Should ESPN suspend Jamele Hill for calling the president a white supremicist?

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, September 13th

ESPN commentator Jamele Hill took to twitter to announce that President Trump is a white supremicist who surrounds himself with other white supremicists. 


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Jimmy TV talking about what you're talking about so we're back to the penis issues. You dig itself we would that we. Boston's morning show I'm sorry about the URKL. So Tim says do you wanna move on busy during the break that why don't we moss because we have too much. Others thought I get to today however will say. Just doesn't tackle on it for now because we were brought misery is this topic when the next celebrity opens their mouth and I can upset about a 978 DB let him leave him brought up the world ending on September 23. I didn't even know that was a thing so thank united seven and apparently it is going to and there's a number of reasons why and our teams play yes it but. September 23 is the end of some major preparations now and get your affairs and owners don't tell. I'm in a highly suggest that you do not quit your job and move here. Stanley to the desert them on DJ you know letting the night before but are after it should be a good candidate yeah catalytic cash and condoned by doing and I just seen a lot you know there is I hope that your. That's the end of that. And can I say one blessing and I'm not trying to be preachy by any stretch of the imagination. But I know that Stevie Wonder might meet some people mad last night and noted you know some of the you were turned off and turned it up. Don't let that affect your ability to give to the folks who need it don't don't get caught up in that position whole Lotta people. Who are hurting. In The Who have been in the path of these her comings and but for the grace of god go all of us you know it could be one of us next so. Please give if you have that opportunity if he can help anybody. Let's talk about ESPN. What do you think should happen to Janelle hill. Not if you're not familiar with two downhill. She's African American woman she's an announcer she's pars sport senator and she sent a tweet on Monday. Shows the six right is that the name of the show ocean does Europe I don't remember which we've seen it many times yeah. She used to be imparted I knew were first from partner in a relationship on the after awhile but she's a she's a panelist and trenches and Sharon and now she's controversial which is part of our heroes you're used to be finalized and there. It's a she tweets out that she believes that the president is. I. I don't have between white supremacist who surround himself with the white with white supremacist. That's the one that caught and so yes did this to bid this thing became our king asked that that was the one that everyone started on why does she get away were in this. Many back through the thread in your realized that she she engaged. Several. People on Twitter about. Right to this issue and had several tweets that are raise the eyebrow lawn. And you go moon. Love them so be helpers on tele financial won't question up today what should US can do is very fire Herbie suspend her seat divert talking to. Indeed nothing it's free speech. Fire is it 64% nothing is at 14%. Kind I'm pretty torn on this one. Our let me read ESPN's statement after she put this out the comments on Twitter from juvenile. Hill regarding the president do not represent the position of his piano and we have addressed this with Jim bell and she recognizes her actions were inappropriate. So there's several fallacies in that statement one is do you think they don't reflect the views are ESPN do you think that. Can I tell. I do now. And that's because she still has a job this morning and Curt Schilling does. Well in the other party as a Trojan through yes but does the backing of the sheer recognize the are ways as. A million people pointed out already the tweets a still hop look doesn't pull them I mean even coach. When you realized you know this is a battery you took the job he started pulling tweets that might come back on him while. There is no real reason to leave those up are there. And so how has she recognized the server ways if there's been no action. So on September 11 this was a part of that thread so let's start with ultra with the white supremacist who. Has largely surrounded himself with white supremacists. And then. Next she's puts trump is the most ignorant offensive president in my lifetime. His rise as a direct result of white supremacy period. And then now a couple of minutes later she writes no the media doesn't make it a threat. It is a threat he has empowered white supremacists. And then it goes on and on to Sheen Sheen she was relentless on this. Here's my feeling about this BB. People will argue that you know freedom of speech and so on and so forth but. As somebody who has worked for of these organizations and you sign a contract. Essentially you know baby you you represent them no matter where you go with finger on the clock or off for the year in front of the camera or not. That is one of the benefits that many people believe they get from being on television they're recognized. Away from being in front of the camera. So for her to say those things she's representing ESP and just like Curt Schilling did. So yeah she must be speaking their language because Curt Schilling wasn't and he was fired. Britain make Henry is another one that you've we all know Brit McHenry through the affair that the Chinese restaurant but