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Sunday, April 16th

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The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax or investment advice Richard Rubino and Sam Langer principles of freebie you know lying LLC and LLC with a mass broker's license 1783398. Either Sam rich nor repeat or lying are registered as investment advisors and do not give investment advice this shows a service of repeat O line. This is. They just don't lose the money radio show with your host attorney Richard Rubino and Sam lag. For over twenty years rich and Sam have been broadcasting to the Boston area explaining how you can protect your life safe. Rich and Sam's highly regarded and sought after guidance has been featured on Fox Business news and fortune and money magazines now. Your post that just don't lose the money guys from. Richard Rubino and sailed way. Just don't. The money radio on the same line and I'm Richard Rubino who so much for joining us is wonderful. Sunday. And I hesitated because I thought this procession through Saturday night I thought it was April 15 and I didn't wanna like you know it's not tax day yet starts tomorrow but. Anyhow it's Sunday. Rich and are welcome everybody to the show. Many view listen to us for a long time we appreciate that very much somebody you're joining us for the first time all have only listen to us once it once or twice. Yeah quite not quite sure so you know what what these two guys gonna say. Well we we say the same thing kind of over and over and really we do but which is coming down to following or two rules rule number one. Just don't lose the money and move mama two don't forget a normal one and our goal is very simple to educate people as we get closer to retirement. To making the right decisions to have matures and make those right decisions. And maybe sometimes people need professional help that's where we come in. To help you insure you and protect yourself during retirement I think the girl Victoria particularly so. We have clients from all walks of life. You know from say forty and up and if you know you're looking for maybe tax ideas on how to pay less when you retire or just to keep your principles say for how to. How to protect your house to be going to a nursing home that's really what world pile of a great show we want to stick around the world and talk a little bit more about. How to of course just don't lose money but you know on that's no. Change subjects a little bit rich sprained his kind of finally here is great if he had any spring's here the reds. After out they won their opener how great it was I don't tomorrow tomorrow's the the marathon now. You know the bush is a turning green it's gray Boston's or does a great time a year so happy Easter to everybody. In the show we're gonna talk about having a happy retirement. Why most people worried about running out of money and how to solve. Back crisis right so we're how we solve that crisis stay tuned stay right here. For more information please check out our website at just don't lose the money dot com. It's a very easy. To navigate web site. For the information you can educate yourself on how to properly structure your retirement so just don't lose money dot com. My mistake our first question Joseph endorsed he writes in. The urgency of we have a good friend who retired in 2007. To. Need I say more. He had his wife are about ten years younger than us in after the crash of 2008. He actually had to get a part time job. We don't want this to happen to us and we wanna make sure war. Our retirement money. Last the rest of lives what are we need to do you know Sam timing is everything and after those people who lost a lot of money 2008. It's a very vivid memories like where we use. A day you know and people remember people even though it's almost ten years ago people say yeah how signpost 40% of what I had. You know it but nobody could really judge your predict a market downturn could happen. Any time you got in don't want traditionalist who. Well you know Richie I mean he's just look up and oh look outside sort of take the temperature. The Tampa churn our economy. What's around us the fact that we've had a great you know eight year run in the market housing market real estate market. You gotta think how long how much longer can last well I get an arsenal that I get nervous about it also but I think you know when you're in the final stretch his people in the final stretch. That they can't afford. To be in the same shoes at their friend was and they have a billion dollars in there are count now it's 600000. Would why do I gotta get a job that's a problem and I don't want that. You know one of the things that we see a lot is because. We buying into traditional thinking many of us have 41 case of if not all of us and we retire and that's the bulk of us savings. And we don't have any pensions are guaranteed income sources other than Social Security. And you retire with a little bit of money in Social Security. And a big pile of money in your 401K. Hopefully have a problem money. And you say you know what I I hope this is gonna work I hope it's gonna last I hope I can take your money out and I hope whenever kill the goose that lays the golden egg. Well sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't work most of the way the way that you structure of these things we think I think. Is they have to cover the downside first because. If everything is always good there's never probably never thought only a problem with things are bad in fact what we're as we're talking we have a great giveaway today that actually. Precisely. Discusses about what you should be doing if you're within five years of retirement because. The title this giveaways called a crisis in retirement plan. And crisis a strong word but there's a lot of problems out there with retired people not know what to do where they gonna get the income stream so. Europe thanks so our good friends over at the Harvard Business Review. They've published a white paper. Entitled the crisis in retirement planning and start talking about to face the first phase which is the building face so you know between. 