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This is that just don't lose the money radio show with your host attorney Richard Murphy no and Sam way. For over twenty years rich and Sam have been broadcasting to the Boston area. Explaining how you can protect your lifesaving. Rich and Sam's highly regarded and sought after guidance has been featured on Fox Business news and fortune and money magazines now your host that just don't lose the money guys. Richard Rubino and Sam flag. Just don't lose the money on same line and I'm Richard Levine say welcome to our show's wonderful Sunday and that's. The men over July and hope everybody's having her fantastic summer so far so rich how we don't Milledge July you know it's like. I still have to go to the store and buy a beer and ice and the Marine Corps is not over yet and I don't know why let's hope the summer is me several a lot of soreness my favorite time of year but. Let's enjoy while we can right now in oh and and then I speak EM enjoyment. That's quite what retirement to about like the endless sometime this time we're done in the summer yet and that's what retirement should be like it should be like a perfect. No humidity. 74 degrees Sunday. Whose idea you know anyway our own owned by Dow right yelling at him straight at the ball over the net that perfect on that note we have a fantastic show for you today rich and I'll mission. Is one simple thing tended to educate you. To help you understand. What. Stress free retirement is all about and how are you can actually get there so you wanna learn more about that stay tuned for the show do you have any questions forest. We have a great phone number for you jotted down 877. 630. 8787. If you like to learn more about us on the web please log on to just don't lose the money dot com. Okay erection wanna take the first question I guess as were you don't yes let's dome right. Martha writes in the rich and seen him I've been listening to you guys years now and I do remember I remember thinking. Meet you years ago years ago. That I'll have nowhere reason retirement because I've been saving and I for a substantial amount to my 41 K well. Now I'm 62 or playing two retired 4 years however I am or read about. Today's environment more than ever before. Particularly our board about running out of money. How do I get rid of distress well I don't think you're alone you know recently semi red. Like a survey that was conducted by Merrill Lynch. In the survey said that two out of every three people 64%. Of the people who have a 401K. Worry about running out of money so she's not alone at two out of three yeah absolutely I think I've read here on this those statistics all over the place. Our I don't remember when I read this but. It's said like the average American has like 7000 dollars and their 401K. And to you know 67%. To worry about running out of money well. I would be by at 70000 dollars money you are right but I think that I think that any staying any time you get close to some saying. You get nervous I mean why does like a tennis player default on match point because he's like nervous about things. When you're close to retirement. All of a sudden the trees look taller. The war looks Colbert are comedians just after I was saying earlier you know what your further away everything looks rosy that's like me standing on the first hole. Ready to hit that first tee ball and get you get a little sweaty palms and don't because you know it's gonna happen so on that note. What can people do. Here's the first thing which suggest you need to know. What you need every month. You need to know you burn rate isn't hockey figure out if you're gonna be okay or not. If you don't have a census to write what you need every month too little and I am unsure of people know that's him in the united they'd lose everything. A lot of things are done on line people pay their bills on line and there was always money coming in and I don't think they have they figured out you know I never took our never took headcount by that we see thousands of people and I'd say. Probably somewhere between. Point five to 50% of people we ask they don't we have a true handle on what they need. Every month and that's absolutely the first place that you need to be to go well Ichiro and what you need every month and the second thing is to. Hey where's that money gonna come from. Pretty simple and then you know we work. We very very fortunate we live grenade. You know a new rumor and stayed pretty pretty. Well to do people and an economy is good economy's good. And we meet a lot of people with millions and millions of dollars but I gotta tell you we mean a lot of people with pensions. That have simple lives that might have a few hundred grand say today names. They have you know 95000. Dollars a month of guaranteed income coming in for the rest of their lives. Vs people I have maybe managerial positions that have two million dollars in your 401K but they worry it seems like at least they worry about. Retirement more so because they don't have a monthly income or potential write anything easy to match up if you're pensions a dollar. And you build to a dollar well that's pretty easy if you built a dollar and you don't know way to get that dollar from war. The market is followed too low nor I mean just don't. It's not as easy it's stressful so let me tell you where people can think about beginning first and foremost I think it's crucial for people to understand that there are more. Options. Then their retirement plan you haven't worked you know appear before going K plan can fantastic. But there's more to within just that. So one of the things that you can do is you can not call us this week and get or free giveaway which resolve book entitled just don't lose the money. Rich and I have had a great deal of success church teaching in and having people understand their options it's a 200 page book totally don't. Totally new it's the same title but this is our third edition. We've had some input from a good friend or colleague Susan morning keynote Emmy award winning news Caster. From channel five and she was able bush sort of share with us in her thirty plus years of consumer reporting. What to look gulf for what to look for so we'll share that with few if you call this number 877. 