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This it's real estate today. The number one real estate show on the radio. Welcome to real estate today. Backed by the professional experience of real tours from across America where you're most trusted source on the radio. For up to date realistic information. Realistic today is the official radio programs of the National Association of Realtors. And it's real remembers in your neighborhood. Hi there I'm Stephen guests weigh in I'm glad you're here for our special show all about the mother load of real estate this spring market. Spring starts Monday and when it comes the busiest realistic market of the year. We'll have tough real estate pros here just for you would fires stretch. Some are strategy and much much. The spring market. News straight ahead but first let's go to the realistically they newsroom's Phil Thompson cargo Stephen. Led by millennial consumer confidence and housing has never been higher as measured by the Fannie Mae home purchase sentiment index. It rose five point six percentage points in February to 88 point three that's the highest it's been since the index was started in 2011. Fannie Mae senior vice president and chief economist Doug Duncan does millennial showed especially strong increases in job confidence and income gains. A necessary precursor he says for increased housing demand from first time homebuyers. The index shows the net cherub Americans who say now's a good time to buy a home was up eleven percentage points and the net chair hers say it's a good time to sell. Also rose by seven percentage points. Oracle of Wall Street there's a big fan of the thirty year mortgage. Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO Warren Buffett recently listed his vacation home in Laguna Beach, California for sale. He bought it in 1971. But instead of paying cash back then he got a mortgage and invested his cash and shares of Berkshire. Buffett tells CNBC that for the average homeowner that thirty year mortgages are really sweet deal. It's the best instrument in the world because. If you're wrong and breaks go to 2% which are doing very well but the it pay off I mean did this one away renegotiation. I mean it is it is an incredibly attractive instrument. The homeowner Bershard can't do that we cannot issue a thirty year bond. And haven't so we can call off tomorrow at par. No way. Incidentally both what does that 1101000. Or so but he invested in Berkshire instead of his vacation home. Is now worth about 750. Million dollars. A recent study by the urban institute found that black homeownership in America has dropped to its lowest levels since the 1960. Wells Fargo and company now says that in direct response to that low rate of ownership. It is launching a new initiative aimed at helping at least a quarter of a million African Americans become homeowners over the next ten years. Wells Fargo's plan involves devoting sixty billion dollars to qualified African American consumers for home purchases by 20/20 seven. Wells Fargo executive vice president Brad Blackwell says the bank is quote. Proud to be the first mortgage lender to make a public commitment to help increase African American homeownership. A new analysis by core logic finds that one million American homeowners with mortgages gained equity in 2016. In fact they gained a total of 783. Billion dollars an increase of eleven point 7%. Core logic homeowner equity report also reveals that just over a million borrowers move out of negative equity in 2016. That means they're currently nearly 94% of all homeowners with a mortgage now have positive equity. Negative equity peaked at 26% of mortgaged properties in 2009. The spring home buying season always produces a buzz. And increasingly on CBS news reports that buzz. Is coming from Droughns they're real estate professionals are using to produce enhanced photos and videos of listings. The FAA last year eased regulations on drone news and drones are now approved for commercial use. CBS reports that while there are many pluses to drone news including low cost aerial photography better views of larger homes and the ability to gives virtual tour's. There are also some serious minuses including increasing concerns over privacy. And liability. Coming up and half an hour why Maloney olds are flocking to the FHA. Stephen thank you thanks no. We begin our coverage of the spring market today. With new insights on today's buyers and sellers. This comes from a brand new survey from the national association of real torched about how consumers feel about buying and selling homes. And in the first quarter of 2017. A strong majority of Americans believed. Now is a good time to buy a home that's from NAR's latest home report the housing opportunities and market experience survey. Let's talk about what the survey revealed with Lauren June chief economist of the national association of real course. Lawrence welcome to realistic today. Diallo's statements. The latest figure is clearly an improving Sino we are saying that 72%. Of consumers out there are indicating that it is a good time to apply. A solid majority each and what is happening over the past year is that. Can take your blood so indeed mid seventies but Saturday declined down to 70%. By the fourth quarter of last year. But in this first quarter. He jumped so he's still a good sign because whole body is such a major expenditure it's people's beliefs about the economy. Their competence level. She lives some bold decision factors and it's good to see an upturn in this measure up Qatar Dubai. Lawrence as you said yeah 72%. Of the people surveyed. Believe now is a good time to buy a home but I also seek that the number of people who wrongly believe that increased also tell us about that. Regarding a strong perception on you this at the highest level since we began tracking this so a couple of years ago. Now and they are started collecting information from consumers because we know that confidence really is a big determinant. In the warning to bio homes or not only about people's income. Affordability level but their confidence level we know our stories are being influenced. In deciding assault we wanna tractors and we're beginning to see that people feel much more confident. We are seeing dean do you rule regions of the country each showing much bigger condition or stronger condition and and this may be related to post election affect turtle more than we ask a question about their police. What are the US economy is improving. So not about the housing market but broader economy which. 62%. Actually dead dead economy's improved and and this is say it measurably. Larger figure gamble we have witness to route 26 change. Okay well Laura you and I have talked before about how many potential homebuyers. Think they can't do it because it would be too hard to get a mortgage. But I am seeing now that the word is getting health care because fewer people now believe it will be difficult to get a mortgage in 2017. You did say condition and that there is say let's. Difficulty. Indy mortgage show Kubel on the one can't see it Indy credit score credit scores of those people are getting. Low approval have been very very high. Now it is only normal hi I used not to actually normal while we're straight. There's a murder urged opening up in the credit box USA possibility and hope that happens. But do you perception out there is beginning to improve its. But there's still a gap there's large gap that still many renters believe one has to come up with 20% minimum down payment. We know America. Mortgage product like FHA mortgages with three and A half percent down payments all veterans affairs mortgages which narrowed down payment to Apple's forms. Very well when loaded already. So this messages need to get out more. Because mortgage condition and she is beginning to improve their credit proctor is beginning to open up and some consumer need to take advantage of that opportunity. Even ask you mortgage rates are now beginning to Raj. Bit. I seat Miller let's move over to the seller side the number of sellers who believe right now is a good time to put their house on the market. Rose quite a bit in the first quarter of this year compared to the last quarter of 2016. So sellers are excited to. So this time last year US 56%. I'll be home so immersed. Indicating that it was a good time to Phelps now that you're has risen to 69%. Collecting. More lists go home base you multiple bid. So it is clearly a good time to boost matched those by terrorists and this just not a good sign for the broader market because we need more inventory coming onto the market. So