President Trump Update: September 7th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Thursday, September 7th

Trump cuts a deal with the democrats. Paul Ryan wanted 18 months extension to lift the debt ceiling. Trump sided with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi on a 3 month extension. Good or bad deal?


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On fall we'll just sooner. Trump cuts ideals for which Schumer and pull all seat. And the question now is my friends. Dating he'd just stab his own party in the back so here is exactly what happened. Trump now cut a deal with chuck U Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. On lifting the debt ceiling for three months. A continuing resolution on spending on the budget for three months until December 15. And he gets everything he wants in terms of relief money for the victims of hurricane RV. Why is this a big deal. Because Paul Ryan and Mitch to squish McConnell Ryan Orion and the squish. Wanted an eighteen month extension. For a lifting the debt ceiling and other words they wanted to spend and spend. And spend. Until after the mid term elections. And trump to his credit said no dice. I wanna go with a three month extension and not an eighteen month extension. And the significance of this my friends is very simple. Trump now just publicly rebuked and slapped Ryan and McConnell in the face. And can you blame them. For eight months now they have been undermining and sabotaging. Their own president. Whether it be Charlottesville. Whether it be Obama care whether it be tax reform whether it be funding for the border wall. They have done everything they can. Take either bungle it blocked him up struck them or in the case of Charlottesville. Openly call him a racist and a big get. Well you know what he said to complain at this game. And so we basically told them blank off. I might cut a deal with the Democrats. And so what trump is now doing is he is telling them and send them a very strong signal. That if they continue to obstruct him they're not the only game in town. And so now he is playing the Democrats soft against the Republicans. He is now governing as an independent. And it's about time Mr. President. Ryan and McConnell are not sure base. We the American people are. And we are sick and tired. All of the Ryan knows and the establishment Republicans who are doing the business of the donor class and not of the grassroots. Trump was right to stand up Ryan and McConnell. And now. Will he be able to cherry pick on Schumer and polo seek my prediction is yes. Because Schumer and Pelosi are bragging about what they don't realize is. By cutting his bipartisan deal think about it. Dave undermined their own anti trumpet narrative if he's this racist monster they keep claiming. If these these Hitler wannabe what are you doing cutting deals with them. He just blew up their narrative of the last couple months and they don't even realize it. Trumpets playing chess and everybody else is playing checkers. And that's the truth. On trump.