Roy Moore defeats Luther Strange in Alabama

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Wednesday, September 27th

Do you think this is a loss for President Trump?


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Concrete canoes can liberal lies and insults to the working people we stay. No more. Is that could erupt for. Dion. When did favor the OK my friends. Does trump drab old Shannon marches. On and yesterday. A major victory a huge battle. This time and I love ma'am. So in the Republican senate primary race there was a pitched battle between the establishment. Ryan no candidate. Luther restrained jurist trumpet refer to Guam Bigelow Ferrer. Against the insurgent. Judge Roy Moore. Roy Moore was the outsider. He was the populist. He was in many ways the real America first conservative. In that race backed by Steve Bannon. Backed by Sarah Palin. But my trump land as they call it many of trumps hard core supporters. They have now rocked the political establishment. Even though president trump himself. Campaigned for big Luther. Even though they sent down the president they sent down my pants are you was Mitch McConnell handpicked candidate. Even though this swamp. Spent over thirty million dollars that's right the Republican establishment. Dumped over thirty million dollars. To try to prop up big cool third against Roy Moore. They went down in flames it's. Roy Moore pulled off a stunning. Political upset. And here we see him delivering. A victory speech after he spoke with the president saying Mr. President. Miami trump conservative to brewing through oh. I will work with you and it's kind to drain the swamp. Roland Britney. Together we can't make America great. We can't support the president. Don't let anybody in the press think that because he supported my opponent that I do not support you know. And support his agenda. And swollen. It's constitutional. As long in advance our society our culture. Our country. I will be supportive. As long as it's constitutional. But we have to return the knowledge of god and the constitution of the United States the United States congress. Amen brother. You had me at hail all. I was backing Roy Moore throughout the entire primary. Now he's gonna have to face off against the democratic candidate in December. Now to his credit president trumpet said he is gonna Barack Roy Moore he will go down to Alabama and support him. But the question now is this what happened what happened. And let me tell you what I think went on here my friends and this is why this is a political earthquake. We may think oh it's Alabama I'd a conservative state Jeff what's the big deal known and unknown and don't. The Republican establishment. Put their stake in the ground. Two point big Luther over the top and they lost. This was fundamentally. A referendum. On Mitch McConnell. He was McConnell handpicked candidate he was McDonald's boy. The RNC through all the money behind big Luther they got the president involved they got Mike Pence involve. And even told the rhinos back him to the hilt they still lost. And what this means now. Is that this insurgency. Within the Republican Party that was sparked by the candidacy of trump. Now is just getting stronger and stronger and stronger. Or riding almost are on the run. And they are getting primary one after another. And so Mitch McConnell is now facing a conservative insurgency. Within his own party. This the big loser last night was Mitch disk which. The second loser last night. Was president trump. And in particular I hope this finally teaches him a lesson. Because you know who told him and urged him debacle big Luther. You guessed that jump bunker. This was another stupid idea. Another horrible piece of advice given to him they're not just by a bongo but in particular. By his son in law does spend Ghali. Jared Kushner. And so he has given him nothing but bad advice after bad advice after bad advice and now it does embarrass the president. Because now he has been repudiated. By his own voters. And so what you saw last night. He's right care for the entire nation and the world to see. That trump is down is bigger than trump. That trumps ideas. He is vision. His agenda. The platform then he run on. To secure our borders. To repeal obamacare. To cut our taxes. To roll back these disaster is trade deals. In other words to put America first. That is exactly the agenda that Roy Moore ran on in particular. To drain the swamp. Two noxious confront the corrupt media. To not just go after he treason is Democrats. But to confront the corrupt venal Ryan all Republican establishment. And so when Roy Moore said I am an outsider. I have never been a politician before. I will challenge the establishment. We will drain the swamp together. This is what electrified the trauma based and this is ultimately what what Roy Moore over the top now. What needs to be said about Roy Moore is this. He is a man of impeccable character and integrity. He is exactly the kind of man. That we need in Washington and especially in congress. Which to me is almost a giant bordello. But to me is almost a massive or else is bought and paid for by almost every special interest in America and around the world. Roy Moore. Demanded when he was a judge that the ten commandments be placed in his courthouse. The federal government said nyet. That this violates the so called separation of church and state and sold the Fed's. Ordered him. Either you take down the ten commandments or you'll lose your job and be tossed