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This is good just don't lose the money radio show with your host attorney Richard Rubino and Sam lag. For over twenty years rich and Sam have been broadcasting to the Boston area. Explaining how you can protect your life safe. Richard Sam's highly regarded and sought after guidance has been. Featured on Fox Business news and fortune and money magazines now. Your post I just don't lose the money guys from Richard Rubino and sale black. Just don't lose the money I'm seeing him play I'm Richard Rubino happy Father's Day to all the dads out there while today's are ready to do it is another today's Jordanian now and I think I'm just gonna. Sit back and enjoy and tell somebody might Tulsa but I don't know only one yeah. I do you think we don't want to get away with a one day out of you this issue goalies who go one day. From Russia and go charitable tall ships my son's. My son oh my oh listen DeVon took a little bit of time off after graduating in. This sailing one of the tall ships. Back from Richard from Spain that's what the the ball was way back in 1920s and thirties but it's coming up from Key West and will be in. In the Boston Harbor for a few days and and Donna. To others so stay right here. For those of you tune in for the first time what is that show all about rich and I created a company 25 years ago called ruby don't mind. We have this radio show for the last twenty or so years. Sharing ideas with you as to how to protect would have. And we follow two simple rules rule number one. Just don't lose the money and we'll number two don't forget who mobile want to learn more about us please log onto our website just don't lose the money dot com. It's a very educational work site. A worker. Website and it will be very helpful for you I assure you my son I know we're here to take questions answer them give me some pointers so here we go. A mosque during Ken writes into your rich and Sam my husband I have done a pretty good job in building our retirement nest state. And we have done most of the things that you talk about on your show and yet we still feel nervous about taking such a big step. Retirement. It is not normal to have the music is really normal is it normal to have these. Pre retirement jitters you it's a great question you know what what you know I want to leave the workplace and you know it's hard to go back you don't wanna like big groceries at the grocery store so. Everybody has to jitters you know collision is I think especially those who live day you know inexperienced 2008 imagine if humid retarded 2008. You probably were too bagging groceries in Chiapas and then groceries no red all kidding aside I think the jitters comes from change you know we're human beings. I've had. We've had the same. Health insurance and put in place fifteen years we go to change the health insurance plan even to a better plan you were thought we were like. Making his major change in regard generous sort it's the unknown so you know really is. If you use it getting a paycheck every two weeks. Four X amount of dollars well when you start working nonstop so that's with a Judas can be there and there's also other things that are involved as identities is what he gonna do in my gonna keep myself busy. But I think the biggest piece is financial security. Knowing where that paychecks and kind and knowing it's gonna come every month for the rest feel like you know when it comes aware and not in our in our house our. Oh no I was in the same house of worship but that's not what you are right there now host of business. We do a lot of different things or help people get their state plans in order which is really. Nothing more than leaving a legacy T eaters. We help people grow their money we have to gentleman by the name John and Brian in the office got out investment advisors so help you. Grow your money as aggressively as you want from point a to point B but rich our job for me new is to really build that foundation. First. And build it as strong as possible which has to do with the income well you know it did get ready jitters you need certainty you know if you have. Play golf on a certain day you wanted to be sunny and you certain it's going to be sunny well you might be sure you might not be sure but. What you do what are we do know is that certainty that their paycheck very simply put we had a German I came in the other day he was two years maybe two and a half years away from retirement. He came to us and said look I have these great investment visors down the street from you guys said the name I agreed with them I actually knew the principle they did a nice job. And he said the problem is that terrible when it comes to you complain. Because every time I asked them so well where am I gonna give money come from. His represented reports say well from the growth of the portfolio and from. You know the dividends would have it doesn't grow forward exactly what if it didn't grow in fact it was 2008. And actually went down. You know and even companies like. General Electric they cut dividends right and so you wanna make sure. That you take a portion of your money and what he was saying to me was I wanted to come to you. For the income peace. Ominous they with my current advises for the growth piece is okay then what do you think about that does that make some sense so as we dive into it. We realize that he had. A very small need of income he needed about 25000. Dollars additional income a year or so to grant more month. Yet funny in my need to do that way it. In rather than putting all your eggs in one basket we had two baskets we have the