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This it's real estate today. The number one real estate show. Welcome to real estate today. Backed by the professional experience of real tours from across America we are your most trusted source on the radio for up to date real estate information. Realistic today is the official radio program of the national association of real tool and it's real remembers your neighborhood. Hi there I'm Steven gas query and I'm glad you could join us today for our very special show. Here come the holidays. I know it's hard to believe but Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday. And we'll help you get ready and today should. From holiday decorating to doing holiday transactions. We'll talk to experts about how to navigate the rest of 2017. Microproze. Here come the holidays is straight ahead but first let's go to the realistic today newsroom with bill Thompson's are built. Hi Stephen. The intense lobbying continues in Washington as a Republican tax reform efforts move forward. The National Association of Realtors is among those critical of the GOP plan to reduce the mortgage interest deduction. Capped that deduction for local property taxes and eliminate the deduction for state and local income taxes. Democratic lawmakers from districts were housing is especially expensive are also critical of the Republican plan. Washington senator Maria Cantwell told CNBC the tax reform effort is making housing unaffordable for many. Both the house and the senate are marching towards a path of making housing more unaffordable in the United States of America. I think that's a mistake how losing used to be 15% of GDP and it has fallen down to 12%. So the notion that we've done enough for housing in the last several years is just not true. Republican leaders say the legislation will put hundreds or thousands of dollars back in the pockets of American taxpayers and will boost the economy by clearing the way for more job creation. The National Association of Realtors is urging congress to pass a wide ranging flood reform act. Which would include a five year renewal of the National Flood Insurance Program or NF IP. That program was due to expire in September but got a short term extension from the president through December 8. And they are senior legislative policy representative Austin Peres says another short term extension is likely for the NF IP. To give congress more time to act a longer term revamping of the program. The 21 century flood insurance reform act would keep the insurance going for the long term and make changes to increase program efficiency. New research finds that four out of ten American households with broadband service plan to buy a Smart home product in the next twelve months. Dallas based market research firm parks associates. Says it's study found that the most popular Smart home devices include smoke in CO detectors thermostats and light bulbs. The firm's us 60% of broadband households with insurance. Our interest in a Smart home product that can detect notify or prevent damage or loss from water fire or theft. And parks associates forecast that Americans will buy nearly 55 million Smart on devices by 20/20. Coming up and half an hour and a small bribe helps solve name beat Stephen thank you. Thanks bill. As we've been reporting here on realistic today. Residential and commercial property owners across America have been carefully watching the details of the GOP tax reform plan. Both the house and the senate have come up with legislation. That would change many of the tax benefits that homeowners and property owners now enjoy. As you Mano the national association of real towards believes. The tax legislation as currently written would add up to a tax hike on homeowners across America. Let's talk about the GOP tax bills now with a realistic pro. Joining us is great horror with herb realty in the Philadelphia area Greg is the former president of the Pennsylvania association of real torched. And he's a former regional vice president for the national association of real torch great welcome to realistic today. Great to be here with a Steve we're glad you're here Greg you're in Washington now fighting. To make sure. Tax reform does not hurt American homeowners what are you doing. Well we're actually doing visits with third delegation the southeastern Pennsylvania is yesterday as well today. Distressing important than what impact this particular tax structure has on homeownership and a testament to creates two homeowners and especially the middle class. We are seeing some of the benefits that were very accustomed to it benefits that have been around more than a hundred years. In across here. You're exactly right. The value and benefit of homeownership both the social as well as the economic benefits. Have long improvements the end these current proposals while arguments have been made that the mortgage interest deduction remains. The reality of it is with the double deductions that are required actually will eliminate mortgage interest deduction except the top 5%. A consequently homeowners will see a tax increase and not a tax reduction. So vax one. Issue mortgage interest deduction another one property tax deduction that's a big item on everybody's 1040 if homeowners lose the ability. To claim the local and state tax quite frankly it's double taxation of income. Their tax when they receive that income and then of course or use it to pay tax. So salt as we call the state and local tax deduction. New eastern Maine as a fiber. Of the current tax code. Greg we're also hearing about the point of sale. The capital gains exclusion. Which right now. For married couple allows you to make a profit of up to 500000. Dollars tax free as a single person up to 250000. Dollars tax free. The catch is currently you have to have lived in that home to under the previous five years. Under the new plan it's five out of the previous eight years. How will that affect realistic in America. People are more mobile the day job change various moves that take place and then not have the ability to roll that capital gains over heaven that exclusion. Is gonna greatly impact those. So both the house and the senate have both come up with legislation they're not identical they're very different. So what do you think will happen Greg and what will NER do. To make this better for homeowners and not hurt homeowners. I think that we need to make our message loud and clear to both our house and senate members. If this does move out of house and goes the senate Alice Lee will continue to work with both chambers as concurrence takes place. And two they're really have a key to have the benefits of homeownership maintained in whatever final bill would be there. Over the years we've all seen. Challenges to homeownership. Coming out of Capitol Hill and they are has always been engaged on behalf of the American homeowner. But this is a big one. It is big Steve has been many years and say can recall something this important that affects homeownership. On the surface people here are tax reductions tax cuts tax reform. Most of us says citizens are happy to see or hear that there might be some change that Tesco some simplification. But you really have to look at it and we have taken the time to look at this and study side by side. And we distant somebody's homeownership. It has agreed to impacting the one point wouldn't talk about. If this impacts homeownership today. There's a bill as currently proposed. Our projections based on studies that we have completed by outside sources. Haven't evaluated there's at least a 10% devaluation. In the marketplace and that'll take five plus years to recover from. Those people who recently bought homes the last four or five years after we recover from the recession will basically be under back underwater with a value their particular properties. So this has an effect not only on there. Bottom line over the next couple years in terms of their actual tax liability increasing for homeowners but I actually potentially will decrease in value. Properties so you take a brand new buyer. Who just used one of Freddie or Fannie 3% down mortgages. They're gonna be shot 7%. Underwater if this happens it'll merely put those folks under Warner with the devaluation. Of real estate absolutely. Well Greg the best of luck to you as you campaign on Capitol Hill to make sure. This doesn't hurt homeowners but rather helps them thank you thank you Steve. Greg curb with herb realty in the Philadelphia area. The former president of the Pennsylvania association of real towards. And a former regional vice president for the national association of real source. Coming up front realistic today thinking about taking your house off the market over the holidays. You might