President Trump weighs in on Jemele Hill

Boston's Morning Show with Kim & VB
Tuesday, October 10th

Jemele Hill was suspended by ESPN for continuing to use her social media for social and political issues and President Trump has taken her to task for it. 


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Given BD Boston's morning show. WR TL. Well it's happened it's the president is. I saw a weekend is over yet I don't know holiday weekends three weekends are not good you know we had a big round of golf yesterday and they claim even in the wind and worry he was fabulous she would think China's Atlanta's split according I'm Lindsey Graham can get out of bed in good spirits this morning but apparently that is not. I don't know maybe it maybe this is goods here are we gonna go back a little bit you know our coach in Mal LA is right amount no works for ESPN and and female black. How does a host of Michael Smith from Boston. Arch that he is she isn't. And she'd. Caused a bit of her car for awful recently talking about cap neck and ESPN didn't suspend her and everybody said gee if it was shadow playing or somebody else there have been suspended Richmond Hill buzz and just said some things about the president. And yet it's all happening presently it wherever. Lives DSD answered going forward we're not gonna have from nowhere and apolitical station we don't get in the politics and misses are deal. Well Jamal will get suspended yesterday for two weeks. Why because she tweeted out again. This time talking about Jerry Jones who said you know my players. Will not play if they meal going our way that's the best she tweets out. I I'm not courting exactly but something does invective you'd do if you don't like JJ's policies. Boycott his advertises that tower works. She got suspended for two weeks for that yeah yesterday. Now they they. ESPN said that. She was suspended for two weeks due to a second violation of our social media guidelines. So all. Those who have. Interesting story we're plan on talking about it. At this time shoot Jim Doyle's been suspended should be fired there's a expendable we're thing going here. But the president right before 7 o'clock weeded out the following quote. With Jim no hill it might it's no wonder ESPN and ratings have tanked. In fact tank so badly it's the talk of the industry. First time he uses tanked it's in quotes the second time it's not in quotes for whatever it's worth. Don't quite get that but that's that's the quote. My my initial take on this are barred by Tweeter off of it so this is 100% unnecessary Camp David Boris too expensive. And you need a break because. This is ridiculous. Is not that he is weighing in our Mary and that he is playing into a narrative here. That he must like. I get that he likes causing dust storms or abuse of different worry if you like any like stepping into him to mix it up. This is absolutely. Unnecessary in self destructive. Well you know what I don't otherwise write his let what I almost see this as. Is him trying to defy her. Remember that her original tweets were that he was a white supremacist. You remember that's where that got her into trouble a couple of weeks ago. And now he tweaks in this out which certainly is not. Had its it just and and why why he would get involved. With number one I don't understand why it was to get involved with the ESPN at all. Is instantly taken on the NFL these beauties involved in this hole is PM pig as well which is a private industry needs to stay out of that. When he's taken this will middle and I don't know. Put it up now Kelly financial poll. On is it time proponents take a break from Porter yes 617 says I just knew you'd find some way to type front of us to which I respond to trumpet. Look at yourself this is this is I wanna yes. I told your first hour I wasn't sure where he stood on that you guys candid. You showed me the way I love you for that I'm interest really you're darn right. And I realize OK the dog to dog owners are at fault. I there are things with trump the NFL is one of somewhere. I think that. For whatever you don't think he's failing on your wrong they've picked that they because they think it's a winner topic form and they keep doing it because they keep winning on. I believe that. There are defensible. Things that the president has done that people read them on and I think to myself you're not seen what's happening here. I don't see it here you're gonna have to tell me how this is a good idea. To tweet out this thing about your Mel hill because to me. There's no possible. Upside to this why get involved right. It just adds to the list of right is why people think your racist. You know out dripping on Gmail hill. I mean you either way I think was unjustly. Just kind of suspended. There was three tweets. And we can read them but they are if we can really amount to come back but I think she was unjustly. Suspended. And now she's being unjustly attacked by the president which the president does not need to get. Getting toward bridging and DB. Boston's morning show on WR king hell yeah. They're better. Sex talk 2666860. We got like five different covers those. And I thought recordings like this you know. What is this song is this what the president's doing Gmail hill attacked him awhile ago and now he's fighting back in its own good. He has I gotta tell you