Pun Intended: Denny's new mascot

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Wednesday, September 13th

The new Denny's mascot was unveiled. It's a sausage link with arms, legs and a fedora. But it looks an awful lot like something else. 


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Breakfast with Kim in DC. Boston's morning show WRK. You know. Sorry everybody's. Actually tell you why the Clinton twice I lost line but they're also sending him puns about the Denny's mask I feel like we should give them. One Greg is got a ton of them but. The delegates on. Funds so cheesy. Fish. I was too is that at 20 all right Denny has a zoom ask dot does it have a name image now. Does not think that it's a sausage link that's holding a couple of suit wearing a Fedora like it's gonna happen down the Amanda's thoughts I come on come to Denny's or your travel on man come on in Poland. It's easy it's not symptoms could take takeout bag correct and spine. To snap the slams. So it's a sought to link would legs a bit like a mr. potato head but a sausage link version of it. But it it looks like a Cooper a loss you might find in your toilet yes who looks and it looks and yes yes thank thank you thank you Liz how. So it's weird I just cannot fad comes now I'm assumed to Denny's. He's got a decent ad agency right. Dude I think. Well this site is so we saw Liz texted me and said what do they what do they paid for in his eyes and I'm guessing it was grab money. A half and half of the folks but yeah it would have to be. It you what's the name of it Kim is a distinct link I had this is we get into their guy. Urban it's true 07 they won as this thing for the hash browns because again. It looks like Pope it does god is so it's you what else we got Tom. Hello disposed to bring attention to the early to herds special. Guests at the early third. Is it a mascot or NASCAR. What I. The food into the. Corn dog could put the crap and grapples not that everybody knows what's happened is that. Denny's probably going to new before and after burger and roll come to do and he's our food is turned horrific. Let's I wanna have the number two please let's I have. If this mad yeah if they want what was the number two because it's certainly doesn't look alike I mean. Of a very very good it's just I cannot imagine. The there was a group of people sitting around a table rightly said that. That is gonna make the traveling man come on down like I said off the air that proves there was not a single person under. Fortify U verse so in the room there were no interns and their babies anyone. That was a teeny girl or even in their twenties when South Park came out would say that looks like mr. hanky the Christmas through and everyone in the room would go. Oh yeah. It's on the hit heading right here our truckers and dumplings. And how. The stumbling. It's really very good for what senator pleaded Denny's a dumping them and I amended Denny's channel on them and when it. I've got nothing against these but to me if IC word association nicely Denny's what you said. I'll prove. Before that so I'll say moons over my hand me. Good because that's when other specials but that's why I would say. Grand Slam but over at writing session today Qaeda so that shouldn't the mascot be the gland Grand Slam breakfast in some fashion why are. This is supposed to beat it it. It's got to see you asking cake cookies the first food price so. It has to be some sort of pancake thing he can be holding bacon and sausage museums or something but it should. This is heard saying it's his life. It is unlikely as the series of them and so deterred his one but then there's an egg man there's a pancake man. There's an awful man like it's going to be. It looks like he digs aren't the only agreement Iran niece is 978. Amy says. This is a tweet to me she says. I'm not a pro but I can guarantee that I can come up with sought better than interred where and hearts. Nine yuck I think you probably could if this is what they want I I'm gonna pass. Monaco of their own I'm gonna have to pass like. A and that stuff is then I wouldn't think so. I would not think so this is. I thought your name is Denny's then. Whatever your logo should be Denny right so right if it's the painted its Danny the brand keiki Camry Denny deterred. Little why I don't addicted they're gonna eat this pardon of pardons on. I think there are gonna notice this is not happy fellow there's no way there's no way in Denny's is a problem little girls that's why did their sordid past the when they used to be known it's his Sambo was before they were Denny's that that local they had was ridiculously. Racist. And this is not gonna help because. You've got another bad Logan not that this is a racist logo. But it's not it's not an appetite logo right there's nothing appetizing about this. I mean the advertising money was clearly wasted. Say I'm. The group. I just don't I can't understand what they would how they would think that looks like anything but what people think it looks like. You depict a sausage anyway I have linked to go says minds of many. Seven it's marketing 101 look at the free publicity this was by design. I don't think there was a RO I T know what they say all press is good press but when your food is being compared to fecal matter yeah. Not right I don't clearly sausages eggs of three I would I wouldn't. If you took Danny's often then sit Jim's a house of cigars I would say yeah it's a cigar right at first glance. Our president I would say turgeon who like ours is if you would save Bob's and her little body that I would also think that could possibly be a port apart and does not look like a cigar it does not look like a sausage. It looks like approved. There's guys there's a word gore Kelly financial poll question right now because three people announce that this was done on purpose. Do you think Denny's did this on purpose. Do you wanna okay do you wanna know what having your food and do you know. Associated with group is asked chipotle how it's doing for their sales yeah like I did I just refuse to believe that they. I think they were just that foolish that they didn't realize people and into the great trio. I say it's and so the mascot go to the Super Bowl. There is the runs out and I our guys just floating mass. That's what will it sink them. After you've taken your kids to the pool come to Denny. Dropped and it's also important event where. If it's bad whenever. I don't think they did this as just publicity stunt I think this is it's on their main use. They they've put it everywhere. And get them because that's a lot of money you vote no kidding it's just flushed. They have a. Not my ears just flushed in that's for sure. To me it's just very unappealing. I don't know who wants to eating Denny's because they seem to prove monster running around that's ridiculous Greg wants to know they serve group who plotters. And you wouldn't apparently they do. Yeah he's he's annie's cat like weird Google TI is he and I'm always just you're right about it look at like that. Mr. hands no no no no I don't care what ice he has I don't care they give him a nicer hat it's still. Up boot yeah. There's no really you can dress it up with something else you know. You writing put lipstick on a pig gripe Connecticut later on a loop but did you know him he can put a Fedora on approved but it still that's what it is. Now they're all things for food a restaurant. You know you're looking for some a little more advertised through five may need to wipe the slate clean and start over her. If given the choice of links or panties I go panties every time anyway and so I don't. Boy that's never get meeting go to breakfast to see sausage links. I want that pad here that you did Stewart patty that would be worse. Than the others stare at them but at Denny's the official food of the caddie shack pool a I'm now welcome to roll fifteen million Denon it's personal. We'll see if this thing sinks or swims threats. I kids. It's hideous be sure that you check it out so we gotta tell it financial poll what do you think they did this on purpose. It was this the publicity stunt. That's at. That was very good I don't know and that's all you very yeah. Can you please god I call it. Yeah I think specifically you.