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This is the just don't lose the money radio show with your host attorney Richard Rubino and Sam way. For over twenty years rich and Sam has been broadcasting to the Boston area. Explaining how you can protect your life saving. Richard sands highly regarded and sought after guidance has been featured on Fox Business news and fortune and money magazine. Now your posts could just don't lose the money guys. Richard Rubino. And sales lag. Everyone just don't lose the money radio on the same line and I'm Richard remain welcome to our show it's Sunday rich that means you when I hear that means we're here we're here working shared ideas and talking to our radio listeners. About what to do and also what not to do but one thing I know what to do is make sure you follow our two rules rule number one. Just don't lose the money and rule number two don't forget rule number one you know seems like you know it's almost fourth quarter like September or shouldn't. Things move really fast and emerged really seems like after Labor Day. We go from Labor Day to Christmas here now it's it's like all of a sudden my son the other day as a way I can't wait for the Christmas carols calendars. You know so boom all of a son time flies but today. We're gonna talk about. Things that mattered to you like right this second one of them obviously is this Equifax security breach we'll talk about and won't get a a radio. Listeners input on how ears can benefit from a stretch irony. We'll have a segment on indexing. And really what to do with that 41 K. Well that you have maybe from previous job and a whole. Lot more so stay right here would talk about. What's important you as a relates to retirement. Retirement planning may be your few years away maybe you recently retired maybe you have 1015 years of retirement under your belt. Here's what I know one thing's for sure. He just can't go down which it right when you agree with us now you can't go back I mean it the you know if you're twenty years old Sam. You can afford to go backwards a little bit but if you're sixty babies you've got to go we had either stay. Neutral or go forward so a couple of housekeeping items our website is just don't lose the money dot com. It's a fantastic educational very useful user friendly web site. Check it out if you can't remain on the next hour without us for the show he can always catch. Podcasts of our show I just don't lose the money dot com click under the radio tablet you can. Go back as far as you know slash six months to listen to a show. We have a great blog we to a new blog every two weeks. It's not just you know flock which really great information this this month's and an older Britons aware September's life insurance awareness month. So liberal blog about them why it's important to have life insurance so check it out go to just don't lose the money dot com. OK rich who wanted to take the first question you want me read you wanna read it Norman area are you sure you read our dear Richard San. If few weeks ago it was reported that Equifax had a security breach. And personal information over a 130 million people were exposed. I'm concerned. And I don't know what to do about it if anything do you guys have any ideas he's innocent and it's really amazing that. Equifax is a place that. Supposed to secure. Information. And have credit checks is thought I. He had a Psycho awarded districts say hey we're gonna give you clean water and all of a sudden. The water it's giving everybody cancer hate you're in the Warner business you know come honorary award what do they say dentists don't floss war's over well our man it's so. It's an heiress and it's it's it's absolutely. The thing and I worry about my drum line actually had his identity. Stolen about a year ago. And he said because of the safeguards that he had in place to be gained wave. It was bad but wasn't as bad you know he was on the phone public like I like a whole day it was only weeks or months. So how. I would say the first thing that people should concern I do this myself I have. I have security alerts on my fight go to dot com announced subscribe to. Trains union membership I pay like you know ten bucks a month to support that in addition I have like flock. I know you're a year if you have like you know Sam it's like a millennial thing you're a little younger than I. I feel like I should go back just using cash in writing notes that that also works but you know life flock it will protect you in the event you do get hacked up to a million dollars but what's nice about all those other things like fight go we don't know what Michael is. That's the credit rating agency. That determines that your credit worthy when you'll cool part for mortgage debt source described to that and basically any time. If my credit reports polled they send mean emails saying hey your credit report is being pulled right now so from golf for a long. I know that I'm gonna get done alert but if I'm not go for long arms I get out of work wall something's wrong. So that's how my brother mark kind of figured it out in fact we have a wonderful blog that that talks to you about. I'm. Identity theft and make sure that. You can take advantage of some of those things I notice of checked out there's there's there's some of that stuff on the dog that's neat yeah. I'm so you know. That's something that you can we prevent rich but it's really important for us I think to. To. You would hear that those. Those risks are out there well it it you know in today's sort of electronic world it's not like a personal world anymore. There