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Real estate today. The number one realist each show on. Welcome to real estate today. Backed by the professional experience of real tours from across America we're here most trusted source on the radio for up to date real estate information. Real estate today is the official radio program of the national association. Of real tours in its real tour members in your neighborhood. Hi there I'm Stephen gas great and today we have a great show for you. If you wanna save a bundle of money around the house the 1000 dollar show. An entire program dedicated to saving you every single dollar you can't. Today will McEachern utilities your insurance for your mortgage and much more. With the goal of saving you at least 1000 dollars around the house. The 1000 dollar show his straight ahead but first let's go to the realistic today newsroom with Bill Thompson Pardo. I Stephen. The Republican tax reform framework is drawing contrasting reactions from realtors and home builders. The National Association of Realtors says millions of middle income homeowners stand to lose under the plan. The GOP proposal would double the standard deduction but eliminate deductions for state and local taxes and and personal and dependency exemptions. Senior and I our policy representative Evans living yards says that would hurt a lot of families. Double standard deduction saps away the incentive value both for things like the mortgage interest deduction on the property tax deduction which are both. Used to and so out of our people go from renting to buying a home. We are says many families will actually end up paying more in taxes an LAR has launched ads warning that the tax plan could cause home prices to fall as much as 10%. On the other hand the national association of homebuilders calls the GOP plan a positive step in the right direction. NAHB leaders praised the provisions to retain the low income housing tax credit and to lower the pass through rate which will reduce the taxes of thousands of small businesses. CEO Jerry Howard tells CNBC. It's a look at this holistic wood there are other groups out there that can look only at the housing tax incentives offer the consumers and and we understand where they're coming from. But to women and men that make up the homebuilding sector are business people as well and we have to look at the holistic treatment of business taxes and housing tax and sons. But even the NA HBO acknowledges that the mortgage interest deductions effectiveness could be diminished if more families elect to take a higher standard deduction. Experts at Florida International University estimate that. Hurricane Irma caused nineteen point four billion dollars in wind related losses in Florida and that does not include flood losses. And FRU researchers say of that total six point three billion will be paid by insurance companies the arrest or about two thirds of the total wind losses. Will be absorbed by homeowners. Home prices rose faster in July than many economists have forecast. The S&P core logic case Shiller home price index rose five point 9% in July compared to a year ago. Home prices in the twenty city composite index were up five point 8% in July with Seattle Portland and Las Vegas seeing the biggest year over year gains. A new survey by the National Association of Realtors suggest that homebuyers and sellers alike are actually pretty optimistic about the housing market right now. According to NAR's third quarter housing opportunities and market experienced surveyed. Consumers don't lack confidence about buying and selling nor are they worried about the direction of the economy and their finances. Instead what is holding back many renters is the notion that saving for a down payment is challenging animal only get more difficult next year has rents continue to rise. Coming up and half an hour how on page two ways to remodel. Stephen back to you thanks bill. As we've reported here on realistic today home sales. Are down in the United States the number of existing homes sold in a month to month basis have slipped. And so have pending home sales. Those which represent contracts that have been signed but which have not yet gone to closing. But a new survey from and they are sure it was those challenges do not reflect the attitudes of consumers towards buying a home. People want to buy a home. They're just having a hard time doing it. That's from NAR's latest home report the housing opportunities and market experience survey. Let's talk about what the survey revealed with Jessica layouts managing director of survey research and communications at the national association of real torched Jessica welcome to realistic today. Outing we're badger here. So Jessica first of all tell us. What the home survey is how you do it and why you do. The home surveyed actually M monthly poll and the US helpful to me actually a break on a month baby that old homeowner and the on an errant. I'm about I how they feel about the market it now could have to buy a home a bit and Allen home and how are great at tracking within their community. Rerelease to date Connie quarterly defense. I'm but we also asked to read different questions after he asked you might as well just couldn't accept a little Clinton to different. Perspective on the market. OK so let's start with the positive results in the latest survey Jessica. Knowing the latest report you found that 80%. Of the people who currently own a home. Are the most optimistic about buying a home right now that sounds good. Absolutely and we cute he got home on her cute I only have equity in their home. I'm even if they get perch at the height of the market I'm in them there may end we have collected at the highest share. Overall in the market that are saying it now is the good times and I am home and we. Also seen a big jump in renters. Who believe now is a good time to buck that's a very positive development. We have now and little stayed out while the jump from last quarter attempt Arctic each year to sixty cheaper and added that they jumped. I when we broke a year ago it was about flat and we do you see that rendered cute they had to get kinda own. Maybe not as much. As we do you see on the home owner I. And looking at the sales side we see an increasing number of existing homeowners. Who believe now is an excellent time to sell their house can you tell us about that. And while we see that inventories are incredibly tight hip could be really difficult for their first time home buyer stated I'm not home and it's perfect for about it. I'm leak you'd see that sellers they have equity in their home they are saying that the hi it's libel that record at that event document buddy and actually go back to Q1 and 2016. Just 56% of people say that now is to get on the L that's dumped all the way to 78% of platinum. Bar that's huge. And ending up with a positive news more Americans believe the economy is improving. Right now that's a very big development. Apps currently we do you see that 57% of American. Believe the economy is improving and we can carry about acute treatment just 40%. The more than half an American Keene think that there are improvements in the economy back. OK Jessica now on to the challenges the lack of homes for sale is really getting in the way of many people. Who were ready willing and able to buy a house they just can't find one. Inventory is scary I eat. I'm and it does make saving for a down payment typical because really you're moving the ball has. I'm home prices are increase hang on a mountain Vermont aide said and could it would be hard to think our Don King met when you don't know what that concrete is going to be. That's very true and speaking of down payments. A lot of people in this survey cited the fact that they believe it's really hard to say about up. Bolivia XT expert and did say that saving for a down payment would be at least somewhat typical. Right now and get an error on finance and now the fifth among predator and then meet cute eat that renters may have a more difficult time to fade. I as they are paying more and ride it while. OK Jessica and one of the most interesting things are found in your new study. Involved renters because many of them said they want to buy your home box. If they were presented with a new lease that included a rent increase. Many of them said the just go ahead and sign it. Because again they can't come up with that down payment to buy a house. You know along with a down payment Amy not how bad debt to income ratio intact Amy need to eat a little more to have every terrorist. I'd actually go through and purchase a home at about even know. Safety first and sported a cheaper and of Americans believe