Should Fox News have fired Bill O’Reilly?

The Kuhner Report
Wednesday, April 19th

Bill O’Reilly is out a Fox News. Good or bad move? Who will replace him? 


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Bill O'Reilly is how to pat Fox News OK my friends it has been. The last couple days in particular there has been almost a Bill O'Reilly death watch. Whereby he's been getting killed in the media as death of a thousand cuts. With leaks constantly coming from the upper echelons of Fox News saying that old Ryan these days we're now number. And so it is now being reported by New York magazine. As well as other media reports. That it is now official. Fox News has made the decision to sever their relationship. With their number one host he has dominated cable news. The primetime lineup really now for almost two decades. He's not just fox is news Fox News is number one talk show host he's been the number one talk show host in cable news now for over fifteen years. He is a huge money generator a huge ratings generator. For Fox News. And it now appears from our multiple media reports. That what got O'Reilly decisively. Pushed out. And no question about it he was driven out he was the victim of a witch hunt. Was the two sons the too liberal sons of the owner Rupert Murdoch. Who now slowly fading from the scene. His two sons are both center left they're both elder both liberal liberals. They do not like core Riley's politics. And in particular. They do not like what they say has been the climate of sexual harassment. Out faux news going all the way back to the days of Roger Ailes. And so what really started. This witch hunt. Was a major piece in the New York Times. Whereby the New York Times reported. That. O Reilly had been forced to pay. Thirteen million dollars. To settle five sexual harassment lawsuits. And so according to the liberal media where there's smoke there's fire. And then other women began coming out of the woodwork the big one being Wendy Walsh. Who was once a regular guest on O'Reilly show she then stopped appearing on O'Reilly show. She then gave her story where she claimed. That O Reilly at a dinner in Los Angeles at a swanky hotel. Said if you wanna keep coming on my show. And if you wanna get a full time position as an analyst. Are talking head of Fox News. And he pointed upstairs. Want to come to my hotel room for a drink. Basically according to her implying there was a sexual quid pro quo. She said she turned him down sailor scored the bar for drank he apparently got extremely upset according to her. And from that moment on she was no longer wanted on a show. And eventually was never given a position at Fox News then she claimed all Riley had oral Lee. Rhetorically. Promised or nothing in writing but verbally had promised her. And so she then hired a prominent liberal feminist lawyer she's got deep democratic connections Lisa bloom. And Lisa bloom came out and vowed that she would get O Reilly scalp. Well they wanted his scalp they gonna scalp. And it appears should the one that just pushed it over the edge. Just decisively. Finished it for a Riley. Was an African American woman who used to work near Campbell was not part of Fox News but I guess in the same building. And she claimed. That he would refer to her eyes quote unquote hot chocolate. And so she called the faux news hotline. She took up the same lawyer you're as Wendy Walsh isn't. And when that took place that two sons said we just cannot back them we cannot support many more there work to win too many women. Coming out and allegedly making these sexual harassment claims against them. And so now all Reilly is gone. He is schedule to come back on April 24 he left he said for a pre planned vacation. Would his family to Italy a nice long vacation. He was he said he'd be back on April 24. According now to multiple sources in the media. The V tool younger Murdoch's suns do not want him to come back in even do a farewell show. They just wanna settle it with him. Pay him off the way they did with Roger Ailes because they recently signed a contract extension. Where he make over twenty million dollars a year so they wanna reach a financial settlement with him. Probably a nondisclosure agreement. And basically say here's the money it's been a good run now. I knew bill Riley was in trouble. When Matt Drudge. Yesterday a weeded out. That all Riley's Heidi great run of 20/20 one years. And he will be sorely missed I forget how we phrase that but basically. Matt Drudge was acting as if he's gone. Dried China's phenomenal sources and I know for a fact that he's got sources within the Murdoch family. So it was clear pretty much by late last night they had made the decision to pull the plug on O Reilly. Ted hey it looks like they've now made it official. And so O Reilly is now gone. Now. There are two questions to me at the heart of this. Number one. Way she unjustly. Hounded out of his job. Was he unfairly. Targeted. And pushed out. And number two I think it's the elephant in the room. Who's going to be successor. Now according to what the media is reporting. They're looking