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This it's real estate today. The number one real estate show. Welcome to realistic today. Backed by professional experience of real tours from across America. We are your most trusted source on the radio for help today real estate information. Realistic today is the official radio program of the National Association. Of Realtors. And it's real for members in your neighborhood. Hi there I'm Stephen gas great and I'm delighted you could join us today for our special show. Think like go home inspectors. All about keeping your house in perfect condition whether you're selling it or not. We'll talk to national experts about how you can inspect your own house. To make sure every part of it is working efficiently and economically. Think like a home inspector is straight ahead but first let's go to the realistic today newsroom with Phil Thompson are built. Hi Stephen. After natural disasters to devastated housing in Texas Florida and Puerto Rico. It seems a heartbreak is far from over thousands of homes and businesses in California have been destroyed but some of the worst wildfires in that State's history. California governor Jerry Brown offered the reassurance that only someone who's been through this many times can. He's very contested these. Go continue to happen it appears to be prepared to drew can't. To mitigate credit goes goes. As the other cities. Core logic estimated that more than 172000. Homes were at risk of destruction in the fires in the Napa and Santa Rosa metropolitan areas. The cost of rebuilding will be in the billions. Experts quote about a save the disaster is likely to ravage the housing market in prosperous wine country. They say it could take up to a decade to rebuild the homes businesses and essential services that have been lost. Builder confidence across America has jumped to its highest level since last my way. The national association of homebuilders monthly measurement of builder confidence rose four points defying economists' predictions of a non changed reading. And AHB chief economist Robert Dietz says he expects economic fundamentals and promising growth in household formation to lift the market. There's also been a surgeon homebuyer optimism. The latest monthly sentiment survey by Fannie Mae. Reveals that the share of writers who say now's a good time to buy a home rose in September 2 equaled the all time high first sudden June. Fannie Mae's chief economist Doug Duncan says the renter optimism is also being fueled by what he calls perceptions of easing inventory. And confirming Fannie Mae's finding as the latest Berkshire Hathaway homes services homeowner sentiment survey. 71% of the mostly millennial prospective homeowners they surveyed believe now is a good time to buy a home. America's foreclosure rate remains at a ten year low. The latest figures from core logic show but as of July the foreclosure rate across the 100 largest metro areas. Ranges from 110 of 1% in Denver to 2.2 percent in New York. The nation's serious delinquency rate stayed at one point 9% in July unchanged from June. The core logic report shows that nationally. Four point 6% of all mortgages were in some stage of delinquency in July and that is down nine tenths of a percent from July last year. Coming up a half an arc vacant lots are worth lots of these students student like you. Thanks bill. And we have the latest home sales information for you today and it turns out that in September. Existing home sales across America. Rose compared to August that's great news after several months of declines. The latest existing home sales report from the National Association of Realtors shows increases month over month but a decrease year over year. Let's talk about those latest numbers and what they mean with George for two managing director of housing and commercial research. At the national association. Of real torched George welcome to realistic today. Thank you and I hit it good to be here. And George good to have some up numbers for a change. Yes indeed done it seems that September I was good time for a lot of buyers and I think that that's a very welcome news for a for consumers in general. That's interesting so George what was the increase we've sort in September compared to August. So old we are looking. An annual pace of supply pointed. Or almost five point four million. Homes sold which Alicea went term percent higher. And the August. Figure. And that increase. Can't come strong that. I'm thrilled to gain in the west to go to west regional opera 3.3 percent. As well as the midwest took which just goes I got twelve point 6%. What George this is fascinating to me because we've had month after month of declines. And yes in September. Were up for the first time since mandate. And that's despite the fact that inventory is still low so George how do you account for this increase. Well what we're seeing is an increase in the number of fires that are still on the market. And as bill spires are probably looking at in a sense particularly in the western region. A market in week underlying economics. Remain strong and because the last. Led to the monthly gains. I'm toward having obviously a market like come in Los Angeles San Diego Denver. Which are obviously markets with strong employment gains strong. Wage growth and in just the simple only markets where. Consumers are still active in the markets sold. To me that is one of the main reasons for for an increase in the mindset of. Interest in now as we said however a year over year the number of existing home sales dropped. September 2007 teen vs September 2016. Why do you think that happened George. The truth is consumers are looking for homeless. And if anything they were frustrated that there wasn't enough inventory or lieutenant level performance appliance some markets even lower than that so. When a stated first time buyers kept hitting a wall on finding suitable properties it was not spread and some of them wanted not sold. I'm obviously the overall pace was slower than. Sure IC. And George for all the homeowners in the home sellers out there. I understand you also have some good news about the median home price across America. So the median home price. That picked up until you're over here is four point two wall we're looking at European median of 245100. Dollars. I'm so while it up I would. Point out that the increase. He's actually a little bit slower than the past month. 01 a little over 6% felt. And that is the question for a lot of of consumers that is welcome news on a slightly slower increase. And I think it's also in keeping obviously. I'm gonna win the windows startup involved. And I think for for a lot of folks aren't particularly those schools little kids first time buyers. Let them fall is a better time because of the inventory on the market many of them may find good opportunities. Would Georgia I noticed one month of an increase is not enough to hang your hat on. But recently Mora junior chief economist at an. 2017. To be a flat year. With no increase. Based on home sales. We're a slight tick up be enough to change that or should we still be looking at a flat here. I would not on the probably echoing his views on the annual market in part because as you mentioned. And one month change there's not a trend take action comes only in that regard even with the increase an analyst at you know fairly modest. I would say that all world day year is is on track and two American Lawrence's expectations. For a bond market. RC. Well George you know we report on these numbers every single month along with pending home sales which comes out next week. But you've got to say. Up is up. And that's a good thing. Yes indeed indeed and then there and frankly tune to your point either the current economic environment. Omnia given moderate growth and given existing interest rates mortgage rates. I think two two and a lot of consumers this is a bit of local. Excellent. We'll Georgia sure do appreciate you coming on the show today in talking about the latest existing home sales report from NAR thank you. Oh yeah. George for two managing director of housing and commercial research at the national association. Every two hours. Coming up unrealistic today. What happens if you try to slowly. Poorly maintained house the first in a fire. They