money with the investment folks I was gonna quote that he kept that word has. We culled out about a third of his money we used a fixed index annuity we allowed to grow. Between now and the time that he was gonna retire which was a couple years from now. And we were able to pre determined for him. That to one half years from now he would actually get 2500 dollars a month guarantee for the rest of his life. By using the right product for the right job that's great so that so he knew exactly. What his paycheck was going to be. On a monthly basis every no guesswork no guesswork not only was it for him but it was actually. We did a joint income pale face which was designed to give him in his wife. They're predictable guaranteed certain amount of money for the rest of there alive I so let's say after the first months to god forbid they both. Pass away in a car accident what happens for the money wherever they put in two and a year two years ago. Plus all the entrance. Minus whatever they took out. The balance every penny will go to the name beneficiaries are going to children as a as a lump sum as alarmed some listeners example. And sometimes you can set it up so they continue to get the payment but in this case. It was really designed to give them that so that helped them with that piece. That topical wade through the jitters manages only comes with hey I don't know what a meaningful right in now that they know what they're in for and they know they can do it. It it's not gonna be you know. No worries about rest they lies and so I mean it would take awaited jitters. And one of the things that we wanna share with our our audience today if you're listening you've been listening for some time maybe Europe few years away from retirement. You really owe it to yourself. To get our free giveaway which is entitled the five big threats. To a secure. We time and against the five big threats to a secure retirement if you call this number. 877630. 8787. Tell the operator you want our giveaway this week the five big threats to a secure retirement. We will make certain we send that out to you. First thing Monday morning again it's 877. 630. 87. 87. In if you're listening you that you are that person. And maybe you I don't know 556065. You're a few years away from retirement you owe it to yourself to come to our upcoming workshops. Which is entitled the retirement survival workshop that's only a couple of days. Only a couple of days Tuesday June 20 Sam and I and Susan warning will be that's the Middle East in Winfield at 10 AM. My mouth is watering already you know you gonna say that I last year worst analogies I don't get your idea I cost me a lot of money to go there. And again on Wednesday in June 21. We're going to be at the dead and Hilton again at 10 AM in the morning. They have to register you Josie can go online at just don't lose the money dot com if you click come in the workshop tab. You'll be able to register right there you can also download your own. Five big threats to a secure retirement by backed by going onto a website. Just don't lose the money dot com and again many people you may be driving right now we don't don't tax don't go online why you drive in the go ahead and call this number. 877. 630. 87. 87. You can also register for the workshops when you call that number get the five big threats to a secure retirement one more time 877. 630. 8787. Next we're gonna talk about if you don't have a target date for your retirement. We're gonna show you how to hit the bullseye. Right on the target. Hi I'm Bobby office manager for Richard Rubino and Sam lane to schedule an appointment with rich and Sam call me out. 8776308787. That's 877. 6308787. Welcome back. To just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out for the last two decades salmon rich have been helping people just like you protect their life's work. By following two simple rule. Now country music superstar Martina McBride with the rule number one. Don't lose some money. And rule number two don't forget number one just don't lose money on sales while Richard Rubino is great to have you as our guest this wonderful day. But those that's happy farmers they're happy Father's Day I know this is going to be a day won't we day. Out of the entire year that I can tell everybody what to do and actually listen. Hers and one of the things I learned from my father is and live within your means if you make a great role if you make a dollar. You know you need some to live on and you need some to. Spend on your kids and education and you need some to safe so he was just savor any always believe in not having any debt. The study goes so goes like oh good stuff. Elect a speaker education what your father taught you when you're in the siblings we are here to educate you. On how to properly. Structure would you have. What you need to worry about as you enter into retirement. And out of obviously. Tricks so stay tuned for the rest of the show we have some informative information to share with you. And we're here to answer your questions on that note let's take a question stepping Greg writes in dia Richardson and we are planning to retire. In about seven years and we're thinking of target date funds. We are not sure if this is the way to go or not. What is your pain. Well you know it is there's lots of different ways to you know build your retirement nest stadium one of them is target date funnel I have we have target date funds and all 401K you know and it's fine. You know are the only game in town but listens imam a simple guy you know me and I'd rather have a target date paycheck. You know just tell me he's a security it's like