that Iraq. Could increase in the next year. 15% say hey I consider buying a home I want a more stable price stamina K on a monthly basis for my housing. I'm and purchasing a home would absolutely get that. So Jessica any thing in the latest survey that really surprised you. I think that I have one of the things that hopefully the economy right now. It that would mean do you block come on US toppled the personal financial outlook. Had actually increase in we are seeing that increase on a month over and speak at and felt I do you think that there is a gross that I in the economy and people are dealing Matt. Would Jessica I certainly do appreciate you coming on the show today and talking about any r.'s latest home survey. The housing opportunities market experience thank you Al Jessica routes managing director of survey research and communications. At the national association of real to. Coming up unrealistic today. Can you really fight to City Hall. Did you send any evidence has been extended similar properties went and photographs for his friends. And CEO that there will take a look at it Kelly yes. That's next on our special program. The 1000 dollar show. Real estate today. Making you think real estate professionals. Every week. Welcome back to our special program the 1000. Dollar show. Dedicated to helping you save at least 1000 dollars around your house. We're gonna kick off the show with how to save money with one of the biggest expenses many homeowners face. Property taxes. Now assured because your property tax bill and it looks fine. There's no problem but what if it doesn't continue really fight City Hall in short. Yes you can. If you go win. At the information you need you might just fight city hall and win let's talk about that now the pro. Joining us is Lisa Gerstner contributing editor at kiplinger's personal finance Lisa thanks for joining us on realistic today. Grading game we're glad you're here so first ball Lisa when I'd get my property tax bill. How annoying know if all that information on it is accurate. Yeah I like. Urge you want a crap and making sure you understand the bell and how your media that the property value because it as a theory. And send immediate gains made repeat that market value of your Hamanaka Piet by a ratio has paid 80%. Tell it your comfort a 100000 dollar from the market but there ratio is 80% of end your pet property diet actually going to be 80000 dollars that you make circuitry that I. Great picture you know how they're giving Baffert stopped and not to let Ed know how Lotta people take Q or appeal the belly like he think it might be a little higher at something opt. See how on you have to give it might be a month from when you get about 93 month opted for Wal-Mart longer and luckily. I think at that it played the part to make sure you know what's going on your team. Yeah that's a really good point that if you get your property tax bill and just stick it in a drawer. And then nine months later come out and say you know the repeal this it might be too late. Re right email only have a few leak deep and some places could definitely check back. It could open up I didn't appeal lucky you need to get Latin. RC so Lisa say they disagree with my property tax assessment. How do we go about fighting. City Hall. Sheriff you might see how your immediate debt that I like and the process is going to embargo and Ellington but you're trying it Packard and hit it there rockets. Media photographs that your comment blueprint that your pound for example you may realize something really Rambo like you know indeed the property card for your column president has for veterans now. Only have two veteran but it's pretty obvious mistake. And that he immediately hit it straight from the top that they hate others there's a problem what I property card here to pick that the aid they get on the spot for you and I would be a really nice easy way to get it. But it it's not that straight for already am maybe electorate process of looking at property cart is similar honky or is it that the good place to start. At meter leg up my carefully keep your your caddie authentic looking at. Hounding her neighbor paid it looking for like with similar square footage to think effort that you're back there and about that he needed Huard. Think they compare if there. A lot of them are considerably lower than your opinion I have achieved. Just killing your belt or even at their about the famed you have to be featured on your property. I'm better not to attracted to get really we don't like having negative thing about our confidence keeper might help you if you had. Lucky greeting Brett back you up for pandora media deserves in the lower attachment can be better hounds so limiting the wanna consider and then. After about content and yet and can't find any similar properties and that photograph straight grand. And that would be that there will take a look at any usually with a couple months I'll let you know if you're popular and successful in lowering your property tax. I am a couple of months. It really actor or make it clear you says that the just a minute ago there really struck a chord which is. In today's era you can go online NCE. All the property tax bills for all your neighbors and everybody in your community. So you'll know how we use stand compared to everybody else now once upon a time you would have had to go down to City Hall to do that for right now. You can do it right from your couch. Ray Knight I. I dynamic felt pilot kept my house thing online at seventy you're having to go into the cockpit and maybe in some parts needed that they haven't added up online it might not be an option and that's. Certainly I would go there first bloody get to do about it. Now you mentioned bedrooms as being an obvious mistake like if they're saying you have four bedrooms pitcher really just have to. That's a no brainer what other kind of things. Are sometimes. Inaccurate. On a property tax bill. Yeah at number of veteran amber at actor and keep outlook this square footage mixture about our culture of any day any of that square amber has become attached it to the F. If that are on point at a better than the one that might be your case really simple and straightforward. Yet an electric current ones like I mentioned eighty. I detriment to your property that can be a little bit more which he can't get your more patent eager to appeal crock that's about the bedrock Pettit and look where. And last question for you Lisa if your property taxes do go down because you fought city hall and you have one net. She Jude just expect. That your mortgage company which might be holding property tax is an escrow. Will know that or should you reach out and tell them you have a new dollar amount. It always worth checking out Mac yet you can contact bat and make sure that they have all the information that they need you know whether or not if he's in touch with them. I'm a great point ethnic treat you Batman. Well Lisa I certainly do appreciate it because people can save a lot of money if they just get it right on their property tax bill so thank you for joining us. You you're very welcome. Lisa Gerstner contributing editor at kiplinger's personal finance on how to fight City Hall. Coming up unrealistic today. Are you paying too much for your homeowner's insurance which you're looking at insurance is what I think about which actually schori tell your insurance company can definitely help Hewitt stuff. That's coming up right here on our special program. The 1000 dollar shows. But first it's time for ask. The millennial. The millennial so the biggest demographic group in America and potentially the biggest group of homeowners ever. So let's talk real estate now with a genuine member of the millennial generation joining us is Jayne plunger hi Jane. Hi Stephen great to be here so Jane what's on your agenda today. Even today I wanted to talk about living abroad. Now I semester in France in college but many colonials are actually picking up and moving out of the country permanently. According to a report from HSBC. 52% of all ex pats are millennial. Ivan number of friends who have chosen to leave the Gloria USA today and make their way in foreign lands. It's talk about some of the reasons why and how they make it work. Employment opportunities Ari huge reason why Milan ills are fleeing to foreign shores. My college roommate had difficulty finding work is a teacher after we graduated. It was 2010. The economy wasn't in good plays and fuel range is couldn't find work so she ended up taking a job at an international school in Yemen. That led to a job in Jordan which led to a job in China and now she's in South America. And because many of these places