wanna think again. You know it's really a good kind though if you had your house on the market because there are a lot of people. Then have a little more time under Ian when they get settled in for the holiday. That's next on our special show. Here come the holidays. Real estate today. Making you the real estate professionals. Every week. And we're back where there are special show. Here come the holidays Thanksgiving is right around the corner and we're talking about all the things holidays mean to realistic. And right now of big question among buyers and sellers at this exact time of year. Every year and that is. Should I put my real estate plans on hold until after new years or just forges ahead. It's a big question for both buyers and sellers let's explore that now with a pro. Joining us now is Leslie rudeness and then we'll talk with Dave Barry Miller & Associates in Dallas. Leslie is the former chair. Of the Texas association of real two worst. And recently served as any ours regional vice president for Texas and Louisiana. Leslie welcome to real estate today even. So Leslie here we are just a few days away from Thanksgiving. If I am a person who wants to sell my house. And I haven't done yet or maybe it is for sale and I'm wondering where there should pull it off the market. What's your take should I or should I not market in try to sell my house over the holidays. Well it depends on your situation and how motivated are shell. A lot of people are just buying what shelling our property in the holiday and of course there are a lot of people in town visiting relatives. And usually that means they have a little extra time honored in because they're not going to work every day they're visiting from out of town. And so they might wanna go look at how it. In the end they might have such a great time with their evenly over the holidays they could might decide they wanna this year but we never felt. Well I would say go for it and how that help at. And available for people a look at. So let's look at it from both perspectives first of all if my house is already on the market but the days on market is ticking up. Should I pull it off to stop the clock Leslie or should just keep it on the market. In assume I will get her off percent. You know let it blonde that your home is price strike at a condition and location. You should be fine keeping it on the market. Because people are still able to look up and find out that that was on the market up or it's not like you're going to hide behind anything you people out and put on later we will find out we always do well. You know it's really a good time oh you have your house on the market because there are a lot of people that have a little more time under him when they get government and a holiday and you know they're allowed people on account can and in that might. Have a little extra time but on the other hand I think too that broke her need to do their part to make sure that we don't just had a better looking lit people that are looking toward. Something to do today let go look at how is where people during the holidays at half alien counter whatever may be. I'll have to spend their time keep about how clean her all the clicking that you just want something to do during a holiday so we need people that are a real serious about buying. That's interesting and you know when you think about the other markets throughout the year the spring market this summer market even the auto market. You know those are pretty hot compared to the debt or Warner now when someone puts their house on the market during the holiday season. You've got to think that there should be a really good reason that they're doing. What do I travel all year long business and December is the month that they don't have a much travel because of holiday. Now the only time they have to be able to put it on the market and you know on the other hand when you look at buyers. Iron block in a home. Eighteen. Connecting might be only eating at that table. Can I seem like nearly sitting in the room what a Christmas tree and that corner. They have to you have to excite percent to and they're no better time to do that. And the holiday. I mean we've got decorations this smells the sounds. That type of thing and they can look at that agency you know what did how to be a home. Ernie and I scantily during the holidays and beyond. That is really interest in Leslie and so I'm guessing that. Your advice would be go ahead and decorate your house don't be a grinch I think. Absolutely what do you think well if you're like me and I buy pot. Sleepy little over the top but I decorate every holiday so I'm pretty well decorated your. It's different than I love I'd love the holiday and I'd like decorate so. If you come to my doctor and find out what it like could be. You know Saint Patrick's Day Valentine's Day you name it we got here and I I think it makes people feel at home. It does so here's the question for you as an experienced real tour. Have you ever. Actually shown homes. Or written offers or received offers all on the Thanksgiving. Christmas. Chanukah. New Year's. Any of those days. Yes I can say that I have. Where did so dedicated Stephen will do anything to help people find it I played no matter when did it. And I can remember my husband and I eat and having a guy at cricket wicket Amelie and then showing a our world property out of town on Christmas afternoon. And I've always felt badly about that but. We thought it so he'd have to be happy. The picture it would be attributed after else. That's wonderful so what I'm hearing is that if you are hoping to sell your home. Don't pull it off the market don't wait until February just go for is that right. That's what I would do I would say get go or because you actually are going to have potentially a lot of different buyers than you would normally have. That have the time under Ian to go look and maybe make it that this continued benign might otherwise may. That is wonderful. Know Leslie I'd like to talk to you about buyers to whether or not it's Smart to try to bio home over the holiday season can you join us to get in the next hour of realistic today. Absolutely I'd be happy to Greg will talk to you then let's. We really Smith real sore with Dave Perry Miller & Associates in Dallas. The former chair of the Texas association of real towards. And recently any errors regional vice president for Texas and Louisiana. Coming up on realistic today. Winner here old holiday lights to. Now we're tourists are caught in the fire your home. Don't throw those flights yourself that you can buy you. That's coming up on our special show here come the holidays. But first it's time for our the millennium. The millennial so the biggest demographic group in America. And potentially the biggest group of homeowners. Ever. So let's talk realistic now with a genuine member of the millennial generation joining us is Jayne dollar and your hijack and Stephen great to be here well Jane as we approach Thanksgiving what's on your menu today. Well Steven with the holiday season upon us. It means it's time to eat a lot of good food given received guest and be kind to your fellow man and that includes your neighbors. So if you just moved into a new neighborhood or your simply millennial like me who rarely interacts with people outside of text messaging. Now's the perfect time to get to know the people who share your community and I did get some tips for getting to know your neighbors. While staying in value so nice to. For the truly social ho holiday open how he doesn't have to be a massive catered event. Fewer hours on a weekend afternoon with holiday themed cocktails. Think cranberries. And snack people love the opportunity to scenes either neighbors' houses and hosting a small party is a great way to meet a lot of people at once. That's true because you can get all the introductions done at once another idea is a community gift exchange. Many neighborhoods have web sites are faced the groups were neighbors can organize events and discuss community issues. These these tools to suggest a secret Santa or white elephant event a request that people sign up. Now this could all add up to a party were gifts are exchanged for people can just simply go to their neighbor's house to drop them off. Either way it's a great way to meet a few people and it's present in sheer. Finally if the idea of hosting an event or even having to initiate conversations with people seems like too much. Simple season's greeting card with and treat taped the front door need to do the trick. Every year my mother makes cooking for her neighbors and Japan and an individual bag ease and includes a card wishing them a happy holiday season. Now my mom's advice is to make cookies without knots just in case of