640 and 65 this is what you should be doing. And then the second phase is when you retired your 65 beyond this is what you should be different. And we encourage people with the sort of know that there's a difference and you should learn more about what you should be doing so. If you log onto a website just don't lose the money dot com. You can download. The crisis in retirement planning published by the Harvard Business Review. Or you can call this number one how hard copy sent you that number's 877630. 8787. Again in numbers 877. 6308787. Or download yourself I just don't lose them money. Dot com so getting back. Suits are getting backs him I mean I think that the and they you formula is pretty simple you know you need money for emergencies. He needs money for income we need money for long term. The hardest piece I think is the middle peace the money for income goes emergency Jolie deepened when this emergency loan term. He like don't worry about it it's long term so the middle piece is really aware of the match I mean give me an example what one can think about doing we just saw a person of the day fifty years old they came in. That a little bit of money here company that sold two Summers stock options vested in him more money than he ever mansion. So he came to us my colleague Ryan was able to help promote the growth piece they used fidelity managed account they. By traditional. Mutual funds ETFs none of that stuff that I deal with what Ron was able to help without peace but like you said rich the Middle East whereas you're getting conference. We were able to shown how we fix indexing knew he can really solve that puzzle. He puts money in in this case the State's 500000 dollars first and foremost the principles guarantee. So the worst thing that can happen is 65 years from now when he retires. The 500000. If the market went down every single day it's worth 500000 dollars. On a range of reality that this person should expect on these. But he's returning the rate of growth ranger grow yet somewhere between 646%. OK he was happy with that it's conservative not take any risk. However once in awhile you get lucky so I showed him my statement. In last year US same product are the same product. And last year I earned nine point 59%. Would zero risk to principal reason and that's really designed to help you structure. You own. Private pension when you southward to give your paycheck for life so now you made at 9% that's your money so for if you let a 100000 goes up to one on nine. Your new principal is 10 and I didn't go down canal never from that point on can never go below. 109 so it's a great tool to use to consider is a right for everybody had no of course not. That's why should learn more about how that works and why should position within your retirement I'll free giveaway today again is the Harvard. Business review white paper. Entitled the crisis in retirement planning. For your free copy. Call this number 877630. 8787. That number again is 877. 63087870. Or just go on a website just don't lose the money dot com. Click under both the actual picture of the white paper you can download yourself or. You can take it one step further. Get a free consultation without comment comes seem you can do that all right on the website again I just don't lose some money. Dot com you know in the financial world there are only two things that you own can go up. But not. Go down stay right here we'll talk about both of those. Hi somebody office manager for Richard Rubino and Sam lane to schedule an appointment with virgins him call me now. 8776308787. That's 877. 630 8787. Welcome back to just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out. For the last two decades salmon rich have been helping people just like you protect their life's work by following two simple rule. Now country music superstar Martina McBride with the rule number one don't use them my knee and move on the to don't forget number one just. Don't lose somebody I'm Sam why I'm Richard will be no thanks for joining us is wonderful Sunday again happy Easter that everybody. If you're listening you have some time while I assure you your time is valuable. And you're gonna learn some things here when I'm gonna waste anybody's time this is not a you know we're not selling. Memories when it's going politics we're talking about what's most important to most people that we run into. Which is securing your retirement you know Sam we've been in business for a long time how many 26. Years and 26. Years easing. And we've been doing everything since a lot of things have changed in 26 years. But this still if there's something that's very constant fool all the people I commend CS. They all need a paycheck when they retire why don't you gonna say they all like to follow on to rules. Well they drill program on major us don't lose the money they rule number two don't forget we're a noble one. But doesn't you know a historically. You know we've seen a lot of stuff. Happen and is nothing like security in and certainty. When you retire so that you can think of also think you