are risks out there that we know in this risks out there we don't know Sam didn't have to protect it can also speaking her wrists and that's one thing hopefully not too many people are affected. But the other risk. That people you know so we sort of know what's so they're kind of like identity theft we all we don't know what's out there but until it hits home until it happens to you. Maybe you don't really do anything about it. It's not small percentage of people a cautionary enough to take some action before it happens and have right so what am I speaking to. We are. At an all time high. And our economy might not feel like that but certainly if you had a 41 K. If you listen to news you know it seems like every other day yes MPs and know all time now. Well the question is can continue. For it goes the other way while the question is damaging get like this and I'm closer to reach. Are meant they knew war. And the thing that I worry about the most or used to worry about the most is can I sustain. The way I live. For the rest of my life so you're worried about that now not about making a quote I don't know worried about it now because almost sex OK you're whatever they voted for me to get a good night's sleep. Almost said all right. Made arrangements for part of my portfolio. To guarantee me. Income. For the rest of my mom asked you a question like I don't know we did of well I don't I mean I did it for you this an ambush on the issue make it that I'd made my own shoes just those are some four years ago you know rich and myself we've heard this over 25 years we've been partners so that mark time. And I know. Exactly what he's doing knows exactly what I'm don't we and we do it almost always identical but we have the same track that we run on. Of all the money you need some money set aside for emergencies. When asked the money in the bank right. In my case I have probably more than then you have in the bank because I have doubted our relations. I have obligations like college tuition and things that I just need money for today. I don't mean dollar amounts I mean percentage among us but. At the same time you probably have more money set aside and in accounts so guarantee you when he comes just right. That I do because why what your closest to retirement. You're worried about something what happened to you what's who's gonna take care of your wife Winnie. In all those things that so we talk about so. My message is very simple. Don't wait till your identity identity gets hacked to do something about it just like. Don't wait do you lose 203040%. Of your money to do something about it now was the top right now. Longhorn and as we approach retirement I think everybody's. Thinking about that might not verbally talk about it and discussed separately about the ammonia thinking about it. So one of the things that I wanna share with people. As. We all know that Social Security is may be just underfunded. Pensions are disappearing. What do you need to do to prepare yourself. For retirement. So we kind of figured it out a little bit. Rich are put together a quake workbook do you do to have. As part of the arsenal. To make sure you are the highest probability in the high rate of success as you get closer to retirement. And we have this workbook in titled retirement. We defined. It's the eight page booklet that we would love for you to get your hands on if you go on our website at just don't lose the money dot com. You can download it right there at the convenience of your home again it's retirement. We defined. We wanna share that with you we will give you head start as to promptly structure. What's very important heated consider. Retirement and in the comfort every time so just don't lose the money dot com. Retirement to redefine that so give way T this week again just don't lose the money. Dot com next we come back we're gonna find out how you accounts can benefit from a term called. Indexing. Hi I'm Bobby office manager for Richard Rubino and Sam lane to schedule an appointment with Richardson and call me now. 8776308787. That's 8776308787. You're listening to just don't lose the money which and I built this company 25 years ago to really concentrate on the people that our viewing time for our entire. So we've taken to pretty much of the most important disciplines of the time one obviously having enough money to retire and then through. As they say can you Dachshund in the world with your state plan. Now back did just don't lose the money just don't lose your money welcome back arms am glad I'm Richard Rubino just don't lose the money radio is age. You know I'll show we've been doing for over twenty years it just says that tiger would suggest just don't lose the money. We think we do which. I think we I have plans that make sure you don't lose the money what you're living million dead at us really our DNA you know I'm trying to be funny a little bit and that didn't quite work but it's kind of like. It's kind of like a piano works whatever works right. It's kind of like are going to pizzeria Regina. No Pete so Maria Regina woody get what do you think when you walked in most people get picks up right acts all surprised so when they come to a CI us. It's not a blow and we don't. Get questions like you know Sam I inherited this money. You know how can you help me invests its so. It's you know double as quickly as possible what about this stock quote about that stock we don't get those crowd response is pretty typical estimates on our business and so what we do. You know we have two partners Richard sees me brine and John can help you with some of those things but that's sort of like. And the back burner over a lot of practice our practices. Just how was a money. You know so on that note if you like that if you like that I. Log onto a website just don't lose the money dot com. If you click on their radio you can submit your questions any time will make sure we answer them if north cautious with your question. I'll phone numbers 877630. 