Social Security I know I'm gonna retire on January 1 whatever year it is. I know I need a dollar on that day. How do I get that dollar and make sure that dollar comes and he's only audio target date paycheck that's why like you're richer or simple guy you know what you want to and I gotta tell you. Would be a lot easier. Certainly most people's lives if they thought about that approach just like you both this statement sent that might go for you know like your 401K statement you Social Security statement as say that. Doesn't tell you how much money you have criticism now if you retire at 66 and a half. You'll get 2000 dollars a month for the rest of your life. If you were to suddenly you'll get Tony 300 dollars in part a month for the rest of your life but unlike. I'm like our 401K statements I don't care of your target date fund balance fund growth fund. There's no number one is no guarantees now. Number two the whole idea is to get you home Yo-Yo you solve you know you'll lump sum to a bigger alarms some but it doesn't tell you Hamachi is gonna. Give you each and every month. So what we actually do in the offices. We use different what we call pocket approaches. Our pockets you know pocket one might be just money in the bank market to might be the money that you want to risk you can use. A variety of things John and offers rhyme and office helps all clients. If they're looking for it cost effective way. To grow their money with professional management that you CT apps there's a lot of different things that they can do they can help you with. Where I think I'll strength comes in his pocket number three. Which is making sure that you'll have that target date pitcher going target date on me give me an example when I mean by that. We had a gentleman that just came in earlier last week. He was 61 years old and his wife was sixty years old missile what are you here for. Is that in five years I'm gonna retire I'll be 66 and a half. I can get my full social security. And I'm I'd like my job I used to lobby and I don't love it's much but you know I can hang in there for number five years. And I did mine I did the calculation we need about 80000 dollars a year to live on. We calculated. At 661. Half fortieth that's spoken for from a Social Security paychecks since half that's how so when you know the 40000 dollars more. Com five years from now. We have no pensions. When unexpected inheritance. All we have is what we saved. And they had to borrow one point eight million dollars and total money to do how much is an Irish Bob. Maybe 80% fossil ever saw a lot of it so I said ten I said would it be helpful in which you would you. Which you find it valuable and helpful. If I can show you how much money you need to put aside now. Put into a place where is gonna grow on it guaranteed basis. And then five years from now I can precisely tell you without any mistake. Any deviation any if subplots. That you'll get. 40000 dollars a year guaranteed for your what your life annual wife's life so it's a printout he can actually get there and said yeah that would be great. So I excused myself were few minutes went to my computer. We scoured the world to fixed annuities that had these income writers we came out with no giving example. We were able to showing that if you put in 635000. Dollars and now so the guys got one point eight through present the end. Maybe general 40% of his group. That minorities and give him an initial 14%. Bonus that income down. So right away instead of being worth 635. His paycheck his future pension. Is now gonna be tallied on. 723. Immediately immediately because that included a 14% bones kind in the senility groove. And a 7%. Roll up rate. For the an incumbent so 7% simple interest there. So I was able to shown and it's 66 years old. His income value is 977000. Dollars well most of many books and we were going to be able to take out. 40068. Dollars a year. Guaranteed for his life. And his wife's life was laws are a lot. Okay so. What I was able to show him was. Kind of like a target date fund but more like what you're looking for which is. They target date amount we talked a paycheck target date H and if they both pass away after a couple of years what happens the rest of the money so whatever balances. Is left over. Gets paid to his ears in a lump sum basis now they don't calculate that number. Based on the 7% but on the small in number like one and a half pursue it but I was so what are elegant or no money now yeah it was important to them but it was secondary right. Because then they're good thing is that. Of his one point eight million dollars in its total savings. We only took 600 Wright did it with this the other one point two we can do whatever he wants with right you know so I think it's there's a lot of value. To get if you were able to see this in person while it's like a Social Security statement and this creating those different buckets only this bucket. Has that the same certainty. As Social Security without a doubt because it gives you that numbers of the guy want to retire a year earlier a year later that number would change a little bit there's a lot of you that's listening right now and you seem boy that would wouldn't that be great. If I knew that my own number if I knew where I'm gonna be five years from now who's going to be sunny on the day you play golf I would be also I would be almost as good. But knowing what you're gonna get an income stream. Knowing how much money you're gonna have. With very. A very small chance of not working. Is really. Really important so here's my offered to you. My time is valuable richest Tom hobbies is valuable and so