ought to worry about money your recent Saturday. Hey let's take our next question we'll talk more rhetoric about that Linder Walter writes India rich in Sam we recently retired. We both tough for a one case we rolled them over to a bank account and they just sitting there but they're safe. We don't wanna commit to a CD because we feel interest rates are going well when you eventually going out. We don't wanna get into the market because we feel that it will go down. So we're just frozen sitting in the middle in the control options so we don't have to worry where some of our choices. Well you know winter is over you shouldn't be Friesen and right now we thank you just took it out and you can't I mean yeah having money in the bank. Is good for only one thing one you have immediate access to all of it until you not to lose it but to solve a problem. We getting 1% on your money and even if you have a million dollars in the bank. What he began a 1% since. 2000 dollars and ten grand today so it's like come priority to them up on Iraq well until 000. That's okay too PC. So and so that's not a solution so you have to do and the two things that. Can go up. But don't go down one of them is a bank account the other is the other stuff that you talk about all the dinners a lot of different ride. These are these fixed annuity contracts that we talk about. We have these things called multiyear guaranteed accounts which are essential like finest CD multiyear guaranteed to get past there was actually well let's say these people have money in the in the bank concerning you know less than 1%. But I don't wanna really topped the money for a long time but I want more I want more than 1% you can go on the marketplace today. And you can get say a five year certificate of annuity. That does two things one your issues raised close at 3% to about two point seven to three. Depending on how much money put in so let's not bad now if you think about it. You know 3% is not that. That big of a deal and nothing to write home about but if you think about it increased from one to three that's 200% increase. So you're getting if you if your bank account back in the day paint 5%. And somebody say you are gonna bank Donald you're paying 15% you'd give your. Are you perk up yet he's blessed us this whole idea of earning 200 or 300% more than you getting. W if you commit to that period of time could you take out money in the middle. Yeah you can usually take out interest or 10% of the principal Perry would no penalty they have some so unlike the CD you can personally and Albright is currently suffering a four month penalty on a yeah yes so it's it's pretty good stuff. I'm on top of that. There are other things that you can you can use and depending on the time horizon. If their goal was to keep the principal safe earn a reasonable interest rate. But then when they retire. Are these people they are we recently retired and are they have not gonna need income how much worse I think I'm gonna come from there are other types of fixed annuities and you can look at. I'll help you do just that. And I gotta tell you who. Lots of changed the world has changed and how you earn interest has also changed. But what hasn't changes. People need in income stream. Every month for the rest of their lives short and I'd say less than 50% of people we meet. Have a clear distinct. Plan has to Worthington and both know these people are in the banks in because they're afraid. It was a money that on the bank to get incomes that they have to make some they have to get on frozen with the least a piece of that let's say they have. But a million dollars in in. In CD's take it certainly keeps some of that. In the bank but some page should be geared to generating and without a doubt you know that at old. Saying. Diversify never put all your eggs in one basket they should have some things geared for income something's gear for safety of principal something's gift for growth and to keep up from from what inflation in fact we're gonna talk. A whole lot more about this whole idea around positioning yourself in retirement. How to keep them safe and how to follow I'll tools. We're number one. Just don't lose the money and move number two don't forget we're number one we have a few workshops come up later on this week so. If you're between the ages of saying you're 55 to seven. You're getting ready to retire maybe just recently retired. You have a few bucks to lose so at least maybe 250000 dollars in assets and when you goals as you wanna make sure that you can retire comfortably. Have enough income and not worry about running out of money. Maybe you wanna learn a little bit more about how you can protect you when defeat in the if you go to a nursing home how to leave asses to children and grandchildren. You need to come to our survival retirement survival workshop coming out later this week and those dates are Wednesday. April 9 days so Wednesday April 19 at 4 PM we're going to be thick cafe escape drill in Burlington. Then again Thursday April 20 at 10 AM going to be at the Hilton hotel. In Denham so calm learn emerge they're saying well come learn how to bulletproof your retirement plan. And how to make she war that you create your own personal. Pension plan and then more importantly LA equally importantly learn how trust. Can really help you protect your house. From probate nursing homes all those things that we worry about so this is how you register you can log onto our website just don't lose the money dot com. Click on in the workshop time. And all the information via the contents of the topics that will be covering. The dates the time you can register you do need a registration neither our reservations so please go onto a website. Just don't lose the money. Dot com and register or. If it's easy for you you call were call our hotline at 87763087. 