she. She is she leans conservative she said yes today. Look I can tell you specifically I was asked multiple times to take things down or track things. She is not being asked that somebody satellite watchers I was in the meetings where I was told to my face knock this off she has not spent. Obviously there's a double standard no one can and I know so you know several arteries as she should get the Curt Schilling treatment while. The ultimate question is what should what what should Curt Schilling have gotten. I mean I'm trying to be consistent here as I ask ESP and to be consistent here. Ultimately I had ESPN's back in shelling because Schilling had been told multiple times what you bid or use our daughter is off so has a sort of smell maybe your maybe hasn't but we think that she has because she. Shifting about cops a couple of weeks ago it was offensive and she's she's been incendiary. I gave its. I don't know how you can possibly do not do shelling on that us. Getting to work with Jim in BP. Boston's morning show WR Cano. Adjusting tax on this by the way 686 city is the text line Janelle hill is the subject by the way she's ESPN. Anger and she made some comments about the president on Twitter she actually. Called him a white supremacist which by the way a number of people have said. To call him a white supremacist is like calling him. Child molester you know he's a little you absolutely cannot call someone that. Without proof. You know or some way to back that up if he's a pretty tough allegation could become the first to admit it and I'm I'm bothered by the affected ESPN has just put out a statement that it. I should tell you received so Kelly manageable portion of which that fires spender giver talking to a nothing. In the first hour that that hole is going to be is probably the second. Most votes we've ever really only behind which is worse Sonoma general as a reform do you remember the that's like the icon of the daily financial vols nothing's ever gonna come close to that in that but. And it's 64% to fire her I thought it would be 90% you know. Because what happens is okay. Several text existed Brooke talking about Curt Schilling everybody is. Six or seven curt Schilling's a maniac. Jamal hill was well spoken extremely correct that's what 617 cents. Obviously you don't like Curt Schilling was fired and she was not so as a difference 617. And it gets to this Jeffrey lord jokingly says Z hi all on a on a tweet back to somebody that's ripping him. He is immediately were removed. Stephen Kobe or literally does a Nazi salute on the pair are. If he's not even given a talking to go. This plays into that which is it just depends what side you aren't there are no limits if you're on one side there are extremely. Repressive limits if you're on the other side. It would pick. I it's stuns me that ESPN has been suspended or if for no other reason than just take some of the heat off at the very least eight and later take these tweets. Which he has not. And they still exist but in the end for me I. That's the thing that I wrestle with theory is that we all hate snowflakes right now that you personally snowflake but snowflakes in general were all quick to go all you snowflakes. Open up what happened you were also soft now. Our use often are you were snowflake if you want your malleable remote. No way and no I think you walk I don't think you are are why do we have Gmail hill on it but also like you we have Curt Schilling. Well. But we don't so that's the fact is so that doesn't make you snowflake the fact of the matter is they fired Curt Schilling. Because of offensive. Comments that he made any posted there were offensive to a certain group of people. Offensive in a way. It's not just controversial there just straight up offensive will well she has said about the president. I think is inappropriate and it's offensive. And I can't imagine that ESPN weather David Lean to the left are not. Then they want an anchor on the air and wanna be associated with someone who is calling the president and the people around him. White supremacist. Busy I can't honestly and united in the United States. We talked about with the user Jeffrey lord go back to Bjork you're dot com breathed some in my columns. When Jeffrey mortars were I don't the only one that was worked up about Jeffrey lord did we even gently towards like Bradley president plus he sort of trophy wherever I'm. But it. I'd point out some of the things that have happened on CNN including. People panelists paid by CNN on CNN calling trump a white supremacist. And nothing has happened to them Jeffrey lord get fired free joking. We welcome but here's the thing with I've I've only seen Jeffrey lord situation a little bit different because. Jeffrey and there are things you can make. That are offensive to population. To the population in general. And then their comments that are offensive to one side or the other. In my estimation when you make comments like somebody is a white supremacists and most importantly the president of the United States. That should be offensive to every one. To everyone what should also be offensive to everyone that the president of the United States who was supposedly not a white supremacists actually won in two when he got on the White House was to say. Mexicans are bad and the Muslims are bad I understand that and I I totally get dad and I in July as a lot of people did not vote for him but the guy is the president of the United States now. And he acted and then people wouldn't say these things about. Well and we're we're we're we're 89 months may not like him out right again we