hopefully would Morse rolling each activity more listing all property coming on. He canceled out of process because multiple benefits implying a strong hot market. But arsenal and not any good condition for buyers and sellers who would too much paperwork. It's hard to handle multiple bit. Some people have buyer's remorse that's related to getting bit out from deep process so we need more smoother. Transaction process. But they can only occur it would more inventory and it's good to see that more report indicating that it is sacred time to say else. Boy you know you just leave is positive attitude on both sides of the closing table and it's very encouraging you know one other thing or are Lawrence. Is as we come out of the winter months. In this latest home serve today. You look at our door features and recreational facilities. Now did you find that these are a big deal or not in today's real estate market. Even as big PO particularly for people in behind and come out they are saying that. The outdoor preacher to access to outdoor recreation and would send a reasonable distressed. He is very good order essential community is gonna pull people's personal health. And people have that appreciation of nature so how outdoor preachers are very important to ask people large listing their property. They need to include comments about the outdoor access to an Al tortured. That's great will Lawrence you know you are talk about when things Europe. And when things are down but I gotta tell you I love the good news in the latest home reports so thank you for sharing atlas. Thank you for me you're very welcome Laura. Coming up on realistic today fire strategies for an ultra competitive market. Honestly when it comes on group. First Solar it's about the numbers. That's next on our special show the spring market. Real estate today. Connecting you with the real estate professionals. Every week. And we are back with a our special show all about the spring market. The hottest busiest and fastest real estate market of the year arrives on Monday. It's a fascinating time to be realistic interest rates are still pretty low budget there aren't enough homes for sale in many areas and those that do come on the market. Go under contract superfast. So if you're planning to body in the spring market how can you thrive. Let's ask a pro. Joining us now is Chad Paterson real chore with the Paterson agency in Bloomington Minnesota. Chad works with clients from all over the Twin Cities area and he's been in the real estate business for more than twenty years. Chad welcome to realistic today. So check here we are brain starts on Monday. So tell me how the spring market shaping up for you in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. The spring market is absolutely unclear right now. We're having issues later this across. Monetary recovery Ballmer agent Trevor problems with. Finding enough homes for sale and to win they're byters. You didn't do a house that didn't really like. Did make an offer and there are multiple offer situation. So it's such a difficult time providers because it is so heart and an outstanding TARP so it would give him. So how do you help a buyer if there's a competitive market and every house they try to bide. Involves multiple bids from multiple buyers. We really try to keep them centered and focused it's tough to keep your emotions in check because you're looking at our house that you want to become your home. And our bars wanna do everything they can we try to do everything we can to help them. Get that house. But we also try to help would be cautiously optimistic. To build it you know what word are going to do everything we possibly kept hope you get that house but we're big ego gets a lot of other people and sometimes it's just not just record happened. So they did you have a buyer who's been outbid for three or four house's. And they come to you admit it Chad I've got to buy a house. What should I do what's your best advice to that climate. We told them that no matter what what's come in with our best offer. Right out of the gates well it's not attached to expect it we're going to be able negotiate. No matter what let's just put together our best offer at what straight to sleep all night knowing that we did everything recruited to get that house. And if we didn't get it just wasn't meant to be and there's going to be another house could come on the market it's gonna be real nice for you tomorrow. What effect client says. Let's skip the home in action Chad 'cause I've got to get the place. We would never advise someone to skip all of inspection. I think that most of our buyers would agreed that they would rather walk away from false because of an inspection. That speaks terrible some thing that's would have had nightmares. Interest it is that they can negotiating tactic that bailout somebody to get our house but. Gush personally I don't I would rather walkways and something bad to be able to dole. With of Serb moderate certainty on the quoted at home. Interest in and Chad I hear you saying put together your best and final offer. Come in with the best price she can offer the best terms you can if you want to be competitive in the market but here's a question for you. What about some of the other things we hear buyers doing like writing a letter to the dollar. Or perhaps putting down an enormous earnest money deposit. Are those things gonna matter. Honestly when it comes on its first seller it's about the numbers. And it's about what's this show operates what's causing gate. It is going to speak earnest money inspired her much money the more. Groups your offers. You know most of buyer let her. I don't also root for somebody over the top if you had an exact. Competing offers exactly the same numbers out of my letter you know might help. Blower comes onto a bitch about the numbers. Great advice Chad. And I really appreciate you coming on the show today talking about the spring market. Thank you. Chad Pedersen real chore with Paterson realty in Bloomington Minnesota in the Twin Cities area. Coming up on realistic today the spring isn't all about the realization. How about grilling. Beat dashed on the block debate back programs and these are the ultimate. Deep backgrounds. That's coming up on our special show the spring market. But first it's time for our Smart home technology report. And today we have a double feature for you shedding some light on Smart like. Because I'd been living with the Phillips Q Smart lighting system for about three months now. In this hour we'll walk you through the basics. And in our next hour we'll really have some fun. Now in case should not familiar with the Phillips you it's an Internet connected lighting system that you can turn on and off. Brighton or dim and even changed the color of the bald. With your Smartphone or if you have an Amazon echo or a Google home Smart voice recognition system you can control the lights with your voice to. They Google turn on the lights. Alexa dim the lights by 50%. It works right there in your house or even if you're away from home. It is you're driving home in the evening. You can just tap the app on your Smartphone and all the lights will go off that's not only convenient. It's safe it's pretty cool. And even though the Phillips she's Smart lighting system is not the only one on the market it's definitely the biggest in the most popular contender. In the growing segment of Smart lighting. Now there are three levels to the Phillips she's system the most expensive. A motion to change the colors of every light in your house really from white to red to green to blue. It really works and it's pretty amazing. They're called white and color ambience bolts. And again you paid top dollar for burrows after all they have the ability to create any visible color in this spectrum. Literally and infinite number of choices. Broke except you can't make great black or brown. Phillips says those shades are not really created with liked I guess they're seeing their shades of the results. Of a lack of light but whatever that is the most expensive version. At the other end of the spectrum of the week is the most basic Smart ball in the Phillips lineup they're called white light bulbs because that's all they do. The make white light and even though you can turn them all and in turn him off and brighten them or dim them with your phone. That's it. No colors just wiped they're also the brightest of the issue bulbs but will talk about that later on. OK you know in between the top of the line in the bottom of the line Hugh bulbs in both ability and price is what they call their white. Ambiance