hats are a couple of people they're looking at Eric Bolling who was filled in form in the past he's also won the five. That's short 5 o'clock they're looking at Dana Perino. Who's also been filling in form while he's been gone she's also on the fly if and maybe even Tucker Carlson who's currently on at 9 o'clock. And move him down an hour into the primetime I mean he's on prime time but 8 o'clock is the premiere slot. And maybe have somebody else take over the 9 o'clock slot Sean Hannity has said unequivocally. He's very happy at 10 o'clock. He doesn't wanna go to nine he doesn't wanna go eight. Sold the three names currently being bandied about are bowling Perino. And Tucker Carlson. Let me just say this about. Bill O'Reilly and all of the allegations swirling around him. On the one hand I'm just giving my honest opinion on the one hand. When I read. The thirteen million dollars. For the settlement of the five sexual harassment lawsuits. A part of me says I you know I would never pay anybody for sexual harassment lawsuit because I know whenever asked them. Now I know all that trump has come out and he supported his friend all the way. And said bills mistake was he should never pay him. And sometimes add depth level. At 35000. Feet when you're at the top of the media. Sometimes you just settle a lawsuit not because it's true. But just because you want the PR nightmare to go away and just just get off that just get it off the front pages. Just just get off the media's radar. So just pay him whatever is a million bucks and just leave me alone. So the fact that they were paid doesn't in any way. Prove guilt mean it just doesn't. However there's being honest with you. And thirteen million dollars far sexual harassment lawsuits. There's a party near says I don't may be if there's some smoke maybe there is fire. On the other hand. I somebody who's been the victim of a New York Times smear campaign personally. Were they dating front page profile of me years ago when I broke this story. About Barack Obama having attended in madrassa when he was growing up in Indonesia. I spotted over a dozen. Errors and outright lies and mistakes in that story. I saw how the New York Times manipulated. And deliberately twisted the truth and the facts. To try to per train meet in the most negative light possible. When I saw. That I was a victim of a complete smear campaign by the New York Times. Not that I had much respect for them before. But after. I said that's a garbage newspaper. So. When a moment I saw it was a story from the New York Times. The only thing that I don't O Reilly's people didn't deny that he had paid the thirteen million for the fight sexual harassment lawsuits but outside of that. I don't believe the New York Times. My honest opinion is the New York Times is a liberal propaganda. Rag. Take each direct its garbage. Just like CNN. They both of them try to tag team me and try to destroy my career and they failed but I know that they law. And I know that their smear merchants and they just satellites. Now the question I have for the liberal media is its. How come all of a sudden bush just assumed changed for the sake of argument and look. Britney can testify to this anybody's ever worked with me can testify to this. I H reap women in the workplace with the highest level of professionalism and respect. I have never had forgetting sexual harassment lawsuit he men. And dean calling. Of a sexual harassment or harassment lawsuit. OK so please understand where I'm coming from on this. But just for the sake of argument. Okay. He said dirty thinks. OK he was wink wink nod nod you wanna come up to Michael told him. Okay he promises them a position at Fox News I don't know how we can Asia's most of the show but whatever he says I'll get to a great job wink wink. Come upstairs to my room. Sickening it's deplorable. It's disgusting don't get me wrong. Moon moon. It's the liberals that are watching the witch hunt. It's the New York Times it's the Washington Post. It CNN. Each Reuters it's The New Yorker it's GA peach. Remember this it's the liberals and the feminists were out to destroy Bill O'Reilly. Huckabee never had a problem the Bill Clinton. Puck and we never had a problem with. Anthony Weiner AK Carlos danger. You love Carlos danger. Defended Carlos danger in fact women have been dean if you could think about this has taken him back. And when she announced that she was gonna pick comeback did praise you're. They should cheesy hero. For putting her family first now I would argue. Dak what Anthony Weiner AKA Carlos danger did was infinitely worse than anything or Riley's been accused of assuming what he did is you know it's it's it's accurate but he did what they said he did just for the sake of argument. Sexting a mine her. Sexting a fifteen year old girl. When you're in bed forgive me aroused. And your ways that you're twelve year old child is right is your son is right beside you in a bid. What he did was among adults even if you assume the worst case scenario. Look at Bill Clinton. He ripped them. He sexually assaulted them. He was a serial sexual