630. 8787. Million number is 8776308787. Ask for your free copy of just don't lose the money. We'll get that out here and you know and lease is a beginning a place it's sort of begin with as to how you Figaro what you need the second thing I would encourage people to do is. If you are nearing retirement. You need to really segregate. Your money's I don't mean into this type of investment about type of investment but the purpose of what you can use that money for. So I'll use myself as a Guinea pig is an example. I'm 51 years old I have four kids I have more than three buckets as I've kids in college so right I have money in the bank. That's my emergency pocket and everybody should have that bucket I have a college tuition bucket. Which I'm gonna use and next you know few years. I have a future income pocket which is my 401 k.s my I have raised and the app market. Has a lot has more money and in it than any other pocket. Because I don't have a I want a pension you know and then I have my last bucket which is a more and take some risk because I'm swinging for the fences. News and you know I know bit. How important it is to make money but obviously I you know I can lose money too that's in the fourth spot to. So my encouragement would be to think about sort of how I did it. And sort of translate that into your own needs list first into a single individuals who am I think you know Martha writes I'm. And I I don't know ArcelorMittal assuming she's single. So she has another stress because she's in a rowboat loan now well I think one of the things that people have always said to say look because I'm in the row boat along. Nobody's gonna take care of me if I get sick you know I love my nieces and nephews but the last thing they want desire for mark onto Moffett to be a burden to them so. On long term care is a problem or potential problem in their product so did these fixed annuities that we use. That is designed to give your guaranteed stream of income. Some of them have like long term care insurance built into it well that gives you twice the income if you can't. Two and perform. Two of the six activities. Of daily living so on that note to some stress again again their options. Were here today not too. Talk about every option available but the really just sort of educate you. At least have the ground level. It help you take the next step in that next step ought to be if you nearing retirement. If you're close to retirement or you are retired. And you wanna make sure everything is safe. Get out giveaway today again it's entitled just don't lose the money. It's a great book that rich and I have. Put together 25 years of so real life experiences. And show you some options that are available to soak for your free copy of just don't lose the money call this number. 877. 630. 8787. My number once again is 87763087. 87. Or you can go online and I just don't lose the money dot com to ask for your book just don't lose the money. Basra summertime it sounds great I just don't lose the money. Dot com this is a hard cover book you know me guys like and I downloaded here Rita yeah that's good night in and now by all means please take your time takes America. And Rita so next we're gonna talk about the how to protect your home and still have the ability to sell. Hi I'm Bobby office manager for Richard Rubino and Sam lane to schedule an appointment with Richardson. Call me out 8776308787. That's 877. 6308787. Welcome back. To just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out for the last two decades salmon rich have been helping people just like you protect their life's work. By following two simple rule. Now country music superstar Martina McBride with the rule number one. Don't lose some money. And Mohammad to. Don't forget number one just don't lose the money on Sam now Richard amino thanks so much for joining us this wonderful Sunday we'll there was some good mid July day. On Sundays weekend show iron. That doesn't have a much better but there's a lot of people may be driving back from the weekend retreat. Listening to the show Sam so how they didn't talk to of that or 877630. H seven H seven is on number but if you forgot that you can't forget this. A website addresses just don't lose the money. Dot com later on the show John Conley he's gonna join us John's my junior partner that's really. You know she's with me for twenty something years to share with you some ideas on how to. Grow your money some options that are available to YouTube if you warn take downloadable or risk. Where your money may be that much faster but that's really not sort of 90% of all business you know which not built this business to help you. Obviously follow these two rules rule number one just don't lose them and moon number two don't forget rule number one you know if you look back. And that's what's all about keeping we have that's why. People come to see us. More people go to poppy geno signaled they wanna buy pizza. They wanna eat pizza why people come here because they know they just don't wanna lose money different so on that note let's take our next question charming Deb writes India rich and see him. We have two homes and our primary home. We have two homes. I'll primary home any vacation home. We are not sure if we will eventually sell our primary home but we don't frame never wanna sell off family