bulbs. The only make white light but it. They can create 50000. Shades of white from warm. What the sun set at the beach to cool flicks sunrise on a snowy day. And that's the system that I've put. I have to tell you that continues to amaze me every single. I'll tell you why are about an hour from now they're our next Smart home technology report right here on realistic. Real estate today because knowledge is power. We are back with our special show this spring mark. Our quick start guide to doing real estate the right way in the busiest market of the year. The whole day we'll talk to prose about how you can drive. Whether you're home buyer of home seller or a homeowner. Coming up we're going to celebrate spring by firing up the grill one of the nation's top outdoor ships this spring market is coming right up. But first let's check in with Phil Thompson and a realistic to think newsroom cargo hi Stephen. Think Lewis is a market all the buyers in waiting so one expert but some may not realize they can qualify for a loan. Dean culture vice president of first bank mortgage pulled fox two news in Saint Louis to some buyers may still mistakenly think they can't get a mortgage. Contrary to some of the reports there's plenty of mortgage credit available we're. Approving a lot of loans and the documentation can be a little rigorous but there's plenty of mortgage credit being underwritten and approve right now. Filters as home prices in Saint Louis are up inventory is down but Morgan Dre just to look very attractive historically low level. Millennial are flexing their home buying muscle with FHA is help. According to be Ellie may millennial tracker millennial accounted for 84% of closed loans in January. And they're taking advantage of FHA loans with their load down payment options to achieve homeownership more than 13 of millennial homebuyers in January used an FHA loan. Ellie may executive vice president Joseph Tyrell sales as more millennial and of the market we expect to see the popularity of FHA loans continued to increase. Rich continue to rise across the country and a new study says that means if you can afford to buy a home now's the time. The latest Florida Atlantic University national index finds the gap between the cost of renting and the cost of calling continues to narrow. Coming up on half an hour how gen X is making big gains. You can thank you thanks bill. Continuing now whether or special show the spring market. And you know what's on one of your to do lists this weekend cleaning up the grill because spring means outdoor cooking. So let's talk about how to make an absolutely positively. Amazing dinner. Right there are on the grill joining us now is Jamie per Bryant award winning author of the Weber grills cookbook series. Jamie's just about to release a brand new book Webber's greatest hits and he's here to tell us about it today Jamie welcome to realistic today. Jamie tell us about your brand new book it's just about to hit the stands. Well I'm really excited because this is the best of the best I mean sometimes that's what you want right maybe you'll only get on one cookbook. One grilling book. You want to be filled with true winners from front to back. So the way that's book came together it is we did an online survey of people who own all the Weber cookbooks and there are almost twenty. Power packed and they identified the absolute best recipes they're favorites who wanted to do again and again. Some of them are really simple some of them are more advanced. It really runs the gamut but if your only interest in the best this is the grilling book for you. So give us a little hint Jamie what will we find in this book for instance. Might be three or four of your absolute favorite. Grill and issues. Well how. I have my favorites but I'll give you the ones that some of the couple corners identified but let's just see we've. We've got hot sweet and sticky chicken wings are real classic critical editorial like summertime entertaining. We've got to Texas burgers with cheddar cheese and Barbeque sauce just a classic people cheeseburger. Or black pepper New York strip steaks with or Travis shops. Grilled keeps up with the sausage peppers and herbs beat dashed on the can be beat back rips okay these are the ultimate baby back ribs triple play barbecued chicken. Salmon and brown sugar without mustard clicks he. Are all got a great core editions also lot of side dishes desserts like paradise grill which is made with with pineapple. Or pineapple upside down cake or fire roasted strawberries with Vanilla ice cream so. A wide variety against some really simple but just very deliberate act total satisfaction. Some more advance if you really grill fanatic and you wanna trust them. Cool techniques. It's a fabulous collection. At the beginning of every one I own and I don't know a whole bunch of your cookbooks. You always begin with grilling basics just in case someone doesn't really get it and I like that. I'm glad that you recognize that when I do classes I am reminded that there are always people who are new to debts and they need to beat. Show on the right way to do it and even folks who have been out of first few years you know sometimes they get off track and so you get back to the fundamentals. And your good to go that you mastered those fundamentals then you can start kind of adopting your own style but there's nothing more important than being getting the basics right. Now this new cookbook Webber's greatest hits is a compendium of your recipes over as you said about twenty years. Is there anything in there that your readers suggested. That surprise should. Well I guess generally what surprised me he was. On the preference toward really simple recipes. And I guess that's just the way we live today so I was expecting that a lot of people loaded down upside you know there's. Lamb type Sheen that takes 45 hours to make or you know the ultimate barbecued Turkey because I think the results are amazing. But. Actually a lot of recipes were for things like. It could be years and you know hamburgers. And there's a quick cooked chicken recipe. Those little ones that. They enjoy it because they just. Did their lifestyle I don't know Wednesday night they cannot base things out everybody's happy but those are what they refer to as the greatest. That surprised me a little bit. If you had to go to a desert island. With one grill. Would that grill you gas grill or charcoal. I think Libya charcoal grow because I really loved that labor. And to come on a deserted island actor I'm an out on the guitar I can tell you gases could lead that. My time is limited but I've got plenty of time I really enjoy that whole experience of working the fire. I'm happy out on the island where it a good grill. Some good recipes. And the time to play with fire. That's awesome a man who's made a career out of playing with fire. Jamie thank you for joining us today are well. Jamie per Brian's award winning author of the Weber grills cookbook series including the best seller. Webber's new American barbecue and his brand new book it's just about to be released. Webber's greatest hits. Coming up unrealistic today this spring you'll need to watch out. First cyber criminals. Justice Kennedy closed the door on one format fraud and guys get creative and they create a new form that's next on our special show. The spring months. This is real estate today. 