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This it's real estate today. The number one the real estate show on. On the radio. Welcome to realistic today. Backed by the professional experience of real torch from across America where your most trusted source on the radio for help today real estate information. Real estate today is the official radio program of the National Association of Realtors and Israel for members in your neighborhood. Hi there I'm Stephen gaffes great and I'm delighted you can join us today on this Father's Day weekend. For the hottest show so far this year best summer market. The temperatures have already been soaring even though summer doesn't officially start until this Wednesday. Today we'll look at what's happening right now and realistic markets around the country and how you can thrive whether you're buying or selling a home. Coming up we'll your realistic friends be helped or hurt by the weather coming our way this summer. All that and much more straight ahead on the summer market. But first let's go to the realistic today newsroom with Bill Thompson RL I didn't. Housing and urban development secretary Ben Carson has taken on a higher profile this month as he promotes national homeownership month. Carson says the trump administration is actively working to make homeownership easier to achieve. The secretary told Washington's W and mail radio bit with home sales back to pre crisis levels hub is paying very close attention to credit worthiness. We want everybody. Who is capable bombing hump. Had to be able to disrupt and and that's really the aim of all the things we're doing right now including. Reducing. The unnecessary regulatory burden which has accumulated over the years. Carson says homeownership is the main foundation of wealth creation for families in the US but many people he says seem to have forgotten that. The first time home buyer market is booming so as a new study as first timers are the largest growth driver in the housing market. The study by Genworth mortgage insurance says there were significant expansion of first time buying and 2015 and sixteen and it looks like the trend will continue through this year. Genworth says the surge suggests there renters are increasingly shifting toward homeownership. But there is a cloud to go to silver lining Genworth estimates that three million new homebuyers over the past decade. Have been shot out of the market by a shortage of affordable homes tighter lending standards and crushing student debt. And that they say could be hindering a stronger housing recovery. A record number of Americans now says is a good time to shell home. According to Fannie Mae's national housing survey from LA. 61% of those surveyed said now's a good time to sell that's the highest number has been since Fannie Mae launched the surveys seven years ago. The only thing holding back many those people from actually selling their homes as Fannie Mae researchers are show dog is that. They don't Ian affordable buying opportunity for themselves once they held the home variant. Well next time you rate a restaurant on Yelp you may be helping determine the sale price of nearby homes. A new study suggests that there's a link between good restaurant reviews and the values of nearby homes. According to the study published in the journal of urban economics researchers who studied home values in Washington DC found it. Those values can be as much as eleven and a half percent higher than similar homes if they are close to highly rated restaurants as measured by Yelp. Forbes reports that the researchers discovered that the impact on home values only happened once Yelp itself became popular in Washington in 2008. Coming up and half an hour the red hot market were bidding wars on now the norm Stephen back to you thanks bill. Think about this not just the homeownership. But sustainable homeownership. That was the call at a major conference in California roots and our president Bill Brown brought together housing. Experts from all around the nation. To search for ways that more Americans. Can not only by her home but afford that home comfortably throughout their lives. The sustainable homeownership conference searched for ways to overcome barriers to homeownership. And joining us now is the man who brought it all together. Joining us is Bill Brown the 2017. President of the national association of real torched. Bill is a broker owner and founder of investment properties in Oakland California. Bill welcome to realistic today. What are your work your ledger here so bill. Tell us about sustainable. Homeownership. Oh. I think it goes back to get a market that's what it crashed. We reached 7%. Of homeownership. In had but the problem is. That's 70%. There's a portion outer. I'm and he couldn't afford columns as they lived in. So you know since and homeownership gap to roughly 62%. Resumed with 63%. And wait to blow. So you hope to raise the homeownership rate in the United States. By helping people not only buy homes but comfortably. Hold on to those homes in the long run. Yeah yeah responsible. I don't see that highly someone who all want to on. I'm so comfortable. Knowing that you're gonna have to make a younger mortgage payment every month. And I and noted and we'll be able to their house I mean I doubt council increasing we're preaching. That. You know it you know it's a great time reply. Interest rates aren't historically low levels. Will be towards you know it is warriors. And you know a little too of course is the best person. To poke. A car White House. Helped solar cell oust because. Or subscribe to corner Essex. And you know you want to make sure that you know who the person coup news. Feeling your business. It is going to you have your best engines apart and nobility that. Build a conference also looked at barriers to homeownership there were five identified. Mortgage availability. Inventory. Rising values. Post foreclosures stress. And student loan debt let's look at student loan debt bill what do you do about that. Well it's it's a big problem I mean you go to college go to law school and a door to get in India make about him. 100000 dollars wouldn't get more and to ascertain that get that. And the payments. Honesty can at this track it on the air. In com. It makes your daughters with him all my class or lower. You know art is content to run lobby congress. To help alleviate situation by Elkins and I hear you voice your dad. The able to. You resign your check yet got to go lower interest rates Latino in that process is not complete yet. So you know we know we're we're the worst deal Dylan went exactly and there aren't too many people cared much of that yet here. RC. Another barrier identified by your conference in California bill mortgage availability. I know things are getting better but are they good enough. No they're not good enough and ID at every level of lending. It can be done better I mean when you look at sort of enter here. What you get it well wouldn't you know there are a couple of things that enter our country about a process. Out of Cowell like why don't want some load. Where yesterday mortgage interest. On the FHA loan. And I am. A lot of other lenders require insurance. Community clinic insurance when a loan value computer chips are 80%. SHU didn't do that so which couldn't get their change in altered. I say. Bill another win that was fascinating to me is post foreclosure. Stressed. You think that's causing a lot of people to not try again. I think a lot of people are afraid of buying a home and losing her you're down payment like you know when we encourage you to do do we encourage people do you know traditional home buyers. Who. Nobody home would you idea of living in the home and more of a long term view. You know it is a long term desperate now and you know I think to show cannot tell you all know long term. You make money in your. Excellent. All these barriers for homeownership. You're trying to work to bring down those barriers. That's a lot of work for you. But ought to work also for the people who were trying to get back home is it all worthwhile. Absolutely worthwhile you know hey here are. We are committed to creating homeownership possibilities. Trevor Morgan who want to responsibly. My home and it's worth it. Yet so we're good for us what the tribe members. And you know I think it's worth to society also. Will bill quite a goal bringing down the barriers to homeownership so more people. Can affordably. And comfortably own the home of zero. Thank you for joining us on the show to say corridor here you're very welcome bill. Bill Brown the 2017. President