allergies. And include some gluten free cookies and there's well. Just and he people are watching the holiday pounds well Jane that's certainly would make it the most wonderful time of the year even when it's my mother's cookies it makes it the most wonderful most amazing. Most delicious Hannity here. Well Jane I really hope that you have a great Thanksgiving. Think he's Steven and I hope you haven't even better one Jane dollar under a genuine member of the millennial generation thanks for being with a saw and realistic today. Think he used the event and if any of you have a question that only millennial cancer see I mean email at. Ask for money every year dot realtor and if possible on and mommy here. Real estate today. Because knowledge is power. Back now with our special show here come the holidays and in depth look at the most wonderful time of the year. And what it means to you and your family and your home. Coming up. We'll speak to international safety experts at underwriters laboratories. About how to make sure your house is a safe house this holiday season. Here come the holidays is straight ahead right after we check in with Bill Thompson in the realistic today newsrooms are bill. I Stephen yes home prices continue to rise to the latest report from black Knight says affordability has actually improved since July. The company's mortgage monitor report for September reveals that. The typical homeowner needed 21 point 4% of their income to buy a home that's down from 21 point 7% in July which was a post recession peak. And to put this in perspective between 1995 and 1999. It took 24 point 2% of the median American income to purchase a home. Builders are building fewer large homes Census Bureau statistics analyzed by the national association of homebuilders. Show that the sheriff homes of 5000 or more square feet started in twice sixteen was three point 1% down from three point 9% in 2015. The total number of homes of 5000 or more square feet started last year. Was 24000. And that was down from 28000. A year before and that was the highest numbers in 2007. The 2016 total was only about half the number of large homes built in 2006. Coming up on half an hour turns out baby boomers really want to cajun place just long you don't call an aging in place. Stephen back to you thanks bill. Continuing our our special show here come the holidays. All about you your family and your house as we approach that 2017. Holiday season. The most wonderful time of the year. And right now we're gonna concentrate on keeping this time of year wonderful. By making sure our holiday home is also a safe home. After raw with holiday lights on the tree and on the eaves and guests arriving at your house and in many cases lots of kids running around. It's really important to be aware of safety in you're home. And so for that let's start with one of the world's most recognized authorities on safety in the home. Joining us now is Shannon Pruitt with underwriters laboratories in Chicago. You well of course is the leading safety consulting and certification company in America and 46. Countries around the world. Share and welcome to realistic today. Urban Shannon let's talk about electricity. Now if we grew up. With holiday lights and our family. And we're still using them. How do we know they're still safe. Are you know I remember pulling out the strand to myself grown up your year and the biggest thing to do here you want to make sure that you inspector lights. Every year and whether you're lights are a year older thirty year old inspect them every time Richard take about the story demand which Chad you gonna be looking for. Any type of cracked sockets. Or creed or bare wires that might be shorn can be insulation. Or loose connections. Anything like that could pose a risk about fire or shock hazard. And if you do eat something like that eat please do not try to fix those bad strand of light it's not worth the risk you may think a little bit cheaper something you'll be okay. It's now worth director called the fire your home so throw those light streamed out and then Biden. Good advice Shannon so let me ask you very specific question about that. Delights just go bad over time or. Could it be possible. That a thirty years set up holiday lights is still good. Healy can be possible that there are still got it really depends upon the situation all the lights are being kept in school word over the years you're you're carefully wrapping the light at the end of the heat and the and stories from somewhere in your house that being mean he knew a good room temperature throughout the year. You don't like could potentially last a whole lot longer than if they're wadded up thrown in a box. And put an attic or garage deck could potentially see extremely warm temperatures and as well it's critical temperatures here a year earlier really just depend upon one. How well the lights are made to begin looked into how well they're really cute incurable retired. Interest in and of course Shannon at this time a year a lot of people are putting up their holiday lights in using extension. Cords. How do you know if the extension cord you're using is okay. A couple things to look forward here one obviously make sure that the court doesn't have you all bark nor make sure that the court itself has already been tested correctly. And just like the lights and I mentioned you know him inspect your record does well you didn't know how long have you had that extension cord they have Frasier bare wire during my bad. That also could pretend like other well. I know that especially today holiday lights are very tiny. And they don't usually draw too much electricity. But could using a lot of holiday lights overload. Either a circuit or an extension cord or do they just draw so little that there's really nothing to worry about. Now you can absolutely overload a Circuit Court too many strands of lights and it didn't really you can get there you'll be older style like would draw more current than the newer style Ellie do you. You can absolutely overloaded circuit you're looking to keep in mind is that indoor extension cord. Our redid it for less currency in what you wall outlet integrated what do these does that. If you need an extension cord and I doubt how you've got multiple Randall blight. At a plugin that. You can actually overload got extensions word and picture we start a fire before a tiebreaker freer wall socket what actually trying to. So if you have an indoor start extension. Nothing fancy just an indoor start extension cord. How many strands of lights would you recommend you put in each extension 23. Yeah under strand of light per extension cord beyond takes. That is great to know what Shannon and hard to argue about a lot more including. Outdoor extension cords and also. The new LED bolts could you come back in our next hour here. Thank Shannon Shannon Pruitt with underwriters laboratories in Chicago the leading safety consulting and certification company. In America and 46 countries around the world. Coming up on realistic today. A special report on what tax reform could mean to homeowners. This senate bill is just making housing more expensive. That's next right here. On realistic today. This is real estate today. 100%. Real estate. 100% of the time. Back again now with a special report on the biggest realistic story in the country to tax reform. As the House of Representatives moves quickly to pass attack reform bill. Republicans in the senate are pushing their own version and there are differences between the two pieces of legislation. The Republican leadership says the legislation is a means of delivering critical tax relief to America's middle class. But critics of both the house and senate bills say that promise rings hollow. They say many homeowners will actually end up paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars more every year when they pay their federal taxes. We have more on both the house and senate legislation with real estate today's Bill Thompson in Washington. Backers of the senate bill like Republican Louisiana senator John Kennedy you're very upbeat about it so damn good bill we're gonna catch. Looked at that the people who believe in more free stuff for my goal like this legislation. But if you believe in more freedom if you believe that. The tax Payer in this country deserve the right to spend the money they earn and that thank you do so better. Think government can you're going to be fought this bill from all homeowners first. Active one of the biggest differences between the senate and house versions of tax reform is that the senate bill would leave the mortgage interest deduction or MID intact at its current level. That means you would still be allowed to deduct the interest paid on mortgages up to one