100%. Real estate 100%. Of the time. And we are back with a our special show. The spring market. You know it's unfortunate but this spring we all have to be very aware. The cyber criminals who are increasingly. Targeting real estate transactions. They're after your money you're down payment fund. Your credit card numbers your Social Security numbers and more. It's an alarming problem and closing attorneys and real towards all across America are talking about it. And working on ways to keep your money safe. Let's talk about cyber crime now would an expert. Joining us now is Vanessa guardians partner in the residential real estate practice at Mora Manning and Maarten in Atlanta. And the past president of the Georgia realistic closing attorneys association. An asset great to have you back on the show. It's great to be back academy. You're very welcome. I heard from one real chore in a market in Maryland who said that her closing attorney was no longer accepting certified checks. Because there was an example of a bad guy. Who got the certified check and then it took a picture of it and deposited it back in his account before handing it to the closing attorney. Yes I have heard that story much up there are several different versions of that story sometimes it's. Somebody who's actually take including proceeds and deposited the check electronically and they came back and ask for a liar before the check it cleared Dillard's account a lot of different version of honesty. Most jurisdictions now do you prefer you wire or require that buyers and that money via wire attend church. And that's because it's much more difficult to commit that kind of a trot. And you have to think about the fact that women of cooking attorney except for buyers. Coaching track. They're depositing bat to check and then there immediately disbursing money to a lot of other parties and it they can't rely on that check to be good science to beat. Able to beat other in their account and to be written against immediately that all the other checks they're writing to the seller in the real estate agent that. Crater and all the other people you see on the settlement statement. Those end up being bad checks. So most states I think you require that buyers brain wires to the cable channel wired in advance of closing. I think it's a small handful of jurisdictions it will. Still accepting cashier's check but wires that are lively and rapidly becoming the Christchurch warm commerce. You know we should probably also tell people listening that if you just get an email. That you weren't expecting. Saying it's from your closing attorney or from your realtor sings you're the wiring instructions. You need to call them. Before you send any money that way because there's that big scam going around in which are hack your email. And send it to your client and they deposit all the closing funds into this account immediately. And then the money's gone. Oh yes if you are told to bring much Egypt cable and send a liar you wanna make sure how to use speak to somebody who's got a pulse. And can verify that they're legitimate before you put your money out there and send them to an account do you wanna make sure that bad guys aren't. Misleading you know particularly if you're a dollar and you want to have your proceeds that you after closing. You want to make sure that your clothing attorney is aware that type of scam and only relied on the instructions which you provided and doesn't. Take a risk that they are receding Boca constructions. That is such good advice Vanessa so what are you recommend that I get that wiring instructions. In person. Face to face or on the phone with someone whose voice I know. Well I think you can rely on email communications and want your back he met up with another format verification. So if you receive an email from somebody claiming to be decoding attorney or the real estate agent or the lender and it can't spend your money to bid count. The phone and call the person who's supposedly trying to get here and take did you really immediate wiring instructions. Sometimes going in person might be your preferred way whatever it takes to give you a good feeling that you really did receive instructions from legitimate party. Interest tank woman SI know that cybercrime is nothing new but it's so disappointing. That these criminals are targeting real estate transactions. You know bad guys had been there all the while the bad guys are. Learning new scams every day they're rolling with the times just like. The industry is soak. Each have to be on the ball and make sure if you're in the profession if you are real terrorist your clothing attorney your lender. Which you keep abreast of what's going on in the industry in all the new forms of trot and as a buyer shelter at a good idea to do that is well. But you know just as soon as we close the door on one format fraud. Bad guys get creative and they create a new form. Woman does that thank you for joining us and thank you especially for getting the word out. On how people can protect themselves against cyber criminals targeting realistic. Well thank you so much Vanessa gardens partner in the residential real estate practice that Morris Manning and Maarten in Atlanta. And a past president of the Georgia real estate closing attorneys association. Coming up unrealistic to death. Will be open house go the way of landline telephones. And VCRs and we'll talk about it next on our special show. The spring morning. If you love listening to us talk about real estate and join the conversation. I'm really speak to they radio on FaceBook. We can't wait to hear from you that's real estate today radio on FaceBook. It is a real estate today. Location. Location. And information. And we are back with a our special show this spring market. An exciting time of year for real estate as spring begins on Monday. And what it does the for sale signs will be popping up like tulips on front yards all across America the busiest market of the year. And here it comes. It's also of course the spring market of 2017. An era in which digital online communication is reshaping the real estate industry. From house hunting online to emailing contracts. To applying for a mortgage on the Internet. So much has changed which leads me to ask in today's connected world. Is the good old open house a dinosaur. An antique. A thing of the past. When you might think so. After all the buyers can see the place online. In if they'd like it they can arrange to torrent with their real chore and skip the open house altogether. Plus in many hot markets properties L really fast. Before you can even do an open house so. Are they still legit. Well maybe not for every property every time but. There are several really good things about open houses that you cannot get on line. So here's a quick list of how to use an open house to get even more information. Been candid on the Internet. Number one for sellers there are getting valuable feedback this is important. If you have twenty people come through your open house and every one says great place except. For that dogs now. That's really good Intel it shows you might wanna fix that up fast. You'll also get good feedback on price overall condition and the yard. Which you can't get from an online photograph. Number two also for sellers you enter the marketplace with a bang. Having an open house the first day of the properties on the market. We'll create a bugs people get so excited about this beautiful new home it's just enlisted. And that excitement might translate into a faster sale at a better price. Number three of us from for buyers you'll get a true sense of the neighborhood. Online photos can tell you what the house looks like ensure if you use Google Maps. You can pan around to see what's nearby but you can't actually beat this year. An open house allows that you see the whole neighborhood hear the sounds of the community smell the fresh air or. But lack of it. Number four also for buyers you'll get a chance to meet the neighbors. I assure neighbors often visit the open house to he went the jones' place is really like and what they're asking for it. When you are the potential buyer talking with neighbors like that. Is great Intel they have nothing to lose by calling it like it is whereas the seller. They might be a little more shall we say flowery. And finally number five which is both for buyers and dollars you get to compare homes. If you're buying and you visit a string of open houses you can walk away with it clear picture of the homes their prices their locations. And the neighbors it's great information to Hannah and if you're a dollar you can visit other homes for sale in your neighborhood that your competition. And you can see how your house compares. Because after all the competition isn't just happening among buyers and competitive markets. Summers also have to compete with every other house in the neighborhood in their price range. OK so there's the quick list of five reasons why open houses are still totally legit. Even in a digital world and await. I forgot one maybe the best reasonable. They might have cookies. If you'd like to hear more realistic today special shows the spring market. Either stay tuned port join us online radio start real tour. And for all of us here at realistic today and thank you for listening. If you're real tired you get the theme tie your realistic today's show on your web site. The bats real deep chill on the Radio One 100% free to any our members just go to our new web address. And radio dot realtor and clicked. First real taste. This isn't real estate today. The number one the real estate show on the radio. Welcome back to real estate today. Backed by the professional experience of real tours from across America where your most trusted source on the radio. For a today realistic information. Realistic today is the official radio