off the bench. You know how we've been talking about the National Anthem. And why aren't their honest patriotic people who are willing to buck political correctness. Because there are so afraid they don't wanna lose their jobs or their money where their wealth or their power. Well judge Roy Moore basically told the Fed's Blanco off. He gave them the middle finger. And said you wanna throw me off the bench throw me off the bench. But the ten commandments are the basis of America. They are the basis of our Judeo Christian civilization. They are the basis of our laws the basis of our constitution. Is the basic fabric of America. No I will not take down the ten commandments. And he paid a tremendous price with his professional career. He won in Alabama. Because people in Alabama nor were more they believe in Roy Moore and they trust Roy Moore. And dots ultimately would put him over the top he is the real deal. He is the real insurgent. Ironically he was the real trump conservative. And Seoul last night. Which Steve Bannon having backed Roy Moore. Which Sarah Palin having backed Roy Moore let me tell you what now is the ultimate to meet take away from all of us. Steve Bannon is now becoming a power in the Republican Party. Steve van and is now becoming in some ways a kingmaker in the Republican Party. And what is now happening. Is that trump is realizing I think especially Jared Kushner Javon cut and is corrupt inner circle. That trumps movement is bigger than trump. That trump is some is bigger than trump. And so even though he'd back in particular right no candidates. The man who embodied his true vision and ideas and philosophy I. And president trump himself. Admitted at a major rally in full Friday on Friday in Alabama when they're making that last push. To try to put push big Luther over the top. Then he may end up picking the wrong candidate. And he may have made a huge political mistake. Roll it Britain. I might have made a mistake and I'll be honest. I don't have made a mistake. Because you know here's a story. If losing doesn't win. That I can say we picked up 25 points and version doctors can figure this day. Donald Trump. The president of the United States. Was not able to pull his candidate. I crossed a line it is a terrible terrible moment but dropped this is total embarrassment. I mean these have been. And by the way. Both good men both Goodman. And you know what and I told Luke and I have to say it is. If his opponent wins I'm gonna be here campaigning like helpful. I he's craft do. Because the people of Alabama have spoken. And so I think he did make a mistake I think he made a big mistake in backing Luther strange but that's okay acres. Roy Moore is a Christian man any had a good conversation with the president he said bygones are bygones. We share the same agenda d'isere ashamed my philosophy the shame vision. The same idea is the same principles and we both want to drain the swamp so let's do it together. So president trump has now come out and say he is going to be campaigning with Roy Moore. To have him succeed. Our Jeff Sessions as the next senator from Alabama. Now. Remember what the liberal media said again and again. That apparently trumps supporters. Are such robots. They're such drones. That he could shoot somebody on third avenue. And they would just follow him no matter what if he said jump off a bridge they jump off a bridge well you know what. Forget following him if he showed somebody. This guy backs are Ryan all Republican and they say blank you. So this notion that trumps supporters are somehow nothing but. In lockstep boost peppers behind the if you're. Is a complete and utter media myth. Mr. President. Let me tell you what Roy Moore is election now means. It means that your base is telling you you cannot compromise with the swamp. You cannot bargain or trust professional con man. And grifters. Like Mitch to squish McConnell or Paul Ryan all Ryan. That when you have people like these two and all these others in the Republican Party like Mick maniac Susan Collins I can run down ball list. Who for seven years. Lied to costs these professional hustlers. And told us they were gonna repeal obamacare but then once they get in office do the exact opposite. These people are so corrupt and sold spine it's. That you cannot deal with them you cannot compromise with them you cannot cut bargains with them. Yeah I have to dance with the one who Brung you. And there are people who Brung you Wear your supporters. And we don't want you to work wit this swamp. We want cheer drain the swamp. And that is the message of Roy Moore is victory last night and my question now do you is this. Is this now the beginning of the end of Ryan all republicanism. Is now this the beginning of the end of the establishment. Are you gonna see more insurgencies. Like this whereby conservatives. Trump populist constitutional. Is whatever you wanna call. Will now start primary in and defeating. Ryan all Republicans. Is that trump rebel Shan marching on. And Mitch McConnell. Was heaved a big loser last night and final question. Trump. What do you make of his decision to have backed big Luther against Roy Moore he bet on the wrong quartz. Does this look bad for trump are you bust in that. Together week here and make America great. We can't support the president. Don't let anybody in the press I think it's because he supported my moment that. That I do not support him. That drop rebel Lucia and marches on trump is some vs straw. Trumpet some one big glass and beat Roy Moore. Stunned political upset. Defeated big Luther strange even though trump backed them Mike Pence about them. McConnell back them RNC poured in over thirty million dollars to try to prop up Luther strange. It didn't matter. Are more ran on draining the swamp. Now he and trump we're gonna team up to put them over the top in December so let me ask you this. What do you think was the big message. In last night's stunning election victory. 