shorts in June nearing retirement you having gone through this exercise. Listen you owe it to yourself. The take afternoon off from work or going don't work a little later in common and see us and his role you'll get from its one. You'll get an hour by hour time. Free of charge to you're gonna get my time you're gonna get my teammates time you're not gonna. When aka hanjour off the sum total stranger who you listen to on the radio is who you're gonna get to me seem like a sit in that room with you. I'll ask you a whole bunch of questions as to what you're worried about and hopefully you'll worries. We have the solutions. In if you're looking for a way to determine if you have enough money are you gonna run out how much can expand how much human and half. Who do precisely this exact same exercise where you'll leave. In hand a calculation based on how much money you need to set aside now. And how much money you have an income stream for the rest of your life so this is one of the things can even go over its seminar. Yes without a doubt welcome back to down we'll talk about that but what I wanna offer rich right now is people the opportunity. And I have next week I only have four slots open the week after I hit three slots open if you want one of those slots called this number now 877. 630. 8787. For your free your own free. Retirement planning consultation again that's 877. 630. 8787. For your free. Retirement planning consultation you can also go online at just don't lose the money dot com click on other free consultation tab why are there. Turco some of our other. Very educational. Tools that you can use chalk up a work site workshop tap follow future seminars again just don't lose the money dot com. We'll be right back at. You're taking the first step to a sound financial retirement this is just don't lose the money radio. I feel free to visit us at just don't lose the money dot com. Hi I'm Susan ward if you're listening to two of the cutest guys in finance radio and I'm no huge. But friends Richard revealing sailing of Rubino and blame the firm that specializes in protecting your money both legally and financially. Stay tuned for more informative radio just don't lose the money dot com. Just don't lose money on Sam line I'm Richard amino happy Father's Day it's all the dads out there Richie nine well we got all happy Father's Day gift this morning what. And and I'll gift TO. Is the 25 years of sort of knowledge that we've assembled together as a team to help our clients protect every time. We've been donated via we've been noted the 25 years and our way of looking at as little bit different. We look at money first because that's what everybody needs while they are living here you'll live live live before you die so you make sure they have enough. Money to come in each month to last year's arrested alive then we look at legacy plating lazy planning his. Protecting your assets and they leave a legacy that you protect those assets it got too big to go into her nursing home and that's like on the legal side of things we. But those two things together. What's the nice thing average follow those rules are absolutely bored you know what's nice thing about that riches. As we're talking people can do that under one that's right and I think there's so many times in instances where we see people may say you know what. Kind of wish we knew you way in advance because. I am money moves who now and then. We went through his lawyer and we did that for like nobody talked to each other and I talk to mature enough beneficiaries stole my ex wife instead of the trust until two years ago you know so that type with that type stuff. Under one roof far trash from any of the people that work with us is that we're competent we're skilled. We are honest we have people that care. They'll help you with senior retirement plans put all those things together. Under one roof and just like I said the left hand now knows. With the ranking instead of and so is very important and I know if you like to learn more about us please log onto our website at just don't lose the money dot com. We have some workshops and our commercial brave briefly rich. But Tuesday June 20 we're gonna be it's Minnelli is a mine field at 10 AM. Then Wednesday June 21 we're gonna be and data method denim Hilton. Again at 10 AM and these workshops that not everybody but if you're between the ages of 55 and seven the he's getting ready to retire may be recently retired you have a little bit of money 250000. Dollars or so and over and you wanna make sure you're comfortable you don't want our. Run out of money. You wanna learn how you can bulletproof your retirement plan maybe you have some current soft anyone an extreme occurring retirement portfolio. We talk a lot about creating your own pension plans you don't know how to do that you wanna learn more about that we'll talk all about down in the ritual also talk about. Trust in the different types trust that you can use to avoid probate. Protect yourself you're going to nursing home taxes taxes all of those things come join us again. June 20 or June 21 log onto a website at just don't lose the money. Dot com click on the the workshop tab and you'll be would it take it from there. All right rob rich Hollander an exam running out of steam here OK bush is gone so the question Peter merry right deer can stand. I recently read an article in Forbes discussing why life insurance is essential for retirement planning. I never thought of some of the things that would discussed especially when they mentioned tax free cash flow that's interesting to make. How does that work well I looked up the