Should Dannon have fired Cam Newton?

One day after Cam Newton made a joke with a female reporter that some deemed insensitive, he lost his endorsement deal with Dannon yogurt


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Getting to where Regina. Boston's morning show on WR king. Can change gears here although he's just I just throwing this out. You know earlier rights it's at put something about the talk about it yesterday. Working right now and there is a person on Twitter who is defending him news you all want it anymore. Why do you Aureus and yeah who is like this is gonna stop he said this and playful way. And this isn't what privileges that we weren't out there needs wife. I don't I don't think that about it Ulanova taught you how. And. A wall that could be there's a number of people could be but I don't think I'm gonna guess if I. And freedom but I'd like for example it could be Wes Welker wife because she has been known to take to two winner and it could be if there's a number and yes. Yes and yeah she's saying yeah you know I'm with cam. I. It was such a playful way this is BS and it's got us. Look are we going to Cam Newton Yellowstone camper I think it's less because we talked about this rate cut I think that's fair that I I considered the palm. Is the difference is when you do when you do something plane fall. Do you ever goes there and I don't but. Again much like trump I don't think is the end of the world I'm not gonna like forever judge Cam Newton is being Don Draper because you said this. In the moment though I don't audit and you know. One great I thought his statement last night was fine but then I it's hard for me. Right to all you younger guys you'd better person and I am you know what you yeah I agree here's what I thought about this when it was also a non. I was very surprised yesterday when I saw that like demon. Was gonna date they pulled their you know. They're deal with him. And iffy iffy have a history of saying this over and over again I mean he should this one time I didn't like what he said. I don't think I think that is what he meant and I think that's how he feels OK that's fine I think there's a lot of women who feel that way I don't think that. He is a fact I would say he is the norm. In the NFL and for that matter in the NBA and in in the MLB I think that's how most of them feel. The fact any verbalize to it was a mistake he should have done so open he does have a track record of having done this over it was a bit surprised at. That that happen. I don't love the Dan and Cottam I what I wish Dan and did ways. Hey we're not happy about it B were gonna sit down with Cameron talk about war we're doing going forward for an hour not running any of RS wants advertises them. And I would like to east to live. Come to terms with a okay here's what it's going to be going forward and by the way we might do one silly spot where some win in the worst of the program I had or I'd say I'm donating. Half of my about the best I've never does much for me but whenever. To me this wasn't a firewall fans ready so I just as much I don't mind why the reason why I say that snowflake is write it down another one of TV's axiom is. You can learn things from bad people Whitey Bulger had a rule never decide to kill somebody within 24 hours of them ticking you off. Danny and fired him pray for hours with a into the 24 hour window and I think that's always a bad. Did you black I thought that well I mean not not almost. There's there started doing it you mean don't immediately you know. If you got if you stepped off the podium walked over smack her across the face for the essay question about my guild afraid but I mean. I. I wish in the end what would've happened here to be honest and maybe it's still will. But I was the next time he steps up in front of the podium would attorney would have said that I don't know what her name is bill just callers Erica secure her name Sarah I know you apology really sorry. Or what I said was wrong Jordan and human race and that. He made me do that after the next and you know what if you wanna be real early and do that just in front of your peers in front of everybody else to say I'm sorry what I said was wrong. I should never set at TU I I apologize for that you won't hear that kind of talk for me or I'm hoping the other nineteen meets or any of us from here. Again Don go out and let everybody let me. Should move on she's big girl and. I think from a business perspective it makes sense to me I think it Gatorade would have dropped and that would've been weird. I think Janet all I don't consider him but general such a female centric female focus. Products but he was a big pusher for them for those who don't know like in my brother lives in my sister lives in Charlotte. They run a lot of ads and in it was always a weird one but then it wasn't because. He was a pretty good spokesperson or why is not only be all that up you would see him meeting yet in blob a block. I feel like there was a better outcome would that company and that client then what this lines. You're times though the years washing into things again we don't wanna Dan and his we don't want any controversy whatsoever. But. I don't I think I don't know if I don't think ice time for those two have to write that. As a woman is a woman who works in journalism and has all my life. I wouldn't have not bought a game in product they've continued with him I'm not. I don't need anyone would have but I don't think he. I don't think he's in net positive for them anymore I think he's just a neutral now for the yeah I don't bad days it's got no right yeah I