6172666868. All in Burlington. Go ahead ball. Major practically call my pleasure are. Repeat trip I think that this was ordered by president trump. All of that's where McConnell. And look Mitch I would out of Alabama I'll back your candidate would you ol' me no one project is gonna win. Oh that's interest thing. Because I gotta say what surprised a lot of people wise you know usually am among Republicans especially conservatives. You know trumps he's got a golden touch if he says vote for somebody. You know a lot of people they listen what trump says. His support for big Luther really didn't help big Luther very much and Britain are we. Interest staying Paul very very interest and look I'll tell you this. Last night McConnell. Was repudiated. Formerly. For a Roy Moore essentially ran against McConnell and the corrupt Republican establishment. So if I'm Ryan knows right now if I'm the GOP leadership. I'd look at Alabama. And I say guys terrorists are free in political earthquake comment. 61720666868. Corner country were starting to take over. Tony and Chicago go ahead only. Boat just. My main take away from this is that the people of this country are sick and tired. Of our country being run by a Wall Street. And the Federal Reserve. And it's time here click here to go and it's time for the minute ago. And another story that's not being reported around. The Rand Paul has been trying to push for an audit of the Federal Reserve. While there won't let him. Well they want on both stalls gangsters. Thought Tony those gangsters up in Washington. I mean that's just our little piggy bank for the Federal Reserve is essentially the elites big bank. So you're completely right that's why they don't want Rand Paul to audit because of Rand Paul audits that thing. People are gonna start going jailed don't. Well that's why I wanna bring attention to this which I think is very important story. That I wanna get the word out that the ray and Paul wants to audit the Federal Reserve and I'm calling on cougar country and every patriot in this country to demand. That the Federal Reserve. Has audited. Amen brother I would go even further I would say audited and eventually get rid of it. I think it's it's a poise on our country and you mentioned Jared Kushner you mentioned Steve minutia and I would throwing Gary Cohn is well. The chairman of the of his economic as National Economic Council I would get rid of those three globally so fast your head would spin. Kristen in Framingham coed Christen. Asked how are good Larry yeah. I'm well thank you I can put it back on what earlier caller I'll Pollard said about. Trial being the not do it. I think he's still like a lot. Think that we await that he has less. I think he's much better positioned to help the Republican Party at this point and I think at what happened with strange. Last night. Is going to be so much more helpful then he had won because I think that. It ballot in effect if it isn't effective movement is not. Dependent upon trump and I think also front probably knew. That he was more the the other candidate was the web and make America great candidate and Luther strange anecdote that you really want it to and Barrett Mitch McConnell. All he did it. Kristin thank you for that call look. Now let me tell you what I'm gonna plan to do I I'm not promising I can deliver but I'm gonna try this. Let's bring ran into Massachusetts. Let's I want band to come to Massachusetts and may be let's get behind Jeff deal. And let's have banded help quarterback that thing like he did in Alabama this time against chief spreading bull. My friends it's time to make America great again. Okay let me ask you this. Is this now the beginning of the end of the rhino a stop bush meant. 6172666868. Let's. 1238 here on the great WRKO. OK 6172666868. If you wanna be part of the show. My friends I have a brand you call a mop you can read it at It is calling for a boycott of the NFL. Are already now you've got sports media they're very unhappy with this column I don't care corners corner. Boy caught the NFL he gives the exact reasons why we the American people should finally say enough is enough. To these outrageous anti American protests. Erupting in foot on football teams and football fields everywhere. So please go to And go to corners corner it's right there. Boy caught the NFL. There is clearly now what every you wanna call it a conservative insurgency. The new nationalist movement and America first movement whatever you wanna call it. Is now clearly a foot. It is like a prairie wildfire. And it's not just what we saw last night in Alabama. With judge Roy Moore defeating the McConnell Ryan no candidate big Luther strange. In Arizona Jeff flake is down thirty points. Facing a primary challenge from Kelli ward who is a big trump patriot. Bob cork Kirk this was a huge story yesterday. He is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee easy Tennessee Republican. And arch right no establishment Republican. A huge global list very close with Mick maniac Lindsey Graham and Mitch to squish. Guess what he was gonna face a primary challenger. Another trump patriot. And he knew he was gonna go down in flames. So to spare himself that humiliation and guess what. Court heard decided that call it quits. He says that he will not be seeking reelection. That he's gonna be retiring. At the end of his term. So my friends what is now taking place is a populist insurgency. And my question to use this. Arthur Ryan knows now on the Ron 6172666868. Lines are loaded and he didn't. Queen Z go ahead and Jeff. It's my understanding that trump acts strange. Because probably stop with sessions a few months ago yes concessions as well in Alabama that's probably how or more wins. And worry it won't come out and you know soccer processions. All. And strange did. And was so I was kind of backed trump so trouble just paying him back. You know it was oil trump and are ready to be at stake. But you know what it's. A look I think you're right and thank you for that caller ID. Look trump himself said it at that rally in Friday was very honest about it he also put you up president trump what you see is what you get. There's no filter with him. There's no deception are coming with him. So he was open about it he said you know I retire I'm calling members of congress. Not to do something on obamacare they all want something. So he said the only guy that didn't want anything was we don't we calls big offer little you my vote you gotta. And trump was like why you mean. You don't want dinner with me in Milan yeah you don't want to trip on Air Force One you don't you don't want a bridge you don't you don't want an airport you don't mama you want you got it. So trump felt that Luther strange had been very loyal to him on a repealing obamacare. Through set I'm gonna back him. And so I think that was his loyalty to Luther strange and I think honestly. Questioner whispering and easier. This will make McConnell happy. McConnell needs Luther strange you got a goal long to get along. And I think care that's why he backed big welfare. Now to mean what's amazing is Roy Moore doesn't hold any grudges. Roy Moore supporters still love trump. But what it shows is this. That there trump America first move. And so corner country we are part of a movement. And I think this movement will live on way beyond trump 61720666868. Bruce. In will burn hand go ahead Bruce thank you got the message is loud and clear. If you're not willing to do the job nobody's job is safe. This is what people have to remember. We are the employers that taxpayers. They are the employees. As good employers we gave them a guideline. But walk all repeal and replace. Tax reform and tax cuts and law and order that you can't follow our guidelines your fighter. We will fight so what they'll do the job that's some message I got legislature brilliant but like so I. Are brilliant and that's what it is now or given them our marching orders. And look. We want the wall. We want our country secure from illegal immigration. We want our taxes cut specially middle working class people. We want obamacare repeal gone. And we want one order. We don't want Sanctuary Cities we don't crime we don't want crime out of control we don't want and key fund black lives matter terrorizing in writing. And wondering we want our country back. And most importantly. The elites in Washington. Drained the swamp and end all of that corruption. Return power back to we the people. That's our movement. That it's in in a nutshell this is our movement. Here we take our stand we can do no other. Then sorry Tony in Boston go ahead don't. IRA. I've spoken here I before ally I'm good I'm good or you don't. I blacked it out but I listened to it all that in. I I I in support of everything that we jet that I am however I think I'm being Clean Air Act on that deplorable. I'll have been brilliant. And we hand it over and over again and again and Coulter for now and let and and down. Pit reporters. That is more why I'm even going to support him and he was going to fight like how can support and yes I would dime back. Our message to support more we add in black and everybody. I think. And I EY two quit going for the lead and that would help you but how can he get one at this point. On a gathering that Iraq and he got that he would get it in wake McConnell he might act act which I don't know app. And angry at bat I'm kind of naive. And you go on it and you eat all things that we aren't people think that. America because Americans aren't patriotic in the jar your thoughts are patriotic we love America. Anything that is done again and Erica. It and a kind of nation got. What we believe our future and you're not that I won here. Yeah and he called me this morning at pregnant again ancient Nubian I had an all night I couldn't. Absolutely not good for you I checked in yet there have been. Running around that time hill got wrapped. Our money being seen on ten to thirty billion dollar million dollars. Hard line that we did not support he kidnapped court the majority. It. He went to it the other candidates excellent Tony Elton look thank you for that. And you know what he'd be happy you're back on. No you're completely right look Tony this is that this is the problem with the RNC. Is now they want us to give them money. To fund global list establishment essentially anti trumped candidates but people or against our interest no way. No wait. So I'm not giving the RNC opt opt out shackle our mobile lock up any nothing. Now we're gonna do it the model was an Alabama. You