Should “bump stocks” be banned?

The Kuhner Report
Friday, October 6th

The Trump administration says they are willing to have a conversation about banning “bump stocks.” Should we ban them?


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Boston. Look at that said just a few minutes ago. We welcome certainly that conversation on that that hasn't changed. Some that were very open to begin we wanna be part of the conversation on that moving forward. 137 here on the great WRK. Though should we are banned bump stalks. The NRA now says there are open to it being regulated are hoping to bomb stocks being regulated. By the way was the Obama administration ironically Obama as a Piaf. There that said there were Kosher and allowed them to start getting circulated. And congress now Republicans in particular. Bending now to the Democrats to the liberal media say they are willing to ban them. Trump says he's open to having him either regulated or band. Do you support banning bomb stalks 6170666868. Lines are loaded let's go to Joseph in lane go ahead Joseph. Quote kept Joseph go ahead the floor is yours. An attractive I tried chrome before and yeah hung up on the aspect and I'm sorry Joseph away anyway yeah. Retired special ops. OK I get the table since he worked to back me up anyway so. Weapons blow me about this whole operation is in the solar calculator and stuff. They were worth carrying one weapon a critic created mass chaos. Which is saying it's a call Barrett rifle. Would incendiary rounds secure failed those as a fuel tanks and created Eleanor. They didn't do. Now Joseph I'm just curious what's your theory. My seriousness of foursome as well chemical is that there's you wanna look. To expound on. I I think it's pretty involved. And you can argue gears and I picked this guy had that was involved without people definitely. But. Again the reason he was using multiple weapons. I play had all the weapons this guy overhead is plus and when you fire a weapon like that they can they beat. Critic regularly eat. They slowdown in the agency's up. So that's a reason as which are not between weapons. The gem on you after awhile until yeah I'm not a big fan. Yeah platform weapons. Mr. platform weapons you can put all kinds of Brown's. Through that thing that is what color blues no for a fifty year round you can fight through adapting now. It just I don't feel that he deserved. I don't know what to think jovial I'm really upset and hold him things like everybody else and I'd like foreign gun owner and hunter. And in the military that in just unless I come as a separate than anybody else. The show listen thank you for your service and thank you for your call god bless you look because nothing's adding up. It's not just that we F 58 Americans dead and over 450 injured many of them still in critical condition. Is that everything with the media is telling us the official story just doesn't add up. And notice look okay the massacre took place Sunday night okay basically. Our time you know basically almost Monday morning right. We're basically five days after the massacre that give or take a few votes. Were already debating banning bump stocks. We don't mow the Rican motive. And already gun control gun control gun control already already. They haven't even held funerals for most of the people killed doesn't matter but I'm bumps talks. The universal background checks Nancy Pelosi comes on it's as old as just the beginning. And I'm asking myself well just for argument sake OK like I pointed out in my opening monologue. We know we didn't act alone we know that OK we know we get at least one or several accomplices. Ices has done something they've never done before it tripled now. So just for the sake of argument what if this was a link crisis. Bob stocks no bonds stalks a crisis was behind us they're gonna get guns in your country. When that's ices cells of all fifty states in other words gun control will not stop ice is terrorist attacks. If it was nice it's. In other words the point that I'm making is this. Is that an eyesight in my example my column the one that just was publicly couple days ago on France has the most rigorous gun control laws in all of Europe. And maybe the world what happened I can cite many examples just give me one. 2015. I assist terrorists used banned AK forty sevens. They hit a feeder any soccer stadium in France. Over a 130. Dead massacred. Over 350. Injured many of the remainder crippled. If gun controls the answer believe me frank should be the safest place on earth. It isn't. They have a lot more in terms of this kind of terrorist Islamist violence than we do. So when I'm looking at something like banning bump stocks look I don't book I don't fire and they are fifteen. I don't I've never used the bomb stalk I don't care for bombs stalks public jumped corners shill for bombs stocks. But I might what does this have to do was Vegas. What does that do what the massacre nothing. So we're just passing something potentially for the sake of passing something but EC would bothers me is not the bumps stocks. Is that we're now surrendering to the media narrative and the Democrats in the liberal. Line of attack that somehow guns technology that's the problem. No. You wanna have a real discussion on gun violence let's goal Paulie would. Aside our prescription drugs. The culture that we live in what's happened in the last thirty years. It's not there's more guns. It's the culture. But we don't wanna even discussing it. And to me that's right think trump and frankly Republicans. Are missing a golden opportunity. Airing in New Hampshire go ahead Aron. Epic brought