predator. I'm not talking being an office pig. Chris that's the worst of the allegations against him a demo saying he raped mean he sexually assaulted me. You know he was up or youth hung around with the files the way Bill Clinton bid and you know his buddy when they went to orgy island as they call it the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Now Bill Clinton is a hero. Bill Clinton they love them so much to one about the no one else. During the campaign against Hillary Clinton nursing it took to offer you get Hillary and you get bill. In fact even to Disney. He's considered a grand statesman of the Democratic Party. So. CNN has no problem with the Bill Clinton or Carlos danger the New York Times has no problem with Bill Clinton or Carlos danger. So how come all of a sudden. If you happen to be conservative. I'm not that all right he's really conservative. But you know more center right in all your more you lean and a conservative direction. And you're on Fox News which the mainstream media wolves and hates. All of a sudden now. They have all of these moral and professional standards. All of a sudden now. They they take sexual harassment so seriously. They're hypocrites. They're full of double standards. Because if a conservative does it it's a crime of the century. But won a liberal does it just nothing to see here. They still praised John F. Kennedy. When he and Bobby would pass Marilyn Monroe around. Like she was a ten dollar street walker. Who wish that are notorious for Lander work. Boys will be Maurice Dutch could go. Hammer of Camelot. LBJ. Notorious womanizer hey you gave us welfare we love the guy. Bill Clinton has a U wanna rape on the rape from boys will be boys. Carlos danger. You want a short your show one to a fifteen year old girl mold problem. Missouri Democrat. Bill O'Reilly. You touch her in the wrong way you propositioned her in the long way. Spoke with you. My friends. Kim mean this was nothing more then a shameless. Hypocritical. Liberal witch hunt. And now fox has a big problem. Because the liberal Brothers the liberal Murdoch's caked. Who's gonna replace them. And I laugh Tucker Carlson don't get me wrong. I don't think he's the guy 6172666868. Let me ask you this. Did Fox News to make a mistake. In cutting Bill O'Reilly loose I wanna hear from you all of your calls next. OK am I friends Bill O'Reilly is outs and they are now looking for a replacement a full time replacement. They're looking at Eric Bolling there looking at Dana Perino. Maybe even moving Tucker Carlson from the 9 o'clock slot. Do the trying 8 o'clock slot. The corner country poll question. Visual or as the French would say of the day sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. Britney what does that poll question again shouted Fox News have let bill Riley go if you line go what better over to go up and you know. He had everything has faxed a letter. Eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no big mistake. Faxed a letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at Brittany what article poll results thus far. 76%. No 24%. Yes. RU ND ERB. I am a I do not care because I'm not a fan of fellow Reilly I never have banned I don't watch his show so. If he's on at 8 o'clock here of but it Alex has no on 8 o'clock 8 o'clock plus he's got any o'clock and then sell announces on a clock doesn't matter I'm now watching it unless it's Jesse Watters. Now you do a mere Europe's I love Jesse Lott and I die while love just you liars I would like it if Jesse to go reform but I don't I agree I don't think that. Other Israelis someone strong and I I think attacker could do it Allen you you like Tucker Carlson I like tech and I'll watch ten but. I like Tucker Carlson and I like Lou Dobbs those are the two people that I watched so. I don't I don't know if they're gonna put in the. Play now I know you're just born a big fan of a show but. The mean do you think he's he's guilty is that why you think Fox News should've let him go I mean Jaffa why would you pay thirteen million dollars if here not guilty. That's all I have to say. If you're not guilty woody paying women for to shut up for what if -- in Dillon thank what's the big deal. So. 6172666868. Charlie your New Hampshire so obviously we disagree a little bit on the as Britain Charlie a New Hampshire go ahead Charlie. Why did you I'm good how are you. I've been an aura about all you. As supportive. Position. And should they wanna watch shop. And Irish actual act alleged British you took it personally and out there and I. And I appreciate that the U Brittany or that. My position went all right it looked great men have flaws. Martin Luther King was at John F. Kennedy. Many men have a lot all rocket built quite. Was probably fly. In raked. The element most actual and alt and Bill O'Reilly did it again. It would not in any any respected and not. Charlie numbing basically what they're getting him on African putting in a big crudely is and this is just the allegations amassing their true that he was like essentially an office pink. You're right you went the brightest thing you slept what he's just saying you know you wanna sleep would need would Vance. And boom. Now they've taken him out to question though was this. Now that they've taken out Bill O'Reilly. Who did they replace him with. And will this bring down faux news. Your reaction next. My friends. For years the corner man could not fall asleep. Do yourself a favor to what I did get might tell all. 