something. The president has no business in this base. With ESPN and this woman stay out of it he's got to stay out of this. You know I. I think this will not do anything positive for the president it's just not Smart. Tony's in Maine the right. Morning. Sir. I think that ESPN. It is only political but political in the sense that they are. 100 per cent on the side. You know it. Local politics and Obama was president and agree on and and only can she got pretty easily because might get basically just said he six thought Obama would go down as one worst presidents autonomy he gets. Okay the shelling. I hit unfortunately dead I mean he he I think what it almost it was pretty all all and I can maybe understand what a fire shelling. But this guy just made a political statement and bank is gone and note I was flat. And then Jim I'll help they say buried political statement by calling. Which is worse than what got my stick to calling it trouble whites on us so hard greens everything that you get the free. All of borrowed the money. What's happening now is EST I'm happens money they base they have it they have money in the game here because they are. They they do we know Monday nighter Thursday night football which huge amount else. You know you should boycott Olympic Games well that's that's going to be detrimental to the is PM at some pretty. Because she didn't do this so this is where I get John Allen Tony kids say that. She didn't say you should she city if you don't like it if you'll like get this is the way you do it. But she's not telling you to do well difference there and let's let's walk through and everybody knows that. Right right and here's what she said lament otherwise good call Rick yap what are rigid with three tax that she she put out. It feels really are that upset about what JJ and Stephen Ross have done dope called the players sellouts. But you're watching every Sunday. Just so you're clear. I'm not advocating an NFL boycott. But an unfair burden has been put on players in Dallas and Miami with in them directives. Jerry Jones also has created a problem for his players specifically. The black ones. If they don't meals some will be seen as sellouts. I don't know I would what they do on that network in what the leg. Stephen A Smith is politically. Pardon eruption excuse me out. Even around the Warren. Tim Leavitt hard these guys. All are offering up opinions like that that is not in any way out of step with. They're talking about the social ramifications of sports all the time which she just said is not. And she specifically said I'm not telling you to do notice. But here's what you would do we if you aren't that upset she's not saying that she. That wouldn't bother me at all if any the it would be a call and Jamal just so you clear. You know your your total lying right and we're we're monitoring but this is. All right well then she went one step further about an hour later or lots and she said if you strongly reject what Jerry Jones said the key. Is that advertisers. Don't place the burden squarely on the players. Just so we're clear I'm not advocating an NFL boycott. But an unfair burden has been placed on players in Dallas and Miami with in the directives. I I don't know how that's. A problem I don't I enjoy and somebody says to me on my phone. Will indeed be why don't you encourage people not to just attitude patronize the clients that you have. Well first up it's not our clients ball players that. But there's a number of our whereas these are ESP and necessarily get price NFL is but. Also she's not she's a lucky few of the people that take up their advertisers that's how you send a message to ram. She's not she's not telling you to do it. In my case by the way because me or my clients. Were not involved in a thing with the so why would I do. I mean there there could come this is like. I don't know are you giving that same past to Matt Damon and Russell Crowe because Harvey Weinstein was good to them. So why should they speak out against it or maybe they should speak out against it. They're deer is different levels of when you should act and when you should enact them would you consider him would you consider one thing I think everybody that's ever been in media center at some point. Is the way you support this in youth support somebody I mean you like he's. Visit there sponsored strike in the way you let them know you don't like him is you don't visage responses which is why go Riley's off the air because they were losing sponsors yes because they knew that people weren't gonna buy their products. That's how you do I don't there's nothing controversial about what she said it she didn't say do it she said if you don't like get. Visit their sponsors partition Iraq the context of where so many people have stopped watching the NFL because. They feel this way it's basically the other side doing the same any in the context of Jerry Jones in particular light laying down the law now where before he wasn't. So he ratchets up. Which OK I'm fine with that Jerry Jones is demonized I'm not even I think I might do what Jerry did farmers are Norman B. But since he did that she's saying obviously her Twitter discussions. People are saying this is ridiculous what we do. I'm not calling for an NFL boycott. If you're that upset about it. You know visited sponsors didn't let them know