have a comparatively low living cost the US she's able to put away quite a bit in savings. Which she's hoping to use a down payment when you finally find at least to settle down Jane that's great she's seeing the world and being paid at the same time. A priest week gate. Now that Sheen each SP he studies said that 40% of ex pats said that living abroad has helped them. Expedite from reaching their financial goals and 67%. Said that owning property is more achievable in a new country. Another friend of mine was on vacation with her family in France her husband and two young children. They kind of small town that they fell in love went and looked into what it would cost to live there. It turned out how is where. Much cheaper there than Washington DC. And the course of the year they went from being renters in America to homeowners in France Jane that is a huge move did she have any trouble at all. Now you both paid that this is made significantly easier by the fact that she spoke fluent French and it made finding work considerably simpler. But I'd like to think that if the 29 year old with two children under five can handle an international move the rest of us really can't complain that it's too hard. Jane this is fascinating thanks for talking to us about mullah emails living abroad. Jane don't injure a genuine member of the millennial generation thanks for being here on realistic today. Think he's he men. And if any of you have questions that only millennial can answer please send me email I asked them millennium at radio dot realtor. And if possible I'll answer my near. Real estate today. Because knowledge is power. That's now what a 1000 dollar show a special program all about the money. Saving money around your house because whether you have a lot of money for just a little. Saving is always a great play and there are so many things you can do around the house you might never think about. Things that can save you some serious care. Coming up we'll talk about your homeowner's insurance policy and how just a few adjustments can save you big money every year. The 1000 dollar show continues. Right after we check in with Bill Thompson and the realistic today's news true I don't. Hi Steven. There is no doubt the housing market in South Florida will take a short term hit from hurricane Irma. September closings in Miami could drop as much as 50% says one leading real jerk. But Christina Pappas the residential president of the Miami association of realtors. Also told local ten news in Miami that as things get back to normal people wanna get on their lives and buy homes. After that we seem an uptick actually in a lot of decision making so we see a lot of times tragic thing that happened or catastrophes that come our way. We tend to see people expedite their situation and expedite their decision making. Pappas doesn't seller who's been on the offense now may jump off the offense is she says there's a lot of opportunity out there for those ready to make the move. It pays to remodel literally. A new report from the National Association of Realtors finds that homeowners who take on remodeling projects gain equity and add to the resale value of their homes. But there is emotional equity go to crews from remodeling as well. The NIR 2017 remodeling impact report. Finds that after completing a remodeling project 75% of homeowners have a greater desire to be in their home. 65% say they have increased enjoyment in their home and 77%. Feel a major sense of accomplishment. Coming up and half an hour the devastation to Puerto Rico is real estate market Stephen but do you thanks bill. And we are continuing now with 1000 dollar show. A special program here on realistic today. All about saving you big money around your house. And right now we're going to look at something every homeowner needs but something that many homeowners pay too much for. That is their homeowner's insurance. Let's find out how you can get the right insurance for the right price and not to overpay. Joining us now is Laura Adams host of that top rated money girl podcast. Laura is an award winning author whose latest book is money girls Smart moves to grow rich. She's also senior analyst at insurance quotes dot com and millions of people here and follow Moore's advice. Every week across America Laura welcome to realistic today. And we're glad you're here so Loren let's begin with the basics of homeowners insurance policy. Because many people believe the amount of coverage of your policy should equal the purchase price of your home. True not true what's a better way. Don't win you're looking at a insurance you wanna think about which are actually ensuring you're insuring the property destruction were on the land. But not land itself so what you're only trying to replace or make sure that you can repair or recover if there is total loss. Is that structure and joke we know that landed very valuable and depending on where you love it could be. It was much at a court are even more than that of the value of the property and you've got lake front property euros and throw words are really really valuable may make it even worse than that much. For the average homeowner you're going to be insuring less than what you paid pretty home because that right includes a land. But Laura how do why no. How much is just the house residency in realistic the improvements. On the land and how much is just the dirt I don't know. Yasser your insurance company can definitely help you attest they're going to look at the size of the home. Quality of the home the cost to rebuild a home where you lived. They you material used in your homes all of those are gonna go in Q. The value to rebuild the property order re pure the prop creek and pray or can also help you without it. Don't believe the assurance company do you think it's too high or too low you can actually get an upgrade or to help you understand. What the not to market value but the actual replacement of the cost of that structure would date. Next up Laura a question that strikes fear into every co workers part. And that is when your insurance agent says how much of a deductible. You want I mean obviously if you go high eight. Your premium is last if you go low. Your premium is higher but there's less out of pocket what your advice. If you are a good sleeper and you would feel comfortable shelling out. A 1002000. May be even more. If you had to make a claim that I don't recommend going higher you know that is going to save you money on premiums over many many years. But if you're not good sabre you don't typically keep whole Lotta around that's you know Sunday that you're gonna need to really gear realistic about and you wanna have a lower deductible. So you know be realistic about which you've got 95 dollars at the most common deductible but if you can get pushed back at 2000 dollars that can save money. Another big way to save that you talked about many times with us here on the show. Is bundling using the same company for your homeowner's insurance and your car insurance. How much can we save if we bundle verses if we have different companies doing each. Our data it insurance quotes dot com shows that you can see. 322. Dollars on average across the US. And some states it's gonna be closer to 600 dollars like in Louisiana some pretty significant that you almost. Hathaway or more to that thousand dollar number that we're trying to hit. There's a lot of savings nervous next what is going to surprise a lot of people but one of the best ways to save on insurance. Is taking good care of your credit. Tell us about that Laura. Yeah accredited huge we know that the majority. Home insurance companies are looking it's a credit. And then having good credit means that you are eight or less risky customer likewise having poor credit means you are riskier to them because. Statistics show that you're likely to make war claims. I would say if you are able to raise your credit overtime doc I happen overnight rain but if you can read it slowly over time. You're insurance companies to re rate view and that means they kind of look it's rash all over. That can definitely save you hundreds I would say even you know approaching 500 dollars if you go from having median credit excellent credit depending on where you left. Laura I tell you what I really appreciate everything you've told us about homeowners insurance today. And I look forward to talk with you again thank you. My pleasure having me again you're very welcome Laura Adams host of the top rated money girl podcast in award winning author. End senior analyst at insurance quotes dot com. Coming up on realistic today. The first in a two part interview about saving money. On your home loans to not all lenders charged all fees should not all lenders charge the same amount for treason that's next on our special program with the 1000 dollar shift. This is real estate today. 