article and it's pretty interesting article and does so let's. As the expert yesterday and step right anyway on the expert so I actually in preparation for a radio show we cool this this is done and April 27 of this year. Jamie Hopkins used to contribute to force wrote about why life insurance. Is essential. For retirement plan OK so let me let me talk about that a little bit I have on 51 years old. Fifteen years ago I took some life insurance. Ten years ago it took a more life insurance five years ago I took on condition why don't tell your wife. Her you're right so you just use smuggled the beans in the long or short of it is I'm more so way more dead and I am a life. But the reason I did it was war. For variety of reasons one I have an obligation to be responsible. To cover any shortfall is about what to die prematurely so wife assurances is designed to do that but he did it restructuring life insurance. Properly. There are tremendous. Tremendous. Benefits and share with you what they want. There's things you can take advantage of inside a life insurance policy today called index. Apparently I mean well the average person listening might sell I know what that is I don't buy an index of that is not what it is. An index fund means you can have all the upsides as well as paper goes down guess what you lose money you share in the downsides. Indexing inside a life insurance policy. Is you have some choices you can choose this one is an extra we don't know I just under 500. You get. Most of the ups and when I get all of the upside so right now I'm looking in my own statement. All mobile bought 11%. On my year to date cash value in some life insurers need the S&P is up twelve and half. So I mean get all of that but that's OK Arnold they don't let them. Because in 2008. When it went down by some 3040%. The actual recipe index. I saw him lying. Lost nothing seemed captured an 11% I I make whatever is going up by. I'm might not make it this past I might not make it's much but I never go backwards and never lose any money not only today. But in any previous gains that I blocked him. So it's very palm only I'm not down there pretty good so that's number one number two if you think about it logically. If you're putting all of your money into 401K. Today and then matching dollar for dollar. Would no limit on how much you put them what's the best deal on her. But what company do you know that those that are I don't know of any not one that exists some companies might match you put up to a certain amount so after that. Is joke is short choosing. Your desire shelter this money from current income taxes but that the thing that we don't sort of think a whole lot about his. Someday we gotta take some money out. We're now gonna pay taxes on the money right so we sheltered a five bucks today instead of paying taxes on five bucks. It's grown to twenty dollars we now I should pay tax on twenty dollars so if you think about who want. Uncle Sam and Sam in that case inside a life insurance policy. No premiere I'm gonna get technical for a second. But under internal revenue code section. 770207702. It says if you play by the rules. Just like all the places limits which is if you don't go beyond the limits. The money that you have in the end now that's gonna grow by this indexing methods which can only go up can go down. Whatever the numbers in the future. You act. In will be treated as its tax like a Roth I array. Merrill which is no time I think. The taxes on our current cereal so is this for everybody similar this and everybody okay it's heard about this no. But there is crime aid to somebody would get into sounds like this while you know I said Jesus is savior entire paycheck at twenty years old you you won't be able to do that. So the prime age I'd say somewhere between maybe forty to 55 okay where you know some of the bills behind you maybe you're in your peak earning years. Maybe you've paid off that student loan or not your mortgage free. And you can save more money. Retirement is more near the site you can see it didn't taste that. You wanna maximize your retirement savings this is something that you should consider plus. Itself completing which means it's of complaint was out while we don't you get hit by car you died of heart attack his money his life insurance particularly for him so I like that I like our whole lot. We have wonderful tools in our website that can help you learn more about essential. Benefits. Of different things that you can take advantage of in the retirement world to be checked out. Just don't lose the money dot com you know exactly when I mean by that you check out our upcoming workshops. On coming to you June 20 that's been always in Winfield in the morning at 10 o'clock. And then Wednesday June 21. At the denim Helton also Tim Clark you know precisely what I'm talking about you can make a reservation. By going on tour website just don't lose the money dot com click another workshop time. Dobie detailed. Information as to the workshop and how you can sign up. But also I would encourage everybody that's listening today to take advantage of riches generosity my generosity. We put time and effort. Putting this handout together for you to ten page booklet entitled the five big threats to wish secure. Retirement we wanna share with you with those five are. And most importantly how to do. Jump over that problem right so we want (%expletive) that would be free of charge call this number 877. 630. 8787. For your free copy of the five big wrists to a secure retirement again on numbers 877. 630. 87. 