Should MS13 be designated as a terror organization?

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, April 20th

AG Jeff Sessions announced we have ten thousand MS13 gang members living in the US. He wants to make MS13 a terror organization. Do you think it should be a terror organization?


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I didn't on their hands and then wake up this morning and they send out a letter saying how much they love that. The First Amendment and freedom and peace they're so committed to that of course is canceling her any lack. 36 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. For the first time any long time. The federal government. Is starting to get very serious about confronting and dealing. Which they gang MS thirteen. And the first set I give full credit to. He's president Donald. You honestly you wanna know why I think trump already has many very good president. Justice Neil Gore's cinch. And Jeff Sessions. Dole still that's a full stop as my grandfather would say. Well. It MS thirteen has you know has been exploiting our open borders now for many many many years. There are now over 101000. Let me repeat that. 101000. MS thirteen gang bangers. All across the United States. And it's not just in Dallas and not just in Houston and not just in LA there in Boston. They're all over Massachusetts. And they're already into New Hampshire. There and almost all fifty states. And so now to deal with this growing threat. Jeff Sessions is now saying maybe it's time for the trump administration. To essentially goal nuclear. To declare MS thirteen not just a violent gang. Tied to the Mexican and el Salvadorian drug cartels. But to designate them sort of like al-Qaeda are racists. Designate them Zain terrorist. Organization. Roll the cut. Allen. So the governor of El Salvador is designated MS thirteen a terror organization will be helpful for our government to do the same ads I think so. Perhaps I believe it could qualify for that hour we can devastate this gang we're going out we're going after him. So. So now this why is this important. It's important. Because once their designated a terrorist group and no longer just say a violent you don't like the bloods in the crips or whenever. Not just a violent gang. But you know on the level of al-Qaeda or crisis. That changes Homeland Security that changes foreign policy. The fact changes things very varied dramatically. Because men you may see incursions by the US military into Mexico. I hammered the Mexican drug cartels sort tied to MS thirteen. You may see is going to El Salvador. The hammer which is their epicenter. How many of their leaders. Who then send these gang bangers all the way Elmore pay into the United States in fact listened to Jeff Sessions. Say the reason why MS thirteen. Has become so big so strong so deadly. Is because of the open borders policy. Of the Obama regime. Roll it. Alan tell me any of these people are illegally here and they came out without proper authority so yes I don't think there's any doubt. That they opened lower on the lawlessness that we've had. Is a factor in the rise of this MS thirteen. East he's completely right. And so because of the wide open southern underbelly of porous southern border. Many of them came across a so called unaccompanied minors your member of that. All these so called unaccompanied minors did children. Well as I was warning at the time and now it's been confirmed by Jeff Sessions many of these so called children. Then Obama brought in these unaccompanied minors. Where in fact MS thirteen gang bangers. Who now or inner cities and on our streets. There hacking people out there murdering children are murdering innocent people they're part of the drug trade. It's now literally. All out war. On some of the streets and get o.s in the United States listen now to Jeff Sessions stealth Tucker Carlson. They are slaughtering people everywhere. And they were brought in price unaccompanied. Minors. Roll it. Alan we're not going to allow them take over a block. Our corner of our communities and terrorize people witnessed violence but you machetes. They killed children. They've put children on and not prostitution at age twelve on day involved in the kind of activities that can be identified and they can be prosecuted. It's. Forty states have MS thirteen members in them on some of them. We got 101000 now in the country but I believe if we stay at it. We didn't devastate this organization that's going to be our goal. It's about time. And let me just say this and I wanna bring on our guest. What MS thirteen essential years. It's an extension. Of the Mexican drug cartels. And an extension of the el Salvadorian drug cartels. Whoever essentially waged war on America. Using our open borders. Using our lax immigration policies and border enforcement. To allow them to poison our kids with drugs. And unleash murder and mayhem all across the United States. So if they've declared war on