Should President Trump shut the government down over funding for the border wall?

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, August 23rd

President Trump held a rally in Arizona last night. He threatened a government shutdown over the border wall. Kuhner says yes. What do you think?


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Two services. Can you for a complete news you liberal lies and insults to the working people we say no more. Is that could erupt for us. Magnificent. President trump porch is the media out. My friends are you guys you guys. I now. S.'s the trump does we elected well all. Back on the campaign trail. And he was in Phoenix in front of a fact. Packed crowd they were rowdy raucous crowd and it was a walking event last night. The media out went out sold Cooley ballistic. After words but my friends. I have not seen a president really since Ronald Reagan. Hold the mainstream establishment destroyed trump media. By their feet to the fire. And hold them accountable and shame them and expose them any Visser rate them he took a blow torch to want. The wave that president trump did last night and of course my friends the context is everything. So in the wake of Charlottesville. Where there media have been demonizing trump relentlessly. Attacking him pounding him. Calling him a racist sympathizer a kkk sympathizer. Not somebody who refuses to denounce me on not season white supremacists. And as if they've been hammering him mercilessly. Trump showed his metal. And he showed he can give as good as he gets. And last night he was in top form. Listen to trump. I think rightly. Rightly. Blamed the media for fomenting. The division. That hatred. And really much of the racial upheaval. That has been going on in this country now for the last couple of weeks role cut one Brittany. Tell me she can attack me. But where I draw the line is when they attack you which is what they do when they attacked. City of our supporters. You are honest. Hard working tax. Staying and by the way you're overtaxed but we're gonna get get taxes down. Their tax paying Americans who love our nation. Obey our laws and care for our people. It's time to explode their crooked media deceptions. And challenged them. They're very well. Informant thing divisions. And yes by the Wang. I guess by the way they are tried to the way our history. And our heritage you've seen them. I he's there on. I honestly he's dead on I mean I I'm I'm saying finally finally. And let me tell you in particular why that's speech yesterday that rally was so immensely important. Because what the president was now doing is he sending a signal. To the corrupt political establishment. To be corrupt media elites. Do you think you're gonna overthrow me from power. Do you think you're gonna stand there and slander me and smear me and demonize me. And try to drive me from office while I've got news for you I'm putting all of you on notice. Big game is up. And we know what you're doing you are lying you are distorting. You're twisting the facts. To serve your agenda. Which is to overturn the election results in November and bring this president down. And trump was essentially saying I'm gonna call you out. I'm not gonna be silent like a punching bag and let you hit and hit me and hit me mercilessly. And then what I thought was devastatingly. Effective. Wife and frankly was funny that's the other thing it was both effective and honestly hilarious at the set I'm laughing my rear Randolph and I'm watching this. Where he quotes and self. That's that to me that was the best part of the rally where he's like well OK here is what I said on the day of Charlottesville. And he goes on about I was condemning the violence the racism the bigotry I mean it was hilarious. Many goes. But then they set it wasn't specific enough saw what I do the next day. Here's my statement that he goes I condemned white supremacy as the kkk. Neo Nazis world and they said it wasn't fast enough. And he went on it was blow by blow by blow by blow. Where. He exposed the massive man das CB and lying. The manipulation. Of the entire stream media as they've been trying to portray trump as a closet racist. As being soft on me not Cesar white supremacy. I somehow morally equivalent dating. And he humiliated them. By showing his own words. And saying why did ensure report the facts. Why didn't choose simply report the truth. And it's CNN you could almost feel home twisting in their seats. Twisting in the wind. And so bench romp began to call out the media by name. It was beautiful. Rolex. Brittany. And they said why did. You could pass them. If thugs luck but I know these people probably better than anybody and a lot of people have a problem with a because look. What happens to them. If you don't story about me I know it's honest applause if you know his story about somebody you don't know you assume it's on us because it's like the fairly New York Times which is like so bad. Well the Washington Post which I call lobbying tool for Amazon okay that's a lobbying pilgrims. Bush CNN which is so bad and so pathetic and their ratings are going yeah. But all that I mean it's. And is really bad. ABC this morning. I don't watch it much when I'm watching in the morning. And that's that George Stephanopoulos talking to Nikki Haley I. About just made less that we believe it or not got great reviews right. They had a hard time. They are having a hard time because. It was with soldiers. We were somber wayward truthful we were doing we were saying. Things and it really didn't. So he talked about it for it like that much that goes back to Charlotte is now. Little little George Stephanopoulos. Will George I'm there as they were magnificent. You used satire. To make his points. And he showed the media. To be. That Haiti nasty EU. Just men patients people that they are utterly malicious. The little light years the pay you liars that they ER. The propagandist. It's got AR. It was. Devastating. Did I mean just devastating. It was one fund or blow after another. And then Tim mean may be the Cordova rocks. And because you see it all the time. Trampled give a speech and then what happens. CNN MSNBC. ABC what little George who Meet the Press meet the mass what Chucky Chuck Todd what do they do. They then always put together a panel as a pump panel gives him authority. And he's right. There's 567. These lightweight you never heard of these people before. And they are trumps a racist or from some bigot or prompt comes unstable or trust unhinged are the trust kkk all the country's gonna fall apart under trop almighty caught it becoming a dictatorship. And so he just said you know what. Let me give it to lump with both barrels. Roll it Britain. That said. Racism is able. To that report that I said that racism is evil. You know why. Because they are very dishonest people. So ice. Racism is. Now she is here on campus since you're there and then they just don't want this long Rampage or they put on these real light weights all around a table that nobody ever heard of and they all say what a bad guy I am. It. See look I go back to this as the media now is they're literally their freaking out like this is the beauty of the trump presidency. Is that for the first time somebody is holding the media accountable. And instead of them constantly raining artillery. And destroying Republicans or conservatives won by one and conservatives and Republicans for years they just take it and take it and take it. He's hitting right back. And he's exposing them for the liars and the charlatans and the propagandist that they York. And so they don't know how to handle it don't like bullies. They can handling when somebody punches him back. So I have said this before and I will say it again. Name me one thing. That Donald Trump said about what took place in Charlottesville. That was in any way factually inaccurate. Did 95 and black lives matter where