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Sunday, November 19th

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This is the just don't lose the money radio show with your host attorney Richard Rubino and Sam way. For over twenty years rich and Sam has been broadcasting to the Boston area. Explaining how you can protect your life saving. Richard sands highly regarded in sought after guidance has been featured on Fox Business news and fortune and money magazines now your posts could just don't lose the money guys who. Richard Rubino and sales lag. Hello everyone welcome to just don't lose the money on Sam lane. I'm Ryan Morris and I'm Richard Romania and of course is just a lose the money radio back gadget in studio with my two partners. Guy shoots another Sunday pledged Dudack witness him when you know I don't know what else yesterday I don't wanna be here you have to connect me. Did a great week I mean I think that you know my role with my family sort of extended because. I deal with my grand kids like a lot of take my grandson. To hockey practice. Two times a week. And just goes gone up in other words early morning I don't know protect against a clearly not a good early moments I just go to I just go to one you know like a puppet that every every daughter wants you know in I mean he's into it which means I'm into it how true it probably arrival was up for yesterday you know I am I spent the weekend when my wife in dot. My don't know why earned our culture hugest city just turn one in sometimes I think she cares about him more than make smoke and water into the welcome to my family are we got two dogs in the other day. Teddy had something in those years kept scratching that. So we had this discussion you've bought dog insurance I did dog insurance and I didn't buy dog insurance are about dog insurance was like a waste of money was well it's sure it's like if you get sued DC dogs that he can hunt all right Micah Wright met a portion of C dot com refund and a lot of vet bills this year our attic or show while I haven't Karzai wants for that little. Air instruction that my dark Arab custom 480 bucks. And I get up in the thing down and put stuff and his a year and he's not very happy related governor anyways today's show we're not talking about dogs or not that. So we're gonna talk about strategies. That can help put you in the US position. When that time is used to take out these required minimum distributions. So somebody you're not listening out there you might be that magic age of Centrino have been. You know quite sure what is an R&D stay tuned we'll talk a little bit more about that. We'll also talk about cleaning out your financial. Juncture. We all have one of those sent my junk drawer is actually pretty neat. But some of our listeners they need some help we'll talk about. Those old 401K plans mold employers in ironies that. You really haven't sort of paid attention to but you really need to pay attention to. Don't want talk about things that we're gonna gold or during some type of review maybe it's a year and review may be to midyear review. One of the things are trying to talk about his. Tax loss harvesting and cited talk about that leaders yeah for sure in her final weeks since so you know what sort of fast approaching the the end of sort of any timetable. What type how to make sure war. That you take care of your feed him he would they promptly structure to sleep for. Right so we have lots of talk about rich. I know you wanna give a number away so go ahead I know are you love to get that number way you're call this number 8776308787. 8776308787. And you can't argue away. Or sign up for free console and yeah and of course he didn't go to that website anytime yet David William W tuning done so just don't lose the money dot com I was a lot happier side to side like that cartoon oh is that. You've been edited and a quarterback got to examine their yet they don't. So. Let's talk about armed well listening appear if you're approaching seven and a half. Or seventy you have to start taking out are required minimum distribution for all of your retirement accounts. This is required to know the words you gotta do what you cannot not do it if you forget to do it. The penalties gigantic just forget it dude it's 50%. Of what you gonna take out so you had to take out a thousand dollars in penalties 500 dollar let me take a second to explain to all listeners what RMD is you know what you guys we take it a little for granted. It's kind of like. You know putting butter the toast for us but some people about a listening. That have. I arrays of 401 k.s they had these terms thrown around aren't decent required minimum distribution what exactly is it. Well me first and foremost say don't sweat it it's not that complicated. Okay it just simply means. If you have tax deferred qualify planes money that you've never pay taxes on. You retirement accounts the IRS good ol' uncle Sam's are gonna should get the un. In at seven in half. Everybody they don't care if you are rich not rich somewhere between. They warn you site taken some money out so they can attack chew on money and Ron one of the biggest questions that we have. From radio listeners would be. On a short take out right. Yeah how much in went so. There's most specific strategy or plan for any patent that covers everyone is some people take it monthly some people take it at the end of the year some people taken at the beginning of the year. But the how Russia to take out pets that's true for everybody. And I'll give away this week actually includes. The IRS. On a table that you need to Figaro. How