100%. Real estate 100% of the time. Continuing now with the 1000 dollar show a special program here on realistic today. In which were determined to say view at least 1000 dollars around the house. And right now we're going to tackle one of the biggest monthly expenses you have and how you can possibly shave some dollars off of it. We're talking about your home loan. Let's talk about saving money and your mortgage both on the front end and the back end when an expert. Joining us is Keith coming here vice president at HSH. Dot com. The nation's leading source for consumer mortgage and financial information. Keith welcome to realistic today could be here we're glad your ears and Keith. Let's talk about leaving money on your mortgage in two ways starting with the application and then moving on to the long run. First of all connect consumers save out of pocket expenses. When they first apply for a mortgage. Well let's settle the case not all lenders charge all fees should not all lenders charge the same amount for trees so. If you wanna start saving money up front and they should be small dollar bounty but savings that out as you're in the marketplace talked to wonders Aston mistaken provide views and information about fees up front disclosures that they would normally give away right up front. And he could start to compare he's been applied to lower costs from later today or under debate. I seek. Now one of the expenses we always CU and has a home loan involved is the appraisal. Could consumer ever negotiate with the lender to make them pay for that's. Or would always fall on the buyer. Well a couple of things going olive appraisals that are interest and yet. Recently Fannie Mae announced that they are going to be requiring appraisals force certain borrowers into certain properties. Yeah you're gonna have to get super premium credit and things of that nature so. If you or one of those folks you might be able to save some money on your appraisal right there. But for the rest of us it's important noted. What you're going to get a mortgage loan that there are legitimate cost at the lender and Dewhurst and legitimate third party cost of the appraisal. Happens to you autos so it doesn't have to be paid now the question is did you wanna pay import. You certainly can't party out of pocket closing costs if you prefer the lender to cover some of those fees. Most of the time they'll be happy to do so but that may come at the cost of these slightly higher than market interest rates glitter covered the cost they have to recover them at some other point so. You get the opportunity to not have to pay him out of pocket but you may pay them back over the long. Interesting you know another big expenses. Paying down the rate we're talking about points here. Keith can you briefly explain what points are and how much they cost consumers out of pocket and also. Where there consumer can negotiate that point to. All point shift to confuse a lot of folks but it is important or start by thinking of them as what they are officially known as which is a discount points that is you hate. Up point. That is a 1%. 81% of the dollar value borrowing as a street. The lower the interest rate by to tell about. I usually paying appoint or lower the interest rates by as much a quarter percentage point. But that's usually only for the first point subsequent points don't necessarily pay down the interest rates. Much further at each time so you couldn't paid have a 4% interest rates. Ed page sixteen point it has no interest rates for example that's just doesn't work out like that would be so. They would meet I'd put promote borrowers you're talking about paying a point Turkey due to lower the interest rate appoint should lower at thirty your quick straight about a quarter percentage point. A two point eight would lower that may be appropriate to a percentage point. Now the good news you don't have to pay points again these are just count pointed used to lower the interest rates. There can be times when lowering that rate matters when your qualifying or if you plan on staying in a hole looked very long period of time. You can spend that money up front hey don't appoint a front lower that rate and get all your money back and then solve all of a long haul. So you want to sit down to run some numbers just to see if pain points for not paying points it's important to you. For a lot of borrowers would rate is low they are today. Not too many folks are actually paying points or just fractionally. To keep. Yard never seen it all the mortgages are taken out I've never seen a lender who will front the cost. Of those points it's always on me right. While you're going to pay for one way or the other again you could traded off for a little bit higher rate he could have a negotiators make. Three recourse at a point or interpreted 4% at no point just. So at a later certainly gonna start to pay those. Point four you would that white Canadian faster but. If you're going to take him back a little bit at a time mobile health blog you happen to be. Okay Keith so that's how to save money if you're getting a mortgage. But there's a lot more to it can you talk about saving money in the long run. In the next hour of real estate today. Just fine. Great Keith thank you. Keith coming or vice president did HSH dot com the nation's leading source. For consumer mortgage and financial information. Coming up on realistic today. How leaning over the back fence and talking to your neighbors can help you can save some serious money. We'll explain next on our special program the 1000. Dollar show. If you love listening to talk about real estate during the conversation. I'm really see today radio on FaceBook. We can't wait to hear from you and that's real estate today radio on FaceBook. This is a real estate today. Location. Location. And information. And we are back with a our special program the 1000. Dollar show. Where we're looking at all the ways to save some cold hard cash around your house. We wanted to wrap up this hour today's show with a great idea and that is. Saving money by going in on projects big and small with your neighbors. Now let's look at that. Neighbors around the country have been finding big savings by getting together on any number of household improvements and household chores. From landscaping and lawn mowing services to tree removal and roof replacement. Many landscaping companies for example will offer group discount to neighbors. Why because the company only has to go to one area it saves them time in its issue money. Know how much savings are we talking about. William might be able to save up to 20%. Maybe more are pure weekly lawn mowing service. By getting your neighbors to use the same company you do. That could add up to 400. Dollars per year. And you don't have to do with the thing except use the same lawn cutting company as your neighbor know how easy is that. OK and here's a big one before you buy mulch for your yard ask your neighbors if they need some to infect you might wanna ask the whole neighborhood. By purchasing mulch in bulk you'll likely get free delivery and possibly 15%. Or more off the price. Now how about air raiding your law and if you need to do that you're not alone. It's always a good idea to bury your lawn around this time of year to get oxygen and nutrients down to the roots. And to reduce the negative effects of compacted soil. You can rent a moderator for about a 120 dollars a day but if you get for neighbors to go in on it with you. You only have to pay thirty dollars each the more you share the more safe. No sometimes neighbor discounts come in the form of referral bonuses. For example if both you when your neighbor get offensive the same time. You might both to receive 100 dollars off in referral bonuses. May be more. And here's another big job worth sharing tree removal this can be expensive anywhere from 200 dollars to maybe 3000 or more. Depending on how big the treatise and other factors like. Is it right next to the house is their offense straight under it or do you need to stomp ground things like that it's very expensive. So it's worth the question to the tree removal company can I get a discount if my neighbor agrees to get tree were done at the same time. Now your neighbor might not need to hold tree chopped down but maybe they do need a tree tram or prune. Large or small jobs pooled together among neighbors can still bring goods savings. That's because a tree company can make more money in less time if they do a large volume of business in the same area. You