Roger Goodell issues a "statement" on the national anthem issue in the NFL

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, October 11th

Roger Goodell finally speaks out about the mounting crisis in the NFL between players who want to kneel and fans angry about it. But did he really clarify anything?


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URG you know the voice of Boston. Really talk about Harvey on and off the air for a long time. Millions just continues to unfold for you keep an eye on that story. For sure don't forget Kelly by Interpol is up this morning and we're asking you he is headed for treatment. Apparently overseas you think we'll see him again. Will and they weren't percent don't think so I I I think they're probably right unless he for some reason. You know is found. To not be. Held responsible for all of these issues and and then he can come back into the country that. Time will tell you let's change gears here a week. Are you feeling better and I'm asking you listeners are you feeling better about the NFL today after the letter. There Roger Goodell said yesterday to NFL executives saying. And every I'm very proud of our players and owners who have done the hard work over the past year to listen. Understand and attempt to address the underlying issues within our community. Like many of our fans we believe that every one you should stand for the National Anthem. It is an important moment in our games. We want to honor our flag in our country and our fans expect that Abbas. We also however care deeply about our players and respect your opinions and concerns about critical social issues. Do you feel better about. The NFL today because Roger Goodell sent that letter. More of this is a two part thing because you obviously know that the president is. We took this morning quoted is about time that Roger Goodell. Of the NFL is finally demanding that all players demanding he says that all players stand for our great National Anthem respect our country and off caps. So drumstick and a victory lap on this thing. Goodell. Had no of course you don't because what's the key word in that it's the keyword that's in need. Whatever they handbook Maine you old rules of operation of what's the key word the key phrase three words. Every one. Sure it. Stan. So nothing is really changed in that statement except that he's issued a statement right but reiterating what authority in the volume book. 978 trump wins again might get his thing is a victory lap image chief should be units of it's an interesting case study you know you more feet topic to what you want and then you win that argument. And you spike the football. I give them credit for that. But except the doubted that that tweet is fake news I'm sorry that's fake news he is not demanding. Anything and it's fake news except that it if nothing else he's gotten the commission to release issued a statement which never happened before so right. He certainly moving Neil what could L statement is is what it is always been which is the league wants this to go away. And they're trying to figure it is let's reflect in any way do you think much like Hillary's I hate to compare but once like Hillary statement and Harvey Weinstein. Do you think anything from that statement is from the heart. Or is from a position of conviction. My conviction I mean passion not being in jail. What I do what I see in Roger Goodell is letter is leadership how I don't that's how do you have to do. He's got to find a resolution to this and as the man who runs the league. It is huge job. To step forward in fact he's about two weeks late by the way PS. And step forward and tried to begin some kind of conversation. To move this forward and that's leadership. But that did that's. That's full leadership if I've ever seen a first of all he's not taking any stand that's always the cowardly thing second of all he hasn't moved anything Ford because when the Seahawks. Players taken me this week what's gonna happen but he has moved forward VD it's just that he hasn't moved it forward into waved it may be a lot of us wanna see it happened. He has moved it forward what is done is he is reiterated. Exactly what the NFL's the end is on this it's clearly written in the handbook. We would prefer you should and we hope you do stand. That that is what it if he's just reiterating what is. OK but that's not leadership. I'm not a lawyer telling you here's what is red wood to Dell's statement is in Goodell has been this for a long time but she's number one priority is protective shield. This is designed to make sure we don't consider. Jerry Jones has a problem on his hands right now because. Right his is much more definitive. And now we have labor relations board is getting involved or not it's gonna work out I I like Jerry Jones's chances there. But regardless Goodell doesn't want even that. This isn't leadership this is I'm just trying to protect the board. But that's not because John is okay but there's two different words an owner if I would donor in this league. And I am not bit and I'm not Jerry Jones who is issuing this kind of statement this is Roger Goodell job ultimate terror what are. Lord games but district. Doing your job is one thing leadership is another these are not the same here. Leadership is. I would say what Jerry Jones is doing his leadership he may lose I don't know if you'll not an. I think Jerry Jones ultimately is telling you what he believes if it's my way this is what it's going to be impact on the stand up and and trying to make it happen you may not like that. But that's at least a leadership position to Dole's doing nothing else still I even know it doesn't matter what Roger Goodell thinks I guess that this is no leadership. Story is because the leadership here is he's reiterating what the league where the league's position it's. You should stand that may not be the answer that Jerry Jones wants to hear for the president. But that is what the league has stated and until that decision is changed. The league the the NFL states you should stand during their. Initially good night we're gonna get I don't wanna go on up on this but it's not leadership when you just state with somebody else is already written that's just stating something. Leadership is doing something bold which can tell that nothing out. There's nothing bold about you know I actually think it is told he's going against what the president's though he's going gets what what are they donors is doing. He is saying this is where students. Are you got a weird reading events in Iraq map big is. Well I'm wrong in European if not. Who's your favorite gym or VD. I have to say yeah. Throughout her career haunts him here make in the moves on Boston's morning shell went when. You are okay. 748 welcome back everybody here you put up a cold fellow players hold up the NFL. And Roger Goodell letter I haven't done a full what do you want because I don't even know like. What's what's. Is Roger Goodell week a 100% yes on who's voting unions like I. The only poll is it again dutrow between the present. As good and we have to present says he's definitive he has told them they must stand. I guess we're gonna do this you're gonna you're gonna somehow turn this on trump which is silly and awful good Dell which is also selling. Let me ask you. Who do you think has won in any way in the nick explain how they've won in the NFL taken knee situation. First off. I don't think anybody wins the building eBay should be taken me and I think it's bad and I hate that they're doing. I think that the president has used this as. A way to find a win. And I don't like that at all either. I've said that all along the president made this into something again he turned this into the issue that it is because he needed a win and he's not one no question about it. But you to save Roger Goodell. I don't know what they wanted Roger I don't what that people want Roger Goodell to do and I'm not a Roger Goodell for him either put you want to do something. Not what he did he. That's right now these owners are gonna have to come together and that decision is gonna have to be made I don't know what you want to do. While my tweet on his statement was reviewed on tennis on mom lent us a land as I'd like him to be something like that which is just what black socks you know ever playing in the league and guess what you never did. How about Fay Vincent AP rose there's the door seal later like. How about taking a strong out there to see how you that the issue here is that just a much bigger. Then they hate you just I wanted to play but at some point you're a man or you're not in Roger beat Delhi showing you he's not a man nobody has taken no stand non. Roger Goodell has taken the stand of the NFL. He protects the shield any also hides behind it is you probably just use that people who want these players to be told to stay and don't like the position of the NFL one of the offense I think ahead in the NFL is rotting right now because of its head which is right okay so too did you wanna dispute done. Sure enough I do believe that the NFL is paying the price. But the NFL is gonna have to change itself. And that means that those own the NFL is a bad it's made up of the owners. And the people who are involved in the executives that he sent this letter out to Derrick gonna have to change to best. So they're gonna have to come together and make the changes I've been saying that look for the rest as he said we're gonna take this up. OK but that's. The statement is going forward the should he is just that takedown lineup for starters everyone should stand. You're giving a wishy washy statement one more past the wishy washy now either you want them they're going to stand or they're not. You say everyone should stand. And if they don't Roger than what because that's the whole point of this if they don't then want. That's or trying to figure out now CU put out a statement that addressed the issue from three months ago not the one that's in front of you now which is if they don't then watched. That's what Jerry Jones is addressed. That's what's. Causing some of the problem that the Stephen Ross's address and he's getting some blowback on that. Did you l.s statement doesn't address that at all so what he needs to do was figure a way. To take the heat off of the owners and to put this to rest he did none of that. Number actually if I was Roger Goodell I wouldn't take heat off the owners it should be on the owners what you're not a stronghold to go out commissioner then you're acting like you're he's protecting the shield that I have to wait prior to receive Dell is doing his job other commissioners and other leagues don't do that the NBA commissioner right now. Doesn't act like deck I just told you just on mountain Landis did not act like that Pete Roselle in the seventies did not act like a Pete Rose Al yeah. They gave me the job while I mean this job I'm gonna kicks amass and do things my way and that's what these guys did for right or wrong. Goodell is the other he's the other way now which is literally. He's Montgomery Burns his little guy with a good glass is that he keeps pushing out saying the president has not even smithers it's the other guys. That dead Trump's lawyer looks like. So are you laugh so here what you want Roger Goodell to do is to say. All of you have to stand no I don't you keep sec what I want Roger Goodell Lou is to make a stand he had two choices either. You're gonna stand for the rest of this year and that's how it's gonna be there will be consequences or. You're not gonna stand for the rest of the year are you gonna do whatever you want will take it up at the end of the year but that's how what is instead he tries to be all things all people which. Is then you're not hang I don't understand why you don't think he didn't do the latter that's exactly what he did which is exactly how would you stay he did. By