87 and number again 877630. 878. Set you know I'm gonna go over in DTL the difference between revoke bully your vocal trust. It's hands gonna talk in detail about how some of these products that. He recommends to people in certain circumstances. How they work what's the upside was a downside with their appropriate for what they're not appropriate for. How they might fit into what you wanna do being there you know often times we have people that have listened to a stretch for quite some time they may have gone to workshop in the past. But right now like. Maybe there and there's some type of a time crunch is there to follow their retirement paperwork at the end of the month alone again no to me you know I mean you're getting all the but you know sometimes people just ready. So if you need some help. Not quite sure how to navigate. So the amazed of retirement maybe have some. 41 K paperwork you need to look at maybe have a pension election they need to decide on. Take some time and make an effort. To do the right thing so when my sing for the remainder of the show. On the give you one of the most valuable things at least in my opinion and I think I have which is my time. Anybody our cause and I would give you an all of my time a free. Retirement planning consultation. Your comment you meet me was sit down lap and out together to tell me all things are blog you know where you. We'll talk about some of the solutions that we have. Seems that it fits in at the shoe fits hey maybe we can do some business at least I can educate you would help you. And on that note if it doesn't fit it doesn't fit you'll get no heart so you want us to be. Signed the order you'll you'll be asked to sign anything I mean it it's we just don't conduct ourselves out when we don't work that way. We are pretty easy going. More important anyway educational so we can help you make the right decisions if you like my take me up my offer call this number 877. 6308787. Tell me more free retirement planning consultation or you can go onto a website and sign up again just don't lose the money dot com. There's a big yellow tab disclosed under. Free consultation. In you take it from him. In celebration of tax they were just tomorrow we're gonna talk about how to get tax free growth and tax free income how's that. Stay right here. And you're taking the first step to a sound financial retirement this is just don't use the money radio feel free to visit us at just don't lose that money dot com. Hi I'm Susan morning. You're listening to two of the cutest guys in finance radio and I'm no huge. But fridge Richard revealing sailing of Rubino and blame the firm that specializes. Protecting your money both legally and financially. Stay tuned for more informative radio just don't lose the money dot com. Just don't lose the money I'm Sam wants and I'm Richard Marino thanks so much for joining us happy Easter to everybody. Until wonderful day we'll be at a few days few minutes at least a minute song wonderful day. That by you Bono and YouTube aren't the event that there isn't a song. Our boy that's a that's a that's a that's a that's a person and it's. Not close enough from close or not who I was hoping you and saying something Ottawa Senators are running well there. Balascak inhibited by just hitting me right I just signed its own interests. Rich and I thank goodness we're not singers when I hit were to entertain you want to know we'd be out of business about Balboa we're you gonna show you how to follow our tools rule number one. Just don't lose them on and number two don't forget we're number 10425. Years Richie have built the company in a company that we're very proud of to help people. Protect what they have. And I said this over and over and over. We are not all things to all people. If you're looking for the quick way at a fast way to get rich how to how to wire in the biggest return and double my money overnight. We are tough for not get a guy does nobody does not do that but I'd say nine out of ten of our clients are within say a dozen or so years from the time. Or they are retired. May get a few bucks commission on I've heard at all I just once and that's gonna actually worked. And only be it would keep for a half. Maintain my slight sigh also live comfortably they don't want a worrisome I don't wanna worry range such simple didn't we do all those things by following. Our award tools were number one just don't lose your mind and remember to don't think your own humble one right so let's take a question will come back to some of the things that people can do. Cristina show right Cynthia rich insane. We only small business that is doing very well we have maxed out off for a one case. And are looking for ways to save for retirement like many we are concerned about taxes. You guys handle small business owners in their issues well you know we're small business owner Jeff posted so we do and and you know small business is. This fragile you know even though the business might do well and but you know somebody gets sick of the market turns if whatever it's not like you know you're remember when General Motors. Went bankrupt they lost 400 million dollars and that's still in business I mean you know small business can't lose. 400 million dollars or approximately a year after a year and still stay in business so small businesses sodden. You know the backbone of our country and guess who we're concerned