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She then took the same lawyer that Wendy Walsh did the woman that also was on the record in that New York Times front page that we saw Riley. She claims that O'Reilly Calder quote unquote hot chocolate. And the Murdoch broke the signs of the owner Rupert Murdoch said that was the final straw. They have now cut Bill O'Reilly. He's out they've cut him loose they are now just negotiating. A settlement agreement. And it looks like Cole Riley one might even be allowed to come back to do a farewell show. So the question is this was all O'Reilly unfairly pushed out YC the victim of a witch on a liberal which aren't. And more than replace him with. I like Eric bowling I agree with Eric bowling on a lot of issues. But I'd seen him guest post for Riley. He's not he doesn't have. Eight primetime show in him. It's not an insult. It's just some people have written some people don't. I don't think bowling can carry V8 o'clock hour it's the most important hour on fox. It's the one with the biggest ratings and the biggest ad revenue. Dana Perino she's fine on the five. You know one of five voice is giving her opinion. But frankly she's too much of an intellectual lightweight. She cannot carry a prime time 8 o'clock show. The only one that I think has any kind of reasonable possibility of succeeding. Because he's doing very well the mine o'clock hour I love a show Tucker Carlson. But even barely be candid with you my advice is keep them where he is. Why. And explain bring Eric talking about this and you still want to think talker I said look I love talker I think he's a great interviewer I think he's very funny. But his style. I think is more suited to than 9 o'clock hour why he has a smile on his face he's a little bit softer. He has he uses a lot more humor. Which you need at that eat up clock that anchor position. He's you need somebody you can come in with a barn burning monologue. Who is gonna be a tough hard hitting investigative reporter. Who can do way scandal or outrage story and have that toughness. The intestinal fortitude to not back down. Say what you want to remember for example after 9/11. Well O Reilly went on against the united way. For apparently misusing funds for the 9/11 victims. And he just he was like a bold balk. You know once he sank his teeth into that story he would not let it go. You need somebody of that kind of range should. Somebody of that kind of new savvy and experience. To be able to successfully win. At that 8 o'clock hour. So you don't have he wants to stay at ten I think Tucker's great but I would keep commit nine. So the question is create yet. And they don't see that's the problem. They're reacting. To public affairs right of the public relations they're reacting to news events. Nobody's thinking to a 34 months down the row. Fine you gonna by getting rid of him to stories off the front pages of the New York Times. But then what. And he was the anchor of their prime time lineup. You don't get a good replacement. It's gonna hurt talker. Because a lot of the audience stays for him and it's gonna hurt Hannity. It's gonna hurt even one comes before the 7 o'clock hour so this could badly damaged fox news's brand. And frankly their audience share. And so this is why if I was the owner I'd be saying look even if we're gonna get rid of the guy. Why don't we wait two or three months and let's try to find or groom a successor. And then have you know the old man Rupert Murdoch come down and say look bill spying for your goal. Even if you wanna get rid of the guy I'm I think they should but even if you get rid of the guy. Just by throwing them out the door like this. First of all it makes it look like Fox News is guilty. It's another PR black eye for fox. But who's a successor. You haven't had time to Gruber cultivate anybody. And believe me CNN wants to eat their lunch at 8 o'clock. 61720666868. Okay now Brittany you had a very interesting point you'll thing. That may be and I are you being serious or facetious. I'm not sure how she would do anymore but you sign Megyn Kelly why should have meg and Kelly come back and I don't think she would do that well anymore but. Farm in Cali and like out of like danced around that bank but maybe outer rotor contract is but. Why not. Come back and can didn't think he'd each other oh my god the lord of the each other army chief. She for her to come back would be dancing normal Riley's game that went I went out on his media grades. Yes so. I don't dollar contract as an NBC bat that would be interesting about BN. A lot less ready when that unite this suicide for fox I'm out songs and I mean it would it would blow the audience up sky high. Probably but I just think. I was