Should Faneuil Hall be renamed?

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, August 17th

Kuhner says no. What do you say?


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Can you run a complete news you liberal lies and insults to the working people we say no more. He's the schooner road course. Sure. I annual hall we green name. This is now the question being posed. By liberals in this city as well as Boston's. Religious leaders. So at a meeting. Gathered yesterday in the annual all. To condemn the violence in Charlottesville. Kevin fears send the founder of the new democracy coalition and well he said you know what if Robert Healy can go down. Stone well Jackson didn't go down soon Jefferson and Washington can go down. Four annual hall itself then name must go down. Role that Britain. Is it barest bit to this city. To regain. Focusing on this place. As a place of celebration. And essay as a player so which we should have some civic pride with this name attached to. Let me ask you this corner country. Should Manuel hall be renamed. 6172666868. Look my friends I don't wanna say I told you so. I hated when a host duet but I I told you so. It starts with the confederate monuments. It starts with Robert Lee. It's gonna continue with our right on through Jeff percent. Washing them. I Abraham Lincoln they want Theodore Roosevelt taken down and now it's gonna goal the fan annual all. Now many of you may not realize the history of manual hall it is by the way the epicenter. Of our civic culture here in the Greater Boston area for example. I have extremely fond memories of manual all visited it many times but that's right not naturalized. As an American citizen. One of the happy his days of my life. It is a centerpiece. Of our cultural and historical identity here in Boston. And it was up a building donated by Peter for annual. Who in early colonial Massachusetts. Who by the way he was an extremely. Talented merchant. A very successful wealthy merchant. Who brought a lot of trade in to Boston really helped develop Boston and Massachusetts. Isaak commercial powerhouse. And he said one of his legacies was he wanted donate this beautiful building. In the center of Boston. As a kind of gifts. Because in Massachusetts. And America had been so good pay him and his family. Why because his family. Were originally French Hugo knots in French it's called Q can no. French Uga knots. Who were Protestants French Protestants. And it was a different time than they were religious wars in Europe. Catholics and Protestants read each other's throats. And so many Protestants fleeing Catholic persecution in France found a home any safe haven here in the new world. Especially in Massachusetts. So a lot of immense gratitude. For the ability of him his uncle his father. To be free to practice their religious freedom and religious liberty and frankly for being able to be so prosperous and successful. He bequeathed a lot of his wealth. To Massachusetts. And two Boston one of them being annual hall. He was all so all eyes of many merchants were at that time. A slave trader. And so he engaged in the sale will be buying and selling of slaves especially in the West Indies. And sold because. 'cause of this sin. Of selling and buying human flesh. Kevin Peterson. And increasingly now the liberals in Boston and in Massachusetts. Say that they named Manuel hall is deeply offensive. It's deeply discriminatory. It is a shameful part of our history. And then name must goal down it must be changed. 617. To a 666868. This. Is nothing more. And nothing less and I'm choosing my words very carefully. The cultural genocide. This is a cultural perch. This is an attempt to race our history. And yet I've said this before and I will say it again. Slavery was part of our history. In fact it is the part of almost every culture and civilization in the world it is nothing unique to America. In fact not to repeat myself from yesterday but it bears repeating. Whites in particular and the Europeans were actually linked. In the slavery game. So Tony are the egyptians now gonna pare down their tournaments. Because it was built by slaves. Or they gonna renamed the pyramids because it was built by slaves. Our feet and Iranians are they gonna tear down so many of their historical monuments because it was built by slaves. Are the Chinese. Granite pared down much of their ancient artifacts because it was built. By slaves. Mohammed. Owned slaves. Are we now to the liberals out there if you're really serious about this get rid of the crime. The Koran openly sanctioned slavery. Mohammed owns sleeps. So by your definition if slavery is so offensive and you can't even be reminded of it and you can't even see any. I mention of it or have any association with it. Get rid of the Korman. Get rid of anything the husband named Mohammed attached to it by your logic and your definition. It is part of our past. It is part of our history. And you have good parts of your history in front for us great parts ever history. And parts of now in retrospect were shame we think was