right but here's what the president and our audio problem for I'd it's hard for me to believe even if Curt Schilling had said that it. I'm Heidi that would be an issue I actually don't even think this was a expendable offense to be perfectly honest I just think that she's on she's done a very short. In a rope and they have told her over and over he's pretty much keep her. You can't be what is she supposed to so. By right wing today does I had some strong opinions about Jerry Jones I cannot share them with you well then she can't be almost on ESP NN I. Its offer opinions on Jerry Jones are. Clark here's the deal I mean one way or the other you're supporting you don't if you don't this is what you do. Well my overall I don't and it has your I know I waited and I. I don't think I mean personally I think they missed the boat if they were gonna get rid of her they should've gotten rid of her when she called the president a white supremacist. I mean I thought that was a problem that's a problem. Whether she believes it or not that's a problem. Because. They had precedent set. With others they'd fired over such such kind of you know that kind of action against politicians. And political views. This is not to be asked to spend a whole offense and this is certainly not something I wouldn't even understood why the president would have waited. When she called him that why he's weighing in now. I have no idea except that I guess in defense of his pal Jerry Jones who now has said your benched if you kneeled. He says it with Janelle hill at the Mike it is no wonder ESPN ratings have taint in fact. Tanked so badly. It is the talk of the industry. I just I didn't get gasoline no idea why. Suggesting that within me is everybody's telling you you don't get a trump tells it like it is or whatever. What this particular tweet does an easy plays in the several mariners won as one of which is that your manager Rory says that because that's gonna happen. You know that two ways. He doesn't either doesn't take your meld the bills seriously or is dismissive of her because of low ratings that's everything ratings. So if Trammell hill had good ratings are now oil is allowed to have this opinion and that's cool and probably get to me our ratings are relevant to it out it's either abortion. By that standard Harvey Weinstein should still be employed right is totally Jamaican money that Monica right that things are doing great so I don't get that as a metric well why is he why is he. Weighing in on ESPN at all it's ridiculous. He has no business weighing in on his PM stay out of that. So much more going on the world on access to attack and other senators. You know hopefully he just couldn't get involved I don't mind him being involved in almost everything he's written about Weinstein a little bit fine. I mind him doing I'd I think the end something is worked out for him and it's been very Smart. I don't this this particular one I tell you there's all the comical case by case. My first thought when I see this is I didn't I cannot possibly see in upside here. Over time that is that he's done this before words changed in overtime you don't you know what he wins here. I don't see how he wins here. I mean eat at you could argue the calculated we sell adultery Chino Hills on the way out. I think we all think right. Yes so he's doing this now so that at some point he can say. Notice what happened by the way told the NFL that tell these guys to stop Neal and and they're not Neil anymore notice ESP and I told him Gmail oil's got to go dry oil goes. Is that we will not hold. You know I don't know maybe this is not a presidential wind. URG you know the voice of Boston. So we're continuing our conversation this morning. How. Janelle hail from the fact that he has he has now put her movements. Suspension because she tweeted out yesterday essentially if you don't agree with Jerry Jones say again you owner of the. Miami Dolphins that the best way to get back at them is to. Boycott their advertisers she said she's essentially not suggesting the boycott the NFL. But if you don't like what they have to say that's the way that people usually. Make them pay a price. Well jets and for 2 weeks in this morning the president is taking up that. Her his tweeting out that. He can understand why ESPN has terrible. Numbers because essentially they have optional hill. On TV. With Trammell oil at the Mike it's no wonder ESPN ratings tanked in fact ratings thanks so badly it's the talk of the industry. Not side to doing that folks if you're is would you please call and tell me what you think the upside of that Twitter. Now read this morning might be several taxes say. Missed personal. She called a white supremacists and he's now gloating over misery. It's it's probably as simple as that actually I think this but does that help the good thing and anyway. I didn't book it's not the first time he's done stuff that you go Mike is the cork or stuff necessary. But. This one in particular to me. You got a number of things happening here you've you've still got Charlottesville around and you've still got this idea that. Udall. You're white supremacist as she called Hewitt in that people are still saying that people are still debating this. You to do this personally did you mellow you also god she's a woman I know there should be no double standard on