much you need to take out. And as a rule farm it's around 4%. Or this year than it was well first cheers Asher three point 6% and earn goes up a little bit slavery less than 4% deputy seven. So I'll I'll give away actually includes that form may get the actual. IRS. Title for that form is the single life expectancy table I know that's a long table look at two tables in this baby. It is the uniform life timetable. That people need it's appendix a it's comes from IRS publication 590. Slash B table three going to teensy. But it's a chart. I will tell you Amish need to take out. On and tell everybody that wants that you can actually go tour web site. Just don't lose the money dot com. And download your own frequently asked questions. Regarding he required. Minimum distribution. OK so you're talking of oh and people taking you know. You ran. When you ought to do video Lotta people save money. Automatically. But you have to really. Take the bull by the horns to take those withdrawals yet for sure. So and taken out our d.s with Judy take it a month reads and check out the end the year so a lot of time that people won't be there armies we tell on the taken out at the end of the year in the reason for that is so they can earn interest on that money that they've taken out I'm accents and makes perfect sense some people need the money goes in they like him. A monthly paycheck. I would I would say most people that we deal with like to take it a country when they need the money keeping on our pilot so can they can do like. An electronic funds transfer rate and account set it up on auto pilot and a minority of bank account on first and Mon fifteenth in a month just like your work. So we just recently had a case that came in just last week you and I met with shock our clients. They retired from a major corporation you know fortune 500 company. The good news is that they saved some money. The bad news is they didn't have a pension. So they were actually local Ford to take out their required minimum distribution check she doesn't need a ticket the required minimum distribution or yet is she's only set 68 but part of the strategy with her. Is taking are spending some of that diary down early so there's not as much of a tax bomb in two years and in addition to that UA. What helped him a little bit with some tax loss harvesting even though you can't deducted against ordinary income more comebacks apparently and on the show but it was all part of the sort of planning process. The sake. Let's not wait till like the last minute to figure organ to SP proactive. And tour all year long so at the end of that at the end of the year you're picture looks who. Perfect yet eager to have that strategy in place just so you prepare when the time comes so sometimes in this case for instance. She didn't need all her money she needs some income. But we we were set aside some additional money for that rainy day she also want to set aside some end in sight helping some of her grandchildren. Four out private tuition so that I know was helpful. Richard dollar ghost. If you I was born in a new park hospital here yeah that's how Augusta because obviously your favorite I in my family so anyhow I'm we're talking about RMD should we talk a little bit about. How to take an armed deed we're talking about. What to do with the money and how to may be reducing taxes there's lots of talk about as a surrounds required minimum distributions. Here's my message and I encourage her really listening to do this or take you know more then maybe thirty seconds. The log onto our website just don't lose the money dot com. Again it's just don't lose the money dot com. And I'll give away right now is the required. Minimum distribution. What I call Bible. All all as the title would say the most frequently asked questions regarding our d.s go to the website now at just. Don't lose the money dot com. And download your own copy of the armed deep Bible but next we're gonna help you clean out your financial jumped to more. Will be talking about IRAs 41 case small employers and what you need to do to pay attention to it. This is Bobby ever you know in lane. You just heard about the importance of making sure you take your game you'll. Download our RMD died I just don't lose the money dot com. Again just don't lose the money dot com. Or call us at 8776308787. Will be right back. You're listening to just don't lose the money which and I built this company 25 years ago to really concentrate on the people that know me really time for our entire. So we've taken to pretty much of the most important disciplines of the time one obviously having enough money to retire and it's true. As they say can you Dachshund in the world with your state plan. Now back did just don't lose the money everyone welcome back in studio here on the Sam line I'm Brian marsh armored giver me. And of course you listen to just don't lose the money radio was so happy you can join us is wonderful Sunday in what right back catcher talking about just like everything that's important her or him one of the topics we talked about. Was required. Minimum distributions. And that comes from new wire days. Old by our days. Well it's like it's like some of that stuff winds up when you jumped shore you know like you read a magazine he listened to some shell eco on that sounds good. I have to put money away and marry wanna open attic so that accounts opened. And two with people invest. At different times put money ways at different times so a lot of circumstances CM and you know this better than I. People have like a bunch of stuff. That they really collected. They have