Protesters take it to the streets in St. Louis

The Kuhner Report
Monday, September 18th

Protests turned violent after the weekend of rage after a police officer was acquitted of fatally shooting a black man.


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More riots in Saint Louis sponsored and fomented by black lives matter. Here is exactly now what took place so. Five there was a shooting a fatal shooting in 2011. By a white police officer on a black suspect. Now the context is obviously everything. According now there was an investigation into the fatal shooting. Here is what we now. Is the person that were shot and killed. Was an urban heroin dealer he was a drug dealer. When police tried to make an arrest he resisted arrest there was a car chase in fact a very dangerous car chase. This dealer it is her him heroin drug dealer had drugs. And a gun on him. In the wake of the intense manhunt. Car chase. With a police officer spotting a gun. Are we this situation being as dangerous and volatile as it once. A judge ended up ruling just last week that the police officer should not be indicted for murder. That under the circumstances. It was a justified shooting. In the context of you're dealing with the drug dealer you're dealing with a high speed car chase with somebody resisting arrest. Somebody with guns and with sari with drugs and a gun on them. And so clearly the officer felt. They're threatened. Felt his own life was endanger his colleague's life was in danger and the cause then the police had the right for this officer had the right. To shoot the suspect. Now. Whether you think the judge is ruling is wrong just for the sake of argument. That it was not justified shooting. Just for the sake of argument no Jeff they planted the gun on M. Vick cop jumpy pulled the trigger too quickly he jumped the gun. Are you wish too aggressive. Or whatever it was it was police misconduct. There are many weeks. To voice your protests and voice your disapproval. But what you don't do. It's what they DeDe again in Saint Louis. And it was basically Ferguson redux. It was basically Ferguson 2.0. And so there was black lives matter they poured into the streets. Balking traffic. The protests initially were peaceful. Tense but peaceful but and it just got worse and worse and worse. And by the time the a by the time these race mongers were Don. Eleven police officers were injured they had to be hospitalized. Somehow their jaws broken. Shoulder is dislocated. Rocks sticks. Bricks were thrown at police officers. Businesses. Had their windows shattered. Restaurants. Pubs boutiques this was in the commercial shopping district of Saint Louis. Tremendous private property damage was done. And in fact the protesters. Were chanting no justice. No profits. No justice. No profits. In fact they said they deliberately targeted a suburb of Saint Louis about ten miles west. Werder is a big shopping mall there's a lot of shopping there on I said Bob Barr's boutiques Bob's. Our restaurants. Because they say if the protests stay only in all black neighborhoods they won't get their message across. So they wanted to go after quote unquote suburban white neighborhoods. Now. A couple of points need to be said and I wanna get your reaction 6172666868. What gives them the right. Before we even getting to beating up police officers throwing rocks bottles bricks sticks. Breaking some of their draw as assaulting police officers beep before we even get to that. What gives these thugs. The right to just go on on the street. Shut down traffic. Then gold or shopping malls or shopping districts. Shut down traffic. But walk off the entire area disrupt commerce and business. And then start destroying you shattering windows. And then destroying property and restaurants and boutiques. To shut the whole commercial shopping district down to make the people pay any economic price. Fourth heat shooting of a white officer and the killing 88 in a black urban drug dealer. Even if you think police brutality is out of control. Even if you think the cops are wrong. Nothing gives you the right. To block traffic. And then destroy property and assault police officers. That's an unlawful assembly. That's assault. That's terrorism. And again the mainstream media keeps coddling black lives matter. Over and over always acting as if this is a justification. If there isn't a white cops shooting a black defendant or black criminal somehow ditch justifies. Lawlessness. Destruction of private property. Unlawful assembly and assaulting police officers it doesn't. Now some arrests were made yes. But I think they got to be much tougher. Because what's now happening is this culture of mob rule. This culture of these constant protests violent protests. It's spreading like a cancer. It's almost becoming like the thing to do. And it's going from city to city to city and so it's getting now to the point I even said this to Britney on. On Friday I believe I said Brittany what does this. So now we don't like a judge's ruling so we're just gonna burn a city down. What we're gonna the destroy shopping district. So we just don't like what a judge says so we're just gonna show up on the streets and just start. Blocking traffic and destroying businesses in pubs and boutiques and when the cops show up we start smashing their heads and throwing bottles Adam. Like this is this is barbarism. Stuff civilization. This is savagery. Now if you don't like the ruling where if you don't like the judge. He can write op Ed pieces. If your write letters to the newspaper. You can have a peaceful lawful assembly believe me your block lives matter of the local media will cover it up from beginning to end. Wall to wall coverage. The local newspapers will cover from the right away from the front page to the last page. You can now how'd your City Council get involved they even went in front of the mayor's house. Broke one of the mayor's windows of the home and spray painted racist on the home. I mean