program of the National Association of Realtors. In Israel remembers in your neighborhood. Hi again I'm Stephen gas query and we're delighted you're with us today for our special show this spring market. Hard to believe but spring starts Monday and we're counting down to the new season and our hottest real estate market of the year. We'll have expert advice for buyers sellers and homeowners about how to drive in realistic this coming season. The spring market is straight ahead but first. Let's check in with Bill Thompson and realistic in any different cargo Stephen. The head of one of the nation's leading non bank mortgage lenders says his company is driving and lending lots of money to borrowers whose loans Fannie and Freddie won't body. But sound you Dutch CEO caliber home loans rejects the notion oppose or risky loans as he told CNBC. Give you an average fight cool school for a blow like this would be about 709. The oldest haven't been used to be fantastic. The debt to income is about 40%. The loan to value is about 80% to deduct fantastic boy Louis that the mainstream mending has actually left behind. If we are lending to and we'll be founded our the risk profile has been fantastic. Dodd says those loans have been a great market for caliber and his company has had no trouble secure tossing those mortgages. And improving national economy strong job growth and as urgent home values have combined to Generation X. labor over the past year according to a new report from the National Association of Realtors the NAR's 2017 home buyer and seller generational trends study. Find gen X with a greater share home purchase was compared with recent years. Jen actors generally got hit harder by the housing crisis and other demographic groups. They're the most likely generation of shoulder distressed property and the generation most likely to be under water with their mortgage. Want to homeowners decide to turn their homes in the rental property a new study finds that one of the main factors and homeowners decision making their according position. The study by the mortgage bankers association's research institute for housing America. Finds that the more negative equity homeowners facing the more likely it is that he or she will take their property to rentals that. Stewart Rosenthal Syracuse University professor who authored the study says the transition to rattle often occurs because of what he calls reduced incentives to maintain the home and related DK. Home improvement giant Lowe's wants to use virtual reality to help you learn how to do projects CNN reports that loads of launching a virtual reality experience in one of its Massachusetts stores. And may soon rolled out to more out. The idea is to give customers hands on practice virtually. The first of the VR lessons is in how to tie the bathroom. Except mortar place those trials and never get your hands dirty later lo says a broad range of home project tutorials could be offered in all of its shores. Coming up on half an hour is aging and placed a realistic goal to be back you. Thanks bill. As we head into the spring real estate market we can expect the days to grow longer. The temperatures to slowly rise in the whole world will soon be filled with the color. All that can be great for realistic. As buyers and sellers he neighborhoods and homes and them at the peak of their beauty. But what else can we expect. Let's find out with a pro. We'll get the spring weather forecast now specifically tailored for real estate with Paul passed a lock senior meteorologist in chief US long range forecaster. At AccuWeather. Paul welcome to real estate today. Priority here. We're glad you're here now Paul were almost in the spring market and hopefully we'll get a break from the winter winds across most of the country. How are we looking in the spring of 2017. You know we just gone through an up and down pattern of cold snaps in the north east in parts of the Great Lakes area but we haven't seen a whole lot of cold. And a lot of times when app. Happened is following that with the soil also warned that we should actually have a pretty warm spring overall for the nation which is great news for people going out early checking out new houses that are looking the body. So Paula we saw many many days in February were it was in the seventies on the East Coast should we be then expecting. The days in March April and may were like what ninety your hundred. Yeah I think we can see some pretty decent temperatures the ball of the norms it's been the case since January we've seen you know a lot of record to be in not put down a little not to daily the monthly packets he warned that. Especially crossed the plane speak I think the plaintiff going to be a very mild to warm our scoring cheap and not in for most of the nation the only exception may be the interior northwest in areas that have been whacked on the West Coast may be held back a little bit so that we expect more warmth. So called real quick start with the big picture that I'm fascinated about. Why did we have 75. Degree days on the East Coast in February. Couple of reasons a term that we like to use in the weather business called blocking. Over the northern Atlantic. Didn't happen this year meaning that a lot blocking usually forced a lot of cold air masses come down into the eastern US just didn't Abbott also something unusual. This sea surface temperatures over the Pacific were sold incredible difference that it called eight chain reaction of many many storms. An episode security stroll right across the country took over in locked up all the art tyranny of the side of the world so we just couldn't get me that aren't Gere to tap into. Interesting so as we enter the spring market let's look at the four quadrant of the United States and he went home buyers and home sellers can expect. Sorting it out west now we've seen some relief from the drought conditions out there is that represented big break for real estate in the west. Yeah absolutely in that respect I think the drought. Is pretty much wiped out from mostly California could be extreme southern areas that may have to deal with some minor drought going into the spring bought. Applauding you have heavy snow pack you have rising temperatures here in the spring the red horse again and you know good capacity almost all reported seen flooding situations already there's still be a chance that we could see some extreme flooding especially northern parts of the state. Interest and now onto the midwest you know they did have some mild weather but they also had a really cold days out there how's the nation's heartland looking in the spring. Yet they got hit pretty hard early in the winner here with a lot of snow and and when I'm playing the ball to add some mild lease and a sense put down a little bit of snow as well they did back and forth but I think they'll recover. Fairly quickly here in the midwest. An essential planes. And the northern plains a little bit slower but that's not unusual again the biggest concern here is all the snow pack they had into the creek they're getting now along the Missouri River killer lived right around that area palaces along that area. Have to be careful because that they will get peace and plodding as we don't dearly departed strength. Interesting now for all the people who are putting up the for sale signs. On their front lawns and around the Gulf Coast in the southern Atlantic how about those sellers and the homebuyers who come to either place Paul what do they look and act in the spring. Well even if you see precipitation from time to time. The weather temperature wind is gonna be night I think people are gonna be Alpert can be going I think he would sell okay I I just concerned a little bit as you get towards the Louisiana and Mississippi Arkansas you may have some frequent severe weather events during the course of the speed and I believe they'll be a not intervals the dryness in between but you'll be able to get out there should be good selling market despite. Excellent and ending up the new wing going home buyers and sellers up north. What do they have to look forward to in the spring of 2017. Look slower start than northern area so they got a fair amount of snow out there as well just recent and I think they'll have a little bit prominently Trout that live there at the end of last cook is not start nurturing get out there can be some flooding as well on the Connecticut River but other than that I think that they will seek and temperature rises here in late march and again late April and may that bank should be pretty good to be outside to watch out again for a little bit river