Should Ann Coulter give a speech at UC Berkeley?

The Kuhner Report
Thursday, April 20th

Coulter vows to give a speech at Berkeley. Should she?


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Your six year on the great WR KR OOK later this hour you do not want a massive. This trump the administration led by attorney general Jeff Sessions. They want to designate they gang MS thirteen. As a terrorist organization. Should days. And what would be the implications regarding say Mexico all cell Salvador. The Mexican drug cartels. Would this lead us that the potential interventions. In those countries. Huge story we'll have that later this hour. But first my friends. And. Coulter. Goal which are Berkeley. Here is now what is taking place as you know art college campuses. Have become hot beds of liberal intolerance. Really of of radicalism out now radicalism. Where free speech is slowly noxious being curtailed. But outright banned. And so Berkeley in particular has been the epicenter. It would once actually was the the the I'm. This sort of the that the leading institution. The spearhead the tip of the spear of the free speech movement in the early 1960s. Well that was then maybe this is now. Things are radically different when it comes to Berkeley and many college campuses. And so many now are becoming really hard beds of left is some radical progressive ism. I deep profound hostility to academic freedom freedom of expression freedom of speech. Are they are becoming really centers of left wing indoctrination. And anti Americanism. And so Berkeley in particular. When Milo yeah and a polish the former senior editor at bright part when he wanted to speak. And teach from students and activists. Burned parts of a building to the ground. They assault did trump supporters. They destroyed carts. They destroyed ATM machine it's and they basically prevented Milo from speaking and that other college campuses. Conservative. Professors and conservative thinkers and writers. Have literally been shouted down. Prevented from being given a platform or even able to express their views. And sold the young America's foundation conservative group. Said we love Ann Coulter she has written twelve bestselling books she's one of the leading whether you agree or disagree. One of the leading conservative commentators in the United States and in particular. Her second the last best seller which I read very good book adios America. In fact heavily influenced president trumps thinking when he came to immigration. Illegal aliens the border. The wall all of that. And so they said look you're supposed to get you all points of view wanna campus. And we keep hearing the liberal point of view. Well why not expose students to the conservative point if you don't sure want a well rounded education. Don't you wanna hear all sides. Don't sure want to properly educated and informed on some of the big issues of the day and you know you're grown up now you're over eighteen you can vote. You can potentially fight the war. So you snowflakes which you're safe spaces and your micro aggressions. What you know what would one speech do just listened to the speaker and I agree disagree whatever you can ask questions and have a debate afterwards. The administration. When by the way the chancellor of the university is none other than big sis Janet Napolitano. From the Obama regime so that pretty much tells you everything you need to know. Well they really don't want Ann Coulter on campus. They don't want conservatives on campus. They don't like Milo yeah and a poll lists they didn't want David Horwitz. Anybody who challenges the liberal left wing orthodoxy. It is bad boy what pin. On college campuses and in progressive America free speech is dead. In fact there is now a naked open war on free speech. And so what the university administration began to do was they kept changing the rules of the invitation. Well you can't speak in the evening can you speak in the middle of the day. You know when the students are rolling clocks. Okay ankle percent and settled poet find the middle of the day okay. But can you do it in a more far off from building senate not really in the center of the Tampa's bit more far off place on the campus. Okay. Can you do it but we don't want a guy announced it ahead of time too much because then you know the agitators and the brown shirts. Aaron is that the the hard core violent student activists they'll have time to mobilize. And maybe he'll be violence oval burn it to the ground so can we just announced it like maybe a few minutes. They're really at Baylor a few minutes before you actually speak okay. She conceded. To every possible ground rule by the way something they never do. For liberal or leftist speakers. Them at night. Maximum audience. In the middle of the campus. With weeks and weeks. Of promotional material. To plug the event so where everybody has a chance to listen to some left Winger okay but let that go. She agreed to everything. And even still. The university said. We can't guarantee your safety. And so for the children. So we don't have more burning X and rioting. And violence and vandalism. And beatings work trump supporters are conservatives are literally beaten with sticks and batons and knives. And I'm sorry. In fear we were supposed to practice free speech. But. We're dis inviting you. She's banned. In Berkeley. And so and Coulter. And I give her 1000%. Crude rose over this I backed her all the way on this. Says it's a taxpayer funded university. With taxpayer dollars. I have the right under the constitution. And the bill of rights. The First Amendment. To exercise my freedom of speech and my freedom of expression. And if some students some Berkeley have invited me to comment speak. And I have said yes then by god I will come and speak. And so even though they have canceled the event the administration hats and they have Bender from delivering her speech. And Coulter is essentially saying blank you. I'm coming. And I'll be speaking. Anyway what are they gonna do arrest me. Listen to and Coulter telling Tucker Carlson. I will not back down. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. Is freedom. Of speech. Roll it Allen. And by the way I am giving this speech. I when they do rescuing. They can put me in the Birmingham jail. But now I'm definitely in the speech I was invited to give a speech. And they went through what what college. Students have have come into it to recognize they kept piling on him requirements from bruises. You can't speak in the evening about just me speaking at a time when kids are in classed as we're not sure which room you're gonna use him until he's at the last minute. You have to exclude every one and except student and although the groups kept. Intermediaries kept encouraging news thing on the is unfair and they never do this to liberals I kept saying no although it. Yeah OK okay so I agreeing to all of their demands and then wake up this morning and they send out a letter saying how much they love that. The First Amendment and freedom and peace and they're so committed to about canceling or any lack. She's she's completely right. What you're seeing and look and this is why I think what Ann Coulter is doing is so important. And it's not just her it's my Louisiana poll list. It's David Horwitz you can just run down the whole list. We must take our stand now for freedom of speech and freedom of expression and the First Amendment. And Tim mean what is chilling what is to meet genuinely frightening. Since when did freedom of speech become a conservative issue. You now have liberal source so intimidated. By many of these marxists an anarchist and the hard left really the Elizabeth Warren left. They don't Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren the hard core left. That they are now succumbing. To these liberal fascist thugs. And so liberals won't defend freedom of speech. The mainstream media won't defend freedom of speech. The university administrators won't defend freedom of speech. Looked homer to tell you this right now. I had Marxist professors. Remember. My family came from Communist Eastern Europe half my family literally were wiped out by the Communists. I had to listen to Marxist professors. Tell me quote unquote. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet. In other words to have the great Communist experiment. The great socialist paradise the worker's paradise if you gotta break a few eggs that means don't in translation millions of people have to be killed. To which my rebuttal was. My family my grandparents. My cousins my relatives. They were human beings they warn eggs. Now. Never demanded that these professors before I heard. Or be silenced. Or B don't end. Even though they were justifying and rationalizing. Mass murder and genocide. What I said wise there should be another point of view. Dish to issue here all points of view and if you have a different point of view you shouldn't be punished for having a different point of view. If you know the material you know they did that the the basics of the of the history of of the country are studying. Then you shouldn't censor people for their opinions. Academic freedom. That's gone. Heidi is at that's gone I mean it's gone. I feel almost like I was raised not just in a different era but almost on a different planet. So we had Marxist speakers we have liberal speakers we even had conservative speakers. We were treated like adults. Book shouldn't frighten us here to understand Nazi Germany as an example my professors assign this might prompt. And there's too long a book through these games and excerpts chunks choppers. They didn't turn students into raving neo Nazis. We have to read the Communist manifesto. Okay for summit turned him in the crazy Communist but not to me. You know we were taught to Rihanna Smith John walked Thomas Jefferson. You got all points of view. And as an adult. Because you're now and adultery 1819. When he. Do you decide which you think is the most persuasive or compelling argument. But you're exposed. To all different points of view. And more than that. There's a fundamental respect for the mission of the university and the people that are speaking. And Coulter or whatever you think about her. Is a highly read. Very gifted writer. He may disagree with her on every issue but who's written twelve New York Times best sellers. And whose ideas have been extremely influential. Now if you hater that much don't sure. I mean there are literally crazy pro Palestinians that they would invite to speak at the university when I was attending a does that show up as a disguise remotes. I didn't say shot amount and I didn't say she'll shut them down bantam. Prevent them from speaking. And here's the irony I want you to think about