they do they attend Charlottesville yes. Do they how did they common bring it sticks yes bats yes. Where they assaulting these neo Nazis giving as good as they were getting yes. In other words did it take two sides that angle yes. Is there video footage of them beating up some of these neo Nazis with clubs and sticks yes. In factors video footage of them throwing the first punch. So. No one's defending he's not cease com. Of course not who would but the fact of the matter is there would have been no violence in Charlottesville. And head their hair would probably still real life today different. Furthermore. And you have local press accounts approved its when he said they were. Good people on both side this is the meat so the media spun out in two he sang you're good neo Nazis. There were a good white supremacists. No hole. There were people there who legitimately were pro testing that taking down of the Robert you least action. Because its culture its history its heritage there on record saying what I think these Nazis you these white supremacist that's not what we're here for. We're here for that the cultural heritage in meaning of this Robert Lee statue we just don't want the stature to be taken now. It's about heritage is not about hate. So he was right there were good people on both sides. Unless you deliberately wanna twist and distort his words to mean something that they obviously didn't mean. And that's why would trump was quoting his own words it was devastating. It was in other words he relies what they say here is the truth. Hero of their lives here is the truth. They went after words gay when. I mean brewers sure. Shall listen now. To the astrophysicist. Himself the astrophysicist. Scholar dawn black coal lemon. On the Clinton news network on CNN. I. I Strom is finishing his speech there's a split screen. Trumpet shaking people's hands and Don Black coal lemon comes right on the air. Listen now to dawn roll it Britney. Well. What do you say to that. I'm just gonna speak from. The hard here what we have witnessed was a total eclipse of the fact that someone who came out on stage and lied directly to the American people think. And left things out that he said in an attempt to rewrite history especially when it comes to Charlottesville. He's unhinged now. It's embarrassing and I don't mean for us the media because he went after his book nor the country. This is who we elected president of the United States. A man who is so pity patty hideous to go after people who we. Deems to be is enemy like an imaginary friend of the six year old fits the history was without thought. It is without reason it is devoid of facts it was devoid of wisdom but there was no grab a top. There was no sanity there he was like a child blaming them on something else. He did I didn't do it. He's certainly open a boat race wound from Charlottesville are now a lawyer I've done. Although the Klan rally Don. Now noticed. When Obama would go after his conservative critics. When for example he'd refer to Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as he renders all. All. You've presidential role. When he told rallies we have to go up Eric punish our enemies and had come on now. When he would go after Fox News mercilessly. Again and again and again. Don. How come you weren't saying this was embarrassing Don it was unhinged under Obama dawn. Welcome all of a sudden dawn you weren't questioning on the dear leader's stability not you guys loved it. You cheered him on every step of the way you covered up every single one of his scandals and crimes. Now. When somebody calls you out. And holds you accountable. And shows you for the phonies and frauds that all of you are suddenly now the president's insane. But he's a mad men. How dare we question us. My friends. What you saw was an embattled president fighting back. And my only advice to the president does. Don't do less of these rallies. Do more of these rallies you should do one every single week. Different cities different states. But keep the media out on defense. I agree disagree. What did you make of Trump's speech and his blasting of the media. Do you jewel like hit or as as critics say do you think it was on presidential. 6172666868. Your calls next but there's nothing on the president's. How about. I have always been diligent about the massive gradually going to be outside where saying well it's hot out. It is time. I I think it's still warm. You know they show up in the helmets in the black. Masks and they've got clubs and they've got everything and did. 1227. Here on the great WRKO. President trop on prior. Yesterday in Phoenix Arizona. Let me ask you this. What did you find most impressive. About he speech. For me it was the takedown of the media. And let me ask as many you know there are some criticisms out there did you think his speech was I'm presidential. The media is calling it unhinged. Unstable. Downright crazy and scary. 6172666868. Lines are blazing Robert in Framingham go ahead Robert. What a difference at night makes our friends. And outfielders in this speech. In the thing I was most surprised where. Is now calling out John McCain right game. He got big utilities. We list our refuel all I want to follow Robert we will exploiting. Thought everybody was laughing and Robert did you find the showmanship I mean just so impolite. With their cries can say one vote one year old one that was hilarious. You know what I shot that Jeb. That let me edit those others I know I'm a big stream media's there. Did point out did the other black end of that weight behind mr. trump all the not black Republicans were trumped what street you supply. Daily column policy don't look at it got up dropped out of it a black eye. Eric you're Robert. Now there was some violence summoning get to that a bit later in the show. And Keefe they showed up not in the numbers they wanted as it was just took its tool for the masks and dad dad dad. Their helmets it was just locked in Arizona. But they did assault and African American trump supporter in the truck. They punched him several times in the face. So again they threw rocks state threw bottles they threw sticks they were fighting with police. In fact they were the launch some tear gas the police at the then launch small canisters to disperse them. So and teeth. Well like in Charlottesville like in Boston. And like in Phoenix. They do what they always do. Violence violence. Violence. And I want a credit the president for the guts and the courage to call them out. 6172666868. What did you find most impressive about the speech. Did you like it. Or do you think it was on presidential. Your calls after a short news break don't touch that. RJ you know go. Voice oh Boston. It's time to exposed they're printed media deceptions. And and challenged them. For their role and Mormon thing division. And yes by the way. And yes by the way they are tonight. Lay our history and our charities you've seen them. 1237 here on the great WRKO. OK Donald Trump lighting them up last night. In Phoenix at a campaign style rally. And my friends. 