been times Ron you and I think I think was probably two months ago it was late in the day I was little tired you a little tired. In the is a little old lady came in. Terrifically issues show like a little. Almost like a suitcase was suitcase but it was one of those fold up cart says you can put brochures on. She literally talk a financial juncture Lawrence our office choose that person she saved everything and she gets tough everywhere she dumped it right on the table I remembered vividly Sam and I think she ended up having eight. Or nine for a long keys from different employers over the years. In alcoholic out of sight out of mind so she knew me know the total of everything you know we'd go through that. Whether or inventories and she came and was sure seven these are guys I don't know what accounts or take my RD's from in this and that so but I. Elaine just a lot of times people are younger than that. Mike Palmer came in the other day to install a new dishwasher we actually have a conversation listens to the show and you know. He's I don't know as much as you guys know so my retirement. I bought a three namely house and I could fix it up then I have a two family I live then. And it is when I was working. I had retirement account I think I still have it and it's. I think it's might be with fidelity Netherlands with another company and I don't know where it is nations frank that's like the jump to. He had a gigantic jump to a don't we see a lot of people would chunk Troy is an I would say if you are listening in you have that John drawn not only would. Pens and paper clips but with old statements. From may be your very first employer TO last employer but you've had a few. The first thing that I would tell people we've to a severe across the table from us is that we put in place we call. A strategic. Team play what does that mean week. Helping stabilize that chunk. And we created in the east three categories category number one. Liquid you need to have all BC some money accessible scene for you mr. security blanket. Then growth. Ryan where you help people roll their money this money is there too raw way and then. The last thing is probably on course and most important assembly the foundation. Protection. In creating. That income payment that you need. So that's where really so how are you segregate and turn the jumped into not jumped in. It's right salmon. All those pieces work together with each other mention that me myself and John calling that we you know the growth portion and were able to do so when you take care of the ink and you keep enough money liquid but. Growth portion is is there to earn money in years like we're we're facing right now. Everything's not break every game we get a little complacent but it's not like we take guesses we have a process and then and although it's let's walk through their first first meeting what can people expect out of it's it's a chance for us to get to know you when you do get to know we'll ask you. Tonic questions so we can quit. The plane the plane that strategic game plan in place they were just speaking about it and and we don't just guests we spend a solid. 2030 minutes took took chit chat and to ask a whole bunch of questions and then we come up but those. Solutions based on facts that you tell you bet based on the needs and goals that you explained to what's in that first meeting. So in between that first in the second meaning we kind of diving to those those facts they get to us import that plan in place and and most important thing is that at the end that first meeting if you find a weak foreign together that we can help you when this issue with your financial John actual. We're gonna put together that plan in place and we have that second meeting. We're gonna provide Jew with a poignant that actually show issue the percentage of success that you'll have. Based on two what are we doing in a lot of times that that. That's success rate that percentage is not high enough now in in again and on top of that Sam liked on your plumber rich and no woman Sam. Well hope you organize those accounts they have no idea what the values are and then by organizing we can tell you hate this money should go into this pocket that money should go into that pocket. And our team is very simple. To have that claim and show you you have a 100%. Chance of success. We just did a case the other day husband and wife came in actually I did the case of Bobby by myself what was. It was early in the morning or maybe run YouTube you guys took the day off. And you know how it is right you'll what you'll wife. Think stiff from continue to 100%. I'm rich I'm sure when he wears the pants not only issuing a pay raise my parents and her and her pants you know I know what I know one we have to make a decision. My wife looks at certain criteria is that might be very different than than mine are so one of the things that. That I showed out our clients are potential clients. Is based on what they're doing if they made no changes. We plugged all the numbers all they goal is nearing come needs what they had the star with. And Ashley came out with a 79%. Chance of success. And am not to run out of money by age ninety. Who's pretty interest and as though Weis said. Semi 9% chance. Frank I would never get into a car that had a 79%. Chance of getting to about Tibet. To Arturo rubio right now about the pardon the play no folks have a seminar percent chance of Boston aren't rational I am the first one jumping on an employer already grown and again that car so. I asked are we showed them hey you just have to. One organized. To put some here put some their