something's wrong why hasn't anybody purchased this property that's next on our special show I think. Like go home inspector. Real estate today. Connecting you with the real estate professionals. Every week. Back now what our special show think like go home inspectors. All about keeping your home maintained he absolutely and ready to sell condition. Whether you're selling it or not. Real estate pros knows that a well maintained house is far more valuable than one that has not been maintained at all. And that's exactly what we're going to talk about right now what proper maintenance means to your home's market value. And how the way you maintain your home has a direct impact on what it's worth. Let's talk about that now with a pro joining us is Evan and Lugo real Toro with the Lugo Parker team at compass real estate in Washington DC. Evelyn has more than twenty years in the business and she's received numerous awards including. Washingtonian magazine's top producer award two years in a row. In the Washington Post five star real chore award Evelyn welcome to realistic today. Thank you eight what are being with you we're delighted you're here so first of all Evelyn how business. With the grain. I'm glad now let's talk Evelyn about the condition of a property. And how it affects its market value if you take home it's been. Kind of lived in but kind of ignored. And compare that to a home that's been lovingly. Maintained it and it's in great shape. What's the difference going to be in its market value. Well it will be considerable and I'd lie. Upton lined the T lovingly maintained because they're pumping that we had real that you often when we're representing buyers. It and it indifferent India can have a property to the realtor as well as a potential ire. When they walking into a home and you can heal and feed at a little. A lean mean paint and a pirate long term you know what kind of value to. Happy happy at the color and the eighty Matt I well over the years. You have more competent and the property then you know meet the guy next. Still are blue hat and had his eight acted on there every year or are a little things like the line to the property and it hasn't been painted it there wearing hair all kinds of things. I noted that and in the value is one of iron and then and they can make. They really feel that they don't need to make any additional investment you're gonna get a better price of property and I don't want Clinton as well that it got a copy 2500. Well in a kidnapped everybody acted them on how to act. They hit a couple of years and they don't tire kicking off additional investment in the property and it begins at the value and got. Interest doing and so. Also I would imagine. How that's not maintained well could take longer to sell also. Oh yes and you end you know EE everybody knows the market that the longer property that on the market let out it. We're not threatening iron a lot door and that property and on earth he leak occurred in the buyer. And say something wrong why hasn't anybody purchased this property. And I. And I'm for a few weeks and we should be able to negotiate a crank out. Interest and and not to mention of course that for the seller every month that stays on the market. Is another month of mortgage payment and insurance and utilities. And taxes in so you're losing money by delaying the sale. No question you're losing it to wage is losing it because the additional clock huge hit to carry it but I also. Look in it because they value of the property continued to drop a longer on the market in a buyer I something's wrong. Interest ink. So if I am a seller. And you're representing me in my home sale. And you come through my house. And say it's not the best maintained home. What are you going to tell me Evelyn before we actually put the for sale sign out front. Equally on the property in the market but they pick things that I I ask all of my color to do it given up fresh coat of paint the unique and historic that they looked old at the the carpet look warrant you wanna meet people are if you wanna make sure that it much as you can do. CEB buyers. Concern. That it's gonna be additional data meant that they have to make the property the better off you are because it. The rule ended. That it the only call you will. 500 dollars to pick that. Old. And that I have 83000. Dollar in debt. Oh and let's look at the that you. At the end of the game you talking about your net. It should do the repair work eight begun pressure not how options left now. It how to negotiate that when you're negotiating the I think the property that the buyer always believed the call. More oh that's a really good point so a question about all that Evelyn now we all know it's a red hot market in DC and in many cities across the United States. An inventory is low there aren't many homes to choose from so when something comes on the market the borders just line up to see it. In a market like that does a seller still. Have to have the place perfectly maintained. The seller should still do. Is that in the meat and I say that it yes you are correct it is hot marketed. A little dollar market there's still more buyers and they are ending our. So you may end up with multiple offers but wouldn't you elect may 120000 dollars more. Than you know asking price I would. I would pick is a little material out there and do what we asked you didn't do it for you let the property. That is such solid advice. Evelyn I really appreciate you joining us on the show today and talking about the importance of keeping your home maintained thank you. Give very welcome thanks for the invitation. Evelyn Lugo real Tora with the Lugo Parker team at compass real estate in Washington DC. Coming up on realistic today. Have you accidentally hurt your home's energy efficiency insulation can you hear it indicates. Squished Portugal put boxes are proper installation. And that's coming up on our special she don't think I come home and start. But first it's time for ask the millennial. Amoled meals are the biggest demographic group in America. And potentially the biggest group of homeowners ever. So let's talk realistic now with a genuine member of the millennial generation. Joining us is Jayne government project. Hi Steve in great to be here great to have you here sir Jane what's on your agenda today even we are very quickly approaching these proved he is time of year. Halloween and I can. Now Halloween is my husband's favorite holiday and we tend to go all out. I'm talking dry ice machines rooms covered in the spider webs and bucket Fuller Reese's peanut butter cup. However as printers we are sometimes hampered in our ability to creepy eerie creepy atmosphere. The U mean to truly celebrate Al hollow team. Someone did give our renting listeners and advice on how to avoid beaten ghoulish decorating miss at. That I have made over the years sounds first checked yearly. Or if you went and a building with multiple unit check your building rules no you are not allowed to do when it comes decorating. We got in trouble one year when we decorated our front door it turns out the doormat with the giants' goal it lit up and plead creepy music. Which is not okay. Had we bothered turn fewer building requirements. We would've known that doormat we're not allowed in the hallways and that the noise was definitely frowned upon. And we could've avoided a very terse conversation with our landlord. And how low could use the money we spent on the doormat for more candy are yeah the important stuff. I can be very careful with how you paying her mound decoration on your wall. Keep it may look like the siege is that for putting that paper Ellison on the wall without leaving any marks or holes. But you would beam a day again. She is simply not up to the task and any stronger teeth will most likely rip off the paint and maybe even drywall. Oh and eat up some of that reusable poster attack like what you used in the college dorm. Your walls will think you. Yeah Jane I mean you might be trying to decorate for Halloween but it would be a terrible trek on year. If you lost your security deposit the ultimate trick bathhouse. And finally. And really just they strongly held opinion of mine. When he comes a tracker traders if you're lucky enough to have them. Give out candy no one wants to be the house that gives