6172666868. If you wanna be part of the show. I have they call him up today. Which. Dovetails perfectly with what trump was trying to say yesterday. It is about the Boston rally. It is called the media's lies about the Boston rally. And when trump said that they are responsible. For fomenting. The racial hatred and division in this country he is a 1000% correct. And I lay out in my column on he's talking about Charlottesville obviously. I'm talking about what happened on the weekend in Boston. How the media would not even look in to the free speech rally what its purpose was its mission who is scheduled speakers work. That he made up this phantom menace. Of the Ku Klux Klan in beating Boston. They weren't the ones. That needlessly fomented all of this so called faux outrage. With these so called anti fun black lives matter thought X descending upon the streets. And so what my column does is what nobody else in the media has dared to do. Which is to expose the lies and propaganda. That were emanating from Marty Walsh. And then I picked up on by channel four channel five channel seven channel ten channel 25. Even Fox News CNN MSNBC. It blows the lid right off of it. That's why I think Trump's speech yesterday was so important. Because what the media is now doing. They are now becoming literally propaganda. And it shows the power of propaganda. To whip up mob rule and a sort of mass hysteria. You're seeing it in the wake of Charlottesville. And you sought in Boston on full display so please corner country. I am asking all of you please. Go to WRK. Old dot com it's right there are believe it's our lead story right Britney. Okay right on the home page. Corners country the media's lies about the Boston rally there were no neo Nazis or white supremacists. It's our hope president. He's and could as capturing dobbs our headquarters and escorted into a corner I'm Sharma callers call my about. Corners corner. The media's lies about the Boston rally there were no neo Nazis are white supremacists. Please read it and most importantly. Pass it on Twitter FaceBook social media let's get the troops out there. John in Fitch berg thanks for holding and welcome. I just thank you very much Mattingly out my pleasure John. Oh yeah I just why do reflect got everything you'd just sat there and I was very that your the president. Statement that out and in next. Myself because it's exactly relevant to what myself and my compatriots that work on his arm that's free speech project at. Pulled my jocks are not at all on joints are my producer is telling me in my here. Are you big John. You're drawn medlar. I did not know I just I saw on the board John from Pittsburgh so you're the John mettler who organized the free speech rally. And make co organizer acorn organizer okay John well a doubly welcome on the show. John I did not know about so John Cleese the floor is yours go. How well thank you very much but yet some weapons there would bear itself to hear the president's statement last night because it reflects her equitable we've been going through. For the past week you know we've had our eyes met you know people on. On the streets who who were convinced that I was a white to try to intercept because that the immediate report all but doubt once they talk to circulate it. Think they clearly alma clearly candidates yet because obviously. Nothing of the sort of a bank have also met. People on the streets that seen through but the the media is sort of spin on it and had. You know have I actually met some people who have you know really congratulated me herbs are sticking to do that and not get cannot get wiped out. The rally that ended up happening is certainly not what we envision but it definitely they are like a Turkey's cultural our free agent that country. I John I think you major point honestly with the mass. Yeah I mean no really I'm sorry for you with an with an exclamation point I mean an asterisk and an exclamation point. I think you clearly major point John just for the edification of people that are listening for there you know for their educational. Knowledge how would you describe yourself politically. I consider myself a libertarian I think that society is that at bat when individuals take maximum responsibility. For their own lives getting themselves together rather than relying on government. Good because when people get their own lives together and let people build themselves up in distraught as strong individual article then there are more people all helping each other. So correct me if I'm wrong I mean I've read Ron Paul I've read Murray Roth barred I've read look big one misses I've read Frederick Hayat. I know many of the great lip Milton Friedman many of the great libertarian thinkers. Like you they believe in limited government in individual rights in economic and political and personal freedom. In many ways. Libertarian ism is the exact opposite. Of nazism. Or white supremacy. Or the kkk. In fact he's libertarian ism is against national socialism fascism and nazism. MI wrong on. Yeah you're absolutely. That these include the ideology of all for example they believed heavily socialist they want single Payer health care they want government and education. They want a pretty much any anything that that Bernie Sanders with dance orbit they just aren't only for white people that's that's pretty much be all right and much. So very literal sense that our national. So John let me then ask you this. How did you feel on Saturday. Where correct me if I'm wrong you held a previous free speech rally I believe is in many correct. Correct now there were you know on the media wasn't crying about neo Nazis or white supremacy of the kkk then John so yeah. Even though we had many of those speakers that that they were crying about the time we had we invite it. From last time. And my understanding is you even planned this free speech rally before Charlottesville correct. Oh yes we've been planning it as human as soon as our laps early packet maybe it would restart it but that's what. Because what the mayor said and with the media repeated wise. That you're holding this rally because of Charlottesville because you know you guys were trying to link up with the kkk so that was another life. That was a completely well and back down originally what we realize that there's unite the right rally was gonna happen out billion a month I had. I'm our rally at beverage and for the same day but we moved to a week later specifically to avoid people as the location. Incredible. When you weren't there at the man's stand and you saw that see that mall. That left wing mall. I chanting you know get the blank out of Boston blank you're not seize etc. What went through your mind John. Hey I what was going through my mind is how successful. These are these sort of malicious ideologue at the end at completing freedom with hatred essentially. I think it's a travesty how many good and decent people have been tricked into thinking it. That those who stand for freedom who stand. For the rights of every single American every race color creed are somehow. Completed with your. John did you were you would any way assaulted at that rally I know you were escorted out by with police I know there were death threats being issued. Some people said they were spit upon our talk I I had TV elderly woman on my show hosts who was physically punched and beaten by anti far. Did anything happen to you as you were being escorted out of the bandstand. Meet personally know the police did say there are a Java. Eating a steak and eat them but keeping the very. Angry counter protesters away from us but they work. Chad thing out there at the police were moving up the armored vehicles to try to out. Enough gas in there and who looked out there at the counter processors chips were chanting make them walk make them block they want us to be forced to go through. Wow what I'm just curious having what do you mean if you were if they police I know they didn't but if they did. How do you go through that hos style rabid crowd. You think what you're gonna punch you were here you were spit on. They would have they would have sprung things that as they would have mop does not that they were unconvinced that Iraq. Incredible. Incredible. In America and especially of all places Boston. The cradle of American liberty the cradle of the American revolution. Thank you when I would you be discussing this. In 2017. It's it's frightening. John I got to let you go I'm up against they've been very quickly. Are you planning to do another free speech rally again. Absolutely. Do you have I'm just curious do you have a timeline and you do think it about a day or. Where we're still discussing our exact plant we don't know precisely the what what venue we might