can argue I don't like those trees here guys are but he is the president. Are those the first direct Z Jackson vote a supremacist or some wants to control the border. I made this is what Jim Allen olds doing in your now doing it's not like which is that you're putting something do you believe. You're reading into it what others don't and right. You're allowed to state that opinion but Curt Schilling yeah that could showings of the way I wasn't even an original. Did Schilling injure mill hill show and let's have that I would watch that for them cook up a but let's sort of like why you can't be a snowflake wins Schilling in May not be. We have horror you you would think there would have to be consistency here if not well. One is a white males gone the other is a black female not even. Are docked a day's pay Wright said I just I think it's wrong and this. I'm desperate old bear analogy is different one as a white male Jeffrey lord gone one as it went on that Ohio and two different networks but it's also which side you're on yeah I agree it's an hour it's CBS although the fire Jeffrey lord and not seem Comair then I think they know I let you know rightward. This is the same need they have to be consistent they have high pick problem here is that ESPN has allowed these people to. Voiced their opinions about things outside of what it is dead and their mission and their mission statement is which is sports. And the minute you begin to get into that gray area that's when you begin to see what she says it's fact that your numbers are white supremacist is that fact. Do you think he is no I don't think he's snowflakes or is certainly is open to the possibility I'm not really been open to went he. I just think he's opportune comments about tennis about in my estimation comments about the Mexicans and Muslims while I think that's who horrible. And I got I don't ever wanna hear our president saying those kinds of things ever again this president or any other president white supremacy is different. Several Texas excellence Evan you can't fire someone for saying something that's demonstrably true. That would be insane and other words is that they're that's the third one that says what she is that is just the truth. But you didn't say that about Schilling. But here's the thing. Here is again this is where ESPN has gotten into this gray area here's how you avoid this I know I'm a very black and white person when it comes to these kinds of things. Cheryl do you put that together. And it just you don't wait these waters you don't walk in these waters. You stay out of it. Curt Schilling will get out of it you didn't get out he told her stop it right now and if you don't ya know but ESPN's full. Show you can't. You can't have Gmail help lawn and not talk about Colin tax bracket I mean this is where I got to do the present is all stems it's all connected and I think that's how the regional thing got going. I didn't get it started from. You know people word and it kneeling in mass during the NF week one of the NFL and that's how she started on Twitter in the conversation went from there and by the way. Calling tapper and accused weeded out since. We have your back it at Jim Mallon L Reggie Miller was a very interesting case for TBS. Pretty nonpolitical pretty just good basketball analyst but he said nineteen Gmail hell. What is TBS gonna do without. Well he hit it he can eighteen Gmail delta are Jews then saying I agree that the president is a white supremacists now soldier TBS don't you call Reggie Miller and say. You might wanna be careful yeah. Maybe maybe you just don't getting involved in this stay out of this is their mess over there or not ours. Listen I don't care if she was supporting she can support Cullen Capra nick and not. Tweet out Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with white supremacist. Look there's a way to do that you know that I know that they're huge there's a lot of pain and you know I think Curt Schilling could still be on ESPN. And be a right leaning person without stepping I don't know I Giordano do they have one. Oh I didn't realize that think the ones they never just smarter than the three that we know wall of would be Schilling Mike Ditka and Brian McCann are either gone. Well I again there are no liberals that are gone for being liberal I would argue that you did people. People who are Smart if you wanna keep their job recognize that you can walk up to the line you can even. You can even a pusher upper torso over the line the committee your toe caps over you're done. And and I think she stepped over the line. I think he's on Hillary Schilling and his job as ESP just today. Sometimes our guys are gonna overstuffed and we have their back within these that's what they said right here about her well they didn't even really see it happen. But they didn't say that we're showing from someone's. You are okay oh the voice of Boston. They're not telling the techs won today. Everyday is different architects. Cities and on some days I just wanted to slam the thing shot so you know carry out his or Juanita L big dog until I just say. Yeah although I can see the text line to write like that. Just know I can see it it's just you know it may even get worse now. So this one really surprises. And again every time you think you got a handle on something life is funny bit. I'd. Yours so you see it's not what I'm Abrams because what I think detect light is almost 55 yes. Defending Gmail hill and it the first couple I thought report on were irate but I do it 617. Jill became a role model young people facing discrimination everywhere