might be able to get 10% off in May be more and when you're talking about an expensive job like tree removal well that can amount to big savings. So the next time you have a big or small household project pop over to your neighbor's house and ask if they wanna join in. Or send out a letter to the whole neighborhood and see if any other neighbors what a poor job together for a group discount the savings can be huge. And you're only limited by your imagination. Share expenses on landscaping and equipment cost storage pods. Dumpster rentals driveway replacements. Even a lawn mower it can be purchased in shared among neighbors. Look for ways to partner up and start saving. In today's economy it really it is the neighborly thing to do. If you'd like to hear more current real estate today's special program. The 1000 dollar show either stay tuned we're joined us online at radio talk real tour. It from all of us here at realistic today. Thank you for listening. If you're real dared to even the theme tie your realistic today's show on your web site. The bats real deep chill on the Radio One 100% lead to any our members just go to our new web address. Radio dot realtor and click. How realtors. Real estate today. The number one the real estate show. Welcome back to real estate today. Backed by the professional experience of real tours from across America. We're the most trusted source on the radio for help today it's realistic information. Realistic today is the official radio program of the national association of real tools and Israel's remembers in your neighborhood. Play again I'm Stephen gas query and we have a great show for you today. All about saving money around the house and how those savings can really add up it's no 1000 dollar show. Dedicated to saving you at least a thousand dollars and may be much more around the place you call home. In this half hour we're going to tackle your utility bills and find out all the ways you can pay less every single month of the year. The 1000 dollar show rolls off but first let's go to the realistic today newsroom to fill Tulsa I know I Steven. Harvey. And Burma have been the storms everyone's been talking about for weeks but Maria. Has left widespread devastation in its wake as well especially in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico association of realtors executive director Marcos Millar says quote it's literally like the whole island was bombed. Dolores says even homes that were reinforced with concrete worst napkin to like toothpicks. And Mike Ford broker owner of Coldwell Banker heritage homes in West Memphis, Arkansas has maintained close contact with Puerto Rico association executives. You will not be prepared for what you're going to see it is scar force. Band and eat. You can imagine and far worse than what watchers say not alone on a day. And Ford says everybody had damage to their homes. And Houston homeowner saying hurricane Harvey. Was so devastating especially through neighborhoods that don't normally flawed because the city has long dragged its feet on flood mitigation projects. Cynthia Neely is with the group that is suing the city now a force tougher laws she told CBS's sixty minutes probably. Senior Rosalyn thing going to mayor after hater. Yeah we're begging and pleading asking for detention basins asking for drainage infrastructure. Improvements. And moon they just look at locked out us like thank you for coming have a nice day. Houston mayor Sylvester turner says. Homeowners have a point there has been too little action on flood mitigation. I agree with them because you know all of these things are foreseeable. So why haven't these things been done big SARS because there hasn't been the urgency. On all levels to get them done. Turner also spoke on sixty minutes. While hurricane hard because billions in property damage in Texas from one segment of the real estate market was less impacted luxury homes. reports that both listing prices and sale prices fell only slightly according to multiple listing service data from the Houston association of realtors. Home prices and housing demand continue to spiral upward and there's an acute shortage of homes for sale in most markets so the question is. Why aren't more people selling. Well blame some of it at least on negative equity. Core logic reports that nearly five and a half percent of all American mortgage properties are underwater that is the bar were still owes more on the mortgage than the property is worth. Not a big improvement from a year ago won 7% of homes were a negative equity. That's a far cry from the worst of the housing crisis ten years ago when one out of every four homeowners was under water. Coming up and half an hour doing your flood insurance claims right. Stephen back to you thanks built. Continuing now with our special program though 1000 dollar show. In entire program with the goal of saving you money at least a thousand dollars and may be a lot more. And right now one of the most universal bills we all get as homeowners. Utilities. Keeping the electric gas and water bills as low as possible every single month concede view eight ton of money. Plus study showed keeping utility bills low is a top priority for many home buyers in America. So sellers taking steps to lower your home's energy footprint might mean a faster and more profitable sale. Let's talk energy efficiency down when an expert. Joining us now is Mitch gross with ever source new England's largest electric utility serving more than three million customers. Mitch is based in the Nutmeg state of Connecticut. Mr. welcome to realistic today thank you David trapping me we're delighted you're here. Now Mets for a lot of the country at their cold weather will arrive pretty soon. So was a homeowner if I wanna save money and my utilities. What should I be doing right now. Well there are some basic things as simple as caulking and weather stripping your doors and windows you know we keeps the cold air out during those winter months it keeps the cool aryan during the summer months and we always tell our customers when the temperature begins to drop check your windows. And always useful locks on your windows to make them tighter and draft resistance. It during that cold weather. Yeah that's a great idea because. I've heard people say. That the average how folks who loses so much energy through its windows. That it's just like having won a completely open all the time. Absolutely and you know reducing air leaks we estimate could cut at least 10%. From the average household monthly energy bill and the most common places where they air escapes towards. Walls. Ceilings your duct work your fireplace. And around your plumbing. Interest thank. You know some of our advice of course is going to be specific to the cold weather states. But other advice is universal it'll apply to every state in America. So let's talk about HB AC maintenance Mitch. How's that filter when's the last time you checked it had to be replaced it lately you should have your system serviced at least once a year. And we recommend during the heating season especially. Change or clean that furnace filter at least want to marked. We'll also hear a lot in today's world about Smart. Thermostats. Can is that just a gimmick they really say view hard cash. If you know how to use them properly they can potentially shape you some money and your energy bill. And you have to check with the recommendations of your local energy company that patsy for instance for us here in Connecticut. We say during the winter months can you send your thermostat no higher than 68 when you're home can yell lowered when you go to bed at night or when you're not at home. And this will actually helps save money about the old 2% on your heating bill. That's interesting okay so from high tech to load tech. Can put about the old technique that appear to cold part of the United States. That during the day you leave your shades of wide open so the sun can help warm up your house. That is correct sir keep the shades and curtains open during the day on the south side to allow that solar heating. And simply close the midnight to retain the heat as much as you possibly can. That is so interesting you know we also hear a lot about Energy Star appliances but. In another talk with ever source several months ago. You raised a really good point which is a lot of people will buy this new ultra energy efficient refrigerator. And now they're saving money there. But they take their old energy hog and criticized the garage. Well how tough that is the choice of many customers and I had I was recently guilty of the same thing to look at it this way take a look at cure all of your client is in general are the appliance