million dollars the house version would captor deduction at half that for new mortgages. Like the house version the senate tax reform bill would also nearly double the standard deduction effectively critics say deluding the usefulness of the mortgage interest deduction. The National Association of Realtors says just keeping the mortgage interest deduction in tact is in good enough. And they are president Elizabeth Mendenhall issued a statement saying in part quote. We've already seen that he near doubling of the standard deduction combined with the elimination of other deductions like the state and local tax deduction. Can turn the American dream into a nightmare for families as the rug is pulled out from under them. And she said simply preserving the mortgage interest deduction in name only is it enough to protect homeownership. But the idea is only part of the equation for homeowners. Millions of people rely on the deductibility of state and local taxes sometimes called salt including property taxes. The senate wants to completely remove the salt deduction under the house version the deduction for property taxes would remain but be capped at 101000 dollars. Oregon democratic senator Ron Wyden argues against dropping assault. Deduction Americans get to deduct those taxes. Because of a longstanding. Principle. That says the government. Shouldn't reach into their pockets twice. To double packed the same earnings. The bill Republicans have on offer. Throws that principle. In the trash cans. Now those who favor ending the state and local tax deduction argue that as it is now. Lower tax states are in effect subsidizing higher tax states not so says democratic senator Maggie has some of New Hampshire. Who says dropping the salt deduction would be a disaster. In New Hampshire we don't have an income or a sales tax. But the elimination of the property tax deduction would be a tax increase for thousands of granite state homeowners. Treasury Secretary Steven the Newton sought on Fox Business that yes the elimination of the salt deduction would negatively impact some American homeowners. Or sensitive to that and on the high end that is the case so for people who are making a million dollars or more that is the case but we have been targeting the middle income tax cuts. For people in the different states and we've been out about working with the states on this. It's a question of affordability. So as democratic Washington senator Maria Cantwell mr. chairman you and I have worked very hard on. Trying to make more affordable housing. But by getting rid of these deductions. On property taxes. All on home mortgage the notion that they you're getting rid of private activity bonds in the house legislation. And that your making changes to the low income. Tax credit in this senate bill is just making housing more expensive it's. Affordability is also a top concern of the national association of homebuilders says CEO Jerry Howard and that's why we proposed in addition to the standard deduction being doubled that they created homeownership tax credit. Which people could take target it to the middle class. Keep the upward pressure on house prices from the bottom. Make it truly a benefit to the middle class the middle class really using didn't have much give them a homeownership tax credit. Good social policy good economic policy and we can do it cost effectively. The Mortgage Bankers Association is throwing its support behind the NAHB homeownership tax credit idea. In the letter house ways and means chairman Kevin Brady and ranking member Richard Neal. MBA president David Stephens says quote. We believe congress should take this historic opportunity to think creatively about new homeownership incentives. Targeted more efficiently to low and moderate income borrowers. And Stephen says the current tax reform plan. Could harm the housing market as well as the economy as a whole. However house speaker Paul Ryan has already rejected the idea of a tax credits are rich future is murky. Thousands senate could each passed their versions of tax reform by the end of the month. A conference committee wouldn't try to work out the differences in order to present legislation to president trump by the end of the year. He after all has promised it will be eight. Big beautiful Christmas present for the American people. On Capitol Hill I'm dual Thompson for real estate today. Coming up front realistic today it's a tough market out there providers but there's still plenty to be thankful for. We'll talk about it next on our special show here come the holidays. If you love listening to us talk about real estate. Doing the conversation. I'm really see today radio on FaceBook we can't wait to hear from you. That's real estate today radio on FaceBook. This is a real estate today is location. Location. And we're back where their special show here come the holidays. It's all about the upcoming holiday season and what it means to you and your realistic. Of course Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday in on that day in many Americans will Paulus. And express their thanks for all the wonderful things in their lives. And many will include family friends. And home. So let's take a few moments right now to talk about the things buyers sellers and homeowners can be thankful for this holiday season. Starting with buyers sure it's a tough market not many homes to choose from intense competition. Rising prices. It's not easy in many markets buyers find that if they see how hosts and sleep on it it's gone by the next morning. So unless they act fast they might never get a house. Now that's one tough market. But you know they say about giving thanks. It's all about setting aside your difficulties in recognizing all the wonderful things right there in front of the for one mortgages are easier to get many lenders are saying yes to potential buyers and that's opening a lot of doors. Also lowered down payments are OK too. The days of 20% down are long gone now of course you can put down 20% if you haven't. But Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have programs that allow 83%. Down payment. And if you also considered it FHA allows a three and a half percent down. It means many buyers can get into a home faster. Without saving for years and years. Also many lenders are allowing higher debt to income ratio. That's very helpful for people who have a lot of student debt. And of course best of all interest rates are still incredibly. Slow. That's a huge advantage for homebuyers in a great reason to give thanks. The same thing also help sellers for two reasons first it means more buyers will qualify for a mortgage. So that increases the number of buyers who might be able to purchase the house. Second most sellers go on to buy another home. So after they sell one place the one may buy it will be more affordable thanks to those who low interest rates. No sticking with sellers for a minute they of course have plenty of reasons to be thankful. They're just aren't that many homes for sale right now and the laws of supply and demand are making this a seller's market. So they'll find a steady stream of buyers coming to cedar house. And that low inventory also means prices are rising in most markets across the country. So many sellers will find their net profit could be much higher than they ever thought. And it means that if they report that profit into their next tome it will be more affordable. Again a great reason to be thankful. Oh and one more thing no matter whether you're a buyer or seller you both have one more thing on your side and that is. You'll never have to go it alone because no matter what kind of transaction you're doing your real tort we'll have your back. They'll represent your best interest in every deal you do so you can make sure you're doing it right. So there you have it play your reasons for buyers and sellers to be thankful this Thanksgiving even though it's a tough market. But what if you're not buying or selling more if you own your own home and there's no deal in sight because you just plan on staying there. Well there's plenty for you to be thankful for all. We'll talk about all of that in our next hour. If you'd like to hear more of realistic today's special show. Here come the holidays either stay tuned for join us online at radioed got real sore or on your Amazon America. And from all of us here at realistic today thank you for listening. If you're realtor and you can subpoena tiger really see today's show on your web site. The best real deep chill on the Radio One 100% greens to any armed members just go to our new web address. Radio dot realtor and click. How realtors. This isn't real estate today. The number one real estate show on the radio the. Welcome back to real estate today. Backed