out fruit or pretzels and no one wants to go to that house. Checking out. Awesome Jane dollar under a genuine member of the millennial generation thanks for joining us are unrealistic today. Inky Stevens. And it any of you have questions that only millennial cancer. Please send me email and ask the millennial and radio dot realtor. And if possible I'll see you tomorrow here. Real estate today because knowledge is power. Back now where their special show sink like go home inspector. A show that takes a unique approach to a realistic reality. Which is most people get their house in perfect condition. Only when they sell it. Well on today's show we're looking at how you can live in a perfectly maintained home. Year after year and enjoyed all the comforts the economy and the market appreciation. That are well maintained house passed ball. Think like a home inspector. Is coming right up right after rejecting a Bill Thompson and realistic today newsroom Carmel hi Steven. New sales figures suggested in the Twin Cities the seller's market is turning into one that looks more inviting to buyers. In August clothes home sales were down one point 4% according to the Minneapolis area association of realtors. And there may be a logical explanations of Israel for Noel Nielsen was three Max advantage plus she tells WC CO TV. I think buyers have gotten what we're steering column buyer fatigue. And so I'm not as many buyers are coming out in writing I offers because they got tired of doing that all summer airline that's fighting with other people to the malt clockers in the area. Nielsen says Minneapolis is still very hot market for sellers in certain neighborhoods. But she says they are starting to see that kind of level off with fewer multiple offers them before. The drug administration is proposing to end federal flood insurance coverage for new homes built in high risk areas. The change could effectively curtail new construction in many parts of Florida Louisiana and eastern seaboard. Homebuilders are alarmed they say the White House proposal would stifle the economy but climate change activist crazy idea calling it Smart. Vacant lots are worth a lot these days. New Census Bureau figures analyzed by the national association of homebuilders children single family lot prices remained at record high levels in 2016. Half of those months were priced at or above 45000 dollars last year that's up from 43000 recorded in 2006 in the midst of the housing boom. On the nation's most expensive lots are in New England. The NHB says half of all sold single family homes started in New England twice sixteenth. Report log values of over 125000. Dollars. So would you buy a haunted house. Apparently for most Americans. Pragmatism trumps any fear of Goshen new survey from real for dot com shows most people would live and a half of the house. As long as the price is right out of my house is big enough. 58% so bad at least consider appeal of 42% said no way. Of those who might be willing to take on the Gould's 40% said the seller would have to give them a price reduction. 13 said they'd need larger square footage and 29% would do so if more bedrooms were involved. Coming up in half an hour some retailers are now teaching homeowners fields 101. Stephen back to you thanks bill. Continuing now our first special show think much go home inspector. All about. Maximizing. The maintenance on the biggest investment of your life. As we mentioned earlier most people get their house in perfect shape but just before they sell it and sure. That brings a great return to the closing table but imagine if you were home was always in tip top shape. You'd enjoy it more and you spend less money because it would be operating efficiently. Plus. You know you're maximizing. Its value in today's market let's talk about how to do that now with a national expert. Joining us is frank lush the executive director of ashy the American society of home inspectors. Frank gives himself a home inspection probe with more than 25 years in the business frank welcome to realistic today. We're larger here so frank just about everyone gets a home inspection when they buy a house. And you know at that point they know it's in great shape. But over time things can deteriorate. So let's look at how a homeowner can inspect their own place to make sure it stays in tip top shape. Starting with the major systems in the house Frank Conroy know where there might HV EAC's system is working at top efficiency. World number one thing you can do we all mortar used to make sure you clean it I guess. Everybody knows they should change our culture gets prequel that's noble want it to the net. You use a little bit interested in it doesn't take too much more work you can check what they learn get the error it sucked in to harm the make sure that they and is could because it hit it's dirty it's just going to be circuiting your yeah. Karen will speaking out energy efficiency frank and heating and cooling. What about the horrors and the windows. That's a great question now in the old days we used to see eight. I don't got a cool being. Take a Kindle remain action hold it up alongside a window door and watched it he could. Occurred when yours coming and now we wanna be little irked a look at because we door opened fighter. All around these sheets or anything so would've beat decrypt into two equal political sensitivity. But he can take an act of you ain't got but not Apollo but the back duke and if you hold it up against the windows. Around the edges creeping would endorse you're going to deal. If there's a breeze coming from because there are a little pierce on the back here in pebble and you immediately know there. That's fascinating frank I never knew that that's really interest. Well Franken other part of keeping your house really energy efficient is the insulation but a question. Is the installation always going to be good. Or does it deteriorate over time. Yes the installation seemed to cure rate correct number. Should respect it just increasingly seeing in the attic. Our top of the insulation and compact or were hurt. So wouldn't solution relies term used trapping air and it needs to be nice lucky. You could get squished or put fox is our top of the insulation. Debt cut direct efficiency. Lot turtle loan will do or is an animal picked up into the attic that you may not even be aware that. Bacon deacon tweet Nicole and then you get a lot of lost with heat and air conditioning. That's interest and frank are never knew that are compacted. Piece of insulation. Was not operating at peak efficiency that's fascinating so frank every few years likes me I don't know every three to five years. What I do well to have a professional home inspector go through my place even if I'm not selling it to see what shape it's really in. That's a great idea in the breeze and it is Keaton because. We live and how we newbie in now we know good little quirks and things. But other people meet their. It'll respectable comedian and you will be looking at it. Would open barracks you know we're not used to house so we're going to beat the hell it would skeptical look neat and or the floors the Little League and long and there's a little cancer or it electrical tape plotting. A lot of things that you just tricky used to. International respect to will be able come out and say you know what it will probably hear each kicker but now so you don't have a peaks and later. That's a great idea we'll frank. We have covered a lot but there's a lot more to talk about. And I was wondering in our next hour we can take a walk outside and inspect the exterior. Of our home how would that be. Who had a great career to do it. Excellent frank we'll talk to him about an hour thanks for joining us thank you frank flesh the executive director of ashy the American society. Of home inspectors. Coming up on realistic today how do you check your plumbing. If it's behind the walls. You think maybe there's a heavenly kicked. One of the things most people don't know they can do. It take a look at their water meter that's next on our special show. Think like go home inspectors. It is real estate today. 