Should President Trump testify under oath?

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Monday, June 12th

Trump said in a press conference that he’s 100% willing to testify against Comey. Do you think he should?”


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Although voice till Boston. 1236 here on the great WRKO. OK. Assured president trump testify. Under oath about James called me. Two special counsel Robert Mueller. That's in fact the corner country poll question of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. If you believe the answer is yes he should testify under oath. Tax the letter made the 68680. If you believe the answer is no nyet stay away from it's going to be poisoned. Attacks the letter beat the 68680. I is always you can vote online at Okay my friends listen now to president trump. At a press conference with the president of Romania Friday afternoon. Say you know what there was no collusion with Russia this is what Coleman's testimony showed. That I was never under investigation. There was no obstruction of justice and call me is a leaker. And when asked point blank is called me a liar the president said. I am willing to testify. Under oath if need be role cut one jarred. Go ahead John. They're John obsolete brown eyes she used to be before Iran. Such a nice man always fair. Mr. President I'm expected teams colonies testimony suggested he didn't tell the truth and everything you said. All right he did say under oath. That you told him to let the flame you use it you hopes the Flint investigation you can elect he I didn't say that. So he lied about that well I didn't say that I mean I will tell you I didn't saying that. Eight and did he ask you to pledge and then nothing wrong if I did say in according to everybody that I've read today but. I did not say that. And and did he ask for a pledge of loyalty from US north and he said no he did not. So he said those things under oath would you be willing to speak or girls to elected your version of a 100%. And say under oath. I hardly know the man I'm not gonna say I want you to pledge allegiance who would do that who would ask command to pledge allegiance under oath. I mean take a vet I hardly know the man. It doesn't make sense. No I didn't say that and I didn't say the other source Robert Moeller wanted to speak with you about that I would be glad to tell him exactly right just so huge and he seemed to be hinting that there are recordings of those converse I'm not missing anything I'll tell you about it over very short period of time. OK you have a question. Like where and when we to tell us about the broker a fairly short period of time. Are you gonna be very disappointed when you hit the and so the war on judge you have a. I should not present there is a lot there to one package. Number one mesh is the takes issue first okay. So there is the president the other rescue wall near Obama recordings tapes you have the page Marshall that they've got to release the tapes and he says well shortly shown. But you're gonna be very disappointed now what I take that to mean is this. That he doesn't have tapes. When he pleaded out remember what is tweet sent this tweet said I hope there aren't taped conversations of our meetings. In other words. I hope the NSA was in conducting surveillance on us. I hope they CIA in the deep state in all of did out there I hope they weren't listening in on our conversation. I think that's what he's clearly meant by that. So when he says you gonna be disappointed that I think. To me that could be wrong. But I read data has not all there aren't any tapes but I was just trying to tell I'm. Hey if they were hacking into our conversation. There where there were hacking into Mike campaign. And I there racquet and to my people for months and months you're gonna be in big trouble buddy. OK so I think that's how I read that comment but let that go wolf find out the next couple days. They're bigger issue Timmy. These him now opening the door saying look call means a liar. He's a leak Kirk. He obviously engaged. In leaking which is illegal. And he testified under rove there was no collusion with Russia and I never obstructed justice and I am willing to testify under oath. That call me is lying I never asked for pledge of loyalty and I certainly didn't dawn to drop any investigation. Into Mike Flynn. So he's throwing down the gauntlet. Now. If finally the president. I want to stay away from Robert Mueller as far as I can possibly can. Why because I don't believe Robert Mueller is a fair impartial. Independent special prosecutor he's not neutral. And if he thinks Muller's neutral. And if the Republicans think Robert Mueller region neutral then I've got some swampland in Florida they need be interest in him. Because still means the most shocking revelation of all. Of everything that occurred last week he score means admission. That he deliberately leaked his memo. To the New York time it's. In order to spark. An investigation. Is special counsel appointment to go after the president. In other words he admits. When I came out parents said all he wanted loyalty from me. Wink wink he wind meter draw thief Mike Flynn investigation. Wink wink my real goal. In reading that memo to the New York Times reporter