by the professional experience of real tours from across America where your most trusted source on the radio for up to date real estate information. Realistic today is the official radio program of the national association of real tools and it's real tour members in your neighborhood. Hi again I'm Stephen guests weigh in I'm delighted you could join us today for our very special show here come the holidays. It's hard to believe but Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday. And where did this year ago. Today we're looking at some serious realistic question. For instance should you try to buy a home over the holidays or just put it off until after new years we'll talk to approach. We're also continuing our look at holiday decorating strategies. We'll talk to an expert about whether the biggest display is also the best. Here come the holidays is straight ahead. But first let's go to the realistic today newsroom's Phil Thompson I know. I haven demand remains strong for luxury homes as one expert. Roller Beebe the founder and principal of the international luxury real estate advisor of the Habibie group. Told Fox Business it distill a seller's market right now fueled by an ongoing inventory shortage in many markets. You know places that are really really booming right now of course are just the Silicon Valley Seattle Austin. Denver all of these places are having. A massive influx of new development in its because of kind of what we like to call the tech effect actually. These new companies are being built swarms of people are wanting to move there. A BB says though that a million dollar home is no longer necessarily a luxury home in very hot markets. And the soaring home prices are pushing many first time buyers completely out of the market. The Mortgage Bankers Association is worried about the possibility that congress could cut in half the mortgage interest tax deduction. That's one of the provisions of the house Republican tax reform bill the senate version leaves the mortgage interest deduction where it is now. In a letter to the leadership of the house Ways and Means Committee NBA executives say they have strong concerns about. How certain provisions of the bill will impact housing and real estate markets around the country. The NBA's letter says the proposed changes to the mortgage interest and property tax deductions would quote you Rhode homeownership incentives for too many Americans. The US Commerce Department in a much anticipated final determination is imposing a nearly 21%. Tariff on Canadian softwood lumber. And the head of the national association of homebuilders says the move could not have come at a worse time. And AHB chairman Granger McDonald's says that a time when builders and homeowners are dealing with the impact of hurricanes and wildfires. Imposing a tariff like this quote. Only adds to the burdened by harming housing affordability and artificially boosting the price of lumber. About 13 of the lumber used in 2016 was imported and about 95% of those imports come from Canada. Baby boomers are increasingly taking on home improvement projects that will let them age in place comfortably. Except they. Apparently hate the phrase aging in place according to the 20s17 Beijing and place report from home advisor a survey of boomer homeowners finds that. Instead of any phrase that mentions aging. They prefer to call them he's a living improvement. Among most popular aging in place good he's a living improvements reports those are new door knobs Smart thermostats and security systems. And comfort height toilets. Homebuyers and sellers alike were a little less optimistic in October according to the latest home purchased on the an index from Fannie May Day. The index had reached an all time high in September but in October the sheriff homeowners who said they think now's a good time to sell dipped by eight percentage points. The share roofing now's a good time to buy a home fell six percentage points from September. Fannie Mae chief economist Doug Duncan calls it a modest decrease and attributed the seasonality. Coming up and half an hour 128 team is going to be a very good year for many American homeowners seem like you. Thanks bill. We have some real estate news for you from across the country and that is. Prices. Are up. But this time we're not talking residential. We're talking commercial real estate. The commercial markets across America are experiencing. Wide increases in price across America. Let's talk about that development. Within expert joining us now is George were to. The managing director of housing and commercial research at the national association of real torched George welcome to realistic today. Eden it's good to be so George this is very interesting because we've been hearing that the residential markets. Have been increasing in value year after year but now we're seeing the same dynamic in commercial markets can you tell us about that. Certainly he's and so what we're noticing is that commercial real estate to be calm looks a little more nuanced and the retention. And you can build a commercial wristed a trough all property consulate offices or shopping center Aaron or warehouses. Came up through this recovery period firing on all cylinders. More recently however weren't seeing a little more nuance and across various property types. But that trend certainly show us price appreciation across the border third quarter additional seven how percent increase in the commercial prices. That's even bigger than residential because I think this year we're looking at. No more than between five and 6%. Then got a good point and I think to a large extent on what that really reflects. Is the fact that investors man who are looking anymore for the global investors. As well as domestic playing a major role in US market. There are still searching for yielded on in their alternative in terms of government bonds are the trends that safe assets are. Pretty low stock market are a lot of them from the overvalued. Meanwhile commercial real estate seems to provide a solid returns and he's the CEO of unappealing alternatives. Remains a very attractive which I think in part explains the price appreciation. So if I am a commercial investor obviously the price appreciation is a really welcomed development. But I'm also watching like I'll talk to make sure don't experience any vacancies. How're we doing on occupancy vs vacancy torched. So looking across. Does the property types that the fundamentals what we're seeing is continued improvement on balance in terms of demand and supply vessel. Looking at vacancies they continued to decline in terms of our real true experiences. The third quarter and shoulder declines across the board would the only exception being the lead counsel. Office vacancies or about twelve point 7%. Industrial declined on 28%. And a multifamily continued to show improving they can despite point 3%. Retail however does suffer from the oversupply and as we've seen in the news department store closures. Continuous all retail vacancy went up in our members market to eleven point 1%. Interest and because he gets so much online shopping now I imagine that's common a big impact. On the brick and mortar stores across the country well it. Certainly does and you can see that kept in a lot of mid tier markets. Where for example regional malls which were anchored traditionally body any Macy's north C years. Are seeing those stories clothing. And along with those large tenants or seeing obviously smaller tenants are so little. A strong market tumbles most. Interestingly enough he mentioned e-commerce we're also seeing me in some markets. A reverse all venal cliques to breaks that some call it. Where online retailers particularly those popular with the with the younger generations are. Opening actual physical store so that is an interesting tranda this holiday season. That's fascinating George collects. Two bricks if I'd not heard that before that's awesome. So George looking at the big picture for the rest of this year. Will we end up with 2017. Being a good year for commercial real estate. I would say that too broadly speaking yes so looking after the mentioned leasing fundamentals on the look of absorption. Foresee absorption remains solid and especially our office space is industrial in particular. Multifamily we would have population growth. And even retail he and top markets and on the high street elite dealt. In addition investors remain very much interested in US commercial real estate properties. So long slog in these stock on the as I mentioned need to downforce some property types industrial for example to strongly happened and prices increasing signal that. The year a little like pixels on an upbeat now. That is good to here or Georgia certainly do