us it's time we declare war on them. And so the question is. Would the rising tide of MS thirteen gang violence what is it that you can do to protect yourself and your family. Joining me now is Brian Dalton he is the host of Boston's talking. Sundays at 7 AM here on WRK no life call in show. Brian how are you doing my friend. And what do you make now of sessions saying it's time to stand up to these MS thirteen gang bangers. That's you know I guess. It's where really it's we're really on all fronts now we have a career it's mr. gene that is all all product of open borders el. Any nation in the open borders and look at what's on how it Europe DR. Immigration problems they have it because Loper streets there's all kinds of palms and it's not getting any better. It's gotta like Sergio I believe it's gonna beyond. And I have to be in contradiction picking up adequate military troops on the ground and try to get them where they are. We have been everywhere my proximity which irked that we are. There's a lot of them are great brains the B area. It's really serious call it goes to just to illuminate the fact that nobody's really say. Look at Steve Stephens. The gentleman that shot those people randomly. And if you think that you just not get everybody tests as false sense of security nuclear or now. That is trumps in everything say everything's okay. It's not. Connecticut's tighten up till laws and what they're doing is they're raising each piece to get license so went from sixty almost 300 all notes send a producer caught. I hard ball. The city Connecticut each are licensed to carry. We can do for a hundred balls in Massachusetts right now this is what Hillary Clinton had proposed with piano and ammunition and some other stuff so. This is some serious problems people out there really try to get up in it feel to protect yourself can help that we can expect. Anyone else to do it. Brian I know you're very big on self defense. You're obviously the president of the New England firearms academy. And so when I won askew is this do you have some kind of a big event planned. Where people can come and get their certification. Learn how to use a firearm so they can protect themselves. Yeah I April 29 Saturday April 29 at 9 AM yucky rosling. What he's sponsoring its as well don't Wear uniforms. I'm in the east it's sponsoring the erupt foreign office that the western and achieve 45 single mistake we are. I'm one lucky person capping it at fifty it's the oak school and I guess you guys come until it's great. I'll do. Britney will be there I will be there. It's going to be April 29 9 AM in low burn. Yes sir 76 when street 78179. Ers export seeks to destroy it. And these firearms book on the moon farms catch Andy aren't dot com to lunch sign up. You don't we have a have Estrich blossom Wednesday the 27 you don't want god. We give you options you like to take a mystery class sister box and oil check 920. It's if you all its eagle on line to our stock caucus ought to buy dope or you lost all. Ryan two and a great job in am trying to get that stuff until. So Brian you're advice then is. Look obviously trumps doing a great job illegal immigration is down over 70%. He's cracking down on Sanctuary Cities. But don't just depend on the president or the administration or the government to protect you. It's dangerous out there and we have at 101000. MS thirteen gang bangers in our country you've got to protect yourself. You do it's unfortunate you have to be able acting debt fine art should be. Second we got that utility rate app police script on statutory. All that stuff. You have to deal in this strange so that corporate or the normal not to be a strange so Sam. Or do the best chance in you don't want a gun I would just get the lights get certified to get light. Don't I've got to have a license something without a you can go get a gut. Don't just not like everybody does feature. At any minute things could swing. And Obi is mad rush in human again with a Q is some legislative bowl or some of and to raise taxes. Something fiduciary that they need to raise taxes and it's like an etiquette courses sixty all are content ball. It real situations future that's the way to discuss squeeze you out so kick in Egypt now your secret is issued. In cancer fighting get light. You don't want it done. All while. What you have the opportunity go get one when you need to cook. Feel what our purpose rank among the twenty some sort of went up. Brian can you do me a favor can you just give out again. It's going to be April 2 point 9:9 AM it's going to be in Woburn. Can you just give again the exact location of where people can come to that event where they can get certification. And learn how to properly use a firearm. And give them the contact info they wanna register. You can go on and each firearms stock on the New England arms. And eat firearms dot com or 78179. Euros exports it's two. 7817906462. And ER stock call were looking in who bird bird and