a bad thing. But you have to learn from your history and you have to be proud of your history. And you have to be able to affirm your history. The one thing you don't know. Is you race your history. Because then it does CNN and believe me today it's going to be. Manuel hall tomorrow it'll be anything that anybody on the left finds offensive. Key for annual hall's name don't change it and I am telling the left. Don't start something you can't finish. Because if you wanna cultural civil war we can go after a lot of other liberal and democratic monuments. We can go after FDR. We can go after LBJ. We can go after John F. Kennedy how about Robert Byrd. You wanna start playing this game it's no problem. We will take down every building every bridge every street named after. One of the cyclops of the Ku klux. Plan Robert Byrd. Who was a mentor to bill and Hillary Clinton who until 1980 mine. Just what is at 28 years ago was the majority leader in the senate. How come you wanna take down his name. But for annual hall. Over 300 years ago was when he died. Normal. Not in Jeff corners America. Should fan annual hall be renamed the liberals now say yes. I say no what do you say winds are loaded Roy in Cambridge coed Roy. And Asia region for the pirate. I'll buy you or your. The usual half. And we have to listen all was all over the the one thing above a good socialist revolution chip is that you need to historical revision. That is requirement of a socialist revolution. And you put the pads and pieces of everything together so well but. The big picture is the socialist revolution that has been ongoing. Since they elected Obama took the White House. It and Obama told everyone he was promoted change America basically. And this is what is going on now. You've got pushed socialist revolution. We need to exposes people as socialists. We need to enlighten them while they revised things as Singapore and statues down. Is nothing more than book burning. The Nazis tried it in what we're talking the ball socialist wanna straighten everybody no doubt. That Adolf Hitler it was a left wing radicals socialists. He wasn't. Right wing militarist like they're starting to say. You're completely right Mike SR IR you're completely right. Roy forgive me you're completely right Roy. Adolf Hitler is is very important he Hitler was a man of the left not have the right. In fact his party was called the national Socialist Party. What Hughes quote unquote genius was his evil genius and he learned this relief from Cellini. And that's why fascism became so potent. Is that he united should be combined defused. Socialism. Progressive ism. With nationalism or written ultra nationalism. That was that talks sick rule that he put together. And so there was a civil war on the left. Between the fascists would there be Mussolini's kinder Hitler's kind and the Communists. And that was the big struggle of the early twentieth century. That's somehow Adolf Hitler has been turned into way a man of the right to the far right during the is that complete fiction of the left but I don't wanna get sidetracked. You're right this is part of a socialist revolution to fundamentally transform America. And it's what the Chinese did under Mao with their perch it's what the Khmer Rouge did in Cambodia. And frankly it's what the Nazis did jury after right after the Myanmar republic. They wanted no they want German stuff forget that they were democracy under Weimar. They want to forget other aspects of German history so they began paring down statues staring down monuments changing names. This is what they do when socialist revolution it's. And now you're gonna go after file annual hall are you kidding me. I mean of such historic importance. A centerpiece of so much civic pride. And so much of our history and identity. Revolves around found annual hall. And you're just gonna. Because of what happened over 300 years of low. It seemed Santee. And it's time we the people say enough is enough. The corner country whole question of the day. Should fan annual hall be renamed. If you believe the answer is yes in other words you agree with the liberals. Pecks the letter made the 68680. If you're like me. Hell no absolutely. Not we should be proud of our annual all. Text the letter B to 68680. As always you can vote online at The poll question is powered by bill Kelly financial services. Brittany I know weird Diana weigh in on this. You know just it was only a matter of time before they went after our historical figures look what they do with with our money they wanted to change the face is on on all of our bills and then. They go after the in the you know the native Americans. You completely right. Now you're completely right they don't want you to say Redskins don't want anyone to have native American. Mascot so. It was only a matter of time before they came after our historical figures and Jeff. You know the famous saying about the Nazis. When they came after the Jews I said nothing when they came after the socialists I said nothing when they came after the the gays I said nothing when