use that day of it but. We'd be happy to to keep you in the loop about that. Oh oaks are mean the because I don't want to crash the party here you know wanting me like I. Yeah I have a brother in law keeps inviting himself over my house for Thanksgiving and Christmas but I really drunk I don't want them is what I'm saying. I I don't wanna be my brother in law like I don't wanna crash your party your job. So army I don't know if I'm invited I'm more than happy to show up in team up with you but I don't want to force myself on you like my brother in law. Well I doubt I like at that we're gonna figure out some statement apple but apple built the discussion. But I would like it to yourself and buy it. Well John I'll tell you this if that's the case then we're gonna get corner country out and it's gonna be very different this time. Hominid challenge Marty Walsh. Common challenge the national media common it challenge the local media. We're gonna expose them in fact if I can. How many use whatever influence I have with the White House to let the president know what's gonna happen. Because you're right they're not gonna complete freedom with patriots. And this time we're not gonna let him get away with it. You know first thought you don't fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me this time John we're gonna be ready. Yeah but yeah. John god bless you John you are a great American. And I want to thank you for your courage your bravery and your patriotism. I love you libertarians I love you guys. Thank you very much I'm not sure by the Serbs don't work but thank you and value shorter on Saturday buddy god bless you and thank you for calling. Thank you get a carriage on 6172666868. OK so you just heard it. You know I don't wanna be my brother in law and I I was invited. And may be corner country let's team up and have one hell of a free speech rally. There's some call the voice of Boston how do you. 1254. Here on the great WRKO. OK getting a lot of dogs by the way above my. He's actually my former brother remark you prefer to my brother in law but. My sister in law finally divorced him thank you Jesus. Anyway so I heat. He was such a paying huge hey Jeff. You're throwing a big spread for Thanksgiving they gag it's really can you stay in Montreal please. Secret Jeff what are you doing for Christmas Jeff you know I think we're I think we're going on vacation I don't think we're gonna be home for Christmas. Anyway finally packed up father's son holy ghost she did the right thing and probably dump the loser. But anyway. Let that goal. 6172666868. Bob in Waltham go ahead bought. Hi Derek. You know the speech last night I just laughed at that time with and taken on the media. But one thing that was really interest interview last night. At least CN and sleep a whole speech and call them more and after the speech. If you watch MSNBC. Never. Never seen this before what he did it had been visual on the back. And you get a handle. Interpreting. What we're saying. So you know what I'm saying the problem with it is I met pursuant to TV. And when he was sick and taking immediate for example we're talking about Sheryl. Saturday morning in inter they were lying. On the line you know real time I'd never seen this before so we didn't hurt Trump's speed. They interpret on something. That's. Nothing to do so he was whoever is giving those examples what I was talking about him while I was at least at this the first in the secondary. We're talking much let's go. And so they weren't they weren't doing exactly what he's simply do. What you wish. He's just it's it's unbelievable. Start. The statement to line and and it would call for more on you know but you know. Called a moron during the speech when he didn't know what the Grammy he was gonna say we've got. I sometimes take a look at it and if you play good to TV time if you didn't. Simultaneously. More irons where even interpreting grimacing it was like Communist Russia it was it was in. We'll let you touched on it I mean Bob and thank you for that call that's. You know I mean it's funny in many ways and of course and I got to allow a few auto enjoy life a little bit you can't take everything so seriously. But in that's the point in my column. And honestly that's the point of trump yesterday. You mentioned a Communist Russia. It's what John mettler pointed out it's a kind of told how creeping totalitarianism. Whereby now they're inflating freedom with hatred in other words the very op which you say. They attribute the very opposite to what you say. And soul again please go to Corners corner. The media's lies about the Boston rally because I list the speakers. And what their issues are. When you actually see what there issues are really. I mean this literally. Has nothing to do with white supremacy. Nothing kkk white supremacy nazism white nationalism. Throwing any label you want good does this is its exact opposite. So if they can lie like this on such a massive scale. And have everybody repeated ad nauseam. Think about it if they can turn reality into fantasy. White into black black impolite. What can they do. And that's what they're trying to do now with trump. Peter in New Hampshire I got a minute the floor is yours go. (%expletive) (%expletive) I would like on behalf of the country and everybody really with any common sense to ask you. I don't know Department of Justice who that we could you consider. Issuing a formal demands. Two for investigation. Of the media in this country they have a solemn duty to tell the truth. There are identified and and I don't they're protected by the constitution you know therefore the founding fathers envisioned this idea of a free press but what is the press is corrupt. Lying and partisan their impact on the public good in the public safety. It monumental but who's holding them accountable somebody's got to take them on other than trump because he. He's the target of their attacks. So could you can't make it make a call to congress or to Jeff Sessions or company to launch an investigation. Into the into the national media. I would love it Peter that look let me tell you what I think the solution is. They have it in other democracies we don't have here libel laws. Are you gotta have libel laws. And if we had libel laws things could be very different. Okay believe me so much more 6172666868. More of your calls don't touch that dial. Voice of Boston it's. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston it's 1 o'clock. Phil Boyce who busted. 105. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. What was also extremely impressive about Trump's speed Chinese campaign style rally yesterday. In Phoenix. Was yes he expose the media for completely distorting and lying about what he said about Charlottesville. But he also did something in some ways even more important. He exposes them for lying about his accomplishments as president. Now whether you agree or disagree with some of Trump's decisions or his policies. What the media now has been peddling relentlessly for seven months. Is that trump has accomplished nothing. Bet he's done nothing. Then he's been maybe the greatest failure as a president. In his first 678 months in office then any modern president in American history. And instead what trump did it again to devastating effect. With say again. Don't buy into the propaganda. Don't buy into the lice. And so he went down it was almost like a checklist. But think about how. Important inconsequential. His decisions and these policies have been. He got the United States out of the trans Pacific partnership. Which would have destroyed our sovereignty and it really wiped out the middle costs. He pulled us out of the Paris climate courts. Which would have wrecked jobs and did tremendous damage to our economy. He has stripped the way many of these. Crushing words your regulations especially environmental regulations. That I've been strangling