about Santa we have we have small business owners from real estate companies to. A conditioning refrigeration. Owners told landscape architects. To you know consultants and you get tons of small business and I think. The common. Common theme for small business owners is that. You know you can't Wear and B jacks of all trades at Marion aren't big enough to have a head of human resource and and you know who do you goat ass 0401 K questions in benefits person so this Michael lots of things you have to do. To make sure you're doing right on top of which is taxes discusses what concerned about taxes well who isn't. While the small business owner. It takes care of their employees takes care of their business. It takes care of themselves so they have to formula and they're in charge of putting a plan together whether the plan works for everybody or just that. So sometimes sand that you that was small business orders that you carve out some. Tax deferred there's always saw his upon we actually been working with the AC wholesale seafood business they have about thirty people. Of which 45 of them you know there on the boats that are not aware how ocean there working and working hard and then there's two owners in this. Three sort of upper management people they have before when you came place. But the owners really want to do something more for themselves. In these three key guys but they don't wanna sort of spread the word well. There wasn't much when you're going to wanted to keep those people happy and that may be transition that they by the business we actually put in me deferred compensation plan five to them. And it's geared towards the ages and the ability for these people. Up each individual and how much money they can put in the company was gonna put in 101000 dollars per person. And then gave the individual the ability to put in whatever they wanted to put him. While he is the beauty of that one we do have to do for everybody but the second thing which is key here. Is at some point in the future when these people retire. And when they go to withdraw that money. They don't pay income taxes that you are not money that's like having 40% more money you know there's a guy on PBS's names and slot it up and he's like the I don't know if it's. It's been proven but he claims to be America's. IRA expert. Not you say you are not using her okay how I'm tall and handsome guy or I am now right so. He says that. Most people don't get it. And I listened to a show I wash your show and you know and I agree. Because we all buying into saving money to a 401K because that's all there is just. That's that's what other choices when measured for a second you can put as much money as possible into. It Roth IRA there and to have that money come out income tax free will not be kind of data now or better yet how bold. Right in Austin, Texas for a now get some tax deductions. Both the problem that is when you go to take the money between yes and now it's taxable so maybe have a same bucket of money you pay the taxes now. And if the money grows just you're way ahead of the game because if you if you've won ten grand rich. Whole idea of putting money into savings as tortuous say they are to grow. Both to grow obviously to grow its own bid and to grow so if you put him ten grand let's say save 30% taxes which is safe three green. Okay great sounds good well that's 101001 of the gross of 30020. Years from now you've got to take it out at the same tax bracket 30%. Tonight you've paid 9000 taxes. Rather than 3000 times. Well you know it's slot is an accountant by trade. And as an accountant he talks about. Two people but saving on taxes all the time so he's a big proponent. Of the type the stuff that you will gonna put these. Deferred compensation Denton where in fact we have a special. Seminar for what we call a young professionals. Come up in Maine and I feel bad date is may 23 so don't quote me on that. But come back to a website check it out after this week will be posted on the web site. And that's seminars not everybody's on our traditional workshop that we have four hour. Retirement survival workshops for people about a return this is for young professionals that it too well. Don't want. The ability to save more money because they have to they have disposable income to do that. But they won't save in the way that they can take you know income tax free. He should join us that I would actually tell you take some time aren't so it's a nighttime summer 6 PM in the date is may 23. So if you want more information can call office at 877. 630. 8787. But today you know we're talking about retirement when we always talk about which one of the biggest problems is people don't know what to do. With him but they don't know what to do you know and is it white paper that was giving away published by the Harvard Business Review. Ridden by Robert merton who's a Nobel part of prize winner in economics called the crisis in retirement planning. It's really into staying hero. The history of pensions a history of saving money and he comes up with a solution so what do you do. If you have all that money saved in your 401K. How could you secure your retirement how could you. Bypass. This crisis in retirement. What that is the actual title of the white paper the crisis in retirement planning its ten pages long. It's been brought to us by the Harvard business readers you know it's really educational. In the car intent is really good and it talks about sort of how to make sure. That when you are retired your three categories of income your minimum guaranteed income no matter what. If conservative. Flexible income. And then Europe desired additional income which is audio luxuries in the lifestyle experiences so. Would like to share that with you we've loved you educate yourself on what you can be doing now to make a difference and that could be a game changer. Harvard Business Review purses or retirement plan how you get it while you're two ways call this number 877. 