it up and Aaron our. I'm for keeping the bumped up to two reasons one if you don't wanna see the steppingstone taking all regards. But to now aren't giving people who might have screw loose and wanna do this you've given them a motive. Now someone who beat thinking of doing this and name but it wouldn't be insulted you look back now all and there are some kind of freedom fighter there's some gun control fighter. Kyrgyzstan Coulter to. You know the ultimate liberal tendency of getting all of our gun related somehow they made the slow the better but during. And what do you might be creating. More more limitations you have monarch in control he might be creating more of these scenarios. Aaron secretary could you repeat that last point. Well the more more you're gonna take the gun rights away the more more that people do this. And you indie band and you faults and on the more Margaret thank loudly and allied. I'm really making a difference in the world and someone has a screw loosen up the wanted to open like this now you're you're giving him a vote. You know parent I gotta tell you if I I didn't think at that point you're completely right. You're completely right. And thank you for that call. Really I don't wanna weigh in go ahead why a Lar abiding citizens you know where always to blame for an act someone is outrageous and does an outrageous saying and kills people and it's always so Lar abiding citizens. That take the brunt of it. And I know a lot of people that do use them and they go to the gun range and that's what they use them fourth like some real models for that felt like. You know for recreation and just onto the gun range on the weekend that's what they do. No it's always where the ones that get the brunt of what some lunatic has stopped. I don't think that's fair and I do think this is a step in the direction ticking. You know to go after the guns and go after taking guns off of the shelves and in the Lamar Healy did here in Massachusetts. So you know these politicians. It's okay for them to have a someone around on that as as as as their security guard them as a Don. But we can't carry. It's absolutely ridiculous. 6172666868. And look I don't wanna get sidetracked but I think Britain. Really put her finger on something. This is why I'm viscerally I don't like this bump stock banner proposal. Because you're always punishing the law abiding people. Whenever something bad happens in America it's always the law abiding to get shafted I think she's right and just leave a site now the gun issue just for second. Who caused the 2008 financial crisis. In many ways it was the big banks. When they get in massive bailout. Whoever left holding the bag we did. What happened after 9/11. Islamic terrorists slam planes into the Pentagon the Twin Towers what happened. Our civil liberties get reduced it they passed the Patriot Act now we find out our government's been spying on us. I could go example after example after example pick obamacare. They wanna give some people health insurance they lied to west. Create this crisis of healthcare crisis what happens my premiums go up thousands of dollars my deductibles go up my health care costs go up. Ordinary Americans get shafted. So every time there's a so called crisis. They proposed bills are legislation. That really doesn't do anything to solve the problem. But it just hurts law abiding people especially the middle working clots. And so I'm just looking at this look again really don't care ball bounce talks honestly got to deal but I'm looking at this comic are you freaking serious. And no one asked the obvious question would've saved even one life in Las Vegas. If anything according to gun experts know this makes your guns so inaccurate. And thus far professional don't wanna use it. You're weapon is deadly here without a bomb stalk then with the bump stock because you can aim it properly. 6172666868. John in grove Lynn go ahead John. That could happen O Jeff thanks for what you do human Britney really got a lot of great jaw thank you thank you. Up and a category were you more about the onslaught and I just wanted to go a couple quick analogies. Jeff don't walks make people fat. Do too and also misspelled words. So it's I agree a few weeks it's a mindset to our culture it's mass violence and video into a movie. And what but within that zone metres naught Allen. It's sentences that long guns or use less than 2% of all the sides. Then guns used in like almost 96%. Up on the sale or break that down even more. They're illegal handguns. And let's look at Chicago for example. Yeah I'm more people killed in Chicago in one yeah. Then in Afghanistan. And Iraq combined into yet it but don't feel and I politicians ignore. Because in one implement panic and fall which. Which illegal. I'm criminals aren't and bite bite bite gun control laws. It's absurd and one more thing I could Qwikster. From the country Sweden. In the country of on Boris I am virtually the same population. I am almost an out without water out. On Boris. They had gone completely illegal only gone in that country. Sweden. Required its citizens to AM carry guns in between on the on course as the highest homicide rate in the entire world Switzerland as the lowest. And I'm society is a polite society. John your a 1000%. Correct but let me I wanna ask you very on his question. And everybody listening on askew an honest question Boca short. If I was to pass along now just I don't want to be very honest with you can no longer drink. Coke and Pepsi. And it's gonna be banned. And they're going to be taken off the shelves cannot Thomas Stop & Shop Shaw's whatever. Would