to stock in the 1980s. And you know you're talking about your dishwasher your refrigerator and washer. And your dryer and and in particular if you're looking to shell your home a potential buyer is going to be looking very closely at those appliances so. If you were appliances are still stuck in the eighties. You may want to consider that Energy Star certified appliances or those appliances for an upgrade makes a home so much more attractive. You know one of the big ways people can get a true look. It how they're doing. In their house when it comes to utility bills is getting an energy audit mr. tell us what that is and if I won one how to get it. Kinect which your local energy company here in Connecticut for instance we have that program it is our most popular program that's called home EnergySolutions. We have a program here called energized Connecticut and is this series of programs for both residential. And business customers we have authorized contractors. That come into your home and they do. And attic to basement assessment. Then they go to work making on the spot improvements they'll seal around those areas where the air escaping they'll install the energy efficient lighting the elite p.s. They'll install those water saving Fossett air raiders and low flow shower heads they also look value wager insulation they perform CP check on your heating equipment. They test for duct system leaks. And they recommend death rates then they provide a report detailing everything they've done. And they give you score a home energy score. If you're scores lower you have options now to take steps to raise the score and again if you're in the market and you have a potential home owner picket show you. I've got an energy score pretend you know this is an energy efficient home work looking at that. Really good advice. Mitch thank you for joining us today my pleasure sir Mitch gross with ever source new England's largest electric utility. Serving more than three million customers. Coming up on realistic today. Saving money around their house with professional advice. The thing that actually more opted it as simple pain when he goes back and we'll really cut out but caught them your talent. That's next in our special program the 1000. Dollar true. Real estate today. Connecting you with the real estate professional. Back again with the 1000 dollar show a special program on realistic today. Dedicated to helping you save money. Whether you're buying selling or staying put. You know for just about every homeowner saving money is a top priority. In many homeowners know that one of the best sources for information on how to be economical around the house is there real tools. They have the experience in the knowledge that can help you. Saved money let's talk about that now with a pro. Joining us this and McDonald real sore and broker at four branches of Coldwell Banker Max my hand company in Lexington. Winchester Georgetown in Richmond Kentucky. And has been working with buyers and sellers for 44. Years and she's the past president of the Kentucky association of Rio two hours. And is currently serving as an heiress regional vice president for the states of Kentucky North Carolina South Carolina and Tennessee. And welcome to realistic today. So and if someone is working which you to buy your house. I imagine that one of the first things you do to help them save money. Is make sure they get the right mortgage can you tell us about that. Well I think first and arm I am making sure. They get it leads to a story. Quotes on interest rates. And bet that you help them select. And Mary good a lot about our our hands and doing yes. That helps shape I mean a lot of times what they are cops. On that at any what we'd like good money. You know that's really important and because so many people. Don't even shop around when it comes to mortgage but if a real turn knows two or three trusted lenders don't know which one. Has the best product at the best rate. That's right and that it. Being that we all reached out our acts to do it can be sure and shop around to get at current. And not already on interest rates are armed. Clean bat that would company chart but I bet it's very important call up. What kind of questions do you get from your clients. Designed to help them save money around this beautiful house they just moved into. Well I think the most important thing we can do as well actors is to make sure they know what. Are breached property in that area is shelling our. We can do a brokers and now Russia shall property. And give me a bad dad I want to pay more at its best. After not in the air. That's up with a high but just to make sure. That day and may. I've educated. A decision on what they're a hot car. Eyes city. No end when you and your clients are chatting and they narrowed their living in the house and their love and house. Do they ever call you about things like insurance companies and repair companies in lawn maintenance companies. Places that you can help recommended. Yes sir I do and tried to keep our way out. It clear we can wreck coming and you know two are very different companies not necessarily get ugly dot you have. Our clients the option. On it could be someone that we have means and know that they are that it had pickle ball. You know if I'm a buyer in today's market and houses are expensive to begin with. I'm gonna wanna make sure that every penny I spend goes as far as the camps so. Are any of the buyers in your market asking to see utility bills. As they're looking at houses. XP and a get out of that property. We usually I have a year or BA all sport they are in action. And finally how proud. Energy efficient appliances do your buyers noticed that do they care about it. More and more they're getting cute and especially. I'm ears and they hand. That same bed actually more often in like window opening and went and ocean playing like that at bat and. Really cut out but costume you're HL age and. I certainly do appreciate you joining us on the show today and talking about how your clients. Can save money and how a real tour can help them make that happen thank you again. Thank you so much for having me and I hope you add I think. One got all red step but yet we. Well that is so nice of you and I do appreciate it and McDonald real tour and broker Eric Coldwell Banker Matt mayhem company. In Lexington Winchester Georgetown and Richmond Kentucky. The former president of the Kentucky association of real source. In any r.'s regional vice president for Kentucky North Carolina South Carolina and Tennessee. Coming up unrealistic today. To refinance. Or not to refinance at bat is the question. You can look five years down the robbery in just couple years should know that. You could save about 101000 dollar you earn interest costs. That's coming up on our special program so 1000 dollar show. But first it's time for our Smart home technology report. And today. Voice recognition in your home takes on new direction. And no we're not talking about voice recognition devices getting smarter they're already pretty Smart. And we're not talking about the market getting hotter because the market for the Amazon echo and Google home. Well that's already red hot today were talking about another voice recognition development because it's right out of nowhere. A new version of the Amazon echo is all of a sudden. Q to the facts right as a review. Of our durable. I'm talking about the new Amazon echo spot. It's a smaller version of the echoed it's about the size of a softball which ones are shaved off. But on that flat surface. Visit two and a half inch video screen and tech writers all over America have fallen head over heels in love with it. Not sure the new Amazon spot can do everything the full size echo can do. Just talk to to order food play music get a recipe and on oh. And it can also do everything that the other echo with a screen does the one that's called the coshow. They can play videos do video calls and display the time and weather on your screen. But the little Amazon's spot can do one thing none of the others can. You can look just like an alarm clock just at the little screen to Clark mode and you know half a really good looking little alarm clock. Make that a really good looking little Smart alarm clock. The new spot was announced justice tech reports claim cool is frantically trying to catch up with a video version of its Google home. So Fargo no word on net but the spot is real. However it's not quite available yet. You can pre order one it even if you do you'll get it until right before Christmas. And of course that's no accident Amazon is undoubtedly hoping that little gift boxes with box inside. Will be a red hot present this