business. Furthermore. He has unleashed drilling for oil and natural gas. To the point now that we have become an energy exporter. He is unleashing an energy. Balloon. He has passed they law that now will give vets much better access to health care. Where they can go to private clinics or not just go to the VA but quoted different hospitals different clinics. So they can get the treatment that they deserve. I could keep running down the list. Created over a million drops. Manufacturing. Is booming. Coal clean coal is booming. Construction mining booming. Economic growth now is nearly 3%. You go issue after issue after issue. Because you're pretty good job. Illegal immigration. Is down nearly 80% at the border. We're starting to finally squeezed Sanctuary Cities. On foreign policy. Not only every securing the border. But moreover. We have now put North Korea on notice we have what you wrong on notice Iran is being contained. License has lost nearly a half of their territory. Half of crisis is territory in seven months has been sliced. And lost to be our opponents of vices thanks to our campaign in Syria and any rock. You look at Trump's foreign policy. Historic pretty good job. So whether it be North Korea with her DO rhyme or whether it be i.'s sister with her be radical Islam with your beat China. On issue after issue after issue this president has been notching up victory after victory after victory then you add in needled gore cinched. A true conservative constitutional as being nominated and appointed to the Supreme Court. Now he didn't get Obama care yes. And he's gonna work very hard on tax cuts yes. But so far if you actually look at what president trump has managed to achieve. It's not a complete failure the way the media is turning it out to be in fact it's the opposite. He has some very impressive accomplishments. Now. One of them then he singled out. Was his crack down on MS thirteen. How they have been using or in the past they used our open border to comment. Criminal gangs they engage in human trafficking the sex trade drugs in particular. And that they have literally taken over. In fast and easy legal immigrant communities they literally have taken over towns. Especially in New York around Long Island. With the help of Jeff Sessions. They have sent in law enforcement the FBI. They went in heavy. And MS thirteen they are now being arrested either sent to jail or many of them are being deported back to. Magical. Listen now to trump. Say we are doing what Obama would never do. We are hunting MS thirteen gangs and gang bangers. Right there in the Sanctuary Cities work cleaning them out especially out of Long Island role that Britain that pick. Of Arizona know the deadly and heartbreaking consequences. Of illegal immigration. The lost lives that drugs gangs or cartels the prices of smuggling and trafficking. MS thirteen. We're at road itself as they never got thrown out of anything like this. We are liberating pounds out of Long Island will let Brady can you imagine. In this day and it's. In this day and age in this country. We are liberated towns this is like from a different age we are taking these people. They don't shoot people because it's too fast and not painful they cut them up into little pieces these are animals we are getting a Matty here with thrown him in jails are what brought him out of the country. We're liberating are now. He's restoring our sovereignty. He is enforcing immigration laws he is bolstering border security. And he's a re imposing law and order. Now he can't do all in 78 months. But he's right he's smashing MS thirteen. Now how come you don't hear this from the mainstream media. You know if if if trump the mentioning people like me say yes you're completely right you won't even hear it. Now furthermore. Furthermore. Timmy. The original hole worse trade deal free trade deal I was against it from the beginning. I have been writing against it now for over twenty years. Then the North American Free Trade Agreement AKA NAFTA. It is the linchpin of globalism. It was very in NAFTA that the unholy alliance between the Clinton Democrats. And the Ryan all Republicans the global list Republicans was hatched. Whereby they want to essentially destroy American sovereignty. You race our borders by linking us up with a huge trade deal between us Mexico and Canada. Two paved the way eventually. To going North American union. That was the end goal. And as Ross row correctly warned in the 1992 presidential debate there will be a giant sucking sound. And that's going to be our factories. Manufacturing. Our jobs especially going to Mexico all. We're the wages are dramatically lower. They have practically Knoll labor and environmental laws or standards shall what do they do. They literally cross the border American companies have been doing enough for over twenty years they cross Ford is one of Mike there was many a bomb. They crossed the border right over the border. Set up a factory. Pay workers what is it you know two bucks an hour whatever they pay him. And then the very same cars that they may put a pusher right back across the border docs for. It has destroyed the economies and towns and communities of Ohio. Wisconsin. Michigan. Pennsylvania. Won't cross the so called Rust Belt. It's turned it into an industrial. Wasteland. Trump announced yesterday. We're trying to renegotiated. Its blood. Let to hear the president in his own words go Britney had. And you go that one of the worst jails that anybody in history has ever had dated June. We have begun formal renegotiation. Where is Mexico and Canada on NAFTA out. And I must be honest and I've been talking about NAFTA problem. I'm sorry it's taken six months but we have to give notice yet to see this we have to give notice. And after the notice is giving you have to wait a long time they get to given that it you have to wait a long time anyway. We started two days ago Bob line guys. Personally. I don't think we can make India because we have been so badly taken advantage. They have made such great deals both of the countries but in particular Mexico that I don't think we can make it to you. So I think we'll end up probably terminating NAFTA at some point. Now believe it or not. A. Many of the things that he said yesterday this may be easy most far reaching inconsequential. Bigot and they're gonna go nuts. And forget blasting the media forget Charlottesville. I know they wanna get the president. Jeff base those who owns the Washington Post huge supporter of NAFTA. Carlos Slim easing Mexican billionaire he owns the New York Times massive supporter of NAFTA. The oligarchs that owns CNN much of the media huge supporters of NAFTA why. It is the linchpin of the new world order. Is the linchpin of globalism. Is the linchpin of the destruction of our borders language culture and sovereignty. For prompt to withdraw from NAFTA to terminate the NAFTA deal. Will deliver. A hammer blow a body blow in many ways a knock out ball. To the global list forces that are massing in Europe here and in Asia. And so his announcement that we may terminate this thing. It is a reverberating. Across our cross our entire economic and financial in global list a leads. So it is no wonder. That after this kind of a populist nationalist conservative speech. And America first speech. Because remember NAFTA it kills the working class. What trump is now doing it kills the working middle class and small businesses. What trump is now doing is he's changing the entire paradigm. Even what a liberal conservative Republican Democrat. What he is now saying is I stand with the workers of America I have a pro worker pro middle class pro taxpayer agenda. I am not for the investor class. Did owner class the chamber of commerce. Who owned the establishment Republicans. And the Democrats especially the Clinton Democrats. Walk stalk and barrel. Dared the ones that have big grip a vice grip on Washington