you buy them off the black market or would you just Obey the law and whatever drink sprite 7UP root beer whatever what would you do in all honesty what would you do. In all honesty Jeff. I stop selling Coca-Cola under the black market like prohibition. That's what the rules are they trying to ban certain on it's it's gonna go underground and criminals we're gonna deal and underground. It's it's at its effect look at history job at hand out all what happened more bombs went crazy. It's just it's not that yeah. OK Johnny be honest with you okay your answer right always a brilliant dancer it's a come and seek were you born in America if you army asking. OK maybe your honestly maybe your better American and I am I'm being really honest with you can't because I I'm very law abiding citizen. If the government passes a law babies is the inner Canadian in me now for I obeyed the law. I mean not like hit a fight to change the law called alt. I'll lobby I'll advocate all right op Ed I'll do monologues. But if they were to brand Coca-Cola I would just drink something else. My point is just this strong and you may be a better American than I am usually people who are law abiding citizens they just obeyed the law. So if you're gonna ban handguns. Or you're gonna ban whatever. Jeff corner. Maybe the Canadian that I am deep down says screw it. We've got evolved without a hold a referendum. With the article through the election process and change the law. So all the bad guys get the guns or in this case the bad guys will get the Coca-Cola. It's the law abiding people always obeyed the law it's the criminals who never Obey the law. There on the side right Jeff broke the law abiding. Person takes it on the chin every time. John great called OP a stranger. Brit and I know we want to live in science like man my brain is racing. If you wanna kill somebody you're gonna do it no matter what does that mean doesn't take a gun to kill someone you do with a knife. Look at all the attacks that have happened in America and all over the world he's a baseball they use your hands. Planes. Pressure cooker bombs. Knives. You can use what ever if you disturbance to kill somebody you're gonna do it so this bit of back to my point about the bar biting citizens. Most people that have their LTC they're not going around killing people just shooting ransom people it's always the criminals the gang members the thugs that are out there that are doing things like that. Not somebody carries a ban. Every day you wouldn't even know half of the people that have there are considered carry permit that are carrying on them every day you even know. If they're not out their flaunting it that they haven't Jeff. And also until you go through that process of taking a class. And getting the permit I don't really wanna hear from you is you do go through background checks and you do their interview processes and when you're going to buy Don. The shops stocked GO. So. I don't care from those in other words the people were pushing gun control they don't carry they have someone else carrying four of them go they don't they don't know they have no idea what they're talking about the never shot a gun before. Bingo Brittany huge. All right let's go to seek common man go ahead. Ms. there at the common man. Yes sir thank you for taking my call and way reflect. As you reflect on yet another massacre. It's. Incredibly apparent that it any given time in any walk of life. In our present world that we could be at fault in an active shooter situation. It's incumbent upon the common man. The common woman. To arm themselves. And train. For the possibility of this happening at the wall at church. At school children at a day care center in a factory. It doesn't matter sporting event. And so my wife and I forward to this category were common people. We are laborers workers nurses teachers. Factory workers we are not alone. Gun enthusiasts. But it's become so apparent in the last ten years. I hear him I hit the car to lock them up against him I'll finish out just finish your guards sensor thing travels say that's. Paul Lanka MacKey you hold on certainly okay. Now Obama's let's let's stick with the common man. And we'll all got a lot more believe we are right the getaway Brittany. Voice of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Busted in 937 WEG I five here on the great WRKO. OK before I get to the common man whose patiently holding him and I really appreciated. I just got to save it so you know we're we're up there I'm prepping for my next segment. And I see the text machine. And I see thank you thank you thank you like a response aren't. The panel on spokesman who. And then I look. And I see Brittany what are ahead with the white headphones on the red head bobbing and weaving back there aren't they can while look at Britain's got. We've she's probably on the computer surfing the net rate is breaking stories that Hispanics whatever all. Their friends. Are texting and saying great point Brittany all white so I agree with few Brittany great job Brittany. And she is texting back and backs off thank you much problem that I'm like she's next. I think she's out there working getting stories and instead she stacked in the pants. During the it's incredible. Looked solid bat and got to keep them happy jackpot. That love you answer to an attack that you have. It's it's it's an incredible 6172666868. OK let's go back to the common man. Now the common man. Is making an absolutely brilliant point which is. Every day laborers workers nurses teachers whenever. When you go to the mall when you're at school whatever with kids. Sporting