holiday season. Because even homes that already have an echo might be persuaded to get another device if it's just that cute. And finally the Amazon's spot or so for about 130. Dollars. That's more than the cheapest version of the Amazon dot which does everything also but it has no screen and it looks kind of like hockey puck. Now the dark is awesome but cute now. So far that adjective belongs to only one that voice recognition device out there the Amazon's spot. Coming soon to kitchens living rooms bathrooms and tonight stands. Near you. This is really seat today. All real estate all the time. I know their special show all about saving you cold hard cash around the house. The 1000 dollar show. Looking at all the ways homeowners like you can save money around the place you call home. In this half hour we're going to continue our conversation about mortgages. We'll get refinancing and what it makes sense but when it just plain doesn't. The 1000 dollar show continues right after we check in with Bill Thompson and a realistic today newsroom cargo. I Stephen. Tens of thousands of homeowners file flood insurance claims after the recent hurricanes the head of the National Flood Insurance Program wants to make sure you do right. FEMA is Roy right tell CBS four news in Miami did having the right documentation is critical. I tell folks take more pictures than you've ever taken in your life we wanna see close ups of the model number of the serial number we wanna see. Details walking through the house with a video. Narrate for us what you're seeing show us the water lines. On to Vienna five. 250000. Dollars in damage to the structure and another 100000. For personal contents. Going green is gaining traction among homebuilders new research by the national association of homebuilders finds it. Green construction is becoming more commonplace among both single family and multifamily home builders. The NHB report says at least 13 of single family and multi cam. Builders surveyed said the green building is a significant portion of their overall activity. But 20/20 two and HP says the number should increase to nearly half in both the single family and multifamily sectors. Even back to you thanks bill. Continuing now with our 1000 dollar show. A program dedicated to saving you at least a grand around the house and right now we're going to look at your mortgage and the big question. Should I refinance. Or should I knocked. For that we're going to continue our conversation with Keith coming here vice president at HSH. Dot com. The nation's leading source for consumer mortgage and financial information key to welcome back to real estate today. Great to be here. Now let's look at the long run keys that thirty year mortgage now. Everyone says get the best rate you can let's talk about that. How much difference will it make defy heaven interest rates of say a half point lower. Then another quarter ago. Well we'll look at some common rates in the marketplace today and it if you could have stayed three to three quarter percent vs a fourth quarter percent. A 200000 dollar loan but the thirty year term I mean we don't even have to look at thirty years to find savings and Kirstie. Over five years to difference between those two interest rates Allstate you'll box 5000 dollars in interest cost over the first five years. You know and one thing Keith I tell my friends and told listeners on the show. Is that. You know you can negotiate the price of house and that's a good thing to do but the real savings. Comes through the interest rates. Absolutely you know what we talk about investing we talk about. Compound interest rates and look to see how you make one over the long haul how budget interest you have alternate compound and well when you're talking about a mortgage it's. Outstanding don't compound it moderately at the interest rate your pain so. A lower interest rates means lower interest cost to you don't lower compound interest for him but that's your problem. So that's what's a lower interest rates can say view over the long run. But how do we get the best rate possible I mean is it all about shopping around to different lenders playing against each other how to why get the best possible rate Keith bought some. Instances it's not just about getting the race Steve it can be very important to get the right mortgage product for your circumstance first. If you have plans and only gained your home for three years or five years or seven years. Or you're nearing retirement age you're gonna shell this suburban mansion new Allred moved to. I was more Connell Florida that's gonna happen it's just a few years. You don't need to look at long term fixed rate mortgages you might get. Much more considerable savings by looking at it and adjustable rate mortgage something that pitcher time for him a little better so further consider how long you going to need good financial aid for how long do you need to mortgage for. I'd of course that you're gonna wanna shop for the interest rate on net product and when you talk about arms to could be a wide differential and prices from lender to lender to me. Fixed rate mortgages to a lesser degree but you could find easily find variances from one side account to the other a quarter percentage point at great. But the only way to really know what's in your marketplace and whether or not of course you've seen as a good battery different quotas to go out. Do some research make some phone calls talk to folks that are in your marketplace are participating in your market. Gathers amid great information and to be able to determine what a good deal as purses what's not that you could do. IC. Our Keith another expense a lot of people face every month is private mortgage insurance. When they get a home loan that can be a couple of hundred dollars or more every month. But many people carry it without ever thinking about it. Now does PMI is it's cold. Does that always have to be there or can you get rid of it at some point. All the good things about PMI is. You can get rid of it at some point once you get past and 80% loan to value ratio and I could be as little as two years after you got into your home. You can solicit your lender to cancel your private mortgage insurance if you ever look at it if it's on your borders Dolan you don't care you don't talk cure what do your water or what are you wanna know about canceling your PMI. You can't my policy you automatically cancel. At some point down the road when the original. Loan balance vs your original property value. Ritual magic 78%. Level so. It's a good idea to pay attention to what's going out property values in your market and you could save yourself hundreds of dollars a bottle. We'll Keith let me ask you about refinancing now when I was coming up by an houses the rule of thumb was if you could knock one point off your rate. It was worth it to refinance. But now interest rates are so low you can't really do that so what's the best rule of thumb now about refinance. No 1% is a good place to start waiting interest rates openness slowest thing have been public so many millions of people out refinance. Or you're gonna have to sit caliber sharper pencil. It's very possible. To save money on your mortgage. Would only half point break the problem for most borrowers as the aggravation of having to go to the process to get to know more which today feeds it. A small break which may be fifty dollars a month 75 dollars a month. Just simply isn't working for the about a hassle you have to go through. Mean the only way to really know it's a refinances gonna work out for you is to look at what you're paying now. Which you will be paid over the long hall what you could be paying in a new mortgage. And what you could be paying in that new mortgage over the timeframe do you anticipate staying leader pol. Coral reduced total interest cost over time and see if there's adopt the value in that. That is more break in the rate half a percentage point quarter percentage point what have you really brings the kind of guy that makes it work go to battle to refer to. We'll keep our I sure do appreciate you appearing on the show today and talking about not only. The long run savings you can achieve with your mortgage but also the applications. Savings thank you Keith great to be here. Keep coming their vice president at HSH dot com the nation's leading source for consumer mortgage and financial information. Coming up unrealistic today we'll meet a real tour who's giving back to his community by raising money. For a major medical center. Somebody came to me that they would want to keep our medical facility Bible and vital and data T shirt I thought this. Some aren't involved. And that's next right here. On