this stuff. I will grant you however. I believe that's why she hasn't been fired from ESPN and quite frankly I believe I don't know walk up because I had an operation he is a woman how can she possibly the Yonhap give opinions when should he give opinions about Jerry Jones. Point well do you can't. Yeah I value that can't continue I understand that but I agree and add but but if the same time they need to make a decision. They didn't take her on full on or stop it back off ever. You can't play this game that they're playing with her. Where she says something like this which is pretty much in name and and she suspended for two weeks. Mean this is ridiculous and I called and assigning it their problem is they're afraid of her all of. Don't they don't want any part of any of this right now I 78 after eight years of Obama putting a target on my back I have a president who puts me first and that's how I like him. 339 the president is speaking truth to power. Seven they won the media no longer has a free pass it's that simple. Maybe it is that simple I'd look. He hasn't lost by going to war with the media before and now just making. ESPN part of the mainstream media it may work for him don't. Dismissive I'm saying I'm dismissive of it I just don't agree with that in this case. This woman is on their fur opinion and this was her opinion. Well what do you mean she you know. I will tell us however free pass techsters. Poll question I'm Kelly manageable questionable and how is it time for Pau has to take a break from Twitter. 55%. Of DB the why I say yes it is I believe it's a 100%. RK you know right now. Why that's interesting is normally any trump hole that I put up on my Twitter account. He instinctively. Is like 31 whatever pro trump option is that's what it is. This is Disney driver since and now it's it's enough for the twelve or take it for what it's worth its. Let me go to shot in Waltham good morning Sean. Good morning how are you could. Our intrepid. Within this are not that there. It's everywhere that a clear sign that the silent majority it's finally winning. After decades of the last being in our state and Whitney people are quietly standing up and saying you know we're done with it. He you know the NFL loot the gym no yeah at the end of loot thing. Media it's it's finally Lou being and if they wanna continue. So lots will be even greater. You know it's time or. Tumbled forward. Everyone have to finally agreed that there are two sides of the story. Yeah I OK I agree was that. I don't I don't I don't know that decide is. I don't get away what's the two sides will go with them relating to what the president has always hearing which did that again. I've I saw where they should she be suspended and have an argument with a friend of mine right now about this. For me I don't think should have been spent and I think if for example Stephen A Smith on ESPN said what she tweeted you would have been like our stated and I is awesome. I don't think this is dependable offense that's for starters I get that she's from she's been on notice or whatever but I don't think this. Toes the line let's let's make a distinction to hear it would be different. Quite frankly if she had said. If you don't like what ESPN is doing then you can boycott. The advertisers. Now that's this that is. Going after her employer ESPN as a radio and then ESPN has approach every day says if you don't like it don't listen switched the channel. That's called boycott. They're literally telling you not to listen to that stage and then there's so can they days suspend her for that. But that's that's it that's the thing. Now as to for the president. I guess and I said he what is the upside to him doing it all the upside is that. Our text line is full of people saying he's saying why I want on dissent. So that's the ups it's no different than the NFL thing that you go like Diddy got involved in the NFL thing. But he's won that one because he's played it was based everyone in his base thinks he's great and thinks that he's right. I think it's different because that is about the flag. This is it about a black. Commentator in those who wildly different things I think this one can hurt him in these unnecessarily. And adding fuel to a fire that he doesn't need to be stoking which is that he's a white nationalist or white supremacy you'll. Normally he's my president of the United States for Bennett and he's bullying. It's gross and he doesn't need to bully this woman. I written article this morning that summed it up perfectly said he's trying so hard to killed with a 40% of the people don't like him but he's constantly insulting 60% don't. And you can't govern. He isn't bullying this woman and he's the president and you want as a president you hope like why are you bullying this woman. I mean just be out of this that. The problem for me all six on services why do you feel sorry for a woman that called somebody white supremacist I got purse and her attorneys to handle that then that person is the president of the United States. That's why every public and by the way this is the only person. That the president has bullied. In such a way he uses that position to bully people and that's not right. Even TV Boston's morning show depicting the savior utilize those casuals WR KL. Jim is Jim agitated remains during the break. And that's the