was to trigger a special counsel and boom that's what happened. And not only did he trigger a special counsel. But it happens to be his best friend. His body. They go fishing together they go hunting together to finally school picnicking together. Now you tell me. How is this not now painting the entire process. He wanted a special counsel he leaked first special counsel he gets a special counsel. And it happens to be is bosom buddy. Who by the way it's now come out over the weekend. Is now bringing in pop criminal lawyers. From all over the country I'm talking like legal. Killers. Whose drop an expertise is to bring people down and have charges pressed against them. He's cool for the president's throat. If finally the president ice skate away from Robert Mueller personally. I wouldn't trust them as far as I can problem. But I also sense something else my France. On the Sunday talkies I watched him so you don't have to watch him do you see what I do for you you see what I do for you received via what I what I have to ensure that torture right ensure so you can have a good a wonderful Sunday. And I have to listen to these. These puffed up wind bags drone on and on and on. They looked defeated. The mainstream. Arming the mainstream media looked like it defeated army I'm telling you what their tails between their legs. Because one after another said I heard comb his testimony and let me tell you. There's no collusion. There's no obstruction of justice. There is nothing. And it's mine to move on and do the nation's business. Listen. To senator Mike Lee from Udall. They never trump Republican. One of his biggest critics during the campaign say look I got a call it the way I see it. There's enough thing here. Roll it Jarrett. Look at it in this circumstances if if he's got evidence of collusion bring afforded he's got evidence of corruption of obstruction Bridgeport I have yet to see anything even a scintilla. And so it's time to wrap this up and it's time to move on. I don't see any evidence of anything happening here and as a result I think it's on the move well you're saying that even if what James cone is saying is true you don't see the evidence. My home. Yeah I I don't see that that amounts to obstruction I don't see any evidence of intent to obstruct I don't see any indication. That there was even the potential for corruption pure or for obstruction of justice. There is no because there is no obstruction there's not a thing in fact combing himself even admitted it Eagles look he told me go after my satellites Carter page. Paul mantle forward Roger Stone if you think something's improper or illegal please investigate go after rom. So what we don't where's the obstruction there is no obstruction. So obviously and then where's the collusion with Russia there isn't any because there wasn't any. In other words what are we investigating here. She say what you want about Watergate at least there was a crime. In the third rate burglary sold or something that cover up. But if there's no crying there can't be a cover up because what you covering up not covering up anything. Full whole thing collapsed on them even West Virginia Democrat Joseph mansion. How'd they concede a many still want smaller to keep going but he had to concede. George there's no obstruction but there's no obstruction there's no collusion there is there's not thing. Roll that Jared do you. Really this conclusion that the president is region there was no evidence of collusion. You know we haven't seen any of that whatsoever George we've been looking into and soon everything that they possibly have. That has not led to that. We have our ultimate show all of us have the utmost respect for a while and you'll. Both on the democratic and Republican side I believe he's gonna do his job thoroughly. We will accept his recommendation and natural pathway forward and I think that's extremely important. That we all agree this is the right person the right time to do this type of work. In other words. There's nothing there now. Which begs the question. Would all do respect the senator mention. Why is Robert Mueller even still on the case why is he still special counsel. If coal means intention was to trigger a special counsel. Then he clearly manipulated. And politicize the process. And then you get a special counsel. Who happens to be as closest friend embody. Hey. The whole process now has been completely painted it's a conflict of interest. And sold this idea that somehow Robert Moeller should be allowed to continue his work or that summer rock somehow Robert Mueller is. Fair and objective and impartial. It's complete. Fantasy land. And you know what it's time for the president I believed in not just fight back but did tell congress point blank. All abolish this special counsel. We don't need it this is nothing more now than a shameless. Pointless witch hunt. Listen continued Gingrich. Drop that hammer. Roll it. Jerry Conley said I deliberately leaked through an intermediary. Tinge to create this council. What happens when I was closest friends got to look at Joseph Miller citing the higher. I think these are people that frankly. Oh look look to me but they're they're setting up. To go after trump they're they've been putting people by the way who