87. Or online at just don't lose the money. Dot com next we're gonna protect your assets both legally. And financially we'll show you how do that we come back. Hi somebody office manager Billy Lange I know reasons and scheduled better than I know my own. And their calendars getting phone. If you'd like to meet with riches and call me now I'll put you at the head of the line that promise not to tell 8776308787. You call I'll answer it 776308787. Welcome back to you just don't lose the money with Sam Wang an attorney Richard remain out special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks Sam I'm. I love the name of your show just don't lose the money if you are as an all right but that's how people feel that they're nervous that's because of the economic conditions that exist today they actually could. Lose their retirement nest egg and that's where people if you are so important. Now back did just don't lose the money went Sam Wang an attorney Richard Rubino. Just don't lose the money on Sam went on Richard every now hey thanks again for reaching out to us some viewer called then. Turn outbreak with some questions we appreciate that. We are here for you we're here to educate you we will show you how to do things maybe a little bit different than what you're doing. Sometimes. Once in awhile we get people that I'm done a whole lot in the need to complete overhaul. But whatever it is it your problem as big large small medium extra large XX XL. We can help you. And we do that by following these tools were number one just don't Bustamante and number two don't forget we'll number one virus we have time for more questioning me that question Sam. Liz writes dear urgency and my husband. My husband of forty years was recently diagnosed with early alzheimer's. We wanna protect all our assets. If he has to go into a nursing home. We hold our own home mortgage free and most of our money is in non retirement accounts. What steps should we be taking. Well let us take let's make some assumptions I say they've both 65 stamp you know and worst things you can do. Is that you can start to protect some of your assets by putting them in. Erie vocal bolt. The way the new truss is structured. Is that if one goes into a nursing home they can't get the money. But you can't get the money through named trustees in name to other. Trustworthy. Beneficiaries. And we talk about that at the seminar. And and if you do this five years before. He has to go into a nursing home whatever is and that trust would be protected. Our original us products close him I was gonna say I'm listening that sounds good. But in this case of the German has alzheimer's or early alzheimer's and number one how to cancel five years. Maybe maybe not well but secondly even if you describe that it's it's he rubber Goebel what you can still take money you know by asking you trustees listen. I'm not gonna put everything I own into Nebraska now especially if it's diary money exactly as he's not a firing right now so. Sometimes. On that note even though we can help people protect all of their money you'd be going to a nursing home. The question really comes down to do you really want to go to one person I know the answer is no. I just took a phone call the other day from the very old good client of ours has been a wife who in the coming comedians now it's that. My clients of twenty years ago puts this on June it daughter sometimes both daughters come I just got a call the other day from Jan Jensen hate. And you know we haven't told Joseph but my dad's been on needing home health care for the last seven months since like Christmas time. And we pay about 2000 dollars a week in addition to your nose and that's a lot of my step between a month. So they're they're going to their monies are very quickly well here's the good news the good news is that. Years and years ago we put some of that did dad's money into fixed annuity. That fixed annuity picks means they can lose money principles guaranteed interest rates guarantees Carrie Guzman that your. And that minority when he did you few months ago was designed to give him a second paycheck should be need in the future now he's never use that. 'cause she's one of the old timers that lived within his means that you spent a lot of money and they had enough money in the bank they had a pension was very lucky work for the state. On the wife also had a small pension issue was a teacher for a few years then and so security. So so there are there any income they have plenty of income. But now as I was describing him as so look Jim here's what we can take advantage of the dad put in like twenty years ago. 300000. Dollars into this fixed annuity it's now worth like 750. And if we were to take you come from it it would be guaranty had about 40000 dollars a year for the rest of his life. Talk however. Because your dad now each home health care. We can easily proved to be insurance company that he cannot perform. Two of the six activities of daily living just like long term care insurance are much the same definitions same definition in our camp beta itself he can dress yourself you can feed yourself. All we would need is a as a as a letter from his stock to saint. Saying that he can do that we turn around cement a claim. And instead of getting 40000 dollars a year. We get now double that would get 80000 dollars a year for as long as there's money in the accounts of basically they gonna pay double. When you count reaches zero. The American stock paint him they're just go back to the original mom in the 640 yeah 40000 dollars but I also we were able to have it doesn't come for free. But it basically stretches the doll or a little bit just like one of those combination product to