events you now have to be prepared for the worst in meaning I either terrorism or mash shootings. And I think what you were trying to say common man is that the common man the common woman. They need to start getting armed and they need to understand. How to respond. In a deadly shooting situation correct. Yes sir this is what we are doing we are common people. Not necessarily even recreational. Gun shooters we are arming ourselves and training. Ought to be prepared for active shooter situation because. We the common man and woman have become. The prey species. We have become the soft target and to all within the sound of our voices Chia. Be warned. The soft targets the sheep. The East Timor. We are quietly. And resolutely. Reacting to what's happened in the last ten years and preparing. When you attempt one of these crimes. You're going to be met with resistance greater and greater. Hour by hour day by day month by month. The common man and woman is arming themselves something to keep in mind because as we look at statistics. Where we have greater gun control which you pointed out which for me it's we have more horrific. Victim numbers. Article earlier I am common man just look at Chicago. Of course I mean Chicago's exhibit a and common analysts in your got a lot of common sense god bless you thank you for that call common man. Keep fighting keep fighting Serb because there are liberal forces. Its fight against what you are and we stand for. I stand with you the common and it won't step with the thank you for letting me speak. Oh thank you I stand with you are seriously to me if there's one thing I really pride myself on Miami populist. I am the voice as best as I can be of the common person the common man the common woman not just in Massachusetts and New England but across America. To me ouch I want to short to be the voice of middle America. And you know I just gotta say this I touched on it when we got story broke about Fenway Park that Steve and Alec was scouting Fenway. And I mentioned how my wife doctor grace is now afraid. Doesn't like to go to concerts anymore as much to do outdoor events but I'm with you common man look it's a part of reality. You can't ignore it you can't run from it now I'm gonna go outdoor events. I just am. Are if I could get tickets say to the Red Sox when they're gonna play the Astros at Fenway. I'm gonna go and if I got two tickets I bring my matched him with me. But you're right we have to start. Thinking more like citizens. And understand that there are threats out there. Whether it be at the mall with her be at school whether it be at the stadium effect in July whatever it is TD garden wherever it is that you go. And let me just say this. Every law enforcement official that I spoken to veteran whatever let me tell what they all tell me. The most common thing when you hear a boom boom boom boom boom where the but the the but the but the all of these shootings. The victims are at the witnesses that were there say. It sounded like fireworks. So at first we looked around we thought was going to be fireworks. It's never fireworks. It's never fireworks. The only time you hear fireworks is on July 4. So if you think it's fireworks I'm telling you it's not fireworks. So if you're hearing sounds like that either gold down or run or whatever but don't say to yourself. Oh I think it's fireworks 'cause it's not I'm telling you it's not. And all of us have them a built in six cents a survival instinct. Trust that's survival instinct. If you don't feel comfortable for whatever reason. You were six cents. I don't know I don't want to go to this week fear I don't know I don't want a boy this concert I don't know I just. Trust your instincts because usually their right. 6172666868. Is the number. Bruce in Essex go ahead Bruce. The president of the national public radio or refused to broadcast this week was just. Every time in the breakup. Mr. defense for attention and tourists people. Sure enough for him that we need defense screen rotations. Our Bruce I think you know that gun free zones. You're you're completely right. Now I gotta tell you. The one thing if you've noticed. They will never showed up a police station. They will know Fort Hood but even then we look at the four you should afforded that the Fort Hood shooter he struck his fellow old. You know fellow warriors. There was a psychiatrist. An Islamist but they were unarmed. They were getting ready to deploy. To heavily moves to a rock they were getting ready to deploy to Iraq. So we struck when they were defenseless. There's a reason for that. If they know that citizens are armed. And they know always the common man put it make you hit an American shopping mall they're gonna shoot your head off right away. Hey buddy you're at the Mandalay quote well you better be careful because the guy next to you the guy below you the guy above you there he's Bakken. See what was amazing about the whole Mandalay bay thing. Is they sent him a security guard right to come in and see if the shooting came from that roam the security guard himself was unarmed. And of course even panic at several camera set up one the people one in a food service cart. He knew it was coming boom boom boom boom double blow up earlier leash to wander round through the door. And injured a security guard something Campbell why is a security guard even unarmed. If you want one guy to be armed doing security for you at the Mandalay bay is the security guard. So Timmy. The answer to the smash shootings it's not that take away guns. Or these kind of gimmicks. It's the media say no we have to be ready. The citizens have to