President Trump Update: September 6th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Wednesday, September 6th

Kuhner warns President Trump from signing amnesty to DACA recipients. Kuhner believes this will reward illegal behavior.  


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On fall we'll just sooner. Trump may have just commit political suicide that's right. Forget Robert Mueller forget the veep stakes forget the obstructionist Democrats and Republicans. None of them could possibly break his presidency. But now the president is flirting with disaster. He has now weeded out. That he is willing to sign. Any legislative. Amnesty. For this so called dreamers that doc are recipients. Ryan all trying him. Marc Kevin McCarthy. Mitch McConnell Nancy Pelosi Chuck Schumer are all now getting behind the DREAM Act. Which if it passes congress would give a full amnesty. Not only did the 800000. So called dreamers. Illegal immigrants who came here when there were younger but also to their parents and family members 2.5. Million in all. They would get a green card and then eventually citizenship. Including the right to vote. This would be trade president trump central promise. It would shatter his political coalition. It would betray the rule of law. And it would cost him millions and millions of voters. And it's political support will essentially of operate. Mr. President. Don't do it. Don't do it. Signing an amnesty for the dock are recipients. Rewards criminal behavior. And he expresses special preferential treatment to those who came into our country illegally. And it sets an ominous precedent. Which you are telling the world is. Are America's borders are wide open. There are no borders. Are citizenship means nothing and our sovereignty means nothing. Anybody who gets in here with children will never be deported that's the message. Don't do it the legal way. Coming here with your children and eventually you can stay and your children can stay with government benefits and welfare to boot. Mr. President. You elected you were elected by all of us and you were elected to build a wall deep port deal Eagles. And clean out the Sanctuary Cities. If you betray this fundamental promise. And give amnesty to the dreamers. You will cross us that your apparel. You will be a one term president. And that's the truth on trump.