yesterday she's brave and I'm extremely out of power. I never thought I would see that are as another text to that had something to be effective on behalf of black people 90% of us agree with her. Or something about a fat. Listen she's she's right but she'll end up like tapper nick says 678. She's boy speaks her mind she will deal with the result which would would will be she will be unemployed. But it starts we she's right here's my here's here's I think though. I'm looking at this from an ESPN point of view less and less about who she is and what she's saying and more about. That and that they are not being honest. I mean if they fire Curt Schilling. Because he apparently does not agree with the management. And yet they allow her to do this I don't I think that's wrong. Whether you agree with what she's saying I didn't agree with what Curt Schilling was saying I didn't think that. And I thought it was okay for them to fire him because. They have that right you're representing them but you cannot. Do won't you can't do both agreed. I just TI I mean she should be unemployed today. I'm the first person point out hypocrisy on the other side when Fox News does that lastly agree with the you don't have to be unemployed to remember Schilling was suspended Denny your brought your right. Right so give her she could be suspended but and I guess I still think that may happen I don't know how. These statements enough from Aston I just I I can't understand that let me go to Steve he's very swearing guarding Steve thanks for holding. Good morning guys. I think it's good job of blending its strategic peak fire her or keep our great I mean. I only have a personal journal owner group of what you said but again there is free speech. Now when you say that it's only ESP NE decline. They are. OK if it stay on the old fighter then there is just agreeing with her. Or having no problem with what she says. I grade I hope so all these big if you're in you're trying to also just trying to confusing to me. Apply what she says. And say well then come these late night talk show comedians also need to. Be treated the same way. More or failing to see that. What I wanna ESPN sports. Okay what I want out of CNN is nukes what I want out of opinion people is opinion okay what do one out of a comedian a comedy OK so why can't one that actually it. Right because it's exactly create do okay in what the audience and what that competes with the free market okay dictate. Called the actual does. When it comes to economy book thanks it's if I keep touring in the ESPN. In her and I never exports and relegated opinion that it could agree was. My opinion I don't watch it. Okay I I really think it's that simple. I I felt I tend to fall back on that. Position myself Steve which is budget that should be true and Schilling's case as well or the jerk we Schilling is though. It's hard to judge him on ratings because he never show he was part of their baseball broadcasts. And so. Doubt Gmail will leisure she has a show at six and those are. The ratings aren't great as it is at least the last thing when he where the ratings are great and I chose so I don't know that they dishonorably go down as a result of this. On but he's right there is a free market aspect of this that should normally kick him. In it may want her because she's allowed to continue on online shelling and others. I'll let me go to Lou in Rhode Island good morning Lou. Yeah I mean there aren't first of all I think this is. Generally what is pianist and that's what we're doing or pushing it now their new. Democrat party. Liberal narrative. Russia hasn't been working on this other stuff has been working for all the sudden. They're they're they're trying to assuage supremacy during a horse and Charlottesville. It's safe coming girl falling into line but this whole thing. And it's just it just for our new propaganda. And I don't know I think it's it's totally stupid it's still read the label all twelve voters. As being this sort white supremacy write you write that are trying to push it. Basically it's sure it's that this whole racial thing is basically to me like crying wolf now it's like it's used for everything. That's you know for Eddie had a complaint goes first down a race race race race race rather than dealing with policy or anything else and up. An inner circle and by all means urged try and shame people try addition neutral voters and insisting that the Democrats are all the comedians. And all of these networks that are totally alive of the Democratic Party are doing now and it's his jokes. And cheated joke about the senior debated an African American conservative which they would never do I ever have and I Cadbury to server come ought to debate. This issue or are they just to conservatives that don't need to be governor Arnold vice chairman president. Whoever would not and it doesn't get it out to be shelling could be it could be any that everybody should do a lot of other however mark what matters. Lou the only arid televise an American but the only I would tell you losers is not known if this is it just shows overnight. Hillary gave that it's still the most stunning thing to me that ever happened in the crazy election that was trump vs Hillary that. Hillary did that hour long speech on why trump as a racist. I know everybody applauded her for being brave forgiven him like. How is this good discourse. But she didn't act like they they tried this already this has been going through on a long time of the Republican Party where. We go back to Strom Thurman it's under considerable organs of all he's been viewed as being