DC that's essentially the swamp. And he sang I'm gonna gore I'm gonna put a stake now writing to your heart. We are gonna terminate NAFTA period full stop. So in the wake of this this is why CNN went nuts. MSNBC. Went nuts. The New York Times the Washington because of the wind knocks them like crazy John Henry's going nuts the Boston Globe is going knots. Because this strikes at their very core economic financial interests. So now bowl line is in it's the old Communist line. That if you disagree with socialism or marxism your L local your insane. That's what these are your instinct. That's what that's Liggett to my grandfather while it if you disagree with the Communist revolution are dramatically unhinged. So under the Soviet Union that would literally throw you into mental asylum what you might or or slave labor camps you get if you disagree with socialism for rich people on the trigger a psychosis. Listen now. To clapper had James clapper the Director of National Intelligence under Obama. Goal one dawn black coal lemon this is after Don lemon called trump crazy man and it set Iraq now the line is. We got to remove trump from office. He's just not fit he's mentally we who rolled it Briton who question his fitness. Yes I do. Really court's question. News. Ability to. His fitness to be in this office. And I also I'm beginning to wonder. About his is motivation for maybe maybe he is looking for a way out. I do wonder is well about. The people that. Attracted to it to this were to news this relatives as others. You know what are they thinking or why a Marshal for. All days because I don't understand. I look at him I. I don't understand look see her do her deplorable it's. Could peace no not seeks peace racist. Bigots send a fault he's made of those fees. How can they listened to him how good they believe there is. A want to rolling Klaus. Orbital eats. The power is with us militant presence. Of one of the presence of assay. Saint notice. Maybe now he wants to wait how to. May be now he shall quick easy he's trying to tell us please impeach me impeach me. The global lists. Were rattled and shaken to their very core in Hawaii. Because they saw trumps army. And contrary to spend they've been giving that trumps presidency in freefall he packed them in Phoenix Arizona. And with face always almighty god. We. And the. In Nebraska. And you welcome my friend how it by the way how's the weather in Nebraska and. That right now are where are sick or Olympics yeah this share or sixteen. Wow and you are you home schooled. I chose. Sixteen you're listening to a talk show awhile and your Smart. And you do want a 1% might be a senator when they can be 1% of Nebraska. I. Well and it won't be better than sex. Indeed and I love you already there and non sexual way I love UND. Thank you are in the Sam currently taking by eruption which include including a. I want our Brett. To cut ever to my point about that about the speech last night simply intricately reassuring words I lack the lack it was a bit disappointed by the Afghanistan policy. And quality. I actually went directly with my girlfriend op certain spot in being Soviet war in Afghanistan he was talking to what about Carroll's. It wherever it is not it is pretty inherited they got for making hell hole that hole drilled at no Kurt Beck. Eric now acknowledging it and that's tactic trump thinks that you wouldn't believe it mistaken but left that are put back a site. So it's an incredibly reassuring. And I just looked terrible apart the media. Andy when you speak to your girlfriend's father Rory and Sunnis Russian right before the red army. Does she does by the disease think where Russian accent. All he does can you can you do is accent I find Russian accents hilarious. There's eagle eye candy and the I'd tell you right now. Is a hell hole over again and the mob but they can win waterbed and does he drink vodka by the way and he's like a little vodka. He does not. That's okay my dialect plum brandy but let that gulf. And being so what you're telling years as a trump supporter like myself I disagree would his Afghanistan policy. But when you saw me in fine form yesterday. You're saying you know what the old trump he's back. Yeah. And I are locked in a liar I was also very alarmed by it and will only banning drilling but it. I think. Temper our our group and electricity incredibly reassuring. And I like Arnold block adult stem incredibly optimistic. Optimistic despite. That at all clear that are probably opposition children. Andy has always you're always welcome on the show thanks for calling Andy and his sixteen years old I look at this incredible. Dan in Woburn go ahead dance. Al-Qaeda. It's funny but basically they have one pony and that riding it every day. And it's the race only did you listen in my cap you wanna yes and a sense. He said I can count on one hand the number of MBTA train stations. Up until ten years ago. That was in urban areas I haven't taken the train in thirty years. And I can pop while fifteen trained they shouldn't right now. On yet that while we're in the Europe many areas we can go what broad goals we can go with Patrick Inglewood Columbia station what was the old JFK you UMass we can go where I want station Shawmut field cough which is why not at all or I mean I could go on and on and on. Then you got wasserman Schultz today saying the only reason why those. These people were arrested that are affiliated with her in the hole I scandal was set because they were Indian and it's racism which just Iraq all the other. Pakistani she's saying do you deserve Pakistani. Something like that I can basically says it would because of the color of the color of their skin it's racism not. I'd like I mean not your gut like app you want to know. Essentially I'm relying anybody that we have in this city know that that's completely so back there and an alternative universe and it's like. All of the best YouTube Simon set up back description and TV is reality it's a strong. You know I don't want to sound mental error. Modena noted it's madness. It's madness and that's why corner country please I have a call mop on It's right there corners corner the media's lies about the Boston rally. And literally it's madness that's what I talk about how the media completely light completely I mean a 100%. About the purpose of the rally this speakers. And they foment did such mass hysteria and mob rule 40000 media it's frankly to me are asking myself bunch of guys have a job. I mean I really don't jump at. Mobile law and buy some groceries. Duels something with your life but anyway 40000 of these activists. But black lives matter ante for the alt left and you shut down Boston for a day. Over nothing. It exposes the utter corruption of our media. Please go to RKO dot com let's get the truth out there the media's lies about the Boston rally OK coming up next. Trump may have made one of his most explosive. Claims in his speech. A body looming government should. 