they came after the Gypsies I said nothing but when they came after me it was too late. They came after the native Americans. They came after the southerners. They came after the confederate it's they're starting to come after the founding fathers and now my friends they. It's that bears bit to this city. To regain. Focusing on this place. As a place of celebration. And essay as a place of which we should have some civic pride with this statement that's been. Now the laugh is calling for a fifth annual hall to be renamed because the person who was named after 300 years ago happened to be a slave merchant he was straight all Peter for annual forget me. Traded in slaves. And so because of this crime they safe manual almost now be renamed. I agree disagree. Paul Europe next thanks for holding and welcome. Cheerful that equipped with Michael let's agree or disagree just noticed some benefit if you won't sit our benefit. Just know that I'd be using the black cause and black people to gain momentum to build some incredible interest. For this for the news or radical fascist closet. To change like this and to perjure assistant. A home. I believe me I'm a black man I believe my people complacent. We stick quiet on many subjects that doesn't mean we forgo against. We have to speak up now you saw the best chip. If you can they came for the Jews if we don't speak up. You know they who they gonna come after next they're using this to build momentum. Knowing that would recommend that that chicken on the black plight and you know everybody looks like Christmas attic he used the first one to get Mexican revolution where we know. Are anxious to meet. But why he black forcing this change on our throat and what does it stop you know pinnacle after Washington connect changed DC into clones feel. Because Washington was it was there was asleep older but we need to stop this cause and the other thing Jeff is to verbiage we are losing. The battle in the media for the effort PH. On the black nationalist. I've won Nationalists because I love my country are umpire I I looked. Freedom in you know that doesn't mean almost supremacists are in our book I don't think my Irish is better than the other or superior to any other races so being a nationalism being patriotic is Narnia they knew people were there commingling. These meanings. And the media and the spirit of making its own people ended their date they're dominating the verbiage in the media and we need to fight back. Brilliant Paul I'll see brilliant. All these volatile drop Ahmad don't come off like bella are drop them all I wanna ask you question. You mentioned Christmas Alex. That's the person now that they're recommending is that the building should be renamed after and as you said correctly he was the first person killed in The Boston Massacre. Which really helped launch shots in the Boston Tea Party and a very she launched us on the road to our revolutionary war and the founding of our republic. Why not build a beautiful monument or statute to crispness Atticus. Addicts forgive me Christmas Alex why not do dot. And to acknowledge that fact she I don't mind I thought they want to see more memorial still people who contributed to American. Culture American history the revolutionary war. But white pared down for annual hall why not just build something or statue or memorial to honor Christmas I'd expect MI wrong Paul. Did you not wrong little chip chip I I I it's been very fortunate to be region three different school system. One outside of the country which I knew about my history in one of its Caribbean island. And my people came in fought in the revolution or what did you look just recently just. They just put up a monument in Savannah Georgia to show that might people fought in the revolutionary war against the British this is how long it took it took its stake in the hundreds of years and this is short distance something I grew up where it. So my family my Brothers my sisters and one half. These cultural pride because we know but also play African American French did not know that just don't know they don't know about their culture so if we continued this past. Overreach seeing monuments because someone with a labeled a I mean Robert. Fight against Robert Byrd and edu call me you recall of an icon in the domestic that I content deleted tragedy in the trash balked and can't do that church well up until that hard drive destroy it like Hillary over these people. Are amazing to meet with these with this fascist this. Don't the world to like that's gonna bring us to nowhere and once we start petitioning to put. Determined to try appalled they'll put a stop to let me get up and collections ignition I would like currency market to become a short. Market. I. After you stop there will call buddy. I got to let you go but please you gonna do me a big favor don't be a stranger you are called back thanks so far right take care my friend Mike in mutant Europe next go ahead Mike. Let go check check eight or that little island green stole the show alternate phenomenal I was very eloquent