vacation home. And we have two different types of trust beach house or can we put both homes into the same trucks let's great. One trust house that your primary residence they don't know would be used LA dirt and you wanna keep that you might. Salad and keep the care Sherman took place he'd want dead in a revoke Coble trust to give you the maximum amount of our flexibility. Was dealing with that home like my home and I have I have a home I live in Bedford mass. It's you know what's what's a few bucks we worked really hard to afford that home we finally paid off. But I'm 51. I mean I'm ultimately there forever right right so you know or warm when I'm a completely empty Nester a mile or halfway there now. I might wanna sell the house in its own and their revolt global trust on the trustee. If tomorrow I wanna solid I just hope I ask myself would I wanna so you know whereas a a vacation home or vacation army say hey listen regardless of anything. We wanna keep this home on the family in my Maleeva won in Dallas to our family you might put that into an irrevocable trust. You're welcome both trust protects that home we've got to be you go into a nursing home. Well you look like you're filming I might blow by my mother in law put her home. In a irrevocable trust and eight years ago she did that. Recently she went into a nursing home and I'd say it's always wears on and oh she's 91 so it was timely for her to do it. Anyway that home is totally protected. Now that home has been sold inside the trust so instead of the home inside the trust this money inside the trust. My wife is trustee. Chic can distribute that money to beneficiaries which is her. Her brother and her sister with that money. Is not attach a ball. If by many. Kato the system it's very important to understand if it's if you're concerned those are the solutions that we go over when people come and say you know one of the things that people can sort of taking a first step may be dip dip dip their big toe into the water. Is hey I'm sixty's I'm in my sixty's maybe early seventies. Maybe my cousin to the trusts are heard other people to Entrust our panel is right for me right not right for me. You can actually take a win step further than just simply listen to our show. Com August not too far from now on Tuesday August 8. We're going to be a part cafe basket drill in Burlington and then the following night Wednesday August 9. Will be at the denim Hilton hotel they both start at 4 PM in the afternoon. You know summer time. But late in the daylight as long ride days a longer so we want to accommodate those that are maybe stop working come learn more about. So the whole gamut of retiring the retirement planning avoid. One aspect. Is to understand. What trusts are all about up the difference between Greek folk who are lower irrevocable trust how to protect your house. How you make sure that you. Maintain control. Of that ascent. Regardless of whether it's revoke a ball or irrevocable and try to understand what's best deal in those that you know why it's important to avoid probate. Maybe you have an estate tax may be there are some strategies. To that you can employ today. To avoid those state taxes now I'd say probably half the people we meet. Are determined. To protect. The assets what they don't use for their loved ones and family so how do you avoid the high cost of nursing homes in protectorate is safe from not so on that no. Goal onto a website just don't lose the money dot com. If you click on the workshop tab again the workshop tab. You'll be able to get four descriptions. On each of those Summers in that they're really two distinct difference seminars one gear for the person that's close to retirement the other his give for the person that's maybe within beyond ten years away from Thomas anyhow. Logon to just don't lose the money dot com you can get the full description of each of those workshops. If you like to attend you need our reservations so he can RSVP there once more just don't lose the money. Dot com. Yes him also talk about at the seminars. A state tax is anything. Individual. As a resident of Massachusetts. That you have more than a million dollars in assets. There is an estate tax a death. Tax so hey let's say you have one point one million dollars houses worth 600 granny or 500000 bucks in the bank but. Your tax you don't do anything you're doing then you die you're taxed on. The overture over a million dollars they really go back to dole won this com well they go out Madonna wanted to give your credit it's. It's the dollar one thing I think is so forcing basically to make it simple. Is anything over a million because of all maybe or America in my example maybe ten grand told a grand grand twelve grand. Every day IRAs you do is it your taxed twice on you Texas is exactly why Syria and income tax wise. But there are ways to solve those problems we have to battle same as being aware. Of whose nephew money troop and how to protect Truman did your choice what you wanna do and not so again if. You're between the ages of 55 and seventy you have a few bucks maybe your states over 250000. Dollars. He like to learn more strategies and how you can protect. The softer Ewing and your family maybe leave a legacy to children and grandchildren and then obviously the bottom line make sure you're comfortable. And not run out of money. You need to take a couple of hours join us August 8. That's him being in Burlington. August 9 LB didn't Denham. 