Should bicycle traffic be forced to follow all traffic laws?

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Friday, September 22nd

A woman was arrested in Arlington for being "disorderly" on her bicycle but a judge threw out the case. Does cyclists give you road rage?


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Kim in DBs where DV stands for very boisterous they're bigger hole. Oh yeah right whatever it's Boston's morning show on WR KEL I. I just gave you opening in the big big irritants. And her for that matter a bit of vineyards. Not related to this woman on his bicycle this week. Cop is cheesy horror. And when he finally gets her stopped. He asks surge did you hear or see me. And she says yeah but I don't think the police officers and stop people on bicycles they should be stopping cars. Yeah I don't I don't understand. Like what judge said yes that's enough. What judge doesn't wanna throw the book at her with and it's I don't know and yet it didn't and Joseph he's in Arlington hey Joseph. I think Eric's doing. I record books the bike path of a lot. Baird. Are patrolling more and more because perhaps their. In bottom about people getting hurt because of these role bicycle us it's incredible. I've witnessed people get them run off the past. Because that impacts of these. Wannabe toward France. Bicycle let's go side by Exide. In and out of bikes they don't warn people in the coming up behind them people are not getting hurt actually dogs get here. As you little kids get it off roll into the eyes what the hell is our lead tonight what happened that is around its Sun Bowl people all say they run stop science. And then a car has the slim on this great spend in the army order reruns and like just keep on going. And that's exactly Joseph one of the big issues that these darn bikers. That's when things aren't there are cops patrolling because I know but it passed Pippen has multi dimensional sensibility. Yeah so why doesn't it Joseph why why are they hold on these people. To their hearts they pick him up. I I don't know retreat in Seattle two bit smaller car it's only a bicycle leave them alone but these people so arrogant and so and so. Just. Flock looks at the start start being enforced. You know Joseph thanks for the call here's another call from Arlington this Jim. Hey Jimmer are they with the bike yeah. What you water. Yes got what you wanted. Put in a bite played on behalf a quarter mile away from the minute nearby equate it run entirely for the it's it's it's parallel. In these people use the bite. During. Rush hour the high speed rail. Here's the solution or think about what you're going to make the crosswalk there wider it's absolutely insane. What they need to do is can you probably would be out. And Africa for the inevitable print my letter to come along and I guess it's typical of a copy. Beyond. Everywhere everywhere these are Kruup floor we have assigned to the middle of the fuel for pedestrian. They could set up fixable but neither side put him to get a liquor wallop here on C good downhill ski. The bicycle could not get real about this market because that's the squabble that. It had the burden vehicle could drive right over three and it could you know the peace for the side they're gonna spend half a million dollar supported a crutch locked in a light. A hundred feet from the school. And people who get out on off followed the gonna race both trying to try and people are you know put speed bothers me trouble it's speed bumps in the bike paths. But the people all the lakers geared to think pure and enforcement impediment is the only way to make these people stopped in mid market itself because they're. She's better than you and I because she's saving the world. I I think here actually right what he commutes like this always that's part of her belligerent was Jones. Him dearly quarters of a mile twelve minutes to get three quarters of America that if you prepare like. Clear fairly. Well Jim why do you why aren't they charging these people like what are they have some kind of progressive. You know penalty for these people. I would I will you be going to police department kudos because they have done this several times are are actually seeing that. People grip of the cops say what he wanted gets real criminals or something in this golf what they haven't thought that the reason. That if the judges who was keeping it would have this schedule if you are somewhere we keep that NAFTA deal you've noted if it's it's more than anything and you know our corporate Dick Trickle it looks so aggravated while. But it's the state the issue too young to think if they learned to Micah. You know I if you're an adult with a beverage they could be killed sure absolutely you know sit in division of the problem is. Everybody stops even though that are required to the vehicles because. There anticipating. A bicycle starting note that they don't cut the book is that part of the scene in the finger yen down. What you have that there are due leaf blower and noise ordinance and Arlington truth you can use any Shermer the bulls are members of it and. This