and it was coming from a black. Might senate and let me just assure that that this you're gonna anymore in America. Lucy black name and name a black men and women and have a place like that. As well at actors. What ago but the fact of the matter jet this whole thing. You were literally what you don't touch the nation's applicable or so years of wrongdoing general about how it. Like gentler to your little. Big money people back in the game that slavery was awful global. Good Albert was involved. In going out and help pictures and back at eight shipbuilding and how much doubt. There was so many people let scratched. Yep com virtual slavery. And you have a lot of itself that it what do we have essentially shut. What are allowed out yes Michael ahead but those are actually a little seed I'd. Well Gary so why is there an electric. The bit soft and the state at all. We actually. And then eat you know the one that all of a barge on Omaha. Polish actually put out. A hope I'm telling you there's no wind when trump said where does it end. It doesn't and and dots the point. Are you Archie you know the voice till Boston. 1237 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends we'll be discussing this actual five. It is breaking right now there is gaining massive terrorist attack in Barcelona Spain. A massive van attacked. There are dead many many insured it is a terrorist attacked a we're gonna have more information from you and we will be discussing it at two all five. Also what won all five you don't want to miss that. We are gonna discuss Marty Walsh and the rally is going to be held on Saturday. We will have on the air for exclusive newsmaker interview one of the rally's organizers. But first. Now the left turns its guns on manual hall. There is now we growing Porsche to renamed yes our fine annual all are they want it. Named after crisp this addicts. Are really a brave black man he was a black command. Who was the first person killed in the infamous 177 meet Boston Massacre that in many ways triggered events that led. Eventually to our independence from Britain. This they're now saying that because it was named after a slave onus Aureus slave merchant. Who sold slaves he was a prominent merchant Peter for annual this is deeply offensive. This is on a racist ground. He delta where in the selling and buying of human flesh it is offensive. It is offensive to history to our modern sensibilities. And because of this fan annual hall must now be renamed. Just as these statues and monuments. Are being taken down all over the United States. President trump. Has now tweeted. About these monuments that are being taken down. Our most of them for now our confederate monuments but you can see where this is adding. As he put it quote. Sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart. With the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments. He further said a further wrote on Twitter you can't change history. But you can learn from it. He also said that he remove all of these confederate monuments. Will only embolden people who wanna go after the founding fathers quote. Robert. Frankly could have added Peter for annual. So foolish. He also makes a very interesting side point that I haven't what touched on but yeah I think it deserves a bit more consideration. Let's say what you want about these historical monuments and I talked about stone mountain. In Georgia what did the carvings of the Jefferson Davis Robert. Over 400 feet how beautiful and magnificent it is tourists from all over the world com just watch it. It's the beauty he says it's it's gonna dished it's gonna hurt via static. The aesthetics of our entire country quote. Also the beauty that is being taken out of our cities. Towns and parks. Will be greatly missed and never able to become terribly replaced. He's completely right. He's completely right. This is from 774. And I think this is the next that really nails that by the way you can text that 68680. Jeff. Part of history is a lessons learned. We Grohl and improved. From these lessons. If we start you racing history. We risk the possibility. Of having to re learn old lessons. Being goal. The famous saying. Those who forget to learn from history. Are doomed to repeat it. If you want slavery to come back. Or a form of its type of slavery. Don't take down the monuments. Even my point is it's there it's part of our history we should acknowledge it are firm it. Debated. Discusses. But don't you resent. 61726660. At 68. 