6308787. That number against 877. 630. 8787. Or you can download it yourself. Run on our website that just don't lose them money dot com outnumbered that website again is just don't lose them money. Dot com click the picture of the Harvard Business Review you can go and download yourself where there's no pictures in this article sent. Thank goodness no purchase mean your next we were gonna talk about what can and cannot be protected by using a trust. Hi somebody's office manager Billy Lange I know regions and scheduled better than I know my own. And their calendars getting phone. If you'd like to meet with Richards Sam call me now I'll put you at the head of the line but promise not to tell 8776308787. You call I'll answer it 776308787. Welcome back to just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks Sam I'm. I love the name of your show. Just don't lose the money that you are as it all right but that's how people feel that they're nervous that it's because of the economic conditions that exist today they actually hood. Lose their retirement nest egg that's where people if you are so important. Now they acted just don't lose the money with Sam or Lang an attorney Richard Reid out just. Don't lose the money dot com Monsanto land I'm Richard Rubino again thank you for joining us happy Easter everybody. So we had lots to sort of cover an American or talk a vote means you richer anymore what's scheduled auctions Erica I know about us and how Robyn Gayle writes in dear Richard Sam. We know we can put out real estate in the trust into protective put. We can we put off IRAs and other monies into the same trust to protect those assets also. Well you know people try to be their own lawyer you know I I needed trust because XY and say the first thing you have to do is say. Protect it from what we kinda protected from enduring your life. These different things that you would want to protect it from. When you're older you wanna protected from health issues if he Conan nursing home had or protect my house had or protect my money. When you're younger it's a younger you have young kids who can wanna make sure that. This trust setup. That could protect money for those kids and dole it out on a schedule that you deserve so. Eat your life changes as you get older so. The first thing you have to do is done. Identify would you have done and how the rescues and then there's is not all trusts are created equal miles is irrevocable trusts that would protected for nursing home situations. Is revoke Opel trust that might set up rules for kids are great kids are how they get money. I'm gonna talk extensively. About the different trusts. How they work would you could put in them what you can't put in them and are coming up but workshop we know we us and. This study of the street April 19 Wednesday April 19 at the cafe a schedule in Burlington that's a 4 PM afternoon start time. Without a lot of requests for people hey I work. And I you know I'd like to not come in the middle of day maybe it can take a couple hours often shoot an early that's the seminar for you April 19. Wednesday at the cafe asking drilling Burlington 4 PM and and also Thursday. At the Hilton hotel in Denham. 10 o'clock in the morning boasts two summarized identical the content is identical Richard talk as you said earlier but the difference between trust. Why is important to put a toast. And he trusts to avoid probate and protect them from their so I'll tell you which are so good for it and if you single. But just as good field. If you're married I trust his good view. If you have children I trust his good feet all of the above if you have grandchildren I trust there's good feel I hope all those different scenarios and how they were I think if you have a few bucks you have people you care for. There's a better way of beating them money and at the end of the day it's using a trust. I'll talk a little bit of vote. Things not a little bit a whole lot about how to make shore the I's are dotted t.s are crossed. That you can enjoy every time you know into retirement. Could lasts along time mom is 95 years old my nor can last 3040 years who knows and you don't want to be the person. Playing musical chairs. And there's no chair left you know you don't wanna be the person running out of money and he's worried about running out of money. So on that note if you between the ages of say 55 and seventy you have a few bucks. You're ready to retire recent news to retire you're worried you're just worried about you know my doing everything right I'm in my my gonna run out of money. The worry about all those things you want a really learn how to bulletproof. Your entire retirement picture. Please join us Wednesday April 19. 