of the national association of real torched. The broker owner and founder of investment properties in Oakland California. Coming up unrealistic today. It's the summer market how hot will it be. You know and it adds the important thing that most fired the air it's gonna go back they could be hours. That's next on our special show. The summer mark. Real estate today. Connecting you with the real estate professionals. Every week. And we're back where they are special show the summer market. And in depth look at what the next three months will be used. If you're buying or selling realistic this summer. On today show we'll talk to realtors from all over the United States to get their advice on how did just nail in the summer market of 2070. Let's start in Texas where the real estate market and quite often the temperatures are red hot. Joining us now is Leslie reduce net real short with Dave Perry Miller & Associates in Dallas. Leslie is deeply involved with real estate issues on the local state and national levels. She's NAR's regional vice president for Texas and Louisiana. And she's the past chair of the Texas association of real torched an in 2013. Leslie was a vice president at NAR Leslie welcome to realistic today they gave it my pleasure. We're glad to have be here so Leslie quick question for. In hot weather states like Texas where it's warm up much of the year. Does the summer market really mean anything. Well it's high right about that he got that part right pressure but one thing we have that everyone else had the. School gets out in that we have people who want to get their kids into the new school zone or wherever they're moving median to a neighborhood where they can meet. Other kids in the neighborhood before school starts to acclimate them. And then accord summer all the wedding graduation vacation and things like that so you know there are times when it can be busier but there are also times when it can be a bit slower and you know it is hot protectionists. So selling property in the summary need it's can't wait to get in that house support the air conditioning you know. And you don't want a cheap seller. Who keeps the air conditioning kind of on the hot side yank you got it right at fifth and a half a no I know that the Dallas market is really happen and right now it's really busy in there aren't enough homes for sale. How is it day by day working in Dallas. Now lower price ranges. I'd say 300000. And under our. They're the harder ones when it comes to inventory because we just don't have the available homes that are listed in the price range. Am I actually had a higher recently and they get they kept leading out leading advocate what's it gonna take it acted. Well beyond twenty you're gonna have to go ahead make an off aren't dumping bank on picture first. And we're gonna have to get it under contract and then you're gonna have to apply in and look at how to decide if you want. Moment we have an option period in Texas not every state has that such tech like your realtor. In truth or do they get a house they did. Eventually that it lessen the way that most people would go about getting a house and I think they are beginning to wonder they were going to get and how. And then of course that create that there is to that kind of an emotional buy because they're scared. That when they get here they won't have a roof over their heads out we better find something it's so work here to help guide them along the path to make sure they don't buy something that they decide to lift with that someday that we can't tell all of. Interest thank. So it's that fast in Texas tell me art buyers submitting a multiple bids on the same property. Yet that is still going on particularly again in the 300000 polo. And if you are working on a contract. In that price range in our area particularly on Dallas cohort Nortek shifts I would definitely recommend eating a real Turkish and make sure that contract is as clean if they can begin the more you at sport a less likely you're contract will be countered. Interest endlessly. Now moving over to the seller's side of the table. If I have a house in Dallas and I price it right. And it's in great condition. How long before it goes under contract. He could be hours that we are talking days here we're talking hours. Depending on the price range anything under 300000 attempting it conditions. Immunity to an area course we shall we say location location location but you know in that had the important things to most buyers out there it's gonna go fast. And you better be ready dad knew about and find a home or have. Consider where you want to go because you might not have a lot of time to think about it. So Leslie and ask you the same question I've asked real for all over the United States. There's very tight inventory there aren't enough homes for all the buyers out there and buyers are scrambling. To get there offer accepted. Is this the new normal in America. Well let's hope it's not because let's look at the everyone who want to have a home have a home. You know there's another thing that have a bearing on that at 1201 of the big ones is interest rates. And interest rates can certainly changed you know the look and feel a thing if you're a seller. In you have a great interest rate on your house continued salad in a market or the interest rates start to say about 6%. Well that's the mortgage that you're going to get on your new post it would of worked on the home you're in now. To move into another how entire higher interest rates. So we could be a problem but let's just hope those builders get out there and start build more homes are. How can I hope so too wouldn't that be great if there was a new home going up on every block in America we love. Leslie thank you so much for talking to us about the summer market of 2017. And finisher opens a great summer for you and your team as well thanks so much I appreciate your very welcome. Lesley Curtis Smith real short with Dave Perry Miller & Associates in Dallas. The past chair of the Texas association of real torch and NAR's current regional vice president. For Texas and Louisiana and. Coming up unrealistic today so you're buying or selling a house. Will the weather cooperate this summer I haven't seen a map with less drought. In probably over five or six years that's coming up on our special show. The summer market. But first it's time for ask the millennial. The Maloney also the biggest demographic groups in America and potentially. The biggest group of homeowners ever. So let's talk real estate now when they genuine member of the millennial generation joining us is Jayne dollar injure hi Jane. I'm Steven Gray to be getting idea. You two Nigerian usually your right here in the realistic today studios but today here on location. Even I'm actually calling you from them mile hikes 81. And only in Denver Colorado and and I'm actually at the national association of real estate editor conference. We're here discussing the latest challenges than trend than detractors and the real estate industry. Still of course millennial our topic of conversation in nearly every channel. We seem to work our way in every conversation. And I went to share some of the top point that he can away from the conference so far. Mainly at its wanna talk about the decree equaled videogame technology kicking deep trying to disrupt a real estate industry. Video game technology in realistic. Well virtual reality if it could be a major player in the coming years. Could you aren't familiar with ER it'd technology that creek an artificial environment. Continue to pursue peace editorial environment. It's mainly being used right now on the video game industry. Where it became aware that this special headset that makes it look and feel for the gamer like they are actually inside the game. The technology is still pray he usually about a thousand dollars. But like with all technology. Titan predicted to go down as more and more people adopt it. Kiss you and buyers won't have to go from open house to open house they can put on the VR goggles and LB inside out without ever leading married in office. Another interesting update is that companies are actually using video game engines. Specifically the unreal gaming engine and decreed hyper realistic house tours. It basically allowed homebuyers to walk through the home the same way you will walk through a level on a video game. It opposed to moving between various 360 decreased static photos. And it's really cool that he'd do it can be rendered completely and realistically. Without has ever been built. Didn't mean teenager interested in buying and you