Republican establishment goes after Trump for National Anthem comments

The Kuhner Report
Monday, September 25th

Karl Rove says President Trump’s comments were wrong and Trump ought to be an aspirational figure. Kuhner says Trump can have an opinion. 


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WR KL. Would you love to see what these NFL owners. When somebody just respects our flag. To say get that some of those jobs the field right now how. Do all flies here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Now be Republican. Establishment. Goal is. After trump for criticizing the NFL that's right. And bush used top advisor. The architect. As George W. Bush called them Carl Ryan all world. Was on FOX News Sunday yesterday with Chris Wallace. And basically said the president should be ashamed of himself. Roll it Britain. The president has two very valuable assets his time in his voice and and ID to present this president wasted when he engages in things like this. You know we had an argument over whether Merrill Streep was a good actress or not. And now he is enjoined it is to join this fight. Much to his own disability she's in the middle of two big fights. It ended in this distracts from it and there better ways for the president. I was struck by a lot in his speech in New York last week that he slept at do you it he said we aspire to the approval history what if instead of standing up and swearing at them. He said I understand they have no right to do this. But we stand to respect our flag not because of America's imperfections but because we are constantly as a nation. Aspiring to the approval of history we salute the flag. Because the struggles and the sacrifices of generations of Americans to make this a better country and that's why we stand and salute our flag and when we put our hand over our heart. Any NN and he couldn't come away the winner. But his walking away from this a loser in the minds of the American people for exactly the reasons you pointed out he was against the federal government and against the government interfering hit. Telling the Warshaw Redskins what their name ought to be then now he is saying fire those people if they don't stand respect the flag. He ought to he ought to ease an aspiration will figure he should not be condemned it toward feet. I mean to me I don't minority begin I mean really honestly I mean it's pathetic on on all sites. Number one. This is the guy they kept telling bush injuring the Iraq War don't fight back. You're getting torn apart in the media they're attacking you every day they're comparing you to Hitler it would be undignified. For you. When they were calling you bush Cheney Hitler Halliburton. Just don't fight back Mr. President all it's it's beneath few Mr. President you have to be desperation on Mr. President. I'm by the time they were done with Sammy was a 2324%. Approval ratings and they lost both houses of congress and eventually the presidency to Barack Hussein Obama. So who the hell Karl Rove is to give advice is beyond me that's point number one point number two. Whoa whoa whoa whoa. Hey Carl take a chill pill relax by the the federal government under role Obama was contemplating on foreseeing. The Washington Redskins. Against the wishes and the will of the ownership to change their name from the Redskins to something else. Trump is not telling the owners are will compel you to fire these people. He's not saying I'm not for pass an executive order saying you must fire or suspend these players. It was basically cool lines in one speech in front of a rowdy crowd and Alabama. And he was talking about how great their college football teams aren't that was the context. You know Alabama Auburn and said don't let me just tell you what I honestly think. They should fire those that's obese. You disrespect the flag you meal would be great to see an owners say you know what you're fired you're out there that's all. Sit. They're not gonna force the owners to do it he's not gonna regulate them he's not gonna courts some in other words so now the president can even give his own opinion. How come when it comes to these rhinos and liberals if you noticed. Everybody has free speech rights except the president. You can say anything about him. Do anything to him but god forbid you should say anything bad to me is the obvious point. And moreover and this is the argument the liberals just cannot respond to they have no they have no answer to. The president of the United States. Is ultimately the commander in chief. If he is not fair to protect the flag. To defend the National Anthem. To stand up for the honor and dignity of our country which is what the flag represents and what the hell is he therefore. And so now for our years couple years. Because of the ideology of black lives matter like a cancer. Egged on by Obama if you remember he was the one that coddled it encourage dipped. It is now seeped into our universities. Into our public schools in two more popular culture and now through Colin crap predict it seeped into the NFL. And so it's been weeks now again we keep seeing players constantly kneeling in protest. Over all sorts of issues and by the way. This is the mother of all points. All of these protests. Our boat nothing. This is what's incredible. Hands up don't sure to never happened. When black lives matter claimed this was their founding event that big Mike Brown said hands up don't shoot it never happened. Police shootings of African American young males are not up. There's been no big increase or spite in cops shooting young black males that's a complete lie it's a complete fiction. So everything the black lives matter espouses. Is allowed. On top of everything else. Never mind that they championed the murder of police officers. Never mind that they openly call for violence never mind if they engage in violent. Unlawful criminal activity. They shut down the streets they assault old ladies. They destroy private property the attack police officers they throw urine bottles Adam sticks batons rocks you name it I could go on and on. Sold the one time the president stands up and says you know I don't know what you guys are kneeling down for eight and beat this is your country. And people have died for that flag Scholl little freaked him respect. And he's the bad guy. This thing about the rhino. It's. They all we surrender and capitulate to the media to the liberals and the political correctness. Nobody can dress up a surrender. Better then divvy sheet Republicans. And dots Karl Rove. 61726. X 6868. Jeff in Littleton go ahead Jeff. At age gap how long time listener. What about what god bless you so thank you. I just. But wait for a year at Navy SEALs and I am so so this entire. He immediately. And I'll tell I'm a die hard creates an actual sorry patriots fan. By what Jeff I'm Doug. I am done an and I am so don't want no more so for Madonna's. No. Absolutely no so crybaby is the ball so flat. The flag is is is what. We stand for as a Americans we we remember it's remembrance of those eight in battle it's remembrance of those who sacrificed. The airlines for these rabid dog is so they can sleep well so they can eat well so they can live where it is playlist for. Because our our country if he didn't have. If we had no. Don't military so police don't know for protection. Weepy in another country like I rocked and I were in. These people are it's disgusting Amish dope radio craft or all of the flag. And lastly I just want say there at all. So I'm so. So. Lost my train of. Our finest I know you're very upset look Jeff I wanna thank you for your service. To meet its vets like you either of the real heroes. Honestly not these overpaid. Spoiled. By dim wits. That you see in the NFL I'll be honest with you these signal range since. Who know nothing about the flag about our country about our history but look let me be honest with you corner country okay. We're gore look we are the greatest country in the world. We are the greatest country in the history of the world. But even if we're not. Just for the sake of argument. Q how many injustices there are in every country in the world. You think Canada's and have all kinds of problems. With the racism are all kinds of issues all kinds of injustices you thinking that these these guys were standing up for the British National Anthem to ravens and the jaguars. But they were kneeling for their wrong. The history of the British empire. Costs the Irish. Asked to Jews as the Indians asked the Arabs ask the Africans what they think of the British empire are you freaking kidding me. But you stand up for their ransom which you won't stand up for our worst. My point is just this. Every country has its sense. No country is a utopia no country is perfect ma am. None ever has been none will ever be why because a man himself is not perfect. Humanity itself or not perfect percents for sinners we were born with original sin were imperfect. So society will be imperfect. No but he disrespect our National Anthem. That's what I find incredible. Like we were just like a badge of honor he's like six spitting in your mother's face political spits in his mother's face. Some others are better some others or worse even abusive mothers. Ewing an arm so I want nothing to do it from whatever. But these people. Openly spit in their country and it's flat and have clicked or you hosts. Look at Russia. I don't wanna go through the whole history of Russia OK it's SARS the Communist everything you stand for their flag. There the brits they stand for their flag. The Japanese did don't want about all we were fascist empire we murdered millions of people three and 931940s. They stand for their flag. Why because it's how words. I know where the greatest country in the world beyond that. We have the greatest freedoms in the world beyond that. Countless people fought and died for beyond that. The flag is your home. Who spits on his own home. Who spits on his own family. That's what these idiots are doing. So look maybe that's stuff works in the ghetto I'm being honest with you. Maybe this stuff works when you're a gazillion Aaron annual living these mentions and you don't you don't know how to spend your money anymore your so drunk. With wealth and power and arrogance. And media adulation. But in the real world. You don't vilify your wrong. It's wrong it's immoral and it's disrespectful. 61720666868. Eddie in Newbury. Way ahead of they I don't care and are you very good but a I'm not what's in there have been at Iraq. But pick it up yet but late in Nam Pittsburgh ever. Picnic at the operated in general Anthony yeah Alejandro villain leaves on. From this. He's my hero. If you ever appropriate at that I'll be out I had a little bit it. No I mean I Gillette. Beautiful stadium patriot place is wonderful great shops and restaurants. But it breaks my heart to see what these players are doing because it really is it's a beautiful place. Yeah I didn't have an hour after a late you whenever appropriate I would show up. You know corner country let me ask you this. Thank you for that call Eddie let's deal a quick our impromptu. Poll. I know many of your hot under the caller I know many of you are angry OK so you know let's not say yes and in 48 hours late third nobody wants to show up. In all honesty. Should we hold a major rally to protest. The at vPro testing of the NFL anthems in other words should we hold a rally. Who criticized the patriots for pro testing the NFL sorry the National Anthem should we all they rally. To criticize what the NFL is doing. If you believe the answer is yes and you will show up you know I need you guys to show up next though letter eight the 68680. If the answer is whatever I liked the idea but no I don't wanna goal or we won't go we shouldn't do it then tax the letter beat the 68680. And if we get enough people responding. I listen look I mean they're not gonna like Miette patriots place for awhile but. Maybe it's time we shook some sense into these people south in Belmont go ahead self. Yeah yeah I don't I'm good scenario. Good. Question who should let's well you do that unbelievable comeback. Now why did you complete do you. I will never I don't know David Evans should do so that the French Open bill that would make. You know what I remember I remember watching good exit millions. To do is they get home equity and advocate punched. 0200. And it wasn't until they let him do a lot of ground. And out pure. Yes she all she she torched him on the weekend. All she torched on that was beautiful she too I I I like that gal she torched them. But no I south honestly. We're getting to the point now it's not millions they make tens of millions some of the make even over a hundred million. I mean they make so much money. If I made a tenth of what they meet I would kiss the ground that I walk on. If I was every so any player there I'd look at each other and say hey. All we in America can we get paid tens of millions of dollars to play a game. The greatest country in the world instead. They spear donor. Tim. 245. Here on the great WRK oh okay. I you can Texas at 68680. This is from 617. Geoff hadn't given this much thought until someone posted it this by the way some brilliant next. Worth quoting quote. Tim Tebow. Bent and meet top honor god. And the NFL attack them. Said he shouldn't bring his opinion to the game they mocked him think about that as you applaud what's going on now. Bingo six wants them. You remember Tim Tebow be on the sideline. And you know how you sometimes in church right you Neil out of respect not out of protest out of respect. And deference. While he would need all to honor guard and country. In sheared deference. And the media the liberals the NFL high office Roger Goodell. All don't bring your politics on to decide what was bring his personal faith but anyway. Don't bring your politics on to the sideline this is an appropriate. You're causing too much of a distraction you're disrupting the locker roam the fans don't wanna sit. But hey when yep put. Oh on the fly in the country and the anthem come on down baby. Now. Speaking of a sport that will not allow this. NASCAR racing. Then NASCAR owners and god bless them. Have now come out and said they stand with trump 1000%. And they have told any of dirt drivers. If you meal or protest the National Anthem. But any race you're gone. You're fired. You will never drive a race car again so my question is this. If NASCAR can do or a certain football teams like the Houston Texans or the Dallas Cowboys can do it. Why can't the patriots do it. Go land in carver go ahead Glenn. Just I don't and I'm good how are you glad that thanks I absolutely think elements but we are not only a short time. Com or call they teach is the name of the NFL this via a Communist. All the com. Yet you know Robert Kraft is all narrative in 2001 after 9/11 once. Patriots we patriots. And the world a patriot now said that out there what this simple all. Well patriots had started here in New England. The patriotism. And now he's turning his back on it but just a bit of a watch a game again after what you said earlier that no less. But in London when they stood up yes and a National Anthem yes forgot see the queen. Jeff that is for me and outlooks and a month that I'm done a chance that she'll watch the game upstart glance it would. Thank you for that call my friend. John in Quincy go ahead John. I guess I like all my pleasure John. My father was very career. And in the navy. My younger brother went and Wendell Berry got blown up and Lebanon and look at that they'll act. I'll ask our response yes. He volunteered because they would enable a modern around the coast yoga cult what the leak might eke out. Feel a body bad echo in their way to go. Now. Haven't had that. Anyone that they show that there's not apparently backed the American lack get out of the current let me tell you why. Because the long bumpy and that's what people would hurt their country because of the lack of epic failure and war. John your. Your cellphone broke up on us but I get what you were saying look. Everything the flag stands for everything the flag represents. How many people have fought and died for this flag. And let me just say one last thing this is New England. This is Boston. Where the cradle of the American revolution. Where the cradle of American liberty. That flag in many ways each roots was born here. In concorde in Lexington. Here during the American revolution. And fifteen dead bears their name. The great patriots a 1776. That gave birth to this greatest republic the world has ever seen. You can't stand for this classic. And not just this flag. But forgive me. All of you are making tens of millions of dollars. You some of the wealthiest people on earth to play your game. And you can't put your hand over your heart I might even asking you to be a patriot honestly. I'm asking you to say thank you just simply thank you. To the fans. To the country that made this all possible. And instead you stand there and give us the middle finger Nona and on and all its not blanked us it's blank you the voice of Boston. It. To a 37 here on the great WRKO. OK coming up very shortly I promise. It now appears that a player. Tide did actually hits it was spitting on a fan. So we have vowed the White House now officially responds with Sarah Huckabee Sanders. And the NBA. Now gets involved in a war with the president we've got all of that. But first my friends very quickly. Some very important information you need to be aware of joining us now is Andrew back with he is the president of the family institute here in Massachusetts. Andrew thank you so much for coming on the corner report. Andrew so I know everybody's talking about football and he boycotts. That they're trumpets urging examine them protesting the National Anthem. But tomorrow there's going to be a very important hearing on a very important piece of legislation. What is it and why should the audience care. Sure I actually didn't get toward beginning at six I was speaking at two different churches to report to the states. Are trying to educate people about this assisted suicide bill. It was going to be hearing on at the Statehouse tomorrow. What it would do is it would say that it is now okayed for doctors to prescribe lethal dose. Of medication to people and their lives. It's it's been diagnosed with sex once or less to live sort of system pulling the plug that into more concerned about but doesn't mean. People came to hook up for respirators that means taking a hundred pills obstacle or call unintentionally overdosing to enter like prematurely. That the bill or fighting more respect. Oh my god so this bill in some ways correct me if I'm wrong Andrew. The similar to what they have in Belgium or Holland correct. That's right that's that's for Belgium Holland started which is positioned assisted suicide and it's starts where as. Pretty extreme cases of people that are in intractable pain and has six sponsor a live to the end of their lives probably and they're in the 60s80s. Always seeing consistently happens European states were sort of at a occur. Is that there's less slippery slope toward euthanasia. And so now on parts of your you have. Infants. If there are suffering. Would bring suffering to their parents. If they're born some tragic congenital defects. Or disease. They can be put down as you would put down an animal or pets and orderly deepest suffering not even on the child but the pair. That's what we're trying to avoid paying them slippery slope towards your Massachusetts. Now at Andrew of course I completely agree with you on this issue but let me just play devil's advocate what do you say to those that say. Look at somebody's in their 67. Ease their terminally let's not only about pancreatic cancer. A brain tumor. Shouldn't they have the choice of when they should decide when they wanna die. And avoid the pain and suffering that afflicts them and their family members what do you say to that argument. Well obviously everyone is against pain and suffering and want wanna minimize. And I would say the answer. The prescription for pain is not. Suicide. That's the choice she's never run make the answer is their palate this year. And they have procedures for people who were there and intense pain that they can't deleted by drugs can act equipment to a temporary coma. Until the pain is resolved and bring them back out so. You know just as you know we're we're in Boston is sort of the hub of the world when it comes to excellent medical care hospitals. Also we should be leading from the front in house to have the best medical care possible and demonstrate to the world that suicide is never the right prescription. Andrew what is the most frightening. Or worrisome aspect of this bill. What can look at how very similar bill became law in Oregon won back well supplied by one particular Sherman's company. It's very chilling you had a woman who was diagnosed. With an aggressive cancer. And she wanted to get experimental treatment that would hopefully extend her life she wanted to fight for life insurance companies that are not gonna say the city. Cancer treatment but we will pay 400 goals mystical. Wanna enjoy the State's suicide law. That's incredible. So in a way this law could potentially incentivize or encourage insurance companies. To say we don't wanna pay freer whatever six months nine months a year whatever cancer treatment. But hey you take these hundred bills will pay for that. Right and and Annette in an aero inflating. Health care costs suicidal was going to be the cheapest option. There's no way around that and so this is going to victimized the most vulnerable. Or underinsured. If people at least means to fight back so the proponents of the bill say that about individual choice and autonomy. But what we've seen happen in places where those past and so actually go to the most vulnerable or exported. Andrew where these are words this hearing going to be held and how can people go to show up in voiced her disapproval. It's at the Statehouse tomorrow in the two here rooms and wanna make suit combine them sort of Powell's state else. The start of the 11 AM and will probably go before 5 PM is the only issue being hurt. Tomorrow store opening every one wants to testify and if you wanna speak particular you're in the area medical field. Were calculated field the great could come and speak and coached at three minutes. Sign up when you get there or is one common kind of pray quietly or. Just sort of be president will be a pollster critical where actually the legislators on the committee won't know that you're there opposition. You want more mission to be coaching go to our website and mid amateur or cheek and equipment or country. There's a blog posts along lift in corner has all the details incursion is when folks are tend. To come and oppose this law. We have been talking with Andrew back with one of the good guys he is the president of the Massachusetts. Family institute. Please go to MIA family dog org. Corner countries is very important. We cannot allow euthanasia and the culture of death to take hold here in Massachusetts. Andrew keep up the good fight but he. Ship it to take care 6172666868. Okay. Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Was asked about Trump's criticisms of the NFL ownership. Saying they should fire or suspend players who protest the National Anthem listen now turn her response role that Brittany. I think that it's always appropriate for the president of the United States to defend our flag to defend the National Anthem and to defend the men and women who fought back to. The fact that. I she's completely right she's a 1000% correct. And now if you wanna add insult to injury. Chicken Charlie that's right governor Charlie fate Kerr. Has now come out with a statement blasting president trump. Britney you've got the story there right in front of you I take it away Britain. So Charlie Baker said that that Donald Trump's comments about the NFL players who cannot stand for the national can't them. Or un presidential and divisive and he told reporters today it's a free country. And people have the right to exercise their first amendment rights. And why can't they be held accountable. C notice they have the right to spin on the flat. They have the right to spin on the National Anthem they have a right to disrespect our country and the fans but they can't be held accountable. That's okay Charley so hold on you mean people can take you mean now when your administration if they don't like whatever is going on in the world. You mean that in just I don't know just taken me and protest on the job if they don't like whatever is going on someplace in America are around the world. You phony you fraud you. While my friends. Brandon Marshall. Is now and apparently listen to this so he is a a wide receiver for the New York Giants. Apparently now there is video footage and has now come out. Where he got into a heated exchange. With a Philadelphia Eagles fan on the sideline. And so when confronted by this man. Who I guess is you're angry because they're protesting the national and from. He starts mocking this fans saying stop shaking stopped shaking. And then apparently the fan yells back saying you're just spit on me hugely spit on me you pick. And so the video shows an agitated Brandon Marshall the player being escorted away from the planned. So now you have these players. Who not only are protesting the National Anthem and taking a mean and protesting the flag now are spitting in our faces. Or at least one player is now spitting on the fence well you know that's what I said you might as well duet because that's Richard. Your metaphorically doing it for you might as well actually do. It did this to me is incredible. I don't know who these players think they are. 6172666868. Lines are loaded Bruce in Randolph go ahead Bruce. I was impressed how using team yesterday also stood up during the National Anthem. Well how. To have abated in Miami came in the generational change and we'll see them all stand up. So anybody that donates money to the arguably put any of these floor Florida cities of Florida in general it is it is it is crazy. Give money to use that as ought to decide. Thank you for that called Bruce. Paul in Dorchester go ahead Paul. And joked good afternoon ticked at Michael my pleasure if you're not gonna sit Jeff I'm gonna sit. Jeff about Colin Chapman was actually bought himself a long time over a year and have been hired by 32 and they'll tinsel owners. But no one was behind him normally support but the minute. And a corset something overall not even targeting him directly just sing it overall. Anybody who protest. Do you mean not flag should be fired. They need to understand. That this is the price it's corporation the NFL so it's it's not a public company it's private. It might see you want me to come down in the building lobby right now. And and to lead us in a prayer bowed to the National Anthem. I have to do what about my job it's a private corporation I'm working for. But if such chicken Charlie it's important for the state to control what's needed to the National Anthem. Well they're pretty are simply Q my kids don't have to the public school taking trolley. You know. Paul you're dead on a par you're so dead on and thank you for that call look let's just leave the fly got to be just for a second okay. There you mentioned like you know and ownership were. Internet address courted work whatever the owner says look I want all you want it got worse and tied work. While my freedom of expression I should build a common jeans and a T shirt no this is the kind of office that we run we deal with customers we do with clients. I want to well dressed either as a woman in her parents shorts or whatever or you know demanding you have to Wear a super public. Now that's addressed Cole I'm the employer. You don't like to take the job. Well. Trump is a 1000% correct. Look guys NASCAR's enforcing the rules the cowboys are enforcing the rules the Texans are enforcing the rules so. No. I pay your salary. You were here on the field New York in uniform. Who your jaw. You were played you're paid to play football you are not paid to be a politician. Now on your own time you wanna support black lives matter if you want a protest police brutality you want to protest racism blah blah blah blah. Buddy do well on your own kind and on your own dying. But don't put on the fans this time and gold door on my time as the owner. It's just common sense. Now. Quick. Quick update now on take more of your calls. It's not just the NFL. So now trumpets put the NBA in its place and god bless them. So as you know the Golden State Warriors they're based in Oakland won the NBA championship. And their head coach is a rabid anti drop moon back. So are many of their star players including Stefan curry stepped curry by were great shooter great basketball player but let that go. And so now they have been debating among the Golden State players. Whether they should come to the White House extradition and you win a championship the president invites you to the White House. Well staffed Curry's been shooting his mouth off now for at least a week. Saying all trumps a racist trumps a white supremacist I don't think I wanna go. Other players are saying I don't think I wanna go all the our coach says I don't think I want a goal and so they were gonna hold a vote this weekend. And trump said you know what he tweeted out and he says I've I'm rescinding. Begin for the invitation. I am withdrawing the invitation. Because to be invited to the White House is an honor. It is a privilege. Not a right. And obviously you guys don't wanna come. Here debating whether you should come so you know one buddy you can't appreciate being at the White House. Invitation. Has been withdrawn. And now that little yellow liver gutless coward stepped hurried home impeached argue. You need because I'm boy. All these to do is give me all my good day. Man up. You can't stand them first politics. You're rundown is a racist and a white supremacist. You say you don't wanna go. OK you don't want a goal you're not gonna go invitation. Withdrawn. Man up. He wants it both wastes. He wants to run the president down. But still have the president grovel to him as if somehow him attending the White House is his right to it isn't. It's a great honor. The Pittsburgh Penguins have taken the president up on his offer. They are right and it's about time somebody ports staff Currie and be spoiled in greats in the NBA in their place. You don't wanna go no problem. Invitation. Withdrawn. Those are just cleaner. Oh no voice of Boston WR KL wrong. Jack on the cake go ahead John. Or or or or weaker. Thank you Jack's or just jolly Fredricka you know something. I'm an independent vote on 9% of the time liberal Republican and I wouldn't vote for that sake in a billion years worth of fraud phoney and I dissect it is is it that go against tribunal something just. Ignorance has no problems. If you put a microphone jail and one of the young guys were putting in the open you're down in your system. What the hell you protest think they couldn't give you a specific incident they don't know that were ignorant the most in the mid twenties. I have no idea it right proposed the Bob crap too and I'm gonna blame Bob Kraft troop could spot crap has no guts to prove they're burned the Brady played. Read it really produce about against the NFL and Roger baker Goodell. Bob correction. Every player on that team go in. Watch a two or three or club or video on. What this country has done for the world over the past 200 you don't watch how generous this country has been watched. That no country in the world has the opportunity that the average person has in this country. And goats are calling capita about Castro in Venezuela in those 44 odd countries they don't understand they don't understand. What it is like to live in other countries it's pure ignorance job. And we have to educate these people out I've got to look the other Velika the 55 years of watching games you know what. Untrue on the portion of I can't sit down and good conscience watched these overblown millionaires. Output Denmark and escalation against this great country. Jack. I have have you done radio because honestly I could have said it better myself brilliant you hit the nail right on bad. Kevin in Newton go ahead Kevin. I can't. Listen to you could work well they've welcomed a little bit and analysts say ten people if so my son. My children had never told them this story was cut in the front lines in Vietnam and I saw my flag and I had to get back to it we got cracked into other guys. What made it back in time. Never too much so I'm not. Police. And I not a black flag mattered until it was my ground and black lies the matter. Because that the end was not. In what he's is it corrupt we know that. And that goes to clean places open and democratic. Machine just denigrate them. I am and it is so what has happened in my country. I love the country and I think people should grow up as well and a little bit but the school and he. That country. Kevin thank you for your service. God bless you. Blend Europe next I got about a minute go ahead Linda I guess I love your show thank you Linda thank you. I think the pet as a patriot should. Change then name them not patriots in the dictionary patriot is one of the loves this country and delicately support this disparity in interest. These players do not love their country and so disgusted I'm so disgusted with Brady. Well Linda maybe we should call the Benedict Arnold it's right that the very dear to Munich southern New England they choose a New England Benedict Arnold's. I think we can squeeze one more spot in fall Brock go ahead Scott. Erica one primary one word Jew told Kessler peak for everybody sit out in the park on have an extra burger. Maybe an actual. Video could sing the National Guard them outside the article on the the next home game and then everybody to vote again after it's been played inside. Oskar if their fans want me to do it I'll do it. Right or interpreter. Were all accidental but it Scott god bless you look if if if if if people want me to do it all do and I'm I'm horrible singer. I mean I'll I'll I mean really how your your ear drums are gonna bleed but if you can in Germany is saying and I will do it. We'll have a lot more tomorrow I gotta go. The coup and a report has been presented by Kelly financial services the voice of Boston it's. You 680 WRKO. Bust in 937 WEEI HD Jim Lawrence Boston.