13. WORK all all day coming up later in the show. You're not gonna believe I did just not gonna bully around is gonna do this because you won't believe it soft gonna do it save it for a little bit later in the show all. You're not gonna believe the latest from ESPN you re just when you thought the moon bats. I hold just how poor just when you thought they could not Powell even more and even more rabid and even crazier this one may be tops the cake. This one may be adept dot ducked the all time Loney has ever from the moon bats so we're gonna get there that's owned. But first. As I reported about who maybe a couple of weeks ago. The Democrats are gearing up now for a on the August recess is gonna and soon they'll congress we've got concession. The Democrats now want a huge fight. Over the funding of the border Walt. And in particular the democratic strategy is. They are going to filibuster. Any budget that includes even one red cent for the war. And if that means shutting the government down they are willing to shut the government down. And then force trump to back down on his promise to build a border wall. And so trump yesterday. Threw down the gauntlet saying. If the Democrats want a government shut down well. Just listen to drum roll it Britain and we are building at all on this southern border which is absolutely. Yes. And okay. I. Now that law now the obstructionist Democrats would like us not to do it but believe me we have to close down our government will building that wall. Let me be very clear. Two Democrats in congress. Who oppose a bottle all and stand in the way of border security. You are putting all of America is safety at risk in doing that. You're doing. He threatens a government shut down. He's basically telling them look I'm not gonna back down on the wall. We're gonna fund that's wall we're gonna build up wall and if you wanna government shut down that shot it down and let's see who gets the blame. And I gotta tell you I'm with the president on this one not a 100% 8000%. He campaigned on the wall. He promised the wall he was elected by you supporters and voters to build a wall. The Democrats do not have the moral right. To deny the will of the American people. And if they wanna shut the government down and have the shrew and on the have the should now be on the other foot. Shut down. Shut it down. Now in reality a government shut down and I said this when Ted Cruz was filibustering and it is a partial government shut down. So to go welfare deadbeats to the takers don't worry don't welfare checks go out Social Security Medicare all everything. The primary functions of the government continue. However. It is that the parks. Many of these federal agencies. The bureaucrats that entrenched bureaucracy. Very the ones that are gonna be laid off temporarily. I'm being annoying and and whatever laid off for a couple of weeks or however long the government shut down the shutdown takes so very the ones that are going to be hurt by this. So. Let the media try to blame trump Indian trump has to meet pardon the pun to trump card. I want the wall I campaigned on the wall. The American people want a wall. I'm sorry elections have consequences. Are you one killer we lost now she can write all the autobiographies. That she wants calling trumpet creep. The Sheikh and apparently in the excerpt of one of her book she's not calling him a creep. Claiming that she he meter skin crawl chic and call on all the names that she wants in the book. The fact of the matter is he won she lost. And if the Democrats wanna shut the government down they're gonna lose. They're gonna lose because public opinion will blame the Democrats and not the president because say what you want about trump. Building the wall was heat signature. Issue. This central plank of his platform he says it ad nauseam he said he throughout the primary throughout the general election. If anything when you think about Donald Trump you think trumped wall. It's just it's it's indelibly marked and everyone's mind on trumped wall drum up a wall of yours just install. So the argument that he's gonna make and it's it's it's V winning argument it's the clincher argument is very simple. I campaigned on the wall I want on the wall I was elected to build a wall now I'm sorry it's time for congress to pony up. I want that wall. You were not gonna defy an overturn the results of the election and defy the will of the American people so if you wanna shut the government down. Guys. I'm more than happy to shut the government down and let's see who gets the blame. And my prediction in this game of chicken. Chuck U Schumer is going to blink. Nancy to Paronto below sea is going to blink. And either going to be forced to fund the wall. Or you will have they shut down. And then the fallout will be immense in fact it could be so bad it will wipe out the Democrats in the mid term elections. So let me ask you this. Should trump risk a government shut down to fund the wall. Or do you think this a government shut down. Would blow up in the president's face 6172666868. And let me just throw one more log on the fire. The New York Times is reporting. That apparently now there is a feud brewing between Mitch this squish McConnell. And president trump. And according to what the New York Times is reporting. McConnell now not publicly but privately. McConnell is now claiming that trump cannot save his presidency. That McConnell is now predicting two ways aids and to his owners that trump warmup last the full four years. Then he believes trumpet is unstable. He believes trump is lousy at governing. That trump cannot build coalitions. That establishment Republicans can't work with them they can't stand them. And that in the end. Visual succeeding either blocking his agenda completely. Or essentially hounding him out of office now. My question is this. We know about Brian or Ryan. And we know all that he had that call I played it from the clip a few times how he will never support trumpet he wants nothing to do which romp. And that this call was made several weeks before trumps victory in November. Now you have Mitch to squish McConnell. You want talk about a creature of the swamp he is the swamp. You don't to be honest with you he almost looks like a central casting in a movie. From I love you know you want a corrupt politician hey get Mitch. I don't get Mitch Mitch is the guide to play the role of a sleazy corrupt politician. You have the majority leader in the senate this majority leader of the Republican Party. Openly now saying or at least forgive me privately but you know in private he's openly telling his agent owners. I don't want trump to succeed. Trump should not succeed and he will not succeed. They're sabotaging him from within. I don't know how much more playing the establishment wants to make it that they can't stand trial if anything. This is to me how everything is lining up. You have the liberal rabid left the Democrats and the media the deep state. Who are out to destroy trump. Which you also have are the establishment Republicans who if it's possible. May even hate trump war. Mick maniac. Laid down and love me Lindsey Graham Ryan all Ryan. I managed to squish McConnell why because they CM ICU sharper. Who presided over ray huh style takeover of the Republican Party. They loathe him he stripped them of their power of their influence. And sold they wanna knock him out as much as possible. And then you have the broad middle of the country. Which is his dates. And so now you have McConnell. Telling people they he doesn't want trump to survive his presidency. And he doesn't think trump will survive his presidency. If I'm the president. I make a very simple call I go look Mitch you wanna Sabbah partially that's your business but you know what I think it's time for you to resign as senate majority leader. Because I'll tell you who is willing to work with the president not to be agrees with them on every issue. But he's willing and you'd be a brilliant senate majority leader. He is a principled conservative. And articulate constitutional list and libertarian and that's Rand Paul. In fact they're both from Kentucky. So our signal key senate majority leader position in Kentucky but just pass it on from that. I'm that we were final phone means that that Judas Republican. Squish and pass off Durand. Rand would be an infinitely better senate majority leader like night and day. And here's the other thing. Mitch McConnell right now he's polling at 18%. In Kentucky. I'm not talking nationally. In his own home state of Kentucky. So Mitch. You know I would be worried. About your potential reelection and your own popularity and stature in your own home state. Rather than trying to do you rail and sabotage the president. By the way they won last log on the fire. Remember how Mitch to squish under Obama member they're gonna repeal