87 87. We are both sixty and planned to retire in about six years. When we can get full Social Security. Most of our savings is in retirement accounts IRAs and 41 case. We're concerned about one not losing money simple. And to making sure we have enough to live off for the rest Rowe lives we are searching any suggestions well that's pretty simple request. Sam there don't lose money and have enough money to stretch you I'm just everybody we're whose money make sure we have enough. It's not an unusual request I'd say nine out of ten people say that's. Why they hear. And I think really you know the Famer talked about the last segment what's troubling to me right now is. In some ways where in. Some of us or euphoria some of us are in denial. The reality is that everything's going up and it and feels pretty damn good you know I look at my statements keeps go up and keeps going up but as I get close to retirement. I think it's important to you to make sure that you keep some minutes you hate you know sim if you if interest rates in the bank with 10%. Most people retirement would have pulled their money in the bank that simple yeah it really is that simply don't we we saw this and what this couple is asking. These are some maturity eating and I saw did dated people came in in this or look you know first and foremost we here. To kick the tires are not making decisions wherein the informational gathering exploratory stage so we're where we're interviewing a bunch of people. And they went to some company you know well known company and reputable company and they said hey these people said after analysis they came back to us and say that you discern a simple three of 4% a year. You'll be home free does not and worry about. And you know makes a lot of sense saying what do you think rich what do you think. Well I think three or 4% let's say you have a 100000 dollars so 34% 3000 dollars. One of the 100000 dollars from down fifty cent that's precisely that they get 3% he needed 3000 dollars to. Really need 6% don't know I'm gonna knock that he's wrong mom rye it and he oh he's right arm wrong. The reality is if you are. Even playing in the same box. That has its full of text. Chances are you gonna get you're gonna get a check right so it was swims like a duck quacks like a duck walks like a duck it's a duck. If you put your money in the market and yes all you need to do was turn allows you three or 4%. You know what when everything's going great it's not hard to do. When nobody talks about what happens if what you said Richard few 100000 goes to 50000 that happens in 2008. I remember vividly. The average person lost 3940%. Of them on a draw down which would mean from a hundred you know 60001 was all said and done. And it didn't happen all the like a year or two years and it happened so fast. That people didn't know how to react. They they hang in that they have and they hung in the areas and I'll just like everything also come back and then. Three months later Europe the point of no return and never came back well it's okay to hang in there why is still working Asean's six more seven more eight more years ago. But when you're at the Cust are retiring and you're right at the doorstep you can't wait. 1995. Accompanied by an anemic keep for life which is now known as sun life. Came up with a way and the song's gonna sound too good to be true -- participate. In the gains of what everybody else is trying to do like the S&P 500. Without taking any of the losses from parent and the and the and the two things the rules are very simple one you don't get all the gains. And number two you have to leave your money in their for some time so was I thought that's what's called indexing. Indexing is a strategy inside in most cases nine out of ten times. Fixed index annuities which are not for everybody which is not designed to help you send kids to school. But it's really designed to give you an income stream. And safe way to grow from money from point a to point B as you get close to three times you don't lose principle because you don't lose principle there's so many people out there that talk about target. Date funds. And they great I have some I have a target date one of 2030. In my foot arm my fidelity account which means in 2030. That's my target date. On does armed going to take all my money. And do something else would doesn't guarantee target date right but my my my point is. In your mind the target is 2000 certain. And nobody is gonna take nobody I know that I know at least is gonna spend all the money one day where we get to looking what you're talking about his target income. Not just a target date. But he target income of some specific amount at some day just like Social Security. So how indexing can help. Is it will help you kill two birds one stone of the door properly. Torn the most powerful things that you can do for retirement. First and foremost of number one thing for feed for folks understand is that. You've given up something there's a trade off. And the trade off his liquidity. You can't take all your money back out tomorrow and most of these annuities the liquidity somewhere probably between seven to twelve years which means. I can't take all my money at once for