bring in men in your bring in Sarah Palin you bring in the grassroots and we funded campaign by campaign candidate by candidate. Very simple. And so what's gonna happen is they're gonna realize watch trust me they're already dare already quaking from last night. Now Jeff flake is gonna go down in Arizona. Bob Corcoran said no mosques Omar he if you wanna hear you want a primary fight that he is gonna lose no mosque. Sold this is gonna Susan Collins I want her next. I'm Donna I want Susan Collins next. So we're gonna go after rom one by one. And I'm telling you slowly but surely. We are gonna take our country back may not happen overnight. But we're gonna do it. Then on Cape Cod go ahead then. I Jeff thank Turkey from the very. You know not all of them at Annapolis is amidst. It's true Americans who love America. And respect America and won't tolerate people that don't. And that's what the movement is Jeff it's it's trump is is one of us seek not all of us. Event I think there's very well said very eloquently said and you know it's funny look at the latest Gallup poll. 65%. Of Americans I think detect even hired and I think it's about seventy but anyway. 60% of Americans now say stand for the National Anthem. Stand for the National Anthem when Europe are multimillionaire football player. And so what you're seeing now. Whether it be in professional sports. Whether being culture weather be now in politics. Is that this new patriotism this new nationalism. The left can't win. The big story is still left tried to take over professional football. And they faced a wall of patriotic opposition. Date can't win. If they're silent majority is no longer silent but activated like you saw on Alabama they can't win. So here we just I mean I'll get to this in the third hour. But now I'm hearing reports Gary Tang Wei is one of bomb where they're saying now the patriots. Remember this is New England. This is Boston. This is Kennedy country. This is maybe one of the bluest of the Blue States in the country okay you're politically. Now the patriots are saying may be they're all gonna stand for the National Anthem on Sunday. Because they have now all they have now awakened a sleeping giant. Patriotic Americans are saying enough is enough UF people look I live five minutes from Gillette. I have lifelong diehard patriots fans. Who are now saying they're gonna burn your jerseys burn their jackets burn their baseball caps in protest of what peace players are doing. So if you've got this going on in New England. Can you imagine what's going on the rest of the country. My friends. We are the tip. This. Six here on the great WR KON. In bill direct go ahead and I its own. Yeah I'm good how are you. Two quick questions like an important question it is taught them to support the conservancy and he went to primary piece. Oh yes he's behind Kelly ward all the way. He's not gonna be all in worth Roy Moore. No air and he's he's gonna go out Jersey Braveheart. No one William Wallace the U Mel Gibson character went after the Scottish nobility. They betrayed and at that key battle with the English. That's what he's doing now he's going after the treacherous nobility. It was sort of feature this league that should we look forward outshot horrible decision. And I think that would stop all crew itself. But they simply incredible what the problem Democrats street. You know most strategy with these social justice or you're. Yes. Yes. You know Lenin Lenin said and Khrushchev. Famously said that. Thank you very much yet that what they were gonna do was there we're gonna subvert America from within. And that eventually we would fall that I have so the so we would die from within would collapse. And they could take us over without firing a shot well I mean look think about it. You know I point this out in my column. Which by the way please everybody it's called boycott the NFL you can go to Or read it pass it on. If we came to agree. To respect in stand for the National Anthem and the flag. As a country. Then what can we agreement. I mean that's the most basic minimal social consensus you have to have. So if we can't self respect and salute PM commend the fly didn't my friends we are so divided I don't know how you bridge that gap. Let's go to elder and in tops field coed Elden. Mystical owners I love your show keep the taking Michael thank you you inspired me to write a letter to Robert Kraft yesterday. And it says just this into two very short lines. Please accept this note of protest against the political displays at your football game. Second line football was always in relaxing divergence from the fact that a lot light sweet Lou my wife and I Opel sort of business as you do. But due to be unacceptable to versions we will not watch follow football ever again. Now white tents to handle our that I received on August 16 1971. Morning went to the. Very first football. Edit that I would say it's like he must copy of that to show it that's following them all but he really ruined it for me and I I think you forgive me an inspiration to speak go. Held in beautiful. I commend you for your courage your bravery and honestly your patriotism. Okay my friends coming up next. All trauma care repeal goes down in flames. And now trump unveils the attacks planned. Are there Republicans betraying us again. Hamas have those stories more of your calls. Don't touch that dial. The importance of Boston. You six AB WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD two Lawrence Boston. It's 1 o'clock.