100%. Real estate 100% of the time. And continuing now where their special show and think what comes home inspector. All about going through your house on a regular basis. In making sure every part of it is working just right. You know when you have problems in your house. Some parts are easier to identify it and others for instance you can just look at your roof. And he cracks shingles are missing shingles but one area that might have problems you wouldn't seek. Is your plumbing. How do you know if your plumbing system is working right or not. Let's ask an expert joining us now is Paul Abrams with Roto-Rooter. Based in Cincinnati. Paul welcome to realistic today. Glad to have you here now call. If IMO homeowner. And I wanna make sure that my house is in perfect shape. How to go about inspecting. The plumbing. To do a good plumbing inspection homeownership think of the two parties. And your plumbing system purse yet the water supply which is the water coming into the meter. Or well and it blew through your pockets. And the other part of the drainage system and that's the waste water that slows down your drain the tub to the sewer the septic tanks so. Would you think about the two sides. You wanna get to work. Trying to inspect and decide whether the working properly. So on the supply side you want good strong water pressure and you don't want any drip sort leaks though. If you think you have a hidden leak somewhere and you turn off all the pockets. Put your water bill is still shelling may be that it shot up over the last few months you'd think maybe there's hidden only keep one of the things most people don't know they can do is take a look at their water meter it's often and a alt robotic curve and you can open it up and look at middle there's a big sweeping now but there's also the little dial. Caught a leak detection dial or leak indicator. And that little dialogue moving around at all he's got everything shut off from my house nobody flushing toilets are running laundry you gotta leak somewhere. We know Paul that's really important for another reason also is there a few of a hidden drip. Somewhere in your house and say that it's just dripping a little bit. And it does it for years. That could cause major rocked in your word. It can cause major damage overtime end. In many cases if that leaks been going on for fourteen days or more. Many insurance policies will not cover. You're right end at the reason for that is mold growth and packets expensive in a hurry and the damage can be such that. You have to stay out of your home for a while while it's mitigated. A leaky. Is one of those things that it's it's a trip it's easy to ignore. If you have water coming up from the need to based or. Even if it's a tiny bit you need to address it immediately. Problems like that don't get better they always get worse and they always get more expensive the longer you leave them alone. OK so that's the water coming in to your house what about the water. Draining out. Roto-Rooter is famous for. Mainly we we built our business originally on the drain side of things we do. Plumbing and drain now but it would when it comes to drain you wanna make sure that you don't have any blow drained the can ever overflow. The Qatar Hussein can't even washing machine drink and can get clogged and overflows so if you have one rule of thumb is that you have to explode during demand out. Could be a coincidence but there's a real good chance to give more than one drain clogging our slow but the real problems down on sewer. And you may wanna get if it's an older child who were made of clay or concrete. You probably have roots and debris in there that need to be cleaned out so you might wanna get that done before there's. Net geeks expensive so we're back commit and your house and that's one of the things that. Most people can't do but if you call a plumber that had experience and clogging source it would probably be well worth the money to have that done. Once a year if you have an older home less often a given Newark. Will Paul I really appreciate you giving us such good advice today. About how to inspect the plumbing as the water comes into our homes and out of our home thank you my pleasure. Paul Abrams with Roto-Rooter. Coming up on realistic today if you had to shut down your electricity. Your natural gas for your water really fast. And you know how to. We'll talk about that next on our special show think like go home inspector. If you love listening to us talk about real estate. Join in the conversation. I'm really see today's reading on FaceBook. We can't wait to hear from you. And real estate today's radio on FaceBook. Is a real estate today is location. Location. And we're back with our special show I think I got home inspector. We're going to wrap up this hour of the show with a quick talk about something every homeowner needs to know about. The cut offs that's right the cut offs I'm talking about the switches. And the levers. Which can stop utilities from flowing into your home. Water electricity and possibly natural gas. No and everything is fine let him flow but if there's a problem you need to know how to shut him down right away. So let's look at that starting with your electricity. If you have an electrical problem in the house you'll probably notice it right away you might smell smoke and then he had coming from a wall socket or switch. You might even see sparks and possibly even farther if the problems bad enough. Now if that happens you really don't have time to go to the circuit breaker box and figure out which line is having trouble. Instead shot the whole house down. To do that look for the really big switch which is right next year circuit breaker box the one labeled main. That will cut all the power in your house in possibly prevent more damage while you address that electrical problem. No of course if there's an electrical fire something household fire extinguisher can handle. Well you know to do get out of the house and call 911. Next up water if you have a small leak. In most cases you can go up to the water line leading up to delete. And find a cut off and just close it there just twist it into the water stops. But if there's a flood from a burst pipe you have to shut off all the water. Remember sometimes pipes burst behind the walls and you can't get to them. And obviously if that happens and you don't stop the water fast. You could face a household disaster. With rule and walls ceilings floors furniture. Unit. So you need to find the water cut off before you face any trouble. For that look in the garage where we don't have one look in the basement. If you don't have one of those look in the area of your home were all the utilities common. You'll see a big pipe with a big handle one like an outdoor faucet might have. But somewhat bigger. Turning clockwise to shut down the flow of water again. It's really good to know if you ever need it. Know last the natural gas shut off now just like electricity and water the natural gas flowing into your house has its own cut off valve. Which will stop the flow. And also like electricity and water it's really good to know where it is but there's a big difference because unlike electricity and water. If you smell gas in your home you need to just get out of the house right away. You your family everybody walks straight to the door and don't do anything that could cause a spark. No light switches no computers nothing just leave the house and Coleman won one. And then when the fire department shows up tell them where the cut off it is and let the pros handle it. So there ago three utilities that are usually just fine but in those moments where they're not in trouble happens. You'll know exactly how to deal with them and hopefully keep a small problem from becoming a big one. If you'd like to hear more realistic today's special show think like a home inspector either stay tuned. We're join us online at radio dot realtor. And from all of us here at realistic today thank you listen. And if you're realtors. Upended the entire realistic today's show on your web site. The best you speak show on the Radio One 100% free to any our members just go to our new web address. Radio dot realtor and click. How realtors. This it's real estate today. The number one the real estate show. The radio. Welcome back to real estate today. Backed by the professional experience of real tours from across America we are your most trusted source on the radio for help today real estate information. Real