617. Jeff what's next Paul Revere. The city here Revere rent for up will they be renamed. Another one. Jeff. Ultimately they're goal is to go after the constitution. Itself. To say that it was written by slave holders and dead white man. This is the ultimate game plan. Bingo 617. Britney what is the poll question of the day and what are their results thus far. Shed fee annual hall be renamed. If you believe the answer is. Yes taxed eight to 686 CD if you believe the answer is no. Text of B to 6086 CD you can also go to And vote their. As I was a poll question is sponsored by bill Kelly financial services. And the results celebrity I I would guess. The 901019. Known town yes no. Really 98%. Know how that high in 2% yes Lou the moon bats are in retreat today. I mean there's still that two of the Hitler in the bunkers at 2% rate but poor I mean I'm surprised is that overwhelming. Okay Scott in East Boston go ahead Scott. I don't think that comes down to two things people that have brains and people they don't I think you'll walk through annual all. And you feel some sort of way that you know that person bureaucrats are and don't gold there. And I also think that you'll walk through you all what you were assigned you all you feel something. You need to go sit now Ali down and a culture until somebody else. It may get this all into this huge thing that it doesn't have to be. And I think it people include a country network LOP I think that we all need to stand out and beat justice Eddie. Based they have become on that side you had. Obama get inaugurated and in the middle of as an operation game you know the second artisan operation for the second time around. He's shouting all this you know wraps die young Gigi who true yet prior to his record label. RC east with 217. Million dollars worth of cocaine and they had problems from Mexican tacos. You know the East Coast the West Coast and all the police can't speak on the most banks. Forget talk more people there or alive 300 years 300 years ago is he political progress and acknowledged a problem. I've been answering all the millions of times I've never heard someone. They don't all my car I can't take your site and be around the spears I'm so what are. If you're allowed lead people toward pressure you and that's how you're truly building you have a problem with any thought to yourself. Mail house caught you nailed it absent from the deadly to probably got a mental issues. I mean look when I was naturalized OK I'm not complaining I'm just giving a statement of observation. I would say the majority were minorities. Many of them frankly blacks may either from the Caribbean from Asia for maybe you know god bless them. But understanding and you know a statement of fact. Not one. Walked up to me and set whole hall 300 year should call. He also WikiLeaks on par or sorry he sold slaves he was asleep merchant I feel short press. Why am I here why are they calling it Manuel hall. Why. Because people from Haiti the Dominican Republic the Caribbean legal. Well that's how our islands were actually be our current the modern states that we have they were formed by slaves being brought there. So what do you want us all pull back Africa. By your reasoning. I just shall we how insane this is slim three. Affected most of the world for thousands of years. I'm this isn't saying. So now that sold 300 years ago all I gotta happen to trait because by the in at that time was perfectly legal. I mean we find it disgusting mount but then it was perfectly legal. So you made his mind he sold molasses he sold rom he sold fish he's sold many thanks. And Astros consider one of the great merchants of Boston really honestly made Boston a commercial. Power are real commercial financial power. That's why he's so important. You know help build the foundations of Massachusetts. And now 300 years ago all I can beat here I just I can't. Nobody ever complained to me not want. Until honestly the snowflakes are taken down statues in the wake of Charlottesville. And all of a sudden now everything's fair game so Scott you made a very good point. What if we turn this on the left. What if we literally gave them a taste of their own medicine noticed were always playing defense. They're always on offense. Like they pick and choose this statute that monument for this reason OK let's flippant what do we turned it on the left. OK so let's start. Let's look at some memorial don't want to think about this that must be removed or we maimed. If they're really serious about erasing racism. Number one. Let's start with Woodrow Wilson. Every boulevard every bridge every monument why he reintroduced segregation into Washington DC into the entire federal government. That was Woodrow Wilson gone baby. Okay. The great FDR Franklin D. Roosevelt. Really in many ways the the one of the great modern day leaders are founders of the modern Democratic Party. He interned Japanese Americans. He put him in internment camps. He sold out Eastern Europe just Alan if you wanted to personal my father ran my grandfather. You know I got a personal beef there. Okay every memorial taken down every statue taken down every boulevard take it down everything anything name under him take it down. LBJ. Lyndon Baines Johnson. Constantly repeatedly referred to blacks as and work. Are racist through and through take it down. Robert Byrd we mentioned him de Afrique insight call ups of the war klux Klan. I'm not kidding I think half of every building in West Virginia is named after this guy. Who by the way I'm not talking 300 years ago. In 1989. Was this senate majority leader he was the top recruiter for the Klan in West Virginia. The