realistic today. This isn't real estate today because your home nineteen. Your biggest investment. And we are back with a very special story about our real tour who gives back to his community. Many decades ago Davis felt real chore with Coldwell Banker Bernard realty in Chesko Minnesota. Recognized his community needed better healthcare than it had. And so did got to work raising money for the ridge pew foundation which is the fundraising arm of the ridge view medical center. This facility located in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. Provides health care to thousands and thousands of family and now with Dave's helped. The medical center features a state of the yard birthing center a neonatal care unit a hospice part senator and more. For his efforts Dave was awarded real true magazines good neighbor award in 2010. And Dave joins us now welcome to realistic today. Minority I'm great thank you hope you're well too. Very well yeah I'm glad so Dave let's start at the very beginning now you began raising money for the ridge view medical center more than. Thirty years ago what was it that caused you to make. This such a big part of your life. 32 years ago. Somebody came up to mean they would like to be involved in it. Under a year or reduce medical center in order to look at organ attract golf tournament lives are determined he would weaken British and climbed than you Becker hospital well 1986. Like a set them all now or whatever I can't I grew up in a family weren't might get what the doctors small town. And hospital closed and that now Owens somebody came to me and today we wanna. Keep our medical facility liable in vital and unity are couldn't. Some I wanna be bald and all got involved in nearly a 32 years later and we've raised close to ten million dollars. Is that right and that's made a huge difference. To the people of Chesko and the surrounding area tell me about that. The town itself at about 121000 people on colonial that's right let myself. And would probably serve it's an area may be a 100000 people on the western suburbs here but. Will count out Makoni and we make a million bucks in one day and we have not 216 golfers and we have 500 to sit down dinner at night. I'm we do a lot of different things that day but it had the ball from thirteen 1002. This unit a 100000156. I mean I can't even imagine. How important. The medical care they now have available to them. It is to the people there and only your neighbors. 32 years ago to thirty year old gag kind of down my real look at business have been enrolled forty years into my dog tag and some condemned. Under the community and that everybody does I mean just happen to be some that I got involved on a minute evolved in some pretty special. And being awarded a good neighbor award by realtor magazine in 2010. It was just. Really couldn't everybody doing something and everybody is doing some London just do you recognize. Guys like that is a bit special but on the same hand nobody no meaning to be recognized. Brawl realtors trying to make it make a play better. Speaking of the good neighbor award of course when you've got that award from realtor magazine in 2010. At. The Riggio foundation received a 101000 dollar contribution. From the good neighbor awards now did that make a big difference. It certainly did I mean any kind of donation makes a difference I was honored in 2000 cans were building out the house or review medical center and that one rate to that. So a day for all the real tourist who might be listening to this. You recommend giving back somehow. To your community. Everybody's doing something and we all need to do something I would recommend any realtor. To step up in their community and say what can I do them. To make my count better to make light area better than nine gold that many many many. Realtors across the country and throughout the world Dolan that. Who David has been a pleasure talking to you. And great job out there in Minnesota I hope it keeps going for many many years friend aren't you very much you're very welcome. They've filled the real swords Coldwell Banker Brunette realty in Chastain Minnesota. Edit 2010. Realtor magazine good neighbor award winner. Coming up unrealistic today have you ever heard of the no spend month. We'll talk about it next right here on realistic today. If you're hungry for real estate information and follow real estate today on Twitter. Shares segments listened to them again and be the first to know what's on next week show. Just search really say today on Twitter. Real estate today. Because you love real estate. And where back. Quit our special program the 1000. Dollar show dedicated to helping you save as much money as possible. Around your house. And right now we're going to talk about saving money by well. Saving money that's right socking it away you see you have a nice little sum in the bank. For maintenance emergencies or even a down payment. If you're thinking about making the move. Now I'm sure we don't know the standard advice to saving money put it away automatically used direct deposit. So you never actually seen the money it just goes straight to your savings account right. And yep that's a great idea even better if you put it all in an account you can't get to very easily. As in just going online and taking out 3000 for a new camera or new TV. That's right you're always better off having your savings in an account you can't just click on. But different bank with zero online access. Might not be convenient but that way you'll have to think twice before taking out money. Another technique. Taking free money. That's right free money. If you're company offers a match or your 401K. It's Smart to invest at least as much as you have to do to get the whole match. Again it's free money but sure you have to save to get it and that's good too but don't ever pressed up free money right. OK so all that's excellent in it all works great but right now we're going to hit the Turbo and talk about how to really rip up your savings. So that you put away the maximum amount possible as fast as possible. May have heard of heard about this we've talked about it on the show before. It's a technique called the no spend month and it really works you'll be amazed at how much you can save in how fast you can do it. In a no spend month you pay your bills gas up the car and eat but nothing else that's right nothing. So paying your mortgage or their rent check paying utilities and the insurance. Jack. Guessing the car check buying groceries check. That's just about it getting lattes its Starbucks no. Buying music on Amazon or iTunes know. Going out to lunch dinner Breaux insure breakfasts there. New clothes no way okay how about that new iPhone owner of that new android phone you've got to get the latest phone right. Wrong in a no spend months you just say no to all of that. In instead you ramp up your savings but way every single dollar you can instead of spending it on things. You don't absolutely. Positively need. Just search no spend month on line and you'll find the testimonials. On the web site living well spending less Becky Rhoden and says she saved 2000 dollars in one month. Caylee saved 12100. Others said there are no spend months turned into two months or even a year CNN money wrote about a woman who saved 181000. Dollars and a year. And she use that to pay off her debts super some people it's a great idea to help them sock away plenty of money. Of course if you click around you'll also find some people for whom it didn't work at all. Like the lady on the web sites studio calico who was doing so well until. She bought those Jimmy Buffett tickets. So how about you did you pay your bills but then nothing else on anything for a whole month. Well maybe maybe not but it's an interesting idea especially as I said. If you have to save a lot of money fast like for that down payment if that's June sure give it a try and let's just hope you can resistant. If Jimmy Buffett comes to your home town. Coming up next week on realistic today. The Internet of things we're going to look at your house in all the ways today's digital world has transformed. From the front door to the back. From the lighting -- heating will look at all the things happening in today's house like your house. The Internet have thinks is next week right here. Unrealistic today. And remember you can always listen online at radio shark in real trouble. If for all of us here at realistic today thank you for listening. If you're a realtor you can put the entire really see today's show on your web site. Then that's real steep show on the Radio One 100% free to any our members just go to our new web address radio dot realtor and click. How realtors.