appreciate you being with us today and talking about the latest commercial outlook from the national association of recourse thank you thank you 200 to be here at all. Door for to the managing director of housing and commercial research. At the national association. Every two hours. Coming up unrealistic to death should go home buyer in today's market just take a break during the holidays. What's on the market right now might be exactly what you're looking at port in February. That's how she really wanted to hold in December when you decided not to left. That's next on our special show. Here come the holidays it's. Real estate today. Connecting you with the real estate professionals every week. And we are back for their special show here come the holidays and in depth look. And what you need to know as the holiday season gets under way. Now in our last hour we talked about whether you should sell your house. Over the holiday season or whether you should pull it off from. Mark the conclusion. Why not go ahead and try. Now we're gonna talk about buyers and figure out whether they too should stay in the game over the holiday season. So for that let's continue our conversation with Leslie Ruda Smith real tour with Dave Perry Miller & Associates in Dallas. Leslie is the former chair of the Texas association of real George. And she recently served as any r.s 2017. Regional vice president for Texas and Louisiana. Leslie welcome back. Even now at a later poignant we're glad you're here so we'll know that it's been really rough year for buyers all across America with. Not enough homes for sale and competing with other buyers for properties. So what are back out the holiday season is there any chance. That a buyer will have an easier transaction. During that time a year. You know they're not love of all in the year on that question. Because it's gonna depend on the need to the seller and the need to the buyer. If you haven't seller is available. Then obviously you can make something happen if you have a seller could not available because there. At a town for the holidays are they kept wanna spend time with aliens. They don't want shelling or whatever may be could be market. Call it also depends on whether people are willing to put our house on the market during the holidays can be in a rat yet. And that's why it's important to make sure fire are qualified so that we don't want to be inconsiderate of seller during holidays. They have family and think to do it while. So if I came to you Richard brokerage in Dallas and says I want a buy a house. Would you start working with me right away or would you recommend I wait till February or march. Well it depends on your time frame and what you're looking far and what do you each trying to close by the end of the year or next year is okay. Also depend on what do you have a job at it get here or corporate helping other and so many different things that go into that there's nothing wrong looking now. And it would be happy to help. What I find less competition among other buyers over the holidays then say. Three months ago. I would say probably I mean usually when a cold start and start that O'Donnell at a bed and they have not slow down here and I'm market. But that's just because we have a lot of corporations you begin by no that's not going to be the same across the board in every market. You know any kind to get kind of I have because you don't know what going to be on the market like on the market right now might be exactly what you're looking or in in February. That how you really want it sold in December when you decided not to let you never know it depends on it but there now on the market a bit like silicon court. In Yucca have to make sure it works for you. That is a really good point Leslie because if you just put your whole plans to sleep. Until this spring. Who knows how many perfect homes could have come up on the market and been sold to other people that's a great point right. Well Leslie from talking to you about buying real estate over the holidays. I haven't heard you say a single negative I have not heard you say don't do it wait it's not worth it everything I hear says go for. Well I would agree with what you're saying absolutely because you are our buyers. You want to picture yourself in that house because in reality you're looking Ari home and when you get in there and it it's good to Howell. And it's not gonna work for you if you go into property and feel like home. Then you start thinking and your emotions. Kind of dark take over you think I like it actually see ourselves. Here and I being led all. The spirit of the holidays. That we could be. I think you get a lot more of that this time appeared in media other times that year it depends on whether that excites you and it or not it it does. And I thought that it it doesn't and you know that might not be your climate here so I think for the most part absolutely gut or. Leslie we've covered a lot of ground today but before I let you go let me ask you. How's business. Well it still them being here it's deep and it's just been off and I'm nothing sloping down. We're still busier than hack although I will say that you know we got hit pretty hard by hurricane hearty in late August. That's apparently in the face of our state helping market has about 25%. Of our housing market was affected by hurricane party. And so here we are almost. Two months later. Leslie how's the state of Texas doing now how every one hoping. You know we are obviously in recovery mode about 41%. Our state at tech since realtor members were affected which is a huge part of our membership considering that side that excess. We have our state convention right after the hurricane and it went pretty emotional but people are getting back to work in which I'm getting back to their lives and some are able to make that a little quicker than others depending on the devastation. Well Leslie let me ask you how were you affected over in Dallas if at all I mean so many people in the Houston area lost their homes. Do a lot of those people relocate over in the Dallas part of Texas. We had a lot of the evacuees here in the Dallas Fort Worth area that we are not affected at all by the wet every were very. Or will Leslie as always we'd like to send our best wishes to all the people of Texas. Especially as we approach the holiday season and do you Leslie. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving Thanksgiving all you Leslie Ruda Smith real chore with Dave Perry Miller & Associates in Dallas. The former chair of the Texas association of real tours. And an heiress 2017. A regional vice president for Texas and Louisiana. Coming up front realistic today thinking about energy efficiency for the long run. Yeah I think people are being a lot more savvy about the kind of house they're going to try. Because they're living in them a lot longer. That's coming up right here. All unrealistic to death. But first it's time for get real sore. Special segment on realistic setting in which we ask you one real tore one question. Designed to give you the same buying and selling incites the prozac. And today. As we approach the holiday season we're going to look it up big question facing home sellers all across America. If your houses for sale should you decorated. We're not let's ask approach. Joining us now is Jill George dead real tour and broker associate with re Max back in realty in Willis in North Dakota. Joseph is the president of the Willis and board of real source and it's also the 2018. Vice president. Of the North Dakota association. Of real tours Joseph welcome to real estate today. And Sergio should you have decorations or not. In your house over the holidays. That there really good question can he thinks that yes it is it is okay to decorate mean we we want to house to look at me and lovable and comforting when they rocketed door you know first first impressions are important however we don't want to decrease because that is where we walk in and Democrats Florida because he's in every corner on every meridor on every cable every blanket you know. Can't dance a happy medium and an hour though listing agent that is the really tough one to get up. Grip on sometimes you don't wanna walk in and tell dumb woman who's spent forty decorate your house but it might be a little overbearing. But in order for people you. Get that comforting feeling they don't wanna come into an overwhelming sense either. So we have had I have had to tell people it'll take and we. Pick on one of the ten Christmas trees since it's you know. Because we knew it wouldn't know stole the presidency in eighty need to get into Google you know whole thing and that's the same. Any kind of eerie dare dare talk to you lock in Q and the 200 picture frames on the wall was every kid from 1940 on up. A little overbearing sometimes ready offered to do the year look. You know. Look overwhelming. Or they've got too much for the turnaround. You know that today it's no different with Christmas stuff we may have. Have to talk somebody OK hey we need to back out just a hair. So big if they used to limit wanna do it simple it's a fine but we don't. Want anybody to get swallowed up when they walk in either. Will Joseph I really appreciate you being on the show and talking about whether home sellers should decorate or not in the upcoming holiday season. Certainly. You're very welcome. Joseph George Stan real tour and broker associate with re Max back in realty in Willis to North Dakota. The president of the Willis and board of real source in the 2018. Vice president. Of the North Dakota association a real source. This is really easy today. All real estate all the time. And we are back for their special show here come the holidays. Are you ready for Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season. Well that's what today's show was all about to help you get already. So this holiday season will be the best one ever. Coming up we'll talk about making your home green for the holidays and I'm not talking about Christmas trees here come the holidays is straight ahead. But first let's check in with Phil Thompson in the realistic today newsroom. I don't like Stephen were still few weeks away from celebrating the new year but a new forecast from core logic contains some news that. Half a million Americans are going to want to celebrate core logic chief economist frank note outspoken the company produced video we have. Forecasting a 5% rise in the core logic home price index over the next year. All homes rise in value by this amount and about 500000. Homeowners will regain a positive net housing off position. Course Nortel says price appreciation is not uniform but varies across markets and neighborhoods. Nationally about five point 4% of euros homeowners were under water at midyear but that figure ranged from zero to 20% across communities. Fannie Mae is working to make it easier to get a conventional fixed rate mortgage to buy a manufactured home. They've rolled out a model program now in New Hampshire right now and most of the US buyers a mobile. Homes can't get those loans unless they buy land along with the mobile home. But now and a model program Fannie Mae loans will be available to buyers in approved resident owned communities or oral seizing New Hampshire. And ROC is similar to a Condo structure under New Hampshire along mobile homes and ROC can be titled has real property. Home sales to single women are on the rise again. The National Association of Realtors 2017 profile homebuyers and sellers reveals that single females comprised 18% of sales this year. That matches the highest share since 2011. Only married couples account for a larger share of home purchases this year on the other hand for the second straight year the overall share of single male buyers. Just 7%. Did invite to you. Thanks bill. And right now making your home green for the holidays and be off. And we're not talking about reits and garlands and trees. We're talking about energy efficiency. And how making your house tight as a drum and as energy efficient as possible. Can happen a lot more easily when an agent who holds the green designation. From the national association of real tours recently I spoke about why using a green agent matters to buyers sellers and you. With Arlene old Droid real tour and broker owner with old Droid realty in mission Diego California. And a designated green real tore. You are agreeing designated. Yes tell me. What does that mean. To a buyer in your mark. What I'm not a market which is Orange County California. About 70% of our inventories built about 1970s. And that means that these homes have the potential to be energy efficient homes in the future right now the way they stand. They're kind of energy inefficient and a lot of people are putting solar panels on their homes is because they wanna reduce their energy bill. But the reason you wanna look for green designee agent is vacant coaching through process of making a home not only more energy efficient. But also reduce your energy bill and make it healthier because you're improving indoor air quality you're adding insulation. You're making a home better than if you were buy it brand now. And an aging can coach you through the type of house and as the best potential to be bigger return on your investment. Because. When you net energy efficient improvements. It adds more value to our home. And it's not just any agent you are a designated. Green agent so. What's the difference. The difference is is that I've been trained by NAR. For Mike Green designation. You know exactly what to look for and be this source of this horse so no what used to do when it comes to getting energy audit why he should do that first before you do any home improvement. Because you may not be doing the right improvements in the right order it's very important to note that when you make your home more energy efficient is that you get an energy got its first. And Mabel coach you on what you need to do to get the best return on your investment. And so that's why you need to be trained by any. So the buyers get a trained. Professional. Who knows what to look for in a home. Whether it's energy efficient and what can be done to make it more energy efficient. Exactly does a lot of times what would buyers like you know home. They will now the new car bit they'll see the new paint on the walls and that will be channel like the sizzle right that'll be disposal why they wanna buy that home. But a green designee will say. Well that's nice however if you go and in this room really hot and it's on the stage so that need to be addressed with installation. Or they'll look at appliances that may be a little bit old now say you know maybe you should consider getting Energy Star appliances. Or it will go to the outside and see it cool it's and let's look at the pool competency as a variable speed school I'm. Because you replaced with that not only will I know that rebates for that quote I'm. I will know that it's good estate and a couple hundred dollars on their NEC they'll each month. Looking at the timeline of the sale if I'm selling my property. And we get together and I bring you want is my listing agent. Do I need a few months to get my house ready to be truly energy efficient and marketed that way in the market in your area. It depends on the upgrades that you're going to do and usually when you have a green designated agent. That you'll look at how differently than a regular HM well. Because you have your checklist of green items are energy efficient items that you wanna look at and say okay. You have Energy Star appliances. You have a tank with water heater. You have new windows. Or you have good insulation to your attic you have a water filtration system so our highways look differently at a house at a regular agent does. And even if it's not green certified home. That we will say hey these are the things that we can promote as energy efficient to add more value. And so let's say that a homeowner why do certain improvements to be more attractive to a buyer. We can coach them on those improvements and I wouldn't say that it would take buttons I would say. May be through the whole process. That just a couple weeks to get things done just there's a few things he could do DIY. You don't necessarily have to hire professional. And spend a great deal of money some of these easy to do on your own. Are you seeing increased interest in energy efficiency every year. Or has it peaks is it about plateaued or is it still on the way out. It is definitely is on the way up let me say at this forum. We went through this housing boom. And it was you just wanted to buy a house to get into a house now I think people are being a lot more savvy about the kind of house that they're going to bite because they're living in them a lot longer. And so they want to have the best return on their investments and quite frankly great deals don't exist anymore because we don't have big foreclosure or short sale market. And so what we're buying us houses that are good value for the money. And so they're being a lot more savvy and I needed to make that clarification between energy efficient and good indoor air quality I think my clients are more interested in good indoor air quality because homes. Have a lot of stuff and I. Right this is where we live and a lot of people have home offices and a lot of children have allergy problems asthma problems. So when we start helping them understand the benefits of indoor air quality a little light goes off and they go that's the