listeners are gonna enjoy so what we're doing his ouster and trying to compile a list of all the people that trumpets personally attacked via Twitter. Since we've known about trumpet toward. And we started on its McCain sessions Jim Allen Lil Mitch McConnell. Merrill Streep Arnold Schwarzenegger Rosie O'Donnell the Maris and wall on the matter of one and and Kim said I believe you're gonna wanna miss court Jimmie you've said but. For our callers and our techsters all of those are okay. And I'm Mike point in compiling the list is. Show only the one that he's lost on. If he has lost on none of well more than this one's not gonna be along here either here's the thing that let me let's clarify that. Some of them want he's lost his base on. But that's what you have to ask but he can't front him that's I would say to you over and over again each and every time. He person he he attacks I don't care pitch in retaliation or not because I want the president to be above that. I think that the president should be above attack you know and from retaliating. Against people who speak out against him. If he is not one over people who don't like him. To think all the other one and you do want you to appoint you want American awarded the calls that promise spot. Just think about where we come in the presidency but then when I Mon may disappoint I know what the cameras but. I remember a day when the president United States Barack Obama. Got severely criticized for doing NCAA brackets on ESPN we've gone from that. So this ripping any ESPN analyst to her face on Twitter however what's the easy Canada that. Yes. Or perhaps President Obama on doing NCAA brackets. How was not a good idea. Because they're certainly not having trump on a joint they're telling you they're not political. But they had the president on to do. Racquets well because he was a liberal president OK but you know I mean if this president wanted to go on ESPN has his own bar why he wants to do brackets I would they would never. I never could ever make money they would I think it's I think I just came money they. I think this came up last year when he wasn't president yet but I think yeah like that and they are not. They don't they wouldn't have to but they were like it was so never allow that I have. I don't think that's certainly true I think they'd I think you do over as president I really don't I whats your point. Because I think it's wag the dog ran well I think the president is doing this as he does so many things this morning this tweet against a mill hill. He's more about. What we he doesn't want anybody talking about his ex wife. Who. Didn't go after. Milan yet but made comments that made Milan it angry and. I don't blame her for that I guess it was all just in she's out there talking. I don't work for for talking about Ivanov. If I was out of here talking about the facts and this is a wag the dog to keep tires from flight I tell you I think that there's some truth that. I mean you'd think they wanted to say this about Melville two weeks ago and just tucked it away from winning needed. Well ORS today these parents to beat hair band and he got up this morning and went off. Thank you good one I'm talking about of lawmakers want to which around we're going to do I have a pull up about bad. But now that's off because we're doing nets yeah. And I do. Think he makes decisions about tweets. Just like the and doesn't think about what those words might mean or where that my ago. Let me go to Greg he is in West Roxbury to warrant right. Hey Gary very historic. There you may remember it very tried to do it bracket is Kenny got a best policy in Iraq in basketball there. And it's I don't I don't know that actually I think truck because of basketball's big dude Donald Trump distributed following sports inserted himself. He didn't get and we always follows a it is all bidders. But we know he's not only does follow football he owned the professional sports team. But he did get into school on the many times do we know we follow this case you can't say that he had an interest like Obama have an interest. That they really can't compete with you can't say doesn't Rangel don't go OK do you. I impunity BB. Obama would vocal about it appreciation for that. But Greg you don't understand like Obama said he liked sports and when asked to name his favorite player growing up he couldn't be more might. You'd take a bomber at face value when the facts somewhat fly in the face of it he hit he took 25. Point blank two steps from the rim shots and hit to a film like keep. He says he does quartet you know era to be great tune to BS sports and what exactly but also sometimes politicians say there's John Kyra I said I have great welfare and and calls or Manny Cortez like well I. So I don't know whether trump likes basketball and on my guess is. He easy path yeah I think he's got her into their neighbor doesn't care that much but. He older professional sports scene I think opera I think more than anything he's interest in probably professional sports from a business point of view of more than anything. Mike is in Wakefield hey Mike. Very good morning so. VP. I don't wanna call you're racist but you keep bringing up the concept they're a little girl. Is black no what are what difference does that make it. It makes a huge difference in the context of trump because