have been reprimanded for hiding from the defense information to a major cases. I think this does is going to be a witch hunt I think it. Call me himself by his own testimony. Tainted this particular process the other director and the FBI deliberately leaking in order to create a special counsel who we're now supposedly it is going to be this neutral figure. I think that's just not. Sense. It's delusional. It's delusional to his new book is a 1000% right on this. So. We golf played. We all got played. Now. Let me say one more thing and I wanna throw it open to you degrade audience of corner country. Trump tweeted this he's escalating his war with call me and I think he's gone I'm by the console squall. I believe this week we get out I believe that James call me leaks will be far more prevalent than anyone ever thought possible. Totally illegal question mark. Very cowardly exclamation point. The leaks from the FBI. Go all the way back to march. Nine of the 38 leaks. Came from within the FBI. I will bet you dollars to donuts. That James Coleman did injure a sleek once. He has been leaking and leaking. And leaking. And he was leaking all the way going back to march. My friends. Call me needs to be investigated. And more than that. Robert Moeller needs to a goal. This special counsel should be abolished it's painted it's a conflict of interest. I agree disagree. Should shrunk order and demand that the special counsel be abolished. And should he testify under old 61720666868. Your calls next happening right now. Call tree on the voice of process. W park. To speak under oath to blow to your version of 100%. Bobby and saw this. Go ahead Bob. Yes Jeff I think I'm probably should demand. That you'll troops themselves. There's a conflict of interest or not via. And defeat that's simply choose himself. Structure all receptions album remove what. And it's may be about as far as special frustrated PR or just. I'm with you a Bobbie I'm completely with you. I think now I think Gingrich is completely right I think the whole process is now. I ethically tainted morally tainted it's a clear conflict of interest. To me it's a joke it's now become a joke. And so if I'm if I'm president trump I say hey look guys not only was I completely vindicated. Kohn he's the leaker. And you want it Robert Moeller. They hey it doesn't work like there's not in my America can amount. My hills in north and over go ahead miles. Yeah I missed an atomic thing as a total scam yeah he testified that Loretta lynch. All one kickback. Back bought the investigation and Hillary Clinton and Paula called it mattered when she set up we're Clinton at the airport. I think that hill was back golfers hold real. And if we get elected it will point you attorney general for eight years now less nervous. Not only did she tell on the back off the investigation. To stop the investigation into the Clinton foundation. They didn't do any Ira investigation. And it turned out that serie can't bigger name they've found that there's like. 2000 unmasking. People on a clip art that I'm in another Trump Organization everything why don't why don't they investigate. Well I don't mind. Bingo. Bingo. Combing himself admitted it she tried to completely influence the investigation. She in fact order him dole called an investigation Randall was a criminal investigation. Call it quote unquote matter. Listen. Pitch shot he'll show Omar. I answered that very question. Roll it Gerri look I heard what Jim called me said and he said he was troubled by it I respect him a great deal but I haven't heard Loretta lynch is side of the story so I'm not gonna come to a conclusion as to who was right or wrong or whether it. Rises to the level that she should come testify. In the political back and forth here people look at Democrats not getting their exercised about Loretta lynch and what she may have done to be. Possibly meddling in that investigation to Hillary Clinton's email server. And they Democrats don't seem to listen so much to James coming when he's talking about Loretta lynch but take everything he says about the president as gospel. Doesn't it just kind of put this into the normal partisan sorting and people kind of look at this and say well it's just you know. Democrats and Republicans bickering again. Well for one thing the investigation. That surrounding this into Hillary's emails. Has had a long and long long history lots of congressional investigations. And FBI investigation. And all I'm saying with Loretta lynch is before anyone jumps to any conclusions. We ought to hear what she has to say. And letter states something privately and see if it makes much of a difference less I don't know that it will. And crass they're incredible incredible. So. How come you're willing to go after trump for obstruction of justice allegedly were near the original structure. But here there is clear blatant evidence of obstruction of justice should try to influence the freaking investigation. It's clear cut. But there's no special counsel for Loretta lynch non now. Get a real special counsel must comb these body. And have him investigate Loretta lynch. Hillary Clinton and the whole corrupt Obama gang. Is Kellyanne Conway a one of their big league Kursk's. That's story. More with your calls. Next.