that period of time. Which I don't know rich W I can live with that well if it's your retirement account you need money for the rest your life and I'm gonna take it out if you wanna use it a little bit at a time throughout the rest of the next 203040. Years and in fact. So how that works is once you understand that trade off. The other benefit that you know get is that you can actually earn rates of return. It in now practice. We try to. Give people a range of reality. And it's not double digit returns okay folks it somewhere between maybe 47%. And right now we to a clientele are earning double digits but that's just because everything's going so well. But if I said tootsie the average person look. You can you don't you know gonna feel like a schmuck can be self on the table you're gonna get a decent healthy gain but when things go wrong and goes backwards. You won't lose in nickel. And that's exactly Jose genitalia he has the S&P goes up you know 10%. You how much do you get. What depends on a contract that you're going to work one of the contracts that were you using now. Gives you all of the game minus 1% spread. Which is not a fees very different than fifteen means that you pay for that fee to your advisor no matter he's go to appease. Well if you lose your money's still pay the fee. The spread only comes into play if you make money so pretty so recipe goes up ten you get nine there in the specific goes down. Ten you pay them nothing you lose and okay we'll talk about that out our upcoming workshop. Which is a very important it's not that far away October 3 which is Tuesday will be in Burlington and then Wednesday October 4 will be in Denham. 4 PM both of those workshops are in the afternoon at 4 PM so funny daylight would not to have viewers I guess and if you join us. It's really important because it close to retirement. If you are every time you have to do certain things to protect yourself. As you live the next 34 years to come learn more about what is that you can do join us again on those states Tuesday October 3. Wednesday October 4. At. 4 PM. Go to a website just don't lose the money dot com. Clicked on in the workshop tab and you can get your information right there in addition to that why aren't aware of why our website get your free giveaways. Download your own copy of retirement. We defined. Go to just don't lose the money dot com. Next we're gonna talk about what to do with your 401K. That you may have left on a previous job you know and of course shore mostly to what tell you what to do that. You're taking the first step to a sound financial retirement this is just don't lose them any radio. Feel free to visit us I just don't lose the money dot com. Making retirement five pound sand wind in Agassi's doing it that doesn't sound like Richard you know that's that's the push from Richmond right out of valujet I'm doing that. Just don't lose the just still lose some money on Sam laughed how Richard remain active so much for. By joining us hope you have a wonderful day. We'll talk a little bit about all 401K plans in the second but before jumping to average were talking about in the last segment sort of contrasting. Hey I got a hundred grand it's gonna coop vs I got a hundred grand economical done right that's that's a really impacts you wish I think for people to understand. Because one plus one equals what rich don't took. So if I lost 50% today now and tomorrow I make 50% apparent what that averages out to a zero return. And you think why and and we're losing money but somehow works people give a hundred grand. Loose 50% it's 50000. Next day you you earned 50%. Well 50% or 50000 or 25000 are tonight of 75 that is still lost so even or your average rate of return was zero you lost 25 grand. Listen you know I think not losing money makes people sleep better at night and maybe nets are important when you're thirty or forty but certainly as you get older maybe 50556065. When you're looking for solutions are looking for you're looking. To educate you needed haven't. Have your money go up. Not lose money make sure you have money list the rest your life and to have. And includes an Irish town we've developed this company for 25. Years we've said this over and over we are not. Always the right choice we're not for everybody. But if you're nearing retirement or you are retired. And you just trying to earn as much money as possible on the listening to some folks that are out there which by the way they're very good. But that nobody's as cautious. As we are I think we sure I think we said he gold standard when it comes to protecting when you have. So of what I just said Los five seconds and it makes any sense to you what so ever. Take take some time and make an effort to see if what we're doing you can benefit from. And the first thing you can do. Is simply just common cius you know come see me you'll meet myself my partners and we we don't do everything as an individual we toured as a team. We'd love to have done opportunity as you listen the show we're talking concepts and answered questions you say you don't want. We get there we just cut to the chase what can I do. Here's what you can do you can come see us we'll give me an hour of our time every week we allot force slots within our calendar specifically designed to street. New prospects new radio listeners we don't do anything else in if you like one of those hours for yourself and your team we have spokes. Go to just don't lose the money dot com. Click under free consultation you can book your point right there. Or he's just call us at 877630. 87. 