be ready because. When the cops are minutes away. Minutes away. Your life hangs by a few seconds. There's something else. That I wanna throw on the table because as I can put it a log on the fire. This is just my own personal experience I don't know if you. Feel the same way but I know that many of my friends family members and I've spoken to one I've broach this topic they agree they tried the same experience. So this is anecdotal. But I wanna share with you. I've now been in the workplace for over twenty years. Let me tell you what I find most striking about. Being in the workplace I don't care for T university. A newspaper a think tank or radio station it doesn't matter. Is how many mentally ill people. I run into work. And what I mean by mentally ill. I'm not talking schizophrenia. Schizophrenia bipolar I'm not talking depression. Family members who suffer from real depression you can tell it's a chemical imbalance in the brain. Detainee treatment and thank the lord for those anti depressants because it's not their fault. I'm not talking about not. What I'm talking about. Is you rational. Behavior. I'm talking about people that when I meet with them or talk would ever have to interact with them. I'm at what is wrong with him. The are constantly angry. They're constantly agree. They think their actions have no consequences. Gay Misch treat everybody around them they're completely and utterly narcissistic. And they do things that are so obviously not in not only in their self interest but their colleagues is self interest. Or the company self interest and I would attempt William discussions I had oracle. I think the person mentally well. Like it just the elevator just doesn't go to the top. Now the reason why I mentioned Davis. Is because if you look at mash shootings in America. It's really the last 25 to thirty years that they have exploded. So again if it was the guns you have seen in the eighties in the seventies in the sixties in the fifties as we always had guns. Something has changed. And I was speaking about this with Brittany this morning. And I said britney's hit me and I start listing people wanna get into names are missing this person this person this person. It was a person I'm mentally ill two and a and I might don't you think it's a bit odd that you got so many people. No that's not all up there and her response. And I think she's dead wrong. Drugs. She goes I'm telling you what's starting to happen is it began with a hippies in the sixties. Is that you now have teenagers even young kids doing marijuana. It's now prevalent. 10111213. 141516. They're all doing doped are all doing marijuana. Did damage on the brain when you have the young developing brain. And your mixing that with constantly getting stoned and hi how can that not lead to brain damage. When you've got now people taking Ecstasy popping opiates. Mind altering drugs. Which is what we've been doing in this country now for the last 2030 years. It's going to lead to not only more mental illness I'm not kidding mentally damaged people. Is just the fact. And yet this drug epidemic. That has been crippling this country now for the last 25 to thirty years he honestly don't think there's anything related to all these national rings. And I don't just mean like that sandy hawks are Las Vegas circle all combined. I'm not talking about the big media driven sensational. Shoot X. Look at south side Chicago. Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom. People massacring each other. Night after night day after day day after day yes a lot of it is the drug trade. A lot of their drug dealers. But a lot of people are strong and order junkies or their addicts or in other words your brain damaged. And issues borne fruit and I don't care I just don't Kara spoke I don't care my mind. My mind has been altered. You're terribly damaged from long sustained drug use. How come as an example. We don't even discuss this. We don't ask ourselves. OK it's true. We do have more mass shootings than most other countries in the world but Switzerland everybody's arm. As an example so hot commit a killing each other in Switzerland. But what's different about us what are we doing that's different in America compared to the other countries. They don't have Hollywood. They don't have a 70% of the American public American adults on prescription drugs. They don't have this kind of crippling drug epidemic. Pages don't. So they don't have the social pathologies that we have. Well maybe it's the social pathologies. That are driving this out of control gun violence. They won't even talk about it. In wine. Because it doesn't suit the liberal agenda. And if it doesn't suit the liberal agenda forget it. It's not even worth discussing. 6172666868. Steve in New Hampshire Europe next thanks for holding go ahead speak. I just. Yeah I totally agree with he with the whole thing with Hollywood. In just a liberal agenda I mean if if they really cared about. You know gun violence and stuff then I think that they would ship there. Target from the American people over to their bodies are Hollywood. You for producing the proper element that. Yahoo! can just throw it Alter people's minds. And it you know Hollywood just really give been given. You know power to. It just. Influence people's minds. And you know you can see how much status changes yeah over the years so the topic film that that are available now. In just and just how that that can happen. Well Steve I please don't drop Britney it's violence porn. What Hollywood is now peddling I think is really into violence porn. And I just wanna give an example I wanna ask you something