estate today is the official radio program of the National Association of Realtors. And Israel remembers your neighborhood. I again I'm Stephen gas query and I'm so glad you could join us today for a show dedicated to keeping your biggest investment in great shape. Think like go home inspector. All throughout today's show we're going through your house with a magnifying glass a flashlight and a notepad. To help you keep it in the best condition possible. After all how well maintained home is a more valuable home fans it's a whole lot more enjoyable to. Think like a home inspector is straight ahead. But first let's go to the realistic today newsroom with Bill Thompson I know I Stephen. October is careers and construction month as a home building industry continues to struggle to find enough skilled workers to build houses. The number of unfilled jobs in the construction sector continued to rise in August according to Robert teach the chief economist at the national association of homebuilders. He said on CBS's Sunday morning. Of the last four years we've seen rising rates of open jobs in other words there's help wanted sign. Put out by the builder of the remodel or they simply can't short the challenge right now is that we simply do not have enough people who are ready and willing and able to join the construction industry. The need for more construction labor has become even more critical since the devastation caused by two major hurricanes and the California wildfires. Which of plus thousands of people in need of construction help. Next week the government releases its report on new home sales for September. And the Mortgage Bankers Association forecasts a significant decline thanks to hurricanes Harvey and Irma in fishers MBA vice president of research and economic what we quote. We'll have been you know is happening right now there's a lot of resources are of course flowing to the affected areas. And that's gonna put new building on home there and hold back and other parts at least. These states so there's going to be a drop off probably in the next couple of blood so we might expect some catch up maybe in the first quarter next year. MBA predicts sales of 42000 new homes which would be a drop of more than 19%. From August. Mortgages made to African American borrowers rose much faster in 2016 the nose made two whites according to new home mortgage disclosure act data. Inside mortgage finance analyze the data and found that mortgage originations among black borrowers rose more than 26% from 2015. But African Americans are still being turned down more often than white the figures show. One out of four applications submitted by blacks were denied last year compared to 15%. For whites. There is certain knowledge certain skills that have traditionally been passed down from one generation of homeowners to the next. But now the Wall Street Journal reports some retailers are taking on not instructional role as more Maloney deals become homeowners such basics as. How to mobile on how to hammer a nail in the right way to mop the floor are now the stuff of classes and online tutorials the journal reports. Jim King senior vice president of Scotts Miracle-Gro. Says millennial are in a group group. May not have grown up putting their hands in the dirt growing their vegetable garden and mom and dad's backyard. The popularity of the classes and tutorials may suggest a girl lot of doer yourself for in the making out there. Coming up and half an hour more American mortgage borrowers are up in arms. Stephen thank you thanks bill. Back again with our special show think like come home in stark. A program all about going through your home and making sure every bit as it is working smoothly. Working efficiently and working economically. As well and right now we're going to add yet another important criteria to that list. Making sure your home is working safely. For that let's talk with one of the world's most recognized authorities on safety around the house. Joining us is Shannon true with underwriters laboratory in Chicago. You well of course is the leading safety consulting and certification company in America. And in 46. Countries around the world. Shannon welcome to realistic today thank here and we're glad you're here so share on today's show we're talking about how a homeowner. Can go through their place in make sure that it's in perfect shape. But a big part of that of course is safety. So. If I'm a homeowner and wanna make sure my house is as safe as possible what's my first. Our core mission that you well and to ensure consumers and so I guess the best advice I can give it to look for the U well mark. You know up to 80% of the products in your home could have been tested by you well and this especially includes. The critical items like wire he didn't permit so I'm PGM CI outlet and appliances that you have. It's very interesting. So Shannon we often hear that some of the best rooms in the house are also. Among the most dangerous so let's talk about kitchen safety. In my kitchen what should I be looking for to make sure it's six. Let's start with the major appliance and you're the kitchen is the one room and house where you have a majority of people larger purchases in your -- So sore no such thing as their refrigerator that stole the microwave. Checkbook org on the out to see you Warren orchestrated in demeaning manner it builds court shall we he's kind of Wear on them. We suggest getting him replaced quickly as possible to comment on that fire. A major appliances they're getting up there and eighty or you might consider it like to note that he can look for problems are happening. Probably easier said than done but another common issue let in the kitchen is a garbage disposal you know about one client like pink. Most people commonly tried to install themselves. And it probably wanna be more critical in the fact that you're dealing with the U you're also dealing an up or a trip comes in contact with water. Be very very sure all of you know on meet again we truly suggest that you hire professional have those types of appliances installed in your home. So Shannon how about the bathroom after all that's a plays were both electricity and water. Are located in the same room not to mention the TARP the shower tell us about bathroom safety. Doug Berry. Critical area of your home to make sure that are Satan because obviously water and electricity don't matter to Osama commenting that we talked to people about it regards Tibet and eighteen who never using their hair dryer curling iron you're seeing court bathtub as water and it. Just way too much risk of a shock hazard air pure accidentally slip for dropped out appliance. Into the water. You're asking for an immediate shock evident potential fire count them. I mentioned earlier and be yet ER eight outlook. That you should have that bathroom is the absolute must placing your home to have those types of outlets. If you don't have been bear. Consult an electrician and get him installed. Dole type of outlet RD ER needed to help protect you from being shocked. It's something goes wrong. In those types of situations. For tub and shower you you'd mentioned that I did you have in real merit. Ensure that these in real have been installed properly but they're nice and firm the last thing you want to have happen you go to slip and fallen. Grab for that hand relevant to pull it helped you when it comes right up the wall long which is so. Really really good point chance. Underwriters laboratories concentrates. On import safety. All year round. But every season you know represents its own challenges now in much of the country were approaching the winner. So what sort of advice would you have for homeowners who wanna make sure the day and their families stay safe this coming winter. This is the time a year you know people are turning their furnace is back on usually at a time that church all summer long so have your furnace checked records and older turn. I have a professional con men and make sure to work properly cook by carbon monoxide detector that you don't add smoke alarms get smoke alarms. Change your batteries in your smoke alarm you know very simple things that you couldn't do a war insurers say eat eat as you spend more and more time in your pals over the way. Shanda. Terry I really appreciate