Obama root and branch rural branch were branch will now member under Obama. The debts he went off. Where bankrupting future generations. We gonna stop lifting the debt ceiling we got to get the debt under control. What is Mitch to squish now just come out and set a few days ago. He will not I'll allow America to not pay its bills. And so he's now saying were lifting the debt ceiling. In September when they come back from their August recess mission square says when lifting the debt ceiling. So they're gonna pile on trillions of dollars more on the national credit card they're gonna racked up even more debt. Here's my prediction. If Mitch squish McConnell. And Paul Ryan Orion if the establishment continue to lead the congressional Republicans. You were going to see I believe down the road to break up the crack top of the Republican Party. And I believe the birth of a third party a nationalist. Populist patriot. America first party whatever you wanna call. And progressives are now petitioning Bernie. To form his own independent progressive party. Which by the way I completely support. I think America shouldn't have two parties each enough for parties. The Cora Democrats. The corrupt Republicans. The progressives. And the Nationalists. 6172666868. Let's have trump in his own America first party. Bernie in his own progressive party. However as Hillary bought for the Democrats. And have Mitch to squish Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Orion run the Republicans. My prediction. In a decade the Democrats and the Republicans. Will be wiped off the political map. 6170666868. Carroll is new have. Hampshire go ahead there. I kept my 110 per. Gotten from the law but I think the problem is Carl and I think it's time for active back getting dirty like Democrats are. One I would love to see somebody. They'll act in the aisles past L. How old you are from the taxpayers to. It he will not put it lost through if you will not or party would be printing. And work against the American people's votes I think we need to act showing up. In numbers is are African ethnic content. Wreck he'd dirty like the Democrats let's stop letting them run off a little rest because look what happened what helped. It didn't. And now we get some or all of us are still in the rain help it bulk mass and nothing getting. Carol I go I agree with you and the right way thank you for your call very good call I agree with you completely. You see I wanna play that should put the cut again Britney very quickly just play the cut on the wall again. I don't I don't think the president sees this. I think he's he's right about the Democrats their role in Britain. Know that law. Now the obstructionist Democrats would like us not to do it but believe me we have to close down our government we're building that wall. Now he's right the Democrats are gonna fight him tooth and nail my fear is it's gonna be Mitch. Or make a maniac like on obamacare. Orion. That's gonna knife from in the back. When they have that government shut down let's just say there is that looming shut down. Trump's gonna hold the line the Democrats are going to be filibustering. And then when the media goes berserk as you all the Republicans always cave when the media goes dessert. Mitch or Ryan and or make a maniac or somebody little mark called Marco Rubio is gonna come out and say. The president meets the compromise. No I'm sorry both sides are to blame and they have to come to the table. The president house to give way the president needs to surrender. He sees the knives and the storage in front of them. My concern is it's the knives in the swords. Aimed right. He is back. If you ask the mainstream media conservatism is a dirty word that country and the voice of Boston. WR KL dot. In Rhode Island and Europe next. Go ahead lose us ten Georgia regret reports are right before I get all of our hope you touch or the stringer said that the liberal media stretch EC it is that you witnessed which clapper. And and there are and then not in this that happened with ESPN. And there are Robert. Transfer. To get that there allude to all five my friend you anticipated my next segment okay sub tribes say that the Republicans is entering port number one. They're total idiots because they don't pass. If they didn't pass comes complete agenda. Country would be booming. They would have majorities from here to Tariq Arctic. I think the but the fact of the matter is is that all these staying. Our quick for the economy cutting taxes stretching obamacare and being stupid not to deal are all these all these things stolen corporate pacts to bring more money to America. Are beatable here that would keep Republicans took out for a long time all that got to do we can at. Stopped and they don't even the Democrats know this stuff works great number of great. So this is ridiculous why they would do what they would like cut their own roads in order despite a twelve because they Duca drones to approach despite trumped. They will be kicked a ball that and I have no power at all especially Mitch McConnell reply import completed a place. The base that was there last night. Much a whopper Mitch McConnell and that he doesn't stop. That trump what's and to do cut the base the American people that trump told what to do you also like to the American people the Hartley. All time Democrats and and and Republicans debates Republicans so there are problems don't they don't know. Are you held it Lou thank you for that call you know all the the committing political. Cary carry their committing political suicide. Now let me I had another angle to this. According to McClatchy. It's just one report but it seems to be well sourced report. Now with the ouster of Manning as you know Joseph Hong Kong Jared Kushner any song come calling them Javon got. Now have more influence over the president as well as the generals and others the global as Gary Cohn. Was a Democrat from Goldman Sachs is also seeing is influenced. Now starting to increased. Well the global lists we want call on the moderates the global lists the establishment variance. Are now pressuring trauma for a grand deal a grand bargain on immigration. Which congress and here is the grand deal that they are pushing up on the president according to McClatchy. That the president. Should I seed to giving amnesty to this so called dreamers. In other words the children who were brought here illegally by their parents. So give it dreamers amnesty citizenship. In exchange. For the Democrats agreeing to fund the border wall. To cut legal immigration in how office trumping stents Stephen Miller wants as was outlined. And to implement these. If they do hire illegals. In other words you lose amnesty for the dreamer since it deterrent or using as a quote bargaining chip. To prevent the government shut down to get the wall funded with the Democrats and the establishment GOP. And then we get. Is this a deal. That you can live with. If trump went for this grand deal or his grand bargain would you support it. Or would you see it as they surrender and capitulation. 61720666868. But can we squeeze Bruce and Bruce in war burn I've got one minute go. Our hearts. I know there are other subject but I'm not vote but I want. Just just just. The whole country. America. And we were it was an out what was or what you guys. And in the further away it would get away from that they have in this regard. Take a deep breath. And I voted for what Todd which prompted at all. Re so. I agree with you. And that's his base and honestly corner country is his base. And so if he doesn't lose his base he will win if he loses his base he will lose. The battle lines have been drawn which side are you wan. Coming up next. You're not gonna believe this BS the end goal is. Full moon back I mean full moon bat you won't believe it may god I hear it's double leave it. The voice of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO.