Recapping the rally

Who were the winners and losers from the "Free Speech Rally" vs. the protests surrounding it. 


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Getting to work with Jim and BP. Boston's morning show WR king hell yeah. I thought Jim during your break my. Set in my life after Chris Matthews the only walked astronaut by my vote. Disheveled we walked away I'll never know because as I said it to my wife is when I first audit I don't know if I would've thought of what happened what if he said would you sign it. What I have written this book would you be returning to Los Angeles. I don't I don't offer would have I would like to think that that would've popped in the my head. But we'll never know now because he walked away as to use snowflake five point extended 68680. Casinos don't like your car wasn't code those invisible white supremacist stole. Tonight Segway and they edit out that's what happened. Gosh. We had a big rally. Killer financial blow up right now. Was it it's fighting racism or was it a big nothing burger what did you think. Yeah. I mean I I would slot would line best describes this love from Tate. Or. Take notes. And obviously for me fake news comes in the play. It's not fake news and 40000 people BA get together or whatever the first of all right that's that's number one. This thing went from 151000. People. 20000 people strong Tuesday and 25 it's now the latest I've seen on two orders 45000. Plus male band of like what is the actual number going to be when this is also and Don vs what it was so many more than I ever thought would be there I could. Not believe I do have to say it was a lot of it was it was all right for that it's not enough right. But the Boston Globe front page yesterday which will be my jumping off point you know big black letters obviously on the top. Making a stand against racism. Really. I because it to me the whole thing feels like for all these days this straw that you set up. That somehow we were concerned about racism. And now we're making a stand against it. I don't know I was never that self conscious about this city or about this country that I felt like a stand needed to be me and I know we are in Boston and an order on the country. And so there were there's a certain insecurity about the whole thing to me that somehow we like. Because we made this speaks their I didn't need to make some sort of stand because I'm not racist and we're not racist and I thought that. Before Charlottesville I thought it during Charlottesville. And I think it now. So I feel like people are hyperventilating trying to feel good about themselves when we should have felt good about ourselves anyway. Yeah I need to be how. I thought I don't think it's fake news I mean I think what happened. Happened in there was some new debt that is what I'm shocked that that many people. Felt that so strongly on a Saturday in the summer in August and take to the streets of Boston TU. I don't know build a wall to keep out hate. I mean I think this he has a reputation of being racist so. May be you know that's what arrests show up right this and this was the show love and know where not and I'll show you. I just Tim mead go the whole thing was just. I don't know I don't understand this concept of. Of needing to get out there and protest and prove to the world what you think you are. I just don't think it's necessary. And so to me it was a big nothing burger and there were no less than a hundred. Free speech protesters. Let's I had heard how about less than 25 how I mean I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt nobody there I mean did that image. That's where it becomes this week news thing where. Apparently there was a big Tug of war that was gonna happen and only one side showed up at there was never going to be this other side we already know from may when they had a rally that nobody protested. There was twenty people there. And for this one there was twenty more people that there was never gonna be 101000 are quote unquote racist white supremacist all writers whenever you were you wanna. There was never gonna be these giant show because. These people are rag town brag too bad. It's quote unquote being in the media it's. Then are not a big number because they aren't a big number so I just I don't know I. I never took things seriously in the fact that people are acting like we made this big stand and we showed them. I don't know if that gets you bye have fun with that I I would are under much for me is I didn't need it. Well I needed either and what I really did knees artist did need the expense of the whole thing that was my could hold all I can think of was. Why did this city have to spend. All this money. For the acts. I mean I I could beat out way. But that's that's I'm not somebody who goes immediately goes to the money thing all the time that all the money for the overtime for the officers. And for the day lost to merchants into restaurants and just all of that to meet it was just a big might not on the Euro lost emergence and restaurants I think there were thousands of people in the city you know would have been their otherwise housing most of them stayed and I know people like me that was my husband's birthday we go to the city for dinner for that exact res well that was one I don't want anything to do with the city. Army into ultimate Botswana is there's a reason why it's on my favorite for his all time won a legend becomes fact print the legend that's what the globe did yesterday. Making a stand against racism is the legend it's not the fact what we printed in it will forever more be the history of this thing second of all. These restaurants in these bars and he's merchants that had these signs up hope you're anti Arab counterpart there's eggs were not serving racism here. Do more Healy set up a hotline for white supremacist that couldn't get served because again I don't even know what the legality. Of a restaurant doing that is but where I guess we celebrate that like. Everything's flipped again on its patented and because we're all feeling good about it them. We just go. And now everybody and his brother claims they were there it's like the Roger Clemens strikeout game everyone's gonna say forever more that they were there because they made a big stand okay. Why when there were yeah. I was only talking a soldier and a great time should I actually only knew now maybe I know more people buy it IE. I spoke to a lot of people on Friday. All of whom were saying you're back you're not go to Boston Mari Kim know. I would I'm not going near it and everybody I spoke to said same thing neither am I I only knew one person. Who was posting things on FaceBook. Who I action I personally know who was there outside of that I didn't know anybody else there. Well I mean not like I said I'd somehow got on the invite list for the protests you know I was the lake. Privy to the FaceBook page of its arsenal a ton of stuff but. I didn't know part of the wanted to go to it right but one thing one thing. In order to calls but. There were people arrested there were people attacking cops. And they were counter protesting a protest that didn't happen right yet we're still all gonna act forever morally we got together drank a Coke and then moved on and made history statement. First of all why would anybody arrested when there was no protest the camera and second of all why are cops why Bill Evans. Literally have to take to the microphones and ask people stop throwing rocks at cops are there had to be enough of that going on. The Bill Evans felt the need to make that statement and then why is a globe feel the need did not mention that what is the Washington Post had a story table under the headline of why the left gave up on political violence rarely. Really. Is that what we're pretending now well. I would I would defend cops to the end and by the way it's police officers. And they did an excellent job and I would never wanna be down. But having said that I'm not making excuses I'm not making excuses but we all know you and I both know BB we've been into enough. Supports parades. And enough. You put 40000 people in downtown Boston and you're gonna have 33 idiots who do something really stupid and get it right on I agree I mean there's just no two ways about it. Dave you know I mean I don't know how many people get arrested outside Fenway Park every game that we know that we know in. When they start going to Gillette Stadium there are just art idiots I am so I don't just. Thankful it's only 33 and that most officers and I'm so sorry for anybody who was injured at all. But thank goodness it was an annual worst. Out of what we also know when you were asked 33 you probably could have arrested ten times and I'm sure as I'm sure there. We've all seen maids footage of the guy rip and the American flag out of that woman's hand and yell and expletives that he yelled back I am sure didn't get arrested for what the hell is he do when you know I mean there was a number of those types of images that what's that all about now they're all liars within that group I'm granting you that. Of course. Let's just Idec and that's why I keep telling you I think the whole thing it's fake news it's just it was a TV events. And the images were pretty starts striking when they're coming down and it's like wow but. But I started getting what I wanted to. And no disrespect to those who are out there trying to do their job. But man when you got alive folks down on the comment and their you know Kerry in that little microwave units in their deer tick in the video. Don't people around and see what's going on so they're put they letter earlier to near putting on a show you could've been if Chrysler any. Theater you could have been on Broadway and watch that show unfold to me that was just. I can't stand that kind of thing you know that's reality TV it's just ridiculous. So you're you I couldn't stop thinking about you at a net TV on very long as we're CME if you were there we watched a little bit of it. And I couldn't shut the new dvd who kept saying this is just a teeny event it's a TV event and all that jazz that happened down there around those cameras. That's exactly and the people on Twitter that feel the need you like brought to Boston today when when. URG you know the voice of Boston. All right six or 726660. Basically you contextualize. Quick reminder Californians are polish up and we'll ask him about this weekend sound big guns relics did you think it was. You know stand. Against racism or did you see it as a nothing murder. Let me go to Scott in Weymouth towards Scott. Good going to college does come Monday or there's such a thing regularly it's Monday so I. That goal should and I and I told the culture cost greater. You guys they're in the right industry and there's no shortage of material and I I certainly not an opinion are not their returns gurkha of course Qatar is well aware of that song once known. I guess what their name up and quit talking quite well known quick to meet intimate sort of talk already about the approach I I take notes and the Obama talk radio key to all the bottom. The pop Warner attacks. The solar eclipse. North Korea it up nobody can you trust McCain controlled as a missing Jerry Lewis died. That they'll lunatic liberal in Missouri who wanted trump to be assassinated in we have a cup speech that. How much I have every one of those on my list that's really crazy Scott. Well yeah I'm jedi in the studio. By our. I have to pick a topic I thought about Bob and our tech and you said. I was blown away that this type of the crowd that would likely would probably put on the news today do every day I wake up cook. I thought I hope going on wetlands quote what. All of a sudden it look like the picnic paraded that yeah they enter into our I could not leave my guys. I'm 330 god yes that'd actually doing pretty yet concurrent forty. Yeah DS in their crap that they're right there but. Thirty mile route that we ought to go out especially in light of what happened child. Com. And undergoing a direction Bob and his wonderful. There are obviously in Charlottesville there was sort of pushing and shoving between rival factions are right and there was none of that here as a there's no need for any arrests since we're all on the same side right. Agreed and when I look forward note I wrote down you don't get the guys. It's almost like. People protest we will never know why are there protests in the protesters to a protests linked to cook that's the dumb it's almost like it's cool to protest if you if you if you Wear how much they're used to do a quick bit on this were pretty election you grab someone who is voting aren't whoever. Wanna do it Obama when he did their bit but it was hysterical. And it basically he would give the talking point orders. I'm the street would give the talking points above the opponent of the person who's. Pushing too rowdy you know it's like Obama. And it did you talk about all conservative talking point or can you believe that duke meaning that in the technically adept at worried about mark and military that you really need to cut stronger military leak and taking all conservative talking points to someone who's. All over the street pro Obama people don't agree they can walk and it scared me. Didn't appear because it's cool lack of a better way it should be pro gusting to yell to fight our puke but in reality. Almost 40000 people I'd be surprised at what I don't even know what I probably would dorm where. Yep I think that's probably right if you're at this wondering is and who never campaigned on higher taxes and a weaker military. That seems like every single person of runs on that it's high time now to North Korea and now I'm not. Scott keep going I've got I'm running yet to get more coffee affect. Our let me go don't don't think when you this morning John good morning. Good morning I think they're protest last week it was very clear about our deputy Donald Trump. Now we have a book went out. Virginia but I would like to make one point backed group in. You know yet what we have the Tea Party movement. Nobody group bottle yarder police officer Cabrera or no I don't want Coca quote what Newt. OK well here's my point. But with the Democratic Party that it may have instability. At comic figure out there. When are they going there and go and read now this group of you know fashion and that's exactly what they are. They may claim that there are good at is higher moral grounds but they're tactic that you are. Is nothing more room squad tactics done by the Communist a hundred years ago yet but not Germany. Durham our principal mock. But migrated it to collapse and the board lying about Boston is be careful because again your putting forth its feet. Story line of this funeral mass and unity in this big stand you made one of the things you do with this. Why did you got to be very careful here because you're giving legitimacy. And you're giving power to groups I don't think you want to have power and legitimacy and an anti European wanna bomb. Where I don't think 40000 people there showed up we've. You know big deal handkerchiefs over their face. With urine bottles and rocks etc. And yet you're given them cover and you're actually in bold inning now I mean you got to be very careful and it's because what is going to happen is. When you're ripping trump for how we Hamels Charlottesville there's going to be one of those were you then have to do is he right and it's just it's a tricky thing. You know the what I was a little disappointed about talking about our fellow you know journalists out there who were they really aero med com and so tour three of them interviewing people wearing the bandanna on her face. And never did I hear one of them say. Why have that on your face. Why are you covering your face. It you're so proud of why you're out here and you feel so strongly want to hide behind that isn't somebody asks some of them. What are they hiding behind that where you're not want to know I don't. Because they're gonna do damage in they might get arrested in you don't wanna be seen them minutes I mean any. You can bet that they need to hole those people while I don't under understand why they're not calling him out. Because that ducks is wrong I think it's a wrong Scots in Worcester good morning. Yes good morning Jim and BB the rally was it was a complete dud in the far. You know because no clearance misspoke no Nazi spoke no luck let's now that's why we're users god. I wouldn't waste my time it was it would it would they could you do zealots want you on that side all Helio Roger if it's far. Are these people book I'm like are doing and possibly be proud of he would have had something to be part of what every once spoke of there was no violence. And then went and everyone's missing the point. George