your good advice on how to stay safe. This winter and how to go through your house. To make sure that all the different components of our seats as well thank you for joining us. Every Christian. You're very welcome. Shannon Pruitt program manager with the health sciences division. Of underwriters laboratories in Northbrook Illinois. Coming up unrealistic today whether you're selling your home or not. You need to get our roof right. You know about 40% of what do emergencies and it would get a home is just the group itself and to replace a big role that's next on our special show thing. But come home and struck. Real estate today. Connecting you with the real estate professionals. Every. Continuing our our special show think like a home inspector. Talking to the pros about how you can keep your house in perfect tip top shape. Whether you're selling it or not. And right now we're talking about one of the biggest ticket items on any home the roof. Now obviously the roof. Is a crucial part of any house but it's sometimes hard to know. Where the you can just fix it or where do you have to replace the whole thing. And as you know it's also a big part of any real estate transaction the buyer obviously wants a good roof fun house their purchasing. But the seller may be reluctant to spend a lot of money getting that done so let's talk now about how you know whether the roof is good. Or whether it's not end when you have to fix that or replace. Joining us now is the Chief Executive Officer of the national roofing contractors association who Reid Ribble read thank you for joining us unrealistic today. Mask good to be with you thank you for having me. We're glad you're here so read if I want to inspect my own roof. To find out if it's in good shape. Can I really do it as a homeowner. There I think you can do and certainly there are things you can book for. Remember a big part of a route but home is the aesthetics and sometimes you might replace Ted roof just because it's no longer looking good you know about 40% of what a person sees when they look at almost is the root itself. And so plays a big role but on the performance side I think a better indicator is how old is that wrote if it's under twenty years old you're probably gonna be okay. If it's over twenty years old Republicans need to start thinking about making a change. Interest stink now are cracked shingle for a missing shingle. Is that a big problem or just a little easy fix. It's a relatively easy six that you need to remember that the ceramic Grant Hill which is made out of natural porch. Does have a tendency to fade due to a lot of sunlight that gets on the route and so oftentimes if that roof is older than five or six years and you're trying to put in new shingle then it's not going to bat perfectly even if you had one of the regional shingles left over from its first installation. But that six is relatively simple and almost any of roofing contractor can do that in a short amount at times. So looking at the entire roof read. How do you know. When it really pass to be replaced or it can just be fixed in this spot and that spot and that sort of thing. Yeah I I think that the easiest indicator per homeowner took to look at the root. Is to see if there are numerous crack shingles shingles that are curling or might have a ridge in it. Those are all indicators that the rook is nearing the end of its life. And in so if you see a lot of those on any exposure. You know that it's about time to start replacing that wrote. Interest earning another question that a lot of homeowners face is. Can a new roof go right over my old one or should it take the whole thing done of the plywood and start from scratch. Well you know are typical senses it should come off then go down to visit to the plywood in part because the rookie attachment. True that structure. Is something that's critical to its performance and if you read cover it you may not know how well. What condition the underlying plywood always BO would play decking is. And the only way you're really gonna know that condition and whether those nails are gonna hold into it and to make sure there's no wet or dry rot in that deck is to remove the shingles and so. Generally speaking it's always best to remove that layer shingles and and to a solid inspection on the deck and make sure that deck itself has attached correctly. Interesting. Say that I wanna get up on my roof and could open Newt TV antenna or new radio antenna. Is it safe to wide damage the shingles by walking on them. Now there's there's really no damage to the shingles and he gets hit. If you're in southern checks senators on Florida where it's very very hot in the summer we would. Certainly suggest that no one walk on that route because you can damages Gupta shingles because typically asphalt shingles that I get very soft in the summer months and you can do some damage and so. If you do it in the cool of the day early morning before it gets too hot he should be a little walk and there are all though. We would say that that type of work should be left to a professional just so you have no all risk at all. Yet that's a really good point and you know finally if you are. In a situation where you do need a new roof or a substantial repair. How do you find someone who's legit and whose top quality and whom I can trust. Yeah well there's a couple things we've recommend obviously is the the Chief Executive Officer Bernard large national ripping association we certainly would. Encourage you to look to one of our professional members and make sure that they're member of the national repeat contractors association. Secondarily to that we strongly recommend that the best referral is somebody who you know and trucks and so you might ask around your neighborhood with friends and Pam if they abuses of local ripping contractor. And get there referrals from them unsolicited. And then you're you're glad you guys hear firsthand from a customer. That company performs. That is great advice. We'll read I really appreciate you joining us on the show today and talking about that big ticket item the roof of your house thank you. You're welcome thank you. You're very welcome. Reid Ribble. The Chief Executive Officer of the national roofing contractors association. Coming up unrealistic today. Getting a professional home inspection done even if you're not selling. I emptied meat imports every couple of Pierce's firings if there have been a lot of where there in your area. You may moderate to a more quickly than they're. That's coming up on our special show think. Like go home inspector. But first it's time for our Smart home technology report. And right now we're going to continue our special look at the voice recognition devices in the American home. This time keeping our eyes on the sides. Let's begin by taking a look back. When the Amazon echo came out several years ago it looked like a nine inch tall table top to. That would sit in your living room your bathroom or your kitchen. OR later Google home hit the market. Some people joked it looked kind of like an air freshener. Because it somewhat big shaped and it stands at about six inches tall. And for a long time at least a year or more that was it if you wanted voice recognition in your home. Your choices involved the Amazon echo or the Google home. But now who book the echo and the home have made big changes to their product lineup and one of the biggest changes involves our eyes. The Amazon echoed dart was released and instead of a nine inch tall cylinder. It was shaped kind of like hockey puck. It was a wild success. Well now Google has also joined the not so big voice recognition revolution. They just released the new Google home many. It's very small and oval kind of like the perfect skipping stone you'd find on the shore of lake. Now both the Amazon dot and the Google Mini are not only small in stature are also small and price. Both of them cost around fifty dollars. Clearly both Amazon and Google believed that just one of these devices in the American home. Will not be enough for consumers. So they're inviting consumers to have one main unit and other smaller units throughout the house. Nor are you might expect voice recognition is not only going smaller it's also going bigger. Amazon came up with the echo show which features are beautiful