do a bunch of different things yeah MicroHoo combination grows tax deferred. If you want incoming could take income maybe get safety Jamar and come you know we use we use an analogy and everybody wants a uses coins are used this analogy that everybody gets it. We used this analogy you know workshop of an old cellphone up verses today so awful. You know a cell phone twenty years ago. Looked more like a brick. Right right you couldn't put a new transplant could do one thing make a call make a call to the call same cell phone numbers put in front pocket or back pocket. He checked the weather go sharpen an make your dinner reservations. And make phone calls so that's stuck dot com bowl and it's only three things is food to thousands of things you be doing yourself I was funny I went to an iPhone store. Two months ago. And the guys tell me I could do this can do that and we use all cellphone probably too. 20% caper burn it if that so yes there are products out there. Designed to give you an enhancement. Should you get sick in his the beauty of it somebody's car shouldn't get today. Regardless pile. You know this off course or this person who has Al's time is now. He can actually get that product poses no of course not all of them some of them yeah just some of them as long as he can truthfully say. Right now he can still perform. His daily functions OK and the answer is yes so you aren't there pretty good stuff they're pretty good stuff on that note couple things that I would invite you to think about. If you're nearing retirement you haven't really put the effort. In two sitting with somebody. Have a face to face the sun just have a conversation about how safe is your retirement and you can be OK you can run out of money. Should host the owner trust now rather than jointly named you she's neat he should have a conversation. And hopefully it's with us. So if you call our toll free number. One of things that you can tell the operator on is that you can take advantage of my free offered to you I have four slots open next week. Three slots open the week after. For me being set aside time set aside to meet with new potential clients. One of those can be yours call this number 8776308787. Tell the operator you make you free. Retirement planning consultation with me and we'll make sure that happens I give my teammates together you'll sit with us and make sure that we can help you if we can help you. 877630. 8787. We do have some workshops come up and about a week you can learn more about the topics. Why you should come when you log onto our website at just don't lose them money. Dot com June 20 and June 21 of the dates. If you are a few years away from retirement. May be between the ages of 55 and seventy. And you wanna make shore. That you a bullet proof you need to invest a couple of hours of your time give more information go onto just don't lose the money dot com. Click on of the workshops tab will be happy to set aside a couple of seats for you know lastly why there he can get off free giveaway this week. Entitled the five big threats to a secure retirement. Right there all at your fingertips at just don't lose the money dot com happy fathers say thank you for listening will be right back. Just don't lose the money radio we'll be right back. If you have questions I would like to schedule a no obligation meeting with attorney Richard regain our salmon please give our officer Paul has 6176308787. We're visit just don't lose the money dot com. Ever wonder how rich in Santa get all their work done they start by calling me I'm Bobby office manager have a feeling my. You can secure your financial future the same way by calling me if you call I'll answer 8776308787. 8776308787. Just don't lose money on samurai American nobody knows thanks again for being with us we hope that. Which now we're able to share with you a few nuggets in terms of how you can better. Position yourself to have a secure and safe retirement at the job ommission is very simple not the you'd understand everything and we talk about in this hour. But to just get enough. Maybe you'll listen in next week maybe the week gap there and hopefully at some point we can help you so thank you for that. You know Richie are we're very fortunate we've lived a very. Sort of straightforward cleaning easier like help when our clients by following these two simple rules rule number one. Just don't lose the money and move them would do don't we rule mobile while we're on the session each and every Sunday we encourage you come back again. Not to this'll last in the meantime if you like chuck is so chuck and so in terms of the offers so we have to share with you. I'll workshops that we have upcoming log on to just don't use them. Dot com for the fantastic they say good bye. And similar Richard will be taken. The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax or investment advice and is not intended to constitute an offer to sell or serve a solicitation connection with product security your service this program as a service of revealing how we'll see if Newton Massachusetts not affiliates of war won't fight any financial help. Revealing playing LLC Sam playing in Richards revealed I've got investment advisors nor registered as such John Conley and Ryan Morris in our investment advisor representatives of retirement wealth advisors. Investment advisory services are that you are WA registered investment advisor Sam languages do you know of being. You know playing LLC and are no insurance agency LLC are not affiliated with the retirement wealth advisors. LLC full disclosure please refer to their website just so he's the most talked. A.