is tough to hit him is going I am now let me go to Joseph in addition Joseph he's in Boston but he was born in Arlington good morning. Hello there are you doing Jim good day sir well professional I want to say I was born and raised the knowledge that they situations seventy dual great sound. Fighting Iraqi child fighting football. Everybody lived in trees no problems. Which up and over that the progression that whoever else. All of Cambridge were driveways. My brother still lives there. And you know I'll Google the band Amman evolved. Are we cannot lead a as well who who emotional response Sunday morning you know issue ST attitude. Left liberals. Taking that are more important than anybody else in the column in question is it. I know that in this section are wage rate so I kept that bicycle that's that blue that shots that's my fault. But yeah aperture as I can you let me can I want I'm about a lot because I'm more important than anybody else that's why I don't live there anymore. Yeah not. That's all I got to shake it all these people should abide by the rules cover little common courtesy and everybody in the catalog just like it was back in the sixties and celebrities volumes. Why don't runners not have that attitude and earns a liberal. I assume they are but for some reason runner's fall somehow that piece of metal. Which does not protect you and anyways you perform you're sitting on it but somehow that makes you more emboldened I don't get. I don't know what it is that makes bicycle this isn't right greatly Psycho but they all I mean it's a reality I'm just trying to understand I don't know. I don't know what makes this woman think that whether she's on a bicycle if she's on foot she's on how do you recycle I don't care what she's on. When a police officer wants your attention. What makes her think that's okay. If if I just ignored him then he'll go and take care what I think you really should be taking care of which is these. Horrible people who are per kickoff part I like how you I don't necessarily think by queens in general or a bad idea I get why there's there are getting you know the heat it's not. Awful I have less cars on the road thing it just I don't understand why they can't will be traffic rules. It's not that hard it's not. While it was innovative Erica. Ryan made and they don't have to. And negate what I'm when he made this political finger generally like these are due garner. I'm saving the earth because among my bike how dare you get my way in your gas guzzling call are like there is some of that going on here in politicians of playing his. In Arlington skis I don't. More Ellington that well. But I FY. Why doesn't have to be a bite claim down main street like it. I I don't get the concept of bike lanes in in urban areas and Arlington as an urban married I don't yeah yeah especially when you have a bike pack. Right we need bike lanes on roads if we have a bike lanes are to keep the bicycles from right on the sidewalk right. But if you Jared should be no writing purely on that road Jersey bite. Well right right the issue is that they are inviting the idea that people commute on their bike verses a bike path. Where people are writing for dead just the pleasure of riding a bike right. So when you put the minute you put the bike lane into me what are your promoting his use your bicycle as opposed to your vehicle poke fun. But then you need to be held at the same standard as those who are writing. Get a car. 978 says it's ridiculous said that you're saying that all vice Lester tree hugging liberals as a tree hugging liberal I gotta say this one's on Hospira. I don't think every place closed his lateral well I don't must not this one yet this one's gonna tell the book profiling in this do I feel comfortable being profiled share in Quincy good morning Sharon. Should. I am. An ambulance and we went to a woman knows picked going down the crack in one way street she looked that way to track and become an. A bike in the other way so again they don't all the rules people get hurt at the porn yet he not broke she got a concussion and it. They can get people can get her right if I don't follow the rules settings that they just a lot of onetime items it was actually above. We don't know I don't I'm all I'm pedaling as fast as I can in that chair. And I think part of me want to continue to listen did you out of Iran let's not do than just talk and. I. Thought those wanna not loosened and what's not clear though is no illusion I don't worry knowing Larry I think I'm learning you know what the end or start percent which is treating everybody how quick and fast some of these bicycles Keiko graphite. That's not a joke. Read that I. Up I was ever gonna over the air just in our year I don't know I don't know but I think it was opened higher think that's somebody that's why isn't I was -- hearing us laughing in January 11 into any new dollar reward relaxing it Jacqui because Jackie I think Jake he's been as a result she might learn that she rides her bike and she says no she just does sitting in her chair and you know in her mind dragging her puck take.