think they caught over they could awaited but. But it did he is busy area but hey get I don't know him to have a history of seeing things. About with. So that story is another one where like immediately why people were going through her Twitter to find her. Racist or insensitive tweets. He's kinda weird because it's irrelevant what who she years all it isn't is it maybe I'm wrong correct me taxes. Is it not guerrilla all last it is irrelevant easy not irrelevant who she is in what she believes. Does any of that matter what cam Newton's reaction ones too to her asking a football question him laughing saying hello there when women talk about right routes. Maybe he hears that this is where we are in this society. We are now that we just can't say I was wrong in that moment and I've got to make that right. You know what it did but he did did take a while but he did say that right but I mean to deploy the other forbid. You know they artist or dig it out all this stuff about her she does no wrong in that situation at that moment we are trying to take these people. Outside of that that situation right there. You know Ed and B I'm not judging them for anything else it was that situation right there she asked a legitimate question. And he answered it with what was viewed as being sexist remark. That's sick. Any any does have a history of doing that it was that moment that's why I'm I'm sort of like you're that good the younger folks whoa whoa whoa wait a minute now. It was at that moment. So if he could apologize. And we just move forward and we don't see it from again now. If next week to turn back around and said they are all little lady are you can you're asking another question like that we're gonna be different. Why did you guys see. I think what Schilling yesterday that tweet it out. Of the stay classy tweet. Did you see that I want I want him why you went exactly years I think got another against yelling out item I'd. Curt Schilling's done good things bad things in the other than not and I'm fine with Curt Schilling but that sweet to me was like. I feel like you needn't be in rejecting stay classy he's English and after potter. Are any artist because the obvious I'm they're just they're bringing this back on yourself at a point right so people's reaction to this is all weird and it was all over the place. To me it's not in the world it was a it was a stupid thing he said it. And he didn't make himself any fans and it's never gonna bullets Belichick's teams and don't be that guy will Cam Newton turned his back obviously we're now talking about things that are not football related and nobody likes that we'll sidled. The confines of the field right. But everybody you'll survive it in it'll be fine. As a woman. I'll tell you this I'm not so soft. According uses terms snowflake because you know snowflake doesn't always mean you're soft which just can be very nice term to mean we love you and your unique. Bright moon. Allies say that I'm so soft as a woman and I don't think many of those women in that locker room in women who cover sports are so soft because. They've heard a whole bunch of stuff. We all know me and you walk into Orleans world and end sports. It if football baseball. Basketball situation these are men worlds if you're walking and professionals knew you know as a woman. A lot worse things could have been said that what Kim Newton said there on that podium and you know lack. Jordan has heard men say worse things related to the fact that she is a woman in those situations it was a mistake. Kim Newton should this edit he should just apologize he should have been left at that. Jordan will will live to see another day she understands football just as well as anybody else sit there may be she hasn't played it. I don't feel there's a lot of those guys sit there reporting on who'd never put a set of pads on. You know it and expect it goes back to the Jerry Seinfeld than if you're gonna make an offensive joke a better be more funny than offensive and it's not funny that's been in trouble. Yet I don't just recorded draw killings and more curious because he went on Cam Newton was on of the Bennington banner guy which we target audience or David. But I just take any app where he said dictating to trouble when they're not trying to get into trouble like. For Schilling to tweet deck yesterday I was like man you're. When you tweet out stay classy. What do what was your first thought when I just closely related to any woman. The woman in the negligent or whatever that's in the bathroom and use it you want this in there when your kid a lot of people thought that one normally classy. And then you're telling somebody hey classic quick and me some iTunes this thing where shouldn't. It makes perfect sense to them what they're doing it made perfect sense to Cam Newton here. They gotta love a woman sands and get my mind nuanced position on this and it's not that nuanced is that. I do think it is unusual for a woman to use that phrase for me it's unusual for man because I don't play Madden. But I don't know a lot of women that would use trucks taken and I do wonder with her. After having heard the urban dictionary meaning of that word issue that for AJ she would use it again and I think. That's where the fault I have and herders say the cadres from in key Newton said out loud what he was thinking and he just said it out loud before I think I think he was just making a joke that he thought would get a quick laugh and it fell flat. If that's what it was and then we do much too much and there's ten days Dan mentioned that killed us purpose. Fired on. Please what is my.