4 o'clock in the afternoon for full description of the workshops and how you can make a reservation please log onto. Just don't lose them money dot com once more just don't lose the money dot com which you know we built this company 25 almost a 26 years ago. We sort of had. One mission in mind which is obvious to help people as they get closer to retirement but. Really that really takes two different types of this it does one is about the money. Has always about the money because it's always about the money first well what comes first in our view if you don't if you lose all the money. You don't need any Wilson trust patient and I don't know why that's why don't we're behind. But it's all about how to eat how do you keep your money safe how do you create an income stream. And then secondly in the second discipline is this a second discipline is some of them a lot of people's importantly no legacy. Making sure that their assets are not confiscated if god forbid they don't nursing home. Making sure they don't pay any unnecessary taxes or appropriating expenses. Those things are Paramount and a loan business does that stuff without a doubt is so important to make sure you know your options. And one of the things you can't make our workshop coming up an artist here's what I were encouraged to do. Maybe you've listened to the show for quite a few times and maybe even quite a few years you sort of get what it is that we don't we say over and all borne on all things all people. But if you're looking for options and answers to enjoy retirement you know you owe it to yourself to take the next step so for the next two weeks. Are allocated four hours per week sort totaled eight hours which essentially breaks on eight different slots. That I've set aside to meet with new prospective clients and hopefully that geo. And you know please don't. Drive here just to get a free cup of coffee that's all about though you'll get then you're you'll get that in a good one at that. But you wanna take that next step to make sure that you've done the right things and maybe haven't done the right things final what you can do to make that much that that. You can get that much far further ahead. So please take my offer come join me for a free one hour free consultation. Specifically tale. To answer your questions if you like that you can do wouldn't two ways one. Log onto just don't lose the money dot com click the free consultation yellow tabby can't miss it. Or call this number 877. 6308787. We come back and have a conversation wagering upon John Connolly on the state of the market. You're taking the first step to sound financial retirement. This is just don't lose the money's great yeah feel free to visit us at just don't lose them money dot com. Hi I'm Susan Warren if you're listening to two of the cutest guys in finance radio and I knew cute. But for is Richard revealing Sam lane of Rubino and blame the firm that specializes in protecting your money both legally and financially. Stay tuned for more informative radio just don't lose the money dot com. Hey again thank you for joining us today this is just don't lose the money radio mom Sam line I'm John Connelly and John is not rich of course but John is my junior partner and we're happy to continue The Today Show. To talk to you about really. What it takes to have a secure retirement plan and really just bulletproof those golden years you know so. Join you we we've been together helping people for you and I for more than twenty years twenty years and twenty years we've had a lot of fun. And a lot of people that have been sort of benefited from sort of your expertise as well my expert do we make of fantastic team there is a fantastic team got me in Iraq and what I read gore. So recently our share without audience that. We had a case. That in a numbers are up they're big numbers but it's the I think a story an example that all of us can relate to. We had a good client frank frank. Franken running. And francs 68 years old has been working for me a financial investment firm here in Boston bigger is one embossed and see you guess who they are for many years he's eighty and ninety executive and now he's a fantastic client of ours but he was offered at an opportunity. To take an early out package by the company. And that packages like ridiculous it was what we'd like it was a great package it was they offered him fourteen months of salary. To to tooth cell Austin yes I hope I won't pay for next fourteen months that's pretty good and then you gonna get other periodic payments dropped the year as well for unused sick time and so forth then. He was really wrestled with the decision should he take you know should not take the. When he was obviously you know at the age of traditional retirement. He kind of look back and said hey. Maybe the train is gonna leave I don't get on and I'm never gonna get this opportunity again. If you are able to sort of help him work though the details it came out to like he didn't have to worry about the next twenty months worth of expenses. He's actually going to be hedged as you would be putting any money into was 401K. But you know you keep gamers shorn said he was going to be okay. Yes the packages fantastic but at the same point I'm saying it wasn't just a package it was a pre planned and that we've done with Franken running for the last fifteen at ten years assault of playing in their young reverend for the so they. They work. Prepared for this day. Already but the package just made it that much he's so they have this this German Harry. Pretty big 401K 66 figure four or not seven figure Tuesday seven figure for a one K balance. And then they also had a what a lump sum packaged that they were gonna get. So we looked at I mean the whole process of making sure that you do the right thing that you have we talk about these buckets of money your money in the bank. You need to have money that's geared to income in the need to have money that's geared for obviously keeping up with. Inflation and hammered some growth growth elements who would. And then you also interest in and leaving an inheritance they feigned leaving a legacy. Yes so what we did everything