this is how melt thuggery. And because there is always a week tepid cowardly reaction from the police. And especially from the authorities sport telling them basically to stand down. That is just embolden mean these thugs. To get even more violent and to protest even more. And so now literally it's getting to the point whenever there some kind of a shooting. On all are they gonna arrive at mount. Are they gonna Rampage now are they gonna allude to mount. On all what's the jury gonna vote on all what's the judge gonna decide on all if it doesn't go all the way the mob wants it. On northern gonna tear it apart like in Baltimore. They had to turn it. Part like in Ferguson. Enough. Is enough. Which you saw in Saint Louis was anarchy. Chaos. And criminal thuggery pure and simple. Black lives of matter is they domestic hate group and a domestic terrorist organization. They need to be branded as such and the cops need to come out in full force and column. You moot. You protest. You write it. You're gonna get thrown in prison and we're gonna throw the book that you. I agree. Disagree. 6172666868. What do you make of the right gets in Saint Louis over the weekend. Natalie in London. Go ahead mental case it's a long time color my brother lived on that block. Block to block the protests. Caught a little bit actually hearing to block but he's one of them. Eight is they've renovated. Rundown section of Saint Louis and transformed it into something like gum. Daniel home marketplace it beautiful and it I want. Ing beautiful people aren't like Daniel I'll hit any mixed race community. Already been very very diverse dairy all kinds of artists than everybody and you've walked a little bit. Boutique shop and fun places to don't chop down reason. Yeah the other is there talk very witty guy like you're badly hurt you all live right here. President Obama as. One of his favorite purple pink that shot. At pizza shop yet they both unbelievable up like that thought he had him blow to the White House once or twice convicted people don't get. I've been puppy told neighbor put one foot sick. And they crushed a place I mean when you go there you'd meet people from every walk of life. University students there is a lovely lovely place and speed read claimed that from a dilapidated. Late and what are you up my brother was walking married yesterday. It bit that the but the damage reported third wave. And he said that Don he bought a couple hat from a man let him catch up with windows were smashed. That support them he said that the major union people picked windows. Came in on Sunday to offer their services that help get the business to back up and golly I bet they're back they're into day. Somebody else put plywood over the windows and an artist from the community came in painted a beautiful young girl over it for the cute idiot bluntly. And like Evan Ferguson my brother that that he was talking a lot about you know about responders there at the command center when they have that going on there. There are outside people it's not a local people become an and they destroy it beautiful asset that the people enjoy. You know I limited and move on the next play you know they are here bought the last month and now they're there. Natalie I I'm just curious. That people living in that loop area and it the way you describe never read reports on a but the way you describe it is even more beautiful than what I've weren't read in reports. How do they feel about the fact that these outside anarchist these thugs. Just basically hijacked and and trust their entire neighborhood. Because they didn't like a judge's ruling. Yet what my brother that the other shot the other side is showing that they are. So that's something like that target and not think he could export market and people for the people in Ferguson are good people look at the market and people perhaps I troublemakers. Many duplicate the next play the going to destroy. In the name of love and the people they destroyed. That poor lady who had worked all like to dedicate sharpens you finally have what a woman of color and they destroyed everything she worked her whole life or. Oh yeah how does that help the that they are in now. I mean it just. It just Berry the advocate that they trashed a free trade coffee emporium I did that help the little guy. Get a fair shapes you know to get a good fight for crop but not be ripped off by the multinational let. Guys play. Natalie what about the reaction of the police. Exactly where people are saying they were not as aggressive as they should've been the mayor was not as proactive as the mayor should have been what are the local saying about that. The mayor is very elect elect. So it was very ironic to see how they started throwing bricks through windows they tried to get a mark there was up. Our band of color who was the whole thing department there and he was very conservative and he did very well the black neighbor but. But you know which is the Liberal Democrats so she prevailed. So you don't hit it not a cut and I didn't think I think the people there. That. You know they state not very receptive to having something that was you know liberal lock street neighborhood it was still kind of up hardscrabble kind of. Ontario but it was a multiethnic. While you're right it's a multiethnic multicultural neighborhood coming back some nice shopping nice restaurants. Nice pubs and they just trashed it. Yeah pick up like they have got big plans third big ceramic pots of flowers make. Bought the them up because they can look for a camera to put demonstration of the let kids opted out but flower pot that hit the streets it beautiful and run through the shop windows and run people fitness at. Discuss the Natalee phenomenal called doping is Natalie cause you gotta call more off. I happen. Can look at my work schedule but I mean I'd be happy to get Britney my brother telephone number you want but all. Oh Britney can you do that. A Nellie can you hang on hold common have Britain and we can get an ala cart man on the spot kind of report. Thank you Natalie I really appreciate it thank you god bless 61726. X 6868. Okay lines are blazing. What is your reaction to the riots in Saint Louis. And is it scientists say I enough. Is enough. Maybe it was the shrieking protest from diehard supporters like in cold how. Maybe it was the images flooding social media people setting their red make America great again. Baseball caps on fire whatever it was president trump is heard the message we are happy with all this. Amnesty talk. Don't give them an edge and don't miss Howie Carr showed at 3 PM. How we car show on weekdays at three almost always a bust Dudley of Boston. 