Steve. My seven year old boy. Could boy great board I love Ashton but just a couple days ago he was quick mimicking something and he's pretending he's got a knife. And he's pretend to be sticking it in Avis now. I'm Mike Epps. We're did you learn that will you know where you learn different he was watching transformers. And you know we rented it form I'm I'm looking at transformers and I'm like he's got these swords and chopping people's heads off. And I'm like okay they're robots are much this is nonstop it's two and a half hours of violence. And so that. I wanna ask you this. When advertisers spend billions of dollars to advertise on TV. Why are they spending all that money Steve. And then. Another word in what is it because they think that advertising influences consumers. So my question to you was this and I think it's which are going with this I think you're Denon. If advertisers are willing to spend billions of dollars because they know that what people see on TV you'll influenced their behavior. Is it a Hollywood in a sense advertising violence. Our. And so. Why do you think the political class will never hold Hollywood accountable or at least morally shamed them or call them out. It is did because. Because they're pushing their agenda. And it interferes with with that agenda that they're trying to push for gun control. Time. Steve do you have children. Do you let them watch Hollywood movies are you control what they watch. Yet we control what they want we. Are about what movies we were added we were not. What can we waited it. Oh and then you'll ever see you when your wife Daniel watch a movie right. Steve your very good parent thank you for that call great call you know what I got to start I'm serious after that incident and he didn't there was no object. But still he was acting it out and I'm like wouldn't that that didn't get it for me. Can get from his mother. Then I realized when I asked them Stevie. Transformers Hollywood movie. You're gonna watcher now. Like a hawk. Coming up on Monday will we have a secretary of state oh well I guess who probably will I guess the question is doing. Let's go over little Rhode Island thanks for holding go ahead lol. They like jet unbelievable real interesting point correctly you might wanna comment on number one. We all know that it's up to that total to a Democratic Party are they were confiscated all the guns there once Supreme Court justice away from actually doing that. Territory to be really be vigilant because real far towards a in court they can say that. Guns only apply to this disrespect him in only part of markets or whatever they can be Toby regulated there we know. Out what we're doing it more what we're against their also gets the First Amendment. But also against due process and getting really constitutional together we know their game play. And it would use a tragedy like this. Just to do that. Apart and one thing they don't want to do. Nobody's ever brought it up. Is that. A lot of fertility procedure said earlier they'll resort in Baltimore Chicago intercity. Gang kill about 2000 people a year yes skeletons in Obama's been didn't president United States they don't wanna go any get. Illegal guns. Flooding the criminals. Why because they're made up the last a lot of minorities make up less reps like gang members. MS thirteen and probably a lot of dreamers to boot. The second point I want to make them. Jack you remember that there are these favorite you know Charlie with machine and what you are real yes. OK in concerns similar to this in that they had a cachet. I don't yield guns and explosives. And they also remember that it hurt the person of the witness said they were visited by people. Now we haven't heard this younger being visited are contacting anybody but it's thirty. That he's got all the youngsters like they do. And the explosives just like they did and seemed to be wanted to carry play and it player or carried out. A number of violent acts that may involve guns are maybe about explosions or anything else. And and we got to be aware that these these these types of cell or whatever exists in this country. And we have to like prepare all of or bad news at this apartment were coming to town and there are tree like all. Public venues sports. Entertainment and chips with that the Secret Service were watching and they have people with binoculars and cheap charters that are to be just not do that. Lou thank you for that call well look I think one thing now there's no question it's gonna change. Is that when you do have a let's say a major outdoor venue. You're gonna needs a several snipers positioned nearby. Going forward is just not gonna happen no matter what would you like it or not. To look at let's say highrise buildings or whatever let's say around Fenway year as an example. Or Gillette or Gillette there's a couple of hotels overlooking Gillette it's not that bad but still if you're just gonna have to have it now. So what's happening is. Slowly changing our way of life. Whether we like it or not it is it's. And Tim mean what I'm saying is if we don't wanna start losing our civil liberties. We have to start asking the tough questions that the media refuses task. And I think I'm sorry but there's something in our culture. That has become very sick. Look I talked about the transformers okay. Generally you know I shield my kids from. Like I try to they don't I don't I discourage them from watching TV your watching movies and my point is just this. Say what you want about the fifties the sixties whatever. Popular culture for the most part was wholesome. Now when you're raising your kids.