President Trump Update: September 5th, 2017

The Truth on Trump
Tuesday, September 5th

President Trump will phase out DACA in the next six months. Do you agree with the president’s decision? 


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The troops on trough and we just sooner. My friends. Trump pulls the trigger dots right. He finally reasons that gas however with a very important Gabby got. He will give a six month delay period so now as dot com is being phased out. He and his administration are telling congress. The ball is now in your court. If you want to grant amnesty. To the 800000. So called illegal alien children. They're really teenagers and young adults. Then it has to be done through the legislative process and he's giving the congress six months to do it. My friends let's cut to the chase. Doctor was saying illegal. Unconstitutional. Executive amnesty by Obama. It deserves to die. But what the president is now doing. Is he is giving congress and in particular the role amnesty forces. That time that they need and want to craft a piece of legislation the DREAM Act. That would give a full amnesty. To this so called dreamers mister president this is a crucial mistake. We didn't elect you just to get rid of an executive order. We elected you to deport all of the illegal immigrants. The dreamers included. If you sign this so called DREAM Act. You'll be betraying your base. You'll shatter your support. And your presidency will be in real trouble. Mr. President. Dole called old dreamers. Don't port the dreamers. And that's the truth on trump.