124. Here on the great WRK. Oh okay riots. Looting. Plunder rain vandalism. Took place in Saint Louis are in particular this area called the loop about ten miles. West of Saint Louis by black life as a matter thugs and hooligans. They Jared we gotta talk more often. I know why did you do is drink the break he comes in says I had my engagement party get a little. My wife was originally from Saint Louis I'm like really yeah so Gerri tell everybody so you know that area very well. I do and Natalie is right on I mean it's get a very Fay will all feel there's even a stretch that sort like Newbury Street. Where is just little shops I mean it was nice it was clean its rate near Saint Louis University so that's why they called that the university loop. Gone up at the students come there I mean it's it's almost like a college town right in that. And that air area yeah. Now is it she says it's multi racial multi ethnic a lot of different groups is that true yeah I mean there are all walks of life their restaurants their bars you'd see. Different groups adding yet it was you know Saint Louis ironically gets a Reppas you know black sheer white here kind of town but. At the loop everybody seemed to be together so I don't know if that's what you know. And teeth or BL slammer whoever I don't that's what they wanna get rid of but yeah no it's it's a very nice area. So why would they trashed an area. 'cause I mean honesty they were saying well that's an all white neighborhood. They want our Curtis Shaw saying they want her to commercial district and no justice no profits. But if it says multiethnic as and I believe you as UN Natalie says it is as multiethnic multicultural multiracial. Then there's supposedly hurting the very people they claim they wanna help. We know poorly informed and educated these people are mean a you know they have no idea what they're really that even if they really know what their protests and they're just angry they have a cause some armour shirt got paid. To do this but yeah I don't. I don't know what they were fighting against I mean unless it's just basically that's a nice area. Let's go burn there's a vacancy would like what is lake in the real. Saint Louis or some crap like that but they're nice place I missed Chuck Berry bye week to. It was a pretty nice like every third Wednesday. Just happen to be there the week before I almost got to. Banner and in New Hampshire go ahead Aaron. Yeah coolant tank and I called my pleasure how are you wearing pretty accurate you know. Lab very that would chop so I wrote a letter cult figures show yes what. Getting crock my mind was to go out flip over police car a lot of it was to go out and earn someone that is now you know why Europe. Because I'm not open titles well little brat speaker around the kits like Aaron to return her cart my parents think you need something just shut me up. Because you know I I don't only understand the country Ireland them and appreciate the country. You know all of you people that app and everything but really and diplomatic themselves. And and and instead of holding themselves accountable in a couple of rep for the world accountable and that not only the people that go out there and do it. That the people you're wrote that paid him to go. Is okay. And it didn't AG. In this country and then meet a certain way these they'll have a vendetta against his country and the capital where you like it. And the only thing they can get back this country from what they have and it was June 2. Pay off these little schmuck to go do what they do it and expansion of. So Aaron in a nutshell what your saying is you're not a liberal. I'm not not. I don't remember little amen brother and I you know that. It that's exactly you refuel and get what you want you don't burn Lou complained vandalized destroy property. And other words you say a modest self entitled child oh OK in other words you're not a bat I hear you my friend. Russ Europe next go ahead rust. Just workspace and we are fundamental problem in this country call trucks. If you put that drug dealer out of business. Be forced a lot of these idiot the goal and no end in it detox and rehab and so what. You wouldn't have most of these problems the other thing as we have weak politicians. That do not back the police. And basically out tea. If if if I eloquence I had this problem what salt articulate and 75%. Of that and it what I would do. First of all anymore and second offense a little. A couple of problems or bodily harm other people. I would ship but not in the country at second and Third World countries that that Third World countries don't count sir I'm. We don't know communicate what their family no communication with friends a pact in Korea after it spent little fighter isn't a place like that. They'll have a choice is to come back and stop acting like like like like it's like savages. Into the right thing. But that's what we have we have Whitney politicians the refused to do any thing. The chase that thing around in (%expletive) it's only gonna get worse. Well you know that it's appeasement. And we whenever you appease a monster. Whenever you MPs criminals and thugs. You get more criminality. And more thuggery. 6172666868. Okay my friends I'll continue to take your calls and they're.