there's a story that for trump as a white supremacist. And that he only wants white supremacist around amenity caters to a white supremacist base well if that's true I don't think it is but it is. This certainly plays into that does the only athlete these called out his staff curry. In calling Capra next. Now the only are on very ESPN personalities called out his Gmail hill like it starts to add to a list. That people that that are against him are going to use. It doesn't make it true for me but for others it will it will play please in that that in for meal with everything else is on the table right now. I don't feel like we need this bites. Think you know he just doesn't need to wade into these pigs and awful it just brings controversy that he loves it. Paulson Weymouth and boring pop. Although all over the yeah. I won't watch are growth we I personally don't believe. But you know what they say they're you know six people hurt the people they go far I think all crumpled vehicle or president I think some eternity. It crosses that it one way and if people who could not believe that but the reality is available off some of fire if we look it's horrible that if he everybody. Got beat up and they'll be resolved promptly. Of all the things that people have said do you know hopefully if that's AM or things like that. And the forbidden while a couple months while. What I was married you know my ex wife could say whatever she wanted. But the men are those who I was in these terrible process you know it's been quite so well out societies go there will also. Well that's not the way to look I'm sorry and stand up to your ex wife and shoot the ball and oh yeah I don't what the point but the point did he is that. He's the president of the United States and people are gonna criticize him and very theory. Well known people are gonna criticize it that that's that's life when you're the president infected he comes back with these juvenile ridiculous constant. Tweets is is not good for. Well the one thing aboard Paulson and an identity is more them like. It's woman her criticized the president it's another to just viciously attacked the guy I mean Jamal will hold any white nationalist. That that is not that's never been done before never. A new week I have every right and she should have been ire of that also never had a president who said that there are some fine people amongst the Nazis and kkk people out there why don't they again by what you're gonna be careful where that that's that's not what he said but I do know what you're saying but that's not forties or did a. But the point is that the that would DB that I don't right that's a terrible thing and you know and I can tell you I think Barack Obama was called a few things as well. You watch Obama did not get on that level. And that doesn't mean that things an attack does Obama doesn't doesn't mean anybody else doesn't Stewart has to do what his way we're ever. That's all I understand that everybody makes it out like this is the only president who's ever been viciously attacked that's a bunch of bull. He's not the only president who's been viciously attacked he's the only president that I know of that's been viciously attacked by the media like this I mean there is an obsession with some. I wouldn't say ESPN is part of it he's now lumping him in. But. We we can do we can go over the litany of the I mean it's it's this cuts woe is me anything and I mean. And I can't I do I just gave the list doesn't always mean work for him a bit in raw. It works for his brace I de republic anywhere Shari why am OK at that well that's great but when the time rolls around. And he's running again GA one doing now already know I mean again which I don't know what's gonna happen three years from now he may win he may not win and he may runny may not run. But. That if if if that's true that at this today works tree's base my thought when I saw this initially was even a large part of his base was gonna say that's an awful and it. I I think people don't love this tweet that's my god on it so far however no one seems to have a problem with. Let me go to John in Boston John good morning. Good morning agenda being. Yes currents are. Great. So I guess my point is. He what is tweeting he was bullying he was everything Richard saying when he was campaign move though and Hewitt and he would collect. Yeah I agree that changed now. And why does this lose for him if it won Freeman and that's the that is the discussion well because I don't know that did you think everybody thought that he was just gonna continue down this road like this. Everyone who didn't vote for him dead. I don't pressure most freshen things snowflake is that is it does anybody. Think that this much time should be spent attacking. Wild and got one and one thing we got to start asking you guys that we are we have been remit. Do you think this tweet was a good idea yeah I don't. But it. I know that's why I'd I'd put up to pull. There's a change give up toward maybe I should just put that wanna yeah. I mean do they judge well you and it was a good idea and if not I haven't got any of these attacking vicious tweets. Are good ideas. But they like you sent to penalties occurred in so why wouldn't stop giving Kelly things as I don't know I don't know by the way I'm asking do you think Kelly thinks it's gonna.