saying pissed you off there it just seems like Fox News isn't a great place to work speaks seeing Roger Ailes and now Bill O'Reilly all visa when men and you know use the injured ten heroes she used fell off the face Vieira sent. You've Selig a lot of these but these women agree was named Gretchen Carlson Carlson you don't out there are huge huge so I don't have like a job. You know they're gone. So. You know I think Gingrich and Carlson's case the machine made out with what twenty million dollar and she never has a worry about as well I like you know spill. Maybe she'll like Georgia amien like it's still a work. Well I can just say this and Brittany obviously you can testify to this and you know afraid if you think I'm wrong say so. As a conservative. Number airing my soul you know like I'm in the confessional. I've always known he just know. There is a target on your back at all times. What you say. How you say it how you treat people how you behave. Your public demeanor. And anything that can be used against you will be used against. And that's why I try to conduct myself and Britain you tell me if I'm wrong. Beyond reproach. I mean beyond reproach. Because I know that my enemies will use anything to calm and get me right. I mean. Value your make all kinds of jokes you're not that important. You know even if somebody had this is lead to get to the top here you're not the god. Slip away hey I think I mean you're just can't enjoy it it's like crazy back islands and I hear about the got to sleep with a few I'd give CNN its financial learned this. Yeah that's that's at 6172666. BA guys on the Rodney Dangerfield of conservative talk radio I get borrowers back. Robin colleague go ahead rob. And yet. Hey good to hear from you rob what's on your mind my client. Bill O'Reilly it is it is seen as. You're fighting the need to kind of who may be avail available to their from. Rob you're breaking up on as the phone connection is back try to call back. Who can Harvard Europe next go ahead Luke. Oh I don't have a good happy Easter but he FB IQ how do you believe Easter. Get back but he at all I'd call that went and I circle are real well. I'll climb aboard on Easter Sunday I believe you look at. They let it. That Bill O'Reilly about what will. It Alter current. To get to the conservative movement that is that is little conservative. See each other then. You take out the kimono which is bill right. You can take altered I'll point out and take out Carlton electorate and and Hannity and it got quite the military here shouted how deep the failure to one. And then the so that we're currently currently at radio. At that radio series may be. And at complex art arts among our FaceBook and stuff like that you two. But how he's unit that sense about the effort here. A straight in the battle liberal George Soros peaceful person not Suharto who. Go our partners at this early out of the belt part of the sir I think. At all. They expect to boycott Fox News which is most likely gonna happen about Fox's ratings and critical low rates at cal. And then you're gonna see conservatives all conservative nature dated just off the base of the. That's a brilliant point. I thank you for that call look O Reilly has won the most loyal audiences of all of cable television. You know cable talk cable TV. If his audience goal posts if they boycott if they get sold teed off and they say forget it. The ratings a faux news are gonna drop like a stone mean the bottom just got a fallout. And so and who cure right the goal wasn't so much of course it was O Reilly yes. But ultimately it's against the conservative media. And they wanted a big scalp. And they caught. And so now who do you put in an 8 o'clock we really judge you mean I like Kurt but can she carrying 8 o'clock show. Mere some were saying bring back Greta Van Susteren I like Greta Van Susteren but again can she carry an 8 o'clock show. I mean when you just throw some of the alternatives out there now one of the ones I've seen on the text machine that I think could possibly work. I could maybe I think could be a I'm a PR. We could benefit PR can be a PR boon. Who Fox News guys write to our problem now with women the sexual harassment allegations. Laurie Ingram. Laurie Ingram now can she do the whole show she can do a very good monologue. But can she do. You say what you want about O'Reilly he had very good interviews. He could breaking news on interviews. He wanted to do humor. She I'll explain as the Brittany with these 8109 o'clock hour gusts and that's why it's the biggest rated show on fox. You come home after a hard day you've had your dinner. The kids are off playing before you put him to bed. Okay give me the world in one hour. And if you can make it entertaining as well. Right don't just is not just information but kind of like infotainment. Commentary news interviews some humor. Put it altogether in one hour. Very few people have that kind of range. And depth. But if if I was advising Fox News and it's a look bill's gone he's just gone. I would give Laurie Ingram a good hard look I mean. And you know what she may be able to