racist in some respects. But it's not new withdrawn Charlottesville this matter magnified so what's hot. A lot of Republicans come out of the self and that's why I had a lot inherit are labeled in such a wet it goes back to the Rio by most Republicans are not racist but most racists are Republicans. Well now Hillary is just. Yeah I mean I'll tell you a racist I mean that's I'd that could be argued in part depends on what your debt if you only see racism is being white Dan rather it's. Righteous Christian and GD greedy. That piece there you know. Don't think I know donor Boston's. Sports show WR TLO. Talking about Janelle hills for ESPN. She tweeted out on Monday. The president is so white supremacist then he surrounds himself was thought she was given kind of a slap on the hand. Told not to do that anymore. And that's sat. And what we're talking about is whether she should at least be suspended that the very least. In light of what he is. WRKO. And then Bibi to wise and would love for you to vote Lou earlier said that she should she should have to go toe to toe with the conservative. I again I don't really care about Janelle hills feelings. And her ideas and whether she's a liberal or how she would stack up against a conservative I just don't really care about any of that. I don't find her interestingly interestingly enough I think she's a sports person and that's that. What I do think is that ESPN has to be more consistent. Organizations like that because if you're not. Then you are gonna feel the wrath. In your ratings. And and they're ultimately gonna pay the price for the us. You you have to be more consistent so you can't fire Curt Schilling based on his political views. And allow her to stay or at least not reprimand her in a more forceful public way. And think that people who lean to the right are gonna think that's a pet and continue watching us via. Yeah I'd I think age is bad business. They do need to be consistent and they haven't been and we all know why and then you can't say that should we don't agree with what you said because it sure looks like you do agree but. I'm I'm fine weather opinions unplugged his that's an opinion sure she has and I'm fine with the branch and our mom I'm fine weather being on Twitter in. And going wherever she wants to go the company's got to make a statement. Either we have the backs of our employees on knees or how about Jesus say this we go case by case. Curt Schilling's case was such that we deemed he needed to be fired Gmail hill's case is such that currently we don't think she needs to be fired savior. Say something other than what she said because what you said I don't believe for a second yeah. Let me go to Cassandra she's in Holbrook. Yes good morning got echoing what. Am I I'd bet a lot higher if there is a woman out pushing back in America. But look at that fact is big double standard is only afford to feed their color race what they've people people who work. And don't let chilling is a BM because I'm. Just inflating your awful freedom of speech I can say it but the fact that a lot of that they even get out of it did the punishment for our. It that it a backpack she got that out of my thing it's a look at the clock a little white department simply adding that back to elude. Because it was somewhat political era it unfair. And if you can't do it would that would need good what happened was quite a compliment or what that would black and what I had to come I don't go out there. Democrat agenda that fact is that you read and then card that would dry out people to come towards that. And you don't have generation. Race is the only thing that they haven't let them make their country good. That ball. Flamingos Scott thank you very much by the royal egos got in Weymouth the morning. The morning guys just don't I think he burst law I don't put much stock in my what people that are really into politics for a living up to say. Similarly be where and when you idiots in Hollywood opened them also appalled Secretary General has. The reason I don't think she should be suspended neither security have been fired what I'm not sure what strong opinion Joseph is that exactly that's the key thing. What are you soon on the golf geez even worse of course who is around ridiculous but I'm. What did she say it on the muscles she shares on the I she typed on Twitter. It just the whole premise of what you said it's ridiculous that president trump has done in the public eye out for like forty years possibly between real estate in Manhattan's. It's got here's the problem senior didn't mired in what she said and European. That's not the that's not my point here the point is should she be fired because she made these kinds of statements that's her opinion. Is is that should this be free speech. War should ESPN have a handle on this because they're obviously showing their cards when they let Curt Schilling though not her. She should actually not be fired for free speech is that once that you guys on the air before when you start firing people what they say that the very slippery slope especially since it's an opinion joke. As one of the previous callers said. Free market whether tickle our unfortunately it it's almost like yes get a monopoly about corn belt on the on the sport industry at least nationally I'm just. Where else you gonna go watch sports because what opinions. Locally we have now SN but other than that nationally that that. But you can say if her show is lower rated than other shows on the network then that is that if that's the free market tanking right there right. Networks sell on the same network and