flooding in the snow melt and the young rising temperatures. That is greeted by so all in all Paul what do you think are calm spring. A wild spring or just sort of so so. I think so so because I'm still worried about applauding aspect but I loved mild temperatures that are gonna continue to go on here and described. We'll call I sure do appreciate you being with a today. Talking about the spring weather and what it's going to mean to everyone who might sell a house or everyone who might buy a house in the spring market 2070. I'm glad to be Paul passed talks senior meteorologist in chief US long range forecaster at AccuWeather. Coming up unrealistic today what does a buyer do. If there aren't enough homes for sale. Bernie evolved. And top terror and Albert list does not always going to take heed of property that's next on our special show. This spring mark. Real estate today. Connecting you with the real estate professionals. Every week. Back now what our special show all about this. Bring market that's expected to be the busiest hottest and fastest moving market of the entire year with interest rates still crazy low. The buyers are expected to flock you bucked. There's one big factor that could cool the market down a bit. All the way from individual homebuyers to the overall sales nationwide. And I factor is low inventory. They are not enough homes for sale for all the buyers out there and it's causing a lot of headaches stress and challenges. In many parts of America let's talk about the low inventory now with a pro. Joining us is Leslie Rudolph Smith real chore with Dave Perry Miller & Associates in Dallas. Let's leave the past chairman of the Texas association of real torched. Our 2013. Vice president of the national association of real source. And she currently serves as an heiress regional vice president for Texas and Louisiana. Leslie welcome to realistic today. I heard it's great having you here so Leslie first of all. How more homes all in the market in Dallas before they get snapped up. In our area and thirstein days on market are around. 38 days up. Approximately. You know it differs across the state and even a ot the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex touched but of course as you just mentioned our biggest problem is inventory in statewide were. Approximately three months but even a blow at one point eight mock it in some areas including my you know. Nana helping marketed six. So we're really low. If one of your clients wants to buy a house Wesley in a good house and it's priced right. Well that person generally have competition in bidding wars. Not likely in our market particularly in a lower price range that you're not gonna find that it's not a 100000 as you are. I'd say probably more like the 100 to 300000 rain you're gonna find out a lot more competent. But there are being that you can do to. Attract a seller to want to counter you're all Turks vs someone else's leash and I think that it that things that are important in winning and that contract and having your offer accepted. Excellent so can you walk us through what those steps are Leslie. Heard abolish. An opt are over lifted not always going to get you to property especially at air contingencies. Or special provision we get that could you let the buyer in a less attractive addition. That one of the most important thing you can do is communicate which you'll grow tired and the most important thing they can do to communicate the other agent really she. Can do what you really wanted to find out what is the best scenario pray that I'll lurched maybe they're not looking for quick. Maybe they're looking for at least back situation then it's. Bell offer price might not be what they perceive as a ballot. So another option might also beat you offer in check that we have what we call option period which has. You're kind of opportunity to decide whether you're in or your out I know not all they offered that but we sometimes say after the option period would you be willing to put a second earnest money up. Target K. Which of course would apply. Eclectic. OK so back great advice on helping a biter win in a competitive market now let's go to the other side of the transaction. Say that your representing a seller and you put the place on the market and here you are at their dining room table with twelve. Off first Leslie how do you evaluate those offers with your cellar. In your mind as a real terror working with a seller what is their sense of urged each game that afternoon. I downsizing and it relocation. Did they want to be closer to their hand reached every situation is different. That's what's so unique Barbara we never work this thing contract right. And I've been in the business over forty years. Every one unique and you need to find what matters most here client can be considered them the bad. If your clients are like most other people in America lastly if you have those twelve offers laid out in the dining room table the first thing they're gonna wanna know. Is the prices in those offers. How do you move beyond that. For about how you look at the price certainly going to be something it's important but in your gonna look at everything up contracts. If they're third party financing or that cat how much are they putting down when dealing wanna clout are there any amendment to the Contra are there any special occasions. That would preclude someone from may be getting a counter or someone else got doesn't have about the when I play a clean contract. They'll let you add or the better off you are in that is considered. Sometimes as much our Morgan price depending on the caller's situation. That's a great point Leslie. Finally in a competitive market like Dallas if I'm selling my house. Can I just put a for sale sign out front and expect it's gonna sell for a great price toys still have to put in the work to make my house gorgeous. They're the difference between updated in when it's not maintain. It it's not updated in your price accordingly and that's one. If your home is not maintained well. You are sending a message to prospective buyers that in their mind they're gonna perceive tune I wonder what else there teller might be hiding and so if it's not maintained well individually each. Then there's always that concern as to what am I not seeing. That you're not maintaining. Every member should be conditional property is really important but there's a lot of other factors that go into our perspective buyer you know things like. That died at the home the location that schools things like that are also important people among other things but doesn't value of a property. Is what someone else is willing to take. Leslie great advice for buying and selling in a city with extremely tight inventory thank you for joining us on realistic today. It always an honor and a pleasure thank you and Leslie were dismissed real sure what Dave Perry Miller & Associates in Dallas. The past chair of the Texas association of real tours. A 2013 vice president of the national association of real tours and currently. An heiress regional vice president for Texas and Louisiana. Coming up unrealistic today making sure. You do your spring yard maintenance the right way. You know. People. Okay panel or jury to sub soil. That's next on our special show the spring market. But first it's time for our Smart home technology report. And right now we're going to continue our in depth look at the Phillips Q Smart ladies. I've had a for three months now and I'll never give it up here's why. First of all set up is easy you connect with Nicole to bridge to your router and then you download the Phillips you app on your Smartphone. Connect back to the bridge and let the fun began. It just works right away. Using your phone you can turn the lights on and off make them brighter or dimmer or even change their color. Source they said it really works at home. Now. If you wanna turn your lights on and off when you're away from home you need to take a few extra steps. You go online while you're at your house that's important and registered a system with Phillips few. When you do that it works like a charm no matter where in the world. You war. Also if you wanna controlled toys which your voice that also requires a few more steps but I took those steps using Google home. You basically just have to tell Google home to communicate. With a huge lighting system. And when you do it just works flawlessly. But that's said our learned a few things along the way for one of the most expensive bulbs are really all that bright. There roughly sixty watts and personally. I'm 75 war guy when it comes to reading. But for