87. And one of my colleagues who cornerbacks at the time to come see it's our then what I read this question I start Karen writes dear consider MI just turned sixty. And got new job well could you I'm excited about the next five to ten years with this company. And forewarned came with my previous employer and don't know what to do with it. I don't need money right now should I placed at 401K with my new employee plan. Or should I go with something else. But she's in a pretty good positions and just need the money national and Anita for ten years well the good news is that you know your choices ship and certainly if you put money. If you ruled the old into the new company for one K you can do that's pretty easy. Up apartment trouble I have rich and you know we've had the same forewarned actually known we we made a change or five years ago. Previous to that we with company a now we're with two with a company bewitched I think they're doing pretty good job. Armed but me has the trustee of about the ruby don't blame for a one K plan we put in there and I think this may be 45 choices. Of which. Forty of them Conner looks similar. You know that launched our small cap this cap that cap. On international domestic mean all the funds that I think everybody else knows they don't also in the 401K. There's a money market and Mindy is a few sort of bond type stuff well you know if you've noticed they have for the last few years. I've ruled everything out of that for one can have a vote and credited do. The index -- he's deadly for us and us here so my point point position if you're 3040. All those choices probably will have some effect. They'll be in play for you in any concern benefit from the gains. But when you're sixty. Like Cameron. She says you know what I need the money. But I don't think any good today and some day in future. And I'm guessing when she needs in the future she's gonna needed this additional income let's assume she's single stamp dress assume she sang go. Maybe she doesn't have a pension and maybe you know she doesn't have rental income like Brothers and she just needs plain old cash every month to do the things she wants to do. I think one thing she can certainly consider. It rolled out old form carry over to an irate. In inside that I re one of the choices that you might wanna consider is putting your money to a fixed indexed annuity account. Where is the strategies inside there call what we called index. Very simply put we talked about in the last only go up kick down. Yeah UNN and here's an example of of a contract. The company that hasn't everybody knows war what will be back to a four little secret they. Arguably had Peyton Manning. Has a lot of commercials so this company and how they to a really good job in in retirement they have good products. Obviously don't just okay products but one of the parts that I really like. Is something called and indexing strategy. With a spread and you have some choices you can choose to traditional S&P. They have they have a strategy with JPMorgan that's done really well. They recently and Brian John and I were lucky enough to be part of this launch on on the New York Stock Exchange. Where if gentlemen. By the name of Roger if its owner and if it's in. They've people if they don't know what it is in his Roger if it's and sold his company to Morningstar which we all know whom what morningstar's. I'm Roger if it's an is a professor at Yale universities and academic. Any developed a a comp because you've capital. That in partnership with this insurance company. Gives you the ability. To tap into his expertise. He would do all the work. If he does a good job he takes the first 1% as a as a reward you get the balance of earns ten you get nine he gets one. If he does a poor job and loses money he doesn't get paid and you lose not think these are. So that that's covering risk that's really covering risk so you know I'm sixty years old I have some money in the bank. Maybe I have some money in real estate may be out some money in stocks and bonds you in the traditional sense. I would wanna cover my wrists to make sure about it. I have money to use my future. So maybe she could roll over that. 401K two something like that I think that would be certainly something verdict it seriously consider. In this a lot of other things you can do when part of as I said earlier we offered a free consultation part of what we do. Is we've given how bout time we assess your situation. May be what you're looking to do doesn't have a really good matchup with what I do. But you know my part former partners John Conley who's a 22 year veteran of the of the business a marine. So you know the guy gets it done and then. Another partner of ours Ryan marched and who is maybe a twelve year veteran of the business part one of the smartest guys you would be very. Very. You know Scott stuff going on she's got together. And the three of us and along with the rich with his estate planning background we can really help you. Develop a plan. Maybe it's more more. Safety or maybe it's a little bit more towards where Ryan and Jon can help we would witches hey let's take on some risk must try to make some money. What can we put that together and actually a good point and people use that word loosely plan. When you leave our company in your client of ours that's exactly. We. Sort of take advantage of that couple things that you can do today go onto a website just don't lose the money dot com. Take a little time educate yourself surf around a little bit there's a lot of great useful tools and information. That you could take advantage of which one. Is towel giveaway today