they have is with the proper balance. Some monies earned income produce and stuff sum moneys and equities. But they have a sizable estate that they also have the start planning for these the estate tax and so let me speak to the income producing things John you can speak to. The equities in the growth oriented element to that. And then we'll come back and talk about what we actually suggested to them that they haven't agreed to a though they'll ponder over and think a little bit about how to leave. The best possible plan of leaving a inheritance the air's but you know they already had a little bit of money would us and fixed annuities from ivory roll overs. That we've geared. For future income that future income days actually here now but they need a little bit more than that so we took about an hour 30%. Of bear. Invest more assets now. Put him into and they were world over from forewarned came into an IRA and you stay fixed index annuity that we talk a whole lot about on the show on how to warn. Give you guaranteed base knowing that your principal is always going to be safe and secure. We used a product. That gave them the ability. Earned close to 6% a year without ever having to sort of worry about that money go backwards. Third. He's gonna take any comment turn that into an income stream come about two years from today because there's a twenty month sort of piggy bank that he can use and and that. That amount of money. Is gonna really take hearing news of his not only is essential expenses but his lifestyle expenses paid for the vacations and so all things that he dreamed of doing their retirements that money has been sort of set it and forget it and they gonna get a guaranteed paycheck for life. And that income stream that he's gonna get interest more than enough for him to live his life style depth as we are now sort of lifestyle we've added the numbers on. Above and beyond what we also do was. This gonna bring him into so I mean half this package. That the twenty month payments and so forth it's gonna bring him to where he seven years old and now he has to start peak in those required minimum distributions. The issue one of the issue stances. Even when he pace in the required minimum distributions he can't spend this money. At this rate of income culminating in a more income. So go these are Mormon he needed so we were actually proposing to him that we set up in the rebel Goebel trusts username and some mistrust the and take the amount banana mama the taxes. That he's not going to be able to use and set aside our money into the C rebel global trust. Now we might do some investing in the upper hand when my bison life insurance in this for him but the reality is that now that money's going to be sort of out of this state. It's gonna continue to grow outside of his estate. Anything down the road I could possibly go wrong like death or in nursing home attachment that money is safe from. At home care as well and also what he's doing he's now moved on to these legacy plans yeah sort of went from the retirement planning and what kind of two fold that into the legacy plan at this point so with the risk portion that he was willing to take a little bit of risk. And you wanna some exposure in the market will you what did you do for what we put a moderate conservative portfolio with a wild card number of tan so what wealth guard means is that his portfolio should never dropped below 10% of what his investment was so things go wrong you know things are cranky right now. It's not that hard to make money I'd get a report every Sunday have what my fidelity account didn't. It seems to go up more than it goes down. But that doesn't always happen on the market won't correct maybe at some point in time and if it does this world gone too weak and what does that house I know that did that 10% of his portfolio value won't drop below that emphasis on it this example if you had a million dollars we know that. Your portfolio shouldn't drop to 900000. I am beyond that if proved are closely you have this he would have I'm meeting we would send an email to a client phone calls and fearless in what kind of getting close to that 10% number of what was are predetermined plan. Prior to the market drops you had a plan B in place if I were you exactly so long ago when not scram monitor going to. We're not gonna do sell everything go to cash and due the the that panic selling most people start. Great so here's an example something the things that you could sort of take advantage of and again as it offer is that always the right choice hill but. On an individual basis this is where you can sort of expect from. Meeting with myself charmer have a teammate Ryan. So here's here's my suggestion a couple of things that I think people can tap into and take advantage of again we're having some workshops later armed. And about a month. That beginning Vargas if you go on our website just don't lose the money dot com and you click on of the workshop tab. You can see that we're gonna be in where we're we're going to be we're gonna be in Dedham. And then also we're going to be in Burlington so check those states out again those dates are August 8. In August 9. Com learn. How to bulletproof your retirement come learn strategies on how are you can take out income in retirement if done properly. Income tax free come learn all of those things again blog onto just don't lose the money dot com click on number workshop tab. Get the details on those specific workshops and then if if that's up from matches on your on your plate. On you can hours CPU right there the second thing that charm and I would RBC encourages that you know frank when we met him ten years ago so like we track them off the street. But he realize that it was time for him to look at his retirement picture. In this is what we're gonna offer TO again as I said earlier. We meet with clients who meeting with the system clients but every and every week. Which set aside for hours so four different opportunities for four different individuals come see us. To talk about their retirement plans so in the next two weeks. We have eight slots open to anybody don't want me having free retirement planning consultation. No hard sell. We'll get to know each other. We'll figure out of the Internet meaning the shoe fits in if it is you'll determine if you wanna follow up and have a second me. That opportunity yours for the taking go on just don't lose the money dot com click under. Free consultation you can book you meaning there will call this number at 877. 