do it that's the only one I can realistically think off the top of my head. John in New Hampshire go ahead John. The other corner I don't get any respect. I respect the hard. A was undermined John. Took quick thing swarmed at these people falsely accused here about the fight tooth and they'll you're giving them an inch below mutual alive. So. President vice president try rather. Ignored by extra events and is looking pretty good with his policies. Concern in the way that does things with his wife and other women at least that's my opinion. John I you know I got to tell you how many get a lot of flack on the text machine but in many ways I agree with few. I don't have dinner with other women I'm just telling you the truth. Because our. Lawsuits accusations. Allegations. I know people want something they wanna hurt me here. I don't have dinner with other women I don't have lunch with other women I don't I just. I leave my door open. I'm very respectful very professional when I talk to anybody. You don't bring you can testify to this I don't. You know office off office gossip you're aware I don't know if it's true or not but you know when they say that he called her hot chocolate. I just I stay away from the kind of stuff. That kind of you know whatever bathroom humor or whatever off his banter. I'm always very professional coming in very professional one I Mir very professional leaving you know why. Because I know they want to destroy me. And if somebody wants and you don't give him the rope to hang you whiff. 61720666868. OK more with your calls next. Bill O'Reilly is how this. Will you stop watching Fox News do you think this will hurt Fox News. And who do you think should replace so Riley at peak 8 PM prime time slot. Russ in Boston go ahead Ross. First of all Jeff there is no one how did that ten replace Bill O'Reilly there was no one else did you'll have to have his ratings. You know Bill O'Reilly opens up to show what the greatest commentary it is he is second to none in the communication business. In his commentary. Fox ratings will go down remember Bill O'Reilly open sub prime time in knows what the station does. When Nate and one program the immediately go into the next program so they don't those audience of the clicker. But if you know what if they're not to own dinner in the at a clock. Then they're not going to be they have to go into the 9 o'clock in the 10 o'clock hour so there's no question that that is better for them. But Jeff I'll say one thing. I can get by without a television but up tea going to be very tough getting by without radio free USA. Publishing my friend thank you for that call rust. Miami and Florida are going ahead and. I don't more how long war and good Larry yeah. I have some great suggesting that one by the way your product IQ routes well thank you bought an area and about. We're here in 2013. I mean there'll be etched. I will tell you Monica Crowley the number one. Sorry Ingram. And also is anyone considered Kevin towers. Excellent excellent choice I think. I am what do you think of Kimberly Guilfoyle 'cause I know that she wants the job as well and she's going to be you know she's going to be. Putting inner CV and she's gonna apply for it. I absolutely love her on the shell I think she's knowledgeable I believe she's an attorney. And she's very eloquent in relation peaks and she gets her message across about a lot of words she's a bottom girl. Thank you for that call out my appreciated. Richard in New Hampshire go ahead Richard. I get out. I was thinking. Boxes like seal deals done. Did not battleship at the battleship Padilla for the far right for the right. And there around Roderick and yet now in their golden circle. And they're the enemy is out there trying to lob bring him to the bottom I I'd like Tucker Carlson but he's the one to Johnny. Elect John Kennedy's two probable right. He's too predictable. And I like. Laura Ingraham I think she would be terrific. And I also like Monica Crowley true I just told that she isn't damaged goods at this point. Okay now richer why would Monica Crowley be damaged goods. Well or didn't she get work and she accused I'm. Cheating you're borrowing some crypt from somebody else and some more agenda. Our share wasn't aware that while Carrie and it is taught me something now Britney apparently you know I think it was caught plagiarizing. Really Monica Crowley. I'm not sure but I'm pretty but I am not sure but I guess I'm pretty sure it'll alarm bells I wanna look into that but. Look I think honestly I think Laura Ingraham could carry the show. I like Monica Crowley a lot of these she's a great analyst. About Kimberly Guilfoyle I like her locked. She's never I mean can she carry a full show has a lot of pressure at 8 o'clock. Look I gotta tell you. Fox. They shot themselves in the foot. Now so she she was accused of plagiarism right yes market analogy. Propecia is home for repeat stayed the whole PHP. I EI AE IOK let's scrap Monica Crowley. All right I gotta go Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer friends that gather work cleaning up. Vol liberal bull.