retirement we defined. Which is an eight page work booked you can download yourself the second thing is you can come check out rich and and I wife on October 3 Susan so Warner who deserved a warning go to war also be there Tuesday October 3 will be Berman ten and then. Wednesday October 4 will be in Denham. We're gonna take sort of loud radio show on the road answer all of your questions as it relates to retirement. And we'd love to have viewers aren't yes if you click under the workshop tab. You can RS BP right there and then lastly you click on the free consultation. You get an hour of mine. I'm divided attention to make sure that you retire. And help you follow Arnold to rules were number one just don't lose tomorrow and ornament to don't think you're number one again that website is just don't lose the money dot com. We come back or talk about how you can stretch your irony. To make sure that your ears get the benefit of those future funds keep the tax deferral and have income for the rest they life. Hi I'm Bobbie office manager at Riviera Lang I know regions and schedule better than I know my own. And their calendars getting people. If you'd like to meet with rich and Sam's call me now how could she was the head of the line but promised not to tell 8776308787. You call I'll answer 8776308787. Stars and celebrities you never know who's gonna stop by just don't lose the money special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks him. The name of your show just don't lose the money that's how people feel that they're nervous that's because of the economic conditions and exist today they action could. Lose their retirement and aspect and that's where people like you are so important now let's get back to just don't lose. Just don't lose the money I'm Sam line I'm Richard Rubino again once again thank you so much for joining us wonderful Sunday opium and good day. Rich and I'll be here for all of the longer the remainder of the hour. Answering your questions. Price so you have a question for us any time go to a website just don't lose the money dot com. If you click on the radio this Spartan in right. You can also click to ask your question and why you're wrong then there's a lot of great things great tools useful tools check out. Rich we have time for one more question you weren't what you used to go there and Carol and Bob deer aren't rights and dear bridging Sam. We recently talked to a lawyer. About our state plan and we discovered that we cannot put any amount IRAs. And 401 k.s into a trust. We are concerned. That if we leave a lump sum IRA to a son she would not be able to handle it on main engine. How do we make sure that there's some kind of financial stability to his life. When we're gone well that's a great question you know there's some people who never have money in all of a sudden they inherited money and they think. That it's like oh well of water that's never gonna stop they think CNN Saturday in edited a river instead of a bucket of water at that simulator you know now so earlier rap but an irate cannot be transferred to a trust. Without paying all the taxes double its campy title and trust in in additions that a lot of people don't I'm not aware of this. So you're married husband or wife husband dies the wife can actually just step into the husband shoe. And continue. The tax deferral benefits of that diary which is very very important and then they continue to use the money as they see fit. Same thing if a white guys husband and separate the white shoes. But other than a spokes. You can't transfer that money to a trust like this question. Or two children. May be up to Tutsis who make your fiftieth than fifty her and what Don. Well you can't if it's a million dollar IRA. They don't get to take half of that and putting today I am re right if the cash and pay taxes on half a million dollars or that you're right. Which means they you know they get a fraction of that in my they've got lucky look at 600 green but did the the idea is that she doesn't want all that money pretax post tax doesn't manage has all the money in the hands of the kid club. What she needs to learn more about this concept called stretch IRA in up. It's very powerful impact we just did it. With a client of ours. He made. These instructions you know 67 years ago he passed away. His three sons who whom I've never met. One was in California who I was VMware moves to other suns elsewhere in the country. And did that had like three million dollars the irony was worth a million bucks. In his wills and his direction was very simple two million bucks. Let them split it equally bill that the house but the million dollar IRA I don't want them dead ones I want them get a third a third and third. Stretch it out and I'm in a stretch irony so they continue. To have the tax deferral benefits of that. And then turned into an income stream at retirement at 65 of them in the sun was like why did he do that. And when I explain it to them. He's like you don't want my dad's pretty Smart guy because you like to OK I have money and he got money right now why pay the taxes. And why take a lump somewhat when I can have an income streams on the road wanna really need it. So he didn't do this through legal documents and we didn't directly through the company. Yes it's kind of like a poor man's trusts what they call a restricted beneficiary pay out okay not every company has but certain insurance companies certain foreign companies. You've the owner the ability. To make instructions that are you wrote for global. I can be passed on to the children. And really in this case it was