build a derby no guesswork about what you're actually purchasing because they've already walked through it. Or if you're just living in your parents' basement student go ahead didn't buy it and move into a new house without ever leaving the couch. No wonder technology. That. Did you Steven and if any of you have questions that only a millennial can answer please send me email and ask the millennium radio dot realtor. And if possible audience with mommy here. Real estate today. Because knowledge is power. Back again would our special show the summer market it's all about the hottest months of the year. One of the busiest real estate market's overall. Coming up we'll summer storms and soaring temperatures affect your realistic plans we'll talk to a pro. When the summer market continues but first let's check in with Bill Thompson and the realistic today newsrooms I don't. I stevens'. Home price is across America were up nearly 7% in April compared to last year according to the latest core logic home price index. As mortgage rates slipped downward again home prices went up one point 6% from march. Core logic chief economist frank no tough. Says the spiraling prices mean that in some hot markets there has been a bidding frenzy has multiple contracts are placed on a single home. Core logic HPI forecast for the year ahead shows continued price appreciation but not as fast as reaching. It is now nearly impossible to avoid a bidding war when buying a home in Seattle. So reports the Seattle times. The latest case Shiller home price index showed single family home prices in Seattle were up 12% in March compared to a year ago. And that is their fastest pace of growth in three years. And the times reports the shortage of homes for sale is getting worse. When a home does come on the market the paper says it can create a feeding frenzy. Coming up half an hour Siri gets into the Smartphone business season I do thanks bill. The fact is this summer officially begins this Wednesday and when it comes one of the hottest real estate markets of the year. But of course summer storms and heat waves can have a huge impact on real estate activity from open houses to house hunting. Even getting to the closing tables trouble. In a major thunderstorm. Source York during realistic this summer what should you expect. Let's ask a national expert. Joining us is Paul passed to mark senior meteorologist and head of the long range forecasting department. At AccuWeather. Paul welcome to realistic today. Thank you around me again. You're very welcome Paul first of all I read on AccuWeather dot com that we should get some relief from the drought this summer with more rainy weather can you tell us about that. Yeah overlooking the entire map that I put out for the summer forecast I haven't seen a map with less drought. In probably over five or six years. It's amazing. We've been a reduction in drought since last year in two years ago. Big time because it be a winner Steve in any wet spring that we saw many parts of the nation and that is good news in that respect. We know if you're selling your house that's a big point because you wanted to look good yes. But if you're under mandatory water restrictions and if a drought is really hammering your area is very hard to make an entire property looked good but. Sounds like we have a better year coming for sellers. Yeah yell at here and drought and an end Aaron area that does have. Drought conditions pretty much every year and you exceed the kind of situation that we saw last year in the north east and over the last five years in the west. I mean you look at the house and you're like why don't know I want to live here because look at look at BR the in this you know on everything from there's just more work to be done but this year we've seen such an increase in moisture though grass. At this should be looking nice seeing green on the north east is not a straw I I don't want last year at the start here. And even the west won a big difference in the west compared to last year much more education. So overall we're talking about more rain. But are we talking about severe storms or more gentle. There's always a but you know I just seems like there's you know there's always something the year you look at the positive and then there's always something that they kind of a wrench in here and any kind of make things. Not good at all and yes there is excessive rainfall we've seen that this south. During the course of the spring we've seen severe weather. In the Mississippi Valley Missouri Arkansas Oklahoma getting hit very very hard and now we're starting to see. A lot of that severe weather in the northern plains states getting in the midwest. Eventually I think the north east in July to get into that act as well. Interesting so Paul let's go. Area by area here and he would they can expect this summer let's start up in the northeast power they look. Well the good news is that we're starting out completely different than last year were all much wetter. The grass is green and we're not dealing with a long period that he although you know we just had a you know three day and how to spell. We're probably not gonna see much he'd like back. Until we get into early July annual common spurts I think throughout the summer so expect. Often on showers and thunderstorms some severe especially in July in nine drought conditions are pretty much ended in the region. Excellent now let's move down out Paul what can buyers and sellers expect down there. Well getting a little nerve racking imported because we had a lot of brush fires in the spring. The dryness really took hold but now we're started seeing more wet weather down across Florida. I I think that the lead the concentration of wet weather will be along the Gulf Coast region. Up into the Tennessee valley that we could see some flooding situation to an apple want basement across that area. Are getting out to see how this may be a little less frequent because the the under that the possibility of severe weather popping up from time to time a little bit more frequent as one of trying to get at the Tennessee valley to the central gulf states the interior southeast this summer. Excellent how about the midwest which typically is absolutely. Gorgeous in summer. Yet it glowed in the midwest we started to a disparate this past spring was pretty active all we battled a you know quite a bit of front come through those areas which showers and storms. Odd you're out looking for houses are bandit you were having some problems and issues from time to time. I think you get drier and drier though as we go to the course the mid to late summer until the point where it's pretty darn hot. So a lot. If you're heading out due to sun screen heading out a lot more frequently than they were to see more derided the more hotter conditions especially north central plains and midwest. In trusting and you know over the past few years every time you and I have talked about this summer market whether. In the west. We've talked drought after drought after drought but how about this year poll. Will he may not be severe but it you know would they go through the dry season OK and I don't expect the whole Lotta rain through July. In California and Nevada in those areas now. The northwest can get this some showers some time to time and then we'll start to see our. Will be called the southwest monsoon kick in on Angel line on it which should be pretty active this year is still an area from New Mexico up through Colorado you'd talk. Could see some heavy actions are showers and storms and the possibility maybe mudslides local flooding to watch out of the road if you're traveling in that neck of the woods for July and August. But the way I should be dry should have no problem getting out looking at all that anything should look much better. It has been over the past several years. Actual pole I sure do appreciate you coming on the show today in talking about what to expect. In the weather this coming summer thank you. Thank you Grammy again you're very welcome Paul passing marks senior meteorologist and head of the long range forecast and department. At AccuWeather. Coming up unrealistic today so you've made a ton of money in a short term rental on your home. But what about the tax bill. Think proactively because you maybe it is the George burnout you need to make estimated payments that's next on our special show. The summer market. This is real estate today. 