I didn't know what was in my you know would get reprimanded the the suits the Sudan being punished for hiring people that are out of line it. Well they say because they'd they may be punished by this because that surely continue to go down and then she. She'll be your removed. I mean you know they're gonna money's always gonna speak louder than anything that's for sure is so again if you don't like Scott was a kick. I don't really care what passing going down when it comes to the president. The point is that she had. She is it's put this opinion out there. And her opinion was opposite from what the obviously Curt Schilling as well as Curt Schilling was fired she was not. And and while he didn't re tweet something doesn't matter what that he re tweeting it. As his opinion clearly or he wouldn't have retreated such a way and it was bombastic as it was this from her. Com. Ultimately I think Muir who should be fired contract up yourself some fine but. There is a limit. Then you do big you do have to answer for it I think her case you know. Curt Schilling called Obama. Whatever the equivalent of this is Curt Schilling would have been gone not only is she not conscious not even suspended its its a bad law for ESPN however. You and I have disagreed and as many times. You can't just say to me you your job is to talk about sports than just talk about sports cap and accused of for example where things are just much more complicated. I have a cavern it did not require that she get on Twitter and say the president is. A white supremacist. But it also doesn't tell you what you get into the cops discussion which isn't technically sports but it is sports because that's what he's talking about and in the president's weighing in on whether Catholic should be in the NFL I'm not and think things are just boom they're they're much more interconnected than they've ever been and the idea of like Joseph DiMaggio. I don't give my opinions on and doing as nobody wants to you're an athlete as this that feel like those days are over. And hers is two. The idea of purges being a sports commentator over two but he ESPN had better realize. If you're gonna ask Stephen A Smith on Stephen A Smith is gonna go there sometimes he's gonna get crazy he's going to be bombastic as you want him to be bombastic. Now they suspended Stephen A Smith for something new he said which I would argue wasn't even close to his offenses were Jamal Wilson. Well here's what I think the problem is. And this is what I don't like about ESP and then because they're not brave enough. They're looking at this and they're saying in a connect. Curt Schilling got rid of it because until the not to do it he did it he's got no leg to stand on you're gone and look at her and they're saying. If we tell her that she is suspended. Or she's fired because of this comment. She is an African American woman who's gonna say one now I'm being discriminated against because. I can't voice my opinion and you're discriminating against me. Because I'm an African American woman. And ESPN is not brave enough to say not. It's because you you have said something bombastic. While representing us and we don't like that. And they don't want to be sued and that's why she's not being suspended. And that's why she's not really can't go. I mean there's basically three choice really but what what is. Protecting or saving or is it because she's black is it because she's female or is it because it's a liberal opinion which one is the biggest of three I think it's because they don't wanna be sued because of the first two. I don't firebird McHenry. Female she claims of sport for political reasons and there and Aaron from a they did it's to suspend anyways for a player to reach. Stephen A Smith he's black. I think I think it is a liberal. I just I don't even I don't to me it's not even debatable. I don't know I think if Schilling will if Schilling was black. Do you think Schilling would have been fired for his tweet I think he would have that oh yeah I think he wanted to. But it Schilling had treated I'm not going to North Carolina until his bathroom billions rescinded he was never going to fire them up. So that's why I think it's just a liberal thing and so for ESPN statement to say we don't agree with your opinions. I just don't think that's true I think they do insofar as they have a they'll say forever we don't have where apolitical we don't have a corporate but it their actions don't dispute that. I think they agree with what she thinks much more than obviously they do Schilling. Washington drives to work with Boston's morning show with Kevin Beebe. WRK now. So yeah. State rep candidate for United States senator Jeff deal slated to join us at 805 he's gonna join us in ten minutes yeah. But talking delivers unique ten minutes Japanese I'm a very pleasant MTV. Any areas and he's a totally fine but he's gonna join as diamonds is he. At a press conference like he's actually trying to save you money he's trying to give you weren't which is craziness and we need as Smart as him how dare you would have had to check up. Our source they do for that but because we there's a few more gin mill hill things that you should know before we get office top right. So I'm okay so we've been talking about to know hill and for those of you don't know who she is she's in ESPN anchor. In on Monday she tweeted out that the president is a white supremacist many surrounds himself with. The lights. And this is Ian said we don't agree with her political statements are her political views. I we have asked her to you know cool she didn't take good tweets down by