Rhode Island unveils plans to pay for DACA fees for Dreamers

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Tuesday, September 19th

The governor of Rhode Island announced a private fund to ensure that all fees would be paid for any Dreamers in their state who need assistance with their DACA reneweal


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Breakfast with Kim and GD greedy that speaks out there you know. It doesn't look like narrow down our Boston's. Toward show WR KL talk. At the masters math it's 500 times 2003. 170000. It's worked out. Just when you claiming it's Fuzzy math to Thompson. There through an argument with that they're gonna have the money if they need the money so we'll see. Earn him. One on one of the issues this. Several textures are like I thought docket people weren't welfare recipients because this seems like wealth tournament. That that will be yeah I mean narrative of this. Except it's not welfare is welfare automatically says it's coming from the government and this is coming from private funding. Generally is conservative. But we feel like. Following uses private money you can doing what you want don't care it's. It's weird because it's a bit private. Public I mean that the public the governor is literally trumpeting the thing I'm running here. Immensely that's what I find strange it's a little bit audience you want the government at a state level to be involved and go fund discuss that's basically what this is right. Normally you we've we've always said that periodically like. Why did you go funding while they are literally doing her her. You know for me that's what I find a little bit strange because I don't think that the government should be paying. And I'm all in for the is private and these predatory wanna give money in and they wanna do this fine. But she's the face of this which immediately makes it appear that this is public funding. But she's the face of this for a reason because what she's trying to say to these kids are we're supporting you no matter what. We his estate are supporting you now we may not technically be financially supporting you. But with my face being out here that means Rhode Island is supporting doc. Of course so. Again like you said would you be surprised or how would you feel. If suddenly Charlie comes out does this. Charlie says Charlie we have the funding for this. Not only Charlie reduced under any circumstances. Marty Walsh would ma Martha Coakley mine too. More ideally I think certainly would do well Martha Coakley could because Martha Coakley is no longer of the face in fact she'd be a face I'd send out doing. If she's not a good pitching usually stays at Ernst and Terry. Says she's got a governor official in architecture someone who's who's in an elected position. Doing this on behalf of private funds to move. It's murky signals avenues were paying your administrative costs on this 97 Nate if you need to do business with around government and government clearly were being your interest to make a donation of this fund. Right it's that kind of thing I agree with that. But it's I don't know this is murky I think it's murky. And uneven in favor I don't I don't have any problem with somebody paying for. Their funds because I think doctors should remain but. In some form but I think it is a little murky when you have the governor of the state doing it. It's one and after million dollars and you keep wanting me to say that's expensive and so finally the senate foreign that they need and in a 170000. So what happens if they come up short. What their economic well I don't know that all three what are you got to remember she's got a deadline and it's October 5 we don't know that all 3000. Docking members have to. They have to be renewed or will can be renewed by October the fifth. I'm sure they have some kind of number in their head whose paperwork just to be in by October 5. So yeah I think you're new you're assuming that every kid mistake is gonna have their. Or seven this is setting a dangerous precedent for other states who may not have the private funding that they have in his own state not really you do what you can do. The dangerous precedent is when when you're elected officials decide what private cause they're gonna take on break. NBA bloated public face on break. It's not hard to see again. Haven't people say you want to Walden set up a goal fondly for the wall I'd gladly contribute to what's or do you have a problem with that concept if you do. Well then you should contribute to this if you. If you like the doctor funding that you all of you can't complain about a golf on the wall account if that ever happened like. That's sort of the two sides of. But that bit for me it's not the funding of debt that's I mean it. I'm in favor funding it and it's private funds Corey can help these kids out super my issue is that. The governor of this state is using her face which makes it appear that it's the state that supporting it. And I would feel the same way about a go fund me. You know down in Texas. For the wall and then all of a sudden the Texas governor comes out and says hey we've got this go find me page and I really want you to go out there and fund this thing. And and get that wall built in but because again that would appear that the state of taxes he's doing it I don't I don't. I don't care if something I supporter I don't support I don't necessarily want a politician using bare of Jews if you will. For private funding like this. Well what I've heard I fight are wary what if Texas comes over the gulf on me to deport illegal aliens. I'm assuming there'll be stopped by the courts but yeah obviously. The Colorado and would not be in favor of that. Well I'm not sure again I'm not sure that that's the same thing I don't Null. Because that would be about the way it was funded that would be about deporting illegal aliens and how you went about it. You know again it's it's in that's how that would be it stopped it would be the funding that wins necessarily stop. And he misses it this is kind of separate in and of itself you know being. We did the right now to renew your paperwork with stock up before October 5 is legal. And it's legal for private funds to pay for somebody did do it. It's just it's a bad luck I think wind. The government. You know the good number one government person in your state puts a stamp of approval on it and in fact he's the one promoting. I think if you got private funding going on didn't the government needs stay out of it. Doc as illegal the wall licences fibroid that big give it time again it's not illegal currently. The but whether you liked the way it was done or not it's not illegal. And it's never going more so. Or they about doc is. Whether Rhode Island funds these guys or whether there. That federal government funds on whether they have to upon themselves they're never leave them. If yet if you don't know that by now you just time and attention trumpets and send them back sessions is incentive and they're not going to soccer or in cinema. They're not only cannot go on the only question is whether they get full amnesty. And when they get a path to citizenship and we haven't heard much on that as of yet for a while Wilson.