the NFL that's what he did he said essentially. Yuri they're gonna stand or not and we're gonna take it up during the during meetings that's what he's. Okay it's but it's I understand there's no strength in the statement and all this Damon is one of the statements he could've issued which is not real hard to right. I don't anybody seen the local of the NFL but it's red white and blue with stars on it for a reason we believe in the United States of America and as such. We respect the flag and would like people that participate in our league to do so was well he adds it turns out there is a loophole in the laws are the bylaws currently. That is going to be fixed so going forward. Rest assured that in the 2018 season that's not gonna be the way it is. But he did nothing along those lines and always tried to do. Was be everything to everybody players you've got your rights to do what you want owners you get your rights to do what you want and here's what here's what it says. But that's not thing. But of what I expect a lot of these are you I said that you just said because their logos red white and blue he should've said those things so what does this mean that. Like many of our fans we believe that every one should stay and for the National Anthem. It's an important moment in our game we want to under our flag in our country and our fans expect that of us. We also care deeply about our players and respect their opinions and concerns about critical social issues so we want to and that is not exactly what. Because that third line has to be wild we respect if he's going gonna go the route do you think he's going in there has to be a third line that says. Why or that second line should read. While we respect our players we don't respect them doing it during the National Anthem. Our league gives plenty of forms and plenty of opportunities for our players to make social comments that is not the time. That would be leadership. There was none of that. Because if he believes in he. Roger Goodell doesn't believe anything other than I want this to go away so he's trying to be everything to everybody. And that never works ever and it won't work again for him. Let me go to Greg in West Roxbury Greg good morning. Yeah hey hey I can't that there were no wait a magic out of credit if I can relate to explain. What the black guys added more mentally about. Now it's not about black and white. About police structures and poor urban community. The fact that we need are just come to where they're coming until war. Racial results. When they become an Internet war zone retreat in regular civilians. And regular people in untreated. Now. On proportionally. It. Black poor people. Now that affects them. That's what this movement is about not about a flag not a lot of color not trying to take anybody's going to wait. It's awful that that triggered it or enhance our NFL. To tell these people they cannot protest in peace. You know among nobody is sad that Craig you know marry a Greg. Can't they can't protest I I I have to take them they're president's side in this only in that they can protest in peace if you did you should entering yet. He's in respect in the leg by a mile and a soldier. Ask him to nil record finish it. Should respect the will actually pick in turn two and number jets Jewish respect it's like you have to take him. Read our I didn't know what I'm intention was which is why he kept shifting what he was doing great he kneeled and he stood and he was sitting he was in now he says he would stand again. Bit aid it got way above calling capita in hollering or he was in over his head right in our however you want to put it but. Regardless of what the black lives matter movement is in what calling cabinet was or wasn't protest stinger was angry about money was doing it. It has been calm a thing about the flag in the number one things for good Delhi's to clarify that because that is what is causing the leak. So much trouble and that's what he didn't do yesterday trump can take a victory lap because it nothing in it for drop. He doesn't he gotten there's no consequences they have. He he doesn't have there's no one that works for trump right now that has to change anything they do as a result of what trump has been saying. He's removed from the situation could Dell is the opposite. And could tell he supposed to be luck. In the midst of all this chaos I've got to bring some calmness to him yesterday was not think it added nothing the discussion well I feel like. You know. Just addressing Greg what you're saying here. Nobody is telling them that they can't protest us no one is saying that I I I. In fact you know. They cattle they do have a wonderful forum in which to protest but it should be before the game starts or after the game. But not during the anti what's amazed only is telling them they can't do. But while one we would like the president says that what she just is. Okay that's how he views it. Victory wise. Also Goodell but nobody wants to save for some reason when it's right there in front here. Nobody wants to say well and I hope. I hope that Roger Goodell would win these meetings to occur because he does say these meetings are time in which they can discuss this. They can talk about the issues associated with it and the way to move forward. And extend that conversation well I hope there what he says is and that we were gonna do that is not healing during the white. Again you you talking out leadership so there's one way he could've done it. I am asking our players directly please stand for the anthem for the remainder of the season. Not only am I promise you I have already invited players XY and Z to be in the meetings that we you're going to have at the owners' meetings. When this is discussed. To make sure that the players are. He could've offered something like that would've been leadership here a lot of leadership things you could have done one thing is my leadership is going everybody out about it.