that all you really need is the cheapest light bulbs in the Phillips few system. The ones cold white the only create white light but they're the brightest bulbs in the line easily 75 watt. So there are either under the couch and yes you can mix and match any combination of Phillips few bolts. Also if you lose the Internet they still work just turn on a light switch just like a regular bald even if you're Wi-Fi is down. Also you will save on utility bills the Phillips Hugh bulbs are said to use 80% less electricity. The traditional light bulbs plus and now this was huge for me I realized I might never ever have to install a dimmer switch again. I've done that countless times taking out the on off wall switch and replacing it with a dimmer switch. Never again know I can just change up the ball anywhere and can dim that light or brighten it. Without ever opening up the receptacle in the walls. So there you go the Philip she was Smart lighting system a new idea. That just works an element to communicates with your entire Smart home technology ecosystem. Whether it's Amazon or go Google home or just about anything else it can make your life easier more efficient and more economical. And for all those reasons we give them Phillips she's Smart writing system a rating. Both excellent. This is really easy today. All real estate all the time. Then we're back with our special show the spring market. An entire program code would techniques tactics and strategies about thriving in the busiest realistic market of the U. And what do you plan to buy a house so our house of horror you're just really into realist and we'll have the best advice from the nation's top pros. This spring market continues. And after we check in with Phillip Thompson knew realistically newsroom I don't. I even older Americans overwhelmingly said they want aging place but a new analysis by Freddie Mac concludes that for many homeowners. A goal may not be financially attainable. Freddie Mac chief economist show on the caddie says retrofitting a home to accommodate changing physical needs of its occupants there's going to be a big challenge in years to come. The costs of retrofitting. Range from very modest two extremely expensive for extensive work and of course the cost depends on the type and condition of the home. Many older homes such as many of the colonial style homes common in the northeast and midwest may not be good candidates for retrofitting. Freddie Mac's analysis estimates of about one point five million existing homes will require retrofitting Melbourne by 2030 that number will jump to two million homes. Bill Hirsch are still building big houses. And Americans still like big homes. But business insider reports to treatment mention the suburban icon of the housing boom is falling out of favor with buyers. Business insiders as homebuyers today are emphasizing quality over quantity. One blogger quoted in the article so many make mentions were built cheaply in order to squeeze in as many amenities as possible. And now the owners of those homes are facing repairs and looking at trading in those big house which. Enacting new. Thanks bill. For many people across America spring means getting outside and whipping back yard and to show how about you are sure bracelet. Well let's take a look now at some of the most important things you should be doing. To make sure your place absolutely shines. Whether you're selling it. Or not let's talk about your yard in the spring market with Mike McGrath the host of the nationally syndicated radio show and podcast. You bet your garden Malik welcome back to realistic today. Always my pleasure. Some explain officially begins on Monday off I wanna get outside and start taking care of my yard. Let's get your advice on what to do and what not to do and let's start with the flowering bushes. All around the property. One should see the balloons all on for soupy out Brasilia rhododendron. Enjoy the blooms. And then if you really erupted diesel that right after the flowers speaking awhile with a pair prisoners. And you can queen adopt you can remove the areas are getting at it removed the areas where the old flowers were you caught it back a little bit. But don't go nuts. And then special league goal wait until August or September. When you're ward got itchy fingers blogs out wanna be outside. Eat your plants alone haven't done anything yet. Because if you get really clever and you prune spring bloomers like rhododendron pursuit he. Of flowering cherries why are pouring crap out all you won't get any blood on the next year because they already sector bought out. So a plant could looms once a year in the spring. Prune it after it's on them. Okay that's the flowering bushes what do battled the bold you have played it all around your house. Spring bulbs come up all throughout your property. If you really feel you need to do something. After the flower street shouldn't cut off a little seat at the forms at the top of the stall. If you cut Gerald Green beads you won't get it flowers in next year. Because those green leaves strapped to absorb and up solar energy to grow the following years flower. After your spring ball Eads. Whose third green nets game you can mow them down pull the ball everything's full. One of the most critical parts of a yard. It is making sure that everything growing and it has the proper amount of water Mike what is the proper amount of water. So for instance if you have a law you know Byron engaged and camp catering gauge like responding to get that rain gauge has an inch watering it. You don't need to do any. If you go weeks. And the rain gauges and deep. So that whatever irrigation system. You have to cut more for the entire lawn and likes war clock in the morning and on solar rail eager Narnia. So low. She. So okay. That'll saturate this sub soil. A Long Will slowly take up that moisture over the next week. And Dan what the benefit of having to strike. For short Kurt whitlock there are very few points on this planet that like cabin wecht feet I'm being. It is less than thought percent of the or cultural world. Agents are fought in constantly wet soil. So we all these. Obsessed with what you said we know we'd have to water plants but urged people realize the importance of letting plants already helped between water. Now king live and hold you should sweep war summertime climate. Package beechy widgets a week in. She separates some kicks are really mean even in the draw our sports in the country that's the way to do it it doesn't need more than that. If your plants are suffering will vineyard carting a long cheat often work cheap short or your pruning your plants too much you need to take up what work. So less is more. Will be live on a perpetual motion machine he's been it's great series on one of the educational channels called the world character people. And Ichiro what happened to like buildings and cities and everything a hundred years after we were wiped out and it felt in years. Among white ones that think she loves a disaster movies nothing cheers erupt more than seeing the Empire State Building get taken up by a title wait. Flood would secrets over her shoulder all the torque and I would note is that as we get 12100 years in 500 years ups layups are looking in the past they ever have meaning. Bear is funny so not all from the Ottoman Empire State Building coming up at top Macon electric King Kong impressions up there. The lamps are having a ball. So leave him alone in the plans should be just fine. Mike thanks for joining us today. Always my pleasure trickier. Mike McGrath the host of the nationally syndicated radio show and podcast you bet your garden. Coming up unrealistic today this realtor lends a helping hand to people who are skater. Perfect and alone. We'd make a living while we give that we medical life but what we do it is so true. That's next right here on realistic today. This is a real estate today. Because your home might beat. Your biggest investment. And we're back with a very special story about a real tour who gives back to his community. A real tour who realized that people who were the victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse and stalking. Need help. And he sent out to provide that help with. Housing and other essential services. Realtor Ed leaves site associate broker at Jackson Hole Sotheby's international realty. Is the board president of the community safety network. Which helps those victims come out of the darkness and into a light in a safe supportive environment. Ed welcome to realistic today. Brooke thank you very much Steve good to be with you. Oh. Communities east