video screen we've heard rumors Google might be during the same thing. But so far there's no official announcement. They have announced however a bigger version of the Google home it's called the Google Macs and that will feature massive speakers. Designed to go an entire room with audio file quality sound. Of course apple is also coming out of the bigger device called the apple home pod. Like the Google Mac's the idea is audio files sound quality it hasn't been released yet but it should be in time for the holiday. Now what's this mean to consumers and homeowners across America. More choices. If someone's interest in voice recognition technology. They no longer have to choose between a cylinder. And an air freshener. We have many more choices now than they did just a few months ago. And more choices. Puts the Smart in Smart home technology. This is real easy today. All real estate all the time. Back again now where their special show think like go home inspector. Designed to help you keep your house in tip top shape. Whether you're selling it or not. Coming up in this half hour. We're going to continue our conversation with a national expert on home inspections about what you can do on the exterior of your home. To make sure it's in perfect condition. Think like a home inspector. Is straight ahead right after rejecting repel Thompson in a realistic very newsroom Carville I Stephen. Adjustable rate mortgages have become a lot more popular with armory generations rising more than 40% from the first quarter of 2017 to the second. That according to figures compiled by inside non conforming market. For April to June lenders originated an estimated 59 billion dollars of arms as the number of major banks and non banks posted solid gains. So are you a dog person or a cat person. Which can't be your and may help you decide where to live according to data researchers Believe it or not they've been able to determine which cities are best for whatever kind of pet lover you are. They rated cities in terms of factors like. Dog and cat ownership rates homes for sale with dog related features pet services. Veterinarians per capita and even the percentage of restaurants that allow dogs. So for dog lovers Austin, Texas Rian. Oh and Salinas California are your top choices cat lovers should consider Albany, New York Eugene Oregon and Seattle. Student like you thanks bill. Continuing our in our special show things like go home inspectors. Giving you the tools to inspect your own home to make sure it's running efficiently and smoothly and economically. Earlier in the show we walked through the house with a national expert on home inspections. Looking at the interior elements. Now we're going to step outside and continue our conversation. With frankly bush the executive director of ashy the American society of home inspectors. Frank is himself for a home inspection pro with more than 25 years in the business frank thanks for coming back. You're. Glad to have you here now frank. Let's walk around the outside about house what would've home inspector be looking for as they go around the exterior. Wouldn't series' first thing is creeping around the how. You want to make sure that the court owned slopes away. Because it slopes weren't sure how else when you get water no. It will accumulate around probation which can get in took out street or. What's next on your list of things to look. Will creep Richards rubs. Soon it will blow against adults and rub up against shingles may be caught underneath tingles. Or rubbing up against exciting we're out discarded or also will lull in the mold in into. To get into barracks. It could be kind of the year when everybody's looking for a race cozy place to winter. We don't want squirrels chip marks might be coming into our Allan you've got to keep those things whom. Keep them away. Interest in frank of course. The big ticket item outside is the roof. We don't wanna make sure we have a good roof but you know getting up on that latter inspecting it that's not for every one. So how do you know and helping you inspect your roof if you need to. Well you're absolutely right if you got a steep groups in union now reached good general matter don't get out of the latter. What if you had a good curve binoculars. Go across the street theaters and mingle we you can look at Rupp with the binoculars into little look yet do you see shingles missing. You see good crew on the edge. If you do then you need to have a special come out and look at it. Now you can do to bring you in Cologne Rupert come out when that's probably okay but it sure of the things you're questioning. Good thing about using an issue Specter is we cannot re clear that helps if we current problem will argue it is not a problem will tell you. We have no vested interest to find problems. Interest bearing what about the exterior. Lighting. Would home inspector pay any attention at all to the type of lighting that's available on the exterior of the home. Would guess will be true dated your paperwork you know that like operate in that it straight. There are no bare wires expo. The open air balled on those conducting air guard gate particularly dangerous. Will also check the exterior receptacle and make sure they are cheap yak attack it in a week which shocked. Okay you warned that think we did not talk about it in this connecting your garden hoses that. I'm the year yet he got stopped ringing. Our post did. These blue train I'll echo cardinal still connected to increase in you won't know what until spring when you open it up. The water start leaking into the post. Well frank assuming that our listeners are not all home inspectors certainly. How often would you recommend. That today hire a professional home inspector. Even if they're not selling the place just to make sure their house is solid and safe. There has not been any yet storm damage or anything unusual we had a typical year I've seen needed once every couple of years as scarring. Which for years it's okay in their has been a lot of Whitner in your area you may want it to the more frequently than that put typically. Every couple viewership so. Again if you're not selling your house to bring in our home inspector. Ideally they will be able to identify who little problems that could be big expensive problems if left unattended. Well frank thank you so much for being here especially. Twice in our first and second hours a realistic today. You'll see that any and I really enjoyed doing these. We really enjoy having you here to frank thanks frank lashed the executive director of ashy the American society of home inspectors. And himself a home inspector with 25 years in the business. Coming up on realistic today. A real tour reaches out to help homeless. Children. Things go look on children's experiences and very distressed at the here in their eyes and feeling so bad for them because their children they shouldn't be worried about these things so we worry about it adult. That's next right here. On realistic today. This is real estate today. Because your home might be your biggest investment. And right now we have a very special story for you about a real toward confused back. Louise McLean realtor with re Max solutions in Merritt Island Florida founded the space coast association of real towards charitable foundation. Which provides thousands of homeless children in Florida's Brevard County with food clothing school supplies and more. The nonprofit has raised more than a half million dollars for those children. After those efforts Louise was named a good neighbor by realtor magazine just a few weeks ago Louise welcome to realistic today. Hi thank you at saint Louis's first of all congratulations on being named a good neighbor will not. Thank you very much and very excited about it. Louise at some point. In your busy career as a real chore. You recognized need in your community. For the homeless children there can you tell us about that moment when you decided I have to do something here. I don't think that any other about her honestly stopped and thought about how much current. And I I mean I I'll be the first mindset that I I act I never added that there is such a bang I'm Ali now that there has been almost eat all around us. That never had a great on the possibly having children and and six years ago when I watched