the way. So the question was in light of what they did to Curt Schilling why was she not fired or at the very least suspended. Now looking into her past she has been suspended before. And she has had all kinds. Of issues in lots of history related to these kinds of inflammatory tweets and statements she was a writer for first at that time she made a a comment about Hitler. And that if you if you cheer for the Celtics. That essentially you believe that Hitler was a victim. She was suspended for Beckham. She's made all kinds of of comments. Well yeah in the most recent one is that you know it getting any Twitter discussion with somebody choose direct capita knock him hired by the ravens. And guys have ball don't forget that a month ago we said that all cops are basically slave patrols and Janelle hills response to that one's. Inflammatory but historically accurate. I just point all this up to say that you know usually in cases of termination what you do would you make sure you have a paper towel and you have a look. This is what happened to shelling overtime looked enough of these have come up where we just weren't gonna have to sever our relationship. Well clearly there's enough for Gmail and all those people as and they're not fire and are doing things they don't wanna get sued. They have an active day they are they have it all I'm not where they could do this without any plans possible repercussion. I just to tell you as I look into this because prior to this I said that to you like I question. Whether they have a concern about being sued and they're more concerned about. You know they're they're almighty dollar being sued them they are about what's being projected over the year or their image. I take that back. I absolutely take that back she has been and she has a track record of all kinds of things that she had success said. That have been questionable at best and sometimes just straight up offensive. And they've allowed her to stay on the air and they did not allow Curt Schilling who do yourself. They have an agenda and she is. She fits the bill just deal on five minutes first couple more calls from you guys I'm just so let me go to JB he's in Boston good morning. Derrick Martin are you guys that are. Good. I get wanted to let you guys know that I am. Self employed and I work around a lot of liberal or Boston. Or work around a lot of people that'll go and a bit conservative I know I'm not racist at all but I will tell you that all the liberal side. Our racecar. Most of them are racers they owned Leo racist term. Library it's everything I could do that notre war crime by. Gates became more basis and any conservative I've ever met my wife and on the conservative and that my brother helped quarterly Kim and I'm not racing one bit. And I don't believe that a president is racist at all it need to be dealt all walks of life. You might have some nine year old or they get that believe you know why are white and black black but. But that's doubtful generational talked about the new generation. There's more liberal these days that are racist and I've ever seen in my life. Well if you're asking people in the country GB. What's the most liberal city in the country I think a lot of people would say boss moves if you ask her what's the most racist city in the country I think. A lot of people would say Boston those two don't jibe and less what you're saying is at least a departure resonant. He yelled back I am just count every liberal I've ever met has always laid artery is turn one layer on now yeah doesn't matter what what what race they had it all we've laid it out. Renamed NASDAQ goes her gay people so. Same thing I had no problem with Domingo and state they'll they'll make fun of them and I'm liking it too liberal may oh yes well. Like. Let me I got it and because we're gonna run time here Jamie thank you for your call nick is in Weymouth Pena good morning. Yeah you're going yeah I I called both the previous suspension. And I and I get in the U guys alluded to until they. It's a lot structurally it's BP and intend to proceed ESPN entrance of what it's broadcast so what people get fired what don't get prizes as such as so. I I think they need to look inside consultancy what what would tradition here you know it is it is strictly sports I think it's not yeah. You don't have to come out with disclaimers on what these people are saying itself. I think brought about. Sure it only disclaimers I mean I guess I think it's fine when they go there and they think. I'm I'm fine with it again they're dude does need to be consequences if you do you do need to own what you're saying I think Jamal we know we're all meant but. You've set a precedent for here is where we draw the line and then the first one that comes all right pipe is that. Fits directly. What you've laid out with the blueprint that is Curt Schilling. You go mob non interest as well that's surprising part of what they said was that I'm looking at this and there is somebody who talked of comparing it to him and should they compare the two and someone spoke to some radius. A fired was because time and time again he was told to stop crucify any specific religions. Social groups so and so forth well what would you call what she said. Now this artist is there is no distinction I don't know how he's Richard disable her comments are just in pathetic. She just has empathy for these groups just you know that's not that bull. You've called the president a white supremacist and everywhere around him not backed that up with some level of fact. And you call that she's the rules she general sympathize or.