a it was a win win because the clients in my case now on its sons benefited from having them money. But the UK attacks on right away. It will be different on to help them throw we timing could you do most did you determine how long you wanted to be stretched out can use different yeah ten years twenty years lifetime can you do that is all kinds of choices you can imagine you know choke off a box and Stan. But my point is is really important for people to understand that there are. You don't just you know who laid down there are certain things that you can do to enhance the overall success. Of what you're doing today as woes your family's. In this case of Carol Bob writes in hey it sounds like they have one son. He's not very good handling money you know velocity want to do is give them money all one's turn you know with it was not a IRAs you could also. Have what they call a spendthrift. Provision. Inside a trust either revoke a bowler irrevocable trust. Which will do the same type of thing or leaning independent trustee. And that trustee will dole out that money over a period of time that you might choose and I have that I have that trust I have that trust is why I 44 kids. You know sooner or later American kids and mobile right now they are my youngest is sixteen. My oldest is 22. He's a great kid but. He still can't yet you know so. I want to make certain and have a trust on how many pages it is maybe 67 pages of one of those provisions in this is spendthrift provision. Is not semitism go blow it but I purposely don't want them to happen all Weis and it's on all the time well I have the spendthrift provisions for my grandkids. My kids get everything out they've they're good with money they can handle it but if god forbid one of my my daughter pass away here's spendthrift provisions for. My grandchildren so that they have money to do resuscitation be helpful like to have this you know rich you know shame on Alaska's we've always promoted. I'm just like what you do the legal war to war what I do which is safe when stuff but really to. To help our clients and to have them benefit from with a holistic approach we're gonna have John Conley won a bipartisan Ryan Morris another partner. Talk more about what it is that they do in fact next week. Ryan martians gonna join me for the show him in place of you wish you should take some time off. And now we'll talk more about how you can have 100% fine mutual confidence. In going into retirement and knowing that you have really. All the avenues all the things that you really should do. In their comfort her so next week what would do that but today forget about and actually today here's what you can do. If you go on our website just don't lose the money dot com you can sign up for upcoming workshop which is only two weeks away. Really important venue you know and the yield right learn what exists that you need to do to protect yourself. Into do what you need to do hard to have the highest probability of success when you going into real time so join us. October 3 in Burlington and October 4. In Denham. If you go on tour website just don't lose the money dot com. You can get your own free ceding our CP. By clicking on the workshop time. Why you're there. There's a lot of good things chalk on our blogs you know we have new blogs every two weeks it talks about really important stuff our next. One is gonna talk to you about retirement. In some things are we're talking about today. Two weeks from now we'll talk about. And why they can take your own retirement test if that is enough. If you want more you can take your retirement tests or comment and CS for free consultation. Richard nine John line were always at your service clicked under their free consultation time to get back to. Our rich armada wrap your autograph and want to give you mentioned Sam is that everybody that comes and sees you. You know and so I. It is not. You know. He you know no Simi of those C one of our teams for sure it's not like some unknown persons on that note. How wonderful day thank you very much for joining us we'll be right back. Just lose the money radio will be right back with your questions I would like to schedule a no obligation meetings with attorneys Richard Gordon Miller Sam Wang please give our office upon. 617. 6308787. Or visit just don't lose the money dot com. Ever wonder how rich in Santa get all their work done. He started by calling me. I'm Bobby's office manager after revealing my. You can secure financial future of the same way by calling me you call I'll answer it's 8776308787. 877630878000. Just go who's got money beyoncé and I'm Richard Bruno and I hope we had a wonderful hallway less people rich and I do for you to death too much. But instead we did some great information. Second help you. Have the highest probability of success as you go into retirement important jewel every time you know we we we try to. We we we try to have a meaningful. Dialogue without clients but if you take away all the stuff that we gibberish about. And you just simply remember. These two things rule number one just don't lose them money and move number two don't forget rule number one mobile app so we assure you. That your retirement will be that much better. And you'll be much happier. I don't go backwards so for more commission about what it is that we can do few I'll show our company our team members and sort of our DNA. Logon to just don't lose money dot com thanks very much listening to say goodbye I'm samba I'm Richard Bruno have a wonderful day. The information on this. 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