kind of home that I wanna live. So it is a trending upwards as we get that education. Out there Eileen. Thank you so much for joining us on the show and explaining. Energy efficiency and the green designation and what it means to people in our communities thanked him. Thank you so much Stephen I can't tell you how wonderful this opportunity is and on an up and coming trend in our industry it's been a pleasure thank you. Eileen old Droid broker owner with old Troy realty in Mission Viejo, California. And at designated green real tore. Coming up unrealistic today have you ever thought about using LED bulbs. In your Christmas tree. They are much much safer to be used countries to read them Garland. Because they don't put up a lot of heat. That's next on our special show. Here come the holidays. This isn't real estate today. Because your home might be. Your biggest investment. And we're back now order special show here come the holidays. And we're going to continue our look now. It how to keep your home safe during the holiday season. In our first hour we talked about holiday lights and extension cords inside you were home. Well now we're gonna head outside with Shannon Pruitt from underwriters laboratories in Chicago. Shannon thanks for coming back urban. Washington when many of us put up holiday lights in her house we need to use extension quartz how do we know those courts are safe and there were using them safely. If you're using an extension cord Al worry. Make sure that they are read it for outdoor use I know a lot of people who take an indoor extension cord and plug it up outside a pepper lights and at a very very bad shape do you rest because that court has not rated or extreme temperature than getting wet situation. Interest and so here's something I've always wondered about Shannon. If I have an extension cord outside and say that my front spotlight is plugged into. Should I wrapped the connection between the plug on the spotlight and the extension cord with electrical tape or does not really matter to get swept. Good question a lot of yet but it entered hype. Yes you're front spotlight is rated for help or use and it is okay and if you're extension cord is rated for Al toward you. Then. Simply plugging those two together and corporate control even if it snows on it even if it rains. Yet even that long that both have an Al Gore reading. They are there already tested it and look at prototypes and well that's really good to know that's awesome that's a steelworker and tough but this credit as they are delighted it or not rated that. Don't even bother trying to come up for duty to know whether he malware that. You know shatter one last thing a few minutes ago you mentioned the new LED ball. It's interesting because. They burn cool they don't burn hot like the old bull she's two and of course there are more efficient. So what do you think should that be where we're heading around the house. Absolutely. Up for two reasons one the LED lights use up to 75%. Less electricity compared to traditional. And they can last up to 25 times as long as you're traditional like oh they are much much safer to be used on screen greens and Garland. Because they don't put up a lot of key. You know I know liquors meaty stories. During holiday season and that typically offer rebate if you bring in an old satellite election give you an instant rebate on a new kind of bellied he's lightened it because the track at. Betty they see so much more electricity compared to traditional like Eminem or secret because of the last economic. In your saving money the whole time that's really good to an ocean and thank you for that. And Shannon I really appreciate you talking about holiday lighting without send how to keep your home safe as we approach the holidays thank you Shannon. Grab it very welcome. Should improve it with underwriters laboratories in Chicago the leading safety consulting and certification company. In America and 46 countries around the world. Coming up unrealistic today giving thanks for your very own home. That's next on our special show here come the holidays. If you're hungry for real estate information follow real estate today on Twitter. She air segments listened to them again and be the first to know what's on the next week show. Just search realistic today on Twitter. Real estate today. Because you love real estate. And we're back now whether special show here come the holidays. All about hearth and home and what the holidays mean to you and your real estate. Now this Thursday millions of Americans will open their homes to family and friends as we celebrate that uniquely American holiday. Of Thanksgiving. When we gather round the table and talk about all the wonderful things in our lives that we can be thankful for. Of course there's your family your friends your health. And your home the roof over your head your own home sweet home. When you think about whom sure there's so much to be thankful for it provides shelter for you and your loved ones. It's the place where life happens and memories are made where you and your loved ones celebrate as your children take their first steps. Celebrate birthdays graduation. And of course. When you've just bought your first house there's just something wonderful about that first Thanksgiving. In your very own home. That's something you'll never forget it but of course homeownership is about more than just the house itself. It's about building something a life. A neighborhood and hopefully. Long term wealth. Owning a home as the foundation of twelfth and families all across America. It's kind of a savings plan that grows in multiple ways. For one every time you pay your mortgage your chipping away at the amount you vote on the house. Note first the payments mostly interest but over time that changes and bit by bit your equity grows. Also the passage of time helps to. Typically realistic gradually appreciates in value as the years passed. So if you hold on to their house for decades the increase in value will become a big part of your household wealth. Now that equity gain will help you in the long run of course. But you'll also helped you sooner. Because if you wanna refinance at today's incredibly low interest rates. UB a far better candidate for that process. The more equity you have the stronger your financial position. And as I say it just tends to happen over time. Now in the current tax code there are a lot of benefits that homeowners can be thankful for. The biggest one the mortgage interest deduction that most families take April 15. It's a big part of homeownership. It helps make your family's finances stronger. So does the property tax deduction every year families can deduct the property taxes they pay which up to more savings on their federal return. And another thing that millions of Americans can be thankful for the capital gains exclusion. This comes in the play when you sell it as long as you've lived there two out of the past five years. You can make up to a half million dollars profit as a married couple and a quarter million as a single person and pay no taxes on it. That one provision in the US tax code has helped countless Americans put their entire profit into their next home. Or if they're just selling and not buying another place at all. They get to keep that whole profit tax free that's something to be very thankful for. No of course all of this reflects current tax law. We all know that the new tax reform legislation could change a lot of those benefits. The rest assured. The national association of real torch will be working hard to keep all those tax benefits in place for homeowners all across America. And finally one last thought. All of us here at realistic today are thankful for you. Our listeners. We appreciate every single one of the and we're so glad you listen to the show after all we do it for you so that you can do real estate the right way every time. Thank you for joining us every week that means the world to arts and from all of us here at realistic today. We wish you and your family are happy Thanksgiving. Coming up next week on realistic today snow birds leaving it cold at the north and heading south. Either for a month. Or maybe for good we'll talk to experts about how to find that sunny place. And how to take care of your other place while you're down south. Snowbird this next week right here on realistic today. And remember you can always listen online if radio talk real tour were also on the Amazon Erica. And from all of us here at realistic today and thank you Burleson. If you're real tired you couldn't of been tie your real estate today's show on your web site. The best realty show on the Radio One 100% free to any our members. Just go to our new web address. Radio dot realtor and click. How realtors.