630. 8787. And tell the operator you would like free. I'm retirement planning constitution don't go anywhere folks will be right back and talked a little bit more about how to protect your retarded. Hi somebody office manager Caribbean island Lang. I know Richard sands scheduled better than I know my own. And their calendars getting fall if you'd like to meet with rich and Sam call me now how could you at the head of the line but promised not to tell. 8776308787. You call I'll answer it 776308787. Welcome back to just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks Sam who. I love the name of your show just don't lose the money if you are as it all right but that's how people feel that they're nervous that's because of the economic conditions that exist today they actually could. Lose their retirement nest egg and that's where people if you are so important. Now they acted just don't lose the money went Sam Wang an attorney Richard Rubino. Just don't lose your money welcome back I'm saying one of John finally it's a wonderful July mid July weekend. It's Sunday. You probably. God knows what you don't but certainly you could be doing anything you want but you hear you chose to be here listen to our show so we simply wanna say thank you. And you know Ryan John myself my oh my partner rich before rush we've created a great team. To help people as they approach retirement. Really kind of assists again follow while tools were number one just don't lose the money and don't forget rule number one yeah rule number twos don't forget rule number one. So on that note we here to help you get questions for us please to welcome to send us an email I just don't lose the money dot com we can call a set. 877. 63087827. Are right. By John we were talking about good old client of 1012 years frank. And he worked for a major. Financial institution here in Boston fidelity bank for many years for many years great great company out of fidelity account you have to tell you count. Probably if not the votes are we one of the largest employers in the Greater Boston area but recently they've had some they've had some opportunities with people particularly packages. They're offering many employees. Early packages. It depends on knowing you work for the company but some of the packages that we've seen from other people commonly and yet they're offering 1416. Months worth of salary just a panel sell off into the sunlight and walk away. So you're gonna get paid for the next fourteen months it's incredible and not have autorads a lot of my. Don't don't expect too much from me in the pen or are in the package can actually be even greater depends on how long you've worked for the company as well. In also they get they given away six unused sick times and so forth so we've got the opportunity to sit in front of the few people. Aaron the IT world that we're in the admin and world but we also some fun of our our gentlemen. That was you know he was and he was a money manager. And he came to us when he came to us and toes story. I was who I was kind of like well what do you need me for in order what do what it's sort of came across as. You know sometimes dentists don't floss. Boys don't want wills was gentleman actually while he knew how to make money he didn't really have a concrete. We have a tackle road map as how he's going to retire. And get guaranteed income yet I would say he was really a great save her. He didn't really have a great plan in place he if you had a column money socked under way just doing a great job of a little below is income level but he was a great save when he didn't really have any troop plan put in place yet he had a sort of what I. Characterized as I go into retirement with a pile on my. Humor me keep my fingers crossed and hope it's gonna work. And you know I think even if you Mason dramatic mistake she would be fine just yet few bucks but he really wanted to sort of take. And over. Huge spurs side view. Took took took this picture everything was when it was in order you want to make sure his life insurance plane was in order. As long term care was gonna be okay he has to pass protection owner it is too was a state plan you want to make sure that is a state plane was brought up to date toes that. If you will always have a Daiwa's when he first got married him and then kid and they took a vacation this a while children their forty's where everywhere she get a well we are now they're in their forties. And then lastly with the power of money. You know resolved in the right place should some of the beat geared to income just some really give the gift for growth should some of it. Be just left alone in the bank. We wave would have done until yet Angel you on this issue when he knew that. That money wasn't in the right place he knew wasn't allocated correctly he had a lot of cash being in a lot written in bars both animal's body wasn't earning what he could have been known in the last couple years with the market's been going up so very quickly on the money part I think it came down to about 45%. Of this money was rolled over from 401K. 21 