this. Went Columbia University. They Ivy League school. Invited. He is he has a lamp revenge is a -- own Nazi dictator of Iran. Mock mood within a job. Or mark Moore I love Jihad as I call them. Who openly called repeatedly. To wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Any holocaust. Denying year. Judge not Sean Spicer a genuine. Real holocaust and I hear. Who said he wants to finish off what Hitler started. And massacre and slaughter all of the Jews. Columbia University. Not only invited them they gave him a standing ovation when he began to speak. They welcomed him. But Ann Coulter or. Blank golf. I want you to think about how twisted and perverted the liberal mind has become. A genuine is a lamb home fascists. They will calm with the open enormous. Christian conservative. Constitutional. Lest they patriots. Our American. They shunned. Try to silence. And then. My friends. Ann Coulter should go to Berkeley. She should be allowed to speak and if the liberals don't like it. They came goal and shove it up you know where. I agree disagree. 61720666868. They are is our conservative views now being systematically. Silenced. Is there are now a war on freedom of speech. And is and cold are doing the right thing by defying the administrators at Berkeley and speaking out. Your calls next. Two point six here on the great WRKO. OK in my friend's. And called terror. He is now vowing to speak at Berkeley even though the administration has now banned there. From coming on campus they canceled her planned speech. Saying it's just don't provocative she's a conservative. They can't guarantee her safety from the radical students. And called their vows to speak next week sure she Horry she playing with fire. Brittany I know you wanna weigh in on this. Our do you support man on this sir do you oppose her. Jeff. What is a Democratic Party become it's become the party of the cease pieces and the safety and shaft. Colleges are not colleges any mar it it's turning into cults. Think about tests and I hope that the colts are if I want I think she should go this she goes I hope she has. Era really good security team. Because. As much is vis A vis a millennial Obama's children are snowflakes. They can't throw a temper tantrum like a two year old and he'll beat the crap out of her if they if they could. Just like they tried to do to Milo. So I hope she has a really good security team. And it it because it could get ugly if you're gonna when I what I fear it you know white. What's terrible they that it should be like this but I fear for conservatives be CNET is through. Donald Trump's rallies how they and I guess come out and they start beating trump supporters so now the gonna beat conservative speakers. That's they want. Big bear out for blood shaft so. You know god bless her for her for going exchange she really goes but I don't sheen's got a good security to. Epic battle aren't you glad idiotic and welcome. Brittany welcome Brenda you sound great. Thank you now that is up my Alley and I bet they said thank you Ian cope action. This woman get a browbeat you about army in our. There have been talked about many times in your show they want a silent. And I now at it and act. We wouldn't that help it in appellate can't say I am that. And they aren't that we wouldn't have that illegal immigration rally what spot eloquent and 121000 people stopping Marleau. You know illegal coming in in the dead of the night at the app. They want at the Atlanta and you know understandably the acting that we are gonna kill myself included couldn't human nature that you EOP well. But we allow people you know whether Ritalin and why aren't you know who arch and speed we call. Them. That he not see anger going out he acts and that on the idea of baloney. That. If they have a perspective that completely on the other side of the coin I may. And yet I really yet at the back. You may be reached at you. And you and you don't eat your ideology. The but the bad Iraq. They have complained about amnesia. When it comes the threat amendment I remember when we had that that. What was that the gap there where I want and that. Yeah these elected a couple of but the clock the war on woman speaker at that so many because I am at the table at the conservatives that. It would elite are democratic woman a woman that was the grass. A liberal. You know interestingly enough it happened to me. OK I would maybe. Like me but I like our data are being that oh they I'll bummer do you know that India. I know I'm on the other. Ideology that mindset and belief in and day out and at bat and got back. Bingo Brenda look you nailed it. I know we call ourselves conservatives and constitutional us we you know we really are. We are the last true liberals left the classical liberals. Remember liberals used to have a saying. I disagree with you but I will fight to the death for your right to say yet they no longer believe that. You know the last two defenders of true liberty and freedom mark. It's us. And you know what they really fear about Ann Coulter. They fear that if the students actually listened terror and not the caricature of her but the actual real things to come out of her mouth. They just may agree with her and that they cannot allow. For any price in the world. More if your calls and MS thirteen. Should they be designated a terrorist organization. Jeff Sessions says yes what do you say next.