100%. Real estate 100% of the time. This summer as vacation season heats up. Many homeowners are. Cross America will consider adding a new source of revenue. When it's generated by either their primary home or their second home. We're talking about short term rentals air B and DV RBO and other short term rental services. Have proven to be a gold mine for many homeowners but. Sometimes those homeowners are shocked when tax time comes around. Because they suddenly realized they have an enormous tax bill to cover. Let's find out how to avoid being shocked. Joining us now is Andy Phillips director of tax researcher at the tax institute at H&R block. Andy is an attorney who oversees tax research at H&R Block's network of more than 101000. Retail offices. And for H&R Block's suite of digital products Andy welcome to real estate today. I premier. Provider whether it's so Andy looking at short term rentals. It's true. They can generate a lot of money for a household correct yes corporate record right. So for someone who's making a lot of money in a short term rental business. What should they know about the tax rules. If taxpayers rent their homes for fourteen days or you were during the year. There's no tax impact in other words fourteen days or few work that's not taxable. And in BP here's what he didn't even more special impact for about this rules there's no dollar limitation on it so even if you really you know you really bring in quite a substantial amount revenue virtual me rent out your home or take seven or eight days for a you know big concerts and how to festival something like that there's no dollar limits so it's still not taxable if you don't exceed that fourteen days rule. Well that is our amended its good to know but what if it's more than fourteen days. Once you exceed the fourteen day rule that you get in touch your landlord and and things get taxable. And the usual rules apply so there's not like a fourteen day free period once you exceed that special role. We know any I know a lot of people. Have tried the short term rental approach and they've made a lot of money but then they are disappointed at tax time. With how much they have to pay. So if you ever property and you stand to make a lot of money with your B&B or BRB 01 of the other short term rental site. How do you avoid that big tax disappointment. When you fire. Sometimes folks will get into a situation where they realize well this is really going gangbusters I'm making a tremendous amount of income off as a rental property. And much more than I expected. And playing comes in the place if you find yourself in that situation. Usually written recommendation of what would recommend no tax advisor recommends you wait till you come get to the year you come to get your tax return done. To address that. Instead think proactively because you may be in the situation are now you need to make estimated payments but there's things you can be doing to during the year tradition attacked spelt. Maybe you're thinking about doing a renovation in the and you decided Arabs are assuming it's on the property and decide what to do that this year help. Reduce or eliminate much actual bill that's something you may wanna address during the year so it's not too late to ask. That's a really good point and even if you decide to start using. One of the short term rental services to generate income. Do your planning up front rather than making you know ten or fifteen grand event at the end of the year saying what are we doing it. Yet that's exactly right you know it's not exactly the situation where an accidental landlord that may be more a situation where you're trying to sell a home you moved to a new account for a new job and end up. You know tenure in a time out into renal please tell that this is more a little more thoughtful and how you get into it but how many times we find that the taxpayers get into a situation where they start using. You know. Oh brattle. Service and then they don't realize the complexity and we'll come to find out first tax return. Andy thank you for explaining it to us and thank you for joining us on the show today. Perhaps real supporter you're very welcome Andy Phillips director of tax research at the tax institute at H&R block. Coming up on realistic today have you ever heard the saying. Fired generator while the sun is shining. I think maybe not but we'll explain coming up on our special show thus summer market. If you love listening to us talk that we were state joined the conversation. Finally lose seats they radio on FaceBook we can't wait to hear from you that's real estate today radio on these. This is a real estate today. Location. Location. And information. Welcome back to real estate today and our special show the summer market. And as we wrap up this hour the program we wanted to talk about whether. As in really bad weather and how to get prepared before the bad weather hit. They come exaggerating. Or consider this more tornadoes happen in the United States than any other country. Mostly east of the Rockies the hardest hit areas of course on a great plains midwest Mississippi Valley and southern US. And tornadoes can happen at any time of year. Hurricanes also can be devastating as we don't know. Remember sandy Katrina. You girl I'm sure you do. All this leaves homeowners asking if the worst happens is there any way we can stay safe. Well of course you can't stop tornadoes or hurricanes by homeowners who live in vulnerable areas have been taking proactive steps in short. Being prepared. Well before the storm hits. So let's talk about how to do that. First of all if you live in an area that loses power a lot when severe weather strikes. You might have thought about getting a generator for your house media builds in unit may be a portable. Dark you're serious about that you don't auto wait until you're already in the dark. Because when the power goes out generators will fly off the hardware store shelves you'll be lucky to find one. But if a big box truck rules are filled with no name generators and a hugely inflated price. You might be attempted. But it's better to get one now all the power is still on the sky is blue and there's no emergency. And if you do buy a generator to make sure you spend some time getting used to it before the bad weather hits get used to starting. It used to hooking up your electrical gear to it. Again he used to using it safely with the unit outside and far enough away from the house. The the fumes cannot get back in. And of course don't forget fuel you'll need enough gasoline to keep their generator running for three days or even more. And heck if the storm never happens. You can just use that gas in your car. And make sure you start the generator every couple of weeks. Keep that fuel flowing through so it doesn't get dale and make the generator hard to start. Now if you do all that you should be in pretty good shape when you do lose power. Also now would be a good time to put together an emergency supply kit. So you and your family who have the basic if the big one hit. The Department of Homeland Security recommends that every family in the country should put together an emergency kit just in case. What's in it well DH I suggest. Having at least one gallon of drinking water per person per day. So if you plan for two people over a three day spent that six gallons. Also non perishable fruit and if that includes food in hands make sure you have a manual can opener to. And that is interest considering how we all rely on cellphones these days. Homeland Security recommends having either a solar or in birther types so phone charger. No obviously the solar charger uses the sun. The converter go uses your car battery charger from. That's a that's a first aid kit flashlights and a weather radio that works either with batteries or crank. And you're well on your way to having an excellent emergency kit ready to go if you need it. But there's a lot more on their list to the you can find it at homeland security's web site ready dot gov. So all these are just a couple of thoughts as we approach the summer season. I know it seems a little strange getting all that emergency stuff ready to ago when the weather's no rights. But it's never a bad idea to be prepared. Now in our next hour we'll take being prepared to a whole new level. And talk about the ultimate way to stay safe if the big one hits. That's in just about one hour right here on realistic today. If you'd like to hear more realistic today's special show the summer market. You can stay tune or join us online at radio dark real sore. And from all of us here at realistic today thank you for listening. If you're realtor. You can put the entire re losing today's show on your web site. The best Rios beat show on the Radio One 100% three each and they are