wind street 76 when street suite two wage and then. Spears 7676. When street suite two waiver about foresees up Clarence. I'm gonna beat you Saturday twenty you're going to be here. And went to 27 tapestry and all classes next month but all I'm just go on line in east firearms stock call normal aren't. Brian keep up the great work buddy and I look forward to seeing you about what nine base you've got to seal a nine days my friend. God bless you buddy. That's Brian Dalton and he is the host of Boston's talking. You can hear it at every Sunday 7 AM. Here on He's also one of our sponsors of our show the New England firearms academy believe he's one of the good guys and that's Sunday show. Either Brittany is sometimes guest post winged or she is the executive producer so it's a great show OK in my Franz. Let me ask you this. Sessions wants to now designate. MS thirteen. And as a terrorist organization. Is it time that we may turn them. I officially labeled them as a terrorist group and took off the gloves. The way we've done with crisis in al-Qaeda. Or is this overreach. 6172666868. More with your calls next. Not think the MS thirteen are being undocumented. People who came were sent here. By their leaders back in El Salvador many of them operating from jail where they're serving murder convictions and those kind of things so they were directed out of inner. If I Cayman plane on themselves as you know minor he and then papers or Obama administration let him come in the country. Then took them to their destination city and turn them over to some relatives that claimed to be irrelevant so they had a mechanism to enter the country. So they've been here a number of amount for a number of years. And attorney general sessions says it's time to get them than hell out. And he says maybe the best way now to really wipe MS thirteen. Out of off the streets of the United States. Designate them a terrorist organization. Look my opinion is simple. Yes. If it means giving law enforcement more powers. To deport them. My hero to me I just one MB ported. However if it means sending troops say and to Mexico or Central America RO Salvador. To hammer these drug cartels and go after MS thirteen there. Then I'm march. Much more skeptical. Because the last thing we need is more foreign military interventions. This time with our neighbors. So yes designate them a terrorist group. If it means you can intensify and accelerate deportations. But no if it means we're gonna start waging war. On certain sanctuaries. Whether it be in Mexico El Salvador or wherever there's frankly. I wanna stop these endless wars agree disagree. Parent in New Hampshire Europe's first go ahead Aaron. Thanks sick elect can't you know I don't. I left thirteen but real good forum at thirteen I think that Opel are just as the smoke in the pool side. Good about it there really did pull the commitment you know a rip open mind. You mean like comparing trump to Kim Jung on. From her I don't know like I can't keep tracker anymore. Vanilla MS thirteen within the next article they don't have the same. Or an organizational structure of a traditional gang. So it's like cockroaches but. It will labeling it a carrier can help them get deported that's huge because what happens as we drove him in our present system. And they using our present system of our hub for recruitment center. So their throats and imprisoned right now in five years there have 75 coming out. So anything we can we're pretty much and for that too so anything we can do to get them out of our borders and out of our country will help. The brilliant locking them up in here while I'll. Brilliant I'm with you all the way. If if if if if carried designating with terrorists says we can deport him quicker and faster. Then I'm all for all the way. If it means air strikes or whatever a special operations forces going say into parts of Mexico oral Salvador. That I don't like. I mean that's mission creep that I don't like Charles and Framingham I've got about a minute the floor is yours goat. You need more retired lead certainly had yeah we have to be labeled a terrorist organization eat. I met thirteen mute the radio repeater. They use encrypt the communication. They do what I think. Neat that people don't know you know what we RT can you do the diminishing creek if you edit the EP bureaucratic he would they are. Doctor problem and doctor. An era war. And it is. You know I Q I agree with you more but I think we really take it to them all art it. I'm Charles thank you I agree with you look and that's another reason. You know build that wall. Dock port every single one of them and build that wall. It's time to put America. First. Okay my friends are I need another hour I need another hour. I wanted to talk about the New York Times being caught in the blatant lie. About the New England Patriots are near attendance at the trump White House. In fact read britney's column. It's open It's called patriots games. I gotta go my.