saw world's first tried to disrupt the nation with corruption pollution you don't get that anymore. Then evil people feel the that he moved on to the confederate options now it'll be another topic don't just think he's only going to be stirring the pot. Finding something to divide Americans. That's true of a lot of us actually that I blood type the mile the only thing you said sensibly and along times is that a the deal then just moves in his Bengie shifted and that's that's true but that's too little balls when Obama is the president that's what the right does and now it's what the left is don't mind my ultimate thing on all of this is. Whoever's in power the other side does the exact same thing right the one that they claim made did and that. NT has the perfect example of or against fascism so we're going to be a fascist groups they shyly. But that's that is a microcosm. Of the country in whatever side you're on you can do to the other what they needs time you win but it's okay when you do what that's how we. We are among Julio says he's proud of what happened good morning we. I go on and let me give Wright an enemy big burden to log good morning to you can go on to be very good Lauren. I thought it stated and I am very probable that. I am hug and a treat this morning's. So if you want to make if they knew the way democratic knew you wanna make it make you guys because you know what. Like that other guy says one thing about America we are on the talk about every day. As solid evidence saying Baghdad Sunday again. Have a good day Julio two things one you needn't change your name every tragically we don't know we know you're at all it's all right nobody cares so that's number one number two. Lol I have this thing the music I don't know why he would feel good because and I would have Bassam what do you beyond a premier event. Did you not feel good about the city on Friday were you on edge about the city on Friday when the when you're not sure about Boston and where they stood. And if you were why would this has made any difference here that a bunch of out of towners come pouring into the town right. To nearly the number look big things you act like a lot. Breakfast with Kim and GD greedy that's speeds up there you know. It doesn't look like marrow donor Boston's board show WR KL. Other headlines. All over the map actually. They make you take off sunglasses and does things why do you get women protest. I'm a Bostonians is 857 and I embed in Paris today Marty Walsh is a disgrace. He lied he says it's speakers are gonna spew hate not one of them did that. Six of three wasn't Julio the same guy called last week using the freeze cracker on Aaron of course shooting bleep it out is that to be believed I'm cracker. I don't think so but I don't think that's who was I don't think we are told them not being a Miette decision on believe we have a policy on Madden nom. I think. I do I'd wouldn't mean struck somebody to believe that I'm not particularly but yes that probably was. Quote unquote cool I don't know if there was though because certain deadly call last we can use in a different name and it wasn't his real name I like him anymore it was so it's quite. Let me go to Mike in North Andover he wasn't no lock how many people when they're good morning my. The water get money that you guys are great a lot of thanks I'll listen let me clarify something that is that people on a calm and we did they had a that few people on the comments they have or the right to be they had they had all right paperwork as don't want to have that then you need. Right right. Okay out of people lit the last majority of people that came down that street there. Yeah I'm I'm the mayor and the governor said argue Koppel can eat don't show up please okay. Did the movie that people how to protest is started showing up in large numbers. They have effectively shut all the people on a comment that blissful to have that free speech and that. There are. They didn't shut them down they made their speed they were there I think allies are what fifty minutes or something like that Samoa were reluctant. I've misunderstood and I thought they were shut down there apply the you're allowed to moms council just yeah. To some of Iran that some a couple of people they had disorder escort out of there for their own safety but I don't think that was them. I think you're like there was a guy that showed up in a trump hat he got punched. I don't know if you had the Israeli flag on and people were yelling. How was that for irony. He's got the Israeli flag draped over on the map yelling the area yelling at him than I am in calling him racist right what. Tech got to do it right right. OK so that free speech effect as side of it did actually go through that would affect us. It did it it did its just they were very small numbers it was only 45 day. Didn't you know thirty they did their thing for very many 45 minutes rated the most. And then that was. It just as I don't like to meet at the the last amount of people effectively shut down the free speech people what you're saying that that. I don't think it shut it down I think it was a bit intimidating no racial element down they were never going to be there are you doing anything and again and it was such as did you at this tiny group here many at this mass over a year and sometimes you know wonderful. Cut except a few do this bill that Boston good morning. Yes good morning folks only in a politically goof Ball State like Massachusetts. With 101000. Coolest. Moon bats much almond. But the bottom of the barrel groups black guys matter hate group. To protest free speech. That's so that feel bullish. They're well it's not only Massachusetts and the whole country. Was embracing Boston I was like well this makes big statement and whatever and so those images are on all over the cubs country and people are making up their minds based on what they've seen fine. It is the be careful who you're getting in bed with kind of thing in my opinion. Because a lot of us don't see that my Mitt Romney notwithstanding a lot of us. Have issues with the anti fun and particular in think that this group is not a positive score at home and there there in their doing some stuff fan and brought gonna pretend like everything's hunky dory OK maybe. But be very careful because as your play out fire and very dangerous. To me that just I mean there is bad on the outside is so what we saw in. Charlottesville on the other side who again when you have to keep your face covered up when you've got. Here are doing that for one reason and one reason only and that is because you plan to bring on harm. And that's not guide fibroid freeze no violence free speech is. Over unless your from a leftist party. Amaro that far animals like dude did you again let's not. That last caller would have you believe this is a free speech or who is attending a free speech for quite. I mean I think we're all in favor of free speech none of us are gonna go to a rally Ford because we all understand that we haven't we got a wealth that that's a cold generally for. And free not such love speech him and that's one of the reasons why this isn't like shutting down free speech or this is an a rally against free speech. Whether or not you want free speech to protect. What it is that people in Charlottesville were spewing. From that's another matter and that's sort of the crux of the issue in one sense I yeah well. If you if you read up on this whole thing where this all started my understanding. That there was a student from Pittsburgh. This student is. I'm happy with the fact that he feels that free speech on college campuses is being diminished for those who have a particular viewpoint. So that was the point of his rally you. Back in May Day and wanted another one as everybody's getting ready to go backed college campuses again. In between times an explosion occurred better known as Charlottesville. And things went crazy and everyone believed that the whole purpose behind his rally that he had organized for Boston. On dead nineteen it was going to be for what happened in Charlottesville when in fact. He actually was you know trying to hold a rally about free speech. Free speech on college campuses and for. That viewpoint. That's my understanding how this whole thing started it because we kept asking on Friday. What are you talking about when you turn in my free speech and who's against that and and who hasn't had a cell. I kept telling me last week and then they did they did it I mean they've rooted but there it's never this is never going to be. Any innocent like that. Because there are always gonna put forth that this was a Klan rally. What ever was or wasn't in whatever. Subtle things were supposed to happen that this thing will never know. It was always going to be a clamor and then we were gonna stand up against that Klan rally now we vet said I was surprised at the volume. And that's I'm not gonna average like dismissive police say a who cares right reason 20000 or 45000. Is the high number that I seen now whatever the number really was. And it just seems to grow by the hour because people want to be I guess crowd size matters now when it's for the last up. They they were always going to dictate what this was and then what they did and now they're doing and forever more they're gonna act like. We were all on edge as a city up until that day in 20s17 when we made is standing and if that did you buy and that makes you feel good to go forward but it was never that it was never for me it was never diabetes. Again I'll say it a million times I know what Boston is. And on Massachusetts's. I'm completely comfortable weather and I didn't feel the need to make some sort. Follow stand whenever. Right. Six on 72666868. X 8680 is attacks find Kelly financial hole this morning were asking. You know what you thought about Saturday's rally. Did you think that this was Boston standing up against racism or did you think this was just a big. TV event. I'll be sure that your vote and we're gonna let you know how those votes turn around a little bit later in. Excellent serve and I'm with yeah I mean six runs Evans is usually have so in order drug drowned in Mexico but that is sort of what does you create distraught thing like. And join us next week when we make a stand against domestic violence like were all on board here right. So you created this straw thing you've convinced enough people that this is actually out there when most of us don't think. I mean again I this last you have to Charlotte who do you think the country has a white supremacist problem. Because I don't I think there're like there have been my whole life. There has been this small tiny group really of how liars that that do cause problems because they make visuals. And because TV just refuses to not cover that. They're still Blair sharp but now we're acting like it's it's tenfold or a hundred fold from what it was ten or fifteen years ago. I have no factual evidence that that is true. But we've drawn this up is where in this whirlwind. Well I'm now we got everybody religious rules were tornadoes thing Obama got we got this huge problem but stop and now. And sold so we need to speaks to an embossed okay fine.