IRA. In time and time again when people say to us I want. It guaranteed stream of income. I don't have a pension. I don't wanna worry about where my monthly income is gonna come from because I obviously have bill o's on the budget. I wanna make sure that numbers taking care of who took 45% on the money were put into a fixed index annuity that gave them that comfort of knowing. He's gonna get his case 6000 dollars a month. Guarantee for the rest of his life he's gonna take Social Security or about 3000. So his not his burn rate each and every month was about 8000. We gave him 9000 it was enough. Right sonar on the rest of that I think how much percentage that you wave without with John we were able to save both. We used the other 55% of the the importance I think there was like 15% he was and leaving the bank may keep liquid so UA it would help with the give and take about 40% of the money for the ceremony which at this point down the income was already taken care of so what we've done with him was we put him too aggressive portfolio we we use we managed that the money. And we use a lot of ETF at this point in time because they're low in fiset then blown pieces itself. So lets people perfectly clear I don't get involved in matches you know I brand. On the face of we're being normal wind was talking about for the last 25 years just not to lose the money so what I'm capable helping people do is protect. Your money. But not everybody is interest in the process where John we comes in in this tournament he had 3540%. Of his money. Average scratch that risk in the market he understands what the feed the risks he's taken on the way it would use in. Be a formula before we put him into the equities. What's his risk tolerance is the a conservative investors see a moderate to it too aggressive disease like mineral rove like me. Yeah it you know and not everyone's cookie cutter not all and one guest are these the same thing in what we try to do was tried to. Put the proper portfolio together for the individual game when we have the income needs kind of taking care of it allows us to be a little more creative on the yes or visible for Iran numbers as an example he had a million dollars and his fidelity account with DT apps and and went from millions and you know 930. Grand as we had a we just had a bad that couple months altogether. He's not gonna panic. Who knows income is already taking care income is taken care of and you'll also allow him to ride out those still stormy Weathers. Because the income statement carries not happen really to drop everyone else think that people make is that they don't have that understanding. In men who would be really really bad if you're count dropped by ten or 20%. And then you go and take on on the 45% of income and actually you know in one year's time you've lost 25 for you compound on the problem yes on that note. Here's a couple of things that people can take advantage of we have a core rate web sites very educational was designed. Two to educate you on some of the things that you should be aware propose a Carnes. Solutions. To the problems that each and every one of us face so. Check this out I just don't lose the money dot com. Why you're searching here check out our schedule for in August off coming workshops we have some going to come to Burlington. As well as Denham. And why in the if you think there might be an opportunity fewer benefits. Learning more about what you can do to protect your assets on quickened the free. Consultation tablets yellow he can't miss it. And I you can set something up for me and who's set something up with the mean John lastly I want to remind everybody Al giveaway this week is the book that rich and I wrote. Ten years ago who were on our third addition there's a lot of updates it's entitled just don't lose the money. And it's yours simply free for the asking you can't download it causes 200 page book so you need to call this number 877. 630. 87. 87. Again in numbers 8776308787. Nasr your free copy of just don't lose the money. Our thanks soliciting we have a few more minutes and we'll be right back their sort of wrap things up don't go anywhere we'll be right back. Just don't have the money radio will be right back. If you have questions I would like to schedule a no obligation meeting with attorney Richard redeem yourself when. Please give our office a call at 617630878. Southern. Or visit just don't lose the money dot com. Ever wonder how rich in Santa get all their work done they start by calling me. I'm Bobby office manager at the feeling. You can secure your financial future the same way by calling me you call I'll answer 87763087. Eighths up. 8776308787. Just don't lose money on seeing more on John fund thank you so much for joining us is wonderful mid July day. By Sunday hope everybody's on the fantastic weekend. I'm fortunate tomorrow's Monday we all go back to work. But the reality is that no life doesn't really change a whole lot until you approach retirement or are in real time. What that means is very simple keep what you have. Enjoy life spend some money your immune your spouse or your family. And then protect whatever is left over for you ears and he sort of like the tune to as a nice ring to it that's precisely what we do it would be you know when so thank you for listening. We live our day each and every day by following these tools rule number one just don't lose the money. Rule number two. Don't forget rule number one all right well put John so on that no we wanna say thank you rich and I. As well as my part majora Max we hear talk with Ryan as well now we want safe tomorrow pharma hearts thank you for listening have a wonderful day. And if you need anything we are just a click away at just don't lose money. Dot com. 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