President Trump Update: September 8th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Friday, September 8th

Trump was right: Democrats stole NH. 


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On fall we'll just sooner. Brown who was right. He was right and now he's been vindicated. That Democrats did steal New Hampshire. If you remember my friends. After trump was elected. He said that there were illegal voters who are being bused in from Massachusetts. And that's why he'd lost the election in New Hampshire. I had to act on the Hillary Clinton and more importantly even. Republican Kelly Ayotte was defeated by Maggie asks him. And them media laughed Adam. George G staff these stephanopolous. Said there was no evidence CNN said no evidence New York Times said no evidence well you know what. Now there is nothing but evidence and it is overwhelming. And irrefutable. According now. To the information released by the house speaker. Of the MIV. Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives. Certified by the state secretary to secretary of state. As well as the secretary of safety. 6540. People. Registered to vote on the same day. Of the election in New Hampshire using an out of state driver's license to prove their identity now. I doesn't show anything went wrong I agree however. Once they look added ten months later. Because according to the law you have to then if you're out of state Gupta getting New Hampshire is driver's license within two months. Well ten months later. In August of two thirtieth 2017. Only 1014. Of those 6540. Same day registry aunts who register with an out of state licensed. Actually obtained a New Hampshire driver's license. And then only 213. Registered their vehicle in New Hampshire in plain English. 5313. Voters never obtained by New Hampshire drivers licensed or registered their. Vehicle Dave voted illegally. And they voted overwhelmingly. For Hillary Clinton and for Maggie asks him. And if you wanna see what 5313. Votes means in a small state like New Hampshire it is everything. Then incumbent Republican senator Kelly area but lost to Democrat Maggie asks them. By a razor thin margin of 1017. Votes. Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire beating trumped by only 2732. Votes to. In other words my friends in plain English. Clinton stole New Hampshire. And Maggie has since stole the senate seat from Kelly yea are there now needs to be a serious investigation. Maggie has sinned should now resign. And Donald Trump should demand. That New Hampshire now be put in the win column and its Electoral College votes go pay him. And more importantly. There is now clear and conclusive evidence. That the Democrats are engaged in massive voter fraud. This is an assault upon our democracy. Upon the very integrity of our elections. Trump was right. And the media should apologize. And that's the truth. On trump.