use products that are designed. To give you a better probability of success we actually showed them a plan that they have 100%. Chance of success until each 100. So how we make me feel a lot better if the people call during the week they talked you say. We call let me call Orion yet call our office directly so we call 8776308787. Any question you have. I think you're free to ask smeared John we will answer cornea and hopefully will be earn your trust seeking come in our office and a lot of times when people do call Ryan. It may be a five minute conversation. That doesn't require them to actually get in the car come see us. And you open a puts us just answer questions and help them come to a solution I I just enjoy helping people see him in if a most of the time like you just said it's less than a five minute conversation. On if it's longer and there might be a reason feed cumin and serious let's shift gears back to what we're talking about armed easiest thing I think it's very important for people to understand this. If you have a financial juncture. In you are. Let's say seven and a half. And you have three. Old. For a one case that you never rolled all retirees. From employer eight employee be and from imported seed. Sometimes people here are now full read enough they say you know what somebody. I read somewhere you can take money out of just one of those accounts and you'll be okay piano and is not the case him with a forewarned Cain your if your seven and a half you actually have to take your arm Diaw from each of those accounts. So one could be underperforming one could be over performing. Are you still have to take it over from each of the accounts Ngo that folks. You have to take it from each of the counts and you messed that up and he beat her door to write her eyes and we shall catch and or phone minutes cash return. You'll penalty you could be subject to 50%. Excise tax. Penalties which means this if you were supposed to take out. Say 20000 dollars as you're required minimum distribution. Of penalties. 101000. Dollar loan significant sum like a supplement restoration that's 101000 dollar so the big number here's my suggestion of your listening. You say you know what. On the guy that procrastinated for many years. On the got a keeps canceling my my dentist appointments are really should go to the dentist you should come and see Ryan John myself. We will give you an hour about dedicated time free of charge in every week we set aside for war. Time slots for one hour time slots to meet with the potential clients. You can do that. By columnist number right now 877. 63087. 87 tell the operator you like it free retirement planning consultation. Or go to our website and make your own time right there. By clicking on the free consultation tad that's just don't lose the money dot com. Next to a talk about some strategies that we used during our review meetings stay right here. This is body of just don't lose the money radio playing no get a lot of calls about cleaning out that financial junk drawer. To schedule a free consultation with sampling and his team. Call 8776308787. Again 8776308787. Just don't lose the money radio we'll be right back. Making retirement five pound sand wind in Agassi's doing it that doesn't sound like Richard you know that's that's the push Richmond right out of the UK I'm doing that. Just don't lose. Everyone welcome back to just don't lose the money radio in studio with me today of course some sand Lang also my partner rich Rubino hi Sam hey rich and Ryan marsh and how are you guys today. Mike well. My quereshi saint Heidi chiller for the first time you know he has but we're not listening room what was Sunday at a charter may have some fun and relax a little bit but I'd sort of say this. Thank you for taking time to join us on this wonderful day I know it's the weekend I know you can be to one law a lot of other things. But you may some time to join us when wanna say we appreciate it but also. Thank you. You know one of the things that I think we should talk about Sandy's. Is review reviewing situations with clients whether there at the beginning of the year. Many of the year end of the year. I know that we do that quite often that anybody who wants to come in they have a statement you don't stand. Was this a change in circumstance. So I think it's important for our listeners. No what do we do what those meetings Ryan you do you run a ton of review meetings our clients when it seems like a lot of people feel. That. They only need a meeting at the end of the year to review that things nation tour all year long. Absolutely I'm circus circumstances don't just change at the end of the year in a certain strange strategies excuse me you can take up take on take advantage of throughout the year so we'll talk about that. But one of the things that it's on everybody's mind is what can I do now. To pay less taxes. One of the strategies that. You are able to help people where this cult tax lost. Hard percent so take a second to explain right yet so any one anybody's well diversified portfolio Sam has multiple positions and not all those positions are always up so sometimes you have one ETF for mutual fund that has is its experience a loss a loss. So let's hope not outsource so why don't yup so we can do is actually sell that. Fund for a loss. And capture that capital gains loss in bile like find so then if the fund or that sector. Season increase on in value you election experienced the increase while still capturing a loss from the previous fund you're able to do that. At any given time for a lot of times at the year in your more busy than other times. But also that's a great way for people to read balance their allocation isn't it it is that's a great time ruling that's part of the rebalancing their allocation strategy there that we go war. Com we always talk about taxes on the top of everybody's mind token save on taxes. Maybe taking advantage of some charitable arm contributions or donations. To lower the tax bite on a yearly basis is so. Ryan when you do attacks harvesting and losses UK and new balance out the losses against gains so you might not have to pay taxes on that gained. If you sell something analogue wish you say this a lot of times it's not how much you earnest Hamachi Jeep brilliant part of that. Odd that sort of mythology has to do with. How much. Oh how you can sort of sort of manage your taxes and a lot of times people just we don't know order exists don't know who literally sort of thing about it first of all people mostly frozen in people by. But nobody ever sales scenario they sell at the wrong time and they then by the wrong time. But the somebody you look at and say listen you sell this at a loss for a dollar you could offset that dollar you earned on something else absolutely have zero tax cuts. He can still owned a fund in that sector that given sector despite different mutual fund company or different type of ATF. Any time anybody that has the question or his. It is now we sparked an interest you you wanna learn more about. Tax loss harvesting. You can reach Ryan you might call this number 877. 630. 87. 87 don't feel don't be shy ask Ryan about how to best take advantage of this strategy. Know a lot of times we do review meetings we discover other things don't. You know we we and factor embedded brings to light we had a client great great guys names for seems charmed. I know kids. He worked for me. Are the household name company him he was there for most of his career. And he really didn't have any plans to retire but they gave a health condition sort of forced him into retirement. And he came to us not only with. The idea were. Needing retiring planning. But he came to us about financial juncture he did and why you did a great job organizing that John to a you know we took probably fifteen different accounting consolidated consolidated into a fifty Raikkonen Nazareth fifteen years and he had them everywhere even Euro after I doubt fifteen soap of one of things that we discovered during a review process was you know. I mean sometimes people arm. A little apprehensive about jumping into the ocean all at once so unilateral saying you tippy toeing first and that's what John did. He didn't he didn't say hairs all my stuff you guys do it needs to he how he had us. Help him a little bit at a time but during one of those review processes. We were able to or you that you in your case. You discovered some of his accounts had like ridiculous he's CN fees are taken excessive or 2%. Which in today's environment nor should be pain or 2% any any type of what's what's what's like a good rule farm for fees these states and give or take a belong percent -- OK so. I mean people understand. There's no free lunch or you wouldn't expect to guide com. You know playa driveway not get paid so everybody's gonna get paid but there's a difference between. Payne say 35 dollars to corrupt pol you driveway or to pay a hundred dollars to pay to plow the same same driveway and. But the promise him no you know everyone thinks they paid their broker of 1% fee they don't realize how expensive the mutual funds are in their portfolios or stocks cost our. He's the underlying expenses that. Just drive or 2% as sunny determine that you look at their statements and what what happens in that process right we do we look at their actual individual positions ritual we do an in depth analysis and tell me exactly what each position cost so there's an overall three but then there's inside fees it so it's hard for any consumer to really. No it felt like printed on the front pages I'd say it's almost impossible yet for them to. When you're you have a sophisticated software program you. As long as they eat it like you did it to me I gave you a statement you can punch an informant in the spits out tells me exactly the average campaign to apple yeah. I so on that note you have any questions. For O'Brien give McCall again 8776308787. But more important media questions about fees. That's a great time to. Two on to ask Ryan about that in in if you want he can actually give you were feeding analysis so it's a wonderful thing to at least know. Anybody near but it also Sam met these these reviews of regardless of when they are. The personal aspect also comes and if art is anyone's sick owns there a divorce pending is there agreeing kids going to college next year you might wanna help out. Is there a marriages there are birth I mean. Because all of that stuff they used it not only financially but legally. As to what you might do what you might change precisely how would agree a 100% and I think I would say he be at the ranked. In the order of the most commonly passed question. One of them has to be. How much money do I take out of my IRA in what is an armed. So we have a co re. Giveaway that. We've assembled it's you know so like we body and we're gonna read Greek we gifted as says Jerry Seinfeld which sake but it's a great. What I refer to as the Bible we put this together it's entitled the frequently asked questions about required minimum distributions. Not only do we tell you when you need to take it how much you need to take it why do you have to take it. But there are a lot of things in the and that people need to be aware of like how do you inherit. An irate what happens with the IRR and beneficiary irate verses in inherited IRA so this cycle lots of things that you really need to be on at least be. B a rare rough so. How do you get this information if you log onto a website just don't lose the money dot com. Right and our home page. You can get you all own free. Copy of the required minute Mick required. Minimum distribution Bible. Against just don't lose the money dot com or you can gives line call at 877. 6308787. You'll get that to him but also you can answer any questions and it. Can you guys have any questions feel free gimme a call in a fight Keeney answered on the spot I promise you I'll finance. And that's a promise she can take to the bank so on that note. Again just don't lose the money dot com for your free copy of the required minimum distribution Bible. Coming up next we're gonna talk about. How to. Have a conversation with your family about your state plan. This is just don't lose the money radio. For your free portfolio fee analysis. Call Bryant at 8776308787. That way you'll know if you're paying too much in fees that number again. 8776308787. Stars and celebrities you never know who's gonna stop by. Just don't lose the my. Special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks Sam. The name of your show just don't lose the money that's how people feel that they're nervous that's because of the economic conditions that exist today may action could. Lose their retirement Mastec and that's where people like you are so important now let's get back to just don't lose the money. Everyone welcome back to just don't lose the money radio army in studio course. I've been doing this to show for too long can speak anymore on Sam line. I'm Ryan Marcel I'm Richard Rubino I don't even know why we need to inch Doucet cells nobody can total yards got peavy I know is I TV news we got three guys on his okay thank goodness isn't interested in how we had a great show so far we have a little more time we want to talk a little bit about a state plane rich brown you're out here right up my Alley. Well I think that this is different circumstances you know with the estate planning. Or even in my own personal an example I'm married have you know two children three grandchildren so I have sort of two planes would if I pair so where he first. And my wife is still living. What do you where she didn't get money from where is she gonna get that income from. New what comes first how she can inherit so I have like a written. Sort of scenario as to this is who you call this what you do get a chuckle is where the money comes from. And because that's like great this is the planet's written down. In addition to that. There's a sheet that I do every year that loose every count would remain the account was the beneficiary. And how much money is in that account. That she'd our share with my two kids so they know what the inventory is then there's a plan. What if we both pass away. What happens while it's simple in my case I have two adult children. If I got a dollar left over the one gets fifty cents delegates fifty cents a memorize that whole freight but by kids or adults you know rich you are responsible of course sure in the business you know what you're supposed to do is he or she do it. There are Sony people out there listening not know what they're supposed to do they go to wages don't till around right now you know public figure out what the case that we saw. Recently. And it was it was in this situation was your brother situation a brother. Receiver and get the short brother remarried so at a blended marriage. Had you know a second marriage yet kissing for your previous marriage matters as women you know in their forties she has are of course kids from her marriage. She doesn't change any of the beneficiaries. And then she passed away so now his brother was our car insurance without us. And it was just like a complete disaster because the money didn't go to the rightful owners and because somebody forgot to take the time. Actually put in the right name in the beneficiary designation of foreign Kate Clinton I mean that's that's crazies. Crazy and we do those. Beneficiary checks all the time and part of the annual review process that we talked about not last segment rich. We took we go through the beneficiaries on a yearly basis and make sure they're still online would what their intentions are. But I just so many things that you really need to go over here no real life you know like how they sit down what you Ayers and explain to them what senior well. Well I have everybody's differences and I remember I remember meeting with. With a a family. That they all seem. Greedy to me and they almost couldn't wait. To have the father passing away you've got I got stealing our our company gut feeling and it was like oh man I just can't. Deal with this they would just like fighting over money that they will wasn't even there yet. This. What I'm about to say. Most people can relate to so my father in law congress sole big Al I love the guy he was he was a good dad to me died a couple of years ago. So he's an East Boston kid you know worked hard walk through. Snowstorms six you know three feet of snow would flip flops as you can afford shoes or go to college and that type of guy great great guy. So never in a million years did you think you would actually be able to afford a beach house when he retired. So he retires buys his beach house actually barred from me and he spent the last ten users retirement. Enjoying this summer's. Dominic Cape Cod in it was his place owes his little sore heaven. There has little slice I have been disagreeing kids would come in more grandkids with common. And it was since it was since then and he always said when I die. I want this to go to trust in my Q it's I mean it was that simple while you fast forward a few years later he's passed on. My mother in law always speech reminds us reminds my wife who's her daughter. This is gonna go to your kids this is gonna go to your kids while the cats are different aren't they noticed my wife is one of five kids. Maria who's the oldest she listened Philadelphia. She loves the cape but she likes of like a week era you know. And then we have camera show who live locally date they are great people they love how so beloved and Herron shared. Now my wife has won their beneficiaries what we have all house would only need to house. And the we have Allen might go and everybody sort of at a different stage of their lives of people that can afford to host the white house of people that really like a house through really. You know can't afford the taxes and so it's them it's a mixed bag yeah it's hard and you just say I wanted to keep an offense you have to do these state planes that's that's my point. Am I situations a little different Sam arm and a single mother in nom the only child so. I think it was five years ago when she sat me down and she told me what the document set and in whether or anything happen or market find them. But other than that I need to know any of the other details because I'll find them on at the time and whatever her wishes are. Will come true and the deep in the doldrums you put together. Exactly so on that note it is imperative folks not to wait to the last minute to have that discussion with your feet and we import in. And asleep point. You know riches. Sort of semi retired I don't know I got allay gonna have throughout the office so used to be very active so with clients listen to me it's helped develop strategies sourcing planes and wells and trust no you need any rebel global trust nominal unique that other type of trust. Well you don't do that anymore so well you know listen I still you know I know how to dig the hole I just pass the shovel out to somebody else well the good news is that I personally handpicked. Two people to be potter sort of that whole process. We have an attorney that deals with the Medicaid planning nursing home protection. And then we have a separate turn that deals with just traditional state play a bigger and bigger cases bigger cases to small occasions you know we have we have clients from all walks of life. So might my point is this. If you don't have that estate planning you're comfortable with. War beyond anything at all. Give us a call we can hold G union and got huge down the right path our number is 877. 6308787. If you go on our web site. You can check so ask questions talk to Ryan Garrett check it out I just don't lose the money. Dot com but you know guys are sort of a second sort of summarize our show we talk a whole lot. We talked a whole lot about from soup to not so. Required minimum distributions. It's crucial that people do the right thing to correctly understand what an R&B is. Mean sure you take from the right place in a get penalized with a 50%. Excise tax. You need to learn more about that where at your service we also talked about the financial juncture how so many people out there. Have old I raised 401 k.s in just saw in the drawer and hope it's gonna growth. That's probably not the best plan and then lastly we talked about how important it is to have relationships with people. That would help you through this process. And have reviews of what you're doing and make adjustments as time goes on. And hopefully. At. By and listen to the show you know then. We can help you with all those six so to learn more about us just don't lose the money dot com if you like in free. Personalized retirement planning consultation. You can ask for an right on the website at just don't lose the money dot com. We'll be right back. It's Bobby again reminding you to take your RMD. Is it just don't lose the money dot com to download our guide to IRAs or committee meets salmon Justine for free consultation. You'll be glad he did call us at 8776308787. Ever wonder how rich in Santa get all their work done. He started by calling me. I'm Bobby's office manager ever been let my. You can secure your financial future the same way by calling me. You call I'll answer 87763087878776308787. Just don't lose the money on Sam like from Myanmar's Richard good me okay. The three musketeers and house. Always the same three John is with us today but the three of us hopefully had some good information to share -- -- rich I know how important it is she used to set aside the right things and to have a proper structure -- -- Joshua -- grandchildren so we talked a little bit about what I mean listen the I'm the oldest of the group -- and they only get the more you worry about things for sure I got everything in place and I know Ryan you are so passionate about helping people reduce taxes so you we talked a little bit about tax loss harvesting -- if anyone wants more information on it still pretty gimme a call at any point Monday to Friday and 8776308787. And then with that same number you can get our free giveaway that we've given away this week. Indeed title of most frequently asked. Questions when it comes to required minimum distributions we put that together I called the Bible. You know what to teach you everything you need to know about RM DA's debut is free of charge at. 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