network. With a community safety network was begun by some caring people in the community 35 years ago and we initially. Had obviously a very small staff and a number of volunteers were able to offer services and it was only after about another ten years that we could offer shelter. And we'd literally did that small little trailer. For a number of years now and fifteen years ago we actually built harsh current sheltering that we have been ought can offer housing and safety to. Victims of domestic violence so which are pretty been pretty exciting end longstanding. Process and our community. We have a safe flying so anyone can call our local number which is 733. City. Andy immediately will be connected with someone 24 hours a day seven days a week trip or 65 days a year. In importantly the first thing we do is ensure that they are safe. Now we offer them shelter now we offer resources that they might need whether or beach medical legal. Counseling whatever whatever it is that they would need we offer that service to them and it's all free of charge Auld on the totally confidential basis. Well as those people must be. Really really hurting. And it most definitely in the and I think often the biggest challenge is to get people to call and ask for help because the abusers. Are known. And to. Intimidate their victims in such a way bet they're afraid to call they're afraid to ask for help and or their its position such. That is their fault and it's never victim's fault and so we are always encouraging people to a cause for people to reach out to friends families that they know of anyone that. Is in need to encourage them to seek our services. As for your efforts you were recognized as a good neighbor by realtor magazine. And when that happened the community's safety network received a 101000. Dollar contribution. From realtor magazine and it's good neighbor sponsors. Tell us what does that mean to your work. Well see that was a very gracious and and for me personally. As huge honor very humbling because you know who. I do the work and and I think everyone that's involved in our organization doesn't beat because they care and it's not about recognition rule we get but the idea that we were able to get this recognition not just for our organization but for the cause of fuel across the country of the need to have a a greater awareness and to do more in the area prevention of domestic violence sexual assault stalking was really important. The 101000 dollars all the wonderful gift for us and because I was in the middle of work and what our organization. Campaign to raise money for an addition. We had a challenge grant going in that 101000 immediately became 20000 trust so it was a very nice gift and we were grateful they're real warming using a ruler dot com deduct force. Who had. Congratulations. On all the great work you do and thanks for joining us on the show. Think Q I really appreciate the opportunity to tell the story a little bit and so hopefully increase awareness for people across a country with us. Realtor Ed lead site associate broker at Jackson Hole Sotheby's international realty. And board president of the community safety network helping victims of domestic violence. Sexual abuse and stalking find a safe place to live. The good neighbor awards are seeking nominations right now you know a real tour who makes that difference in your community and volunteer work. If so nominate them for the good neighbor award and they may win 101000 dollars to help bear church. For entry information go to and they are start Rio or slash G and yeah. The realtor magazine good neighbor awards are generously sponsored by And wells Fargo home court. If you're hungry for real estate information follow real estate today on Twitter. Chair segments listened to them again and be the first to know what's on next week's show. Just search realistic today on Twitter the real estate today. Because you love real estate. And we're back with our special show this spring market. I'm going to wrap up today's show with a quick look at selling your house in the spring of 2017. Okay you might have heard that it's a seller's market out there. But in many cities as soon as the forced sale on goes up on the law and the house is under contract. And that's true in many places. But it. Remember the gold is maximum profit in the minimum time. Selling your house fast is good but selling your house fast at a great price is even better. So let's talk about how to achieve that in the spring of 2017. Maximum profit in the minimum time. First talk with your real tour takes him on a tour of your place. And I'm talking to inside and the outside. Let the real tort get a great look at all the rooms the flooring the paint the windows the walkways the yard. Everything. Now be sure to point out any improvements you made new kitchen pointed out. Wonderful landscaping will tell you real to that and also tell them when the property is in full bloom. I commit a big difference to potential buyers so you might wanna discuss putting your house on the market all the flowers bushes and trees. Are at their peak after all first impressions count especially when you're trying to are your home so you have to put some time and effort into that curb appeal. Now it's possible your reels were also recommended deet cluttering your house. Now you're not alone it happens a lot you might need to move out amity huge pieces of furniture you have. And put them in storage. You know that's a hassle which replaced might look more spacious. Airy and inviting as a result. Okay now you've taken your realtor on the tour of the house. What's next well try to anticipate. Questions that most buyers will pass. And here's a big one how much of utilities. People are asking that all over the United States so one great idea is to get out several months worth of gas electric and water bills. Copy them and have them available for potential buyers to examines. Bill really appreciate that in another idea if you have any photographs of your property in different seasons it's a great plan to print them out. Have them on display so buyers can see how the please look in different times of the year okay ready to put up that for sale sign. Well not quite first you have to discuss some key issues with you real tour. One is how the house will be shown. There's a simple reality here the more people who see your property. The better chance shall have actually selling it fast for the maximum price. So if you insist on appointment only showings or perhaps. Only Sunday from two to 3 PM it might take your house a lot longer it's. A better option make your house really easy to show. Any time during the day seven days a week that way you'll get the most showings possible. And you never know the buyer who desperately wants to your place just as you're sitting down to dinner. That might be the person who makes an offer. Discuss it with your real tour in which you both come up. And finally yup we kept the best thing for last discuss the potential selling price with your real tour. Many people have a figure in their heads about what their home is worth. For instance. You bought it for 300000 dollars in new bill to 20000 dollar deck and are you expect to get at least 320000. Dollars right. Well maybe but remember the market determine your price not. The amount you put into what you need instead it is good hard data your realtor can tell you what are there comparable homes have sold for. They can military which homes failed to sell because they were overpriced. You know there's some of that going on. But if you base your sales price as I said on solid data. You have a better chance of successful transaction. So there we haven't fixed the place up. Get your utility bills and photos together discuss the whole process with your real work and price it right. If you do all that you have the best possible chance of hitting that goal of maximum profit in the minimum time. And you know what the spring market of 2017. Might be the best one ever for you. Coming up next week unrealistic today bond that cops were kicking off the spring market 2017. This special series of shows. Talking to top pros about buying Coke selling a home. Moving out moving in and more. By that house is next week right here on realistic today. And remember you can always listen online radio dark real tools and from all of us here at realistic today. For listening. If you're real dirt you can look at the entire re was The Today Show on your web site. And that's real deep chill on the Radio One 100% free to any armed members. Just go to our new web address radio dot realtor and click. Per realtors.