mentor of bill and Hillary Clinton how come not to condone his name. Now let's put racism aside let me ask you this in all honesty. What's worse racism or murder. I was an ankle phoning French Quebec I was victim of a lot of discrimination because I was not a francophone among complaining I'm just telling you. I've experienced a lot of racism. Utley was worse. Wouldn't you know sticks and stones will hurt but they don't they won't break me. A bullet you murder me. It's over my wife is dead I'd much rather suffer racism the murder agreed okay Ted Kennedy. How about Ted Kennedy. You wanna start with this weekend. Ted Kennedy murder that woman a Chappaquiddick. He's a murderer I want anything associated with Ted Kennedy taken down. John F. Kennedy who got us into Vietnam. JFK. Well by your definition he's a war longer. Take anything related to JFK. Taken down guys you want to play this game we can play this game. As my grandfather would say. Don't start something. You can't finish. If you wanna start going after symbols and monuments and statutes. We can do the same. And believe me it's going to be a cultural civil war. That you on the left will loose. He's this he's never if you dial this is who couldn't record voice box WRKO. Is that there's been to this city. To regain. Focusing on this place as a place of celebration. And essay as a place of which we should have some civic pride with this statement that's just. No you are an embarrassment of his city bruises and warm burn go ahead Bruce. There just aren't Bruce. I'm really surprised over into a toll discussed it with any statue taken down. By anybody. Because they've they've been doing it without ever. It's just no supervision for many let it really gives here well the other. Like the annual pay all funding. Well Leon amen I only say. We ended up Malcolm X so. Well Erica time all that so that good good name but I really discussing. The same people out here cost pure artistry out of the same people that current Ferguson's saint is that all. He's all black flies out of it all in all these people know they and everything at least actually yet now from docile. There's Sutherland Blair haven't really heard much about the kkk lately. But now it's all making gains quite struck that's what they bad paper and why it. Mine in the role that and that's what they should do but that got a right to it would it ought to be and I don't like I hate to. And I don't wanna be around but it's not my it's it's in the constitution. Let these people hurt and they're not the end hurt and I wrote on your tired too but they have no right to do with its dual. Bruce thank you very much for that for that call look at think about it the colosseum in Rome. The famous Roman coliseum nor that the emperors would stand there and thumbs up or thumbs down. They literally fed the Christians to the lines look I'm a Christian. Don't think I find that quote unquote offensive. You think the Italians would ever debate won't hold her down the coliseum. All nor renamed the coliseum mono. Because all the Christians ripped into the lions for God's sakes. It's it's party your history. This isn't seen. And so this system means that fear that I feel is that it's a form of radical cultural marxism. Where they think now they can completely purge and you race and change our history. And I'm telling you my friends they're playing a very dangerous game. Because they're gonna start with the statues in the memorials. Again ghost a book burning and then eventually comes after people. They have to then start shutting people down and shutting speech down. And so leave for an annual hall all long and frankly leave all of these statues and monuments leave them alone. Now as I said about Christmas arm. About I'm. Christmas attic addicts. Let's build a beautiful statue in his famous he's agreed American. In other words if you want other voices represented build monuments to them. The answer to bad speech. Is not suppression. It's more speech. CJ in Boston going head siege. Jeff thanks to take like all my pleasure stroke or ten. Donald Trump can get everyone at least statute. Our federal protection. And that's exactly sure they'll to preserve historical value. And all the liberals out there especially the feminists. I mean is it organist it's. One that's got sick in the bricks on the PG AQ library. Around the fact that JFK was a woman dies at where this gonna N. I do and Jeff let me say one more thing yes I'm not mistaken and help while all the more as a black woman correct correct. That or they'll. Yet they using their political clout in the political position. A lot in Indy Indy ultimate. You of the rate cuts bishop had been up to the citizens of all look at whether or not that accurate and actual leak. Are any at the statue within that city I was Donald Trump. I would audit that statue and every other that you could be read late. Payment. Amen amen my friends coming up next to will there be Charlottesville in Boston won't touch that dial the voice of Boston. Do you 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD.