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Sunday, October 22nd

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This is the just don't lose the money radio show with your host attorney Richard Rubino and Sam lag. For over twenty years rich and Sam has been broadcasting to the Boston area. Explaining how you can protect your life saving Richard sands highly regarded in sought after guidance has been featured on Fox Business news and fortune and money magazines now your posts could just don't lose the money guys. Richard Rubino. And sales lag hello everyone welcome to just don't lose the money radio on Sam Lang and I'm John fund and it's another wonderful Sunday but not just any Sunday because John's here back by popular demand John you know we did that show was about a month ago correct. We had. I don't know we have Michael was off the charts so I don't know what you were saying maybe QAQ bit better than like me I'm not widely different point of view is not helpful or different voice yeah just John's my partner bill would thus 421 years has great credentials in great ideas and certainly can help our listeners. Really just general and the full process and a picture just do the right thing so John thanks for being here. Where were great show we will have a fantastic showing here's the only thing sort I want a source at the stage with a little bit it's October and October is a great month but it's also because of Halloween to scaring. It's more than just following. My wife you know she took the kids to the Halloween store the other day that final it costumes but. Deep down as she's doing now look now harassing this is a scary month not just because you know because there aren't so. Market things that happened in the past monumental. You know it's the just last week was the thirtieth anniversary. Of black Monday yet to back gains now October 19 1987. The Dow Jones Industrial Average. Suffered a 22. But I think it was like 23% one way through all of its present crazy in one day in lost 22% now. Yeah that's a scary situation and I think from our. Yet from the previous she was down a total of like 44% so that's scary. Which is I mean if you think about you talk about 22%. You know sounds bad but. When you say a million bucks you lost 200 Torre ran us like real numbers. You look at today at the Dow Jones and that 23000. In the cake. And age 22%. Loss like that in today's market are clearly Dow Jones back down to 171000. That's crazy so we got a great show for you folks it's imperative. That you sort of know too good bad and the ugly in today's show we're gonna talk about and continue to talk about why. October. Is a very scary month for people that are investing but also if you knew in retirement just can't take that risk right there won't go over. What you should expect during free consultation with. John myself Richard Bryant ever being a long line. Later we'll talk about how even if you're 41 K balance is doing well 'cause of the bull market it might be. Not to owners will you think is of fees that people of those hidden fees and then nine to true what they exactly in their final would talk about the four reasons. One should think about owning an annuity. When it's done correctly. So we're gonna great show for you if you have any questions for us please give us a call on numbers 877. 630. 8787. Of course anytime on the web at. Just don't lose the money dot com so you know John we're talking about people being nervous it's a total white's scary. But the fact of the matter is that you know we have. We have so many things going well for us but we can't get complacent. Yeah oftentimes. When the markets do what were all happy and it's been easy time to sit back and say well things are gonna continue to go up this. Up though uptick. And not really pay attention to what's the plan if things do go in the other direction obviously you want arrived across stop but we have to be. Defensive too. And it's not just mean usein in this a lot of experts lot of economists out there in fact Peter Schiff yes. CH I FF Peter Schiff if you don't know who Peter Schiff is. He's the CEO of Euro Pacific. Our investment company. And he is they won't sort of a very well known radio host Euro zone show that Peter shorts. Show. That's a tongue twister where mom so let's listen to what Peter. Has to say. The third time it's not gonna be or it's going to be three strikes you're out. I do not believe the Fed is going to be able to rescue investor Kirk Kirk I. Why waiting a marker bubble because I think the ball we have now is the bigger one it ever going to would wait. And that the bubble blowing days are over so I would not be Eric complacent I was in the stock market. Stand that was very interesting information cash and short plugged and absolutely very interest in this I guess it's just to have kind of a wake up call it. You know I think one of things out and and for the sake of sound like were promoting ourselves but one of the things at you when I do really well. Is that we put strategies and plans and actions in place. Are so people can prosper prosper in great times like right now prospering good times. But also most importantly continue to prost are in bad times you can't get complacent. You have to have I'm cognizant cohesive plan in place decked you know. Deals with all types of markets and help market a market and a stagnant market but also had net income playing in places while. You know one of things that I think people are sort of let's let them get in the ways their own emotions and so so you know having Tammy things. Written down having you're playing like you are put together for some of our listeners are clients. To make sure that their retirement strategy. Which is built around their goals and the most importantly. That is not subject to sort of emotions and just simple reactions you know. And I think right now as we get close at the end of the year is really important for us reflect that we've made a lot of money and look my own stuff. I gotta I gotta say and the other day was up 18%. Airport parking. Ariel how a lot how how much can you complain about that but it's the important thing is to make sure that we we keep that somehow find a way to keep it. Yet we offer people a chance to into the office for free consultation who oftentimes we roll that out there committed for free consultation with what can we get. What do we learn at this morning during learned just you know one of the problems I'm John that I see and and this happens and the I don't have a percentage but I say at least maybe. Two thirds of people that come and see us those say something like them all last and why you hear them say something like while I wanna know I can retire. How well I have enough money to retire and then not the next obvious question is from us is while how much money do you need a month to. Retire comfortably what was sure like to have and how many times would you say people can't really give us a good answer. They don't know what they need in return oftentimes with someone comes and sits down with sand. Their financial. World looks like that junk drawer in the kitchen. Things are everywhere you cannot find what you're looking for what we try to do and at first consultation is saying hey listen you count all these. IRAs and non qualified accounts these annuities these bonds. We tried to get him bring all that together in kind of give controlled chaos for them get them a little more organized and what that Joseph Torre did financial. Other day we saw some really came in literally had six old 401K plants that we knew exactly where he worked well who aren't you know compare. There was a chart but on top of that I think. The of the more important question equally important question is to know how much you need every month it's critical. Do you tune to. Have that before you know when you can retire how much is how long Jeanne Monaghan the last few so we're gonna make it really easy for people that don't know. That number. And you know if you don't know what to be didn't even count clicked on number session not that difficult. Our rich myself John Ryan we put together it worksheet called the income gap it's a fantastic tool. From time to time we bring it back out we offered on our website and it's probably one of the most popular. Items that we are able to give away to help our listeners so for your free copy of the income gap worksheet. Please go onto a work to our website just don't lose the money dot com. Again it's just don't lose the money dot com right not home page. You can simply just enter your information and then go and download it and we'll help you Figaro what you are essential expenses are. And sometimes people say to us John you know retirement to me is all about. Taken a grand kids stood to Disney oh you know how open. My daughter not babysit new and in going to the bus stop them and guys get Mikey grandkids from school we can't do any of that commercial and income. Income and also a place a plan to have it and you can't have any of that stuff until you first know how much you need every single month. So we're gonna make it easy for you again. I'll give away I'm pleased to it would take you know more than fifteen seconds. Make time to yourself favor if you don't know that number. You need to know that number before he too. Anything else get the income gap worksheet goes to our website just don't lose the money dot com and you can downloaded it and why did they had us a lot of great things that. You can tool around it's very educational which for the purpose of so why we exist. And and you'll see what I mean by that when you go to our web site. Just don't lose the money dot com. Download the income gap worksheet with their quick break but when we come back we're gonna talk to you about what you can expect. When you come in if you came into CS what is the process and what you can expect and what you'll get out of meeting with John and myself we write back. This is just don't lose the money radio for additional information about why October is the scariest month. Call us at 8776308787. That number again is 877630878. Time or visit us anytime I can't just don't lose the money dot com. Well. You're listening to just don't lose the money which amount of this company 25 years ago to really concentrate on the people that our viewing time for our entire. So we've taken to pretty much of the most important disciplines of the time one obviously having enough money to retire and it's true. As they say can you Dachshund in the world with your state plan now back did just don't lose the money. Everyone welcome back just don't lose them on your radio on Sam one John fund and we're back with you this wonderful Sunday thanks for joining us hope you have in your good day. Our mission is very simple. Our corporate mission our company mission our personal mission. Is to help our clients first and foremost educate you. And help you put a plan together using a right tools the right products. So you can have the greatest chance of success. In retirement truly that simple. And I think one of things that we bring to the table John is known collectively. Are about four Parker's dribble 100 years of experience there's lots of great people out there but nothing. Really trumps experience when you say you know so before the commercial break we're talking a little bit about. People with you know stuff all the plays they don't know how much they need to have. To retire where is and how much money they need to have as alarmed some how much money they need to have. On an in on on an annual basis we we and and I happens all the time. Yeah there were people coming for a free consultation. We understand it is a little nerve racking for them but it deep down we understand in today's economy good advice is critical especially now it. Who what where and put a price tag on their wish may be raise our fees are. Two there are that's why it's important to work with an advisor who's dedicated to listen to you. Understanding and get to know what you concerns and what you know what you wishes and wants. In where we sit down of these individuals oftentimes when they can mean we mentioned earlier about the kitchen drawer that did jump toward a juncture we all have one. And yet the problem being is that the rulers of services. Everything's in his drawer but the one thing you're looking for if you live in my house we had to jump in the kitchen. Well then my age in my junk drawer in my kitchen is. I can I always look for scissors and they are supposed to be your junk drawer burn there always and some other enjoy except for the dunk draw. So we tried doing that first meeting is to help bring some. Help them with day chaos. And in walked into ruling gives them a little more organized in that joke of such yes. I get this whole four OK beautiful area it is not qualified account to none of those accounts or working in unison together so often. And I'm working against each brought it precisely but you know before. We help them. Clean up the juncture or if you came in to see us right so op processor very simple. In the first 1015 minutes it's just us getting to know you. Know sometimes people come in because they're worried a vote their children may be on May be there worn on the right track and wanna say hey you know what. I'm worried because I don't want spun on my money is a wanna show you some money to them at other times are worried because just like you said they have accounts everywhere in its. Oftentimes where when we talked to husband wife sometimes the husband's vision of the time it's much different though the wife's. Vision of the time. Sometimes completely different slightly different but you know sometimes a very similar but they ought they all care about how much money we have we have enough money to last aside retirement. And then when you ask the wife her vision sometimes is I wanna make sure the kids are taking care of the green kids are taken care. In the house and asked me sure he has enough money to make sure that his kids and grandkids are all taking care. Right and once in awhile we have people that come in they might be a little bit of more mature in their retirement. Years you know maybe there. Late sixties early seventies and now their focus has shifted on I hear all these horror stories about people who owns one nursing home I just have my best friend. You don't die of a heart attack and like I don't know why I'm thinking of this but all of a sudden I'm thinking about. Losing my house of got to do one of lessons to go into an arsenal so we put that we incorporate that into the entire plan. Yes so what we sit down with you for the first meeting we get I've. Read understand and we want what do you what do you wishes when he wore it and in an effort mean because we took the time to get to know you took the time to take a look at everything you have. We're able to give you any that he killed playing him of attacks on to say at your second mean precedent that second meaning this is what your concerns were. This is what you wish as well that's what we heard drew say this is what we did have an we did an analysis of everything. And we're gonna try to put together a plan for in this about Clinton's. And that second in that second round meeting Morgan has specific ideas and recommendations as to what that person. Should be doing so it might be something a little bit more on a complicated side maybe they have like you said Jon that Jon draw they have. You know six different old retirement accounts are worried about fees and Aussie you give them a few analysis or something that you would do. To show them that hey they're on track or maybe this account is overpriced and paying too much it's not worth at all. All back on around us they're gonna have that debt plan in place so we give them and walked out of this office with that plan that they know they know how to get from point eight. To point B. And then other times people come and answer is as. Easy as they are in fact I'm thinking about. And watched said the name but. You know who I'm talk Melinda she came in to see us two weeks ago for our second annual review. And two years ago she came to us she is a single individual. Worked a mass general hospital. Had an opportunity to retire and she said you know Sam I love my job I just don't I don't love it's much it's it's our new management has changed since very demanding union. Kind of feel like I. I need to retire but her biggest worry was this year have enough money to every time we want to we walked her through that process Arctic to the process. To know what her situation was and you know her mother wasn't dual while she was generically who have worked along now as we all know that's probably one of the toughest jobs in America has been and yes you know those we love our nurses so she was tired but her mother wasn't too well health wise so she also has spent a lot of time take care for Molitor days are getting longer and longer than Jews game hiring issue was ready to retire she wanted to retire issues hoping she can attack. And after sitting down with us after a couple means we were able to put plans together far. That net. Her knee and what the plan include it was release of all aspects of life she had enough money set aside for her liquidity. So she didn't quite have that. Demont Dutch we were comfortable. Stop one Hershey should have in the bank so we suggested hey get rid of this stuff Scioscia now about 75000 dollars in the bank. She had an opportunity take a lump sum roll over. As a pension from her our employer and the reason she actually chose to ruled out money over was if she just simply took a pension from employer. She died like two years some from. Retiring. Dot money's gone. Chula to a left a lot of money yet so we were able helpers to all the paperwork filled all the paperwork out create an account as an IRA. Couple rolled out money over. In the last two years she's been dependent on the income debt portfolio was designed to. Do ate each and every month and are not was very simple it was like 4500 dollars choose getting Mark Twain 500 from Social Security. And that fixed and Nixon noted that we knew it was to put in place to give her 2000 dollars a month met all over all of her monthly expenses. That case was stolen I would call a simple situation. We've we deal people who have much more complicated exactly. But you're able to help with money that she'd need insure want to grow into it and our biggest goal is to help people retire with coughing. That that's the key is that she felt very confident now after the with obstacle to process and understand what should look at. If she had a plan in place and then midway had a one year review everything looked pretty good and interest couple weeks ago we are second in your review issue want to spend a little bit more money elevate her monthly income by about 500 dollars. Chu went to a little bit more. Our should falter and finding finding yourself wanted to travel a little bit so we were able to put them place. And woo over or say or you want you can do that now. With confidence and that's the important thing so on that note if you don't have that sort of level of confidence that you're looking for. Are you looking to maybe get a second opinion on what you're doing many of our clients come to us from other advisors. Listen you know wages a couple of guys that worked really hard to help our cars retire you know us. We've been around for a long time over 25 years collectively over a hundred years of experience mean. We know what we don't talk him out like the real McCoy. So. If you want to have that experience. In their first meeting I'll promise to you is this we won't try to. So you're anything there will be no had locks we won't like locked door behind you it doesn't work that way we get to know each other. In compact some things summit goals that you're looking to achieve what capable helping you do one punch back for second meeting. And put together a plan in place and analysis where you can feel comfortable. Making those decisions in many times people say yes smoke once in awhile it's okay to get in now and it's just that the rate that it's not the right fit so on that no give us call 877. 6308787. Tell the operator you'd like to have a meeting with John myself any of our partners and most simply go ahead hope he do that again that number is 877. 6308787. On the web that just don't lose the money dot com you know your 401K balances are really big number it's important for you that make sure that you know what it is. How about the feasts you don't know what what they are we'll talk about that won't come back. This is thought he had just don't lose the money radio I know we'll get a lot of calls about the income gap notebook and I wanna be sure you're taking care of to schedule and no obligation leading the sand playing in his teens call us at 8776308787. That number again. 8776308787. Come visit us anytime I just don't lose them money dot com. Making retirement fund comes sand wind in Agassi's doing it that doesn't sound like Richard you know that's that's the push from Richmond right out of you guys I'm doing that. Just don't lose. Just don't lose the money I'm saying one dollar fine welcome back to our show all week we Sunday's show very happy you can join us we thank you for that. You know rich and I have built the company really literally from scratch right you know 25 years ago. We had this idea let's help some people. Retire it's to the right thing went like desperate couple phones and off we went. And here we are some 26. Or so years later. We have our partner John Connally here on here with us on the part of ride marsh and we've built a very. Good of course our message good boutique company to help people not to everything but to retire comfortably with the plan and with confidence. I've been here for 21 years and it's great to see the business just kind of roll over time you're from just a few employees to a a bunch of people now who all have a different role on the business and. We've all surely not all good way you know we're all of the who got married had some kids you before I got four. Would you should see a Christmas party into so little chaotic and how are now know thanks for joining us you have some questions force that's why we're here. Right I'll phone numbers 877. 6308787. You know John a lot of people come to us they say hey how's my account doing. You look at the average numbers and talent seems to be okay but there's a lot of like hidden numbers and. Yet when you were an individual comes in and learn meet with them for the first time mean we were taken a look at what they have been in Ryan and I would do Leah I detailed analysis on their positions within yourselves whether he'll for a one cave and higher range or on diary brokerage account one thing we'll do we'll do with detailed analysis of the positions. Then we'll do it detailed analysis on the FISA campaign. Oftentimes people charges of marble shocked what do pain in the all the old and management fees but they don't know each. Position you'll each mutual fund insider accounts also charging. Fees as well. We just had a review meeting the other day there was a client I came to us in fact they inherited an account from I think I was there and other necessary wasn't quite sure. And they say you know it's sort of on a loyalty which kind of feel. That we should keep this morning with the other advisor and you know this is an awesome tonight I'd deal with and you took care of that and you met with the folks and I think you shall be done. The analysis or came out to what like two. Two point 6% total aren't just on the two point seven is in fees in this was a sizable accounts or a million bucks a paint 47000 and fees fees in the ocean and it wasn't like he made a ton of money. Working to vote if you just want some of them won't. Like what the war right right right so you take back you multiply that by five years ten years and that's that's a lot of money. In he had no way to it and you know that the individual who was his broker to was his friend and it turned out that was his golf fun. And he he was getting a little frustrated. When he saw the market was going Darren has a Carol's going down. But he was pains from fees he was sent to realize like. Why is this guy golf with news and every time out there and monitor exactly. And that happens what happens a lot but it's in in even and now own 401K plan like we have the Rubino homeland for a one K plan. We've had the same 401K plan for we we made a change I don't know maybe 78 years ago. Partly because of fees it was with company eight now it's with Transamerica it's it's a great provider. We have in the air. I don't know maybe thirty choices we have sort of every aspect that you can think of large cap small cap international. Emerging markets bonds you don't value we have all that stuff in there. And I actually looked at took took a look at our fees the other day. Noble pretty normal there wooten somewhere between may be. It's point seven to white one point three. And the good news is that because in on CO the company and I I I run the plan on the fiduciary with a plan I have sold all of the other fees all of the nickel on dynasties of the planned fees but a lot of times people can't say that. You're the minority in that situation yet oftentimes in those borrowing caves if you really grabbed the former ruling Kate plan. Best with the plane cancel. A lot of people don't know that. And when they get the quarterly statements for a long kings a little more difficult for an individual to realize how much they put. How much debt payment fees because they're also contribute to what kind of gets a little money for them sometimes. This also happened to really tell what they've made choices. At the end of the quarter did you look at how much I have last quarter vs published today have this quarter. Then what they're not looking as how much more I could've had if I paid a reasonable fees the fees you fees are fees in Iowa State. If you're not getting value for their feet they're overpaid that's exactly right I mean there's no free lunch you join in order to stifle theory is. All right so I don't know where this gruesome one most fun facts but. It's that and so awful theories became aware of there's no free lunch so any time people go to Lou. People on our business and expect something for free doesn't excess are no recent work cart you were not get paid for. But there's a difference between getting paid reasonably. Or getting paid in getting overpaid. And many times. Many many times we see people pain. 50% or or twice as much as they as they shouldn't really the barometer is sort of an hour practice. All name you know from the left side the right side up dog down all in fees don't generally may be born in -- one point 20. Point two is is all in Sorkin who went on to action these company what happens is when. We charge you won't want to whether we make. When he trains in your account thousand trees and account without charging you are trying to and that's what you do you'll run into that yeah that's it through on our Bravo which. Ryan Iowa put portfolios and reviews for people which is the rescue money the money that's in the market and so forth you deal to save money list. Let's talk a little pockets you know we Joan we have sort of three pockets in place although darkest except for. Your bank account which is bucket number one doesn't have a fee. And it's it's a sort of an artificial feet vision not getting any money you know earning any interest Sauna so you wouldn't want winnable in out of the that's sparked a number one liquidity. Bucket number 2 is generally. Where am I gonna get my income from. And we there's a lot of different choices that you can use there. We use something tried and true and absolutely works we'll talk about that it in off coming segment which essentially fixed annuity. Which is why people are pensions every pension is some version of a note and annuities. There is good ones and as bad ones is one set out to to have tremendous piece we just don't like those we'll talk to you about that if you came in. And one and analysis but on average fees inside the new duties that we use are about 1%. The initial pocket John. Which is that the growth bucket and our fees are below one point 2%. In. Oftentimes when myself for Ryan doing a fee analysis or individuals. I go light bulb goes off they say off okayed the market was up 6%. In there or brokerage account. No wonder why am only earning 3% because of pain. Too much and feet and when you say your your feet Jones well one point two that's that's everything it's all in all wins you know pain in the more than yeah there's no transaction fees there's no commission and we bring value. Not only are we going to be monitoring your portfolio on a daily basis but we also have some proprietary products such as wild card in those are things that we get at it see if you can get eaten yet. On a different point in time. But will we also bring in as we do it a very deep killed the analysis in fact what we can do what we can give we have free. The analysis to anyone who's Wilson today fees so what does that involve that involves. Call and in talking to myself Orion. Insane I wanna a feel analysis on what I have whether the united array for rowing camp brokerage account. We were talking of at some point on we will sit down you can always email us your your your statements that we would do it he killed fear now's. For you probably know exactly what you pay. I hate surprises IE eight when I have a project at the house and electrical company and the town is gonna cost acts then I find out the cost why there. Or two times acts you worse so. That is like most people and that's free analysis what were only what can they expect from them like I like a summary elect a spreadsheet Kerry positioning we'll tell you what it. Being charged in defeat for each position and what would tell you what you being charged that I can for OK with the play in this charging you. In the overall management fee most people know what the managers charge very valuable folks very very valuable to. To speak to John. And to get you'll own free fee assessment analysis. Give him a call at 877. 630. 87. 87. Tell the operator of course that is Sunday we're not working. Tell the operator you want John Ryan McCarty back and pronto pal happen tomorrow that number again is 877. 6308787. Folks do you like the idea of guaranteed income not just from now before life. Come on next will share with you for reasons to consider owning an annuity why are they good and why they're appropriate at the right time. This is Bobby office manager Aberdeen Ellen lane just don't lose the money radio will be right back. You just heard the guys talk about the importance of knowing what you're paying the fees if you don't know you want your own the analysis call John at 8776308787. That number again 877630. 8787. Or visit us any time I just don't lose them money dot com. Big stars and celebrities you never know this gonna stop by just don't lose the money special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks him. The name of your show just don't lose money that's how people feel that they're nervous that's because of the economic conditions that exist today they actually could. Lose their retirement at stake and that's where people like you are so important now let's get back to just don't lose the money. Just don't lose the money. We are back. John and nine. And that's another Sunday I would talk to a little bit earlier in the show how October. Can be a little scary not discuss a Halloween but some sort of historic monument total black mark on black Monday October 19 1987 were on the thirty year anniversary. In addition conditions that are I remember was not Longo 2008. I was those sort of in my adult lifetime our adult lifetime. There we really felt it and it all happened and also started in October and and you look back now I think the financial world on much more solid foundation and it was in 1987100%. Agree. But we can't forget that there there are significant quick. Drops in the market you know we take their call flash crash is now the 600 point drops that 900 point drops in these days so that we can't get complacent at this point. So here's the message you are having a plan. From which they retirement strategy is built around. Is crucial in all of your retirement strategy is to just take care of yourself and your no loved ones wife kids are sure that show goal. And my goal is well I have a wife and four kids my retirement strategy will be in joy and our children enjoy my grandchildren. And then have hopefully a meaningful. Legacy to leave behind so you need to know that first and then the second things which is really where we come in. And were very helpful is having and having that same strategy. Not be subject to a emotions. And just reactions. When we're talking about in October if things it would have warned those flash crashes. How many people either were run on so we've now wants happen again tomorrow. If some people it will sell to the panic sell and go a 100% cash and you know that's not the right thing to do the right thing to do is have me up. Clean and place it this. What happens we have different buckets of money that had to cancel take the emotion out of the worry because. Listen next month of its November all the phone month of his December is still gonna need to eat. Pay your cellphone bill pay the utilities. Which means as you need income and that's why we are very. Big proponents of having a pension. Many of us can't say what lucky enough to have won in all right I grew up in an era where my parents had pensions. They're a rebel we live in today John that that's related so that doesn't exist anymore and Social Security. It was pension and then it was required minimum distributions withdrawals from your accounts you wrote a wonderful blog for the our company's website. On this past month for reasons to own and knew he showed some light a match yet so I wrote there's applause line you know for reasons why you might wanna consider. Only in an annuity and you know the first reason is. Is the stock market meek nervous. It makes me a little bit nervous at this point in time periods last this past Wednesday the market closed at over 23000. Ozal was going through a thousand points for how low low yup yup that's all great we have reliable when the markets what's gonna happen on the outside there's Eric Bobble birds about to happen is Erica. Just as exciting as it is the fact that hits point 2000. It's also nerve wracking 123000. And and I I can't speak for others I can only speak for myself. What I do right now is I'm taking some chips off the table I'm taking I'm actually. Gaining some of my games is there's a difference between owning a car leasing a car when you Lisa Karzai we yours. When you over to our shores I just all the client the other day congratulations you hitter alternately sign your account. Now that you have more you have more to protect it exactly right New York or if your goal was to you know reach a million dollars and now that your account is. Done really well it's getting closer to that million dollars but now has given you every reason. To protect that even more so pays attention to business until you know the market nation says one reason why you might wanna consider annuity because a new week. Gives you some of that upside down vote of the market. But also potential on the downside. There's something called the participation rate you get 85% of what the market does. What you get none of the doubts back in 1995. We discuss several American history not to show my age were back in 1995. Insurance company by the name keep what life sort of invented. Our indexing inside these annuities and they goal is very simple. To give you may be about two thirds of the upside. But none of the downside. In over the last twenty years insurance companies have you know made. Their version of these things some a little bit different but that all works relatively the same way that they have the same idea to get. Some of the upside you know half to two thirds of the upside but none of the towns at all into these tree equal the all have to build wells so you were saying this for reasons that's reason number one how about the other reason obviously yes he can predictable. Return the safety of money we just talked about how you can't lose any money going down. In the third reason is you want guaranteed income for life which they cannot outlet which in my opinion is the number one reason you