ordering fast scooters on the no McDonald's. In Londonderry go ahead not. I doubt. I learned that previous caller on the bait you dummy state circuit that the law and aligned here. Teaching. A lot she lit the harmful I see I would get that go all so therefore I'd say beyond. This teacher also reap what they dull dull and then in eighty and you are my gender fluid and it's an ad on the I think you know keep drop your drawers dropped during an out and you looked actual. Okay epic epic a hard line you'd think hitting your boy. You're really girl dropped during the Bible I will and held be would that be awakening. Thank you for that call but 6172666868. You know I let me just throw this to the audience. Our eyes you know I enrolled our Christian any private Catholic school parochial Catholic school. I don't know we can afford it anymore. I pay for his full year in kindergarten. He's not gonna be starting the first grade. We live in an area we pay very high property taxes one of the reasons is that have a good decent public school. And we're just crunching the numbers and I'm just you know I'll come up pleading poverty don't get me wrong. But I just I can't afford it because he was and I'm gonna go to school as well. I can afford both of them going to Catholic school to attendant. So I don't know what to do I gotta make a decision the next couple weeks like tickle loan from the bank coming what do why do. But if I'm already paying property tax is ruled in the hopes. For you know for public education. Why can't I send my skip the public you know the public school and I have to deal with this kind of guard Mitch. Look I agree with you obviously send them to private school parochial school get away from the system. But I'm thinking of people like me who maybe can't afford parochial school with two kids. And a mortgage in two car payment six Ericsson Eric setter so I've got to send my kids to public school. So I gotta have this rammed down my kids paroled two. So what by you know Ashton comes in thinking he's a boy and after a year or does he comes back Intel's we know he's Davis sister is our brother. Quick look at the that this is child abuse the potential damage that they're doing to children. 617266686. WR Cano we'll. The voice of Boston. One point four here on the great WRK. Oh okay you can text us as always 68680. The lines are blazing. Here is a great Hoekstra 617 Jeff. If you live in a town and decide that your kids are not going to go to the public school. Shouldn't you get a significant tax break. To meet yes. He continues or she continues. And if enough people decided to not send their children to public school. Perhaps that would be enough impetus to convince the town to improve their public school policies and curriculum. Bingo and that's why for example like in my case. I pay almost ten grand. In property taxes. Now I said my Ashton to Catholic school last year private. They I didn't get a tax break so the local town in this case ran film pocketed the 101000 dollars. My Ashton didn't go to public school didn't pick up a seat didn't go on the boss didn't do not think they should be thanking me. I never got any of that money Barack. Now because I got it bank getting ready to go to school I mean not be able to afford Catholic school for both the bomb so now they both may have to go to local public school. And do they really need this kind of quote unquote gender diversity being rammed down your throats I don't think so. Trick see Europe next go ahead Trixie. I doubt you guys that he can public school and the people they probably have achieved that. I can't eat the outlook group that got on the plane that. I would never set out to public school app that I can work play jab what I did that a public school I do it. Yeah it's true if you don't ask you want. Teacher walked. Thought our. Actually he and maybe. She cried at first grade it's all about competing for the part cat and I'll be asking. How about starting to get great and a huge help if I attacked you know learn to tell about the task. And I looked I'm eager and development create appropriate practice which you get into each young children waiting and ash. I can't speak like you pray that you can teach other. That won't question a lot of people worksheets and kindergarten. I've beaten that's what she kept digging your foot problem that I can't Gardner. I've got so why they hate writing they hate school begins there gigabyte IP great book it's partly. But it. You hear about eight net com we had. A teacher here who want to promote I accept me as how the outfit. We tax I yelled regularly about its hot dog holy land conditioning. You know we can't do any Chris that is we talk about in the caught. I looked fatigued tired. Brilliant today Trixie thank you so much for calling look she nailed it in a nutshell. So they're overloading the students on one hand making learning not fund you don't wanna learn anything. And on the other hand but it is it's Ramadan. It's Islam. It's LG BTQ. It's. But don't teach your christianity god forbid the ten commandments god forbid Merry Christmas Santa Claus god forbid. And what about the American constitution what about civics one about real reading writing math thinking gee none of that. I think Timmy. The way they have destroyed the public school system it's a crime it really is. Gina and West Roxbury I've got a minute cold Gina. Jeff. I don't think these teachers should be indoctrinated in the LG BT cute stuff and it is child abuse. Boys and girls with socialize differently in our country culture that's why they're different in some places not shift. A genetic that the environment kind of high you can do something gender neutral so they'll light. And the other thing is that I am these young kids that are having hormone very early we have no idea what impact these home Monday gonna have on their health. And that's abuse. And it's just insane I used to be in the F fourth thank god I'm not there I was with psychologists there I couldn't function with death. Because one thing that just came out to you would block we talk about the military the army came out with a document. Helping doctors know how to deal with men who are pregnant. I guess yeah. Yeah yeah I I yeah I yeah I. Look all I can just say is this I look at my daughter and I look at my son. And nobody's gonna tell me that there are not unique differences between men and women. Eva. Is more nurturing. Caring she loves to play with Barbie dolls. Ash and.