4 PM at the cafe Ysidro. And that's in Burlington. And Thursday April 20 10 o'clock in the morning. At the Hilton hotel in Denham. And you need a reservation can't just walk it right so please call this number 8776308787. War go online and just don't lose the money dot com you can register record in the workshop time. So this though workshop and people are interest in making sure that they want to protect themselves. Stay or not always listen on Sunday to hear each and every Sunday but this this I think this workshop who we really really good for folks rich. An absolute must Sam I mean if you're thinking about this stuff when you don't wanna worry. About. And leaving a legacy or having this day eagle federal government. Take some of your money when you pass away who we want you living. The seminar is a must we had a meeting the other day in fact it was with some somebody we know so as much as declines decline in a friend. But that person have to put his wife into nursing home now the issue was what 6666. Years old you know it's sad it really. It really hit home this time because these people are you know their friends are really good friends of rich riches. And you know imagine put this post into the national well not only that she has sent alzheimer's and and the way that he has to do it is that he just dropped her off. That he's not supposed to have contact. With her for either from two days to two weeks or by what we don't change their trust around they're all protected as far as taxes are concerned. Probate as far as beneficiaries are concerned so the direction of their money goes to their children. Not the wife because she doesn't really know where and the good news is that these people have. A few bucks so it's got good news the bad news is well because they have a few box. The costs of the national remiss not to making their insurance and you pay for a Brit the cost like 400 balls a day yet. Criticize its liking insane so. Imagine if you did to appoint him like how to light protect our house and so I can have the right choice to protect my house measure didn't do that. You spent a lifetime building when you have it's gone a few years and there are strategies that are tried and true strategies and I'll go over at the seminar. As to how to protect your house how to protect Ximian money. From all those people wanna take it you know I know maybe kids wanna take it but you that's okay right maybe not using you know what we built a structure. Of our company 25 years ago we built it not for everybody but we've built its so precisely people can come in and under one roof from one place they can get. No I don't they're not only their retirement plan which is really important of course you gonna make sure you have money where's the money gonna come from is my money safe. Two and get all that stuff taking care of end the same time they can talk about hey I have this old will I did when I first got married knowing I did and on my own in my neighbor motorized. Or what's the right thing to me now can I have a family my house paid for a few bucks and green children leave money to look into. Both of those things under one roof. So here's my offer to and the show. People. Listening you've taken some time to listen if you like what you hear on where two guys we're not. We're not telling no we're not fidelity we run a boutique companies we have eight employees who work as a team. To help our clients do one common thing which is protect themselves. Recruiters say the two rules. Mobile we also to know who don't want to lose rule number one just don't lose them a rumor maternal figure rule number one is really odd DNA so you like to. Further explore if some of the things that we talk about might be a good idea for you see the shoe fits as they say. I often use this off you and all my time free of charge. No hard sell we're gonna spend 1015 minutes getting to know each other. You tell me what's on your mind we'll spend the remainder of that hour talking about some remedies that might be available to you how to fix the problems you have. And if it's something you want a further down the road you come back for second meeting and hopefully we do business we don't they listen to power out of your time and I'll my time to see. If you can fix any concerns or problems in half so call this number 87763087. 87 for your free consultation log onto our website at just don't lose them money. Dot com click under the free consultation tap. Thanks a listening we'll be right back. Just lose the money radio will be right back. If you have questions I would like to schedule a no obligation meetings with attorneys Richard Burton you know what Sam Wang please give our office at all. At 6176308787. Or visit just don't lose the money dot com. Ever wonder how rich and Sam get all their work done they start by calling me I'm Bobby office manager have a you can secure your financial future the same way by calling me if you call I'll answer 8776308787. 776308787. Just don't lose money six Richard good to you know thank you so much Jordan's wonderful Easter Sunday. Hope you have a few minutes to catch our show maybe some between Easter mass sore you know Easter dinner who knows but we here not only today. But for hopefully a long time tip rich and I've been around for. Or 25 years helping people. Protect the wealth by following our two rules were number one. Just don't Bustamante and moon number two don't forget we'll know more on how giveaway today is a great white paper. They'll help you understand how important is to have your I's dotted t.s crossed. As you approach return it's entitled the crisis in retirement plan and published by the Harvard Business Review. Check it out on our website at just don't lose the money. Dot com. Specialists and say goodbye on set. And how much are movie never fantastically. The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax or investment advice Richard Rubino and Sam Langer who. Principles of you know playing LLC are no insurance agency LLC with a mass broker's license 1783308. I understand rich nor repeat of one leg are registered investment advisors productive investment advice this shows servicer can go back.