members. Just go to our new web address. Radio dot realtor and click. Finally a this is. Real estate today. The number one the real estate show on. On the radio. Welcome back to real estate today. Backed by the professional experience of real tours from across America where your most trusted source on the radio. For up to date realistic information. Real estate today is the official radio program from the national association of real tools and Israel were members in your neighborhood. I again I'm Stephen gas great and happy Father's Day weekend turn your. We hope it's a great weekend we're glad you're spending part of it with a us as we looked at thus summer market. Summer officially starts this Wednesday and where that comes the potential for hot weather and hot realistic we'll look at buying and selling during the upcoming three months and talk to experts about how you can make some market of great market. That's all coming right up but first let's go to the realistic today new troops with Bill Thompson hi bill. Even the apple home pod has arrived ready to take on Amazon's echo and Google home. Apple's CEO Tim Cook tells Bloomberg technology that the company sent out first to deliver a great audio experience in the home but not all. We know that people want a speaker now to do more than that out. And and obviously we want a speaker to be more than that and and so we're. It is sort of combining. What has been flawed to be two distinctly different things so and I think you're gonna want it. The home bond will be powered by April well Siri who will answer questions like Alexa or OK Google. Of course it'll communicate with other apple compatible Smart home accessories the home bothers due out in December. When it comes to the nation's most desirable homes millennial and baby boomers are like two Black Friday shoppers fighting over the last big screen TV. reports that boomers are increasingly looking to get Al most audacious suburban Mick mentioned some downsides. They want homes in more urban multiple suburbs and cities where the restaurants and coffee shops or on the corner. Trouble is. That puts boomers in the market for many of the exact same properties the millennial also looking for as their first homes and colonials are not exactly flocking to Bozeman mentions. reports the clashes creating a disruption to what has long been considered the traditional generational housing life cycle. And it's leaving many would be buyers are on the cold. Are you a super commuter. You are if you travel ninety minutes or more to get to work. And the Associated Press reports there's been a spike in the number of super commuters in recent years a trend fueled by skyrocketing housing cost. Super commuters who shall pretty small percentage of the entire commuting cool but experts are concerned that their ranks are growing so fast. One factor the AP reports is the surge in rents which is forcing many workers to move could cheaper more distant suburbs. And Mitchell Moss and urban policy professional a New York University tells the repeated. The real changes the suburbs have been eclipsed he says quote people are moving directly from the city. To the hinterlands. Coming up and half an hour as lumber prices soar builders are getting nervous. Q can I do you banks don't. As you probably know summer officially begins. Wednesday. But before that we have a very special weekend to celebrate. Father's Day weekend and we all hope it's a great weekend reviewing your dad. War you and your kids. Never celebrate fathers' day we have two very special guests for. Two real towards in the Washington DC area who were not only local market experts. And not only top producers. There also father and daughter joining us now and realistic today's studios are dale Madison and his daughter and a Madison sky. Dale the team leader an associate broker at the Madison group and long and Foster in Washington DC. And he's the past president of the greater capital area association of real torched. His starter to name Madison guard is also with long and Foster in Washington where she works is a real Torre and sales manager. And as are European too real to magazine's prestigious thirty under thirty award. Dylan today welcome and happy Father's Day. Thanks so my folks we're so glad to be here first of all how's business fantastical way he acts can't complain. So let's start on this Father's Day weekend with the dad. Dale Wendy and it was growing. Did she show an interest in real estate during her young years. Well I don't think she could help but show an interest I can remember they would go with me on she and her brother would go with me on open houses and and pick which bedroom in the house we're holding an open they prefer to have as their own we love it. That's what did you love about it and. First fun to get to see what you know my dad did I and we. Looking back on and I realize how much we actually were involved in that kind of tagged along in the process and especially looking at houses I think you know for everybody that's always your favorite thing and and certainly from a young age. You know we've we've found that glove. When you win with your father on a listing presentations and open houses and out with buyers. Did you think then I wanna do this when I grow up. You know I don't I thought of that but I know that I loved helping sell anything that he would I asked to do I was like OK but you know I'll go. Pick up even the contract that you just print it off on the hook on the print Aaron and put it that photos together and but the sign in the yard I mean we just love being a part of the prompt us. So I guess in in hindsight it wasn't surprised that at least one of has gotten involved in the business. And dale was it for you just your kids coming with few. Where did you put him to work. Well I mean yeah indirectly I've put in the work yes they were they were great inexpensive labor we asked to help out the exact look you know but but it was more it was more fun just as having them along spending additional time with them outside of regular family time chooses his good days one time. And fast forward now dale to the Davids and they said do you. I'd like to become a real tour what would your feeling. Well I was kind of torn because I never pushed her to consider real estate letter doing it or make that decision solely of her own for Russian. And and it was. Exciting really just kind of rewarding needed to know that she would want to do something in a similar to what I had done and now she's just left me in touch. Gary. Is Derrick I don't know about that but it. Grade teacher about Reshard I was in the class just within the lady sitting next to me had done several deals with the donates husband then and he's just was enamored they're always enamored by the two of them and and my wife who news beautiful one in the family and answers she was saying that. You know the boot the biggest attributes he has is. That twenty some years of experience and she had in real estate before she started in relished it. Interest and it's so putter just so far ahead of her peers that. I definitely appreciate it even more later when I discs I think guys. You know when I was first getting going and you know especially since I kind of started on the new home side of things so wasn't exactly what I observed in grown up watching. You know I would talk to my doubt about certain things and like you know. Would not need for you audience are in now and I'm like well shoot like many. Take a step back think about it and I realized wow I really do now which is taking a second to really think about what I had observed and the experience as I had just following along. And it really truly how much I learned. Over the time together dale. What have you learned about real estate. From your daughter. I I think is maybe not just directly real estate but just glued to weigh that she relates to people. The the the calm in the excitement and and the and new ideas and new thought process and and just so much more than two younger generation. In enveloped and to their data daylight justice domains and. Interest and today how about you what have you learned. I know you struggle. But if you could pinpoint one thing. What's the best lesson you ever learn from your father. Tough one because there are quite a few things. But I think the importance of the human touch. It's probably the most. Valuable thing that I learned from him and I'm really remembering to connect with people and as things changes we have more technology that. That we have at our disposal there really is no substitute for picking up the phone for having dialogue on on line for. I'm building relationships with people one on one face to face. Because that's the business where and its relationship business and the people are the most important part you know we don't. His favorite line is you know we don't tell just the bricks and next we're selling a light our selling experiences. We're selling home in you know off back to the word out. How do we connect with people and all that experience and that lifestyle. I'm and that really comes from building those relationships and again remembering that there's a person on the other side and you know we have to cater to what they want what they need. Well from all of us here at the radio show and for me personally. I want to wish you both very happy Father's Day I hope it's a great day for you and thank you again for joining us. Karrie thanks for having us just wanna say I'm so proud of my daughters I stand here and listen to or in and hear her articulate her views on. Or life on the industry on tools that we use on the business on. Who won what she thinks of me is just so rewarding. That's beautiful. Deal Madison and a starter to name out of the sky father daughter real tours at long and Foster real estate in Washington DC. Coming up unrealistic today. The summer market is proving to be red hot in not just in the big cities. Right now we're just. A lot of people wanted to but I just not uphold the so that's next on our special show this summer market. Real estate today. Connecting you with the real estate professionals. Every week. That's now their special show this summer market. All about what you need to know about. Buying and selling real estate in the upcoming three months. On today's show we're talking to realtors from all across America and find out what's happening right now. In their markets. And in this segment we're headed to Iowa where summer truly brings a change of seasons. Joining us now is dark marble real tour with no Foster company in Davenport Iowa. Don has served as president of the Iowa association of real torched. And currently he's an heiress regional vice president for the states of Iowa Minnesota Nebraska. And north and South Dakota darned welcome to real estate today. Or are very much right Mary Schroeder what we're glad you're here Don so first of all in your market where summer really does. Make a big difference because you have four seasons there. Does this summer market really mean big business. Well they brought to a lot of people weren't getting that home gitmo before school starts next year. And give them all settlements and we're gonna be gone. But also reached remark it's been really good because they wanna get them so much cool to meet with your new trends in this mostly do something over the summer will absorb all markets during the summer have been very very active. Right now we attach a lot of people want to bar. Just not on our homes and sell them. You know we hear that in markets where inventory is low. There's a lot of competition among buyers are you saying that to. Well my give me a great example appears you and REO mercy. Just moved here from Ohio disheartened about well six months ago I had 24 offers got a house. True data entry by his house he was offered an exorbitant amount of money walk away so someone else component. So I went out talked to Russia where are the people around the country that. It's happening all over people are trying to bite people auto sales. I have ever been on viewed about yourself tomorrow will be next to mine how do you walk away Anna Chapman now. That is hard ball I have never heard depth before. Yeah it's good to bring out to Mark Warner now much afterward in three or walkers easily on properties. That you know any way to particular abandon trying to get a Nextel. We try to do it. Okay so what about the obvious question to on win that property. Then goes to the appraiser. Is it going to get kept or these people paying all cash. There and they get mortgages in the most trying now a lot of casual spot. Georgia north approach where they are gonna pray just you know the value are an upcoming market in appreciate the market that you were able to be able to support to you trying to limit out there. We're not been declining market like we had been back you know ten years. Eyes these so the appraisers are actually looking down the road rather than behind that interest and. Right there and it didn't go to not a consideration because they know what are they now saw roundup that's not an unusual site from couldn't happen. It's happening under every transaction. How does the buyer survive. In a market like yours. Well at a bar were what you mentioned a moderate trip campaign by a blast. Multiple listing service so when something comes up big you are an American it would suck your interests and we got to look at that date because you can you don't. American unit is going quick too much overlap and I had backed that month I put a sign in the yard. I went back to my office but how I got back Marcus to form call initial bet apt. And Chapman are NIC is like that that's just not uncommon market. That's amazing talk about a seller's market so in fact let's talk about dollars so dark and what does this colored do. If they sell their house that quickly and they hope to buy another house they sometimes just moving into a hotel for a couple of months. Gambling well apartments. In life that sometimes your will work out a transaction were not they can. Seeing how until marijuana it's great to be completed our due to purchase a third of the balloon Ramada. Portland and go to YouTube. Icing so another question about sellers Don it's such a frenzied market right now. A property comes on and as you say sometimes it's sold that same day. There's a seller even have to lift a finger and it just sold their house as it is or. Should they still make sure that house is picking span and shining. Why would royal court apart you're using a realtor trying to look the best value for your arm as he had to make your home showroom. Clean. And bright. Camel lights because that's going to be the most amount of money in the least amount of time at least not trouble in the convenience. But always go via bicycle realtor you've chosen your neighborhood. We'll dot I sure do appreciate you talking realists they witnessed from the perspective. Of a gentleman in the upper midwest. Thank you for joining us on the show my friend. Mostly to thank you much for having on your show it's been a pleasure and I look forward to talk when you get. We'll duke thanks Don Don marble real Sherwood mail Foster company in Davenport Iowa the past president of the Iowa association of real were. In an heiress regional vice president for the upper midwestern states. Coming up unrealistic today two words stakes. And ribs and really pretty spectacular something you'd never do an Egyptian people will be back here. But that's coming up on our special show this summer market. But first it's time for our Smart home technology report. Today we're talking about staying cool as the hot summer approaches. I'd like to begin with a look. When I got out of college many years ago I worked at a commercial real estate brokerage in Baltimore and Russia might know. East Coast Summers can be really hot and humid. In my apartment had no ABC. The place was like a Sauna. My solution a couple of great big heavy window air conditioning unit. I've put him in cranked him up and soon my place was chilly and dry. It was wonderful. I left them on 24/7. Making marketplace totally livable. Livable yes but. I nearly died and got my electric bill sort borrow a couple of heavy duty timers. And the AC shut down when I went to work and turned back on about a half hour before I got home. Problem solved. I mentioned this today because Smart thermostats are at the top of the list for many home buyers. But the next the lyric and the eco beat. Only work with central air and central heat. So what about all the people out there who have a place like I did well they need to use old fashioned window units and old fashioned timers to. War does today's Smart home tech have something for them. Well in fact there are locked. Because today if you go shopping for a window air conditioner you'll find that many of them are in fact Smart. First of all many have remote controls. So on those lazy hazy crazy days of summer. You don't have to even get up off the couch to make it colder in your place. And yes many of them have built in timers too so there's no need for that heavy duty external timer. But the thing that really makes this new generation of window units shore line is you can control them from your Smartphone. You just download the app and you can turn the unit on and off. Turn the temperature up and down and turn the strand from gentle breeze to Arctic blast. I know you're thinking that's great but. Are they learning unit the fact is they are. So when you start turning it down at 9 AM and turning it back up and Favre. The unit learned that. Also many have geo fencing sewage you get closer to home they send it and the air conditioning turns on automatically. That's nights. Sure we've come a long way since the old window air conditioning unit are used to use. But the goal is the thing to make your home more comfortable and do it economically as the Mercury approaches triple digits. No that's not only Smart. It's also. Really cool thing. This is really easy today. All real estate all the time. We are back with a our special show the summer market. All about the next three months when we can expect soaring temperatures and possibly a red hot real estate market soon. Coming up we'll talk to an appraiser about how to get the best possible price if you plan to sell this summer. The summer market continues right after we check in with bill tossed in the realistic today news drift Pardo. Icing on the nation's homebuilders are worried about the soaring price of lumber. Softwood lumber prices are up or 20% just a beginning of this year with many builders reporting increases above 30%. At the heart of the problem says national association of homebuilders lobbyist Alex strong is that the US relies heavily on Canadian lumber imports. Unfortunately the softwood lumber trade between Canada and the United States. Has been mired in a series of on again off again trade disputes. Since early 1980s. Much of the detriment in the US homebuilders and consumers we need long term sustainable solution to this ongoing dispute now more than ever. Strong says any HBO is calling on congress and the administration to reach a long term agreement with Canada but also work to increase domestic timber production. From public lands. The chief economist of the national association of homebuilders forecast that mortgage interest rates will likely see. A small increase but the impact of housing demand will be minor. Robert Gates points out of GDP growth continue to be slow and steady but the labor market continues to be tight risking inflation. He says that likely means more interest rate hikes by the Fed this year. How will the proposed trump budget affect the FHA and Ginnie Mae lets an area of serious concern for the Mortgage Bankers Association. Senior MBA vice president for residential policy Pete Merrill's. Says the proposed 13% cut to Hud's budget would mean funding for critical needs is going to be very difficult. We think those two programs in particular serve. A million plus borrowers each year there Loma low and moderate income families first time homebuyers. It's important given the bang for the buck that you get out of FHA and Jenny may. That those two programs. Get the funding they need. Through the regular appropriations process going forward. Mills says the Mortgage Bankers Association is currently in talks with FHA and Hud staff to try and ease the impact of a budget cut if congress approves one. Charlotte, North Carolina is by one man's reckoning a very approachable large city that combines affordability reasonable cost of living a good climate. And that's why it's 55 plus housing market is booming us Scott Rosner recently named a leader Charlotte architecture firms entry into the senior living market. President tells the Charlotte Observer of the region is an attractive place for retirees. Walking trail networks and shared gardens are in golf courses are out so as a prominent real estate consultant. Ken Pearlman a principal at John Burns realistic consulting in San Diego. Tolls construction dive that increasingly today's homebuyers we're live in areas where there are places to interact with each other natural environments. And driving that trend or millennial does Jessica LaRoche National Association of Realtors managing director of survey research. More so than their parents and grandparents she says young buyers consider proximity to parks and recreation which is very important. Cheap enough you banks don't. We're continuing now are there special show both summer market it's all about the hottest season of the year. Both in temperature and be realistic. As you know summer officially begins this coming Wednesday in what better way to celebrate than an epic dinner on the grill. So let's talk about how to make the perfect summer dinner ware and an expert. Joining us now is Jamie provides award winning author of the Weber grills cookbooks. Jamie's latest book Webber's greatest hits is a best seller on Amazon or glad to have him back on the show Jamie welcome to realistic today. Go beer or you'll. Well Jamie first of all congratulations. On your latest book I know it's doing very well. Well that's nested era I think I kind of like it do I must say it is. It's just encapsulates. You know the last twenty years of my right so it's a very personal book and I am very happy with the way came out. So Jimmy let's talk about that perfect summer celebration. With a great dinner prepared on your very own grill. So let's just say I have a couple of great big beautiful rid of Troy cook them perfectly again. Drawing from Webber's greatest hits. Now it is soft spot for me I just love a great revised so. And you know we're talking at least 500 degrees. And again leaving though the stakes alone. Not long enough that you get a good sure on the outside. I like this season my rib buys a good twenty to thirty minutes before they go on the grill so that's what's your first step we take him out of the fridge he sees in them. Pretty aggressively it was salt and pepper. And whatever else you happen to like I have a recipe for. We're also smears of obviously Dijon mustard and and minced garlic on there and that creates kind of a nice flavorful prostitutes. They go down on the grill. Before you know what they're brownish they're you know they're gonna cook her problem. Eight minutes or so total. Again turning up just want to what I do with that recipe actually is that throws sometimes sprayed into the grill. You're right on the charcoal or in the smoker box and time. News breaks are awarded a in the sense out of let them wood chips for a stronger would flavor but the time a robot. Just sort of seeps into the meat and create that lovely. I campfire. Flavor it's really. Pretty spectacular something you'd never do when a kitchen so trial little blue wood smoke like your rabbi and people will be second yeah. OK Jamie now another huge crowd favorite. Ribs. Slow cooked on the grill. We always have time for ribs she yes. Lovely lovely ribs well so I have a couple of rip recipes. There's the best on the block baby back ribs which are highly recommend this is a perfect mix of the right spice rub. The right saw us and you know the right techniques. That once wrote simply quit that's about a three hour commitment. The championships spare ribs are a little bit longer may be like. Five to six hours but those are the harder ones to do because you're so much time involved yeah not a meeting you're fired just right. Temperatures so heat but I walk you through that hole. Businesses in the book and I should mention to the front of the book. Look at a lot of fundamentals of of how to control your fire at a lighted out of Europe and did so you can do that so I mean you could have really five stars and greatest hits quality food in your backyard. At all in the book. And work your way up to the spare ribs because those are worth the time and investment. Jamie I tell you how I could talk to you all. Day about this but let me just say congratulations. On a new book Chris Iannetta it's just tearing it up on Amazon and though. Again Jamie good job. Thank you Jamie hoped to talk to you soon. Jamie are Bryant's award winning author of the Weber grills cookbooks. Coming up unrealistic today the appraiser is headed to your house do you have to make it spic and span. Pornography but we've been in some homes where. The children and he saved a large dogs have touched all the walls and they've never once watched the place that's next on our special show. Plus a Vermont. This is real estate today. Because you're home might be your biggest investment. And we're back where their special show this summer market. You know one thing that makes this summer of 2017. Different from many other news. Just how hot the real estate markets on properties are flying off the shelves if they're priced. Correctly. Properties that are priced too high. They might just sit there week after week and if they do get an offer will the place past the appraisal. Recently or talked about the role of an accurate appraisal in today's market when an expert. Joining us now is Michael Hobbs real sore and appraiser and Peru appraisal and consultancy. In Chicago. Tony in this market. How important. Is an accurate price cuts everything especially in a multiple bids situation. What happens to differentiate one price point to another what are you do you get in the house of what you're. Procedure to make sure sykora Barack. What the most important things is really understanding the age of the home what the current condition is what updates have been made. If the current owner has made any thing. In terms of improvements to the home that may not be. Obvious on a walk through. They just taken the time to T tell what's unique about the home. Because it's really easy to find some people that'll just rushed through a property. And then I'll say it looks just like the next one. But that homeowner and many times many kiss has taken the time to make improvements makes modifications that. They feel are beneficial Lotta times the market may also reflect that it's incumbent upon that real estate professional as an appraiser to step in and recognize that as well. Does it help. If you visit a property. And the listing broker. Provide you with congress. From the market I actually when I'm providing instruction for realtors I always encourage them to provide the same marketing information that they gave to the homeowner to the appraiser. Because that individual who likely has been in many more homes in the appraisal will eat in the same week her monthly period. And they can offer in like many times because he'd been in some of those competing homes and talk about. Hey maybe it hasn't inefficient floor plan. Maybe that's property you wouldn't know it but it list is three bedrooms but it's really too because of their bedroom is tandem with the seconds it's so that information to broker can provide is very helpful. And a realtor stands in place and says here's additional knowledge you may not have. It supports the process and aligns interest and ideally it all that your praise or know how good is the realtor. Because sometimes a real there's just take the shotgun approach and throw things at the appraiser and hope something's there is a poster really mapping it out. With a concise and consolidated strategy for why they got the listing in the first place. If I am a homeowner. And and appraisers coming to my house either for. An appraisal for a fire him or an appraisal for refinance. Is that how it's just as it is or if I get out nice clean and I clean and clean well that makes any difference in the eyes of an appraiser. I would say it's there's an interesting dichotomy and I would in the middle segment which is really large there's probably not much changed Cuba oh my gosh it impede all the toys I'm sorry. Only gonna I haven't done the logic like those I didn't make the banks those things don't matter but we've been in some homes where. The children and he sees a large dog. Have touched all the walls repeatedly. Over several years of time and they've never once wash the place. So our job is as a real estate appraisal professionals to come in and see the home as it is or a new buyer. When all their stuff is gone and you're looking at what's left. And so if you make it harder for the a real estate appraiser to see that they could have a negative impact because of buyers can have the exact same experience. Michael thank you for joining us on realistic today it's my pleasure thank you very much. Michael Hobbs real sore and appraiser. At Peru appraisal and consultancy. In Chicago. Coming up on realistic today we'll talk about the ultimate in storm safety and here's a hint. It might be under your lawn and that's next summer special show this summer market. If you're hungry for real estate information and follow real estate today on Twitter. Shares segments and listened to them again and be the first to know what's on next week show. Just search realistic today on Twitter. Real estate today because you. Love real estate. Welcome back to realistic today in our special show. The summer market. We're going to continue our conversation now about being prepared for bad weather as the summer season approaches. And you know for some of its bad weather means a wild thunderstorm in a few tree limbs down. But for much of the country bad weather is much worse the mask. All the areas that are hit hard by tornadoes know all about it. And for many families in those areas there's really only one way to stay safe. And that is having your very own storm shelter right there on your own property. A lot of people build storm shelters summer underground. Summer built into the basement of an existing house. And summer out in the open but they're boasted to a concrete slap in made of materials that are practically bomb proof. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. These rooms save lives FEMA calls them safe room. And they say they're the best way to avoid injuries or fatalities when tornadoes strike. No matter where they're located they have several things in common for starters FEMA recommends having three to five square feet. Available for every person who will be staying in the shelter. Next you wanna have a professional build it this is no project for a do it yourself for. And also they're not cheap a safe room will probably run you anywhere between 40141000. Dollars. It depends on how large it is very average price is around 8000 but here's a really important point. Quite often your state or local government will pay part of that cost. So check with your storm shelter contractor to see if that's true where you live. As for where to put it well. FEMA has a whole lot of information on that they say one option involves converting part of your basement or even your garage into a storm shelter. Or you can put one underground may be on the backyard or attached to your house by an underground doorway or tunnel. They also have information about standalone shelters in independent structure designed to withstand the most deadly storms. Among female barracks check this out. The room has to be able to withstand. 250. Mile per hour winds and be able to survive a hit. Idea fifteen pound two by four traveling 100 miles per hour. In FEMA has words quote these rooms are designed to prove near absolute protection from tornadoes and hurricanes. Noble post the link to the safe Broussard on radio dot real tort and even if you have no plans to build one it's a fascinating document. One that has the potential of saving lives all across America. Obviously your own situation is unique and it might or might not be right for a storm shelter. For instance people who live in coastal areas are much better off evacuating. Since their hurricane could end up flooding the whole region. Including your storm shocker. But many people have decided that in the wake of so much violent weather storm shelters are Goodman. And as you might expect the worst the weather is the more people decide. They want a storm shelter. In fact. The dispatched a newspaper in Mississippi reports that after the big tornadoes there are few years ago. The demand for storm shelters surged. One company that usually builds three here for every month. Got orders for a hundred. Another company that usually sells up to ten shelters every month sold sixty in thirty days. So think about whether building a storm shelter might make sense for you you might also wanna take a look at that FEMA information to suited takes. Because in certain parts of the country storm shelters can really be a lifesaver. They're kind of like the ultimate insurance policy. There really expensive. And a good to have but it. You just hope you'll never really need to use. Your storm shelter. Coming up next week on realistic today speed realistic. It's a fast real estate market in much of the country so next week will look at how to put the pedal to the metal when you do a deal. Providing fast selling fast. How to do the transaction so quickly your competition gets left in the dust speed real estate is next week right here on realistic today. And remember you can always listen online at radio start real tool. And from all of us here at realistic today thank you powerless and. If you're realtors. You can put the entire real estate today's show on your web site. The best videos be shown on the Radio One 100% free and they are members. Just go to our new web address. Radio dot realtor and click.