a sixty minute so that story they were outside coaching on Central Florida and electric about a homeless children in central. Florida and it just it it just struck a nerve with me. Just watching that story and seeing the look on children cases and that it. That to stress and and that fear and here I. And just. Feeling so bad for them because their their children they shouldn't be worried about these things that we worry about it at all. And it just like the aching necks out that way our mode. It get me you know end it it is it's likely if I could the Arctic ticket they can only get one and that being hit. And this should not be their memories their child at. And they should be having a good time and letting them know that people Cutera Al Arab. And that they are part and that they do matter and that they do it in our society and they are some body. And they have some some contribution to our society. Well it's clear Louise that you care. And you give them your time and you raise money for them. And let's review real quick what you do I mean you're not only. Helping them with food clothing school supplies sure also. Helping our sports equipment and instruments. And even college scholarships. You can really change your child's life. I absolutely. It you know that it's not just means the other port outside cultures and our art irony inherent and the media. Our children and meet with with a jet ski committee members aren't that bad at just embraced that unmatched. The community it said our business partners that and our tech mean is that it's Pollack art on the coming together with a real or aren't. So tell me Louise when you would see a child that you've helped. Who is now thriving. And that is bad luck and better in the world. You know I don't have kids well you know it's probably a different feeling good I mean and it does somebody attached at opryland and experience bang in line but it. There's just no better feeling in the World Bank has a child and that Shia and and give your. When they don't even know WR. On condition. And appreciate having you can just help that they are truly. Happy and and you know in here with their earrings and not just saying that they feel that they have it because they've been given something course some opportunity. You could tell that it took genuinely come from their hard. And I think that that matters a lot because they're not gonna get back. And that and I think he had done a good foundation at them in their lives and their futures. Will always as we said you received a good neighbor award from realtor magazine just a few weeks ago. And before long you're going to get 8101000. Dollar donation to the space coast association of real interest charitable foundation. Tell me. Where's that money can ago. You know the foundation has really changed its correction in children and families in need. And glib as being real trade with the other bats lately and now equal is to reach out to the community and do what we can occur by aliens. And they are currently at Herman account. Let that 101000 dollar grant it's gonna go a long way in helping at all family should actually at call. From all of us here three years show we'd like to thank you for the good work you're doing. And thank you also for joining us today. Thank you and we appreciate you sharing her story. You're very welcome. Louise McLean real chore with three next solutions in Merritt Island Florida the founder of the space coast association of real interest charitable foundation. Which provides thousands of homeless children. Food clothing school supplies and more. And a 2017. Award winner. For the real turn magazines. Good neighbor were. Coming up on realistic today. The skin at the circulatory system and the nervous system. And that's right we're talking about your house that's next on our special show. Think like our home inspector. If you're hungry for real estate information follow real estate today on Twitter. Shares segment. Listen to them again and be the first to know what's on next week show. Just search realistic today on Twitter. Real estate today. Because you love real estate. And we're back Rivera special show think much go home inspector. Now if you're new to homeownership. I know this house you just thought it's awesome. But you might be wondering. How on earth do or take care of it. Well there's actually a simple analogy that might help and that is think of your house. Like a person. That's right a person. You might have never thought about that before but. It's an analogy a lot of home inspectors like to use because in the same way that we all need a checkup from time to time. So does your house and just like a person ignoring symptoms but might make things even worse. So let's break it down. Starting with a are circulatory. System that's right the arteries and the veins. In our bodies that carry blood. In the house they carry water. Water circulates through your house in the pipes in the bowels supplying your homes organs if you will. But the sinks in the bathtubs the washing machines and even your radiators. Biggest the water they need to function properly. Any dirty water and exit a house traveling into the septic tank or the city's sewer system. They are occasionally homes can get a few Clarkson leaks. Whenever a water leak or obstruction happens it's important to get it checked out right away by a plumber before a much bigger problem happens. As you know you always want your circulatory system running smoothly. Next up the nervous system which is a lot like your home's electrical system. It controls many of the functions within the house electricity travels across specific circuits. Much like the way the synapse is in your brain fire to make your body function properly. But in the same way a person's nervous system can get overloaded. The circuits in your home can get overloaded to. And that's not good because overloading circuits as well as improperly installed electrical systems. Have been found to be some of the leading causes of fires. So whether it's the site where the smell of smoke. Or sparks or flickering lights you should always be on the lookout for any symptoms that may signal problems. Your home has skin to it's called the roof and the exterior. It's the outside covering their beer home which has to withstand all the data de elements head on. It may get a few bumps and bruises along the way when facing weather elements like high winds and heavy rains or blistering sun. So your home may need a few band aids here and there are cracked chimneys were damaged roof will need to be repaired quickly before water concede pin. That could lead to damage ceilings walls and floors in May be even mold. So make sure the roof and the exterior is tight as a drawn. Preventative care for a home is key just like you are home can get sick. In if one thing goes wrong eventually you may start seeing a bunch of other things go wrong to. So just as a person needs to see the doctor for a check up. Our house while our house needs a home inspector they examine every part of the home and identify its overall health. In any areas that may need closer valuation. And then just like in the medical field. You might need to call in a specialist the electricians. Plumbers roofers and sore. Because again houses age just like we do and they require some TLC. To keep everything working right. Now obviously we are having a little bit of fun here but even so it's a pretty good analogy in the bottom line. Get a check up every now and then for both you and your house. Because just like people there's a lot of value in being able to say. Yep we caught it early before it became a real problem. Coming up next week on realistic today. Scary thing it's our annual tribute to Halloween. Looking at all the things in real estate that can terrify you. Mortgages are down payments. Lack of homes for sale. We'll cover it all in our special show scary things next week break here aren't realistic today. And remember you can always listen online radio start real tour. And from all of us here at realistic today. Thank you for listening. If you're realtor you can put the entire really see today's show on your web site. That that's real deep chill on the Radio One 100% free and they are members. Just go to our new web address. Radio dot realtor and click. How realtors.