should think about having a portion of your money. Inside. In a new reaped 'cause of that every one of us us listening right now we need to pay far expenses. Hence we need income if you work and that's fine. But when you stop working maybe those numbers don't match up. Which is why the income gap that we talked about earlier is crucial come back to that. But knowing that you have guaranteed income through good times great times are terrible times is crucial. Vast majority of people coming into our offices sit down with us the individuals that teaches the fight fires the people who have pensions. The ones who tend to be less nervous than others that's right an F because they have that steady stream moving countless coming in that they can count on it they know with nothing is over and I happen to. Other people have done a great job and saving money. But they also have to hope that the market problem and while they've taken money from their on this stage and. So many times John when people come in the CS we see that becoming they have a pile of you know for lack of a better word stuff that a punch savings. And they go into retirement with the icon on their fingers crossed and say hey I hope I have an off and I hope it's gonna work. This idea of taking a portion of your money put into he knew he will. Would give you that 100% confidence are you looking forward to retire comfortably. And then the fourth the reason I talked about was the the nursing home long term care benefits that countless some of these annuities in some amazing news if you took him up pension like guaranteed lifetime income I'll give you an example. 20000 dollars and yet the gave no pension for a year. If you could perform to out with six activities are doing Livan. Some companies will even increased debt by 50% some companies by a 100% it's a night erupted 30000 and so. Air one are suggesting people don't buy long term care insurance folks just always said but this is in lieu of or sometimes people care for long term care what can qualify for long term care this is a great way to sort of fill that void. We have some great opportunities for people that wanna learn more about. So rewarded is that we do the process maybe is it is it looking to reduce fees may be is it looking to put a portion of your money so you can have a guaranteed income stream. Where do that we're share on knowledge if you. Very soon November 4 which is only a few days away I guess right for a week or so away. It's but Saturday November 4 is our first time we're actually gonna have. A workshop on a Saturday because people demand people wanna come CS without Imus in traffic. Yeah a lot of people say you had asked. For us to do Saturday seminar. And for us to take it as a Saturday await my family's in this critical time with the economy we think it's very important to do this Saturday seminars that port. It's that important so Saturday November 4 November 15 which is on Wednesday. We're gonna be having some workshops. He needs a reservation. Please get more information to go on a website or tell you the time the day of the topics. I'd do so it's it'll be worth your while just don't lose the money dot com. Click on the workshop tab you'll be able to get more information on how workshop again it's just don't lose the money dot com high on that note we'll be right back. This is Bobby of just don't lose them any radio I know we'll get a lot of calls about the income gap workbook and a wanna be sure you're taking care of to schedule a no obligation to do we Sam when his team call us at 877. 6308787. That number again 8776308787. A visit us any time at just don't lose the money dot com. Ever wonder how rich in Santa get all their work done they start by calling me I'm Bobby's office manager ever been in my life. You can secure your financial future of the same way by calling me you call I'll answer 8776308787. 8776308787. Just don't lose money on Sam line I'm joined by the way thanks for taking time to join us as wonderful Sunday and hope we waver. You know shed some light on on these and we timing mysteries we should do what you shouldn't do in fact John we're gonna be doing this on a Saturday which are kind of and the some second thoughts but I wanted to. There anyway to stop people were asking for Saturday's seminar they don't have to sit in traffic like they would normally do on a weekday trying to get to some of our locations we understand that sometimes that's disruptive. So what we also understand how important it is for people to come to the summer. So we decided let's take some time away from the stimulus and aren't so what day's second death going to be on Saturday November 4 at the cafe Ethier drove it penny. That's in Burlington mass and then on sun November 15 Wednesday November 15 we're gonna VS store no college at 10 AM I fantastic so for more information go to our website just don't lose the money dot com. Susan warned it would join us at those events. Rich Ryan all of our partners in our entire staff will be beer. To help you follow wild tools were number one just don't lose the money we'll love to don't forget and you'll have a great day thanks solicit the information on this pro. 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